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Archives: December 25, 2003

Those Gigantic Inflatable Xmas Decorations

Season's Greeting

Books on anarchism?

US companies moving more jobs to India but quietly

Court Blocks Bush Clean Air Act Changes

The Corrupt Anti-Gun Industry In Action

We need help

I just had a welcome to DU message deleted because of this photoshop...

Yaron: We’ll need a $5b defense industry for a long time

Can Dean defeat Bush?

A great idea for Google-Bombing!

Carpenters Christmas CD...

Let's choose a name for the USDA's Ann Veneman!

Is William Pitt gone?

CNN right now (et) has a show about the wounded soldiers in Iraq.

What is the difference between flip flopping and changing a posistion?

CBC News 'The Journal' leads and runs with MadCow for 8 minutes

Murdoch gains control of DirecTV

why did Oxyrush not take today off?

What could be worse than McDonalds layoffs?

Does Cheney still protfit from Halliburton? Have a link?

..a Wonderful Life. Comment

Convince me there won't be a Christmas Day LIHOP or MIHOP

90% + of downed animals make it to your stomach.

A Christmas message for George W. Bush from William Rivers Pitt

What Child is This? Jesus! a radical who started a Movement? a John

Which of these 7 deadly sins should the Dems use against Bush?

U.S. to Send Tons of Food to North Korea

U.S. braces for terrorism attack; Air France flights canceled

'Goof' caused uranium-to-Iraq claim - CNN

LaGuardia Delta Terminal Evacuated

Veneman Takes Center Stage in Virus Scare

'Credible' Threats Ground Six Flights

Bush Makes Holiday Calls to U.S. Forces

Beagle spacecraft 'reaches Mars'

: Canada's Anti-Pot Laws Legal, Court Says

GOP Congress Scuttled Meat Protection Measure

Christmas Eve DU Straw Poll

Preference poll not including Braun, Clark, Edwards, Gephardt, Kerry...

Brrrrrrrrr.. a cool picture for your desktop?? fixed

My last vent

My first vent

Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go!

Death Pod comes from the sky!

Am I right on this

Click Here For A Big Surprise!!!

If what they say is ("Nothing is forever")

Talk Like Puff Daddy thread - uh huh, yeah.

ATA Forum is like Dear Abby, Hints from Heloise and Martha Stewart...

Funny Videos

My dog's breath smells like the neighbor's kid.

What are your favourite DU love Handles?


Carpenters Christmas CD...

new Savage Weiner advertisers Nyquil/Vicks, Walgreens

Buddy Bolden Blues

Cat health question. Can you stand another cat post? Kinda gross.

Movie Thread Chain 2 .....Merry Christmas

Cool presents

Talk Like A Daddy Thread (Turn That Hi-Fi Down! Get A HAIRCUT!)

holiday chat anyone?

What should I leave out for Santa?

Merry FEEREAKIN' Christmas, you sugar plum fairies!!!!

BUSH IT! A song by Darryl Cherney and the Chernobles (2002)

Anyone Remember LEAD (Heavy) Icicles?

Okay! Who hated visiting Santa and telling him "secrets" but went 'cause

HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas DU!

Santa is gay

Now THIS is a RELIGION! (Picture)

Which version of a Christmas Carol do you like the best?

Anyone else miss the summer

Star Wars Holiday Special

I think we DUers need to start our own country somewhere

Lieberman needs to visited by three ghosts tonight.

Post your favorite versions of Christmas songs

How's this for a Christmas gift?

Jack Teagargen and And Benny Goodmn

My cats breath smells like cat food.

I just had to give my sis-in-law hell

Whoever said Kelly Osbourne could sing...

Merry Christmas to all!

The most beautiful piece of land I have ever seen

Of all the lazy....(cats)

Xmas eve, who's on DU?

David Copperfield He was right the first time

Saddam ReCreating Bush for the 2004 Erections.

What's the coolest gift that you GAVE anyone this year?

BARF ALERT!!! Ann Coulter Action figure

Joe Conason's Journal - Tells us all off! :) And he's right!

Prediction: if Lieberman drops out after Feb 3rd

What's the point of offering polls without all the current candidates?

2005 predictions for the candidates.

Best Pro/Con Dean poster of the year award

People who think Dean is unelectable - whom do you support? (nt)

Clark and Dean could both win!

If Dean, Clark, and DK dropped out, I would vote for.....

