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Archives: July 12, 2003

To the Far Left, with Love

I guess this is 'other articles' letter to my asshole Senator

A letter to my American Friend - From Nigeria

Bush and the US Battered Image - View from Nigeria

Grenade attacks are bad, but the homesickness is worse

Nigerian Dysfunctional Leadership and Intellectual Egotists

The 2003 Election and Aftermath - Coup de Nigeria Bush style

"bring 'em on" cartoon by Steve Benson (AZ Repub) this is good!!

Be part of the impeachment drumbeat

Nader running for President

Slice of Heaven - Jon Stewart guest on Bill Moyers' NOW


BREAKING NEWS - AnnThrax on CBN's 700 Club - WOW what a treat

Where is Mutumbo on the Bush visit

No Movies for Democrats this week (7/12-7/18)

Verizon Ordered to Rehire 2,300 Workers

Should there be a minimum number of posts before people can rate threads?

The ratings in GD are getting freeped

How many applications for Mod positions does DU typically recieve?

Don't wanna bother the mods or admins, but I seem to have lost the URL

Subscription emails are gone. Back someday?

Amazing Women Avatars

What about starting a recall campaign targeting a prominent Republican???

Willie Nelson endorses Kucinich

Candidate Dean makes house call in Derry, NH and wins new fans

NYT: The Uranium Fiction

LOL, so wrong

Pro-Bush website compiles list of musicians labelled as "traitors"

Edwards' supporters in the HOUSE!? Check in!

Any Vietnam or Gulf War 1 Vets here?

Who would you vote for in Connie Morella vs. Zell Miller?

Who SHOULD be Senate Minority Leader?

Law and Marriage: Where do you stand?

Watch Out NC! Operation Save America Nuts on Rampage

'Humiliate and behead parents of boy killer'

Dear Freeper Lurkers, please don't do this.

Deleted message

Why didn't God call GW and tell him the CIA was giving him bum info?

If Marijuana is ever legalized, How would it be marketed?

Make this statement concise.

Dean calls intelligence handling a disaster. CNN Jonathan Karl.

So....Do you think anyone in the administration has LAWYERED UP?

Iraq/WMD lies summary

someone dressed the chimp in doctoral regalia

Al Franken/Jon Stewart for President!

Anyone else find it odd Tenet hasn't offered to resign?

Will you take the Pledge?

Stop the Media Monopoly by Calling This Number

The WashingtonTimes nailed Bush on Iraq-nuke BS on 9/27/02!!!

Should I have a wee drop o' the creature?

If Reagan dies...................

Other peoples eyes.

Deleted message


Moyers on NOW, with Jon Stewart (PBS 9 EDT)

Mike Malloy...on now....this is going to be good!

JOHN STEWART on NOW with Bill Moyers

The Texas Democrats should prepare another exodus to Oklahoma

The buck stops where? The CIA?

i just tuned into scarborough to see palast...

Spokane mayor criticized for attending local Green Party meeting.

Wasn't Tenet AT the SOTU speech?

Impeachment is out of the question, but we should push for censure

Oh Gawd! Look at this!

UNPROVEN: The Controversy over Justifying War in Iraqi

53% of Army Times readers find "Bring em on" quote irresponsible

What if B. Clinton and Bush were running TODAY?

CIA Questioned Documents Linking Iraq, Uranium Ore 3/22/03 WP

PBS cuts the Shields-Brooks uranium discussion???I think they did!!

Josh Marshall on Tenet's statement..............

A question for you all....

How forgiving are you willing to be?

Latest Facist Bumper Stickers I saw

The drop menus are back!

Wolf's Question of the Day!!

And you thought we'd done our worst in Iraq. Check this out -

Deleted message

Is Bush too stupid to be impeached?

Kate Hepburn tears into the Reagans!

Typical Bush shit: Florida Universities Matching Grant Fund is paralyzed.

Document the Bush 2003 (S)limy (O)bfuscating (T)reasonous (U)ntruths...

German media discovers Dean

endorse President Obasanjo's offer of assylum to Taylor in Nigeria? Poll

The left's war on black children?

U.S. satellite feeds to Iran jammed

An Indian revival in Cuba?

Reuters Sues Main Rival in Patent Row (Mayor Bloomberg's Co.)

Highlights of the CIA intelligence on Iraq-Niger

Iraq takes first step towards self-rule

Bush arrives today, coalition of parties oppose visit - good report

Koreas Agree to 'Appropriate' Talks on Nuclear Row

Second service woman dies in Iraq

Second service woman dies in Iraq


War-weary troops long for home

Police corporal lynched in Lagos - Nigeria

Cuba says U.S. failure to grant visas keeps archers out of championships,

Gov Ngige abducted - Nigeria. Speaker hands in hisresignation letter...

