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Archives: December 28, 2003

Using the Other Guy's Vitriol to Win Votes

Do you really think Rush is a Nazi?

Christmas in Heaven

The Anti-logic of Judge Reinhardt (9th Circuit)

I dunno why, but...

It would be very helpful if the Rules could be accessible from all forums,

Northwind warns Kerry has no chance Vs. Dean

For those who does believe Dean can't beat Bush.. listen up

Bush caused the Iran and California earthquakes, and invented Mad Cows

What is a dangling modifier?

Eek! Some wise ass signed me up with a fundie newsletter

A surprisingly refreshing Family Christmas gathering . . .

Photos from the 1970's.....will you consider STANDING UP today?

FYI - Fidel May Wonder "Where's the Beef?"

Will I Be Allowed To Donate Blood Now?

Martin Sheen has signed on to play a guy I know in a movie

So, the US has blamed the Mad cow strain on Canada

Anyone read Barbara Bush's "Reflections"

A Public Response to a Private's Gesture

"News Central" nightly TV news - media consolidation at its worst

Al Frankin Allert!

Shocking pieces of the PATRIOT II Act Bush signed

Now that Saddam is gone

Homeless Veterans....299,321 Veterans are homeless tonight....

Appalling TIPS sign on Rt. 70 near Baltimore and Frederick

The "poor" here are speaking up for themselves in LTTE. Great idea.

The reason for the Orange alert

Mad Cow. It's What's For Dinner. Unless you only buy veggie-fed organic!

Patriot Act II was signed into law

Anyone read Alan Colmes' book "Red, White, and Liberal?"

Bremer rejects Blair WMD claims

Mad Cow Discovery May Push Beef Consumers Toward Buying Organic - WP

Dean's Osama Oops

Trade ideas sparked by trip to Cuba

Report: Saudi Police Foil Airliner Attack

Agency Accused of Mishandling Contract

Sunday Wash. Post: U.S. Backs Off On Some Iraq Plans

In Iraq, Pace of U.S. Casualties Have Accelerated

Some who supported Nader regret decision

Kerry Says Dean Has No Chance Vs. Bush

Cuba trade embargo irks U.S. farmers

Bremer contradicts Blair on mass destruction weapons in Iraq

Cleaned up the road today

F1 fans: Where should I put my Minardi sticker?

I love my cast iron skillet!!!!!

I just proved that Dean is electable. Ask me anything.

Any DUers members of the CPUSA?

What is a dangling modifier?

A ? 4 the girls (primarily)

My woman is drunk

Just how vicious can I be?

Time to sleep

I sold out on the Snowmobile issue.

Redskins Vs Eagles

DVD player problem, anyone know how to fix it?

Any fans of Harry Shearer here?

I have 4 Chris Rock tickets, don't ask me anything

I am going nuts...Anyone know why temp. files and back up files with "$"

What do you get when you cross a freeper with a midget?

My new xmas pants smell like dishwater

"Osama Bin Laden Captured"

Say hello to my nephew, y'all.

The 12 STD's of Christmas

Any chance of a Kerbango-like internet radio making an appearance?

Johnny Cash fans check in.

it's really cold where I live tonight

Psssssst!...the Packers are gonna win tomorrow and the Vikings

funniest moments of LOTR movies intentional and unintentional

Trading Spaces Alert: Hildi wallpapers with gift wrap and paint cans...

I'm a "Bleeping Useless Socialist", according to freeper family member

LA DUers - Where (& when) should we meet again?

People powered Howard speaks to the lowest common Dean nominators.

Foriegn policy: experience vs. common-sense?

Uh, Oh a Dean Cover-Up???


The 100 Year Vision

pro Wesley Clark essay in Minneapolis Star Tribune

Howard Dean: Hard Work and Frugal Living?

Petition for Democratic Unity

Wax statues commemorate the Kosovo Conflict

Question about Dean's papers

AP story on GOP mischief in S.C. .....sorry if it's a dupe....

