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Archives: December 29, 2003

MaxSpeak: BUG OUT

Toronto Star: Bush* Is Author of Dark Chapter for America

Has the Bu$h Enronomy Been Good for America?

Good explanation of Mad-Cow, CJD, BSE, TSE, prions, US meat/milk industry

Why Democrats must not abandon the old stronghold

This Is What We Are Up Against

MSNBC aims to leave news cellar

A Poetry Thread! For those of us who had "Confused Holiday Experiences."

i need some advice from the amateur Hubbles among us

Elad, is your real name Dale?

Is Skinner away from the forum?

Question the premise of the locking of this thread by moderator

Thread full on non thruths!

On Lost Causes

Muslim football tournament under fire for team names

Debate Over Israel's Barrier Heats Up

Is there any place in the Democratic party for the DLC/centrists?

Abortion foes' boycott halts clinic construction

When Mad cow was first discovered, WHY...

Berman and Baca get a 70 in civil lberties from Issues 2000?

remember McDonald's beef laced "vegetarian" fries?

If Clark, Kerry, Gephardt, Leiberman,Braun, Kucinich,Edwards and Sharpton

Government Officials Profited From Illegal Arming of Iraq

Poverty rate in Michigan out of control. Glad the "economy is getting

Now, listen up, you damn, wishy-washy, death-wish Dem candidates...

a holiday message from Yoko . . .

The book "Mad Cow USA" is now free online

How Bush managed the unthinkable

Did * say he swears allegiance to beef in another thread?

Will there be a forum like General Discussion: 2004 Primary

Anyone else see Camille Paglia on C-SPAN today? She's a Dem? Really?

If you were wondering what they were hiding when they "captured" Hussein..

Where Cheney is hiding....

Terrorism doesn't seem to be much of a threat in the U.S.

The Gropenator's MORE liberal than Gray Davis?

Anybody Else Have A Problem With Bill Moyer's NOW This Week ???

I don't like Barney Frank. :(

Christiane Amanpour on CBS 60 Minutes tonight....anyone see it?

Osama could ruin this country with one statement -- yikes

Could The Next Terrorist Attack Occur On A DEMOCRAT'S Watch?

Has anyone tracked Orange alerts vs * admin tricks?

Why is broadband so expensive?

Eating gelatin may be a huge risk for CJD!

It is pardon time!

Do you know about JFK? I have news for you. He was a liberal.

US implicated in Iraq reconstruction scam

Has the Bu$h Enronomy Been Good for America?

Afghan Suicide Bomber Kills 5 After Arrest

Halliburton Contracts in Iraq: The Struggle to Manage Costs

Blair WMD claim a 'red herring', says Bremer

New Year, New Texas Laws

Kremlin Playing Oil Game For Keeps/Moscow Times--New WMW

U.S. has new anthrax fears; Al Qaeda suspects say group wants to obtain p

Mad Cow Case Clouds Bush*s Political Outlook

The Meatrix

I happen to like Celine Dion so THERE!!!!!!!!!!

Favourite Love Boat character!!!!

Holy effin' crap!

Where do you develop your film at?

I called my mother on Christmas

Seigfried or Roy?

Someone in East Hartford, CT is defacing stop signs with anti-war messages

My Christmas weekend....

Magical mountain weekend ... (or) ... hike till you puke!

My life is Incomplete

Rank the Griffins!

Anyone going to a Dean New Year House Party?

I am being a mean pet owner tonight!

The last of the winter drives is done!

Rank the Monkees

I must have a rock tied to my foot

is "yawn" a sexist word too?

Rank Johnny Carson's Musical Directors

Who would win in a fight?

I just mopped my floor for the first time ever--ask me anything!

I happen to like Chevy Chase!

Rank The Designers on "Trading Spaces"

My life is complete

I just finished my history term paper -- ask me anything!

Rank the Jacksons

thanks to the NFC for dragging Seattle into the playoffs

Rank The Marx Brothers

Rank the Rank Threads.....