If anybody in your family is on Neurontin. . .

Chirac 'in secret deal with Serb general'

COSATU condoles NLC over killings - Nigeria

CBS describing Bush's statements as false

GAO: Bush* Tops Clinton in HHS Funding of Trips

Bush's Approval Rating Drops Sharply

Dean: Bush's 'intelligence-handling a disaster'

Blacks Lose Better Jobs Faster as Middle-Class Work Drops

Rescued Orca returns to Northwest waters (Springer & family)

Texas Search for Democrats Is Ruled Illegal

FAA had larger role in hunt for Texas Democrats, report says

CIA Asked Britain To Drop Iraq Claim

After discredited report, finger-pointing abounds inside Bush administrati

U.S. Insurers Try to Stop Asbestos Bill

Oil majors stall on Iraq despite US pleas

What do you know about HPV (human papilloma virus)? New girlfriend has it

Does the head keep falling off your Bush effigy?

The West Wing, - why no summer repeats?

New Iraq flag & Difinitive Iraq/Al Qaeda Link

Major fire blazing above me; may have to evacuate! =(

This made me laugh & almost cry at the same time

Canadian Bacon is an AWESOME movie.


Any Matthew Sweet fans out there?

Could anyone help me find the Homeland Sec. (?) pictures

Best "Gay Bar" flash?

Hey, northeast Utah...did you feel it? The Earth NEVER moves for me...

Selectsmart's choose a president!

Have the Simpsons run out of ideas???

Jon Stewart fans, don't forget to check out Bill Moyers NOW this week

Baylee the Bunny says hello.

Linux+ or RHCE - which cert should I get first?

I shake the dust from my feet, as I

The drop menus are back!

Who here likes "fringing" ????

DUers with Marketing background

Most Overrated Band/Performer

ARGH!! I hate it when people slam their car doors into my car!

Would you wear my ring?

Sexy jobs?

My dog has given me ALL of her toys.

Amazing women avatars

I lowered my cholesterol.

Does anyone know anything about rose bushes?

What RX drug is this.

FYI: There's a right way and a wrong way

NY Times Editorial: The Uranium Fiction

Have you ever dated anyone you met on the DU?

Worst movie of all time


Vermont beats trend with $10 million surplus

The Democrats' brewing civil war

Clift: Bush Will Never Admit Iraq Errors (Newsweek)

20 Lies About the War

Hey Suckers Suck My Bogus Suckwad War Ha Ha Suckers Whee

The DLC sowing division within the Democratic ranks???

USS Ronnie Raygun

No medal for Blair

The New White House Slogan:"Case Closed. Just Move On."

HAHA - "Clinton's Shadow Follows Bush in Africa"

Rush Speaks! On Dean's Fund Raising Power

Link to Bill Moyers & Judicial Watch re: Energy policy case

Nation Plugs in to Pres Bush IV (priceless but forboding)

"Lack of planning contributed to chaos in Iraq" (Knight-Ridder)

The Bright Stuff. (Don't trust God to save humanity from its follies)

Like father, like son? (Bush can still lose)

Randolph T. Holhut: Waist-Deep In Iraq Quaqmire, Bush Presses On

Oops, wrong forum

We speak not of Osama

LOL on the "Spears of Mass Destruction"

Bush's Data Dump -- the Administration is hiding bad econ news

They published my letter to the editor!!

Pre-war assertions false; what about the postwar?

Joe Conason (Salon): Rice fries steamed spies

US creates African enemies where none were before

San Francisco Chronicle: All war all the time

Forget about the Iraq nukes issue. It is not the main problem.

NYT - from today's editorial....

Seymour Hersch: WHO LIED TO WHOM? (3/31/03 article)

Iraq fall-out grows: Uranium claims pose new threat to Blair

Guardian: Trading on Fear (invasion of Iraq as marketing project)

Josh Marshall (TPM): Tenet walks the plank

Selective data - How the Bush administration hides bad economic news

Let's put it this way--who IS going to make noise about Bush lies?

Stop The Media Monopoly By Calling This Number

Media vs. Rove vs. Tenet

ABC says

Delusional George Walter-Mitty Bush

Bush lied and U.S. death toll in Iraq at 216

how right wing are conservatives?

Astrology- difference between Kucinich & Dean

An especially relevant comment from the latest JREF

Does anyone have a link to find song lyrics??? Santana???