Happy Hanukah From Dean

Clark Promotes HeathCare Plan

Kucinich Ad: Listen Up, Young America! You could be facing a DRAFT!!

Deleted message

Dr Dean's Giant Donut Hole

Uh oh...A Dean Cover up?

Hey, DK supporters!

NY Times: From Patrician Roots, Dean Set Path of Prickly Independence


Uh oh...A Clark Coverup?

CNN Capital Gang: Dean Nomination And Bush Landslide 3/5

Cohen: Confessions of a Retrosexual

Bush Can't Have Justice Both Ways

CT GOP Cover-Up in the works?

Bush signs parts of Patriot Act II into law stealthily

Broder: 98 Columns And Doses Of Dissent (WOW! MUST READ!!!)

American Government Terrorizes America After 9/11 Attacks

Despair Is Not an Option

US towns gather in their wounded

Florida's most unwanted

The Iraq Dilemma: Do it Right or Quick?

Mad Cowboy Disease - cartoon from allhatnocattle

A year of thwarted ambition

Doonesbury - What time is it? 9-11

A very old piece from Isaac Asimov, one of my personal heroes

What Vegans need to know about Mad Cow

Factory Work Shifted to Mexico After NAFTA Goes to Asia

Outside View: Govt.'s knuckles hit twice ( Bob Barr )

You gotta love Canada...

The Relatively Charmed Life of Neil Bush (loads of stuff here)

A Smokin' NY Times Editorial...

LTE: U.S. no moral beacon

How it happened

George Will lacks ethics-letter to NY TIMES involving media mogul

Acoustic Musician Concert for Peace, Des Moines, IA, 1/4/2003!

Allan Nathan - Battle Line

Fox News ridicules Howard Dean regarding his dead brother.

C-span on "Dem anger"

Sean Hannity: Puke-a-gandist

Cartoon junkies: Best of Fitz, a local artist in Tucson

Have you read asimov's foundation trilogy?

Chris Rock on dealing with the police...

US Software Industy to outsource 90% of all jobs in 2004

Why Should Iran Want Nukes?

Iranian Earthquake: Prelude to increase in tectonic activity?

London Observer: Year of decision for Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai

rumors of mini nuke used in iraq

There's someone posting improperly in multiple forums


Apologies galore to GDsmooth Mods--

Forgotten password...

I'm concerned that "news" is shading into "campaigning"


UK blasts PA ploy over Christmas card...

The price of ignorance

The continuing war

Measuring Balance at "Nightline": Divergent Views Need Not Apply

Mid-East rivals seek polar harmony

One Attack Thwarted Every Two Days

Palestinian Authority Sermons 2000-2003

A Minor Problem, Overblown

Jews Face a Widening Web of Hate

Israeli Army Shooting of Israeli Stirs Hot Debate

Why wasn't Osama grabbed on 9-11?

New Hampshire article about Bush's fears of Lieberman as the nominee

Teachers for Clark wanted

check out the Libertarian Party presidential candidates

Interesting Article about Bush being afraid of Lieberman's challenge

VP picks and the candidates

When will DK drop out?

Kucinich now consistently leads in the polls

What will you do if (or when) sites like DU are shut down?

After Bush is ousted, will the fuzz investigate the last election?

Afghan Islam Debate Muted But Concessions a Concern

Troop morale in Iraq is low and getting lower. The reasons are very easy t

L-O-O-S-E-N up! We cannot L-O-S-E if we just stay angry...

Confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt: freepers ARE racist

Where U.S. translates as Freedom

A REAL Earthquake Conspiracy (Seattle)

If the "mad cow" came from Canada...

What's your take on the new DU civility policy?

The Smoking Ban: Clear Air, Murky Economics

Brian Lamb reeeeeeeaaly digs Lucianne Goldberg

Petition for Democratic Unity

I will be voting for John Kerry next year...

