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Archives: December 26, 2003

Neo-cons perpetuate foreign policy errors of cold warriors

George Bush Man of the Decade (a Richard Reeves op-ed supporting Dean)

The Dense Web of Al Qaeda (Wash. Post)

George Bush: Man of the Decade

Egypt Islamists' sentencing put off

Is an AP article posted on FAUX NEWS considered. . .

PINC Report: 3,835 Palestinians Killed

Kucinich Releasing World Peace Initiative

What's your take on love of a country?

My GOTV results..

Mad Cow in US confirmed, so media coverage dies down

I've Found A List, Checking It Twice

2nd search for Beagle2 unsuccessful

Feds Believe Some on Canceled Flight Intended to Attack Las Vegas

Merry Christmas DU!

Giving The Gift Of Bush

Rush Limbaugh Case a Real Waste of Time

ShopNBC ruins "It's a Wonderful LIfe" with Poppy Bush narrating...

Just watched "Uncovered", our son converted. Ordered DVDs .

Diminishing returns at wal-mart ....

Should religion play a role in politics?

Unmasking fear: The most important story we need to get written

How many Americans have ever actually read "The Communist Manifesto"?

scariest hoax yet - hoax or not, this needs dissemination

Do our candidates read these Forums?

In a Bible centered Theocracy

More mortar atacks according to CNN

Guerrillas Pound Baghdad, Wound 8 U.S. Troops at Camp

France releases men from canceled U.S.-bound flights

Small town beefs up terror patrol (more bush* failures)

Las Vegas target of grounded plane

Vegetarian Virgin Mary ad riles Boston church

Rare disease killed Tri-City man (Creutzfeldt-Jakob (Mad Cow))

Bush Advisors, with Eye on Dean, Formulate ’04 Plans

Right-wing Family Christmas Hell!

How to ruin "It's A Wonderful Life"

Daily Show's "PABAAH"/Ed Asner piece available to watch online

I miss the snow, but instead, I got...


Who is going to get out there now that Christmas is almost over ?

Happy Holidays DU!

World Idol...

Nice people, one and all, BUT

Xmas treat for me on Cinemax - "The Killing Fields

new Savage Weiner advertiser Radio Spirits

I dug a snow cave!

What is with all this horsepower and speed everywhere?

Now I know why they don't make them that way anymore...

What's the best place to download music?

My family people are not emailing me

requirements for being a freeper

an H2 dies on a trail

"I wish God were alive to see this"

Jesus As Philosopher.

Stouts & Hefeweisse for Christmas!

I wanna have some nutcase rigthwingers tell me what's what!

Merry ChristmAss

James Joyce quote (for Siobhan Clancy)

Xmas Movie Chain Fun (yeah, I don't have a life)

Do you wash your towels every time you take a shower?

Top this turkey - received 100% "best ever" rating.

new Savage Weiner advertisers Onstar

Breaking news: Air Force Denies UFO Crash Report

"The humans returned, and there was much rejoicing!"

I know giving is the best part of Christmas

Son tells stunned parents he's not the person they just buried

According to the movie 'The Hours,' all women are lesbians, suicidal,

Phoenix area DUers: Sunday gathering

The cat just brought us the rear end of a mouse for Christmas

Any Kevin Ayers fans out there?

Giving The Gift Of Bush

Which of these perfectly innocuous words and phrases sounds the dirtiest?

We have an inch of snow on the ground here in California

What is the worst piece of crap product you ever purchased or used?

Worst Beatles Album

Who is your very best friend of all time and why?

Merry Christmas

Seeking a new emphasis, Dean touts his Christianity

Re: McGovern

Clark supporters only

Two-fold question to non-Dean supporters

"Black Commentator" exposes Clark and Rangel

The Flip-flop's on the other foot, Dr. Dean

Lieberman, republicans attack Dean for saying the world is not safer.

Did Dean leave the Episcopalians over a bike path?

Season's Greetings from John Kerry & Teresa Heinz Kerry

Krugman.."we're talking about war, peace and the future of U.S. democracy

WSJ: Kerry looks to Iowa as a Swing State

Pastor rips candidates who ‘pimp’ black church

Dean Media Propaganda revolves around prolific use of the word "liberal"

A Family Left Torn Over War (Peace-Activists Army Son KIA in Iraq)

NY Times: Harvesting Poverty: The Farmland Bubble

HERBERT: Bracing for the Blow

Army Thin-Skinned Over Homemade Armor : Wash Post

Antiwar Family's Conflict

Molly Ivins: Merry Christmas from Dick Cheney

Rewind: Why I Am a Republican in 2003 (Vanity)

Sat Eyes Secret Project

They are 'bleeding' us. Nicholas Berry

Muscle-flexing, and it's not Ah-nold

The game is over for Kerry (Opinion - Indy Star)

Who Will Testify at Saddam's Trial? (Joe Conason - must read!)

