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Inside Colombia (Your tax dollars at work)

Isabel Hilton (Guardian Utd): Just poppycock

Back to the Moon?

Can anyone tell me about the "ballroom scene" in NYC? GBLT?

Need some talking points - Why do budget deficits matter?

The Chemical Industry's Bhopal Legacy (is a non gun topic allowed?)

I've Got Some Bad News, Folks.........

i have a dumb question

trying to reply to a message and got this...

How does this rule work...

A little confusion, my apologies.

Back to the Moon?


Back to the Moon?

Can I Ask a Favor?

Thank you for your fast action on a trouble-maker in GD...

'We're air force pilots, not mafia. We don't take revenge'

I just met Dennis Kucinich in downtown Houston!

Yet another example, yet another, of a Kucinich to mediaman backhand

Zogby: Dean back on top in Iowa (leading 26%-22%)

Kerry Says He Will End 'Era Of John Ashcroft'

Kerry waffles on Saudi Arabia. Bashed Dean for same position he just took.

Latest poll: Bush 42% Generic Dem: 48%!!!!

Kerry's Mideast Envoy Choice; Clark Disagrees

Must see Flash Animation

Short feature on Valarie Plame/ Wilson right now on CNN

*groan* Curtis Sliwa about to invade Atlanta

Group Pushes Dean to Unseal Some Records

How many must die?

Ted Kennedy's plane crash

Which U.S. administration was the most even-handed in the Middle East...

You can talk to Clark tonight.

Important Issues

Why not a liberal Islam? Why not empower liberal Muslims?

Is Howard Dean the Crypto Republican Candidate?

The Bush Background Generator (ver. 3)

how many national guard in active duty?

Hannity and his Two Dicks

Kerry's "Baker" Speech on CSPAN at 9:15 PM ET CSPAN1

Medicare chief, Scully, author of new bill.....resigns to advise companies

Libertarians target GOP over tax vote (Oregon-funny)

Would any of the candidates stand up to ClearChannel?

OMG!!! LOL!!!...Howard Dean Bears!!!!....adorable!!!


60 Minutes II - The undercovered story from Iraq: America's wounded

Which Democratic candidate(s) can expose Bush for his national guard duty?

The Bush Credibility Gap documented.....A Must See

Gloves Off, Kerry Slams Bush As Dangerously Incompetent

Dean accused of involvement in conspiracy to obstruct justice

CNN/RNC warn that Democrats are too liberal, elitist and angry!

Replay of Kerry's FP speech on C-Span now.

CBS 11 Investigates Poison Gas Plot - Why is this not front page news

Clark gains on the leaders: MSNBC Demo Derby...

NC DUers Heads-up (Greensboro area) Bush Expose' Documentary Showing...

Kerry's Speech on C-Span - 9:45 pm est ... NOW ...

The Move On Voter Fund runs anti-Bush tv ads

Texas State archivist says NY Times article "deceiving" re: Bush papers

Random thoughts on bash threads

Does appearing on pop TV shows make candidates look more natural?

Dose anyone know the name, title, sponsor of Gay immigration

Is the media not so subtly pushing Howard Dean as the nominee ?

Which Dem will be the first to use the faux turkey scene in an ad?

I get so pissed

Gene, Gene the Dancin' Machine

The turkey in Baghdad was fake....

when is o'really gonna flame the monkey......

Here's a candidate for Top 10 Idiots: "Christian" Pastor Beat Boy

The Lie clock- funny bush joke

Undeniable truth that Dean is the most interesting candidate...

I'm looking for a one-page flyer to post around town explaining The Draft

Clark running as Independent


Howard Dean: Does that say enough?

Uh Oh. Malloy is inviting in the Conservatives...

The Foundation for a Better Life

Kerry pulls a major flip-flop on Iraq and US troop strength

"Supreme court installed a president that didn't win the popular vote."

Dean campaign: Common Sense for a New Century

I wish Kerry would stop trying to change his image.

Thwart computerized voting with absentee ballot campaign.

WP: Dean courts party insiders – Hillary Clinton reportedly intrigued

Lou Dobbs Reported On Dangers Of E-Voting Tonight

Just curious: Did anyone here support Bradley over Gore in 2000 and why?

Latest NH Poll: No, Your Eyes AREN'T Fooling You

There really is going to be a draft.

"I pay property taxes so...!" Well...Um...Renters pay both the...


Minnesota Governor Pawlenty uses tragedy to call for death penalty

Draft Jesse Jackson before it's too late! (Jackson/Gephardt 2004)

"When I was Supreme Allied Commander........."

Is DU "arrogant, elitist, and... condescending" ?

Hear about the Congressman who got bribed during the Medicare vote?

DU SCOOP! DRAFT Board Ad Re-Appears! On SSS Home Page! (must read)

U.S. Defends Detention of American-Born Combatant

Back to the Moon?

Iraqis show their independence as they demand vote on legislature

U.S. officials visit Japan embassy for condolences (Armitage & Kelly)

Cincinnati Police Department's Canine Squad Honored

Pastor, Twin on Trial in Bible Beating

Lawmaker Urges Colombia To Seize Paramilitary Drug Money

WP--Russia Signals Support for Global Warming Treaty

WP: Bird Was Perfect, But Not for Dinner (Link to Story)

Dean Courts Party Insiders

Exempting Military from Environmental Laws

Byrd to Block Omnibus Funding Bill

Richards Criticizes Jagger for Knighthood

Fox News just announced Bush Will Repeal Steel Tariffs Tomorrow

Cincinnati Chief Says proper tactics used

Union Leaders Demand Gephardt Fire Senior Campaign Aide

Democrat Kerry Would Name Top Envoy to Mideast (Post-Speech/New Info)

WP: Bush's Baghdad Turkey Displayed, Not Eaten

Soldiers Shout “Kill! Kill! Kill!” Outside Anti-War Priest’s House

Tammy Faye

Raining since Saturday; my rain gauge shows 11.5 inches in 4 days

What sounds more comedic?

does anyone know anything about the GBLT "ballroom" clubs in NYC?

