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Archives: December 24, 2003

Long-Lost Siblings Reunited in Israel

Gay marriage poll: I hope I've made at least a small difference...

my cat has the coldest feet!

what's the worst holiday present you ever received

How Close Was the Quake to Yellowstone?

Saudi intellectuals appeal for reforms

Many Iraq contracts 'open to all'

Saudi moves closer to joining WTO

Job security concerns in Asia

Putin wants oil deals for debt write-off

Saudi unwilling to waive Iraq debts

What are the rules on thread stalking and thread disrupting?

A spell check!

Maher's humiliation

Annan strongly condemns latest incursion into Gaza refugee camp

This post breaks the rules of I/P

Pentagon said interceptor jets flew too far, too slow, too late - on 9-11

David Corn: Dean right, Dean wrong

Help! I Need Dean Photos

Kucinich Contribution EXPLOSION

No, it's the profiteering, stupid!

Moonie Mag Digs Deeper into Memogate

No, it's the arrogance, stupid!

Spamming will be legal soon- Thanks Republican congress and DINO's

No, it's the Deceit, stupid!

Town Takes up a Santa Cause/Germany--New WMW--all happy news

Mark Dayton working Salvation Army kettles today

I need some help looking for info

Hey, where did the spell check button come from?

No, it's the stolen elections, stupid!

Proof the FBI hates Dubya.... they let Hinkly lose.

Is Russia still a great-power?

Common Cause accuses Tom Delay of running a scam

Will there be a Christmas cease-fire in Iraq?

Ralph Nader wants to know if you think he should run again

If nuclear terrorism is likely why hasn't it occurred yet?

Watching "the Real Saddam" on Discovery channel

What's the deal with

Bush doesn't like the media

Watch “Scott Ritter” dismantle this BBC reporter- regarding Iraq

Did Rush Limbaugh Smuggle Illegal Narcotics Into the White House?

I have an idea on how to make media more respectful

CSPAN1 NOW--Peter Hart focus group on now...your fellow Americans

Jane Bryant Quinn: The Drug Bill's Hidden Costs.

Get into the spirit! with this "Armed to the teeth" Christmas toy list

Isn't Rush saying the same thing Clinton did regarding the impeachment?

Why would terrorists strike the same way against us twice?

"Is Texas America?" By Molly Ivins

I might be a blame-America-first terrorist sympathizer,...

RW losing their own Poll on same sex marriage try it

Question about the obesity discussion:

Lenny Bruce pardoned 40 years later

Dates Clash With Saddam's Day of Destiny

Publisher cancels (China's) rights to (Hillary ) Clinton book

USA: Holding human rights hostage

First-ever U.S. case of mad cow suspected in Washington state

L.A. a top concern for terror alert

MSNBC: Intelligence: Bin Laden behind new terror threat

For Vietnam Vet Anthony Zinni, Another War on Shaky Territory -NYT

Rumsfeld: 'Bet Your Life' Threat to U.S. Is Serious

MSNBC just announced a nationwide voluntary meat recall tomorrow

Advisory Board Faults White House on Iraq Nuke Claim (Drudge Flash)

New theory for Iraq's WMD: Saddam was fooled into thinking he had them

Judge Refuses Yellowstone Snowmobile Stay (Good News!!!)

Finish This Thought: "Wouldn't It Be Nice If..."

Help!!! How do I post my own pictures?

Ok, who's up for a 3 word story?? it's fun!! it's free!!

The dumbass Christmas news stories thread (post'em if you got'em)

We need a blue state/red state standard for electoral maps.

My Gawd, do my dogs STINK!!!

Four A's and one A-! Woo hoo!

Not only did I pass...

Is Bob Barker cool or what?

My Dad is the dork of the evening.

It's the Gentlemen Start Your Barfbags PSA caption

Terror alert raised to 'Medium Rare' after Mad Cow scare

Who would like to share the link for "Lord of the Ring with *bush"?

German plant turns incontinence pads into power

As it's the holidays

"Dover sole"? What the @#&%$ do I do with that?

Start investing in Soy, RIGHT NOW!!!

Happy hollidays! Love you all.

How far is Charleston WV from Washington Dulles

When I was born

Who's watching LINE OF FIRE?

The package arrived! Yeeeeeeehaaaaaa

Young Tiel Love???