Dean people are ALSO "freeping" DU polls- Evidence

Fact - Clark Blogs directing readers to vote in DU polls

Parallels between the 1970's and late 1990's/early 2000's

Dean's general election quandry

I Think the Pro/Anti DLC is Being Used as a Major Wedgie

If Dean wins, I believe he may choose Clark

Preference Poll Including No Actual Candidates

What should Edwards next move be?

Does anyone remember... Anyone but Bush 2004?

EDWARDS is on with tweety.........rerun

Dean is going to preach Jesus to move to the center?

Democrats court Muslim votes; Dean may be the Muslim favorite

What a Tangled Web the Neocons Weave

Eric Alterman: Washington Goes to War (with Howard Dean)

Patriot II's Deadly New Definition Of 'Terrorists'

Controversy Over Gibson Film Puts Spotlight on Conserv. Catholic Movement

France confuses head-scarf issue

Endemic film racism: "sweet home Alabama"

X-mas with a Conservative Democrat.......

Coral reveals ancient origins of human genes

Saturn Rings in the New Year

2004 Economic maybes....

UK plan to pressure Syria on weapons

Iraq Christians fear Muslim extremism

Al-Qaeda targets Gaddafi

Santa Accidentally Shoots Rudolph After Mistaking Him for Intruder!

This remark seems a little too much.

I am appalled

Question about Activists targeting DU.....

I visited my Inbox today and just noticed

I know it is Christmas but if there is any mod on duty

How about a DU "Poster/Moderator of the Year"?

Merry Christmas, elad, EarlG and Skinner

Only a few months of grace remain

Sharon to bring his plan to Likud vote

After you, Albion

Majority backs PM's unilateral disengagement plan

MKs pass first readings of bills to break up Religious Ministry

Sharon's climactic battle

IDF kills Islamic Jihad man near Gaza Strip settlement

Rafah Counts the Dead

O Little Town of Bethlehem!

IDF Gaza commander: Talk of pullout encourages terrorists

Palestinian killed in Nablus blast

Palestinian killed in Nablus blast

5 Palestinians killed in Gaza strike

Breaking News: At least 2 killed in bombing near Tel Aviv

Karkur bombing architect sentenced to 14 life terms

PA wants media outlets to pay to cover Bethlehem Christmas

Sharon, FM meeting to discuss resumption of Syria track

Iran renames street after Muhammad Dura

Arafat's succession battle looming

Israeli fence criticised at Christmas mass

Ahhhh! Israeli Media Discovers that the Bushes Financed the Holocaust!

Surgeon Blinded by Bomb After Healing Militants

A barbed wire Jerusalem

Maher attackers banned from Mount

Powell: Syria still doesn't get it

PFLP claims attack; IDF clamps full closure on territories

Mother of 7 indicted for aiding suicide bombing

Israeli Bus Blown Up After Soldiers Kill Militant

Five dead, including Islamic Jihad militant, in helicopter attack

Three Israelis killed in suicide bombing east of Tel Aviv

Palestinian kids collect terrorist cards

Enter Emmanuel Goldstein

Dean's secret weapon vs. Bush: the New MILLENNIAL GENERATION!

What we are up against.

Looking for good reading material

BSE hurt the Tories in the UK in '97 -- helped Labour win.

From the King of Ditto heads, "Dear Santa"

Shame on Chaffee if this is true. He sold seniors out by a cop-out.

A Song With A Wish For Peace On Earth

Its a good time for Vegimites..

Help requested: Iraq War Dead Names

won't be home for Christmas -- faces of the fallen

The Most Controversial Story You’ve Never Heard

CNN program about the American injuries and amputees in Iraq War

Thanks for the Mad Cow disease president Reagan and daddy Bush

a holiday message of gratitude

Free Speech Zone - By James Bovard

7/29/03- "one other infected animal has resided within North America..."

BeliefNet... Not believeable?

Michael Novak

Is anyone watching the CNN special on the Pope?

Are they still using the Lie Factory (OSP) in identifying threats?

As a show of confidence in our beef industry shouldn't Bush, Veneman, &...

Newsweek article on Jon Stewart - He's on the cover page

BOO! er.. MOO! or VOUS? or shoo?

What's this about a "missle" hitting US green zone?

Democrats vote for Bush??? Ya right..

Dean's Secret Weapon vs. Bush: The New MILLENNIAL GENERATION!

How do we fix "Bush Democrats"?