'A sad, sorry, tragic story for Baghdadis'

Iraqi Resistance Report for events from 12-22 - 12-24

The great GOP divide

Guess who stands to profit if sanctions on Libya are lifted!

US Military using Brutality, Fear, Intimidation in Al-Adamiyah

The difference between us and them is actually quite simple.

David Hackworth: "Vietnam was an atrocity from the get-go"

Leave It to Us.

BBV: Well, sort of - read this and you'll see - maybe you can offer advice

Bush on the campaign stomp?

You are what you read; Bush shows he been into some nasty stuffs.

Just heard on AFKN (america forces network Korea)

Garrison Keillor and Al Franken question re National Public Radio

A Case for Optimism

Every American should be angry at BushCo - except his bidness crony's

Mad Cow = Blame the Canadians

Monitoring Election ???

Check out today's Doonesbury. Bush's dumbing down of political discussion

War in Iraq, FWCS, taxes, deaths(Cheers and Jeers: Ft Wayne Journal)

The U.S. Army Goes to High School - Disturbing...Really....

GE expects to make billions in Iraq

If we win a number of House seats...?

New England Casualties of Iraq War

Loseranne's son, Jonah the Whale, on CSPAN

Russia set to enhance its Nuclear Potential

God and wire taps..

Mad Cow, Chronic Wasting, Other Deadly Prion Diseases (link)

Georgia Suspects Flu Shot Deal Was Bogus


Do You Agree With This. IF Bush Gets OBL Will That Bush Will For Sure

Democrats are missing a killer strategy.

Scientists begin measuring pollution in human bodies

Games and deception: The war-year in review

O'liely writes this

Can you afford to be a Moderate...

What TV news do you watch?

Astroturf "Healthy" Forest Act LTTE the site that started it ALL for me; how I knew bush

Link to LeShow Liberal radio (on now 1pm!)

Arnold wants to let them out of jail to save state money

Face the nation: pundits puzzled by partisan rancor

Alfred G. Packer: Republican Cannibal

bushgang gags/ruins meatpacker for blowing whistle

Ive Finally Made My decicison

9/11 The Musical?

DU is censored

Hooded Men Executing Saddam Officials

Illinois democrats now

What is justice?

Dissecting the propaganda: "No one cares about WMDs."

Bush Lies: A Primer

In the closet republican gays

DU Censorship? Here's the best solution...

E! airs an hour-long segment about Bill Clinton's alleged womanizing

Do you know of anyone who fits this description?

Just posted a lengthy article

Why Some Believe Saddam Was Involved In 9/11

Outrageous! Blitzer interviews Giuliani 12/28 regarding 9/11

Need input on states - Alabama through Connecticut (alphabetical)

Ever been to yahoo boards?

Blair's WMD Claim Dismissed by America's Baghdad Chief

Endangered Species Act-Should it be changed? Poll.

Tax vote in Georgia? Help, please.

go for it!...anti-meat protestors fight for animal rights at USDA (pic)

Republicans, welfare, and work

I was shocked my Dem friend said he'd vote for Bush if the election were

I'm starting to think the Fix is in for the Election.....

Need a cite, re: Bush 9-11

Cattle Bones & Connective Tissue used to make ice cream, cake

I wish someone would produce a disaster film about global warming

The Question Must Be Asked: Is Bush* Insane?

the BFEE ultimate Santa Claus photo.....(pic)....isn't this sick ???

Anyone watching Caroline Kennedy on MTP?

Gadhafi, Terrorism, Sanctions, and Karl Rove

Can Cowboy Bush ride?

Uncle Sam Wants You, Eh? Our Military Tries to Recruit Canada's Inuit

George Will this Morning on Face the Nation

Now THIS is Islam. :)

France to LA jets cancelled. WHY did they talk to people who didn't board

Today's CNN Poll

White House Christmas Stories -- Unbelievable

How does the gender gap affect GOP male love lives?

