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Archives: December 31, 2003

How US Manipulates News to Suit Its Interests

Helen Thomas: Some words better left unuttered

Remember kids: How NEGATIVE Dean is for attacking a group of WAR MONGERS!

What is your New Year's resolution?

Alternatives to costly health coverage?

Bush plays the China card

Bringing out the assault weapons to combat terrorism

Just an FYI to admin for future reference

I'm really sorry to see all the anti-Democratic candidate threads

Is this a good reason not to post FR links?

Canadian political avatars?

Israeli soldier sorry for not shooting Arab

Israeli chopper strike wounds civilians

Israeli Textbooks and Childrenís Literature

A serious proposal from Syria

Is this proof Bush may have known about 9-11?

(PA State Treasurer) Hafer switches to Democratic Party

MSNBC 2003 Year in Review: Bush lies highlighted

Pregnant San Andreas Fault Could Be ready to deliver

Shoshana Johnson coming up next on CNBC.

Are you sure you want to delete.....

You ever read the Washington Post message boards?

Fox news said the special prosecutor could be because they didn't find

Awards--check this out..

Clark/Edwards Ticket

2004 Is the Year for Monkeying Around--New WMW Holiday Edition

I like sharing a good thing

need links to downloadable voter registraion forms

Great New Article in AlterNet

Is DU censored where you work?

Dean CC # & access code, Gore's talking, Dean next!

Dean misrepresenting Kucinich's record

They would love to see Bush - toasted!

Let's suppose Saddam stashed $40 billion as claimed

Freepers now hate Hillary.

Right Winger hair color update

new name for Bush supporters! - Salad Jackers

NORAD intercepting Air France 68 now (Freekrepublic)

Soliciting Feedback for Basic Illinois Politics Web Page

'Rigor Mortis' meat is out, but what about 'Cannibal pellets'?

What is it with Pawlenty's hypocrisy and nonsensical actions?

Beef supply is safe....Air at ground zero was safe???

The Hard Facts: Bill Fristís 2003-2004 Senate Was Not Worse Than Daschleís

What's going on with the Internet?

God I wish there were a network where I could watch REAL up-to-date news!

The CAPPS II "no fly" list helps terrorist cells succeed.

Who Is the Leader of the Democratic Party?

Terror alert is always high in my neighborhood

The Europeans, The Low Dollar, and My Brilliant Idea

Terrorism, 911 and Oklahoma City: Vidal, McVeigh, Binladen, and Bush

Well, we can't marry each other but at least we can die for the cause...

Conservative supports genocide

Drudge: NYT's Safire Predicts 'Major Terror Attack In United States'

Why not make college free for everyone

New video - "How to Spot the Enemy!" - be more suspicious/paranoid!

Our stupid health system rewards the healthy and punishes the sick.

Drip, Drip, Dripping away.......

The Nazi policy that will not die. Or is history repeating itself?

A toast: here's to all the "kooks" and "tinfoilers"!

USDA Bans Downer Cattle from Human Food

In Southern Stop, Clark Promises to Enforce Voting Rights

Red Cross demands access to Saddam

Brazil judge orders US citizens fingerprinted

Al Qaeda videos found in Iraq weapons raid

Pentagon Shifts Iraq Oil Import Oversight (haliburton losing contract)

The REAL Unemployment numbers: Out Of Work, Out Of Sight

Assholes on Direct Connect...

On the Occasion of Laura's 'Roses Are Red' Lie...

Fantasy of mine

so Navy NCIS comes on...

new Hannity advertiser Mattress Firm

BBC America will show "Trailer Park Boys" -- lucky you!

Has anybody ever put their sockpuppet on ignore?

wee 400..

Tomarrow night could be good or bad

freeper convention

Who is the dewiest DUer?

*caution* opening this thread could be damaging to your mental health

So I went shopping today...

link to site w/ lots of Dean art: banners, posters, etc.?

Who were the animal shelter / rescue adoptees of 2003

Does anyone own a radar detector?

New cell phone! The Nokia 3589i.

Let's start with a clear slate for 2004: Online Absolution!!!!

Help! My mom is taking Oxycontin & turning into a Republican!

DU Photoshoppers.

Cigar Smokers: the Desert Island Humidor

Goin' to Vegas!

The David Cross Admiration Thread

Looking for Kephra! Is he driving around the USA stopping here and

hey what's with...

I like sharing a good thing

Has anyone ordered "Best of Cher" album?

How many posts until I am not a "newbie"?

check in teenage evilDUers...

Who is the talkiest (as in verbose) Duer?

ZombyWoof offers a reflection on 2003

Computer ? My computer clock is SLOOOOOWWWWWW!

there's a post in GD that Clark just raised $1 million

Steps For Peace coming to my house!

