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Archives: December 27, 2003

The way to a voter's heart is through his stomach

World Link TV "Israel's Secret Weapon" On now

Poll: 79% approve of gays serving openly in military

Boy Scouts headed back to Supreme Court

Iraq to weigh returning Jewish property

Tell us why, Latifa

Bully George Comic hits issue of when Saddam was arrested

AP Interview: Dean says Osama deserves death, beef farmers need aid

Dean's Candidacy Is Done, Over, Finished, Cooked

"Old men make wars so young men fight" and as long as "starry eyed

Any Brits can fill in the Mad Cow details?

Hey--this is the very same fabric that I used for a tablecloth on my

I got a reply from ABC re: Koppel and the NH debate

I knew this was coming

Should we start calling Iraq "bush America"

how to save the US beef industry?

Why do we let the media spin everything we say!

'Honestly don't think Bush & Co will "permit" a 2004 loss.

Iraq's current OPEC status?

In a battle has to choose one's battles carefully

Alert Casts Doubt on U.S. Progress Vs. Al Qaeda

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - The Christian Left? Social Gospel, more...

DUers, let's have those State of the Union speech predictions!

Could US have caused the Iran earthquake?

Source: Fact-checkers blamed for Bush's uranium 'goof'

More Nations Drawn Into Iran Nuke Probe

Dean Says Osama Deserves Death, Beef Farmers Need Aid

Cuba Attacks Guantanamo Use for Prisoners

Landowner Faces Leftist in Guatemalan Election

Clark becomes grandfather on Christmas Day

Belarus Says to Prepare Against U.S. Attack

Dean Calls for Gov't. Aid to Beef Industry

As Probe of Infected Cow Spreads, So Does Worry

Second Herd Quarantined in Mad Cow Scare - - (Here we go - - ! )

Bush pledges his allegiance to beef

Model, 2, Seeks Lost Wages in Mishap

Bible Belt missionaries set out on a 'war for souls' in Iraq

We interrupt this program to bring you...

The 4 stages of Santa

Canada 3 Finland 0

This just in:

Friday night with nothing to do!

Scary Repuke Proposal for Prisons

If Microsoft made cars (joke)

My future brother in law bought a snowmobile.

ZombyPoll #96.3: What should we name sierra_moon's new pet bird?

Can you guess what my wise-ass in-laws gave me for Christmas?

OMG, Somebody walk on my back please! It's killing me today!

December 26, 1999

We've gotten about 2 feet of snow now in Salt Lake - 14 more inches expted

Anyone else have grackles in your State?

I just turned 18 today

Rate your personality type!

My cat just brought home a small dead bird

Trying again: The Official Guide to Debt Collectrol-Speak!

I just spent another 45 (or so) minutes on the phone with...

Hey you! You with the Joy Division LPs - Go rent "24 Hour Party People"

To all of those I offended on the "Discrimination" thread, I apoligize

Sorry, but none of you sick perverts offend me!!!

What were you doing this time back in 1999?

Which LOTR "hero" do you identify with?

I want to get into Nietzche. Where do I start?

HERE THEY ARE!! The Entries for the DU Graphics Competition!

Why does Al Franken needlessly bash Howard Stern

Dean still rising

Remember William Jefferson Blythe IV?

CMB's mistakes or Kerry, Lieberman, Gephardt's missing votes?

If your candidate is unfairly attacked...

what candidate best represents

Dean Is Now Ready to Sentence: Osama Deserves Death

When Up is Down, and Hope is Pessimism...Dean blog

Do the Freepers have infighting amoung themselves like i see here?

I'm looking forward to Feb 3, 2004 S Carolina primary.

Does Wes Clark endorse the PNAC plan?

SHARPTON on hardball.......rerun

Health Care Policy Differences between Clark and Dean

Some interesting Howard Dean Quotes.

Bush versus Kerry: Bonesman versus Bonesman

We spend the day bashing good men who campaign hard.

Clark would provide a great contrast to Bush's clever ineptitude...

Dean 45%. Kerry 20% in New Hampshire poll.

Something we are all going to have to accept:

Dean On The Way Down

Who is the Antiwar Candidate -- Dean or Kucinich?