Poverty rate in Michigan rises by 25%.

Pearle on c-span now

Aloha, just waiting for my brain to rot

The Iraqi Family Care Packages are arriving

It's 9/11 blood money - and some won't take it..

Bush raps

Bush Can't Have Justice Both Ways

Whoremedia! It's not "Is Bush unstoppable?"; it's "Can he steal it again"?

Want the facts? Tired of the Media Bushit? Here is why we win.

George W. Bush: The Coward Hiding Behind the Phony

Hunger and homelessness in US continue to rise in 2003

Sam Donaldson says things are going 'smoothly' for Bush*

No beef, no fish....guess we should all become vegetarians??

Born Again Christians

It's time to spit on these intitial rovian tactics...

"Iraq...the immediate justification" .....from the PNAC files.

Socially liberal, fiscally conservative....

Who would Bin Laden vote for?

soooo....WHO wrote the note left in laura bush*s bed ?? laura confessed

The incredible elitism of George Will

Has anyone kept a count of Bush's vacation days?

Claim Vs Fact: Setting the Record Straight for 2003, ( good reference)

Who should the 9/11 victims be suing, the airlines or ...

USA Today?.. 9/11 Victim: "Silence cannot be bought"

Using the Other Guy's Vitriol to Win Votes

RSPCA Calls for Princess's Dog to Be Destroyed

Al-Qaida fighters suspected of killing Afghan official

Bush's Man Rejects Blair Weapon Claim (embarrassing for the Poodle)

Second sex eyes power in France

Kabul blast kills six

BBC: 1 soldier killed, 3 hurt in Fallujah blast

Security industry a threat, some say

Suicide Bomber Kills Five Afghan Agents

AP Exclusive: Weather Service officials installed faulty storm-detecting r

The Iraq Dilemma: Do it Right or Quick?

Poll: Americans waver on new Medicare law

Enough Plutonium for 5 Bombs Missing in UK!

Rough road lies ahead for golden governor

US military using brutality, fear, and intimidation in Al-Adamiyah

U.N. Nuclear Chief Leads First-Time Inspections...

Gephardt: Bush worst president of last 5

Woman dies from meningitis; fifth case suspected (in NH)

Colombia border clash kills two

Dean: Dems Doomed if He Loses Nomination

The terror threat at home, often overlooked

Short calls on Blair to resign

Two US troops dead in Iraq blasts

Six dead in Kabul car explosion

Revealed: how MI6 sold the Iraq war

Iraq turns into bonanza for private security firms

Annan Resists Calls to Send U.N. Staff Back to Baghdad

Death toll in Karbala attacks rises to 18 (over 180 wounded)

W. House 'Grab' Was WMD Flub (CBS NEWS)

Support sticks to Dean despite his flair for blunt remarks

U.S. soldier killed in bomb attack west of Baghdad

3 killed in roadside blast in Baghdad

Terror alert-AL-QAEDA has turned its terror sights to the sea, .....

Casualty rate for U.S. forces in Iraq jumps

Britain to Put Armed Marshals on Some Jets - - ( feel safer now ? )

More than 600 lawyers sign up to defend Saddam

U.S. Closes in on Iraqi Insurgency Leaders (light, tunnel, etc)

US: Terror threats can be bogus (whodathunk)

US Says Resistance Waning in Saddam's Hometown

Meat of Infected Cow Found in More States

NYT: Dean Vermont Energy Group Met in Private

Kucinich says terror alert is scare tactic

Resistance songs urge Iraqis to rise up against occupiers

For 2004, Bush Has Strength in the White Male Numbers

Blair hopes gym will fix it for fat UK

I think the ban on dem. nicknames is a prissy move and totally sucks.

I just saw the movie "Gerry" - man that was slow, yet fascinating...

Time for Kef's Late Night B-Day Movie Talk/Trivia Party!

Just returned from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra show!