Rank The Ranks

Which is better--the cookies or the dough?

I'm hiding out at work cause I don't wanna go to my apartment

Do you have a tendency to believe people?

Rank the Carpenters'/Host on Trading Spaces!

The Blues Brothers is on!

rank the Fab Five . . .

Rank the Teletubbies

Rank the Rolling Stones.

Rank the Beatles!

A Lesbian Therapist is moving

The Poetry of Wesley Willis.

SMOKERS - I quit after 36 years, cold turkey. Talk to me

I want to live in a Soap Opera

Would you be willing to name your firstborn "Smelly"

Rank the Rankins

Rank the Beach Boys.

Need advice on buying this internet domain name.

The Vikings just got screwed...

If Jesus and Mohommed and Buddha

The Darkness - I Believe In A Thing Called song or big yawn?

Anyone here familiar with "Upstairs Downstairs"?

The time you spend on DU

Last night I walked in and out of three movies: Cold Mt., Peter Pan, Last

Who's The Best on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

Why Some Believe Saddam Was Involved In 9/11

Clark Campaign Going Open Source

Kucinich on LINK TV Now

Let's make holiday donations to campaigns! Clark & Kucinich for me.

Who has the most experience? Dems or Repugs

Now Dean whining to McAuliffe & DNC for protection...

Dean predicts backers may stay home if he doesn't win the nomination

Are The Attacks On Your Candidate Having An INVERSE Effect !!!

Bush = Liar

Archival Q about retort of New Yorker Clark article

If Clark, Kerry, Gephardt, Leiberman,Braun, Kucinich,Edwards and Sharpton

Unilateral Cease Fire?

Kerry, Clark, Kucinich on CSPAN now, Road to Whitehouse

I made my Wes Clark Campaign phone calls to Iowa

Any Non-Clark supporters who have something good to say?

I Want To Hear From Non-Dean Supporters On This

What if 2004 Splits the Electoral College 269-269 ?

Do you think alot of Republicans would freak out if Wes Clark

Bush New Years Resolution #6, 5 & 4-From Edwards for President

Kucinich is on CSPAN now!!!

Has Media Decided it 's Either Dean or Clark? Seems a Fix is in.

How About That John Kerry? Non-Kerry Supporters Weigh In!

Do negative threads...

De-constructing Howard

Need a simple explanation of campaign contribution limits

Why I Support Howard Dean

Which Dem candidates are the best on gay equality?

If Dean, Clark, and Kucinich dropped out, who would you vote for?

Way too Much Flag-Waving Going On....a LTTE that I like.

Herbert: The White-Collar Blues

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): Why Democrats must not abandon the South

Gadhafi armed al-Qaeda with germ bombs: report

Fatal Sound Bites

NYT: The Thinning of the Army (* destroying US Army)

Lieberman Attacks Dean on Foreign Policy

The Great Depression and the Effects of the New Deal on American Society

Dissing Dean

Twilight of the Neo-cons seeking orgs to endorse E-voting statment/Congress

Mon January 5th - Guantanamo Bay Lock-Up Day

Write letters to editors -- succinct guidelines from FAIR

Foundation for a Better Life has lost their collective minds

I have Mad Cows right next door....

Questions for you guys here....what does Marijuana mean in a dream?

Prediction: 2004 Will End Much Differently Than How It Will Begin...

Michigan governor bans antigay discrimination

MTV-Showtime gay network surfaces anew

AFA stepping up anti-gay marriage polling efforts....

Economic impacts of recent eqs and predictions for first quarter 04

Some Taco Bell Restaurants Accused Of Child Labor Violations

How will the real estate bubble pop?

CO2 is good for plants--a compendium of GW deniers, w/Moonie-backed SEPP

Micheal Crichton: Environmentalists Same As Religious Fundamentalists.

So if guns don't stop crime, why is the government putting armed officers

Letter to the editor from an anti-gun individual

GUNS IN THE NEWS--December 29, 2003

would a forum like this be possible?