Congressman Ford (D tenn) discusses the south

Pinching Pennies and Amassing Millions

War's Casualties Include the Children of Reservists

War wounded stay strong Injured U.S. soldiers maintain hope for better day

"Get Your War On"

Tongass Travesty

Chimps to have retirement home in the US

Military-Industrial Complex Revisited

Wesley Clark, Waiting for the Voters to Thaw

Some Doctors Letting Patients Skip Co-Payments: NYTimes

Holy Najaf: City Where Politics and Spirituality Coincide May Hold Key

This Republican has some doubts

Pork Shortage for the Homeless (more bush* failures)

Wash Post: One Man's Fortune

From joy to despair: Iraqis pay for Saddam's capture

My Essay: Grieviences in the Dec. of Independance apply to Bush

Clones can combat mad cow disease....

"Free-Speech Zone” -- The administration quarantines dissent

Tom Tomorrow cartoon

Iraq: Quicksand & Blood

A repressive embarrassment (Ashcroft & freedom of the press)

Clark in Pensacola, Florida...

Is Mort Kondracke a chicken-hawk?

More US propaganda questions: "the hunted"

Help me with this GOP email about election 2000

Nobody is making 2004 predictions!!!

Philip K. Dick and the movies

When we get back in power............

Solar Comes to (Part Of) The Earth

The Whispering Wheel

The gun show loophole is closed!

"Dean Says Osama Deserves Death" Thread Locked

Do you ever feel like....

Is there a way to hide headlines from certain forums on the

For what it's worth (wording of LBN article)

New Avatar request

One of our own is facing a serious illness. Would it be okay to post

Whoever has been moderating this board today: THANK YOU!

What does it take to become a DU "donor"?

Dubya is popping up again

Elad's Working His Ass Off

Israeli Troops Fire on School Children

Iran asks for aid from any country except Israel

Open to Debate In Israel - Op-ed

Hamas, Islamic Jihad seek revenge

Mofaz: Merkava 4 tank project goes on

Knesset panel to discuss shooting of two peace activists

Israeli NGOs look to help Iran quake victims

117 Palestinians killed, hundreds injured during "relative calm"

Please explain why the WTC blasts have such contrast in coloration.

Kerry Warns Dean Has No Chance Vs. Bush

Kucinich walks to the beat of a different drummer

Kucinich calls terror alert a government scare tactic

Did anyone catch theBill Moyers program

Bush versus Kerry: Bonesman versus Bonesman

Nobody's Going Nowhere, Meaning "Draft"

The words of OBL

So, are there many Repuke draftees to run against *?

GOP Congress Scuttled Meat Protection Measure

Whatever happened to Janeane Garafalo ?

Ray McGovern and Andrew Rice on now with Mike Webb -- good stuff -- link

Bush to declare victory in Iran?

Yet another Bush Trojan Horse

This guy won't vote for Bush. I guarantee it.

8,000 DRAFT BOARD vacancies to be filled by Spring 2005! I told you so!!

San Diego Cedar Fire Perp

"The Coaltion of the Willing" - Afghanistan?!

Please help (arguing with FReepers)

4 Bulgarian Soldiers Dead, Many Wounded in Multiple Attacks in Iraq

Inflation low, but household bills rising in '04

Forbes on FAUX

Bush Makes Dozen Recess Appointments

40,000 feared dead

The DU Popup I Got Just Now, Does Not Seem Appropriate !!!

"Warmth for the wounded" --paraphrased article in Stripes

My Congressman is a GOP Target & I'm proud of him

"Free Trade Accord at 10: Growing Pains Are Clear" (NYTimes)

The Non-existence Free Market

Bush started war on "goof".

Question: What do you get when you combine a freeper with a Big Mac?

Frank Luntz on CSPAN, giving "advice" to Dems

whatever happened to scott ritter??

Hot Dog! Something I'm not eating after reading this! Mad Cow Disease!

Leave No Cannon Fodder Behind -- the real name of that DRAFT bill

Warmongers on C-span now

listen to This is Hell live right now

GD eartquake thread mentioned in InstaPundit

Chicago Trib==Front page suicide article yesterday

The Angry Stalkers of the International Community, Terrorists

Any unusual trading prior to the mad-cow announcement?

Conspiracy Theory--The French Connection

KIA in Afgahnistan?

Alan Colmes's first book

Green Beret has Creutzfeldt-Jakob

Al Gore and the 2000 Race

About the draft

US Justice Department admits abuse of immigrant detainees after September

Behind the economic “recovery”

i.e. America Radio not folding after all?