Anyone seen "Velvet Goldmine"?

Mad Cow? I suggest a new DU forum: DU HEALTH

The perfect DIRTY BOMB

Hey! The new spell checker didn't find any mistakes!

What's for supper ?

My kitty's leg is healing up woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need good side dish recipes....

I'm not one to complain ...

Who's going to drink like a fish on Christmas?

"Titanic" movie with Bush as one of the actors

IS EVERYBODY GAY??????????????????

Hey, did you notice? There's a new button next to the "post" and "preview"

Your first holiday present from the DU Admins: Spell Checking

Interesting moment on CNN Newsnight tonight.

DU chat anyone?

THE OFFICIAL Tuesday Night Malloy Thread

Anyone seen Blue Velvet?

Independent Lens (PBS) program on Mormon missionaries

Anyone seen the movie "In America"? Recommend it?

My feet don't fit me anymore

I'm at 6,500 feet. What's your elevation?

I'm gonna steal Matcom's identity, and post some flame bait in the new GD

What should I watch tonite?

Need some guidelines before

My 30 year old vacuum just died - I weep

Most underrated musician?

If George Bush were George Smith,

Guess what happened six months ago today?

Jerry Rice or Barry Bonds. What (predominantly) SF player had more impact?

NoVA/DC Du'ers-Help!

Breaking: Bush declares California earthquakes terrorist activity

Name your three favorite fantasy occupations

dear mr. president, there are too many states. please eliminate three..

Best EMO Band

My Aunt and Rush have something in common!

maybe the freepers are actually blind


Discrimination Against Fat: The Last Acceptable Prejudice here at DU

First "Bring it On" and now "Yes, you bet your life"....

SOteric's Lounge Gallery

hardball sans focus on the interactions between campaigns


Chicago tribune liberal says Dean will get PLASTERED in 04

We have to do better than this

How the Internet Invented Howard Dean -Wired

I want a real Republican primary.

Drudge: Kerry Borrows $6.4 Million Against His House to Finance Campaign

The Clark invulnerability argument.

CBS News Poll, Dec. 21-22: Dean, Clark, Gephardt

Some history to ponder for those who say "Dean can't win"

Should GD-P2004 have a 'Christmas cease-fire'?

Howard's Road - William Rivers Pitt

Human Rights Watch Report: Civilian Casualties in Iraq

Its The Oil, Stupid

Does anyone know WHY we are @ ORANGE alert??

Scary Christmas Toon

Income Distribution and its Role in Depressions

Salim Muwakkil: Is it safe yet? The Saddam illusion

Have You Noticed the Level of Hysteria from Pundits Over DEAN?

I Forgot How Much I Hated Rush Limbaugh

A Must Read! "US Right Weaves Tangled Web" Jim Lobe Asia Times.

Safire Suggests Dean has created a third party

So Cal DUers, Codepink anti-Hummer protest Jan 10, LA Convention Center

Maine DUers - Caucus information by town!

New intelligence on planned attack: MSNBC ( even have flight numbers)

I'm watching Grade A Journalism on TV right now

Are we, Internet researchers, more adept than the

Rush's court documents updated on The Smoking Gun

Rush is trying to blame Democrats for his problem(s)

Need help refuting the old "poor don't pay taxes" meme

top 40 bush lies on war and terrorism

Here it is: The mildew rotting on the bottom of the conservatard barrel...

Predictions for 2004

John Titor, Time Traveler, told us about mad cow....

I am the only one in my department today

What is the best present you have ever received?

What is a religion?

NY Times: Saudi Women Find a New Ally: Muhammad's Wife

civil rights museums/exhibits/memorials

Japan drafts 760 billion dollar budget with record-high bond issuance

Durable goods drop....

Nifty little online guide to Economics 101 - a very interesting read!

E-mail drive blasts president's emissions policy

Scientists Closely Monitoring Yellowstone . . .

Turkish police find bomb lab

NY Times: New Prime Minister Is Steering Canada Cautiously to the Right

"They hate us because of our freedoms." Is that a clue the WH is lying?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--December 24, 2003

Pardon cleans up Lenny Bruce's act

Best wishes on the holidays, Dungeoneers!!


is the use of the words "wussy" or "skank" in referring to Judy Woodruff

Hey guys...

How Do I Check For Posts Made To Me Last Night?

