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Archives: December 23, 2003

It's greed, not ideology, that rules the White House

Condi and the 9/11 Commission

Beware of Attempts to Revive Military Draft

Is Bush bad luck ?

according to Penn and Teller-environmentalist are whacko

When do the election 2004 rules kick in?

Concerning the New Nickname Rule......

Isn't openly questioning a moderators decision a bad 'no no'?

The Jewish Choice: Human Equality or Israel?

Israeli invasion shakes Jenin

Death Toll in 3 Years of Mideast Violence

Dean leads in superdelegates.

Who will be Dean's VP?

dirty bombs..... who cares?

Condi and the 9/11 Commission

Let's insist that all Federally elected officials...

Why I *Will* Vote Democratic in 2004

US Recovery? Tell it to the unemployed!


Who captured Saddam?

Uri Avnery on Saddam capture, trial, and the war

George Bush gets no quarter...

Canadian Border Hassles/Blair-Bush fall out: From Buzzflash

President Frank Zappa's cabinet team

Do Americans have "fear fatigue"?

Under the cover of Darkness

New 3rd Party -- Veterans Party of America

Romantic Duo Nearly Caught Saddam

Software merger: Zone Alarms and Check Point Software

Anybody having trouble getting Mike Malloy...

Terrorist Chatter involves Weapons of mass destruction

Could new Libyan "friendship" include Libyan Troops to Iraq?

What, exactly, are we supposed to be "alert" for? All these morons,

Cooper finally just broke Kurd capture of Saddam on CNN

"This Republican Has Some Doubts"

Top 10 reasons dubya has to go

The Nation: Blue States, Latino Voters

Riverbend Blog 12:22 "8 explosions...they don't see the kids.."

Bye- bye Directv.

Is Rush Limbaugh being unfairly targeted?

What really happened to Karen Hughes and Ari Fleischer?

Kerry Calls for Special Council Against Attorney General Ashcroft

If Rush is successful

Ditech commercial antisemitic?

What really crippled our party: Civil rights or the Vietnam escalation?

List the things that disgust you most about the media

The NY Times featured my Move on Ad!!!!!!!

Voting rights for felons.

Bush at 54% in Newsweek Poll: 9 pts lower than Gallup

Must Watch video stream! Michael Ruppert – The Truth and Lies of 9-11

Tom Daschle, traitor to the truth..

What the Russians just put in their silos today

CWA Local 1400 Endorses Howard Dean for President

How to Say "Enron" in Italian

US army conducts raids near Syrian border, kills Iraqi woman

Poll Finds Sharp Year-End Boost for Bush

Lieberman makes a move in New Hampshire., into an apartment

TIME: Condi does not want to testify under oath before 9/11 commission

A Last Wish by James Knox...(DE-Select bush*/Whistle Ass Redux)

Limbaugh lawyer: Radio host was being blackmailed by

Cal. Domestic Partner Foes Miss Second Deadline

Arizona senator blocking bill that would save 350 jobs

Bush ratings show little gain from Saddam capture

Germany: Neo-Nazi Musicians Sentenced

Brute's lair to go to US (Saddam's spider hole)

I love howard Dean as much as the next guy...

More airline threads! Every fly "People Express" or "Laker"?

Heard about the new freeper cologne?

Should Hussein Try the Limbaugh Defense? (Humor)

Keep it comin'

Get up in the morning, get on the bus

Anyone else watch that lame Christmas movie last night..Xmas Shoes

Republicans: Orcs or Muggles?

Loved that "Jib Jab" "Farting Elf" number

Feds Uncover Secret Santa Ring

Kobe Bryant, farked

Obscenity on Marketplace

Breaking: William Rivers Pitt to endorse John Kerry

My tiel is going away for Xmas!!!!!

Deleted message

Interesting cat / Elizabethan collar experiences

"People voting republican...

Oh, Calgon, take me away!

Blinking Christmas lights: Tacky?

knock knock

I am covered with grime and smell like dog

Just a Self-Important Update

Caption Tom Ridge in a "bright and shining moment"

DemoTex declares second annual gratuitous RVN/LAOS pic edition.

Official Monday Night Malloy Thread

Anyone else tired of the smelly neighbor kids?