I just finished a 34 page paper on costumes in Lysistrata. Whew!

I'm going to my local Meetup tonight

hey proud patriot...

Guess How Many Replies This Thread Will Get In An Hour -- Win A Prize!

What's your opinion?

OK let's try again.. Any DU flyers handy?

I just met Dennis Kucinich in downtown Houston!

barbara ,barbara

Wonder Woman warning on "The O.C." tonight

My apologies if this has been posted before: Bush Background Generator!

Deanie/Clarkie truce

geek envy-- just received my new mainboard and other...

Competition (sort of). Write a TV, movie, book, etc. review

DUers in the mid-Atlantic beware...

Anti-war holiday gifts

Flash animation done really well! "The Simple Life"

Lily Tomlin on West Wing tongiht on NBC...

DUers in the mid-Pacific, beware...

I'm jealous dammitt!! Now "I" want a pair of Maine poons.

I Ain't Got No Heart

Help Magic Rat pick a chick flick

Wild Love

You Didn't Try To Call Me

Help Velma pick a chick flick

Broken Hearts Are For Assholes

What to do about an ailing parent.


new Savage Weiner advertiser Boston Coffee Cake Co

Anybody watching 60 Minutes II right now?

POLL: Was Bush Warned About 911 at the HIGHEST LEVELS?

I'm Not Satisfied

Looking for Bush Vacation proof

new Savage Weiner advertiser Baskin-Robins

All hail the most awesome RADFRINGE...

Anyone chatting tonight?

Ever been in a situation...

Does anyone think this is a tad odd?

Deanies & Clarkies...Whos the best... ;-)

New Trend?

If Michael Jackson were a member of the Bush administration

It's Irish Creme time. Who's got some ice?

I am babysitting my ex-dog.

Latest RH Jr meltdown

pResident to visit Halethorpe MD. Residents collectively say "WTF?!?"

my desk is a disaster! post a pic if you can !! slobs unite!!

Okay my wife told me today she had a Kucinich sex dream

The movie Dazed and Confused could've been filmed in my home town.

The Bush Background Generator (ver. 3)

I'm jealous dammit!!! Now "I" want a pair of MaineMary's spoons

What is your favorite web browser?

I just attended the very last class for my Bachelor's degree!

Just had my last Film Noir class...Ask me anything?

Bought myself a Xmas gift - the Looney Tunes DVD first set!

Trouble Every Day

Linda Tripp is getting married this spring. I wonder where she will

Dean Bashers Mother's Wear Army Boots !!!

What is wrong with my lungs!

Have You Heard William Rivers Pitt

Wasn't Sure Whether To Ask This In GD or Here (so since I'm scared of GD)

"Enterprise" gets more and more anti-franchise

I finished my "chick flick". Ask me anything.

How the hell did the Liberal "Wimp/Soft" crap start?

Favorite Historical Femme Fatale?

I have the coolest friends in Connecticut!

I'm Starting On-Line College Tomorrow...Ask Me Anything

The Museum of Hoaxes

I've Got Some Bad News, Folks......

I'm jealous dammit!!! Now "I" want a pair of Maine Coons

Who was the Best Secret Agent?

Frank Vincent Zappa: December 21, 1940 - December 4, 1993

Help! Going insane -- TV problems. Anybody Savvy???

When's the worst time to be single and unattached?

OK, South Park is no longer a neutral show.

Julian Borger (Guardian Utd): Bush fails schools test

Some communities in Germany, Japan, S. Korea face closing of commissaries

Schwarzenegger's Alfred E. Neuman Bond Proposal

The Conservative Case Against George W. Bush

Bottom of the Barrel (Monbiot)

Will Larry King Be Booted and Replaced by Nancy Grace?

BBV: Buzzflash interviews Bev Harris

Tens of millions of cats to face slow death by freezing

Bush's Baghdad visit seen as backfired PR stunt

TUC Radio George Monbiot interview

Hint of draft blowing in the wind

Conservative Crack-Up

Introducing: Superbush!

Germany to remain as top US base

Ford moving production from Mexico to US

Interview with anti-U.S. Iraqi cell

Richard Wolffe: Hamstrung Hawks

Letters to Editor

NYTimes: Headline: Reagan movie: Not a Cable Hit/Article: "Home Run!"

NY Times Op-Ed- Making Sure the Money Goes Where It's Supposed To

"Picking a Winner' (Ivins endorses Dean) DEC 2nd - 8th IS HR2239 WEEK CALL YOUR REP

"NYRA Freedom" December 4, 2003

December 10, 2003 -- Cleveland, Ohio area DUers...

Seattle-area - Don't Let Eyman Control the Debate!

The Failed Media

The Norman Rockwell Bush photo-op

The Conservative Family Tradition

Peace on earth, good will towards women

Arabic translations for DU family project

Weird midnight chemistry question

Arabic translations for the Iraqi family project

When did it become so trendy to be snarky?

Message from M.Thomas Benedict on the light and living and dying (long)

About the Dvorak keyboard layout

“Greg Palast, Weapon of Mass Instruction”

Maine To Vote On Partner Bill

Mayor Bans Gays

School District Refuses To Apologize For Disciplining Lesbian Moms' Son

Opinions on Homeschooling

Boys Sentenced To Sit In Wheelchair

Confederate group and black college embroiled in south Georgia parade flap

Nevada bankruptcy rate soars

Bush Decides to Lift Steep Steel Tariffs

SEC charges with fraud

Bush Can't Say `Mission Accomplished' on Economy

Huge "omnibus" spending bill packed with pet projects for powerful lawmake

States' Budget Crisis Continue

Social Darwinism, the end of equality and class warfare. Let's discuss.