Carson Drew? He meant alot to me...the oldie version. Does anyone

Inside the Actor's Studio - Bernard Pivot's Questionnaire

My ancestor invented Spam (the meat product). Yeah, I'm bragging!!!

AAAGGGGHH!!! there is *something* beeping in my condo

Who is the happiest DUer?

Radiohead fans: Who thinks PABLO HONEY was a pretty weak album?

The American Patriot: A Weekley strip!

Heckers Unbleached Flour! Anyone in the South know where I can purchase

Hey Muscle Car fans! Want to have a good cry?!

Aren't we all NUTS or why do we post what we do in the Lounge?????

Do you remember who first responded to a post of yours at DU?

Did REM sell out?

GOTHS ? Someone explain them to me.


George W. Bush Song Dedication Thread . . .

most right wing sports teams (or owners)

There's a post in the lounge that clark raised 1 mill

Dean leads in DNC Poll

Preaching to the "Core": Questions from a Worried "Centrist" Answered

Governor Dean on Recusal of John Ashcroft

Is this racist? Democrats woo Hispanic voters

Can a donor please add Super Tuesday to the calendar?

Which candidates will drop out?

How to stop (fill in the blank candidate name) threads

Dean's Ames, Iowa speech on C-Span at 10:00 tonight.

Bill Clinton as VP: Good or bad for the ticket?

How to stop Carol Mosley-Braun

How to Stop Bush

Stopping another Election Theft in November

NEVER forget! this is why we must choose wisely

Dean exemplifies the reason our symbol is a Donkey

Clark/Dean and Dean/Clark *both* seem reasonable to me today.

Dean CC # & access code, Gore's talking, Dean next!

This Modern World: Dean Can't Win

Dean campaign press release on "secret energy meetings"

HANNITY and colmes talking about new Clark ad

How to stop Dean

Check out this Lieberman email re: Clark

CNN just now: Richardson and Nunn potential Dem VP choices.

Field Guide to GD: '04 Arguments

Clark/Edwards Ticket

Israeli Textbooks and Childrenís Literature

At the Precipice: An End of Year Message from TVNL

Milosevic trial sets precedent: US granted right to censor evidence

TPM: A few more quick thoughts on John Ashcroft's recusal in the Plame in

Sorry, dupe n/t

Tongass decision is an affront to Americans

A Fresh Idea: Police Service for Those Who Can Pay for It

SPI: Libya's technology is a global concern

NYT: The Right Thing, at Last (Ashcroft recusal and special prosecutor)

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): Reckless predictions

Threats to democracy at Code-Red level

Fall of the Dollar and Global Politics

Senator Kennedy on The Leadership of Senator Tom Daschle

2004: Year of the Slave

Josh Micah Marshall on the leaker investigation

Holy Politics!

A citizen's duty is to ferret out the truth

The Doctor Factor

A Battle Cry

Help earthquake survivors in Iran

State of the Union 2004 - tell me what you think of this idea

Apparently my last post had 'character issues'

comcast corporation voting for the drugs war

USMedia?: Saddam took $1 B out of Baghdad a week AFTER we controlled city?

Double Vision - (From

President of the Board of Directors using company email. Is that common?

Something to chew on, "Cannibalism was routine..."

Canadian Drugs

A Year in TOONS: Ann Telnaes Edition

A Year in TOONS: David Catrow Edition

Gay & Lesbian oppression: Fighting for sexual freedom

Found a disgusting web site

Florida requires all elderly drivers to undergo eye exams

Hundreds denied early retirement at Verizon telecommunications

Washington State Ferries food services talks end - information picketing b

12/20: unemployed collecting for more than a week rose by 81000 to 3.3 mil

Democratic Candidates Differ on Economy, but Often Subtly

Pat Buchanan calls for a third party

The Best Column Ever Written About Our Current Economy

Will We Follow Bush to Wal-Mart America?

New Years is a second longer again this year (but we dont know why)

GUNS IN THE NEWS--December 31, 2003

homicides in Canada, 2003

Is it OK to post photo shop photo's of our candidates as Hitler?

A modest proposal

Just a little thing i'd like to say...

PM's to newbies...

How can I help -- what should we do?


Isn't this inflammatory?

On PMs to Newbies...

Freeper Alert: Cleanup in Aisle GD

Forum question

How big of a donation is needed to use the executive lunch room?

Rhetorical question

I'mventing here

Borders strike settled -- thanks for your solidarity

Question about civility

Question on moderation

Why was this thread moved?

Nitpicky question about terminology-

Since calling someone dishonest or a liar is aganst the rules...

Enhanced profile/registration for polling. . .

How is posting a totally fabricated news story not flamebait?