Now here's a disgusting ad

I got my blue star from Ebay.

heheh... the BF and I got each other the same Xmas present....


That's IT.. You're ALL getting a pony for Xmas.. You can even choose it

Go on, George...JUMP

What's the difference between Pakistan and a pancake?

I'm leaving...For vacation. Happy Holidays All

Please God... Let The Primaries Be Over Soon !!!

OK, fixers of DU.

Hostess Snowballs: How do you REALLY feel?

Bald Presidents.

I just got "The Best of Tower of Power." Who wants to touch me?

Packers-Raiders MNF Win it for Dad, Brett thread

What DVD should I get tonight?

Why do you live in the city that you do?

Loading the dishwasher: pointy utensils up or down?

So you think you know movies ?

My dad's got some sort of respiratory infection

Brett Favre

Does anyone else have an SACD player?

As The Stomach Turns

Monday night movie chain fun.

Wierd. 2 days to Xmas, it's 65 deg with thunderstorm & hail (E. Okla)

Any DUers from Birmingham, AL?

Ridiculous presents no one is buying you for xmas (post here!)

I love howard Dean as much as the next guy...

Apologies are in order

Michelle Shocked Benefit Concert for Kucinich (Ohio)

To Sharpton and Moseley Braun supporters

Dean polling 41% of black voters

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Dean Takes on Big Media

Green for Dean?? No..

Who is running the most disorganized / illogical campaign?

Clark Has 31 Policy Papers Posted. Kerry Has 24. Dean Has 11

Teresa Heinz Kerry on cspan right now 8:40 eastern

Clark's Newly Redesigned Issues Page

Deleted message

"Jihoward: Howard Dean, Suicide Bomber" by Slate's William Saletan

Dean will fight to allow snowmobilers in Yellowstone

Movie director Richard Donner: Clark Supporter

Lieberman Moves to New Hampshire, Becomes New Hampshirer

Dean surges to a 22 point national lead in latest Wapo/ABC poll

Candidate's positions on stem cell research: Christopher Reeve

Why I Cannot Vote for Dean, Kucinich, or Nader (Robert Cohen)

Secret software, lack of paper trail a recipe for trouble

On Terrorism and its Causes

Dean's campaign depends on enemies

PA state budget is finally passed

Dean needs help with anger, history.

Molly Ivins: One-stop shopping (last minute Xmas book recommendations)

State (Repug) lawmaker arrested after handgun found in baggage at airport

Israel's nuclear programme

Questions from Within: Stop Dubious Iraq Stories!

The Year of the Liar

A dose of humbug

maybe she really is Olivia Neutron Bomb?

Terrorists and resistance fighters

Cheney should check his own 'facts'

It is essential that Bush receive a fair trial

Krugman: Citizen Conrad's Friends

"The Deficit Danger"

Guardian: Bush* has thrown open Pandora's Box…

Everybody Wants to Claim God is on their Side

Josh Marshall....more form letters ready to send to support Dubya

Tycoon Black refuses to testify (Conrad Black-Hollinger)

Is the media, on balance, beginning to question this administration?

The only question we have to ask Rush is this:

Is the Television dead??

Could I please have your links to quotes from Repukes?

FNC’s Gabler Falsely Impugns MRC as “Almost Always Duplicitous”

ATTN: Star Trek fans!!!!!!

Speaking To Power - A Unique Christian Vision (Moyers Special Dec. 26)

9 years until December 23, 2012

This gay marriage poll needs some serious unFReeping...

Just say ’mo

Black players, white leaders bowl reality

Hamdi v. Rumsfeld -- Supreme Court

Oracle delivers takeover information to DOJ

SCO steps up licensing battle, reports loss

IT 2003: The news in review

Consumer confidence question.

GDP Roars Ahead at 8.2% in 3rd Quarter 2003

US foreign policy hurts Australia: poll...

The top 10 dumbest crooks of 2003

Canadian SC on the legality of MJ prohibition

Project Safe Neighborhoods implemented in PA

GUNS IN THE NEWS--December 23, 2003

"You won't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore."

locked thread..

Is there a mod on duty at any given time

Non-Dems in primaries

Kool-aid question

Please clarify the rule on nicknames.

Which is the best forum for cookie recipes?