Democrat Blasts GOP on Hispanic Issues

GOP sending around NYT DLC Quote about Hispanic's checking GOP

Immigration 101

Amazon "mystery" fish is a new species, say scientists

Alternative Alaska Areas Eyed for Oil

Montana urged to plan in case utility collapses

Sudan's talks reach 'stalemate'

I figured Out the Meaning Of Bush's Africa trip + Propaganda

I have some problems with this 'Honor Role 600 List'

'Lessons of History in Iraq'

Russian military says it killed leading Chechen rebel

Help with research on laboratory Birth of AIDS (in USA)

For the folks that say you can't own bombers:

what proof that Death is a penalty?????

If your worried about guns, look at what HS is worried about

Would this be "US" if we were to ban guns?

Does the gallery still exist somewhere? I know it changed a while back

I cannot respond to DUmail...

This would be a nice option to have

RE: GMT time

Not a priority: clicking on Post brings up my own post title...

I cannot respond to DUmail...

Can the blue bar at the top of Windows show the subject line instead of

Jerusalem mayor's prize fight with Miller

The Iron Wall of Fear....

Israel Calls Arafat Obstacle to Peace Effort

Israel Arrests 5 Peace Activists In Nablus

Arafat: Abu Mazen has betrayed the Palestinian people

The Magistrate

Ex-Ga. Governor Barnes urges Rep. Jim Marshall to run for Senate

Edwards charms Tennessee voters

Liberals' Hope Is a Vermont Centrist | L A Times

PSR: Pawlenty vs. Hatch: Round One? (MN 2006 Gov. race)

Feminists for Kucinich -- woo hoo!!!!

So Dean Likes The Gep

Edwards touts education agenda to Hispanic group in L.A.

Democrats Attack G.O.P. in TV Ads on Medicare Bill

Graham's car scores again!

Dean's poetic retort

Outsider candidates excite voters, only to disappoint

Past Imperfect? Gay, liberal and a political novice and a nice penis

A Day in the Life of Howard Dean (26min video from NH Public TV)

Dean on the environment...

Dean did his homework on the Niger document claims

Chicago Sun Times: Dean Building Solid Illinois network

Dean Lacks Money in the Bank

Dean Backtracks on Medical Marijuana

Hoeffel to announce Senate run

Hilarious Dean Quote


Howard Dean's Trick (It's the message, stupid)

Howard Dean - One year ago


A Cut And Dried Criminal (Bush, Niger, Wilkinson)

Black Box Voting investigative forum launched

Decriminalize Cocaine?

I would like to put to bed one Anti-Larouche canard

Idaho--what made it so Republican?

Bastille Day is Monday. How will you celebrate?

Needed: weblink that keeps a running total of Americans killed

White House cooked books (lots of links)

Is Joe Biden a Fool?

IN the last 100 years which president came from the most modest upbringing

Was President Truman an anti-Semite? You decide!

The Economy and Iraq are both lousy what will Bush run on?

Dennis MILLER on the Dem Candidates

If Wesley Clark is nominated will you support him in November?

Feminists - what should we do about the sex industry?

Where the candidates stand - are they liberal or not?


What's the danger of Dean and Kerry cancelling each other out?

"The Panama Deception"

The McLaughlin Group. . .is not being nice to *

Dean: "I don't agree with Al about the DLC."

My DLC insurgency campaign slogan

LA TIMES: DEAN -"liberals hope, is a Vermont centrist"

As an African American who emigrated to American in search of "freedom"

Newsweek POll: Kerry polls best against Bush

Republican Prescription Drug Bill Resembles Neavda's Failed Program

I would say that todays "Guy James Show" was one of his best!

Latest Ipsos/Reid Poll: Bush re-elect still only 41%

Combine the niger question and no wmds found and what do you get?

Bush* said slaves came to america for freedom. The idiot said it.

Why does Bush pout?

I like Clark---fire away!

Let's all give a big THANK YOU to JON STEWART!

Anbody got a link to that Army Times editorial?


Where is Wesley Clark from?

Americans Abroad To Vote Online--Bev your thoughts. . .

Segregationist running for mayor of Ottawa

Deleted message

Will we have another "terrorist attack" when Chimp hits 49% approval?

Does it matter if they find WMDs now? I don't think anyone would

Co-Worker just asked what I have against Wal-Mart.Where do I begin?

Freepers begin smearing Gen. Clark

Let them eat yellow cake! The peasants are revolting--I know they stink

Did Bush lie under oath?

Great article about Clark on Buzzflash

Suppose the B.F.E.E. snatches ronnie rayguns today

CNN to do a special program on the Admin's nuke lies

Prediction: Dean wins big; Bush, Cheney, et al. escape to Saudi Arabia.