Happy New Year Adminstrators, Mods & DUers!

11 Wounded in West Bank Barrier Protest, Witnesses Say

Settlers to double in Golan Heights

Israel to double number of settlers in Golan Heights

LA Times OpEd: Jews Face a Widening Web of Hate

Israel OKs Plan to Expand Settlements

Israeli soldier sorry for not shooting Arab

Police nab three suspects; Tel Aviv terror alert lowered

Brothers suspected of spying for Hezbollah

Report: Only the rich keep getting richer

Looking for resources related to religious fanaticism.

Creeping Annexation....

One-kilo bomb found near Beit Shemesh

Discrimination by any other name

Palestinian killed, Israeli raids go on

Right Wing Gears Up for Clash With Sharon

War of words over Golan

Israel arrests Swedish lawmaker

British bishop: Israel asking for trouble

Israel destroys eight structures, mosque in Bedouin village

Military police arrest soldier who shot Briton in Rafah

The Mideast: A cesspool of hate...

A host of 911 warnings from other countries - the US Media will not tell

Condi and the 9/11 Commission - Arguing roundrules for testifying (Time)

America Two Years After 9/11: 25 Things We Now Know

Conspiracies or Institutions: 9-11 and beyond

Let's spread Ellen Mariani's 9-11 lawsuit website!

What's going on here?

Bush's movements and actions documented on 911 - quite detailed

Was the 1st plane hit on WTC documented on film or video?

Media Silence on 9/11

911 widow Mariani ..."I'm 100 percent sure that they knew,"

SS on hold message Notes Dems truth telling on health of system

State-by-state voting trends--who has a link? Goobergunch?

Dean rallies supporters

Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders for Clark

Wilson Wilson is dead...No more advice over the back fence...

Is this proof Bush may have known about 9-11?

Kurdish expansion, anti demo called

ISLAM AND HINDUISM: Similarity of the two divine messages

On KGO...Arnold's plan to release non-violent offenders.....

Listening now to Bee Gees on

The Parmalat scandal is known as Italy's Enron.

Halliburton pulled from Iraqi oil contract

I like Celine Dion and she

130 Soldiers from Arlington Honor Guard sent to Iraq means DRAFT is next

Mike Webb has Danny Schechter on now on KIRO -- listen online

Arguments to Make for Various Types of Voters

top 10 conservative idiots of 2003

Okay, why can't MSNBC identify Plame?

Bush signs parts of Patriot Act II into law ó stealthily

A Different type of bell curve...

everything you ever wanted to know about mad-cow disease . . .

nominations for the top 10 conservative Idiots of 2003

Huge Tax Break for rich in FL thanks to jebby

Other sites: MWO vacation times?

Geov Parrish's 2003 Media Follies!

Clark supporters or anyone with military experience

Why we are at Orange Alert part 2

Clear moral superiority of Dean over Bush (

How would militia types react if martial law was declared?

Big Brother is alive and well and living in Lincoln, Nebraska....

Still more sleaze from CT's Rowland

Reports say SH is cooperating --what to do with the $40Billion he stashed?

WSJ on Bush corruption clean-up pre-election: Iraq contracts/GITMO appeals

Link between anthrax and 9-11 hijackers?

Kissinger and Argentina: a case study in US support for state terror

BLOWING THE COVER of an American agent...

Will French Indict Cheney?

DNC cancels primaries! Nominees chosen! (satire)

Are there any Americans being held prisoners of war in Iraq?

Should DU have a forum just for posting new polls?

$47,000,000,000 vs. $187,000,000

Stop the media propaganda "lies and deception" - lawyers welcome

Families Sue U.S., Reject 9/11 'Bribe'

Dean errs in battling New Democrats(DLC&Clinton showed base "+" needed)

NBC Nightly News lead with 5 minutes of "America on Alert" last night

Bush's evidence of demeanor, Exhibit A:

LTTE: Gay Marriage and the Bible

Can someone explain to me how Gep is DLC?

Bush makes underdog, grassroots appeal for donations

Saddam took $1 B out of Baghdad a week AFTER we controlled city?

Appropriate last sub for the Year

Uncensored Gore

A host of 911 warnings from other countries - the US Media will not tell

What does everybody think of what Dean said about Bin Laden?

Mad Cow was Preventable. Its Pro Active Guys,, not Reactive.

Condi and the 9/11 Commission - Arguing roundrules for testifying (Time)

I love my country's media. :)

it is wed 2:00 est and

American Family Association Poll - Gay Marriage

United States Code: outing a covert operative

The Plame leak jeopardized our national security!

Operation Iraqi Freedom: Our goals

The Fall of the Dollar is part of a greater issue.

Dept. of Defense/Va Admin., etc. buy drugs from Canada - oh yes

Need help with a LTTE!