When is the nominee considered officially selected by DU standards?

Isn't it against the user rules to discuss other DU members in a thread?

Didn't you used to be able to

New avatar?

What is DU's stance on this ?

When someone's tombstoned, does the "registered user" count decrement?

My thread about Clark and racism

Are we allowed to refer to a moderator by their screen name...

Nickname rule openly violated

Is this allowed?

Thread On Pro-Dean Push Poll Locked

Let's here it for the mods!

A crude attempt to equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism

Lifting of U.S. Ban Places Israel in Saudi Arabian Danger

Guilty of Being a Palestinian in Iraq

If Libya can do it, why not Israel?

Hamas sent message to U.S. via Qatar proposing truce

Sharon's Phony War

Car, IDF patrol come under fire north of Eilat; IDF raids Rafah

Shabak cracks lethal Ramallah Hamas terror ring

Ben-Baruch acquitted of membership in Bat Ayin terror cell

BBC (Tuesday): Palestinians killed in Gaza raid

Children in Bethlehem under siege

Stay away from Israeli women, foreign workers told

Bethlehem to be encircled in steel

Gaza death toll rises

Death of Newborn Twins from Deir Ballut

Mubarak calls Sharon, thanks him for Maher visit

Shehadeh bomb victims sue Israeli government

Two Palestinian fugitives caught in West Bank

Israel stands alone at conclusion of ‘toughest’ U.N. General Assembly

Moving to action on anti-Semitism

Arrests foil Hamas cell plan to kill, decapitate IDF soldiers

New Report: Medical Personnel Harmed

Israel Army action breeds fresh hatred

911 Skeptics will love this TV ad....

CO: Poll looks good for Campbell

Dean goes from Harlem to Maidstone for lunch?

Attn Maine DUers - Maine Caucus contacts announced

CO: Udall has decided not to challenge Nighthorse Campbell

Forcasting the political landscape on July 30, 2004

Batter up!

Dean needs to plug a hole?

Undeterred, Kucinich keeps on

Clark/ Dean "scandal"

Why I Cannot Vote for Dean, Kucinich, or Nader (Robert Cohen)

Michelle Shocked Benefit Concert for Kucinich (Ohio)

CAN-SPAM Act. A real solution, or just a new can of worms? (

Ohio DUers! Who wants to have a beer with Blue-Jay tomorrow night?

My little holiday missive for all of you:

Hold their feet to the fire....

A Bush supporter we usually avoid shocked us today.

This must have happened when Rush was on drugs

Hillary Clinton raising her profile

Could the two-party system collapse in the coming decades?

Did anyone see the First Chimp?

A Recorvery for CorpRat Profits, but Not for Workers

Dueling Quotes!!!

The Long Road

How To Sell a War: The Rendon Group...

Was this Saddam Capture hornswoggling a conspiracy?

Wonder what would have been different had

I have now reviewed and voted for 75 Move On ads

Dean volunteered for OCS active duty, volunteer physical failed

Dubya's Cleaning up the ME... Holy Cow! Isreal has WMD....

UNITED WAY is now whoring for the Bush administration.

"Correspondences. org. "/New site linking all Saddam's Capture Disputes.

China's Growing Nationalism a Threat (No Hypocrisy Here!)

The Bush Tax

Jon Stewart on Newsweek

George Clooney (and his Dad) vs. George W. Bush

The Salvation Army

Freepers celebrate decision to cut health benefits for poor women, kids

When our new President takes over... (war/UN related)

2003 P.U.-litzer prizes are in! (from

"It's Greed, Not Ideology, That Rules the White House" from the Guardian

Historical recall of US policy and the chemical weapons in Iraq

For Vietnam Vet Anthony Zinni, Another War on Shaky Territory (Must Read)

George Will, Wm F Buckley outed as paid shills for media mogul.

Al Queda may already be commercial pilots flying planes

Back of Dick Cheney's Head Spotted!

Condi does not want to testify

Terror threat brought Ashcroft back from vacation - will * stay in DC

Have all the pundits really forgoten that the election is 11 months away?

Democracy Now: Who Really Captured Saddam Hussein???

Could we rebuild Iraq for free?