We're Americans lied to by Georgie, or was Georgie a victim of CIA

"Have you no sense of decency, Sir?"

Why do Greens vote Green anyway?

Check out this Fool ------------------------------------>

Does the Nader factor make Dean a no-brainer?

Georgia DU'ers: Atlanta radio reporting Vince Dooley...

tenent and the chimp.

Newsweek: Gephardt kicks ass even harder

"Stop loss" on Ari will tell the tale

Saddam bought geraniums, not uranium

Bush is Blaming the CIA?

Summer, 1973---I was on my first trip to

"I wonder what the king is doing tonight"

O.K. dumb question of the day....concerns Iraqi oil....

Tony On C-Span - Lying

Funny website skewering rightwing pundits

Dean in Flagstaff, AZ: A brief recap

4 billion!!!!

Rove can't rescue Bush from this slide

Has there been any reaction to Bush's "matter closed" declaration?

How'd ya like to be Scott McClellan?

Deleted message

Does anyone have a transcript of Rummy's recent testimony?

Possible technical/editorial flaw in LBN rules?

Anybody seen the July issue of Penthouse? Nice article in there.

Neil Young: A nice contrast to Bono's idiocy

Now, aren't we being unfair?????

Overheard today near an elevator:

More coverage for the Machine deal

Any lurking media here? Better hear this.

Think Lieberman is not that bad? Read this

the BIGGEST lie.....Osama and 9-11-01

Just Curious, Does anyone know what's happened to

Poll: Iraq, George W. Bush and the 2004 Campaign

Who SHOULD be Senate Minority Leader?

Bono:"I believe gw is a man of his word" just now on CNN

Will the uranium make Bush radioactive?

What is a liberal, moderate, and conservative Democrat?

Bush and Tenet and Dean triangulation

That's why "move on" takes so well.

Where's Dick Cheney these days?

Bev Harris on Guy James Now!

can I have some links to the liberal talk shows

Who's the boss? Tenet or Bush?

Bush 2003 Scorecard of Evil: The Worst pResident in History.


Al Gore, The War On Terra, & The Requisite Question ...

What is your analysis of the AIDS initiative?

The USS Ronald Reagon

Yellow cake to aquire uranium to seeking nuclear materials to horse manure

what the cabbie said

satellite images show US is stealing Iraq Oil thru Kuwait

I wish DU'ers would focus on getting rid of Republicans in their states

I figured out real meaning of Bush's Africa Trip + Propaganda

The Democrats' brewing civil war

Good little Democrats work WITH the pResident

top aide Campbell to jump Blair's sinking ship ?

The FY2004 Appropriations Process (7/12/2003)

CNN'S Bob Franken says Bush is dreaming if he thinks this issue is over

Bush and the gradual accumulation of grievances

Will Tenet resign? Will Krongard be the new Director?

Camden, NJ

WILL Pitt & BEV Harris & GUY James... LIVE!!! this Saturday...

Did Bush lie to Congress?

Blair admin Is GUILTY of War by Lies

Pay no attention to the Zombie Followers

I have the same feeling today that I had in the '73 Sat. Night Massacre

Ethnic walls don't seem to break down.

"DU2" kinda sucks

CBS Poll: Dean/Kerry most recognized contenders

WMD were not the reason for war.

Bush admin = Third Reich

It Ain't Funny, Is NOT Funny

The Iran Contra Gang hits the wall once again

The Mad Prophet? (a mini-rant)

Difficult times ahead for W

Faith-based DubyaMD redux: "Don't ask, don't tell"

CNN poll today--this week's top story

North Korea is reprocessing nuclear fuel rods and we're doing nothing.

Mo Paul T-Shirts now available at, hot off the presses

The Official "Gray Davis Should Resign" Thread

Bush has "confidence in Tenet" but does Tenet have confidence in Bush?

Did * Just say CAA and Terra??

Bush: I have confidence in confidence alone

Anatomy of a Coverup

"Bush 2004: God Bless King George"

Few items from my week on here: Top Graham a second look

Is the Economy Turning Around?

Let's welcome home Our Great Dictator President!!!!!!!!!!!!

help--this poll getting freeped: what's your opinion of President Bush

Why Bush will go down

Remember - Niger letter is why dems in Congress approved war

Did everyone hear Markey's "you can't handle the truth" quote?

Tenet: It's my fault. Give me a sword. I let Bush keep the lie in SOTU.

So Bush's defense is that he got fooled by the CIA

Let's hope this is the beginning of the end.

A capitalist 1984 (corporations ruling the world)...

FBI,CIA and the pResident...

Wait till the elephants start humping

A critique please.