Is the pm function

A question about nazi references

Are you now warning/banning people who *SEND* alerts?

why lock a Kucinich !!! thread and let a Dean???? thread continue?

Is Susan Estrich a right wing source

How long does it take to get a reply

can we get this thread pinned in the lounge

Add candidate names to the dictionary?

When Did The # Of Posts For Starting A Thread Change ???

Israeli PM orders preparation of disengagement plan

Palestinians critical of Israeli outpost order

More 'Right' on Israel Than Bush

Poland, Israel sign missile deal

65 manned roadblocks, 58 trenches, 95 concrete barriers....

Israel's Conscientious Objectors

Jordan's Hassan: Sharon is pragmatic, but cannot find a partner for peace

Daily dehumanization

Jordan to educate schoolchildren about terrorism

Israeli troops fighting 'crats' in West Bank

Shooting of activist spurs Israeli scrutiny

Anyone else out there who still questions the collapse of the WTC?

Check out Bush's Xmas in this week's "...Cowardly Tom and Bully George"

Mike Miles - Democrat for US Senate of Colorado

Clark a more loyal Democrat than Dean...

Do you think alot of Republicans would freak out if Wes Clark

News Flash: Bush's Campaign Finds Platform on Local Radio - NYT

Can a "miserable failure" of a president win re-election?

I Just Pissed Of My Local Government

Repubs & media getting away with portraying Dem. Candidates as hypocrites

GW "Winkee" *

Quake razes one of jewels of Iranian heritage

A Dark Day at DU

Thanks, mods, for locking "Dark Day at DU" . . . if you're like me,

Noncitizens put lives on line for U.S. (37,000 in US Military active duty)

"How many vacation days has Bush taken" is top Ask Yahoo question of 2003

Jobs wins elections?

another must-see flash video from TBTM

CSPAN - Hudson Institute Panel on Neoconservative Movement

Why DID Will Pitt go away?

Howard Dean Cannot Beat Bush

BringThemHomeNow -news roundup-

Mad Cow Desease could very well turn into a massive plague.

Cops Defend Use of 'Spy' Tactics, Protesters Cry Foul

Nine months after US invasion

Iraq has old-school Marine regretting support for Bush

BBCWorld updated John Simpson's documentary "The Cameraman's War"

Is this racial profiling?

Dept. of Homeland Security Intended to "Perform Differently"

U.S. preparing genetic bomb for mankind

Ok I am finally scared.

What do you think of the incident with the Muslim football teams?

Maher Arar and wife renew call for full inquiry

For the fun of it ,initials !

What is your opinion of the Wall Street Journal?

Cyber Blackmail Wave Targets Office Workers

Hmmm...came across this little gem on Libya from 2002

Soldiers at my front door

Republicans Against Bush

the "K" Chronicles on 'High Alert'...........

Term Limits, Yes or No?

Revealed: How British Intelligence Sold the Iraq War

Does anyone here remember the disposal of the Shah of Iran?

PATRIOT Act used to snag Rush Limbaugh?

Panda Software weekly virus report

Army Stops Many from Quitting!

would Faux News be an extreme left news channel if

I have never seen this question ask by press/dems/anyone???

"What do we do?" -an unattributed article received via email

Am I the only one who didnt like the Lord of the Rings?

Need Help...consice definition of party philosophy

Whence Cheney?

Bush is toast, if you want it

Groveling at the feet of the Bush* Idol

What? No Jacko on 60 minutes thread?

Petition for Democratic Unity

Pesticides/Brain Tumors/Rohm & Haas Co.

Help me argue with a coworker regarding ANWR...

More Republican Tom - Foolery

TVNL'S 2003 Person Of The Year- The Anti-War Protester

2004 May Be Banner Year for U.S. Economy

Why is our government and the USA media ignoring home grown terrorists?

Bush still eating beef?