Pot laws don't violate charter : Canada's top court

George Clooney (and his dad) vs. George W. Bush

Election 2000: What happened with the elector in Maryland?

What has Rush admitted to?

consider this?

Should Rush Limbaugh’s assets be seized…?

Gay Demonstrations Removed from Lincoln Memorial Tourist Video

Bernard GOLDBERG Book Falls Flat, COLMES' Too

Ralph Nader rules out Green Party run

"A few nice days"

if they are fascists w/o concentration camps, then. . .

Has this irony been discussed here before?

Disgusting DU'er emails Will Pitt's boss

Halliburton Politically Pressured

Anyone want to guess on Terror Alert level in early November, 2004?

Are all travellers into the US now required to get "fingerprinted and

September 10th, 2001

If "chatter" is the highest since it was at 9-11

Daschle Letter to Ashcroft: 'Classified Leaks Continue'

"Biggest Reserve Call-up Since World War II"

Was Nathan Hale a member of the Armed Forces?

The Weapons That Weren’t (NY Press)

Anti-Bush drawing called 'hate speech'

Andrew Card says Capital Hill is a sausage factory

Who did write this?

Why Canadians don't like to visit us anymore

I too am watching Sandra Day O'Connor

Does Israel have the right to exist?

Bush & Democracy Hypocrisy

Who will BushCo invade in 2005?

I find this strange.

Saddam's $750K in US $100 bills - Is there a corresponding "Ken Lay"

Dem Convention in Boston

Iraqis may never get a democracy

Castro denounces Iraq war

Rush is right! 6 weeks is all it takes!

What are we going to do about this? Address it? Ignore it? I don't know?

The fall of a moralist is always a great American spectacle to watch

Limbaugh is a victim, the goverment was out to get him!

So, 9 Dem candidates is "too many" but 10 Repubes is ok??

Has General Clark ever suffered from racism?

Has _Jumper_ ever suffered from racism?

Spoof thread--nothing to see here folks

New Years Resolutions for George W Bush?

Nader not running as a Green?

CNN cartoon

Gloomy Outlook for Federal Budgets

2004 Worst case Scenario - Then what happens?

Gays Banned From National Parks Civil Service Group Says

American Family Ass. gets your emial address via out

Mad Cow Disease suspected in Washington State just now on CNN

The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - No Matter Who You Vote For

US "productivity" a question

Nader Rejects Green Party Backing

If you could only pick one which would it be?

CNN BREAKING...Mad Cow disease presumptive positive in WA State.

Great Rush Radio Reaction

French & Mexican airline pilots might be terrorists?

Benjamin Kanne

I am off

US Companies Moving More Jobs Overseas

If you believe like this who would you vote for?

Spooky FreeRepublic thread on Al Qaeda and impending nuclear threat

Fun with Dubya

Are Most Left-Right TV Pundit Interviews Scripted?

Is it racist to be bothered by the idea of a Russian majority in Riga?

Selective Service Director Brodsky explains SPECIAL SKILLS DRAFT in .pdf!!

Bush reducing DRAFT activation time from 8 months to 75 days by 03/31/05!!

New Buzzflash Editorial on (you guessed it) the DRAFT! Rummy Confession!!!

Bush plan to enslave middle and lower classes is working.

Crossfire -- Do Democrats have a "potty mouth' problem?

Who are the most stigmatized minority in the U.S. today?

"Limbaugh obtained about 2,000 pills during five months"

Great Rush related post I found on a gaming forum (funny)

It's the alienation, stupid!

BBV: easy way to fax your Senators to verify the vote

Did Reagan leave the Democratic party because of civil rights?

Rumsfeld says we should not sit around "hiding under chairs."

To Rush: From us at "Democrat"

Ann Veneman says my Big Mac won't give me Mad Cow Disease

Repukes in Congress rumbling about a DRAFT after the election

In some public areas of the U.K., British flags are not allowed...

What to do in Iraq...

The Somerville Tea Party - Smoking Ban Defiance

Describe the Republican Party, in ONE word.

Bush*: 'popular' because of 'anger' or because he's not held accountable?

The Coming Strike? The Anatomy of a Terrorist Hoax

Has Limbaugh been to the doctor since his "recovery" program ?

Will Nader running as an Independant stop the flame wars on DU?