To Skinner:

A few of us Cdn DUers are putting together a DU guide to the Cdn election

Why was this thread locked? And what is excessive punctuation?

Can someone consolidate the Xnation bans US beef posts into one thread?

You have any suggestions of what to get a coworker...

I've been getting some strange messages in between

Merry Chrismas to all the admins and mods!

Celebrating Christmas as Rafah Counts Its Dead

Sharon's Speech

Newsmaker: View from the Left

Israel muzzles Palestinian journalists

Palestinians Mark Christmas in Bethlehem

Student Journeys Into Secret Circle Of Extremism

migratory birds know no boundaries

Demolitions for the Apartheid Wall in Al Aqaba

More Palestinian Moms Give Birth at Home

Israel Destroys 4000 Palestinian Houses in Three Years: Official

Second Temple period artifacts found

Eilat terrorists flee back into Egypt

Beep on 'mission' for trip to Israel

Palestinian Arab Violations of Bush's "Road Map" Plan Wk #34

Palestinian editor praises Maher attack

Can It Ever Really End?

Order: Build fence immediately (Ma'ariv)

Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the OT

NH UAW Community Action Council Endorses Dean

Will Rivers Pitt: Howard's Road -- Admiring Article on Dean from Kerry Man

"As far as the polls go - screw the polls."

Clark's Record in the Military

Dean Supporters - Discussion on applying focus group

Dr. Howard Dean - Master of Prestidigitation!

Kucinich in files in Phx - unconventional visit 12/22

Dennis Kucinich : The Kuro5hin interview (awesome)

Dean is slowly changing the Odds to his favor. His History/Foundation/

America? Force for good or bad in the world?

World Health Organization on Mad Cow Disease

It just hit me...with regards to the "orange alert"....

Are they about to spring an osama capture on us? (wild speculation - ?)

Mad Cow hits US....FDA says keep eating beef.

Kucinich Ad: Listen Up Young America--You could be facing a DRAFT!!!

US bombs Baghdad while Israel invades two Palestinian refugee camps

What ever happened to 'Love Your Country?'

Mike Malloy & Kathy Baye Preggers

Mike Newdow Quote

Live or Photoshop?

VOTE: Which word best describes the Republican Party?

Was Brezhnev's puppet government noble and heroic compared to the Taliban?

Help me debunk this repuke email!

Are you starting to realize that you are being programmed?

Nightline is doing Mad Cow Disease.

Looking forward to MARTIAL LAW Code RED in LA or near LAX?!!

Do you think the dems are saving the MOAB for election eve?

10,000 Iraqis demonstrate for peace, against terrorism

If Nader really wanted to change things, he could run for the house

Rush Limbaugh is a big fat hypocrite

We joked a few weeks ago here about al queda targeting our COWS.. can

Christmas Eve 1992

Time Magazine's latest issue disgusting

Merry Christmas To All

Odd stories from Buzzflash. A series of amusing and infuriating articles.

What's Your Local VA Hospital's Favorite News Channel?

The Year in Review - I could use some help.

"God is not a right wing zealot" - article in Salon about Clergy leader-

NY Times: Once Skeptical, Briton Sees Iraqi Success

Bush's USDA refused to release mad cow records

"Saddam was fooled into thinking he had them (WMD)." - Guardian

Bush 41 boat arson teen held in maximum security facility

I know why UAW is pulling ieAmerica...

Pro-Labor/Union DUers, please visit this thread

If this orange alert represents a real danger

I heard on Alan Colmes radio tonight that LAX is forbidding

There are 468 American soldiers dead, and the lead story tonight

light eyed/fair complexion tax?


Three more US soldiers killed today.

Time: "Regards from President Bush" is a myth

Yet more administration secrecy

Is Bush screwing up this Mad Cow problem like everything else he does?

"Uncovered" is now being shipped...

A spell checker!

Rush Limbaugh blaming everyone but himself

Ruling vs. Rush is a bitter pill

Xmas from Hell...are you having one?

SCOWCROFT Board: Shrub Lied, But Not Deliberately (Yellow Cake)

Why some people pirate games...

Don't you just love this guy?

Patriotism <> Nationalism

Will mad cow disease trump Valerine Plame?

Iraqi Citizens are Still Dying Daily and in Most Unusual Ways.....

