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Archives: July 10, 2003 Chicago Mayor Daley Criticism

Dennis Bernstein (KPFA radio): Interview with Bev Harris (audio link)

LTTE claims occupation of Iraq same as occupation of Germany after WWII

Weapons of Mass Instruction update

Conservative radio forum

India, China team up to fight trade rules

CIA files may expose Stasi spies

Bush: Liberia Force May Just Be Advisers

post numbers to a thread bug?

Any update on Web TV bugs?

Of fractions of factions...

Hijacked by the Hudna

Graham on CNN Inside Politics Thurs July 10

Nader's plans for 2004

Ky. Gov.'s Former Mistress Indicted

An Open Letter to Senator Kerry

OK this is the first Howard Dean thread in the new DU!

Discussion in Texas on electronic voting

WOW, more from the Freepers

Should we go into Liberia?

The Color of Sex: Queer People of Color on Film

Republicans continuing fascination with Clinton

HArdball repeat is on

South Africa Indymedia's great full coverage of Bush's visit.

WilliamPitt on Malloy NOW!

OMG! Anyone see the Art Council PSA (anti-puke subtext)

Great new TV ad by

Anybody else watching Marcy Kaptur and Jim McDermott on Cspan?

OMG ROTFL!! Comment on Malloy about Annthraxx

How about this for Bush*s theme song...

why does Google have larger font right now?

Black Box Vote: The truthout link

My experience in the Smithsonian American History Museum today

The bullshit is a mile high in this Fox New gem

NYT whitewashes the WTC "cornerstone" story (Memory Hole)

PBS's POV 'Discovering Dominga' is a MUST SEE !

TheNation Daily OUtrage. you'll either laugh or cry. Headstart.

Something to remember, I.E.: Tax Cuts and Deficits:

Mike Malloy is on ieamericaradio right now!

Mike Webb totally ripped Bush to shreds last night on his show

Is Putting New Spin On Old Intelligence, Lying?

Is "Treason" tanking?

Bush's Al Qaeda comment in the SOTU

it must suck for Gephardt. he holds a "meetup" and has to cancel it

the debate rages on....bush: stupid, or not stupid

Waxman Letter to Shrub...

How many times have we predicted GWB's* downfall at DU?

Blue Dog Democrats debating on Cspan now

Dem. Candidate Kucinich Gets Endorsements

Bush the Fascist thinks he's John the Baptist

A Cut And Dried Criminal (revised)



CNN Poll: Should Govt Investigate Bush's Handling of Iraq WMD Claims?

even for those who LIKE shrub, what's the appeal?

OMG, just read this freeper post

What do you think is the main reason for Bush's visit to Africa? POLL

Galveston to Pensacola

CNN – News or Entertainment Programming?

Has any president ever had to retract an SOTU speech before?

Anyone who gets me Terrance J. Wilkinson's phone number

Do you believe Cheney actually wants the deserter to go down?

Bush in Africa Press conference...

What 18 Republican Senators will vote to impeach?

Kerry to W: We need a commitment to Head Start, not another Photo-op.

Hillary presents Tucker with shoes to eat.

Republican representatives who would vote to impeach

Its time for a pro Cuba post

CNN Woodruff and Google News....they spin it to blame the Dems.

If you dont think this Bush lie has no legs, just watch CBS, ABC, NBC

"Bring it on" sounded familiar when * said I know

The ratings in GD are getting freeped

rightwing college students target "nickel and dimed"

This guy sounds a lot like part of Juniors Republican base to me

RE Ruppert's "peak oil" assertions

Evaluate Yourself Politically

Millions of Americans watched a Crime Against Humanity and didn't flinch.

Thurmond Staffer Supporting Sharpton?

Calif. DUer's what's next after the Davis recall?

Message posted to the daily Kos today by Wesley Clark Jr.

Got a fund-raising call from the DLC last night at 9:45.

Bush* didn't lie, DAMNIT!

It must suck for Colin and Condi

Ann Coulter is a man.

no arabs on flight 77?...strange passenger list indeed...what gives?

if Savage Weiner hadn't been 'set up'?

Bush was forced to mistakenly misspeak allegations erroneously

They could have hacked election 2002, what is the probability they did?

How many of you send your kids to a private school or home school?

Ted Rall vs. Tom Tommorow

Hillary Clinton has sweet revenge (Actual headline & link from CNN)

Putin's visit to Great Britain changed attitude to Russia for the better

Experts: U.S. Needs Int'l Image Makeover

Afghan jails taken over by warlords

BBC (Wednesday): Pressure grows on Guantanamo trials

Aaron Brown: CNN

Kerry: More Troops Needed in Iraq

Report: ACLU on DOJ 'deceit'

Campaign Finance Supporters: Abolish FEC

Jordan Confiscates More Than 200 Iraqi Artifacts From Travelers in 10 Days

U.S. Needs New World Image

Bev Harris's Latest - Bald-Faced Lies About Black Box Voting Machines

Police brutality trial starts in L.A.

Bush 'waging a war on women's bodies'

U.S. Gave Inaccurate Iraq Picture, Ex-Intel Official(Retired in September)

Energy Dept. Halts Nuclear Shipments Plan

Pre-nuclear blasts in N Korea

U.S. Gave Inaccurate Iraq Picture, Ex-Intel Official (new?)