On New Year's Eve, under an Orange Alert, is anyone else here...

a damning aspect of the leak probe

could we handle the truth if faced with it? is the BFEE actually smart?

Indiana govt/politics, KKK, Eugene Debs & Kurt Vonnegut - Comments?

Hackworth: 14,000 casualties in Iraq so far

Another thread about Dean talking.

The evils of war

Wal-Mart Riding Wave to Coney Island . . .

Media Silence on 9/11

Let's spread Ellen Mariani's 9-11 lawsuit website!

America Two Years After 9/11: 25 Things We Now Know

911 widow Mariani ..."I'm 100 percent sure that they knew,"

Must watch Documentary - Fear and Favor in the Newsroom

jesus freaks changing history at our National Parks

Conspiracies or Institutions: 9-11 and beyond

We shall overcome.

Some Internet milestones for political animals

more fear mongering...

Which part of "The Congress" blocked "Mad Cow " regs

WMDs found in Texas(anyone hear about this?)

Memoirs of a 'Racketeer for Capitalism'

J. Edgar Hoover: Zapruder frames 314/315 were "inadvertently" switched...

Bush's movements and actions documented on 911 - quite detailed

The Patriot Act and the 2003 Congressional Hearings

What is the threshold of Bush's teflon?

MSNBC shows us there is no liberal media.

2003: Claim Vs. Fact - The Whitehouse Accomplishments (must read)

My last day at work (sniff sniff)

What's the DU verdict on this Fitzgerald guy?

Bless Jessica Lynch.........

What is the Future of the Democratic Party?

Willie Nelson, great American, tells it like it is

Misunderstanding Power: Refuting and Explaining the popularity of.....

Should DU have a forum just for posting new polls?

Is blockade around Times Square tonite practice for repub convention?

Watch Incubus' new anti-Bush video titled "Megalomaniac"

What is truth?

Re our Surging Economy, its Christmas time with many gifts, on Borrowed

Machiavellian Bush Dynasty Exposed !!!!!

I just got an urgent message from the president

if you are out partying in OUR Nation's Capital tonight........

This is fun!

Scrubbed Draft Board Recruitment Ad back up--on Selective Service Home

PNAC Plans 3 New Bush Wars!! Duh!

No debate in 2004

BuzzFlash - 12 Years Ago, The Republicans Thought They Had the Election Ag

(NM)State Sees Surprising Number Of New Democrats

I just sent CNN another email about Robert "Traitor" Novak

What Is Your Favorite Kraft Food To Boycott?

Did anybody who listened to C-Span

Wellstone told war vets Cheney threatened him about IWR

need info to send conservative brother

How conservative can you get and still be a Democrat?

DU this poll... FDR vs Raygun dime:

for those who still think that depleted uranium is harmless . . .

Happy TOON Year! (two special editions)

Halliburton Loses Iraq Oil Project

New "Traitorgate" Developments: An Analysis (W/ Link to J. Marshall)

Could someone do a "Top Ten Murderous Fantasies from Free Republic" list?

"Uncovered the whole truth about the Iraq war" .avi download

BBV: Heads Up Ohio- Diebold Coming Your Way

The 10 Worst Quotes From The Democratic Underground For 2003

Mad cow tracking system

Been doing a little research on Patrick J. Fitzgerald, U.S. Attorney

Neil Boortz.................

Jesus is a Democrat

Should I bother posting here?

My New Year's Message to Lou Dobbs (and other earth residents)

Was Paul Wellstone Murdered by the BFEE?

India gives trucks to new Afghan army

Nation Amps Up New Year's Eve Security (Shays (R) says stay away)

4 More Nations to Exempt U.S. from (World) Court

Iraq to open oil bidding to Russia and France

BBC (early Wednesday): Key step towards US terror trials

Cash-Strapped States Cut Arts Funding

Baby Jesus Found ok....but with a sun tan!!!!

Mainer heading to Iraq; Way clear for trucker to transport supplies

Anthrax Vaccine Safe, FDA Says

Hawks tell Bush how to win war on terror

Ex-General to Oversee Guantanamo Trials

Michael Jackson's $1 Million Interview Deal (CBS 60 Minutes)

Military Ends Halliburton Deal To Supply Gasoline to Iraq

Probe prompts questions about B.C. Rail deal (ongoing BC drugs story)

Congressman: Avoid Times Square (Dupe)

Fantasy of the final solution (Different take and figures of "WMD")

Dollar Slides Past $1.26 to EURO

Ex-Khmer Rouge Leader Admits Genocide

Israel OKs Plan to Expand Settlements

Iran thanks "nice people" in US, not Bush

John Kerry pledges not to make John Ashcroft his Att'y Gen.