Code Orange: Is it based on an Internet Hoax?

Prick Cheney's lack of regard for life displayed during pheasant slaughter

so, you laugh at an "Orange Alert" and you get....

If There Is Another Terrorist Attack On His Watch, Bush Is Toast

Limbaugh lost his lawsuit! WooHoo!

The Mass Psychology of Fascism

What does your gut tell you about 2004?

Obesity tax.

The paradox of "death tax" vs. social spending

Does the Democratic Party have a plan to win back Congress?

2004 Worst Case Scenario - What do we do?

"Freedom: Start Despising It" - PSA w/ freedom-hating David Cross

BBV: Book About to Rock & Roll! Go Dave! New Question?

Creationism in National Parks (from my DoD email)

Powell Defends Diplomatic Role

Foreign Policy Guru Tapped to Aid Rice, a Former Employee

Thurmond's Support of Daughter Varied

Army says it can’t handle massive Air Con donation

Israeli invasion shakes Jenin

A Federal Case for a Teenager: Family Sees Tie to Ex-President (Bush)

Gunmen Kill Top Judge in North Iraq City (Youssef Khoshi, Kurd)

LUKoil to Return to Iraq

Russia offers to ease Iraq debt for oil contracts

Nelson: Brazil pushing U.S. to lift tariffs

Will US oil firms return to Libya?

Judge halts mandatory anthrax shots for troops

A Federal Case for a Teenager: Family Sees Tie to Ex-President (41)

so, does anybody wanna question Brett Favre's decision?

Bush has thrown open Pandora's box in a paradise for international terrori

Dean's campaign depends on enemies

Iraq's New Army Battles Its Own Problems

Under Bush,* Expanding Secrecy

Dean Leads in New Wash Post/ABC Poll

Observers Fault U.S. for Pursuing Mini-Nukes

Oregon is key state in voter mobilization efforts

Shop Staff Demand Pay for Seasonal Song Stress (Czech Republic)

Tax-Free Health Care Accounts Begin Jan.

Kadhafi says North Korea, Iran and Syria should follow Libya's lead

Siegfried's Roy returns home

British and Israeli hostages free after 102 days

Militants arrested as top judge is killed

Pentagon to conduct terror drill

Japan Hesitates on Iraqi Debt

Black takes 5th in SEC investigation

(Conrad) Black invokes the Fifth (Globe and Mail - Hollinger Affair)

FBI clears military over attack: claim

NBC: Terror threat to extend through January (Al Qaida comcl pilots?)

Support for Democratic contender Clark brings almost a thousand hateful e-

For Mrs. Clinton, Listening Subsides and Talk Is Louder

Clark Attacks Bush Strategy on Terrorism as Mistaken

Explosion at Chinese hotel kills two in apparent bombing

The ultimate honour - impressive list of those who refused to bow to the s

Rumsfeld Made Iraq Overture in '84 Despite Chemical Raids

Study: High school graduation data exaggerated

Judge orders Limbaugh's medical records released

Talk of Tikrit's Favorite Diner: Hatred of Hussein, Fury at US

Lawyer says Limbaugh paid blackmail money

Poll Puts Katherine Harris in Race for Graham’s Seat

GOP's Pressing Question on Medicare Vote (Buyer's Remorse)

Please delete. I must have misheard the verdict.

Family appeals teen's federal sentence (burned Poppy Bush' s boat engine)

Bush ratings show little gain from Saddam capture

Americans Want Saddam Hideaway

Rush's Statement on Ongoing Florida Fishing Expedition

Nader Rejects Green Party Backing

US military metes out collective punishment to Iraqi city

US to fingerprint all visitors

Death Toll Rises in Gaza

CNN live: Mad Cow disease found in Washington State...