Kucinich Says Cut Bloated Pentagon Budget To Fund Education

Bush using "Government Minders" in 9/11 investigation

OMFG, Hillary just walked onto the Crossfire set with a shoe for Tucker!!

WP: M-16s Jammed at Lynch Capture

Gov. Bush signs death warrant for Pensacola abortion killer

Rumsfeld Says Iran Moving Border Post into Iraq

US gave inaccurate Iraq picture, ex-intel official

BBC: Iraq weapons 'unlikely to be found'

(Under-Secretary of the) Treasury's Peter Fisher resigns

Among Democrats, Energy Seems to Be on the Left

Fight in the House to Save Overtime Pay; Miller, Obey, King present bills

Democrats remain in dark on information (Texas search)

Recordings Back Israel Claim on Spy Ship

WP: Senators Grill Rumsfield About U.S. Future in Iraq

WP: Bush Skirts Queries on Iraq Nuclear Allegation

UK Government bans inquiry into ministers

Turn on NIghtline now! Yellowcake Lies.

American Man Remains As 'Enemy Combatant' (denied appeal hearing)

Black leaders fault Bush for excluding them

White House 'lied about Saddam threat'

Have you ever listened to, or called, The Guy James Show?

Sexiest Sex And The City Character (men included)

Anyone ever read Ehrenreich's "Nickel and Dimed?"

Hey Freepers! Take this... we can photoshop too!


SEX at Work--quickie thread

Forrest and Little Forrest stare in rapt wonder at Jenny's boob

Is it wrong to have a one night stand?

Woman under house arrest sneaks out to appear on Jerry Springer Show

Great Meals that I have forgotten the name of the restaurant.

Politicians you wish weren't dead

The thread rating feature...

Motivating Factors of a Society

Did Hitler forever ruin his style of Mustache?

No More Deep Ends??? (Swimming Pools)

I am waiting for my girlfriend to come over, so ask me anything

Internet Explorer can't find any WMDs!!!!!!!!!

I'm going out, so ask me anything.

Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine

I'm sick of seeing rich, white kids in every goddamn show!

Since When Is Lisa Marie Presley A DIVA??

One show that should've gotten a second chance: "Clerks"- the cartoon.

A working comparison: industry vs. the small, private elementary school

Malloy is on!!

What does n/t mean?

Political Purity?

Anyone tired of DU polls?

Deleted message

Best FTP-web builder for free?

Mike Malloy show thread dicussion

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People who use "1" and "2" ratings are lame

Share self-help books that have worked for you


If I were to move to one of the coasts...

Pick two or three albums that changed your life

What do you think about polls that just ask what you think about polls

Ordered the Beavis and Butthead DVD set

This is my 5000th post!

Favorite Tin Pot Dictator

I have NO doubt I'll get flamed for this...

Nurses Forums

God dammit, I need a drink

NASA Human Space Flight Site.

Am I Friggen Crazy? Should I Move to San Ramon?

Why the CEO in Chief Needs an Audit

History Haunts Howard Dean

Our Gift to Iraq (Depleted Uranium)

The left rises in the Democratic party

McDermott - Congressional Record - 7/9/03

Joe Conason's Journal: Our allies change their tune on WMD...

Arianna Huffington: The California Recall: Looking For The Silver Lining

Is Maureen Dowd off the editorial pages of the NYT?

Gene Lyons: It Ain't Stealing When You Admit It

Terror to Empire

how often does the Capital Times from Madison, WI get cited here?

Is it Just Me...

Rush Limbaugh Speaks! On Name Calling

Iraqi police tell U.S. troops "stay away from us". Good grief.

White man's burden - EXCELLENT Ha'aretz article to bookmark

The Facts Will Show the World the Truth

Most U.S. Industry Giants Ignoring Global Warming (Shocking!! NOT!)

President top gun: affirmatively MIA (palast)

Only Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.

WP: Why the CEO in Chief Needs an Audit

End U.S. occupation now (USA Today)

Protégé Says Hitchens Has Become "A Coarser Version of Podhoretz"

Conservatives' core duty on WMD

'The right man in the right place' - Tommy Franks' replacement

Those dossiers are real page-turners

The Inalienable Right to Independent Thought

Heard about the death of Reagan?

A false remark

The Recall's Silver Lining

Alastair, God and the Devil

Fire George W. and Steal His Pension

Tony Blair & The Niger connection

Culture Gap Complicates U.S. Task in Iraq (somebody figured it out)

A funny Fleischerism

Climate Change More Urgent Than We Think

Bush: 'The Wrong Man?' (Robert Parry)

Bush's War Against Evil: James Carroll

Transcript of Arundhati Roy's speech, Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy

Action Alert overturn FCC

ACTION ALERT: Write your senators to reject Carolyn Kuhl

Comments Needed to Treasury Dept by 7/31/03 to Help Immigrants

Insidious bastards

Calling all Austin Tx area DU'ers

Coming to Wilmington DE and Chester PA on July 16th - WillPitt

Tax Dollars Pay for News Coverage Discussion

Only 23 Embedded Reporters Left in Iraq

The Tipsy Triangle and weak vs. strong opposition parties

Roswell UFO piece on NPR AM right now...interview with

How do you put up a picture

Any Darkover fans out there?

kitty update for DU2

Daily Buddhist Wisdom incarnation 2

The all-new Jazz Discussion Group

Characteristics of Critical / Uncritical Thinkers !