5 US Soldiers Die-Raid Nets Big Catches

Was Gen. Clark Also "Unprepared" for the Postwar?

KRUGMAN: New Year's Resolutions

Political Movie Review: Return Of The King

The Elusive Goal of Intellectual Diversity

My Senators reject my e-mail activism

Boycott Home Depot, remember Bu$h's photo-op, well

The anchor is an airhead

Another AP outrage: Story slugged "What Could Go Wrong" for Bush

Who pissed in Tom Wolfe's cornflakes?

World Events . tragedies

100 Reasons to be Gay

Fred Phelps to sue Boise

Was Jesus gay

What's the best way to buy gold?

Ten Questions on Modern Iran

More killed in Aceh clashes

This is surely a parody, but it is funny.

GUNS IN THE NEWS--December 26, 2003

G. Gordon Liddy's "Stacked & Packed" Calendar. Do you want one?

How may reposts of an article constitutes spamming?

I guess this would be the place to ask

how do I keep the italic

Please PLEASE can we have a separate Tinfoil Hat/Conspiracies forum?

Any mods here today?

Harassment outside of DU

I believe someone is purposely starting flame wars

Is it okay to do a book discussion in Editorials?

When will the Daily Democrat threads return? (nt)

This dupe rule needs clarified

Sorry but I think I framed this in a manner that did not

Israel seeks to avoid Middle East disarmament fest

Bleak Mid-East Christmas as peace talks stall again

Security officials warn of growing anarchy within PA

Holocaust Denial: A Global Survey 2003

Two peace activists shot and wounded by IDF during West Bank protest

How To's of Presidential Elections

John Edwards Opens Pee-Dee Office in Florence

Kerry's Quagmire -- WP's Navarrette

Do you support the Empire, or peace and security?

Reps. Rahall, Mollohan (both D-WV) endorse Dean

Thanks DU for the spell check! I needed that!

Seeking a new emphasis, Dean touts his Christianity

Conservatives Dispute GOP Budget Claims--WashPost

anyone here know anything about the Bratz dolls?

Lieberman, republicans attack Dean for saying the world is not safer.

Have the Kurds been pissed that * captured Saddam?

video: Saddam's capturers being told he was "lierally hiding in a hole."

Ten questions on modern Iran

McDonalds Layoffs the Ultimate Joke

Sick beef sold to schools to feed our children!! ACTION ALERT

Reagan and Saddam were buddies

Freeper Father-In-Law Can be Swayed; Please Help

Will they find Osama or WMD's in Iraq before the 2004 election?

Christmas, 1914

Resistance in Mosul to Be Stepped Up, Islamic Groups Say

Pro-Bush pop-ups on DU???

Maureen Dowd's last column was NOVEMBER 30 -

CNN terrorism expert Peter Bergen just said Bush's orange alert saved us?

N.H. widow waiting for answers from Sept. 11 attacks

Here's how this Air-France thing will play out.

What you didn't hear on Faux yesterday

Articles of Impeachment

Troop suicides raise red flag

CNN is making sure that Bush may be on vacation....

CNN is part of the psy-ops 'conditioning' for theocracy...

I did a Google News search on "Christmas sales". Here's what I got

Bush's inflated approval rating.

Oprah, Letterman, O'Reilly & Leno: Harris Poll's top 5 TV personalities

Bush is going to run on the "direction the country is headed in?"

Mad Cow Disease Tough for Bush Administration to Deal With

smirk sends 1.5m xmas cards at our expense

Another Trojan Horse from Bush about to be released in 2004.

women of DU will want to read this

Is it beyond rationality that Hillary could be VP?

Will *Bush face the economic "Perfect Storm" for the election?

How Regan, Bush I, Bush II, and the GOP caused Mad Cow....

Krugman puts another target on his back

Christmas Terror 2003.....ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Scientology, could Dean benefit?

Rumsfeld backed Saddam even after chemical attacks

Intercepted Al-Qaeda e-mails reason for Orange alert?

CBC Deadline Iraq documentary - anyone record it?