Some Positive waves for " Beagle "

Pop-up Bush ad(UGH!!) "Patients action network"

Dean, Bush or Lieberman the "Jesus candidate"?

Help: Memorial request

The War in Iraq is unwinnable..

Dennis Kucinich: the Kuro5hin interview (moved)

Letterman, Carlson, WWE make bush Iraq visit look cowardly

A good tale at Christmas. For once. :)

So will BushCo tell the Pope to shove it?

"Ya know, Clinton's administration,"

So I assume this mad-cow scare will be blamed on Clinton right?

Why haven't Blair or Aznar put GB/Spain on High Alert for Terror Attack?

Question for any DU Legal Eagles!

Anyone see Tucker Carlson eat crow the other day?(anyone got the video?)

The world's been hotter -- but not by much

Move On Voter Fund for anti-Bush tv ads almost at $7 million.

Remember Bush said the Iraqi war would solve the Israeli-Palestinian issue

Democrats "lie", but Bush* "goofs"? Lordy, thanks, CNN.

Wasn't * supposed to visit the troops for Christmas?

"I guess you could say I rule the world." - Barbara Bush

More "goofs" about the Iraq war....doing the media's work for them.

MSNBC Poll: Saddam's Capture Make You More Likely to Vote...

Michael Novak

White Terror

Fox News: "Is there a war on Christianity? All next week."

A question at Christmastime......

Wire Bra shuts down Delta terminal at La Guardia?

Santa Clause Just another conservitive/capitolist lie..

The Religious Right..Threat to America's Freedom

This why alot of people don't like PETA

Democrats are stupid, Republicans are greedy

BBV and some thoughts from dinner last night

How does a cow catch BSE (mad cow)?

Metro Weekly: Exposing the Ex-Gay Myth

Need your help..Bush's top ten scandals in 2003??

Religion On Display In National Parks

Hey Bev Harris - You made the Delaware News Journal News!!!!

Dick Cheney's Christmas card

How many plan on going to the Iowa Caucus?

A lexicographical Xmas gift: Define "Republican"

Shhh...US Army War College/CIA Intel: Iran Gassed Kurds, Not Iraq

Bush has stonewalled a committee of his own choosing.....

Scientists Closely Monitoring Yellowstone . . .

Powerful explosions rock Baghdad

WP: Iraq Hotel Struck Twice by Rebel Rockets (new info)

Drowned Soldier Found After Two Weeks

Baghdad rocked by attacks on Christmas morning

Between rockets, Iraqi Christians praise Christ

Terror Concerns Trigger Security Talks

Beagle2 : Scientists Await First Call From Beagle

U.S. Mum on Talks to Explore U.N. Role in Iraq

Pakistani President Survives Second Assassination Attempt

Rebels Attack U.S. Base, Hotel in Baghdad . . . second time in 24 hours


4 G.I.'s and 6 Iraqi Civilians Are Killed in Bomb Attacks

5 Palestinians killed in Gaza strike

U.S. Soldier Killed in Baghdad Bomb Blast

Three Israelis killed in suicide bombing east of Tel Aviv

Dozens killed in plane crash off Benin

Atlanta man killed in road rage incident on Gulf Coast highway

BREAKING CNN: second assasination attempt on Musharraf

Price of men's freedom paid in full

Va. May Raise U.S.'s Lowest Cigarette Tax

Florida's Gov. Bush Dedicates Nation's First Faith-Based Prison

Disaster Teams Ready to Respond to Terrorist Strike

More Earthquakes Rattle Paso Robles Area

Ukraine to compensate victims of downed jet

Gas Well Accident in China Kills 191

Intelligence cites NJ chemical plants as possible targets

Pakistan President to Quit as Army Chief

Centre of Baghdad hit by blasts (25 December, 2003, 21:49 GMT)

France terror hunt reveals little

WP: GOP Makes 'Top Priority' of Converting Black Voters

Two years after the fall, here come the Enron trials

Lieberman Serves Meals to Homeless

Pilot gets jail time in hijack stunt

Rumsfeld backed Saddam even after chemical attacks

Seeking a new emphasis, Dean touts his Christianity

World borders closing to U.S. beef - - - ( update - now 11 and counting)

Contractors' Risks, Costs High in Iraq

Clinton mediating on Kashmir

U.K. Lab Confirms Mad Cow Case in U.S.

If you're happy and you know it, say a swear!!!

2004 Presidential Elections

Just ODed on Christmas Carols.