WhatTenet is telling us: I let Bush get away with the factual lie.

How many people have served as "Mods" on DU since inception?

US Troops withdraw from Fallujah -

Thank you, Mr. Bush.

SOTU statement NOT even TECHNICALLY accurate!

I'm needing access to the transcript of Hardball

Kudo's to CNN for not carrying Reagan commissioning live

John Kerry Lennon photo

Next step: I think Dems should ask for Tenet's resignation

Kucinich voted for the impeachment of Clinton inquiry

This Week's News in Review

Bush Used HHS Budget for National Events

Does anyone else hate the Reagan motto "peace through strength"?

Gay, Straight, or Bisexual???????????

The CIA is firmly in bush's pocket

BWAHHHAHA: They tried WAR, now they are trying PEACE

Baghdad Bush is on the loose somewhere in Darkest Africa!

Scapegoat Tenet at your MORTAL PERIL, Mr. Bush

Lets get a list started of problems with BFEE's Niger Story

How are the Middle Eastern countries responding?

Bush Whore of the Week: Sen. Pat Roberts!

Beware the " I'm not going to take sleazy questions" phenomenon

Support for Bush Declines As Casualties Mount in Iraq

Olbermann rerun! Blistering!

Bush Backs Tenet (CHECK THIS OUT!)

Cum stains versus blood stains

Playing politics with peoples lives

Powell presented forged documents to UN.

Clinton was impeached for it's Bush's turn

The casual Republican's perspective on the WH Lies

Anybody up for an email campaign to the media (esp. Russert)?

Is ignorance an excuse under the law?

Do we Monday off work because they are commissioning the SS Ronald Reagan

A question about Kucinich and Nader

So you dont think this Bush lie is effecting his poll #'s "think again"

I'm gonna come right out and say it...

Disgusting RW display of hatred and ignorance regarding immigrants

Is the "burden of proof" on Bush's critics ?

Tenet's statement--a modest analysis

Canadians vote Bush least liked president

New Poll: Bush Support Drops sharply

Leno dissing on Bush

Didn't Bush once say......

Paging Dick Cheney...has any one seen Dick Cheney!

Oh! What tangled web we weave……

Small Voices Talk About War

Lies or madness?

Sharpton To Face U.S. Federal Tax Audit...


GENERAL CLARK on THIS WEEK w/ George S., Sunday AM

Tenent's Mea Culpa begs the question

Trading on fear.

what kind of people listen to Savage Weiner? members of Westboro Baptist

repubs always eat their own when trouble arises, they'll turn on aWol too

has aWol attended EVEN ONE u.s. soldier's funeral?

“CLIFFORD (BCCI) will go places.” From the Truman Diary!

AP: You see, it's all Clinton's fault

Just remember...Watergate brought down one of the most

Nice 'toon from Steve Bell

Did the CIA set Bush up?

Fear of CROW has the Pubs clinging to their man Bush

Anybody Remember Wacky Packs?

Ron Paul's neo-con speech...

Tenet's statement contains a flat-out lie.

WHOA CHeck this out from March 30th on Niger:

Fellatio are us

16 words

Howard Dean shirt on Jimmy Kimmel live?

Results of Wolf poll -- Bush is responsible for the Niger info

Trading on Fear. Selling "Brand America".

The Antigravity Underground

new Savage Weiner sponsors

Since Diebold is making hackable voting machines.....

Sorry to open another Limbaugh thread, but...

Begining to Lean toward Dean

talking point heard today: The Brits still stand by the Niger evidence

Identity Guard ads heard on Limpbaugh

Mike Malloy just made a scary prediction.

run with your Clear Channel radio station

Freepers getting worried

who advertises on the few liberal talk shows?

wait, wait! When did Condi talk about the mushroom cloud??

"They told me not to tell them it was a lie, so I didn't." -Tenet

Kucinich just OWNS everybody on the progressive agenda

Pentagon “Sexing up” casualty reports?

The green idea of problem solving…

BBC: US 'needs help in Iraq' (Funny, I didn't see this in US media)

Anybody getting KGO tonight?

fatherland free speech question

Soldiers weblog: This makes me sick!!

if Savage Weiner had a better time slot on BSRNC

if even dittoheads and freepers don't like Savage Weiner

Found this Clinton website....

JEEZO - Tenet takes blame for war but won't resign!!??

Well, the pub sheep must be happy, Bush off the hook for now

PBP..Florida altered voucher school records.....official speaks! Outraged.

Bleeding-hearted liberals


Time for a new terror warning?

CNN Analysis of Tenet Falling on Sword

Rove wins again

We Must All Begin to Mobilize! Are You Ready to March Again?