Kyoto Accord May Not Die (or Matter)

Kettle Chips Are Now Solar Powered

U.N.: Warming threatens ski resorts

Slash-And-Burn Agriculture Speeding The Melting Of Kilimanjaro

Canadian Glaciers In Rapid Retreat

Why some gun owners are unhappy with Bush

Fruit no substitute for Iraqi security - (wants Saddam Hussein back).

Iranians Offer Neighborly Advice

enemy combatants

Why some gun owners are unhappy with Bush

Assault Weapons Ban Sunset Thread- Post Predictions Here!

Confronting an armed criminal

Should we regulate guns like cars?

Back to the Moon?

Not just a flamebaitor, but a disruptor

Back to the Moon?


Huh? I have to question the locking of this thread

Hi guys

Why apologize?

There's a U in the upper-left-hand corner of my DU screen

should press releases from candidates be LBN?

Should candidate threads be in their own space?

Do you ever get tired of answering the same questions?

Question about the sigline rule

A question to the Admin

I was trying to post this pic.

have to disagree with the locking of Martin's thread

Elad, Skinner, Earl.

The candidate of the day threads are fabulous

Palestinian groups meeting in Cairo for formal hudna talks

Shocking quote in I/P thread makes clear Bush is being mocked by Sharon

Origins of the Middle East Crisis

CSPAN - IRMEP discusses "A CLEAN BREAK" (real vid)

On eve of Cairo hudna talks, school bomb plot is foiled

Revenue files 'disappear' from PA Finance Ministry By Khaled Abu Toameh

Israel's unholy wall

Ethnic cleansing on the Jordan River

Israel Approves Construction Of More Homes At Settlements

NYRB: Sharon's Phony War

Geneva is a blueprint for war, not peace

Bush: Geneva Accord could be 'productive' to peace process

Dean Calls for Measures to Restore Trust in Mutual Fund Industry

update on Dean's fundraising for Rep. Leonard Boswell

Wow! GREAT Meetup last night! (Doubled our attendance)

Writer and Veteran Hammer announces run for NE Ohio Congressional seat

BBV LTTE in NYTimes - Including Greg Palast!

Clark Blasts Bush for Criticizing Dissenters

Dean hits jackpot in Illinois

ex-Clinton Cabinet Secretary to endorse Dean this week?

Poll: Oklahoma Bunch-Up

Survey finds top Democrats in dead heat (Oklahoma)

Experience with Bush for Pres. caller in Georgia

Wow. The fighting has gone MUCH worse. We seem to be clearly out of focus.

I know why Dean is winning MA!

Dean is probably not the McGovern of Democratic establishment fears

Attention Wal Mart Voters!

Dean Looks for New York Love

Zogby Weighs in on Dem Candidates (GOOD ANALYSIS)

Dean supporters raise over $50,000 for Rep. Leonard Boswell (D-IA)

GOP race for Senate still fluid | Zogby Poll on the Georgia Sen. Primary

ARG Poll just out echoes Zogby

Help "Republican Challenger" torch Bush!

Why liberals support Dean - Molly Ivins hits the target!

Quick! call the purity police - dean not kosher!

Dean responds (already) to ClubforGrowth ad

Ever seen a fat Republican dance?

Complaints about Aboussie's threats (Gephardt aide) were real...

Has Kerry's Prostate Cancer Caused More Damage Than We Realized?

wes clark: let them do the software in india

Clark Says He'd Consider DLCer Spitzer for Role in His Administration

Kerry Rolling Stone Interview

The General Learns to Make a Buzz

Zogby: Dean increases NH lead over Kerry to 30 pts.

There's a FL straw poll...

You'd have to be crazy to think Kerry still has a chance in NH

P.S. The bat is coming.

Molly Ivins: Picking a Winner (Dean)

Conservative Group Runs Ad Against Dean

A Funny Thought on the "attack Dean to win the nomination" theory

Kids really are making a difference in politics

Dean, Leaping Into Trouble

Do any Dean supporters have doubts?

My open letter to Molly Ivins

Jews Rip Kerry's Middle East Plan (NY Post headline)

Kucinich, Mayor Campbell, and others fight for hospital

Fans of Eric Blumrich-

Dean Disheartened By Signing of 'Healthy Forests'

Dean Bashers Mother's Wear Army Boots !!!

'Moderator" already screwed up...

Where's the USA Today Red/Blue County Map?

Bush and the Political Center - from "The Emerging Dem Majority"

Buchanan for President

It's a relief to finally see some humor around here....

Which is the LEAST whored-out major media outlet?

On Fox News: 'Kerry and Clark seem to be struggling in Iowa'

Police Say Fire Was Attempted Suicide-Murder

RIAA protest

Absolutely Hilarious....Oxycontin Eater!!!!

update on Dean's fundraising for Rep. Leonard Boswell

When will the fringe candidates drop out?

Now I know why his name is Dick Gephardt!

Shocking quote in I/P thread makes clear Bush is being mocked by Sharon

Did Clark really rule out being a VP if Dean asked him?

Predictions: when will Kerry drop out

PLEASE, I beg of you! Please look at this right-wing talk!

Will another member of the Bush family ever hope to win the Presidency?

Is a civil war brewing at DU...moderators against posters?

Is this a winning ticket?

What order do the state Primaries and caucuses go in.

Molly Ivins endorses Dean !

Right-Wing Seattle Times Dumps on Hollywood

Tennessee Congressman Lincoln Davis to endorse Wesley Clark

Did anyone notice all of the OIL Op-Eds in the New York Times today?

Time to call a truce at DU

Something is going to happen

BBV: DU helped start the S***storm - right after the 2002 election.

Kerry Needs to go Bob Graham

"Former regime loyalists or whatever it's being called this week..."

WTF is an "overgrown forest"?

How can Kerry win the nomination?

Interesting information regarding election 2004.

Anyone see the latest issue in the magazine "The American Conservative"?

Linda Tripp is getting married this spring. I wonder where she will

Today's Daily Show, arggg.... brutal

CSpan schedule for this morning - GLBT, call up and complain to FRC

Anybody see this little ditty in the NY Times on 11/27

USA Today: Rumsfield Meets with Afghan Warlords

Identifying sponsors of a show ?