Has there ever been any evidence that Iraq actually sponsored

The Mad Cow Administration

CNN talking out cow's....uh...

How does one register as a Democrat?

USA Today spinning to help Rush protect his medical records.

Something worse than "terrorism"...

Bush Fatigue.

Eight US soldiers have died in Iraqinam since Christmas Eve

Scott Ritter interview (audio)

LOTR a lesson for dems?

warning: a tear-jerker.

I'm boycotting beef to help beat Bush

Maui Man Deals with Death of Identical Twin in Iraq

PATRIOTISM-A definition?

Air Force plans Maui laser tests

Lynne and Dick's "Empire" xmas card

Bush and Rove want to "de-personalize" the election....

Interesting History Channel show : Banned books of the Bible

The ultimate dream job...

I got an articulate and thoughtful response from Derbyshire

Did Lincoln do the right thing?

RightWeb: the architecture of the power that's changing our world

The Repblicans have a problem....

My cousin's a soldier on leave.

Jobs are hemorrhaging out of this country...

Here's an interesting dilemma about Rush.

Let's make george bush, Colonel Jessup

How the repukes really feel about us is that

Bush in 30 Seconds contest makes it into my local paper

Church of Scotland head attacks homophobia in own faith

U.N. council to weigh nuclear arms ban in Middle East

Kwanzaa yenu iwe na heri !

GOP site gives listeners talking points to use with talk radio. Heh.

Starr et. al. proved Clinton adm. was honest...

Canadian medical innovations

Entertaining and informative site....

Post 2000: The DNC Dilemma

Scandal-Scarred Vote Chief Replaced

It Says "New Secular Order" on the Dollar Bill?

The #1 Issue... The War On Terror

Saddam Threatens to Expose US

Yes I would rather have Saddam in power IF....

As the year draws to an end....remember these faces....

CNNI just gave a list of countries offering Iran help. USA wasn't on it.

The Automation Revolution and the Future of Employment..

Desperate Iraqi Women Exchanging Sexual Favors with Team Exxon?

Bush Toast? Here are some groups who want it...

Keep Terror Alive! Babs and Poppy milk 9-11 for Smirko...

The issues I think Democrats should use against Bush

Who is Jeremy Reynalds and why does he hate us (DU)?

Japanese troops deploying to Iraq wearing blazers and sweat shirts

If Usama bin Laden were captured today, he should be...

Have Democrats conceded 2004 in the name of the War on Terrorism?

Why Libertarians Suck

The State of the Union ~~ Terrified

Repukes always overreach.

DU this Austin Statesman poll!!!

When will the first wave of American troops come home?

Why does Al Franken needlessly bash Howard Stern

It's all about oil, and that's fine -- uncle's argument

Was it wrong to even consider pursuit of military action in Iraq?

I converted three republicans today!!!!

The Bush Breaking Point

Freepers rejoice in Iranian dead

TVNL's Person of the Year: the Anti War Protester!!!

CSPAN Friday AM — Lucianne Goldberg

Christmas has been over for 2 hours and nobody blew us up.

Leaks Probe Is Gathering Momentum

California Voting Systems Panel Public Hearing January 15, 2004

George Bush: Man of the Decade

Deadly Earthquake Strikes Southeast Iran

Young Campaign Staffers Flock to Iowa

Conservatives Dispute GOP Budget Claims

Two US soldiers killed in Iraq

Four U.S. Troops Killed in Spate of Attacks

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 26 December (#1)

Retailers Poised to Slash Prices Further

48 Taliban released in exchange of Indians

Kerry Mortgages Boston Home for Campaign

...Passport revoked -DHS moves to keep Benton man from taking job in Iraq

Iran quake kills 10,000: embassy

Former Mass. Rep. Nicholas Mavroules (D) Dies

Japan Troops Deploy for Iraq Aid Mission

Iran's battered quake victims call for more help

Three dead, 13 missing after mudslides in California mountains

Clark Welcomes Grandson

Cuba Says Guantanamo Prison a "Concentration Camp"

Mad Cow Is Tough for Bush* Administration

White House hails pact on trade

Celebrations muted for Christians in Iraq (Rising religious extremism)

Concerns Rising With Dollar's Continued Fall

US in row with France over terror operation

Army Thin-Skinned Over Homemade Armor

Democrats Fight for Veterans' Votes

Democrats eye overrides in January

U.S. to Offer Humanitarian Aid to Iran

Man beaten in checkout line dispute

Mad Cow Case May Bring More Meat Testing

Pentagon: Anthrax shots suspended

BBV - Johnson County officials confident voting machines free of Ohio fla

Iraq Ambush, Explosions Kill 3 U.S. GIs (3 killed today Dec. 26, 03)