Potential effect of the absentee ball in 2004- (Stop BBV)

Episcopal Anti-Gay Movement Stalls

Fresnans join plan for Free State

Alaska just became subject to meat recall

Faux News has outsourced jobs to India

9-11 Chair Promises "Major Revelations" in Coming New Year. Yeah Right!

Was Mc Govern WRONG?

I'm going to see Wesley Clark tomorrow.

Could a Gov block a Nat'l. Guard mobilization

what happened to

If Pope John Paul II is a hero for opposing the Iraqi War...

Downsizing of white collar jobs after 04 election

Rush Limbaugh; George Will; William F. Buckley and Conrad Black

War Liability Exclusion change to Insurance Policies

Homophobic freeptards getting massacred on their home turf...

Gov. Blagoevich (D-IL) scathing in attack on Dep't of Homeland Security

Handling The Bullies

Bush is a Jenius... NOT!

A nice FR post on Rachel Corrie - what we are up against

Republicans would never play politics--certainly not over a lighthouse...

And then, depression set in...

Should the U.S. relinquish Superpower Status?

The Damped Sinusoidal Bush Ratings Bounce...

Generation E.A.: Ethnically Ambiguous

In god YOU trust!

Sgt. Aaron White: "I will not die for oil, it's not worth it"'s new site SUCKS

Politicians from diff. countries: How to account for different spectrums?

Wesley Clark on Education - Are You Kidding?

Is it unpatriotic to criticize a sitting President no matter what he does?

Okay everybody, don't leave home without your almanac

How does Mad Cow disease affect Milk Products? ~ Anyone know?

Hijacking "Him" for Empire

Will U.S. decide to overthrow Putin?

Interview of soldier back from Iraq.

The Patriotism Police: This Modern World

How good are Nancy Skinner's chances in Illinois?

I have made America safer. I can't give you proof. Trust me.

fascist or pro-crypto-Nazi

C-SPAN caller has me in tears

It's the cocaine

Why can't Osama have a trial?

Randi Rhodes question on pipeline???

small correspondence I had with NPR yesterday: year in review

Question about Vitenam vs. Iraq...

Did Governor Gary Locke, Boeing and Bill Gates know about 9/11 in advance?

Support for Military Families in my town

Novakula in a tizzy cause Hillary named "Most Admired Woman"

Saddam spills beans on missing cash

Tom Ridge - Homeland Security Bozo

Employment Research Group from Washington DC says lower minimum

Does anyone know of anyone here in the US dying of CJD (mad cow) disease?

Have Democrats been driven 'bonkers' by Bush's* "Success"?

Health Care, Part 2, Why Insurance fails.

Anyone familiar with the Sinclair Broadcasting Group?

Freedom Tower: A caged spire, gnarled and tentatively touching the sky.

What happened to notion of the corporation as responsible citizen?

The Military Draft Has Already Started Folks

Was Bush* chosen by God to lead in these times of peril?

Poll: Do you know who Toby Kieth is?

European DUers: The Draft European Constitution

Well, we're getting Sky Marshals in Britain

Johnny Cash logo

matt drudge threatens to smear dean's wife in 2004

keep roosevelt on the dime

Bush's Sec. of Agriculture Veneman received Mad Cow warning 6 weeks ago

For those who support NONE of the candidates

Possible reason for Iranian Earthquake?

MA's local talk radio satan,Jay Severin, filling in for O'Reilly on radio

Pope reaffirms opposition to gay marriage

Admin. to go "around" mainstream media to get message out.

Most admired women of 2003 Hillary 16% Laura 6%

Is Rupert Murdoch a fanatic?

BBV: Electronic voting firm acknowledges hacker break-in

RW-ers: The Most Gullible People On The Face Of The Earth

British Tory party demonstrates its incompetence... again.

What do you think about Barry Goldwater?

Is there a place in the Democratic party for the DLC/centrists?

What IS the world coming to? Really.