Since I won't be here tomorrow, have a Merry Christmas

an all new south park christmas!

Have a good Holiday cheer!

Merry Christmas Central Time and Happy Holidays to all!!

Pissed off

I'll Write a Song For You

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!

MXC - Most Extreme Elimination Challenge!

What movie are you watching now?

What's the record for disruptors getting tombstoned?

I did it for the toys!

He's gone.............

007 Days of Christmas on Spike TV....

Those lame-ass repukes think Santa's one of them I bet

Cooking disasters!!!. I just failed at dinner

What should Santa take G.W. Bush? I'm ready to hit the Eastern Seaboard

Okay, so like, good day, eh?

Happy Christmas, Yule, Kwanza, Festivus, Solstice, etc.

if you like/love jazz . . .

Worst rock albums you hate yourself for loving?

Wanna see my Christmas Eve pajamas?

February 10, 1976... Christmas..

Into the Mystic........

Well, Santa is saying goodnight!

I gota answer the door..Its Santa..

I'm having a LOT of fun here!

know anyone who's got their kids the talking Anthrax doll for Xmas?

Lyrics for the late night - Shenandoah

Going Down the Road Feeeling Bad

"Bluegrass Breakdown"

Santa's Evil Twins

I just realized I passed 3000 posts 16 post ago.

Up a Lazy River............

Big River

Twenty3's Richter Scale

Big River.......Grateful Dead or Johnny Cash?

Stupid question: Who was that red headed Irish girl on Hercules that

24 hours of "a Christmas story"


POLL: Will the Circle Be Unbroken: Mother Maybell Carter or Allman Bros?

In honor of all the Grateful Dead references I've seen this AM


Okay, Some assembly required... which is worse?

My wife hates me...............

Not going to change

Christmas is...

*@##$%!!! I've had it! All you people who don't support Dean...

The first Christmas

Happy Annual Gift Day!

PS2 do you erase the memory card?

Cats are smarter than dogs, here's the proof...

Good (Thursday) Morning DU!

Poll: What kind of Christmas cards did you receive the most of?

A few too many Christmas eve brews.......

ha ha ha.. Doonesbury

know anyone who got their kids the talking Anthrax doll for Xmas

My kitten is fighting me over Mrs. Venation's stocking.

I was disappointed Jessica Alba wasn't under my tree this morning....

Human Resources Memo -Try Saying

What stupid thing(s) has your cat/dog/various pets have done?

Dear friend lost her baby yesterday

Redneck Truck Surfing LOL

A question for students of Islam

Ever sit up after everyone is all asleep, all the shit wrapped and

Do You Save Boxes And Bows?

Happy holidays to all DUers

It's 12:30 p.m. and I just woke up

If you could fight one conservative, who would it be?

I'm off to see the freeper

"Mary and Joe, Chicago style": A tribute to Mike Royko

How often do you see someone say something and WANT to reply...

The same old holiday movies

Good LORD! There are 61 people in my Granny's house already!

Why do I keep waking up at 4:00am?

stupid computer defrag question on Christmas day!

My Favorite Christmas Movie: L. A. Confidential.

I Caught Santa Listening To Skinny Puppy

Cocaine Blues

Just saw David Frye doing his "Nixon" on PBS.

The f***ing spammers don't even take Christmas Day off!

If you could fight one historical figure who would it be?

I'll be doing a college-radio fill-in today from 3:00-5:00 Eastern Time

Game's on. Christmas Over. Thank Gawd.

He Can't do That

HTML help please. How do I make the font size bigger for a message?

I got "Bushwacked" & "The Great Unraveling" for X-mas. Ask me anything!

Must watch British satire on Iraq, Bush, Blair and more Funny stuff!

Advice sought (not a major problem)

Holiday Thread most likely to get locked

My 15yo gave me Led Zep boxed set...

My 1st Lounge Thread: So who's in love?

HO, HO, HO ...

"I'll have a Blue Christmas without you

Christmas Day pop-up ad ... Medical Liability Reform

Share gifts for Maveric here

I got a flat screen monitor and OS x 10.3 for Xmas.Dont ask me anything...

How long before Bush proposes faith-based cow testing?

Click! to feed animals, preserve land, etc...

The Christmas morning by yourself thread......

lyrics to a song

White Supremacist on Message Board supporting Bush

I just got invited to a New Year's Eve party! WOO-HOO!

Santa Claus Captured by Coalition Forces

William Shatner to release new album (honest!)