The New Trading Spaces: Coming Soon to a Television Near You

What do you get when you cross an elephant with a parrot?

I've had it!!!

My fantasy...

Anyone Have Eyelash Trouble (serious, not a joke)?

Amusing stories about your friends thread!

I just got back from my 1st Chucky Cheese birthday party,

Cats being cats..

DU needs a "word filter".. Imagine the possibilities

Animal planet is holding dog competitions on the grassy knoll

What do I say to this guy?

Any GWU alums or current students here?

Original Mad Cow Tracked Down

What would you do if you were me?

Too Much Time On Your Hands

Family Sues After Dad's Head Found in Shed

I just saw Requiem for a Dream. What a freaking great

IF.....You could organize one concert/festival who would play at it?

EQUAL TIME: The official DOG thread

Happy Birthday, John von Neumann

Things you do NOT want as wallpaper

The Process Webcast: The Dark Side of the 80s (and beyond)

"liberals are piss poor excuses for americans"

I just finished watching Return of the King. Man What a freaking great...

I have a $50 gift certificate from Barnes and Noble...

Comes the humidity, and with it the pain.

OK, this is the OFFICIAL Vikes-Cards pregame thread.

Husband witnessed a crime (DUI), wants to testify, but is frustrated

Did Adam & Eve Have Belly-Buttons?

Who will win the Rose Bowl? Michigan or USC?

I Just Made Biscuits for the 1st Time - Please Shoot Me

Beatles Christmas records

What does one do with a terribly large, tacky gift given by good

I'm off to see ROTK in an hour

Eastern Montana DUers: put down snow shovels and check in

Anyone ever had a pet with asthma?

Someone please smack some sense into me

Why am I hearing "November Rain" in heavy rotation?

I returned a Christmas card to the sender

liberal radio link on now 1pm

I used to love DU for the intelligent discourse to be found here

How come no one told me The Sound of Music was on TV?

So, no posts about Howard "Pinky-dink" Dean or Wes "Ball-Peen" Clark?

Has anyone here ever made or collected "life masks?"

Did anyone see CNN Late Edition on Sunday?

Shock and awe

Sounds of winter.

A belated Christmas present for Loungers


Nominations are open for the tackiest Xmas gift you received this year.

Help! Need tips from DUers - ala hints from Heloise...

Giving presentation in 2 weeks. Need advice.

i just put in 'bruce almighty'...

Bengals vs Browns official game thread

At Class discussion in Extinction 101

Why are those cows mad?

Where did the expression....

I saw Dr. Strangelove for the first time last night. Ask me anything.

Teri O'Brien on WLS

We went to a BETTE MIDLER concert last night

Looks as if I will be all alone for New Years.

is it just me or do the media whores try

Just got done watching Dr. Strangelove...ask me anything!!!

I love college kids who drive!

Who played it better:

If you ever thought the comic 'Foxtrot' was mindless...

My sump pump is making a lot of noise

It's 58 degrees and sunny in Hartford---on December 28th, no less!


Ok...I do like bad movies.

Great Book on Mumia

Canadian Bacon

2003 Political Dot-Comedy Awards, Vote DU!

I just found "Being John Malkovich" on VHS for $2.99. Ask me anything!

A thought from Goldie Hawn...


how do you spell your profanity? (Rambling commentary on Stephen King)

Who's gonna watch Fox's "My Fat Obnoxious Fiance"?

How many pickup trucks can sit on ice that is 12" thick?

Anyone think Cold Mountain stood up to the hype?

Funniest noun in the English language?

Anybody else moved by the first 5 minutes of the movie "Love Actually"?

Frigging lame butted gol darn stupid darn sons of female dogs seattle fox

Cesaria Evola--the singer

Bishop John S. Spong

New Year's Resolutions!

Anyone seen "Bruce Almighty"?

Fumble! Touchdown!

Hey Chevy, are you just a little bit jealous over Bill Murray's success???