9-11 Visibility Project

Putin Gains Additional Authority in Russia

Churches attacked in Sri Lanka

Taliban claims Kabul suicide blast

Jobless Count Skips Millions (Real rate is 9.7%)

Hawaii, Mexico among trips private groups giving lawmakers

'A Cop's Chief' Fights for Her Job

Bishop attacks Blair as 'white vigilante' (Iraq War)

IRS Speeds Corporate Tax Audits (Lowest corporate receipts since 83)

AP: Dean Had Own Secret Energy Group

The terror threat at home, often overlooked (Texan guilty of having WMD's)

AP: Dean Had Own Secret Energy Group

Dupe story... Saddam Says He Siphoned Billions from Iraq

Iraqi Council Flexes Muscles (Defies Coalition)

ElBaradei: Libya in Early Nuclear Stages

Iraqi Council Flexes Muscles

Cook calls on Blair to admit Iraq errors

Milosevic elected to parliament in Serbian election

Bush Signs Parts of PATRIOT II Into Law......

Dollar Hits Record Low Against Euro

Does the food safety net work? Mad cow case raises new questions

Caspian oil organization to offset the OPEC

Mad cow disease expert says precautions may be too late

Judges beginning to balk in war on terror

U.S. Kills 3 in Iraq Suspected of Al Qaeda Links

True Grits Tour Kicks Off

Japan's Mad Cow Experience Means Tough Sell Lift Import Ban

Bush*s Campaign Finds Platform on Local Radio

Vatican Ambassador Is Killed in Burundi

Dairy Farmers Contributed to House Panel - (payoffs to Congress?)

Seeking Muslim Love, U.S. Gets Only Scorn

Federal judge declares N.H. abortion law unconstitutional

White House Pressured on Beef Safeguards

Air France flight 007 JFK to Paris cancelled last night.

Legislature raids linked to drug trade (British Columbia)

The economy according to eBay

Conservative Leading Guatemala Vote

Flaw in law threatens deportation for Haitian refugees

Edwards says his tax plan would create 5 million jobs

Letter bombs sent to EU figures

Bush Administration Plans Early Test of Promise to Dismantle Weapons...

AP: Iraqi Spiritual Leaders Form Committee

Clark criticizes Bush on campaign stop in Jackson

NYT: Halliburton Contracts in Iraq: The Struggle to Manage Costs


Private Plane Flies Into Restricted Airspace Over La Guardia

Edwards: I won't Make Leap to Veep

Iraqi Official: Saddam Gives Info on Weapons, Funds

NY Post: "Miracle of Baghdad"

India possesses 50 to 100 nuclear devices

Dean to Unveil Plan for Cities

Furor Erupts Over Muslim Football Teams' Names

Earthquake--Magnitude 6.0 - Hokkaido,, JAPAN REGION

Troops fear they're being stretched too thin, poll says

Court Rules Nude Barbie Photos Are Free Speech

Clark's new TV ad features Bill Clinton

Board free of oversight as it spends $4 billion in Iraqi money

E-voting firm reports computer break-in

Jobless Count Skips Millions

Rivals Hit Dean for Criticism of Party Boss

Dollar sinks to new record lows against the Euro

U.S.: Diseased Cow Born Before Feed Ban

Police raid BC ministers' offices

Saddam confesses to stealing billions before ouster

U.S. to require armed officers on some international flights over U.S.

9-11 Transcripts Indicate 'Criminal Act'

Israeli Group Asks Court to Open Barrier

CSM: US sees tide turn on Iraq insurgents

Race Reversal- Principal Discovers He is Not Black

Army Stops Many Soldiers From Quitting

FBI urges police to watch for people carrying almanacs (not kidding)

Judge declares N.H. parental notice law unconstitutional

My Neighbor Suspects I Am Juvenile

I suspect my neighbor is an audiophile. What do I do?

I suspect you all are fucking nuts!!!

I suspect my OTHER neighbor is a "steaming pile"! What should I do?

I suspect my neighbor just threw up bile, what should I do?

I suspect my neighbor is an anglophile. What should I do? She has

I suspect my neighbor is just plain vile. What should i do?