The Hooky Party... (It's 1956 all over again)

California legislature's LGBT caucus denounces recall

"Liberals Like Christ" fighting for Civil Rights for ALL

Labor Against the War: Report on US Corporations in Iraq


Global warming: Flawed study sparks debate over humans' effect

Roswell UFO piece on NPR AM right now...interview with

Most Of World's Top 20 Companies Ignoring Climate Risks - Report

NASA - Greenland Melt Season Earlier, Affecting Larger Area

BP Plans To Close North Slope Oil Field (Alaska)

African Oil

Full metal straitjacket


Pets no longer too bourgeois for average Chinese citizen

Row over 'White House' brothel - "Prostitutes Required" for the White Hous

Bomb Blast Kills Security Officer in Moscow Center

Lanka defence minister leaves for Israel

Blast Rips Through Philippine Market, One Dead -Radio

Plan Colombia called dangerous failure

11 killed in latest fighting in Chechnya

US is not the only place with overweight kids..:=(

Trans Fat Warning Labels! Finally! (Also note: McDonald's lie.)

Drug company scare tactics

AB-50 DEFEATED (CA .50 cal rifle ban)

I don't understand the time stamp

pages taking forever to load..

Question regarding the Search feature

How come I can't seem to ignore people?


Love the new format....

I have doubts about a link referred to in a thread.

Bookmark error?

Can you tell me when my donation "expires"?

THANK YOU!!!! For the return of the drop down menu


Is it okay to start a thread referring to another thread

More avatars: Perl, Zappa, Bullwinkle, Mandela, Havel

How could this happen?

Question regarding the Search feature


EU wants Israel in its Wider Europe scheme

Rantisi: Hamas will not extend cease-fire to six months

PA arrests, then releases would-be suicide bomber

Hamas Warns Truce Doomed Unless Prisoners Freed

Palestinians debate their goal: compromise or victory


Arafat tells envoy: Abbas is a traitor

The Kerry Alternative On Foreign Policy

Edwards, Bowles are mum

Senate 2004 Outlook

Kerry Another Ralph Nader On The Enviroment

Specter Continues to Raise Large Sums (PA fundraising update)

To all those DLCers talking about McGovern/Mondale

Graham's performance on CNN--what did you honestly think?

NCers: What do you make of the Meg Scott Phipps mess?

In Wisconsin, Neumann Seeks Re-Match (with Feingold)

State GOP changes mind, fully backs recall

Democrats Lagging In House Recruitment

Transcript of Bob Graham on CNN Inside Politics

Ari Fleischer Will Be Missed As Sparring Partner

I'm stumped. Number of convention delegates per state?


Ari Fleischer Will Be Missed As Sparring Partner

Dean Says Those Who Misled Nation Should Resign

NM House Speaker Lujan Endorses Kerry

Among Democrats, The Energy Seems To Be on the Left

NPR supports Kerry?

Early-morning gamble by Dean aides made him the insurgent to beat

Gephardt health care makeovers, letdowns have marked tenure

Campaign for Presidency Grows Without Candidate

Kerry To Bush: Tell The Truth (For Once You Son Of A B*tch)

The Hooky Party... (It's 1956 all over again)

Who sent Wilson to Niger? Cheney, or the CIA, and why does it matter?

Why do some DU'ers have problems with Michael Ruppert & "From the

OPTIMISTS: Persuade me that the Bush junta is really going down

No culture has endured that embraced homosexuality!

Fahrenheit 9-11: Any News on Moore's Bombshell Film?

Last chance for Anti-Bush passport covers!

What to do in Iraq?

Conason: Tenet being set up as the fall guy

Friends, you may lose OVERTIME PAY if this passes! Call for DU Action!!

My Letter to the Editor.... input please

It just never fricking ends, does it?

Take Bill Maher polls. Did Bush Lie

What the hell does this mean?

Savage's career in a tailspin!

Dean from a Vermonter

I heard today that none of the 9/11 hijackers were on the passenger lists.

William Rivers Pitt to tour N.C. in September

The DLC Response to today's WP Article on the Left

update on Capitol Hill Blue story

ADDITIONAL comments from Dean on "misled"

Wesley Clark Jr. - in case you missed it.

Have you seen Dean's Chimp lies Timeline??

Most Egregious Clinton-Haters

The Shrub Goes Green!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Universal Health care Question

CBS Just said it

Question: I have 24 hour access to the BBC and I would like to know

I understand that we should help all people everywhere suffering with

Katrina Rocks!

911 explosive-Bush new of plans to fly planes into buildings in summer of

MUST READ: Copy of Iraq/Niger Uranium Forged Letter

Evil comes to Raleigh, NC.

CBS eve news showing 100s of cars/people lining up for free food...

Dean Meetup soars past 60,000!

Alaska court rules Pot Legal according to Constitution

The House today

Poll: New progressive cable news network?

GOP poll on gay marriage

Kucinich is electable!! Think "critical mass..."

scottxyz is my new favorite poster/ Go check him out in Bev's thread!

So, just what is democracy?

Is this just too obvious?

Mr. Bush, You Are A Liar (final goddam revision)

I hear'ya talk'n, Holmes...but it is their gig...

What Really Happened

I can't beleive this moron is still the President...

Check out this post from the AOL Boards

I'm rooting against a freeper on Wheel of Fortune.....

My letter was published ver batim!

CNN showing video of troops terrorizing Iraqi families.......