A different kind of IQ test

I strongly suggest everyone get "The I Hate Republicans Reader"

Now this is simply wrong...

I wish Harrison had remastered All Things Must Pass

The MN Vikings do this every year...

DU Censorship? Here's the best solution...

Young Frankenstein now on HBO Comedy East

chat anyone?

30+ Duers: Advice to the Kinder...


2004 New Year's Resolutions that you will KEEP thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doesn't Gephardt look like Rocky from the movie Mask? (Cher was in it)

Condensation on film?

My cat just peed on me

Anyone seen "The Whale Rider"?

British Actor Alan Bates Has Died.

Dweezil & Lisa: New Food Network program in January!!

What's YOUR favorite Anne Rice novel?

I just volunteered for the Kerry campaign...

i need links for Gore won a RECOUNT in florida quick please?

O'liely writes this

party unity petition

Play nice, pick who they want, roll over, salute....GOP will still attack.

How many Pres Candidates have kids near or at draft eligibility?

I was shocked my Dem friend said he'd vote for Bush if the election were

The Smoking Ban: Clear Air, Murky Economics

Edwards - Bush Not Prez 2004

A major Clark liability: Too many of his co-workers can't stand him

For those who claim "electability"

Capitol Gang made suggestion for Dean's Veep - I can't remember the name -

Make sure to see Edwards on Fax this morning

Clark Supporters on the official Dean Blog vs Dean Supporters

Normally conservative USC lurches to the left as Millennial Generation

Candidates' position on outsoucing and federal contracts?

Teachers who support Clark, give me a heads up! You're needed!

Resolution 1441 - France voted YES

Dean Defense Forces (Exposed): Lobbing E-mail at the Enemy

If Bush lobbed nukes into every country ruled by an oppressive, evil regime

WP: As Primary Approaches, Questions Cling to Dean's Gains

Bush is backing off plans for a democratic Iraq...

Dean- the Democratic Bush

Dean weak on Foreign Policy? What about Clark on Domestic Policy?

Did FAUX really say this?

Lieberman's NH Office- "Hippie Deanies Go Home"

EDWARDS on fox news sunday ...

"Assessing Mr. Dean" editorial from today's Washington Post...

Wes Clark on C-SPAN..Road To The White House...6:30 Eastern

Interesting article about Bush being afraid of Lieberman challenge

Clark - One issue man.

When should Democratic candidates drop out?

Bush Leads Dean by 20 points

An honest question: Did Dean really inspire or did George Bush?

Letters to the editor re Dean in Dallas Morning News.

Assuming your candidate gets the nomination and then loses horribly...

DWW Calling all Millennials! The new MILLENNIAL MANIFESTO! (must read)

Democrats schooling Dean on foreign policy

Some observations from eastern Oklahoma

Dean Defense Forces (Exposed): Lobbing E-mail at the Enemy

For posterity: What are your political predictions for 2004?

(PA) State's Dems unsure (Many supporting Dean)

Kerry Says Dean Has No Chance Vs. Bush

Dean: Dems Doomed if He Loses the Nomination...

Blair's trying to give us a clue before it's too late. Anyone listening?

Kerry's Progressive Record on Controversial Issues: Human Rights

I will be voting for John Kerry next year...

Where were they right after 9.11? HD vs Clark:

DEAN suffers batting slump????

Corp. media not reporting obvious, that Clark has emerged as alternative

Ari Fleischer vs. Howard Dean's Democratic Opponents

LA City Beat: Howard Dean is "The Contender"

Kerry was not mislead by the President

John Kerry Interview with the Des Moines Register editorial board...

What is the true significance of political polls?

Dean supporters. Tell me why I shouldn't be worried about your guy

if bush beats( generic) dem by 9%, yet bush beats dean by 20%

Clark is well on his way to 1 million by 31 Dec 2003

"Dean Hits Cheney Task Force, But Had Own" John Solomon, AP writer