I suspect my neighbor has a nail file. What should I do?

I suspect my neighbor uses Dial. What should I do?

I suspect my neighbor is an uncharted desert isle. What should I do?

I suspect my neighbor is a francophile.

I Think You All Are Walking Butts!

I like my neighbor just fine, what should I do?

I Suspect My Neighbor is a Crockodile. What Do I Do?

I suspect my neighbor is a reptile. What should "I" do??

I suspect my neighbor's kid's name is Kyle. What should I do?

I suspect my neighbor.... Oh, never mind.

My neighbor suspects that I am a bibliophile

Robb walks into the Lounge...aaand walks back out :)

What's the connection between Zomby Woof and Matcom?

Something REALLY weird just happened!!!

"The Greatest Sedition Is Silence: Four Years in America" by Will Pitt

Apartment hunting and debt consolidation - advice please

Has anybody else ever noticed that Gary Bauer has lizard lips?

Recovery -- ha! My large, round, womanly ass this is a recovery!

Who's Best on "What's My Line?"

"Ask me anything" posts.

Would you re-live 2003 if you could?

AWOL's Christmas greeting - now available for the common folk

Rank the E! show Rank

Rank the letters S. P. A. M. Y.

Rank the letters D, E, A, and N

Yay! We're finally going to get a dog! And...

My little Jessie girl is sick.

Rank America, already is, nevermind.

I drank alcohol

Good riddance, Corey Dillon

who's this Mohommed GURUving is talking about ?

Some fixes for my favorite sport

George Bush pop up on DU

What's Your Favorite Number From One to Ten?

Seen "Cold Mountain" yet?

So...I went to start a project

One way to make presidential debates more exciting

Newspaper Correction of the Year: simply asstonishing

Grouchy people check in here

MK the fighting Betta fish 'aka Osama Fin Laden' threatens Nat Security

I choose to follow Hobos

I am a pop up

The origin of Father Christmas.. A must see..

Anybody up for late night AIM chat?

Lambeau Leap!


I have been drinking, but never fear.

Why dogs don't play golf

what Saddam was going to do with that $750,000

"Rejected" a film by Don Hertzfield

spring break recommendations

I have zero interest in Michael Jackson news

I met Arnie AND Dumbya today

a dork day at DU

How do you frame art?

I want to live in a Shampoo Mozilla

What's your favorite "Walmart is evil" kind of website?

Rugby fans (a joke)

Congrats to Paragon: DU Fantasy Football Champion

I got valuable info from Sue Johanson's TV show yesterday

Mad cows, attacking reindeer, and now PYRO OPOSSUMS!!!

Was that Sloth from "The Goonies" in "LOTR: Return of the King"?

It must be Monday morning, because there's a YAK in my tea!

Any St. Louis DUers? Want to gather next weekend?

Sebastian Cattbutt is not doing well

Sicilian man arranges to be shot in the groin to impress old girlfriend

True or False: an African Village could be fed for a year

My dog's nose itches--is that bad?

spend the holidays with the Reagans!

My first post....Yikes!

&^%$#!!! another ibook battery bites the dust

*YAWN* Good (Monday) Morning DU!!

should polotical affiliation matter when starting a relationship?

I hurt our kitten yesterday....NOT INTENTIONAL!

I really want a Chihuahua

985 POUND Snake Caught (said to be worlds largest)

help me, help freeper friend called me an 'anti-American'

I hope in the next year...

I would like to pray....

How do you post a picture on DU?

Let's collect radioactive stuff!! LOL

Valueless Opinions in "A Hard Day's Night"

S*&^@! F*&^!! H$%#!! [email protected]@N!! (mini-rant)

Changed my sig line.

Real People, Please do what you can....

At what point is Pfizer responsible

So here's the quarterback that Rush thought was overrated:

Why are people scared to say "God"?

Just watched "Lord of the Rings" and "the Two Towers".....does anyone

Cannibal in good mental health

I'm listening to a replay from Mike Malloy

Now I *know* it's Monday--- there's a yak in my LUNCH!