Forgive me if this has been posted...

They're Flat Out Lying

Anyone watching Letterman grilling Christine Todd Whitman?

Not over it? Archives of every site here.

...What's that sound?.......

Explaining Iraq to a Child

DNC Video: Read His Lips: President Bush Deceives the American People

Didn't the Republicans and RWers blame Clinton for Waco?

I feel conflicted about Jerry Springer's campaign

Let's talk about this website ""

Is Rove baiting the trap?

occasional questions on a Friday night

Umm, has anyone seen Bev?

Hagel: "let's not hang all of this on the CIA."

How many of you can hear Shrub saying this?

Myths on DU and facts

NYT: Defense Dept. Lackey Asserts Iraq War Going Exactly as Planned

Blairs wins backing of old friend Clinton...

Wow Look at this CNN POLL from 7/11

Olbermann: "That sign 'The buck stops here' doesn't exist any more."

Is Alan Colmes a whore?

my scary thought

Bush is returning from Africa tomorrow - will he go to Washington or....

BEST PICTURE OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arron Brown said bush knew and now msnbc host calls Brown hypocrite

Here's what is going to happen with the WMD scandal

Sen. Chuck Hagel (R) on CNBC Capitol Report asking good questions...

I think it is time for phone we did before tha war.

The Bush 2003 SOTU, translated from LIES to TRUTH...

WHO forged the Niger document?

You all should hear Mike Malloy ranting on Tenet's Fall!

Are the vultures circling?

George Tenet is wrong

NPR On the Media, 3 great stories

Studs Terkel has a few choice words for The Junta in today's Trib-

We the People!!!

How the Bush administration hides bad economic news

NEw ABC/Wash Post Poll

John Barleycorn Must Die (for my DU brothers and sisters)

Take the candidate selector quiz!

HRW: No Evidence of Iraqi Gunfire at al-Fallujah Massacre

MSNBC was protecting Bush's WMD lies way back in Sept 02

Kucinich Fighting for Justice on Capitol Hill

Waxman bill for independent "Bush lied, people died" commission.

Why I'm a pessimist for 2004 :(

Damn! Read this Thielmann article from 'Arms Control Today'

Dan Spillane's evaluation of Black Box Voting info

Take the "What threat to the Bush administration are you" quiz.

Prediction: Dean loses big. Bush elected, but impeached.

Traitor Gephardt's Pres. Campaign officially OVER!

Liberia and Oil High on Agenda for Bush in Nigeria

Quit before it gets nasty, Blair told

Berlin: Techno fans flock to annual Love Parade

Blair seeks new powers to attack rogue states

Homes bulldozed to clear way for Bush

Pentagon had no detailed plans for postwar Iraq: report

U.S. envoy sparks Russian anger over Iraq comments

Blair ignored CIA weapons warning

Poll: Majority of Nevadans say they would re-elect Bush

A republican congressman(Ron Paul) is riping neocons a .......

Mortgage rate hikes may be bad omen

Ralph Nader Says Bush Impeachable on Iraq War

DON'T DUB ME, DUBYA - PM calls off medal ceremony in US

U-S soldier killed in "non- hostile" shooting

Britain Says U.S. Withheld Information, Stands Behind Iraq Uranium Charge

NATO should intervene in Iraq: Clinton

Americans objected to live-coverage Bush arrival in Nigeria

Canadians vote Bush least-liked president

Youths Urged To Fear  God - Nigeria

Blair Claims Iraq DID attempt to buy Uranium

For Democrats Challenging Bush, Ashcroft Is Exhibit A (NYT)

Bush's Data Dump. Administration hiding bad Econ News(MSN)

Bush team united Iraq front unravels

Bush Confident in CIA Despite Iraq Uranium Charge

Ex-Officials Dispute Iraq Tie to al-Qaida

We Are Depressed, Buhari’s Friends Tell Bush - Nigeria

Charities at risk as Diana fund freezes grants

Tanker Truck Explodes on I-5 in Lynnwood (Seattle)

Lawmakers Demand Answers on Uranium Claim (chemical weapons too)

500,000 kids losing dental care

Nader urging Democrats to back Kucinich in '04 primaries

Pity the rich, report says

New Iraqi council to have extensive powers (KRT)

New rules shield makers of antiterror gear

(Guardian) Trading on Fear (Iraq as Marketing Project)