Liberals taking over Democratic party via Dean's candidacy

Yes! My friend from Vegas just e/mld me that he's registered to vote &

On "loving" one's country and the true meaning of patriotism

I found out where all the books are being dumped!

Paying the price of conservative ideology: Mad Cow Disease

More policy blunders/hypocrisy in the making?

another possibile reason that Khadafi gave up his WMD "programs"...

US media, government scramble to obscure criminal dealings with Hussein

Jon Stewart cover page of Newsweek double issue

Left Wing Media , My Arse - Utterly Shameful

Mad Cow USA - Could the Nightmare Happen Here? (online book)

This quote applies to all of us

Mad Cow: Lies, lies, and more lies...

Police State! "The Martial Plan"

Hey, if the world is safer now that Saddam has been taken out,

Bush* just opened three hundred thousand acres for logging in Tongass

Redneck Special Forces

current CNN Quickvote question

"We are led to understand..."

Mad cows apparently not scaring anybody around here, I just got back

alert: Lucifer Goldberg on Washington Journal Friday

Cause of Mad Cow infection to be Determined?

A Real American Hero (TM)

Laurie Mylroie (AEI) on Iraq war on CSPAN1

"Western targets" "Buildings that housed Westerners" "Westeren interests"

See a pattern here..Ridge calls alert, mad cow disease, lacklustre sales

bartial beef ban-Canada

help! I'm bring forced to watch Faux "News"!

Check out this Yahoo message board thread on Mad Cow.

Its here! First case of mad cow infection in American HUMAN

Is it fair to call the Bushes, the Jiangs, and the Sauds the true Axis?

Kucinich said it: the 2000 election was STOLEN!

Farkers slam Hannity

DU's Link to Al-Sharptons website is down!

Geez, another CNN poll:

Think we'll get a Christmas Eve news bomb?

Cheney and the USS Ronald Reagan.

FDA database reveals 300 U.S. companies violated mad cow rules

Donate Frequent Flier miles to a Soldier, works

Immigration Reform on Bush Agenda

Letterman visits Baghdad - in broad daylight. Take that Bunnypants!

Orange alert in US—terrorizing the American public again

Where would the terrorists attack LA over the holidays?

Deck the Malls? Empty today here...

I present to you, Wilson S. Lucom, the worst rightwing pundit EVER

So what's for New Years?

Are you willing to do this to win the election?

People who belieive in LIHOP (or LIH): did GOP want Arnold as gov...

Possible source of the quotelist

If BushCo could rack up "frequent liar miles"...

An Urgent letter to the American administration from Al-Qaida.3

On Kosovo

How do democrats deal with terrorism?

It appears that John Major's handling of Mad Cow ruined him and his party

Terra flights are from....France...yeah.....France, that's the ticket

Another skyscraper at World Trade Center: a mistake?

Xmas present from Hell (Bush)

John Dean...could we have a constitutional dictator? Emergency powers.

WH lies again about how "Niger/Uranium" fable got in SOTU speech

Let's Google-Bomb Limbaugh

What do you remember about Clinton?

Al Gore, Our Christmas Fruitcake- Negative Article (Please Relpy)

Help with Economic Statistics: Need Ammo to Refute Recent 'Upturn" News

"Sources" inside the White House....

Why the Christmas Terror Alert? : Last Christmas before the 2004 election

A joke?

Media AWOL on Mad Cow Story: Bush Adm. In Trouble

So the US media totally ignored reports of Kurds capturing Saddam?

Some thoughts about the religious aspect of health care.

A handmade Christmas card, black, reads "Rail Against the Darkness!"

If Clinton was so bad at terrorism, as this drunken lush on CSPAN says,

Bush-Linked Company Handled Security for the WTC, Dulles and United

Do you expect a terror attack?

Economy on the rebound?

One reason why we'll win.

Look at these snotty little college republicans

Ok, so what ONE word describes the Democratic Party?

What do you mean mad cow isn't terrorism??