Why Do You Think We Really Went To War In Iraq?

WTF?? Homeland Defense now attacking Child Pornography??

Im gonna move on back to Mississippi. Gonna raise up my roots

Judge blocks 'choose life' license plates

At 2.5 cents per acre, who got the better deal?

Did a couple of elephants do the mating game for Bush and Laura?

It is not a choice between Bush and his advisors

Clinton's 'empty rhetoric' for Africa. Said on CNN, Heritage F., Gardiner

Kellogg Brown and Root ?

WHats the story with Dick Morris?

I'm getting fed up with anonymous news sources

The next President should first issue a SINCERE, heartfelt apology to

Rummy:"3d ID home by Sept." Just in time for the Repube convention?

Tucker Carlson is an asshole. he doesn't care if people die

Do any DUers hunt or fish?

Air sickness bags's Linda "gimme money" Tripp!

For whom did you vote in 2000?

Since * said "BRING 'EM ON" last week...


Last night on Hannity and Colmes..

Why OJ Simpson Has More Character than Dubya

Don't hear much about conquering Syria or Iran anymore....

OMG! CNN Poll. 80% think * misled. Vote!

National Do Not Call Registry

Copyright question

If Not Bush - Who?...If Not Now - When?

!! Was Aaron Brown taken in by Wilkinson story??

Why I Hate the Military

help me find the chimpys nickname poll

BBC: Iraq weapons 'unlikely to be found'

Baghdad Journal, Medea Benjamin

Anger and complacency

Can You Feel It?

Bush is IMPEACHABLE because He's UNDER OATH.

How much TV do you watch?

Wolf Blitzer poll show Bush believed to be lying by 75%

Is there a plan for implementing democracy in Iraq?

Soldier Suicides in Iraq?!?

Smirk likes to tell dirty jokes

What should America be focusing on the most?

can we safely assume now that they are lying about EVERYTHING?

Colin Powell is DIFFERENT today..not nervous like before....WHY????

here's bush about to explode at a reporter's question.....

How Bitchy and Condescending is Condoleezza Rice?

Democrats, WMD, and Bush

no interest in about abortion?

christian conservatives having second thoughts on Bush? Inside Politics

Anyone see the NH email?

President Top Gun: Affirmatively Missing in Action

Anybody have a good source for audio sound bytes? Guy James Show

Wow, my senator did something right, for a change.

Dick Whorris & David Whorowitz double-team Dean

The Michigan Socialist -- Vol. 1, No. 2

Anyone watching Inside Politics?

Condoleeza Rice - Three Strikes and You're Out

Another stupid Bush bravado quote

H.R. Bill calling for VOTER VERIFIED PAPER TRAIL Needs your support !

Goddamn lying bastard Powell still claiming uranium info was "good" and

Anyone have a link of Ari's quote yesterday?

Are we preparing to steal Iraqi oil (or maybe doing it already)??

Looks like I've bought my last pair of Converse shoes...

Lemme see if I got this straight

Damn Republicans are exploiting the Iranian Protests.

Deleted message

59,993 - 7more to go!

US Soldier kill's himself (refered to as non-hostile incident) its suicide

Calling all Austin Tx area DU'ers

Your Opinion? On why US citizens are often so cruel

Lead editorial from this morning's Washington Journal

Greg Thielmann on BBC....

The "Q" word-Christian Science Monitor

Mr Rumsfeld, You Are A Liar (initial goddman screed)

"Bring em On" editorial cartoon

Bushco wants to OK testing poisons on humans

Deleted message

Our soldiers never get attacked by angry parents?

Michael Savage wears Leper Bells, is dead on TV

recall in california??

Wartime hoax=felony

More Erroneous Headlines from the NYTimes

Help - some facts needed about other lies

The Future of the Bush "presidency"

Could the puppeteers be thinking about cutting the strings?

Is the US's new faster military attack's, better than the old way

Protege: HITCHENS Is Now Just "a smug, nasty scold

has the feces gone rotationally ballistic?...(has the shit hit the fan?)

$4 BILLION per month in Iraq!! Just think where that $ could be spent here

The BEST explaination of current US furin' policy

Bush Arrogance

What states would DeLay win?

Neo-cons; Gestapo...frightening similarities.

If Large Troop Death Toll Mounts, Will Public Oppose Staying In Iraq?

$1 Billion a Week

Sandia National Labs Question

Dangerous Territory

Dean on Israel

Weapons of Mass Destruction argument that I don't get...Please help!

911 Hearings website and transcripts

Kerry coming up on MSNBC.

From the Wilderness: GOP orchestrating Bush take down

Formerly funny, fascist Dennis Miller joins CREEC

Pat Robertson has a new campaign

Dean:: Coders Required

Limbaugh Sez Cure for AIDS & Obesity is "Self-Control"

Scarborough Country? Klausutis Medical Examiner loses job in Fla.

Ari Fleischer, July 2nd press briefing

Do you think government agents are monitoring our Posts on DU?

4-H +1

U.S. war dead now at 260

John Kerry Iraq War Resolution

I want to see * address the President of Botswana by both his names.

I have not seen anything on this, hope it's not a dupe.

Media references to presidential popularity, Clinton vs. Bush

Norm Coleman made a Freudian Slip and dissed Ann Coulter to boot!