Team USA is 2-0 at the World it finally their year?

!!!U.S. Wins War In Iraq Three Times!!!

"Marines Reintroduce "U" to Iraqu"

Soldiers in need, part 2

Vermin Supreme Gets More DC Votes Than Clark/Edwards/Kerry/Lieberman/Gep?

Glad I didn't stick around town for xmas

I don't want to go to work tomorrow

Puzzle enthusiasts! What storage/carrying devices do you use?

Well, I took Sebastian Cattbutt to the vet this am

It's Coming.Curb Your Enthusiasm.

sort of a simple minded computer question?

Got any DU New Year resolutions?

bought pirated software. what now?

....97.....98.....99.....100 YEAHHHHHH!!!!

For the fun of it ,initials !

NFL Playoff picks!

Just Saw "Dead Poets Society" -- Didn't Like it Too Much

I'm running for office!

Is it offensive that I don't believe Austria and Latvia....

Help!!!! Any electricians out there??

My cat has a growth in his mouth

unidentifiedbassplayer's Birthday Present!!!!....

Merry Christmas from Bush

Went to McDonalds for lunch

Okay fess up, who cried during "Fast Times At Ridgemont High"????

"In the name of god" New Ziggy Marley tune What do you think of it?

'Fess up, who cried during 'The Love Bug'?

Wow...The Canadian Football League has such a lack of talent...

Okay fess up, who cried during "Don't tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead"????

Okay fess up, who cried during "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes"????

Need gift suggestions.

Hee hee hee!! CAPTION....or something.

Am I the only one who didnt like the Lord of the Rings?

Lunch: I should have known better....

BNL: Everything to Everyone

Natural Detox?

What does the E. stand for in...

"Poor Richard" is TERRORIST enabler!

True or False: Today Ken popped a button off his pants

Who here is responsible inbox user?

Well, crap. Can anyone suggest a good

Who is your favorite Ewok?

My boss is making me nuts...again

How hard is it to change a dryer belt?

Just finished Prince of Persia(PS2)...ask me anything...

Classic pic repost: M.A.T.C.O.M.'s baby picture!!!!

Canada improves to 3-0 with 10-0 shalacking of Ukraine at WJHC

Is Tom Ridge Changing Air Rules Because I Am Flying To Mexico Soon?

How so you refer to opponents of a candidate in G.D. 2004 Primary?

Why does Wes Clark make me smile?

Just found out that Mr_B got laid off

I want to rant about "serving sizes" on food labels.

current events resume after you CAPTION

Funny cow stuff

I suspect my neighbour is Wanna_jump_my_scooter

JP II REALLY doesn't like that gay marriage thing. A brief rant.

Attention PC police...

I just read a thread about "Ask me anything." posts. Ask me anything.

Need a laugh? Check out these movies (Files) - Updated with 1 more...

I know nothing. Ask me anything.

What Vitamins Do You Take Regularly?

Ruminating the Future

Rank The Queer Guys From "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy"

I'm trying to annoy Zombywoof - Ask me anything!

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting, those cats were fast as lightning

I love my job!!!!Really!!!!!!! :)

Do NOT taunt Happy Fun Ball

Would anyone believe I just spent 4 hours on the DU... while at work?

An Ant Question.................................

Sprint digital or Verizon?

Chicago Bears fire Jauron

Are you a Zomby?

I suspect that Zomby Woof hates ask me anything posts, so ask me anything!

song in the head... and I can't remember who sang it... just the refrain

I feel so dirty

Ok I am finally scared.

You're going to HELL!!

YUMMMMM! Mexican Lasagna for supper tonight!

For those who would bug Zombywoof

Anyone here like Native American music?

Do you have a job related to your field of study?

Why are there domed stadiums for football teams?

Ever offended a freeper? IN a way they really hated?

need a little help from a web guru please..