Is Guy James live today ?

Wrong Forum n/t

Repuke ammo against Dean

No raises till 2005, in this internal memo to AT&T employees.

The Fundamentalist Agenda

Journalists Take Flak in Iraq

"Teflon". What is it and where does it reside?

My God man


"Why" seems to be the hardest answer, would you not agree?

Will CNN be as critical of GWB, as FOX is of Dean?

Local... Candidate Bumper Stickers seen... a big deal in a late primary

DUers, 18 - 24: A Contest You Might Be Interested In

Hey DU: How many voters did you register this week?

If the Dem. candidates read this forum, please read:

How many formal mod warnings for deleted posts have you had since

Powell's a Dud

What happened to S.RES.82 about Iran? Did it pass? Are we going there?

Dean's statement on OBL (was "my god man")

Anyone else notice the recent wave of trolls?

The Tinfoil Hatters Never Dissapoint

Cheney's Christmas Card

A Son of Protesters killed in Iraq

France blamed for US Mad Cow......

Blame Canada?

U.S. Army Arrests Student Demonstrators In Violent School Raid

When will freeps start blaming Clinton for the mad cow outbreak?

Jackson: It's OK to Sleep With Children

Welcome to the CIA Museum

Despair Is Not An Option: William Sloane Coffin

Miserable failure George W. Bush actually has on his bio a bit of truth!

Which job would you want most

Karl Rove called Chris ("Hardball") Matthews about Joseph Wilson?

Guy James Show canceled today because of technical problems

My Essay: Greviences listed in the Declaration of Ind. apply to Bush

Slate on "House Bribe"

Greetings, Generation X! Thought you will never be DRAFTED? WRONG!

i need links for Gore won a RECOUNT in florida quick please?

Anyone else heard the rumor - Sen. Lugar potential replacement for Powell

here's what America got because bush* de-regulated everything

C-Span Right znow - Callers so full of hate can barely talk

The Strategy to Defeat the Republican Strategy

27 Yr. government vendetta, Leonard Peltier could die in prison

question about iraqi "Liberation"

The way I see it, we are going to loose 1 Senate seat, not 5

Animal rights extremists -- again!

Scandal ready to break? Grover Norquist/Bush links w/Islamist terrorists

Does any UN resolutions on Iraq give the US permission for war

How do we fight Bush's lying?

Troop suicides raise red flag

OnStar can hear you - oh yes

If you're not angry, you're not a PATRIOT...

Iranian Earthquake- B*sh did it but how?

Presidential radio address. God's purpose is justice. WTF?

Al Franken on Priarie Home Companion tonight--should be good

Was Al-Qaeda behind the latest attack on Musharraf?

"I have a war to fight."

Why Did Bush Sit Next To Sasha Cohen At The Olympics?

Legend? Bush to Carrier: "I have the balls"

Are we getting meaner as a culture?

The Republican winning strategy for 2004

Equal Pay for Women

I'm still trying to comprehend what fascism is,exactly.

Does a wage gap exist in the U.S. based on gender?

Holy Cow! Vice Admirals to view Uncovered: Truth About Iraq documentary

Suspected Case of SARS in China Alarms Officials

US Asks Judge to Lift His Ban on Pentagon's Anthrax Vaccination Program

Despite winning two asylum requests, Haitian detainee remains behind bars

Losing Crusade May Still Pay Dividends for a Senator (McConnell)

Rebel Bombs Injure 6 U.S. Troops in Iraq

At least three feared dead in Utah avalanche

U.N. Staff Among Victims of Benin Crash

Russia to audit sales of state assets in sign of possible crackdown on tyc

Berlusconi tells of Vatican threat

Brazil and Argentina Expect Rising Beef Sales

Lieberman Doesn't Want Roe V. Wade Update


A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq -471 U.S. service members have died

4 Coalition Troops Killed in Iraq Attacks

Baker's business ties raise questions on his envoy role

U.S. Decisions On Iraq Spending Made in Private

Panels will look into allegations of abuse by police during FTAA protests

Berlusconi denies Vatican Xmas attack comments

...Mad Cow Disease Was Imported From Canada in 2001

War's Casualties Include the Children of Reservists

Saddam Threatens to Expose US . . . about America’s political games ..

Iraqi Insurgent Attacks Kill 13, Hurt 172!