Marine Pilot Jailed for Refusing Vaccine

What the Hell does the PUB Party really stand for? The Libs??

weapons of mass destruction on Google

Bob Herbert on self-imposed obstacles for Blacks

What's the deal with Gephardt?

The Idiot In Chief cracks joke to Pickles about mating elephants

Bush and Powell discuss Niger

Edwards, Kerry, and Clark are the most ELECTABLE candidates.

Ari jumps the shark (yet again)

My dad just told me Bush is the worst president in his lifetime

Who should be exempt from overtime protection?

Great LTEs in the Twin Cities papers today

So I had a dream this morning

A Dean-Gephardt ticket?

Do any DUers hunt or fish?

Bush is now a spokesman for SOCIALIZED MEDICINE (Botswana)

curious how many people your city/state are signed up for Dean Meetups?

Not "a pattern", hey, Rummy? There WAS a pattern and that's the POINT!

Does the DLC have personal ties to the Pentagon "spinmeisters?" (OSP)

Suspicion vs Conviction

cspan2 - now 11:45EST - why is Santorum dressed like a waiter ???

Anyone see Tucker on the Early show this morning? PATHETIC!

White House "Brothel" Ad angers US

Iraq is going to be chimp* and neocon downfall

Freepable movie polls!

A Conversation with Howard Dean

Zogby poll bush 41%, Gore 39% !

Hey Dubya Hey! How many kids did you kill today?

"Hulk" Doll has Giant Wang

Military paper full of aggressive acts committed on behalf of our military

Has anybody heard the buzz saying Chris Matthews is going to endorse Dean?

What will we tell the children?

Bush still on his "Wanted, Dead or Alive" kick

The Bush*/Cheney Coverup of 9-11

Administration of Arrogance

When counting the votes was outlawed, only the outlaw's votes counted!

This Administration is not going to give up anything !

Iraq civilian body count passes 6,000

Welcome to Capetown, Mr. Bush....

Four BILLION a GD MONTH in Iraq....

Update on US casualty counts

Bill Clinton purchases $1.2 million apartment in Ireland

vote at BBC on UK WMD probe

Do you need a Weatherman to tell which way the wind is blowing?

Wait-a-minute: Bush is impeached, Cheney....

Little Johnny Asscroft ( A true American Prick!!!)

Explain this to me please: What's the deal about the Int'l Courts & Bush?

Do you think public sentiment about Iraq could radically shift by 2004?

D.C. Ponders Case for Commuter Tax

2 more dead overnight in Iraq

Deleted message

A plug for the Ft. Myers, Florida newspaper

W ain't stupid, he just has faulty intelligence

be a true Conservative

God, I love British sensibilities...........

9/11 Commission Has Problem with Dept. of US Air Defenses Providing Info!!

Funny how W is out of harm's way again?

Blair administration is tap dancing as fast as they can....

George Bush Sr. (and his unbridled lust) the othe WMD!!!

Homeland Security being used to go after kiddie porn? WTF?

CSPAN callers this morning...majority against * and company

The Chickens are Coming Home to Roost.

The jokes are starting to flood in...Chimpy's a LIAR

Bush Dosen't Even Know!

Listen live to expose on Bush family's slave connections

WE created saddam the monster, henry gonzalez had the proof

I would like to thank George W Bush and the Republicans....

Michael Weiner (aka Savage) sent friendly notes to Allen Ginsberg,

When did conservative become

Disturbing website found!

And now, for something completely Falwell...

More on Rove's selection of Dean as the 2004 Opponent

James Woolsey (Former Director CIA current * ass kisser)

Bush's mention of the Niger issue outside of the SOTU speech

Rumsfeld to every question - "I don't have an answer to that" AAARRRGGGHHH

Repubs hoping for trouble in NYC during their convention?

Why is nobody picking this story up?!!! (10-15 US soldiers dead?)

Fragile "peace" during this year's Northern Ireland marching season.

No Privacy for Bush's Daughter in Africa

Desperate Boortz talking point

Who are these people?

Is it okay to cheat against neo-confederates?

Pentagon: 1,000 troops wounded in Iraq war

Why the CEO in Chief Needs an Audit

Democrats and Wesley Clark in 2004

how about this idea for a maximum wage?

Nice way to start a day- good editorial about Savage

Black Box: First Volley propagating nicely

A same sex marriage misconception (Please read)

Will the pressure..............

Question for Nevada DUers (or anyone who has information)

how would the fall of america take place?

will Savage Weiner's publicity increase his ratings?

Anyone want to have a little fun with a Anne Coutler board?

If Dean supporters trash other candidates; why isn't this thread trashed?

Pray for the Supreme Court

Looking for a picture...

When do we get to see the Cheney energy papers?

Danziger presents "Another Month in Iraq"...

Mike Webb streaming now. Link here...topic is Bush lies.

Liars or Incompetent? (not a poll)

Pardon me while I realize we have entered the Twilight Zone of Doom

Is the outrage beginning?

Holy Crap I just heard Bev Harris on the Radio

Is the "L" word just the beginning?

Report from my friend's son in Iraq--He wants O U T ...N O W

Do we have an answer to "FReeping"

Seattle DU'ers: Anyone Catch Fred Ebert going off on Bush tongiht?

god bush and hitler

blackbox story hits

Is this wrong?...

Bush is going down

Operation TIPS .....East German Stasi-style tactics?

First Jeb

This Is What a Guerrilla War Looks Like

What is going on in Iraq right now???

we all remember this Bushit WMD lie, from SEPTEMBER of last year?