Just back from my Dean Meetup

OMG: Talking Ann Coulter action figure (as seen on CSPAN)

tune into Howard Stern now

Howard Dean, if you are going to have any credibility..UNSEAL

14-year old supporter files paperwork to get Dean on Texas ballot

Republicans want Dean to win Nomination

GLBT people - heads up. Family Research Pres will be on CSpan

Captain Disciplined For Telling Superiors They Were Violating Army Policy

U.S. Solider Raped by U.S. Soldier?

I am going to tell you something you already know....

Clark Says He'd Consider Spitzer for Role in His Administration

"Pentagon Wasting Billions..." - Very good article about MD

Clark rerun on cspan NOW..10:45 am eastern for 2 hours n/t

Clark replay of last night? cant find it on cspan.

Is this a winning ticket?

A British take on Arnie's triumph - CBC Documentary - 9pm

new Oklahoma poll

right direction - wrong track and other numbers

Bush's Turkey Trip-- A Gobbling Good Idea?? (Poll)

wouldn't it be ironic.......

Will middle-class swing voters vote themselves a tax increase...

Is the War on Terror really and anti Muslim crusade?

GOP gets show on road in lining up H'w'd bucks ("Entertaining Republicans)

How to convert swing voter friends

Molly Ivins Backs Howard Dean-"He's a Winner"

Who exactly are the NeoCons?

Please vote in Poll--Machine Voting

Bush serves table display "turkey" to troops.

Cities Are Billing Bush/Cheney For Security Costs

Clark's democratic spirit - Why I like the Man

How many DUers Male and Female are Draft age?

Would Kerry endorse Clark if he drops out

Where do you fit in on this political scale?

Tony Randall doesn't want Bush/Cheney at his funeral

Dean will be in Norfolk VA Sunday evening....location unknown at this time

Two questions about the war on "Terror"

Expect downtime early morning, Friday December 5

BBV: Paul Krugman in St. Paul Pioneer Press

US Exporting 'Tools of Torture'

Follow the money (NY Daily News reports on Clark/Dean $$ efforts in NYC)

"Diabetes made Janklow do it". He will walk.

Molly Ivins: Picking a Winner (Dean)

My problem with the Bush/Clinton credit for AIDS thing....

Homophobic Young Conservatives of Texas (Texas A&M)

The US Terrorism Plot That the Media Ignores

The National Security Agency. What exactly is its function?

Dick Gregory is FORCING me to think

Gephardt aide accused of threats?

Deanies: NOT Star-struck automatons!

OK, Clark has my vote! Finally. A Dem calls Bush a Thief.

Clinton as Envoy

A terrorist nation called the United States of America

Gays and Baptists in the Big Easy

Like him or not, what's your advice for Dean?

College Dems to send packages to soldiers

How long did Bush visit with the troops?

9/11....Cooked up Politically Correct

At what point are you rich?

Hardball last night: shamelessly whoring for Bush (Annenberg poll).

Lies from last night's FOX broadcasting

I think Dean should unseal his papers

The Clinton Yardstick

Paul Harvey decries Iraqi cockfighting just now

Why so many American still support the war, despite no WMDs.

Hate mail targets Black NFL players

Which of these sins do you commit?

Interceptor Body Armor/up-armored humvees are in Kosovo


The one time Bush really could have said "no" to the world he didn't

The Weakest Link, Republicans and their followers.

NYPD gives dad ticket when 9 yr old's balloon pops NYC this broke?

Can we draft a Republican/Conservative outsider to run against Bush?


Nixonesque Rush: Rush Limbaugh is not part of a drug ring'

Moby gets in a dig at Bush at Grammy Announcements

Rush's medical records seized by State Attorney's Office

Presidential election looking like '76

Bill and Hillary both nominated for Grammys!

Gephardt aide threatens Missouri unions over Dean . . .

In light of the upcoming Election - I found this article fascinating

Bush, Chirac Will Skip Louisiana Purchase Celebration

HOMPHOBE Tony Perkins on CSpan Now for Washington Journal

Clark calls James Baker a consigliere

Is the War on Terror really a "war" ?

west nile sold to bahdad- old news

Question about the sigline rule

A question about compromiseing my morals

Did anyone else notice Zoellick on CSPAN sniffing like his nose was

I just had a thought...Carlos and Truthisall gave me chilling thought

Iraq and the destruction of the US government

New ARG Poll NH - Dean 45, Kerry 13, Clark 11

Carlyle Group-Ahnold-Dubya connectivity

Poll: Dean's New Hampshire lead increases

Only 24 votes proves your vote counts.

Christian Right's Tollerence for Bush

Ask google who is a "miserable failure"

Do states/countries with no Death Penalty annoy Death Penalty proponents?

RE: democratic party infighting

1,700 U.S. soldiers quit Iraq: French magazine

Is Ann Coulter a closet liberal?

The Colorado Redistricting Case

I am listening to Rush for the first time in a long time......

Anyone else watch O'Reilly last night? Disgusting

Baptists and New Orleans, Part Dieux

This Clark supporter / Dean supporter sniping has GOT to stop!

Signup For National Medicare Meetup Day Meeting

Anybody listening to Tariq Ali vs. Hitchens on DemocracyNow?

Actress Jessica Lange and Bush remark today.

Kerry, Clark and Gephardt are not dropping out.

How much will Dean's appearance hurt him?

Dean's excuse on opening records has been exposed as dishonest reviews of DU are overwhelmingly from wingnuts

Is the guy in the Bush/Cheney t-shirt in the Dean photo photoshopped. . .

Suppose Reagan Dies in '04

Schwarzenegger Says He Has No Backup Plan If Bond Deal Fails

Is the WSJ Editorial Staff Insane?

Did anyone notice all of the OIL op-eds in the New York Times today?