Perle's plan for Piece

Connecticut congressman advises people to avoid Times Square celebration;

Medium of exchange was the message in 2003: C$ rise rated top news story

Connecticut Congressman Advises People to Avoid Times Square Celebration;

Kerry Calls for Special Counsel for Wilson/Plame Investigation

Car bomb hits crowded Baghdad neighborhood

Blair Made Simpsons Drop Poodle Act

CNN Breaking: Explosion on Bus in Tel Aviv

Fruitless weapons hunt could hurt efforts elsewhere

Milosevic trial sets precedent: US granted right to censor evidence

Tape confirms Iraqis tried to save U.S. POWs - Jessica and Lori

5 Killed in Blast at Baghdad Restaurant

Dollar Plumbs New Lows Vs Euro (Wed 12-31)

U.S. Shrimpers File Complaint Against 6 Countries (bad news for Shrub)

IRS Taking a Look at Executives' Pay

Halliburton to Lose Iraq Oil Project


CNN: Large explosion rocks Baghdad restaurant

Mexico puts guards on flights

Citizen Soldiers Dying More in Iraq

U.S. Blocked Centrifuge Parts for Libya

Vision Test for Elderly Drivers Among New Florida Laws in 2004

Bush may delay $4 billion in Iraqi contracts

Drudge: Schwarzenegger to raise park fees to highest level ever

Guardian Utd: Bush signals softer line on Iran

U.S. Military to Take Over Halliburton Oil Role

Top Democrats Propose Meeting With Beleaguered Governor of Connecticut

As expected, state treasurer switches to Democratic Party

Norville Gets Show on MSNBC [Buchanan & Press replacement]

Snipers and streamers for New York

Cell phones put pollsters 'in a muddle'

Three L.A. Times reporters injured in blast

New Jobless Claims Lowest of Bush Tenure

Oil Prices Averaged Highest in 20 Years

Columbia family prepares to greet returning injured soldier-mother-wife

Rivals' results could mean Kmart trouble

Democrats Divided Over CIA Leak Probe

Return of U.S. war dead kept solemn, secret

Hawks tell Bush how to win war on terror

Bush Cites Democrats' 'Angry Attacks'

Palaces are oases of prosperity often surrounded by squalor

Marla Ruzicka: 26-Year-Old Doing 'The Right Humanitarian Thing'

Was America preparing a war for the Gulf oil in 1973? (Docs just released)

Killings Sow Fear Among Christians in Southern Iraq

AP: Neil Bush Makes 1 - Day Stock Windfall

Bush Plans New Year's Day Hunting Trip

Iraqi police fire on anti-federation protesters in Kirkuk; two reported ki

Dean Supporters Just Broke All-Time Democratic Fundraising Record Again

Willie Nelson recording anti-war ballad

Michael Jackson 'brainwashed by black separatists'

Banning Sale of 'Downer' Meat Represents a Change in Policy

Your second holiday gift from the DU Admins

Wilson Wilson is dead...No more advice over the back fence...

Still at work, folks but only 15 minutes to go!

Nana to Shortbus: "If you don't get a job soon...

Listening now to Bee Gees on

I'm about to marinate lamb. Hurry! Tell me secrets

The Ultimate Lounge Thread

Woodrow Wilson is still dead. Fourteen points on backburner

I just found a theatre's movie previews DVD

I'm gonna hide my profile

Charles Berlitz is dead

What is your favourite forum at DU?

Okay fess up. Who cried during Bad Santa?

DU Astronomers: Why is the moon over there -------> tonite?

My fave movie of this year - "In America"

cally scared me when she first posted on DU

How long will your new year's resolution survive?

Do you have to pay taxes on a medical settlement award?

Something to chew on, "Cannibalism was routine..."

Just Discovered Radio Left

Do you enjoy watching cats play with a ball of string?

new Oxyrush Advertisers Overhead Door Co of Kansas City, Ehealthinsurance

I feel stupid

how long is your college break (if you're go to college)

are all Yankees fans like this guy

G'night peeps....

For classical music snobs: Mussorgsky -- Which Boris Godunov should I buy?

I watched Simple Life for the first time tonight...

Is it really snowing in Las Vegas?

From Lady Liberty to all at the DU

So, who liked "The Secretary"?

New York New Years!

The "foods that taste good at the time, but become deadly poison" thread

How many of you have me on "Ignore"

New Year's Threads from December 2002

Completely off the deep end!

Good Riddance, 2003

Oh, god... I'm going to vomit. Mmmpff-mmpff. *Ghakhh* ... HUURRRL!!!

all in favor of a Morrissey avatar

Happy New Year!

Blair, Bush Announce: Michael Jackson will give up his WMD's

pssst . . . wanna have some fun? . . .