Four Bulgarian Soldiers Dead, Many Wounded in Iraq - bombs

40,000 Chinese Evacuated From Explosion 'Death Zone'

Iraqi clerics call for French boycott

Berlusconi Denies Vatican Attack Comments

Bounty Offered for 12 Iraq Fugitives

Ridge 'relieved' at calm during Christmas

Canada says premature to say U.S. mad cow was Canadian

Long journey: Nantucket woman awaits hearing on 1999 Cuba trip

Second Herd Quarantined in Mad Cow Scare

Former Hostage to Run for Office (Terry Anderson-Ohio)

Some 20 Foreign Troops Killed, Hurt in Iraq Blasts

U.S. Rep. Kildee endorses Clark for president

US Loses 90 Percent of Beef Exports

Resistance will be stepped up: (Sunni) clerics

Cow Parts Used in Candles, Soaps Recalled

Audit raises doubts on Dean's tax incentives

Highest Ranking Latino Member in History of Congress Endorses Dean

Missiles fired at home of alleged insurgent in Iraqi town: witnesses

Christmas Day attacks in Baghdad carried out by desperate few: US general

Steinbrenner collapses, taken to Sarasota hospital

U.S. fears New Year's Eve terror try

Breaking: U.S. 'mad cow' traced to Canada: USDA

Arrests, apologies in Iraq -- Errors often bring payments

Iraqi Insurgent Attacks Kill 13, Hurt 172

Steelworkers won't participate in Dean rally

Libya does not appear close to nuclear bomb: UN

Lieberman Defends Abortion Remarks (was "misrepresented")

Major Parole Moves on the Table (Gov. Arnie)

MILITARY RECRUITING | THE IRAQ FACTOR: Enlistees becoming tougher to find

Dean:Death To Osama

Ya think we'll help out Iran?

new Savage Weiner advertiser Sunflower Automotive

What can you do for sporting events in Orlando Florida?

Heads up-Howard Dean in a Letterman sketch tonite

Going to Vancouver Canada tommorrow! (Day trip.)

A rather sullen Christmas

MrsGrumpy offended me!!!!!

Names that are off-limits for political reasons.

Hello!! ( a nice pic...)

Going to Waikiki in 2 weeks......

Moving to Rome (Italy) in 6 months.....

It is 10:35 PST and i am about to take 2 loaves of bread out of the oven,.

I went on a dessert safari today! mmmmm....

A small rant about cheeseballs...

There's been a couple freeper attacks tonight


I just got back from a desert safari

Did anyone ever tell you "you'll never amount to anything" ?

So how many threads have you hidden?

Wisconsin "psychic predictions" for 2004

Here's my Hannity Fark

Canadians/Brits/Irish/Scots/Welsh...How was your boxing day?

What is the correct spelling of this word?

Cat Found At Airport

Listening to Moby's "PLAY" CD......

" a man of constant sorrow...

DUers with LOW VISION read this

Happy Birthday, Marlene

Oh oh, Pearl Harbour has the old man's dander up

Pop Quiz - test your knowledge!

The DU Popup I Got Just Now, Does Not Seem Appropriate !!!

Thats it , I am never falling in love again :hurls :

Back from the vet's office

Lessons I have learned from my cat

I think I can get my van fixed, but where?

I feel bad after leaving a small tip...

I strained my quads. Help!

Be happy!

ClearChannel: Why limit their destruction to talk radio?

I never thought I would bitch about this to DU'ers

Reading the Newspaper Can Break Your Heart

Good (Saturday) Morning All! Who Else Is Up??

Do You Ever Go Back And Apologize To Someone You Fought With In GD?

Beagle shot down by little green men

ZombyWoof favors the DRAFT!!!

Interesting discussion about same-sex marriage on C-Span earlier today.

What are your other favorite forums that you like to visit ?

Draft favors for Zombywoof

Nice userfriendly toon today.

Next semester I will discuss the draft with my students

DU Poster Appreciation Thread, Redux

What other bulletin boards do you folks visit???

Christian music CD recommendation

I don't know whether to laugh, or cry...

Damien Rice

IS Rush a Porn Star?

What does it take to become a DU "donor"?

My cats are cheap dates


Fun with genealogy.

A ? for the music fans out there....

Sorry Yankee fans: Steinbrenner collapses

"Video Catnip" just started... how long before Ricky realizes it?