Elizabeth Edwards on whether hate is all you need (from JRE Blog):

Bush Cabal Expose' This Sunday "Uncovered: The Whole Truth about Iraq War"

Clarkie at last night's Dean meet-up

Susan Estrich criticizes the "Hate Bush" meeting. . .

Will Arnold Last?

Teamsters @ UFCW rally .."Dump the truck".We'll give you a REAL job

Have there been any New Mexico polls? If so link?

we need a forum for freepers to come out

California Governor Schwarzenegger launches right-wing agenda

Have any of you checked this site out?

Believers vs. Truth-Seekers

Boycott the right wing media?

Question about ongoing grocery-store strikes in SoCal...

Oh Gee's!!! O'Reilly is now attacking the Cat in the Hat

Hey Rush

It's Been A While Since We Have Seen Or Heard Anything From

Club For Growth Attacks Dean...And Dean Is Already Ready For Them!

Hannity and Company are Fascists.

Here here lurking republicans!

Infighting: The sky is falling! The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

From LBN: Turkey was Halliburton turkey

Today's Republican humor

The William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Center is opening Nov. 14th!

Crossfire is going to do the "Fake Turkey" story

Are Chimp and the boys pulling some Enronomics with the Iraq cash?

You guys just don't get it, do you? (Dean/Clark)

Latest Rush Idiocy: Defends Rwandan Genocide Propagandists

Will we win California and Ohio in 2004 for the Dem nominee?

Some democratic hate-speech (I jsut can't help it!)

Whatever happened to Donna Brazile?

Ten Pledges from Wesley Clark

A new term is coined: Dean Divers

HELP with advice - should I shop at Ralph's???

Anybody watching the National Christmas Tree Celebration?

Bush has been a blessing to the Democratic Party

christmas pageant of peace - :puke:

Birthday Cake for Wes Clark

Notes from NY Time Best Sellers -- Zell bulk buying are we

Check out this site about Nader.

Kerry proposes bipartisan peace envoy

Clark Campaign Announces Turnaround Tour for America

I'm Running for Washington State Governor!

It's not all about the White House (rant)

Cognitive Dissonance = Excuses Excuses All repukes have are Excuses

Rush and Jail...How much time should he get?!?

SCOTUS Justices Grill Lawyer who wants Vincent Foster's autopsy photos

Newt on C-SPAN Washington Journal tomorrow AM....

How is the economy currently in your state?

Look who's running for Washington State governor!

This Clark/Dean sniping has GOT to stop!

Should Greens Fold Into Democratic Party?

A mild proposal to General Discussion

CBS segment on controlled protests against Bush up next (6:41)

Hey Rush. Or any freepers who read DU.

Wingnut statement...this just can't be true

MSNBC reports search warrant says Rush was Doctor Shopping

A question about retail corporate taxes-

how likeable is Chimpy?

RUSH L to convert?

Remember The Nation's smearpiece on Clark..?

USAF Gen. Merrill McPeak was at my Dean Meetup Last Night

How can we convince the Democratic candidates of the Importance of Ohio?

Turkeygate.... next on Crossfire!

Limbaugh Urges Listeners to Visit "Democrat Underground"

Will Rush Limbaugh be indicted?

The Vietnam War was an atrocity. Shouldn't the next US Prez know this?

What if Rush "really" found Jesus and became a Liberal?

Zell zealots

Ann Coulter not loved by righties??

A Call To Arms: Republican Special Interests Attack Dean

Dean picks up a HUGE endorsement.....Me. (ha-ha)

Do a majority of Americans approve of the "separate but equal" doctrine?

"Bush noted Rush Limbaugh is a national treasure" How quaint

Stuart Rothenberg just lied outright on CNN about Dems and guns.

Twenty Most Annoying Conservatives of 2003

What is happening to DU? (please read - long)

Candidates' Representatives Discuss Jewish Vote, Middle East

They hate US LIBERALS for our freedoms.

How much of ones own money can a candidate spend during a campaign?

Lieberman Targets Child Nutrition

Egads. I'm hanging out with Al Franken and John Kerry tomorrow.

Kerry Denounces 'Inept' Bush Foreign Policy

Selective Indignation: James Baker Vs. Ariel Sharon

What stunt will George W. Bush pull for Christmas?

Any other Hillary supporters here?

Want to punish AARP for their Medicare sellout? Here's one way.

Ben Cohen and the Oreo economy clip

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about Wesley Clark

Someone here explain please Dean and Middle Class Taxes.

Why is the pope still against the use of condoms?

Climate Change Laid to Humans, 'No Doubt' Industry is Primary Cause

Age of Candidate Supporters

BBV: US Representatives Recess Schedules

CBS evening news running feature on "free speech zones"

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about Dennis Kucinich

Where do you get your prescription drugs and who pays for them?

Don't Help the RWing Smear Machine Destroy Democratic Candidates

AF1 Story Changes Yet AGAIN

Clark releases Plan for people with disabilities.

*'s Operation Clean Sweep: A Nightmare Scenario

Letter from Diebold to DU withdrawing cease-and-desist orders

Anyone but dean

Have you ever wondered where the Bush Admin gets its ideas?

Should liberals find a true fiscal-conservative?

well are you guy's ready for the dow to top 10,000

NEW VIDEO - "Freedom: Stop Asking For It" - unbelievably patriotic.

Conason:Why is the State Department silencing Clark?

General Clark's "10 PLEDGES" on the Use of Force!

Former President Reagan rarely awake - report

Who is Rand Beers and why is he supporting Kerry?

Which are the Dem states and which are the Republican states?

Argument unravels: Dean still refuses to unseal Vt. gubernatorial records

World Running Out of Oil (Pols stick heads in Saudi sand)

Randi Rhodes said that "something big is coming down and

Was John Titor right?

Propagada letter spreads....

Carlyle Group-Ahnold-Dubya connectivity

There's a news lull --- be afraid

I have never seen Dems so fired up as now.

More about Bush's not so open records.

Now there's! Anti-DRAFT poster, lots of info, most of the

Do you Listen to your friends/family/co workers? Really Listen..?