1997: Secretary of Defense Reveals Earthquake Weapons Threat

Patriotism, Selected Quotes:

Their Hate - Our Anger

Islamic Leaders Outlaw Condoms in Somalia

Malvo gets life

New CBS poll

Gulf states reject debt talks with Iraq council

Holding Their Ground

Inspections for Mad Cow Lag Those Done Abroad (bush* failure)

US Checking Foreign Airlines for Terror Risks-Tightens Airport Security

Employee Appeals Agency Preparing to Close Some Field Offices (WP)

Bushes Send Greetings to a Select 1.5M

Thousands demand Kirkuk for the Kurds

Australia (+ Japan, S Korea, Singapore, Taiwan )bans US beef products

European Defence: 'We Don't Need US Permission to Go to the Bathroom'

Prison program criticized (Florida)

Guerrillas, U.S. Play Cat and Mouse in Iraq

Chairman of Board of Education criticizes audit of voucher program (Fla.)

Arrested missionary: Blades found in shoe were for safety

Relations in 'deep freeze' since Saddam caught

Three US soldiers die in Iraqi blast

Unapproved Foreign Flu Vaccine Peddled in U.S. (bush* failure)

Wolfie was wildly off the mark (50 specific points)

Suicide blast kills four in Iraq

Baghdad cancels midnight mass

Body of drowned US soldier recovered from Iraq river

White House Faulted on Uranium Claim -(by US Board)WaPost

In the District, No Room at the Shelter (bush* failure)

Cabinet OKs Iraq Troop Dispatch (S Korea to send 3,000 to Kirkuk, Iraq)

Ethnic clashes rock Kirkuk

Bomb Kills Three U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 24 December (#1)

Mexico bans imports of U.S. beef based on fears of Mad Cow disease

Jordan Asks Saddam Daughters to Stay Out of Politics

Durable Goods Orders Unexpectedly Drop in November

US military convoy ambushed (+another attacked, + a drive-by)

Blast rocks central Baghdad

U.S. Blurs High-Tech Washington Images

US Battle Worldwide Fallout from Mad Cow Disease

US companies moving more jobs to India but quietly

Foreign Airlines Checked for Terror Risks, Report Says

Judge halts review of Limbaugh's medical records

Israel Arrest Son of Prominent Palestinian

White House:Duration Of Troop Deployment In Iraq Unknown

Powell Hopes For Headway With Syria To Give Up WMD

Iran threatens retaliation in event of Israeli strike

Six Air France Flights Between Paris and Los Angeles Canceled

Ottawa to ban some US beef

Immigration Reform on Bush Agenda

Reuters: Large explosion at Baghdad Sheraton hotel, just on CNN no link

Letterman visits troops in Baghdad...

Anyone watch "Comedy-fire"? I mean, "Crossfire"?

When Santas Attack: Over 1000 Brawl, Riot in NY

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq -464 U.S. service members have died

JonBenet Ramsey's Parents Sue Fox News

Lieberman Talks Up Religion as Democrats Poke, Jostle, Warn and Joke

3 flights from Paris to US cancelled

Judge blocks medi-cal(ifornia) cut backs

Old Divides Growing in Dean, Centrist Rift

White House Faulted on Uranium Claim

bush*, blair to Visit Libya Next Year

FEC Says Kucinich Qualifies for Funding.

10 countries ban U.S. beef

Mad Cow, Durable-Goods Data Push Dollar to New Lows

Court Stops Bush Admin from Easing Pollution Rules

Man Gets 3 Years For Barroom Remark About Bush

America deploys missiles around airports/CIA believes threat exaggerated

Lights Dim on Jesse Ventura's MSNBC Show

Court Blocks Changes to Clean Air Act

Princess' dog kills queen's corgi

Japan, Korea ban US beef imports on mad cow fears

Syria, Egypt: Israel Must Give Up Nukes

New Home Sales Unexpectedly Fell by 2.4% in November

Rumsfeld backed Saddam even after chemical attacks (The Independent)

Rumsfeld deflects questions about his relationship with Saddam Hussein

USDA refused to release mad cow records (this looks damning)

Misuse of Gov.'s Role Alleged (Schwarzenegger)

This love break, courtesy of the Maestro

Mmm... pasta primavera!

dint need no stinking spell checker

Do you have a hunny-bunny?

I could have been born a freeper

Common typos that a spell checker won't catch

I have nothing to spike my nog with tonite. What's in your bottle?

Send a big DU congratulations to Mike and Kathy Malloy

In honor of the anniversary of the "shoe bomb" incident

Here are the Bush and Bin Laden pinatas

Premise: "Evil" wrestler named "The Professor." Name his signature move!