NYC Mayor Sparks Debate on Beer and Wine

Bush Says He Has Faith in CIA Director

Many to cast ballots by Internet in 2004

Arrested Canadian photographer dies in Tehran

Tenet Had to be Pushed to Take Responsibility

Spain will send 1,300 soldiers to Iraq

Bush Considers Iraq Uranium Issue Closed

No Date for Iraqi Gov. Council - Bremer cancels news conference

Afghan, Pakistan Forces Trade Fire on Border

A Quagmire for Bush? (Newsweek Poll - 55% job approval)

Air Force concedes 767 lease price is high but stresses its need

Powell: Niger evidence too weak for UN presentation

US creates African enemies where none were before (CSM)

Blast hits Afghan U.N. facility, no injuries

Ex-Officials Dispute Iraq Tie to al-Qaida (Another Bush Lie)

Former intelligence officials question Bush Iraq-al Qaida claims

Washington and London governments embroiled in lies over Iraq

UC race-oriented events under fire

House Panel Slashes Amtrak Funds, Boosts Roads

Cheney Speaking - Ronald Reagan Carrier Dedication

Changing rhetoric

Ronald Reagen Beanie Babies To Help Pay for Ship Improvements

Israelis May Consider Deporting Arafat

Text of Tenet Statement (NYT)

Did Bush lie to Congress ?

White House enlists religious groups in war on drugs

Bush roadshow excluded South African journalists

Area's top FBI agent stepping down

'No real planning for postwar Iraq'

Despite Iraq `mistake,' Tenet `absolutely' has Bush confidence

Frantic efforts to bring home Britons held in Cuba as Blair's US trip loom

Democrat Blasts GOP on Hispanic Issues

The malpractice myth

BBC- President of Iran Khatami to resign...

Former UN weapons chief calls on Howard to resign

NYT- Bush Expresses confidence in CIA

Bush expresses confidence in CIA Director

White House Welcomes Tenet Taking Blame

Palestinian Refugees in Iraq on Hunger Strike

CNN: Missing jetliner spurs terrorism concerns (African 727)

Text of CIA Director Tenet's Statement

Iraqi council holds first meeting as Bush under fire from US democrats

Women Dispute Ex- Air Force Officials (before Cong. Panel)

Blair told to refuse his US honour

High Gas Price Benefits Coal-Fired Power

Trading on fear (Analysis of US War Propaganga-Psyops Nation)

U.K.'s Straw Defends Iraq Uranium Charge

Dems: Iraq Analogous To Vietnam

Bush Appointees Get Bonuses

Tobacco company had natives smuggle

FBI Sent Alert on Al Qaeda Forest Fire Plot

State (TX) to appeal on use of DPS in search

We're Staying in Iraqi Flashpoint, U.S. Forces Say

Cops are burning street kids' blankets - SA

Mob Attacks Anambra Dep Gov - Nigeria

Youths Protest In Kano Over American President's Visit - Nigeria

Group faults Bush's visit to Nigeria

U.S. wants U.N. to condemn N. Korea nukes

Senate GOP Blocks Minimum Wage Hike

Myths of Pentagon: Lynch Was Saved by Iraqis

US forces withdraw from Iraqi town of Falluja Friday

U.S. Forces Girding for Raids by Iraqis

Howard apologises over Iraq claim

US and Europe on Brink of Trade War

Postal Anthrax Detection Test to Begin

Bush Says CIA. Approved Uranium Comment

US soldier wounded during attack at Iraqi prison

UK's Blair Faces Fresh 'Dodgy Dossier' Claims

Man Gets Life for Sucking Boys' Toes

(Bush* Trouble Disappears) Two Injured in Shark Attacks Serious

Pat Robertson Slams Bush On Liberia

Federal agency OKs $500 million for Sound Transit

Clinton: From Boy to President (memoirs 1/3 completed)

WP: Bush, Rice Blame CIA for Iraq Error (page 1A)

Blacks Lose Better Jobs Faster as Middle-Class Work Drops | NYT

Australians keep pocket of Baghdad secure

Support for Bush declines sharply

First Iraq dossier was also 'dodgy'

CNN breaking: one of the Iranian conjoined twins has died

Audit Shows Agriculture Dept. Credit Card Misuse

Howell Raines (NYT) on Charlie Rose right now

Blair Told to Refuse His US Honor (Congressional Medal)

Dean Finds Role Evolving Toward Center

DeLay, FAA Roles in Tex. Redistricting Flap Detailed

Another US soldier killed in Fallujah. MSNBC no link eom

Newsweek poll: drop in approval for Bush on Iraq(19% drop to 55%)

Franks: 10 to 25 Attacks a Day on U.S. Troops in Iraq


CAPTIONS on the catwalk yeah on the catwalk.

How many here get cable primarily to watch The Daily Show?

how do I get rid of the hick ups....