Any other evangelical dems out there?

Allies balk at sending troops

W..........M........D's looks like we hit the "trifecta"

NIGER? Let's catalog ALL the lies and mistatements in Bush 2003 SOTU

I urge everyone to hear Sharpton speak

Something has been bothering me (Can anybody relate?)

Schwarzenegger confused regarding identity of true terminator?

I know one ex-activist baby boomer who became a Repub

The Looting of Iraq's Fields

Senegal Citizens Penned Up While Bush Gives Speech Condemning Slavery

Poll: Does the potential exist for abuse of the new nifty Polling feature?

Being Googled

Stonehenge Depicts Female Genitalia, Researchers Say

Ralph Reed to head Bush's Southeast campaign

Rumsfeld Opposes TRICARE Expansion Bill (Vets health care)

Rumsfeld's revisionist history: U.S. changes reason for invading Iraq

White House 'Lied About Saddam Threat'

Iraqi Police Tell U.S. Troops -- Get Out of Town

Stonewall Democrats issue warning to would-be candidates

Freed Guantanamo prisoner demands $10.4 million from U.S. government

Dianne Rehm Show: Cheney, uh, obstructing justice re 9/11

Terror Tort Reform & did the CIA watch a key 9-11 plotter plan the strikes


Portland consultant to head Bush re- election effort in Northwest

Census: Ariz. Experiences Population Boom

Bush was told not to use Niger uranium claim on Iraq in SOTU speech by CIA

(Pat) Robertson Defends Liberia's President

Kerry Calls on Bush 'To Tell the Truth' About Iraq

Iraq Police Tell U.S. Troops to Stay Away (Too dangerous to be around)

Ex-Guantanamo inmate to sue US

Freed Guantanamo Prisoner Demands $10.4m damages...

Dick Armey on "HardBall" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bush Knew Iraq Info Was False

GOP Blocking Abolishment of Disabled Veterans Tax

Paris Club wants to restructure $21 B Iraq debt 'as soon as possible'

Eighteen US firms suspected of selling war materiel to Iran

Ashcroft sneaks in & out of Sacramento

Big Names Warn of Chaos in a Davis Recall

Only under UN, reply France and Germany

Bush Urged To Relax American (AIDs) Drug Law - Uganda

Blake's attorney links Marlon Brando's son to killing

"Nader...Ponders '04 Run"

Bush vows to stay course as soldiers die in Iraq

Greenspan Says Natural Gas Prices Are a Threat

A Los Angeles radio station joins others in suspending Michael Savage

U.S. Troops Could Be in Iraq in 4 Years (General Franks)

Democrats Step-Up Attacks on Bush's Post-War Policy in Iraq--CNN I.P.

FTC Antitrust Chief Stepping Down

Jerry Springer Announces TV Infomerical For Senate Run

Bush and Annan to discuss Africa, ME, Iraq and Afghan on Monday

9/11 Inquiry Alleges Witness Intimidation

Senate Committee Approves Bush Nomination (Appeals - 4th Circuit)

TX: Senate rejects House redistricting map, will draw its own map

US complains about brothel called The White House

U.S. to discuss NATO role in Iraq, Powell says

US mulls Iraqi paramilitary force to boost security

Kerry calls on Bush 'to tell the truth' about Iraq

Iraqi oil deals up for grabs (Halliburton dropped)

America Switches Its Allegiance to Armenia

Malaysia's leader chastises Muslims for being 'backward'

(Gary Condit) 's Wife Settles National Enquirer Suit

Dean Says Those Who Misled Nation Should Resign

US Leaves Injured Iraqis Untreated (Article 55 Violation)

Rest in Peace, Jake Gunther

US needs 1.2 billion dollars for Iraqi oilfield repairs: official


US 'has evidence' to justify arrest of Turkish troops

South Africans give Bush the brush off. Officials avoid him

White House brothel ad angers US

Turkey Warns U.S. That Its Troops Will Fire Back, Milliyet Says

2 Naval Academy Sophomores Accused of Raping Classmates Last Year

UK has shown no proof Iraq sought uranium-diplomat

British Official: Small Chance of Iraq Weapons Find

What's that sound? Oh..its just our economy deflating.

BBC: Iraq weapons 'unlikely to be found'

Keep to the law, Blair tells Bush

Blair Must Come Clean..Says Major (Carlyle Euorpean Director)

Britain says stands by Iraq-Niger nuclear link

Bush Says U.S. Must Stay Course in Iraq

Spain Opens First Mosque in 500 Years


High school exit exam delayed

Europe Tiff: What's Next? Food Fight? - NYT

Marine Pilot Jailed for Refusing Vaccine

Wexler urges touch-screen printouts (FL)

Iain Duncan Smith demands apology from Premier on "dodgy dossier"

WP: Among Democrats, The Energy Seems To Be on the Left

First Lady Hails Botswana AIDS Clinic

Campaign reformers: Abolish the FEC

Iraq Civilian Body Count Passes 6,000

U.S. to stay 'tough' in Iraq, Bush declares

EXECUTION OF THE RED CAPS shot as they raised their arms in surrender

Troops face indefinite stay

Swiss court rules parents can only smack children occasionally

Continuing Jobless Claims at 20-Year High

Radio stations drop Savage? Savage prank caller getting hate mail

Florida dodges bullet as Navy makes Key West an air station

$100 Million, Damage Americans Caused to Airport of Baghdad

President Clinton buys golfing holiday home in Ireland

F.B.I. Reassigns a Senior Official Under Fire -NYT

Vaccine Makers Settle With Drug Recipients (Only Lawyers get $$ )