What happened to my little buddy? I go away to LBN for a minute

brachs yogurt covered raisins - force for good or bad on my waistline?

OMG -- Wassup? There's no cat thread on the first page of the Lounge!

Oh damn, now the cows are mad.

Mad Cow parting shot a GeeDubya

Uh oh- sale at the liquor store.

Is Will Pitt really gone?

All video gamers out there!

start investing in soylent green, RIGHT NOW!!!

So, my choir has a new cd out. Ask me anything.

Here it is: Full lyrics to "I Yust Go Nuts at Christmas," Jorgi Jorgenson

Eye Just posited dish using spill chuck

Too all former helpdesk techs....

I'd been looking for

Going back to dialup after DSL is like...

Wonder how many people are thinking this esp. with the orange alerts

When we choose a font in the "internet options" do others see it

Flying Purple Alert..

Can someone please pm me the DU image dump address?

I got laid off tonight ask me anything?

Is my sig line appropriate?

Goodnight Peeps....

Trivia Thread!!!



Mt. Tongue Ass

Late night cat thread...

What gifts are you giving for christmas

Periodic reminder to check out my new Internet radio station!

Help: Best site for MP3 downloads (fee-based)

What better way of wishing a Merry Xmas Eve to all...

I have 25 mins of work left today.

Well it is Christmas day here in Melbourne...

Merry Holidays all...

Good (Wednesday) Morning DU!

This is old news but kicks @$$, so here it goes again

My Stock Tip of the Day

How cute: Conservatards are trying to copy us....

Reindeer Attacks NBC Reporter

Where in the hell is SANTA CALUS?

A little help please?


Hey...Doesn't the "Evil Mickey-Dee" ...

I like squid

We have an Insurance_Analyst at DU.

I wish these guys would hurry up

Calling all Santas! What's your favorite cookie?


Here's a christmas gift for those of you who like "older" women ..........

Has anyone read The Bush Hater's Handbook, by Jack Huberman?

Is this offensive?

A few of you may have been wondering where the hell I've been...

Fah who for-aze!

Simple Craft Ideas For Gifts?

Former Miss South Africa Attacked By Hippo

Normally I just disregard the "Orange alerts"

NORAD Will Track Santa Despite Orange Terra 'Lert

I'm An Expert At Identifying Wrapped Gifts By Their Shape, Weight, Sound..

May I remind Everybody that Santa Claus is FAT

Severed limbs and insurance (kinda gross)

Need German help.

NY Times: A Teenager Takes Italy by Storm, With Her Tale of Lust

Man Commits Suicide To Escape "Nagging Wife"

How often do you use those "topic type" icons?

I just found this hilarious strange thing on the internet...

What do freepers get their offspring for Christmas?

Gamers, it's the holiday season, what games will you be playing?

USDA solution for Mad Cow Disease

Holiday Party Memo

Leno Eats 125 Year Old Fruitcake

What did I get my wife for Christmas?

It Was Christmas Day and Danny the Car Wiper hit the street.....

Rush Limbaugh Calls for Public Execution of Drug Users

Obscenely beautiful morning...

A Christmas Eve Rant

Five-Star Cookie Recipe

Bush Testicles "Not Steel," Claims Source

Let's put together our Xmas Shopping list for the Bush Regime

To Each His Own

The Long Hot Summer....Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Breaking! Claus in China

where's Corarose?

Last minute gift idea

Forget Underpants' Wife's Gift!!! What Did You All Get MATCOM This Year?

Ever stick Vienna Sausages in your ears?

Does anyone watch Kids in the Hall on Comedy Central?

How many members does Free Republic have?

Return of the King QU:SPOILER,DO NOT CLICK if you have not seen movie!

It's not fair to everyone else...

Jingle Bells!

On Christmas Eve day my gift

God bless us everyone

My clam chowder is too salty! What to do? Help!

CAPTION + a question-Does your Sec. of Defense think he's a bunny wabbit?

Happy Holidays! (A photo taken + developed by LPFF)

CAPTION zee man of zee people

Yippee Skippy We get to leave work at 2:00pm.

Welp, there goes Christmas dinner

A Holiday Greeting To All

Oh no! My cat is ogling a tumbled stone keychain on ASN

Holiday greetings from my attorney

Computer advice requested - Disk Wipe utilities

Making 2 more pies for Christmas!

What media emails do you get?