Best of SNL Marathon Countdown - Comedy Central

anyone else see Seabiscuit movie & PBS special ?

damn that 20 inch iMac is something else...


Happy Festivus!

Happiness is

how true

Classical Music Lovers: When Do You Put Away the Xmas Music?

The Twelve Days of Dubya

want to get the DISH but the building owner says no

People are driving like wacko lemmings down 75 from Ohio goin south tonite

General Warning: Expect Silly Late Night Posts From Me Tonight

Al Franken is on Prarie Home Companion now Sat 12/27

LOTR: Sam sure cries a lot

My new kittens-any suggestions on names?

It's official, my parents think I'm crazy

LOTR movie question: Gandalf the Grey

Question about Alternate Route program


Preacher gives "Shock & Awe" game for Xmas!

There are disruptors galore in GDsmooth today. Haven't visited

How could Michael Jackson

I gave money to both Dean and Clark today. Ask me anything.

Question: What do you get when you combine a freeper with a Big Mac?

Se Busca

Should I change my avatar?

Incredible photos of Afghanistan: Luke Powell has updated his pages

Gay 2004 membership drive gearing up! Volunteers needed!


7 A-10s just flew over my house, armed

2004: The Year We Take America Back

ZombyWoof is lying!

chatroom anyone?

Do you think of DUers looking like their avatars?

What Photo Printers can people recommend from personal experience?

OK. I know this isn't a tech forum, but... (PC video card question)

Can someone explain Bittorrent? How does it work?

You haven't lived if........

Attention all you Disco Dollies! I FINALLY found a CD with Star Love!

how prejudice works, what (not to) do

Can anybody find me somebody to love?


What's your code phrase for "that person is gay"?

Question about switching Mozilla back to IE

I saw a $1,300.00 bathroom sink today......Why???

I love my toilet!

I have a question about kittens

I visited the Our Lady of the Snows shrine yesterday.

Sweetest love song ever

We're all Republicans Now!

As everything falls apart again...(rant)


Call on your chosen Spirit for SoCalDem, please.

Okay, Hartford area DUers. Do you want to do something?

More hate mail for Bob Boudelang

Should we start calling Iraq "bush America"

Howard Dean, religon, and pundit Charles Krauthammer

delete.. wrong category

Undaunted by Polls, Faithful Keep Edwards Banner Aloft

While DUers bash Clark he bashes Bush. . .how is this for a quote?

CSPAN 9:00 am Frank Luntz is on...if you can stomach it?

Kucinich's House of Representatives seat. Question?

Wesley Clark winning voters on the campaign trail

HD vs HD - flip, flop and recant - the Osama story

Dean Pushed Questionnable Tax Loopholes for Corporate Interests in Vermont

Reverend: Don't Pimp My Church (dean?)

Repuke ammo against Dean (moved from GD forum)

Competing Dean Quotes: bin Laden...

Does Doctor Dean support ????

Year in Politics- Who's got it—who's not it -Clift

What if Clinton endorses a candidate before the convention?

Without some kind of national security platform, how can we win in 2004?

Hootie and the Blowfish endorse Edwards

Will Kerry drop out after Iowa and New Hampshire?

Education Policy Differences Between Clark and Dean

Voter Turnout

Howard Dean vs Harold Ickes?

My God! His campaign, it's made of people!

Kucinich does not qualify for matching funds?

Democratic Primary Dissent is Patriotic

Kerry says he is to Dean's RIGHT!!!

Latest Betting Line - Dean 3/1, Clark 10/1, Hillary 12/1, Kerry 25/1

Wesley Clark, Waiting for the Voters to Thaw

If Wesley Clark is the nominee, I will...

Dean's statement on OBL (was "my god man")

"Dean's Tax Incentives Raise Doubts" by Sarah Schweitzer, Boston Globe

Should all candidates make their private records public?

Eight Simple Reasons Why Howard Dean Is Electable

Nice words for Clark

Kucinich's Medicare-for-all: preferred by boomers


Who do you like more: President Clinton or Howard Dean?

Attacks on Dean Just Slide Right Off -LA Times

Rep. Bob Menendez endorses Howard Dean

Was Dean joking about reason to seal papers?

Your opinion on Dean's Thoughts : What should happen if Osama is caught?

Waiting for un-Dean to emerge

We have a Crisis of Candidate not a Problem of Platform

The Unofficial Primary Calendar Pool