Many dead as major quake hits southeast Iran

Clark On Bush's Latest Special Interest Giveaway

President Bypasses Congress to Install 12

Scientists begin measuring pollution in human bodies

20,000 feared dead in Iran quake

Prosecutor is added to (Plame) leaks probe

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed by Bombs in Central Iraq(Not a dupe. 2 more dead)

Qaeda Vows 'Back-Breaking' Strike, Magazine Says

U.S. Companies Moving More Jobs Overseas

Study: Diverse State Schools Suffer More

Massachusetts soldier dies at Guantanamo Bay

Now It's a Scandal - New evidence that a House GOP leader offered a bribe

Tracing Source of Mad Cow Case Could Take Months, U.S. Says

Pressure on CT governor increasing;.. Democrat leader foresees impeachment

Attacks Against Musharraf Are Proof That the War on Terror Continues,

Anthrax terror - The CIA has been quietly building a case

Dean Not Ready to Sentence Bin Laden

Schools Named After Confederates Debated

Bush arrives in Texas for 2nd week of vacation

Lieberman Calls for Abortion Discussion

Blue Christmas.... enjoy

Let's make our own Christmas song

Whee! I'm wearing my new Rock'em Sock'em Robot jammie-pants!

Important - Please ignore this thread!

Testing, please ignore

My family didn't exchange gifts this year...

Last Happy Christmas of the day (my time)

I just got a right-winger pop-up ad logging on to DU!

My daughter gave me Dumbya Bush for Xmas....

anyone else get the calender of the various bush misspeaks?

Freeper Father-In-Law Can be Converted; Looking for Links

anyone here know anything about the Bratz dolls?

Could somebody please set off an EMP near my house?

Anyone familiar with KORLA PANDIT?

The animals that share my place are bugging me.

In light of the recent Beef Industry bad news...

more Hummer off-road attempts

I just watched the movie "Harry and Tonto" again

Why is thare a "Speck Smelling" buttn next to the "Rpreview" bitton?

Are you all in bed or what? Wake up people!




Blues Post

im watching both LOTR movies back to back tongiht... in preperation for...

6 days of Xmas

I feel like I've gained 30 pounds in the last week....

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. I sure did.

help w/ protecting photos on a web site

This is my 700th post.

What's your favorite Linkin Park song?

How to spot a mad cow

now the cat is sick

What did you get for xmas? I got the Tick

Merry (bleeping) Christmas.

Children of the 80's, be Lion-o

Fermez la Bush!

Who here remembers....ASSES OF FIRE?

Deck the halls with stupid gifts...

NHL Fans! how about another Red Wings/Flyers Stanley Cup?

Freeper Father-In-Law Can be Converted; Looking for Links

I'm a good little atheist....

Happy Boxing Day!

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance...anyone like it?

I hate basketball players...a minor rant

The Final Word on the $358 Triple Latte

An animation for Underpants!

funny madcow/stateof the nation cartoon

Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman

Pick my New Year's Resolution

What Movie Should We Got To Today? 'LOTR' or 'Mystic River'?

I really dislike Nicole Kidman......

So, who's going shopping today?

Thoughtful and thoughtless Christmas presents.

CAPTION the thoroughly vacationed pResident*

OK snow. You have until New Year's day, then I want you outta here.

Has anyone seen the live-action Dragonball movie?

My new favorite word:



My Brother won in Virginia court over his radar detector

Did anyone see Peter Pan?

I am going to NH to campaign for Clark.

I just woke up to one foot of snow in Salt Lake City......

You guys are missing some great stuff in GD

Who here remembers....STREETS OF FIRE?

I am so bored.

The Nation

The 2003 DU poster appreciation thread

At least spell it right!!

Techies needed! How do I find out who is linking to me?

I started a thread in GenDiscussPrimary2004 without it being a flame war!

anyone have hints for grooming long-haired cats?

LOS ANGELES DUers: Anything going on tonight?

R.I.P. Dave "Six Days on the Road" Dudley

I'm becoming a major Nerd of the Rings

Final post -- will not post here any more

How many people have the 'Mom' complex?

Is Bob Boudelang posting to

Holiday Tensions: Bah Humbug

It's My Birthday!