Ah, fav beer is made by pubbies....

Yet another reason the recording industry can go to hell....

700 other people stood in line with me today for a job

Airline humor - received from a friend

Colin, Is That YOU ????

What should we do today

The rusty salamander of all CAPTIONS!!!

What do you think of Leinenkugal's? (spelling probably wrong)

My neighbors hate Smirky!

This is/(was) post #999

A little fun 'childrens' president game.

I just got banned from an IRC channel for hating Shrubbie

Okay, I GOTTA get audio and video online! HELP/Suggestions.

A great new way to lose weight!

Favorite late-80s college-radio band

If freepers are silently giving us the "1" ratings, what about the polls?

I would love to a Korean war era chickenhawk or any for that matter

Vote for your favorite ACME product

At my Wit's END!!!$#$WRWEF#%! Advice for a lethargic mouse?

Why is it that all the pop-ups I get are from people selling pop-up

Coffee Poll: Your preference?

This just In: Britney no longer a virgin

You can rate your own posts!


Are you gellin'?

Brainstorming...Need a "Divorce Party" sign...ideas?

Anyone know any good political punk bands?

The Parrot in the Grinder of all CAPTIONS!!!

blah blah blah

question does it make you feel odd when you are called sir or m'am


Bet you didnt know this!

My wife is buying me a DU Tshirt

Can't sleep, so I made some more avatars

Woohoo! Got my American Apology t-shirt today!

cute trick animal piccies here.

My homework ate the dog

Best Buy price dropping - should I go back with the receipt?

Worst Earth-Science related movies EVER

The hog ate my domework.

The dog ate my homework.

Do not look at this thread. No, don't do it. OK, but close your eyes first

Tenet Fires Back

Judas Priest's original singer to re-unite with the band

anyone know where to get a free webpage

Plan your funeral: Who will speak and what song will be played

Anybody catch this charming little story about the U.S. Deficit on NPR's

Just what does "Free Speech" mean?


I'm burning part of my house today

The ultimate bubba: BUBBALYMPICS 2003

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen review possible spoilers

Do you remember your first pet???

I love the new DU but am not crazy about the Rating feature

anyone want to talk

I'm in SanFrancisco-Where should I eat tonight?

How do you post pics on here?

Take the candidate selector quiz!

what's YOUR biblical name....?

A French Quarter toast to DU

WORST feature of the new DU...

Editing subject lines: Beats "Polls" as best new DU feature

Where can I buy Liberal Address labels?

Cinderella's Cat

Springtime for Hitler and Germany...Favorite Mel Brooks movie?

It always happens this time of year....

If your feet seem bigger these days, that is because they are.

AWOL's Sacrifice

EMAIL CNN Question of the Day: Did Bush Lie? my e mail


y'all don't even want to know what I was going to post....

the quesion is.....

Boondocks this morning is great!

bush lies

I need advice from DUers, men who are studs, and women.

its 5 am andt the sun is up

HeyHey are we the only people posting

Did CIA Director George Tenet....

Arrgh. The Australian

Bush Bots

I feel so progressive now....(latest purchases)

Where were you when you first heard about the Niger documents.

When Bush leaves office, how much partying are you going to do?

Need a bit of help...

SW DUers - what is up with this freakin' hot weather? (rant)

West Coast/LA area DUers... Jon Stewart on NOW w/Bill Moyers

I must say I am a little upset with DU'ers today

If rats could draw, it might look like this ...

Bumper Sticker thread:

Fox Says They Are "Fair And Balanced" BullShit. C-Span Is Truly

Asshole Republican Interns...

Does anyone know a good way to get rid of chipmunks ?

What the hell is sesquipedalophobia?

Rich Hall ripping * on Conan

Where does the word 'freeper' come from...

New England DUers. What's up with this freakin cold weather? (rant)

Most Ridiculous Conservative?

A pet peeve from a feminist's point if view...

I need help finding a RATM song

McGriddles, who loves `em

Linux followup - Redhat or SuSE

Worst 80s arena-rock band!

Tenet's future testimony:

Is this jackal in my near future

Has anyone else heard of an upcoming film called "Underworld"

2 AM, I’m drunk again It’s heavy on my mind

Ok.. who knows about Montana?

Best 80s arcade game

Why do I stay up this late when I'm tired?

Check out this COOL message I got when DU just crashed

Would you write to this woman?

All About Coyotes

Gay or Straight.? How do u identify

Pirates of the Carribean Thread! (Possible SPOILERS)

Did CIA Director George Tenet

Internet Infidels has reopened the infamous parody thread

Weight Loss Check-in - Sliding into Maintenance