Turkey warns U.S. that it will return fire at troops

Bush says U.S. has "security issue" in Iraq

US forces under attack

U.S. Military Scholars Warn of Wider Iraqi Insurgency

House bill would steer Wall Street fines away from states

Blair bans inquiry into ministers

Democrats pounce on Bush uranium statement

Italy facing tourism boycott by Germans

Two US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Attacks

Danish forces in Iraq armed with snow shovels

Halliburton unit expands war-repair role (Globe, front page)

U.S. 4 week average jobless claims up 1,000 to 426,750

Factory Killer Had a Known History of Anger and Racial Taunts

Halliburton unit expands war-repair role

State GOP comes out for Davis recall

Georgia's Head Start program could test Bush's plan

Kenyans read intimidation - failure to support the US-led war

Iraq Cost Estimate Doubled (+Afgan. add. $1 billion/mo.)

No 10 Bans Inquiry Into Ministers - Ombudsman Threatens To Quit

Probe Finds Agency (Soc. Sec. Admin.) Vulnerable to ID Theft

Experts Accuse U.S. of Misrepresentation

Bush Adm. To Congress: Leave Alone Overtime Rule Change (veto)

Bush touches down in Botswana - not told to go home as in other nations

Scientist named as BBC contact

A bounty of drugs in Afghanistan - Bumper crop of Afghan opium


Democrats Launch New National Citizenship Campaign in Effort to Gain Hispa

Iraq's streets spell fear for potential investors

Conservatives Try to Block US From Rejoining UN Agency

Federal judge blocks 'Choose Life', Louisiana's specialty license plates

Experts Accuse U.S. of Misrepresentation

UK pressed for uranium evidence

U.S. Army Under Mortar, Grenade Attacks in Iraq

Japan sends SDF planes, troops to Jordan for Iraq relief

Kabul police protect Pakistan Embassy following mob attack

President Top Gun Missing In Action

When do we get to see the Cheney energy papers?

Federal judge blocks Louisiana's `Choose Life' specialty license plates

Bush Must Push for Africa Oil Transparency

Gul: The Incident In North Of Iraq Was A Local One

Little by little, mortgage rates rise

The war is far from over, claims British officer

BOOK RACE (Even Drudge Can't fudge the numbers. Coulter getting whipped)

Heard about the death of Reagan?

Climate Change More Urgent Than We Think

Ambushes Kill Two U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

Cheney Investigated Forged Niger Uranuium Document

Iraq war may have made terror threat worse

..Wal-Mart Worker Wins Back Pay; Settles Second Case; Faces New Complaint

Gephardt bemoans blunders in Iraq

HELP! Stupid computer problem...

DU Challenge: Rate this thread the exact value of pi

why does Google have larger font right now?

I Have Windows ME. Should I Upgrade To XP?

I need help with naming a cat

I got married again today!

Moron ballplayer hits mascot with bat in Milwaukee.

Unitarian Universalism

Hubble Telescope Detects Planet Formed 13 Billion Years Ago

If Aliens Ever Showed Up, Would People Still Believe In God?

Post a Picture of Your Favorite Childhood Toy!

It's 4:00 A.M. - Do you know where your kitty is?!?

OK...jumping on the poll bandwagon. If you found $20 would you pocket it?

Best TV Theme Song!!!

Best place to meet a girl?

How would you address the President*?

Sara, the kitten, is one wacky little kitten

Most annoying rock star child???

Any classical music fans in DU?

Everybody always lies

Is the word Coupon pronounced "KOO-PON or QUE-PON"?

Best of 80s music, write your best songs

I'm rooting against a freeper on Wheel of Fortune.....

Look who's baaaack! Hope she's got her head on straight

the Humping Elephant of all Captions

"Hulk" Doll has Giant Wang

I miss Coalminersdaughter and arwalden and

So, who wants to come live in my castle?

American Idol Outrage (TSG)

Question for you audiophiles

Black-Widow Spiders May Improve Sex Life

Favorite Boris Yeltsin memory?

help me find the chimpy's nicknames poll please

These people are simply mentally ill!

South Park

pResident Palpatine. Star wars III hints of Bush administration

Remember when you were young?

Wisconsin public radio call-in about not voting for Nader

The Stoked Rocking Chair of All CAPTIONS!!! (for underpants)

The Squirming Lepidopterous of All CAPTIONS!! (for myomy)

Misspoke?! (sp?)

Idiots Anonymous. One of the funniest internet toons ever made.

Super Audio CDs (SACD) - Is there a Big Difference?

Blake's attorney links Marlon Brando's son to killing

Ever fall over your best friend?

A question about Open Source products.

Do any DUers hunt or fish?


How much TV do you watch?

Prom Queens or Drama Queens, who are more interesting?

Do any DUers hunt or fish?

What the hell is wrong with DU?

I just reconnected my cable for the BFEE Demolition Derby.

Afro-America The Black Panthers Site.

Vain jangling and a constant loose carriage

Stereolab appreciation thread

What's Your Opinion on all The Polls in the Lounge

Warning: Road Rage Vent.