I am going to explode any minute

A 3-part freeper joke


Submitted For Your Approval; Tonight, Rod Serling

All you Eagles naysayers can kiss my white buttocks

I'm BAAAACK.....And I Kidnapped And Drugged 10 Random Questions For You

Stop picking on Zomby Woof!!!!

A shoulder offered to Vikings Fans

How COOL! My 'store mouse' just crawled up in my lap!

Who has seen "Calendar Girls?"

Are you a heretic? (Quiz)

Weekly Dispatch from President Bush to disloyal, unAmerican DU people.

Lasik: Contemplation. Anyone had any PROBLEMS with it? I know

Can anyone identify this football player?

I seem to have come down with Bell's Palsy

How will YOU deface the Reagan Dime?

Keeping your children safe.. Hints for the younger parents here

Seattle Shower Ideas

I Am The DU Fantasy Football League Champion gloating thread

The next Jimi Hendrix?

What are you listening to - at this exact moment?


Which sport is more Republican?

World's largest snake CAUGHT!

HawkerHurricane's NFL Power Ratings! The final chapter...

Mike Hunt is FOR SALE!!!!

I suspect my neighbor is a pedophile. What do I do?

So does anybody have the huevos (balls)

Where the hell is GOPisEvil?

Vote for DU in the 2003 Political Dot-Comedy Awards!

Okay fess up, who cried during "Seabiscuit"????

What song gets you UP when you are down?

What do I do with a frozen whole duck?

Any well-known ghosts in your area?

Cyclists vs. drivers: A rant

Mondays 'IN' The UGRR (The Final 2003 Edition) - December 29, 2003

Which Democratic candidate runs out of money first?

Dean's Secret Energy Committee Meetings

Serious question for Clark supporters

Why is broadband so expensive?

For those who support NONE of the candidates

CSPAN - Hudson Institute Panel on NeoConservative Movement

Clark has reasons to smile --Arizona Republic

Millennial Generation Dean Workers Flood IA! WE TAKE MIDDLE EARTH BACK!!!

Non-Kucinich Supporters! What do you like about Dennis?

NY Times: With Tour, Clark Focuses on Southern Votes

I've given to Dennis Kucinich, John Edwards, and Wesley Clark.

Will Cell Phones be Dean's Undoing in Iowa?

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It's the Economy, Stupid

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can someone do a search for my Harold Ford article thread

The question is "How big will the neo-con a##-kicking be?"

Dean Doesn't Get It !!! --- Possibly The Most AssBackwards Post Ever !!!

Does anybody remember when there were no primaries???

Which candidate will have the most volunteers in Iowa?

For the fun of it ,initials !

Which candidate will have the most volunteers in Iowa? (Corrected)

60% of primaries & caucuses will be over by March 2nd

the circular firing squad...

questions about donating money to candidates

Is Jeb up to his old tricks in Florida again....

Tony Kushner: Elections aren't about Moral Purity. Forget that and lose!

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Getting rid of debilitating trade policies

Polls at this point

Only 4 weeks tilll Iowa and 3 till NH...

Results of ARG's daily tracking poll of NH

dean campaign did not switch to a corked bat.....apology

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Folks. Meet Vermin Supreme

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More explanation of the "bat" figures. Excellent.

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MY ADVICE for a Clark Victory!

Here is a campaign message that anyone of the Dem candidates could

Just got back from seeing Dean in Green Bay WI

I just shook hands with Wes Clark at his first 'True Grits' stop.

Some Thread Themes to Avoid -- Add your own

I saw a bunch of Dean bumper stickers in NH today!

Question about Clark...

Iowa's Tom Harkin to endorse Dean

I need a response to this piece of slimy propaganda. Re: Dean

Ok, just got THE question

Dean supporters please don't sit out the 2004 General Election

Does anyone here have a crystal ball they're not using?

dean will get 51% of the vote and 1 more state than Bush

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Clark Ad Features Bill Clinton

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Dean supporters who are also ABB check in, please.

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Dean represents a quantum leap for the gay movement