A Dean cover-up? - Burlington free press

No more signature lines that attack Democrats

Oil price defended

hannity and colmes on John Stewart now

The Bird Was Perfect But Not For Dinner

Council edges away from cleric's vote demand

BBC (early Thursday): Zimbabwe faces expulsion from IMF

Plan for Young Voters to Be Announced

US takes death penalty appeal to federal court

Rumsfeld Criticizes EU Defense Plan

Australia to join missile shield

Schwarzenegger's Alfred E. Neuman Bond Proposal

Statewide electronic voting delayed [OHIO discovers voting machine flaws]

Dean gallops ahead in TV ad race (new report on Pres race on TV)

Man convicted in anthrax letters hoax [AP... but, was he the author?]

US court strikes down part of anti-terror law

BBC (early Thursday): US plans Iraqi paramilitary force

NY TIMES: Appeals Court Casts Doubt on Parts of Key Antiterrorism Law

Iraqi Guerrillas Attack Police Station

Under fire at home, Lithuanian leader postpones US trip

NYT analysis: Into Thin Air: Kyoto Accord May Not Die, or Matter

U.N. inspectors plan possible...monitoring of Iraq's weapons despite U.S.

LA Times: Tensions on Governor's Staff

Brussels Considers Imposing Currency Controls

New Forest-Thinning Policy Drops Safeguard for Wildlife

Bush administration defends detainee policy

Dean Stretches Lead Over Kerry in New Hampshire Primary to 42% - 12%

Kenyan police blame U.S. warning for bomb hoaxes

Court Rules On Aiding Terrorist Groups (Bush Loses!)

LAT: (Dem) Candidates All Press for Global Iraq Effort

Killings reported rising in Brazil's countryside

Blast Near U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan (Gunning for Rummy?)

Bowles pledges more coverage

Hollinger directors face further probes (Kissinger and Perle)

Muslim group suing Ballenger

US sees no opposition to boosting NATO Iraq role

Japan Will Dispatch 1,100 Soldiers to Iraq, Yomiuri Reports

Developer Drops Tree Activist Lawsuit

(Next Canadian PM) Martin to reap rising surplus - Globe and Mail

Mayor Agrees to Allow Panel to Examine Sept. 11 Records

Xerox To Add To Job Cuts - 800 This Round (Layoff Update)

Body Armor Saves Lives in Iraq Pentagon Criticized for Undersupply of Prot

Iraqi Governing Council in 'a serious crisis'

Rocket explodes near U.S. Embassy shortly after Rumsfeld meets with Afghan

Israeli General Derides Findings on Iraq

U.S. mortgage rates jump in latest week

Paksas Cancels Bush Meeting, Appears in Court

Troop R&R Budget So Far Won't Cover Costs

"Casualy Balance Sheet" in Iraq

Chicago High School To Require All Students Get Drug Tested

Bush's Baghdad Bird a Decoration

Former Israeli intelligence official criticizes Israeli assessment on Iraq

Some communities in Germany, Japan, S. Korea face closing of commissaries

Bush To Lift Steel Tariffs

Osama bin 'ere: Swiss bank (Same account with 57 other Bin Ladens!)

Colombian High Court Overturns Tax Measures, El Tiempo Reports

LA Times: Tensions on Governor's Staff

Blast Near U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan

Canadian detained by US denies terror charge

Kerry Eyes Clinton As Mideast Envoy

Worker output jumps sharply

Life in battened-down Baghdad-Armoured city sends mixed messages

Dean Increases Lead As Clark Challenges Kerry for Second Place (NH)

Al-Qaeda influence spreads

Bush to End Steel Tariffs, Keep Licensing System

Bush Signs New Identity Theft Measure (free annual credit reports)

Medicare administrator to resign once bill signed

China to Taiwan: Threat Won't Stop Attack [China Olympic boycott threat]

New Colo. Flu Deaths Spur Wider Worries

Limbaugh's records seized

Limbaugh: Agents Seized Medical Records

Janklow Jury Told of Earlier Near-Accident

Clerics Raise Fear of Islam Ruling Iraq

Ten Commandments Judge to Appeal Loss of Job

The merchants of pain

Snow: 'Strong Dollar Policy' Stands Firm (Huh?)

Gov. (Ah-nuld)'s Event Draws AP Protest

Venezuelan officials reject Chavez recall petitions from abroad

Weak dollar may revive slumping U.S. M&A market (This is good?)

US denies blocking six-nation North Korea crisis talks

Feds indict former Westar executives

Rush Limbaugh's medical records seized

Wellstone Crash: State seeks share of insurance funds

Bush lifts tariffs, trys to avoid sound byte (BBC)

Luxury Sells, Discounters Disappointed

ACLU Says Patriot Act Unconstitutional

Federal Prosecutor Murdered

Powell Asks for NATO Help in Iraq

Life in battened-down Baghdad [Self-preservation U.S. soldiers' goal]

Latvian student freed from prison in Iraq says he will sue U.S.

How an American war hero is taking his battle over Iraq to Washington

Complaint Alleges DeLay Plan Violates Law

Budget: Governor Arnold Considers Democratic Plan, More Talks

Limbaugh Attorney Comments on Seizure of Medical Records

Fiscal Fracas Divides GOP

Washington warns five countries over weapons of mass destruction

BBC (Thursday): Rumsfeld rules out comeback for Taleban

Judicial Watch Sues Howard Dean Over Secret Records

Struggling aviation industry breaking hearts in Wichita (foreclosures)

MoveOn.Com (Ohio Adverts financed by

Teacher sues over limits on history curriculum

Polish PM hurt in helicopter landing

US Rejects Iraqi Plan to Hold Census by Summer

RNC chairman: Democrats increasingly 'liberal, elitist, angry'

Bush says any new Mideast peace initiative should follow his blueprint

Home Cooking (Iraq turkey provided by Halliburton)