(First one of these at DU2) The horror...the horror...

The Drive-Thru Lobotomy of All CAPTIONS!! (for cosmicdot)

Poll: Worst rug ever

am i the only one whos sick of polls?

what is the maximum

Remember the online Putt-Putt game?

How do you keep your DU bumper sticker from fading/peeling?

Where do you post the most?

Any Phoebe Snow fans here?

Anybody here like the band Ween?

Who is the biggest Threadkiller?

"28 Days Later"--TWO THUMBS DOWN

Who would you have voted for in 1896?

The 25 dumbest moments in gaming

Free Hebrew language learning sites...know any?

name the unidentifiedbassplayer, 2.05

Photo-Look who's gotten into the banner game

Does anyone remember an article

Do any DUers hunt or fish?

PinkFloyd Music Sites.

Political flame war thread!


The Hannity Event in New Jersey Tomorrow

I am lonely so ask me anything

Looting In Iraq Comedy. Made by

the movie The Eye anybody seen this

I'll never understand the older generation

Anime Central Convention Forums

Tattle Tail nation - Simon incident

For Men: How much can you bench?

Candidate ______ has sex with monkeys

National Stonewall Democrats

Since I cant poll people I am gonna have this this kind of a poll

I'll strip clams for lunch!

Occupation Watch about Iraq.

Bush and Blair Comedy.

Black America Web Sites.

UIBP's Gross Guide to Washington, DC: Cement Planters

Pets and Vets Forums, Ask about health information about your pet.

This might be a dumb question but I'm asking it anyway....When you

Rush Limbaugh Online

Best Matrix explaination I've seen!

Maine Int'l Film Festival (MIFF) starts tomorrow night!!!

Are we still allowed Milestone threads?

Vote: Which recurring question is finally getting on your last nerve?

Why do people hate hearing their own voices?


Should I Reactivate My Sig?

I'm having clams strip for lunch!

Favorite chip flavor

Letter from Hussein - joke

I'm having clam strips for lunch!

Ramen noodle pronunciation thread

Is Macromedia Flash a security risk?

Remembering Pearl Harbor, National Geographic Site.

"trust, but verify"

weapons of mass destruction on Google

who pulling an all-nighter with me!


Sci Fi fans--I need your wisdom

You know you're in the San Joaquin Valley in July...

DC area DUers: I'm playing in Rosslyn VA - free/outside/fun

Worst John Hughes film ever

Is it just me, or did DU get super slow about 10 minutes ago?

So I saw T3 (Comments and a question, minor spoilers)

Do any DUers hunt or fish?

The Internet is Sh*t

Eating yourself - The troubling experience of economic reform

I know why diets do not work

I met another DU'er on the street this morning.

Ugly Dresses...

Simon assaults Italian sausage

New to DU-2! Post your picture for us to ogle! I'll go first....

WILLIAM PrITTS Out standing in his field

Does it piss you off when people waste energy?


Non-Sequitur on the end of corporate scandals

hottest cartoon chick?

Let's rate George W. Bush using DU Ratings

Please People: If You Are Going To Beat A Sausage Beat Yours Not

What do you look for in a mate (stupid poll)

The quail are out there again. All's right with the world.

Somebody won Powerball.

Sly Stone - funk genius or wasted loser?

I just realized something.. Strom didn't live long enough

POLL: Worst JOB in the world (WARNING)

I dub thee... Sir Phobos, Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass!

Awesome shirt.

H.R. Pufnstuf!! Who's your friend when things get rough??..

Is Lard a trans-fat???

Driving law question:

Sausage Attack Overshadows Brewers' Win

Man, I really love the Food Network.....

Religion and the Whitehouse

These last few days I have loved *

Good (Thursday) Morning DU

Stupid State Laws

Why did I create this friggin' poll?!

September 17-21 - - save these dates!

Psychedelic stock market & a plane with the "vapors"

Late night tomfoolery

Your chance to rate me!!!

cure the hiccoughs

why does bush sound MORE stupid today

Banned from FR ;-(

Skip, Skip to my Lou.....

Do You Sweat Alot.

Poll: What color should smiley's puke be?

Damn FoodTV .... damn them!!!!!

Anybody remember an early punk band called The Members?

Admin cock-up = Danish army sending snowplough+mowers to Iraq.......

Telemarketer's Hall of Fame?

Oh crap.

Classic T.V. Stars

Fill in the blank: Sometimes posting on DU is like _________

19 year coma guy coming up on Kimmel

Dr Ruth Comedy., He just can't get Enough!!!

I got money on the fact that African fighting will

PML! Anti-Bush songs - The House of the Lying Dunce.....

Why so little seismic activity along a line from Santa Maria thru Delano

Do you people like music links?

Poll: Does the potential exist for abuse of the new nifty Polling feature?

Nichelodean Online, Games.

Okay, digital photographers (and scanners, too).....

Just finished listening to Mike Malloy...

Top 11 proposed emoticons for George W. Bush

Who is your favorite Beatle?

I am moving to Minnesota and need information.

about 35 hours...

Worst musical ebola (terrible song getting stuck in your head) ever

Just finished Harry Potter V - have questions - SPOILERS!

Funniest Movies of All Time!!!

Yes, I'd like the aardvark vomit, please: disgusting foreign foods

Favorite kind of music

What's your favorite Bush nickname?

ever fall for your best friend?

What Has 16 Feet and Hates Me?