Hey, Compuserve users...

I hope Letterman is safe.

Am I an online games ass****?

Live or Photoshop?

California Quake: Leftist attempt to humiliate Arnold?

Leno IS a 125-year-old Fruitcake.

How to determine if your cow has mad cow disease...

Does anyone here have any crazy rock and roll stories to tell?

Dona Nobis Pacem: A Christmas hymn

Merry Christmas, Mr. President.


Get last minute gifts and help dump bush

Fixated says Merry Christmas Eve!

The Yak Before Christmas!! (Xmas Eve Repost)

Even Snowmen need a makeover.. Virtual makeover kit

It is Christmas Eve in Seattle and I am hanging out at DU and have a ?

Happy New Year

Sister Clara's gift

What if Picasso made Snowmen?

Thanks for the spell check.

All-time Favorite Christmas Singer


Thinking about going to law school. What is a good choice

Odd AOL diskette

10 Random Questions (100% Christmas-Free)

Are you a nice person?

How many DUers abstain from beef?

Xmas from Hell...are you having one?

OK, so what ONE word describes the Lounge?

Card, envelope, paper stymies California man..

Happy is my card to all you DUers....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO..................

When does your family unit open the presents?

I did not see or hear Bush for a week! Ask me anything

Cannibal Corpse Xmas Album :-)

MST3K Fans- Santa Clause VS the Martians OR Santa Clause??

Audio of an interview with a youth FREEPER- I dare you to listen.

Five good books I read in 2003

Anybody Go To Preview Their Post, Only Ta Have A Spell-Check Come Up ???

Which badass are you?

Jiacinto tombstoned??!!!??

Merry Christmas NY Knick's from the Indiana Pacers (Zeke to lead the Knick'

Any Lenny Bruce fans here?

This new spell-checker is graete!

My early Xmas present: A Lionel Hutz action figure!

Thanks to DU, I survived my calculus and chemistry finals!

Hannity's New Book. (DUPE)

We want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas to the Lounge; Bah Humbug to GD!

Redneck Special Forces

Freepers and Thinkers alike: Merry Christmas!

Somethin For The Kids, Maybe... Norad Santa Tracking Site !!!

Holiday Greetings

PETA hits a new low...

Crass Xmas Album :-)


I am Senor Stinky and I want your presents

Movie Thread Redux...

Two Towers added scenes. Your thoughts. SPOILERS!!!!!!!

My early Xmas present: A Hubert Flottz action figure!

Frohe Weihnachten! (Foreign language greeting thread)

join me in posting your thoughts on this Christmas Eve

Mom likes Gephardt

Michelle Branch appreciation thread...

Poll for Harry Potter fans -- Am I pathologically insane?

I have a political dilemma, need advice...

Just A Rant

Justin Wilson's 'A Cajun Christmas'

Let there be peace on Earth

Best (preferably funniest) Band name EVER?

Those here who recommended Cambridge / Christmas Album/Many Thanks!

Whao dad calm down.

What does "Begorrah" mean?

Hanukkah celebrants: Tell us about your presents!

Merry Christmas

dodged the bullet today.

My cat eats marshmallows.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Being single on Christmas sucks!

This is one gloomy Christmas Eve

*sigh* Another fargin Christmas alone....

Tuesday Movie Thread Fun

I have found the most evil conservative quote of all time...Now guess who.

My Christmas parody songs


A Crhristmas Greeting to our Departed "almost DUers"

What do we get Skinner for Christmas?

Sean Hannity has a new book coming out. is all over it :-)

Merry Christmas DU

MY SUCK ASS CHRISTMAS! Dad had to be admitted w/103.5 fever!

I'll be spending Christmas Eve with an ex...

A Song With A Wish For Peace On Earth

Christmas Eve by yourself thread

The Muslim World to most Americans

What are you getting for Christmas?

A Universal and Theological Question

Theatrical Sedatives for Kids

Any Phoenix DUers around?

Am I the only person alive who has never watched

What have you received for Christmas thus far?

Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening

What are your favorite DU handles??

Pro-labor/union DUers -- UPDATE

Hey Chicago DUers!!!!

Reindeer Tackles NBC Reporter in Alaska

Glenn Campbell gets community service...

Cover Song Thread Chain

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In a nutshell --- Why Dean is ahead in primary but will lose against *

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