Happy New Year from Australia

Cracked me up

Breaking News Pravda: Scientists figured out Beagle 2 Mars Mystery

I like Celine Dion and she

Good (FINAL DAY OF 2003) DU!!

Bartcop is sick! *Sick* I tell ya!

Bwahahaha.. Letterman Top 10

Gimme Shelter may well be the best Rock&Roll song of ALL TIME!!!

Oh no, this is the road to Hell

Ladies, Why is there no clamor for a Viggo Mortensen avatar?

Shoshona Johnson was on GMA this morning...

105-Pound Woman Crowned Fruitcake Champ

Someone just tried to BREAK into my condo while I was home!

Name your favorite cutie

Is DU slow right now?

Hoo-Haa! I am PUBLI$HED!

In honor of AWD

What New Year's Eve coverage will you be watching, if any?

Itís a beautiful world we live in

I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year

Mad Cow is Spain's Fault!

Nice start to the day.

Nerd Lust : your favorite hotties from nerdy shows and movies

Happy New Year Oz!

Why do TV shows honoring those who died during the year

What is the best anti spyware software?

A newbie has a question: From where does the term "freeper" originate?

I do not want a new year...

London protester offers explanation for the size of "Freedom Tower"

A Poem for My Wife (Critiques Welcomed)

Mac Brown is the dumbest!

What do you eat on New Year's Day??? Any traditions

Spoon River Anthology

"He's Alive", Twilight Zone fm 1963 prophetically playing with Hopper

Top Ten Signs Rush Limbaugh Might Not Be Ready To Come Back To Work

Anyone tried that BC Liberal party bud?

Freep attack underway

question for professional writers

IIIIIIII wish you were here....Incubus bashes Bush

Happiness is...FREE high-speed access!

Mom in hospital tonight - need advice re elderly & acute septicemia

Shopping carts

Do you have any New Year's Eve traditions?

Plans for tonight?

2004 Predictions!

Most politically incorrect site of the day

The "Capitol Steps" end of year show on NPR.

Ponder this... (Ashcroft, Rove and the pResident)

We were in Tucson for Jeebus Day - what DUers didn't we meet?

All in favor of a LaRouche avatar

I hope the Rush wannabe was joking.....

I sound like Darth Vader

Looking for a cheap computer?

American culture reaches yet another new low . . .

China Bans Hemorrhoid Ads

Where is the chickpea-fil-a soup bowl this year??

Name My Blog!!!

So You've Decided To Be Evil . . .

Canada and USA on collision course at World Junior Hockey tourney

Happy New Year, cuties!

Why is this biker being pulled over?

I know it's not nice to say this

Dick Cheney's America

Rate 2003 - Good, Bad or Ugly

Best live album recorded on New Year's Eve?

Video wont play in media player only audio. What codec do I need?

How do you feel about poetry?

so long, farewell ... CAPTION in the New Year

I'll be spending New Years eve with my cat...and sick in bed

Apartments in Media, PA area question

Chicken and dumplings in the crock pot today!!!

Does anyone remember "STAR BLAZERS"?

People Just LOVE Eating Those Calf Brains

New Year's Day Concert with the Vienna Phil - Will You Watch?

Gag Alert - Freeper Spam from my Dad...

Linux question

Woke up to snow in Seattle this morning.

Poetry: The Poll

Alright! Canada wins Spengler cup for second straight year!

Yahoos notable deaths of 2003

Useful website with information about all the states

Was 2003 a good year for you overall?

Gotcher BEPs ready for NYD?

Yay! It's almost pardon time!

Was I wrong to answer an e-mail?

Fireworks in the city limits.

The Non-Transferables: is it a new punk rock band?

ANyone else saddened by the death of Wilson?

Hoo-boy! It feels like snow.

NFL question

Any Wire fans in the house tonight?

There is a free-range, "organic" chicken roasting away

Sauerkraut on New Years Day: Yeah or Nay

New National Anthem?

"F*** You and Your Hummer" site! Delish!

Raise Your Hand If You're Staying In Tonight

It's a bird...It's a plane...It's... Podium man

"Gee Marge, everything looks bad if you're gonna remember it" -- HJS

Thou Shalt Honor... Do NOT miss this one ...PBS

Who else will be totally teetotaling tonight?

I know I'm a geek, but...

You get one wish for 2004....

Magic Rat: did you know you're named on a r/w site?

Who will be on line and DUing tonight?

Introducing a new cat to the house--any advice?

Don't talk back...

It's almost 2004 - Where's the daytrips to the moon?

The official AFK thread. #1

Hey I updated my Blog yesterday

Best and Worst of 2003 (From the Ark. Times)

Funny drawing about LOTR

Tin Foil Hat Alert!!!!---The Chem-Trails

What should my New Year's plans be?