Rush Admits State Attys Have Seized Medical Records

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 4.....(#1)

Absence of Formal Charges Against Michael Jackson=Weakening Case [NYT]

Mica calls for hearings in Central Florida on OxyContin

Journal Defends Pius XII During WWII

Biden Says France Seeks Two NATO Commands

Bush to announce US moon mission (seriously)

Steelworkers Rip Bush, Fret for Future

Mussolini's Grandaughter Defends Heritage

1,700 U.S. soldiers quit Iraq: French magazine

Arar case may be repeated: Cellucci ..reserve the right to act unilateraly

Teeth Gritted, Bloomberg and DeLay Mend Fences

Breaking: Prosecutors say Limbaugh Engaged in Illegal Drug Abuse

Transcript: U.S. OK'd 'dirty war' in Argentina

Clark Campaign Response to Senator Kerry's Fondness for James Baker

Jobless claims rise

Guantanamo Lawyer get Death Threat, Quits

Dean slams tariff dropping

Chicago High School To Require All Students Get Drug Tested

Time for the Daily Show!

Help needed! Hot water furnace question

Is there a correlation between Interplanetary Funkmanship and Kucinich?

“Hello, IBC program room!”

Did you know Ian Fleming wrote

I lift a martini to the dead this night!

How to prepare for a Deployment to Iraq

Tonight I Won $50.00 On A Black Jack Scratch Ticket.

The Return of the King

have fun with bush... a bush background generator...

Watching Jon Stewart now...(Ok ok..i am in Cal...everything is late here)

The Latest Security Threat to Our Nation

A good and nice liberal cartoon for you guys...

HELP, I have a computer virus

Operation Fake Turkey -- dissent poem

a thank you note

Ok ladies - Have you been kept in the dark on this one?

new OxyRush advertiser Baskin-Robins

new Savage Weiner advertiser Aprilaire

Wow. This is kind of disturbing

Bush Thanks Dad for Creating Osama, Saddam

I'm stupid

This is the song that never ends

Weather Channel "NEW" fertility clinic?

I KNEW I had seen Ann Coulter's hands somewhere before......

Check out today's Get Fuzzy:

Googling for fun ....

tune into Howard Stern now

Dear Tech Support (Thursday humor)

I hate to call this woman the "B" word, but...

What is the most recent CD you purchased?

What years of being a repuker will do to you! (Campbell Pixs)

Ever miss a meal because you were too busy on DU?

I have no heat!

In this corner, at 75 pounds and $3,000 - a book!

Should Dean unpaper his seals?

South Park is starting to piss me off.

Training An Owner Hard Work For A Cat

a fantastic opportunity

Computer people, question for you re: out of focus fonts

Two questions:

Why did you pick your name?

Ashcroft joke

What are the symptoms of the flu bug going around?

How could this be!!!???

I have too much heat!

How Cool Is This? They're Making A Live-Action Transformers Movie

upstaged by a 7 year old of all CAPTIONS

Has Primary Campaign Flame-A-Thons Cost Any of You a DU Friendship?

Web Offers Holiday Gifts Made by Rural Women

Hey Magic Rat

Anyone else catch Wes Clark on Cold Pizza this morning?

Do the Red House Painters rock, or what?

Trade War!!!

'I don't really know why I did it' - David Blaine in the Guardian

God, the Bouncing Souls kick ass.

The Mystery Of The Mary Celeste Is 131 Today

My post total is now conveniently hidden behind a stealthy (1000+)

Expect downtime early morning, Friday December 5

Maggot Punks update after short hiatus

Sex Toys Featured On Morning Show

For the Ladies: Men's Hairstyle

David Hemmings is dead.

Stan Lee......

It's perfect for the kids and the entire family!

There's a U in the upper-left-hand corner of my DU screen

I'm the same age as Geena Davis

Operation Fake Turkey -- and a dissent poem (repost)

Primary Blues (check it out)

This should be in GD.


For the Men: Facial Hair

Mexican Dinner - You might want to try this.

McJobs...let's invent a language

For the Men: Hairstyle

Clark on 60 minutes

I need advice about our kitty...

Didn't ANY of you celebrate ?????

What Do Kids Know?

Point out the fake turkeys

Dear Santa. I dont believe in you anymore.

Move all candidate posts to GD now!

Snowboarder Headed To Jail For Speeding

Portly dates popular in Portland

Ever have one of those days- Where everybody can fuck off

Kucinich as Running Mate?

If you want to be a Republican:

Should I Be Worried About My Neighbor???

Oy vey! It's that time of year again...

DU Poets: Post your best 'break up' poem.

I'm getting a raise next week

Something is happening

I need some DU feedback

Micro$haft To Charge For Use Of FAT File System

How is Chimpy-Boy doing in the polls? ........ Have any links??

Bush "drunk" photos

video crack!!!


For the Ladies: Facial Hair

The first person to PM me

Candidate's hair

It looks like I am about to lose my job, Merry Christmas!

Isn't this supposed to be the season of giving and good tidings and stuff?

Get your very own Ann Coulter talking action figure!

The Evil Empire gets more evil (GO YANKS!!!!!!!)

I just woke up from the worst nightmare of my life..

Sorry... Wrong Number

Favorite Chicago (the band) tune

Should OJ have been found guilty?

I'm sick and tired of the missing girl press!!!

Who let this freeper in?

What Type Of Neighborhood Do You Live In?

What European cities have you visited, or would like to visit?

A new low for CNN.

10 CD's you can't currently live without.

Gwyneth Paltrow annoys me!!!!!!

hey guys! Women want to know

computer monitor question

is this guy a Sex Offender?

Whats the Dilly with all the Ann the Mann Threads?

Why do people like to make a big deal about leaving DU?

This woman is drop dead gorgeous and can sing too.......

Should Rush Limbaugh be subject to Sharia?

I love Serge Gainsbourg.