Suggestion for those who occasionally lurk at wingnut sites

my 150th post is coming, ask me something!

Mele Kalikimaka Hauoli Makahiki Hou To Everyone From Kaneohe Bay

Well, HEyHEY got a Mandolin

Hey! My Mom got me a autographed copy of Ralph Nader's book

What are the politics of Adult Swim?

Which one of my new movies should I watch

why liberals hate the holidays, written by some freeper

Question for scholars of Christianity

I Got A Hummer H2 For Christmas.

`Naked Elves' Spreading Holiday Cheer

Thanks DU for the spell check! I needed that!

I got your frickin x-mass cheer right here!

Can someone explain the chorus of "Carolina in my Mind" by James Taylor?

Is it hypocritical for an athiest to celebrate Christmas?

Thank you Skinner.

Christmas flame war!

How Is Your Christmas Going DUers.

It has been Happy Al Franken day at my house today

Question about A Christmas Story

I rented "A Very British Coup" the other day. It was GREAT!

Bwahahahaha (Christmas Eeeeeeeeevil)

She said, "YES!!!" (GregW is now engaged!)

The best hot shit rockand rock roll and roll band of all of time

All has calmed at the Reynolds house.....just in time for XMAS.

Help me out here..

Did everyone in here get what they wanted today?

Best Abe Lincoln Bio?

WHAT is the point of OVALTINE?????

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone!

How can I get my sisters to turn off "Bring it on" without a fight?

Has anyone got or get a Lexmark x75 printer/scanner?

Jack's first Christmas

Is it possible that I've been THIS good????

How many plan on going to the Iowa Caucus?


I made a horrible mistake with the new kitten...

A day in the life of W: a short, one-act play, part two

I got the worst possible "present" this morning

DU cannabis consumers check-in here

Who here remembers....EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS?

Looking for good reading material

Monica Lewinsky Blasts Dean Over Clinton/DLC Remarks.

Merry Christmas for the female ( and others ) Clark supporters

Halliburton serving rotten food and war profiteering- spread the link

Lessig's glowing review of Edwards's book, Four Trials:

Kucinich, Braun miss Delaware filing deadline.... (?)

Bush New Years Resolution # 8-From Edwards For President

The middle voter

Howard's Road

C-span just refused my call after screening

Straight talk: Can Dean defeat Bush?

The South shouldn't base their votes on guns, god, and gays, right, Dean?

NY Times: Dean, Under Attack, Revives Feisty Style

Monica Lewinsky Blasts Dean Over Clinton/DLC Remarks.

Edwards complains about focus by media and his rivals on Dean

Reverend: Don't Pimp My Church (Dean?)

Dean's Support Slowly Grows on Capitol Hill

MAXIM magazine (with S.F. mayor Willie Brown) on the Democratic candidates

The Clark fundraising drive has surpassed the $500K mark

"Black Commentator" calls BS on Clark, Rangel

A question to the Clark supporters attacking Dean over his faith...

How dare Dean express his admiration of Jesus!

If Dean were Muslim, would you care if he "discussed his faith"?

Hyoptetical: Cynthia McKinney runs for President as a Green

When will the Democratic nomination be effectively decided?

My Christmas wishes - something I wrote, for all of us...

I heard it on BBC News Hour this AM (radio)--the 2004 election...

what does clark offer that bush does not?

Out of the Mainstream? Hardly by Howard Dean

Merry Flame wars! Favorite Candidate Flame war

Nader is not running on the Green ticket, will anounce plans in January

Dean, Bush or Lieberman the "Jesus candidate"?

Where has Dean expressed his love for Jesus?

Dean: "When Im pushed, I tend to push back"

Season's Greetings from Dennis

Could it be this religion thing about Dean is fueled by a Dem campaign?

We must support all of the Democratic antiwar candidates!

Is Anybody Else Sick of the Political Purists?

How many plan on going to the Iowa Caucus?

Dennis Kucinich: the Kuro5hin interview

Dean's Secret Weapon vs. Bush: The New MILLENNIAL GENERATION!

Is John Kerry nearing the end of the road?

Why Dean instead of Kucinich?

Dean bravely takes on the right wing

Lieberman gets perfect score from the ACLU...

Howard Dean supporters give John Kerry flip-flops as Christmas gift

Howard Dean's Religion Problem (The New Republic)

Clark Among First Guests on "Tavis Smiley" Talk Show