Meme: Pronounciation help?

Anyone else remember when bowl games were named 4 fruit, flower & fibers

Guilty pleasure: What actor/actress turns you on but you keep it secret?

Farmer's Almanac review at Amazon. Hilarious.


New Year's Eve

Late Christmas Story

Where's the Porcupine Tree fans?

Last few hours of 2003 - a good time to toast DU!

A lawyer's New Years Eve best wishes.

Is blogger down or is it just me?

When Ahhhnold tires of being Governator of Kelli-forrrr-nya

To the Chihuahua lovers.

There's bad taste,,, and then there's BAAAAD TASTE

New Year's flying fridges warning

Canadian Drugs

Watching Wanda Sykes on Com central..

Happy New Year Ya'll!! Rented some movies to watch tonight....

How do I stop Mariko from complaining that Logan is looking at her?

Who has to come back to work on Friday?

Am I a COINTELPRO agent provocateur?

Introducing a new YAK to the house--any advice?

Who Has Black Eyed Peas on New Years?

DU photo experts -question

OMG my Tomcat Harlon lost his lion mane!

older DUers . . . anyone remember "Winky Dink and You?"

I gotta legal question about employment

It's New Year's Eve...Feeling sorry for yourself?

Mark Fiori does it again! Nails Halliburton...

Just saved my partner $420 and change

anyone ever tried Absente (a type of Absynthe)

People keep telling me to have a safe and happy new year

If you met your SO at a Roman-style sex orgy...


hey everyone! Just back from England

10 Random 2004 Predictions (*NOTE* - NOT QUESTIONS)

"5,877... 5,876... 5,875...."

I bought my 2004 World Almanac yesterday

Too funny: SteelGirl's "Colon Blow" Project

Well whoopdee freakin' dooooooo!!!!

Boy, what a rough day just to be able to drive legally.

Okay gang, what should I do tonight?

I hate ebay!

For good luck in 2004

The pipes, the pipes are callin'...

My personal Top 200 of 1960s Soul music

Internal strife on the Dean blog.... not really, but great parody!


Does anyone know who had the video of * being asked

2 million dollars worth of cocaine siezed at ALTA US border - BC libs?

Anyone else a fan of A&E's City Confidential?

I Only DU at Work When I'm on "Break"

Need cell phone co.

2004 will be the year...

Long Ass Song - Pick yer fave

any Sleepy LaBeef fans here?

What has happened to the Daily Show

If you could physically transform yourself...

Forget technique, who's the "scariest" guitarist?

Classical music downloads: free, legal, and complete

Goodbye 2003, You Really Sucked!!! --- But Then, So Did 2002, 2001...

How Many People Do You Have on Ignore?

I think Gov. Dean is a "Hunk" - he is very masculine - and that smile!!!!!

Gen-xers, do you "date"?

Decisions, Decisions

Preferred state of mind for posting on DU

I do not want any of these people to die, but.....

Bright moments from 2003!

words to auld lang syne!

New family member! It's a boy!

Were you scared when you first posted on DU?

You've GOTTA watch these!

To all my conservative friends

worst cds of 2k3

If you met your SO on Liqui-Date...

I have to give up my dog...

I get to celebrate New Year's alone

Most attractive woman in country music



The Year in TOONS: Two Special Editions (enjoy!)

Who lives in communities where jerk offs will fire guns at midnight

I have a new aunt. Long post w/ great news about a woman who ROCKS!

ZZ Top...Yes or No? Has anybody seen them in


Do you have a right to know who has you on Ignore?

10 Worst Quotes From The Democratic Underground For 2003

Music Rant - Lindsey Buckingham

What kind of cat is best for a person with allergies

The Last 10 Random Questions Of 2003

Bike Lust!!! ó Share in My New Addiction and Ask Me Anything

Help me. I have a baaaad head cold.

is Joni Mitchell a YAK in a Thong???

Favorite albums of 2003

Funniest DU Posts of the Year

Ever Gotten A Ticket? (Other Than A Parking Ticket.)

We all read it - Who's your least favorite Freeper?

I'm a lurker and I'm coming out

I have a date Friday Night to go out with 3 men! Ask me anything!

the chick-fil-a peach bowl..

Even More Hate Mail For Bob Boudelang

Connecticut DUers?

2003 has been the deadliest year for the military since 1972

Fox news said the special prosecutor could be because they didn't find

Clark met his milllion dollar challenge -- Yay!

Anyone watch Dean on C-SPAN tonight?

I Think....

Take action against Republican sleaze in the media

To Dean Supporters

The Money Chase (Update)

NY Post Blind Item On Dem Candidate

Q to Edwards supporters re his future plans

Wanna see something funny? More google yuks...