Beef in pet food

Just bought the Schick razor with 4 blades (I recommend it)

I came to work not knowing it's a holiday

Um, it's, like, *raining* in Denver.

Michael Jackson Speaks Out

Tolkien Fans: Anyone for "The Silmarillion"?

Interesting History Channel show : Banned books of the Bible

Is the middle earth of LOTR the Bluegrass region of Kentucky?

A cat problem need help

Anyone have suggestions to keep birds from crapping on your car?

When should I go to Philadelphia? What should I see when I'm there?

I didn't get what I wanted for Christmas...

New Year's Resolutions Anyone?

Hey, I got a 6 foot tall inflatable yard Packer this year!!!! You know,

The Wit and Wisdom of Oscar Wilde

BUSHFLASH.COM the facts....

Hawaii Warriors beat Houston in Triple Overtime, Post-Game Brawl on Nat.TV

Divx, (the pay per view DVD sold at Circuit City)

I Don't Think I've Ever Seen Fewer People On DU Than Today


chicago du-ers

ALERT! matcom begins road trip....

Answer These 10 Random Questions Or Santa's Taking Back His Gifts

3000th Post Poll

Looking for some software

Viggo or Orlando?

ICHI The Killer - Horror Movie

News crawls give me a headache.

Where do they sell goats milk?

Wahoo! I got a GWBush aviator doll for Christmas!

Any silent film fans out there?

DU gathering in Chicago on Sunday, Dec. 28

who are the local Falwells and other televangelists of your town?

After Clark loses the nomination, if he runs as an independant...

IF Clark loses the nomination, and runs as an independant...

A good strategy for our nominee on issues: I'm to the right of Nixon

It's wierd to me, ya know

I don't know about the rest of you but I am sick and tired

Should Kerry and Lieberman apologize to Dean?

playing catch-up with Dean?

Krugman: Don't fall for political histrionics

Not a Dean bash, but a question about him and Planned Parenthood

Do you think all the candidates could form a unity ticket?

"The public is not expecting perfection, but is looking for progress"

Howard Dean and Dick Cheney Have A Lot in Common.....

Why is it OK for reporters to lie to our faces ?

Dean: When the Truth Hurts and is Necessary to the Process

Dean's credibility problem and the growing Deanial problem

The Incomparable Judy Steinberg Dean

Scientology, could Dean benefit?

What does "New American Patriotism" mean?

Dean going after Sharpton vote

C-SPAN Caller: DEAN Supporters Will NOT Follow Other Candidates

Wes Clark meets with war criminal.

Another Con Job From the Neocons

Candidates and use of force

The money contest (Christmas update)

Clark played major role in Corp. helping spy on citizens.

What is a "Blue Dog" Democrat? I've heard of a "Yellow Dog" Democrat

Clark supporters anti-Dean strategy exposed -

Kucinich Leading Chicago Tribune Poll

Dean Attacks Bush on Jobless benefits

Latest New Hampshire poll

I used to like Clark, but not so much anymore...

C-SPAN...dean followers says dean followers will not follow another dem

Clark on Bush's Latest Special Interest Giveaway

Story of the Red Herring (please read for the sake of your sanity)!

Some interesting quotes from Wes Clark...

If dean wins the nomination but loses the GE

Could Kerry come ahead of Gephardt in Iowa

Dean Not Ready to Sentence Bin Laden

Wes Clark welcomes Grandson (born Christmas night)

Exit Strategies

How would Dean appeal to Greens and Republicans?

Dean Versus Clark On Trying Saddam & Osama (Compare/Contrast)

Dean leading in Oklahoma and Arizona (ARG Poll)

Is Lieberman right in calling for a re-examination of abortion rights?

NAVARRETTE, Anybody-So-Long-as-It's-Shrub

Bush strategist says Dean's rivals are "doing a great job for us." (NYT)

Candidates' stances on the draft?

Did everyone see this Dean article by Alterman?

Clark supporters only

CSPAN- Dean may suffer from being pessimistic and angry in the GE.

CSPAN - 7:30EST Question: Should Bush attack Dean now?

Does Howard Dean still think Americans are not safer after the...

This lurker gets sad every time he reads this forum

The flaw in all the 'Candidate X is unelectable' threads

The "doubts" expressed about Clark here

Questions about Dean

Kerry IWR Vote Justified. With Dean Loosing to Bush, Time For a 2nd Look

Suddenly religion/secularism, Gore, Krugman are bad....Iraq war is good.