Suggestions Needed For TIME CAPSULE Contents

Penny Arcade's Child's Play (GREAT Holiday Charity)

Will still lose to the Cubs: Francona Named as New Red Sox Manager

Red Wine May Protect Against Breast Cancer

I'm sorry for attacking Joe Lieberman in my sig line guys and gals

NY times Crossword puzzle....

The Official Temple vs Arizona State Thread

Top Secret Democrat plan to support terrorism. (For Dems eyes only)

More Music...Obscure Bands that aren't really

I like Clark because...

Where should GOPisEvil go during his time off later this month?

Question for any lawyers

Thinking of buying a new computer next semester...

Has anybody read Anne Rice's new book - Blood Canticle?

What's the best thing about remaining single and unattached?

Great joke!

Who thinks GOPisEvil should hang out in Philly with the Gals for Vacation?

I'm now addicted to Mr. Picassohead

I was a dumb young adult

Did Rush really get out of 'Nam with an anal cyst?

It's an absolute TOTAL uber-cute overload!

I don't care if it's been posted already, it's new to me

new Hannity advertiser Van Chevrolet-Cadillac

Anyone been to the Lewis Black & Dave Attell Tour?

OMG: Talking Ann Coulter action figure (as seen on CSPAN)

You may have seen this...e-mail making the rounds...

Tim Eyman is STILL a horse's ass

Hey Gamers. Can You Give Me A Little Good Vibe. This Sunday I Have

Minnesota Twins Fans - Trades Good or Bad ?

Suggestions Needed

Welcome my pal GregorStocks!

Now I know why his name is Dick Gephardt!

Is this for real?

What book should I write next?

I was a brilliant child,

I'm jealous, please advise.

Fossil Find Hailed as Earliest Recorded Male

Anyone receiving SSDI?

Santorum as a very UNPROPER noun

I just quit smoking

I'm Going To See Trans Siberian Orchestra Tonight!

Attention MA (and southern NE DUers) We Gots A Nor'easter Comin'!!!!

Why did you pick your nose?

I am too old to go to work hungover!

Sometimes this goes in Editorials & Articles

Anyone Know How to Get Rid of a Student Loan?

Captions Bu$h's Cod Piece

it's time to set aside our differences and unite behind

Flu Shots are Evil

A squid eating dough in a polyethelene bag

*sigh* plea to GDers dies a lonely death

christmas pageant of peace - :puke:

Polka dots are evil!

What are your favorite SIMPSON'S QUOTES?

Anyone have that Ann Coulter pic where she looked like Marilyn Manson?

For interested GLBT people or Straight women, vote here

Website redirect URL fails, why?

What are you going to do while DU is down Friday morning?

Anyone else excited to see Angels in America on HBO this Sunday

Bill and Hillary both nominated for Grammys!

Folks, if you haven't gotten a flu shot.....get one!!!!!!

How fast are your eyes? Find out. Unscientific, of course

This is my 101st post....

OK DUers, It's been nice chattin with you...but I gotta leave ya...

Imagine my shock

Does anyone else hate Neil Young as much as I do?

I included this letter with my rent check

What the heck is this?

OK, Ashevillians....

Okay, is everyone done lecturing all of us for today?

What irks you most about SimCity 4?

I just found out I'm going to be

Can someone else please make dinner?

Help pick the Cincinnati Reds likely new manager!

I had a flautist shot--ask me anything!

OJ Simpson----Guilty or Not?

Figured out the whole Bush / Moon thing....

Should I eat my neighbors' pie!?

Should Rush Limbaugh be prosecuted?

I just shot a flauta, ask me anything?

$850 for a root canal

Okay...Does THIS Dean sig line offend anyone?


Where is Pitt, dammit?! I'm sick & I want my vicarious thrills!

Dispelling the myth of the animosity between the Reagans and Bushes

Am I The Only One Who Gets Discouraged???

Do You Hide A Key To Your Home OUTSIDE Your Home?

Question about gays and the draft.

Is Ann Coulter a closet hermaphrodite?

Wwwwhen the MOON hits your eye like a big pizza PIE's CAPTIONiiing

stHEALTHY forests of all CAPTIONS

I got a flumist shot.. ask me anything

Wow Man, the lights!!!! Give me a groovy caption

can't see the forests for the shrub of all CAPTIONS

Say, Karzai, ol buddy -- have you CAPTIONED Osama lately?

I was an hour late to work this morning and NOBODY NOTICED!

Someone help me out real quick..which font does The Nation's site use?

Grammy nominations:

I have an embarrassing celebrity crush.

Check out my new Internet radio station!

Bettie Page vs. Marilyn Monroe

For SoCal... Mr. Picasso Head!

Attempting to upgrade my putt-putt computer this weekend - HELP!


Getting those feelings about staying in the lounge only again

Has anyone read Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Predict The Future

What's more embarrassing?

Why do politicians never have goatees?


google this


A WWII Love Letter...from my Papaw to my Mamaw

Christmas Cartoons

Do you donate money to your alma mater?

Which version of "A Christmas Carol" do you prefer?

Post to this thread without reading the responses

Why do people like to make a big deal about leaving DU?

What music do you own that you are almost embarrassed to admit to?

British Letter Of Complaint (HILARIOUS Letter to Cable Company)

Worst dancing in a music video?

Project Miserable Failure

Endometriosis - any ideas for treatment?

Thank You Magic Rat/Santa !!!!!

Kitty Kwestions

Another gaydar test: The Wiggles

Updated DK666's Signature Server - Please Read !

Jell-o Shots Are Evil

Neo-Progressive Rulez!!!

Help! Computer problem.

New Bush Portrait displayed at white house.

I'm having a reaction to my flu shot. Ask me anything.

Teachers of DU!: What's More Fun Than Grading Student Work?

Question for Gay DUers: Which of these set of your Gaydar?

Do you think the phrase "under God" should be in the Pledge of Allegiance?

Help needed: We've got neighbors that would make Gandhi go postal

Ever seen a fat Republican dance?

Help! Anyone work in IT for the legal profession?

Windows 98SE Restore question...