Clark campaign "Welcome Dean Supporters"

General Clark's Southern Strategy, my thoughts

John Edwards tax plan create 5 million jobs

So, My Daughter Met John Edwards aka Why Kids Should Be Able To Vote

Feedback from the field - reality is where the rubber hits the road

Clear moral superiority of Dean over Bush (

Kerry: Family farmers need chance to compete for funding

Thank you for convincing me

Kerry Calls for Special Counsel for Wilson/Plame Investigation


UK Guardian: Dean well ahead of Democrat hopefuls

third party candidates in 2004 hurt/help dems or gop ?

My first warning from the admins was for defending Howard Dean....

Dean errs in battling New Democrats(DLC&Clinton showed base "+" needed)

Secret Service Protection of Leading Candidates

Can someone explain to me how Gep is DLC?

ARG daily tracking Poll for December 31 (NH)

Howard Dean has EVERY right to attack the DLC!

Clark compares faith, values to Tennesseans'

Right's 'Centrists' Gang Up on Dean

My new years resolution for for Primary season 2004...

Interesting comparisons from

Even If You Hate the Candidate, Try to Love the Candidate's Supporters

Dean Fans, How was the House Party?

who said this? hint...he's running for prez.

14,846,895.88 Dean breaks his own 3rd quarter record

Anyone Else Tired of Lieberman (R-Conn) Whining and Attacking Dean?

Native American Times endorses Clark!!

The DINO dilemma: Clark or Lieberman?

A Brokered Convention

Dean Supporters Just Broke All-Time Democratic Fundraising Record Again

Dean: New Fundraising record.

Here comes $15,000,000!

The Accidental Populist: Howard Dean vs. the democratic establishment

Going! Going! It's outta here!

Some Internet milestones for political animals

The two paths to victory

Did Dean peak too soon?

why I'm against dems contributing any more money to the "minor" candidates

Dean playing the expectations game?

WP: Dean's appeal: He's a John Wayne hero in a Jimmy Stewart field.

New Year's flying fridges warning

"Only Dennis Kucinich had the courage to vote against the war."

Dean and some Dean supporters relying on "blatant falsehoods" to win?

Clark in Iowa: "Hey this doesn't look like Iowa!"

We did it! We hit 15 million dollars, and we still have til midnight.....

Clark shifts gear, courts South votes

Congressman Pete Stark Endorses Dean

Clark's misguided justice

John Kerry and Oliver Stone

Dean Can't Win

Suspicions that Kerry, Lieberman, and Gep want Bush to win?

TNR: How Dean Wins While Getting Obliterated in the South

Dean's 'Phone' Campaign Raises $500,000

A Challenge to Clark Supporters

Dean will make GOP the majority party

Speaking personally about Dean bashing

"Decision 2004: ABD vs. ABBA (Anyone But Bush Again)"

New Hampshire Poll: Dean down 8, Clark up 4

Grassroots Clark supporter says Clark is running an "insiders' campaign"

The Democratic Party is SUPPOSED to be the liberal left wing of politics

Bush aides look to put Dems on defensive

Kerry secures crucial Southern endorsement

Looks like Wes will get his 5th Star

Why did Kucinich support trying 13 year olds as adults?

WP + Gore Vidal: Dean is a Marion "Hero"! "Draft-dodging actor."

Democrat Candidate LaRouche Goes on the Air with Ads

Willingness to Compromise: Virtue or Vice?

What Are Your Favorite Political Moments of 2003?

Dean's fundraising slowing down

Getting the Record Straight on Dean for or Against the War?

Kucinich answers your calls- New Years Eve

EVERY pundit on yesterday's Hardball said Dean will be nominee

Clark: who's on board?

How do we get more white males to vote Democratic?

Georgia Mayors Support Clark

Trippi accuses fellow Dem Candidates of Hiding Behind the Dean-Osama Ads

Gore didn't connect with middle class Americans on class issues.

Why Dean Will Get the Nomination With the Help of Clark

Dean in Iowa: "I'm the Only Candidate from a Farm State!" Truth or Pander?

The Clark Anti-Smear Fundraiser

Deanís Judaism Ties Span Decades

best and worst about Howard Dean

Kucinich: Refusal to Discharge Is an Involuntary Draft

If Dean Were the Nominee, Which Opponent Would Make Best VP Pick?

Dean and Labor--an e-mail I just received

african american DUers speak up

What's Your Definition of Pandering? Examples, Please.

Clark using the Rope a Dope strategy?

Think the media will "trounce" Clark?

Dean Campaign Issues False Info on Kerry Record

Dean will not get the Nomination. Letís Adjust to That Likely Outcome