Bush Warned: Don’t Push Israel

Mass. Death Sentence Is First in 30 Years

Iran's AFchief: Israel to ''dig own grave'' if nuclear sites attacked

No Exceptions: "The Bush Administration Owes America The Full Truth

(Canadian) Church That Opposed Gay Unions Ordered Closed

Gaddafi quoted: Libya long way from nuclear weapon

Ralph Nader Won't Run Under Green Party

Iraq Foreign Minister Hints on Contracts

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 23 December (#1)

Castro says Saddam's mistakes did not justify U.S.-led war

Halliburton critic reaps campaign contribution (WAXMAN)

US Contractor in Iraq Helped Fund Al Qaeda

Six Killed in House Fire in Canton, Ohio

GI 'punched Saddam for spitting at his captors'

UN satellites eye Israeli barrier

AP: Dean Trailing Against Bush, Poll Finds (55-37)

Free-trade pact called threat to U.S. sugar

Next round of DOD base closings


New York pardons late Lenny Bruce

Kucinich Presses U.N. Involvement in Iraq

Gen. Wesley Clark Credits Clinton for Ghadafy Breakthrough

Study: Fewer teenagers are having sex

Families Sue U.S., Reject 9/11 'Bribe'

Deregulation hasn't cut Ohioans' energy bills

Nader Rejects Green Party Backing

Soldier dies during training in Iraq (Heart Attack 24 yr old )

Polish soldier accidently shot and killed in Iraq

Iran's 1st nuke power station operational in 2005

TPM & blogger Ralph Brandi: "Kurds capture Saddam" story probably bogus

Brazil Gets Sweeping Gun-Control Law

Divided over possible unity-Talk of combined ticket unraveling as Clark, D

For Mrs. Clinton, Listening Subsides and Talk Is Louder [NYT]

Stay away from Israeli women, foreign workers told

Dozen explosions rock southern Baghdad - witnesses

Hate Law Challenge Tossed Out

Police call for remote button to stop cars

Sparks touts open trade as solution for Cubans, Alabamians

Bush opens 300,000 acres of Alaskan national forest to logging

Oh, marvelous. CNN reporting Mad Cow disease in WA state.

Feds may crack down on SUV gas guzzlers

Malvo Jury is Back: Verdict was Incomplete, now in: LWOP!

Dean Rebuked for Statement Implying Brother Served in Military

Oh, yass...

Whoa dude! That's some fish your swimming with!

Use Knoppix Linux from a CD- time to take notice

Letterman's Wesley Clark Quote of the Night

Is it my imagination or are there lots of disruptors at DU lately.

Drain Bamage Alert!

Who won the scary bush pic art contest?

"Oh boy, I'm going to catch hell for that one..."

My little holiday missive for all of you:

How to teach your dog to sing along with Christmas carols

So what happened with the palace ghost?

Hey there, Lounge friends. Bad news.

My mom and dad are driving me insane!

I feel such a sad sense of loss.

Alert Jim Davis! the threat level had gone from "Code Odie" to "Code

Christmas Carols You Won't Hear at the White House

Yay! More Member Services Spam from MSN!!!

Godwin's Law

Mrs Amok's Christmas Eve...

What the DU Lounge means to me

This may be the beer talking......

Here's a repulsive little cartoon for ya.

Boogie Wonderland

Serpentine Fire

These Eyes

I Can't Go For That

Howard the Duck: World's Greatest Film or Secret Message to Commies?

O.K., LotR AND Buffy this the weirdest thing you've ever seen?

What is that purple thing flying around the room??

Anybody have a headache???

3 in the Morning and whats there to do..

Yet another post about some goony fark photoshop pic

Ah shit! I've got every porno ad on the internet popping up on my PC

Man..Are you following me??

Freepers getting to you? Need help?

what's this 3Z3K13L

Who Controls The Remote Control/s At Your House?

Free TV Remember that??

Funniest thing you ever heard at work...

At stake: the reputation of a French heroine,

Is that really Muhammad Ali talking in that Linux commercial?

Favre's night also puts me in the DU fantasy league championship game

When did you first learn that Santa Claus was

What is the most important thing to know about a car?

CAPTION ze stretchee-face governor

Ok, I am going to rant, now...

Dr. Seuss on Aging

Awww hell....11 more posts til I'm at 600...someone talk to me...

CAPTION Dick Cheney coming down from the mile-high club w the little woman

Happy Christmas Eve Eve.

Tra la! Sing along, won't you?

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

Most Pointless TV Program ever! - on MuchMoreMusic last night.

Are we corrupting these [email protected]@per souls


DO you want to laugh? I got your laughs right here!

Steel drum bands?

Ohio DUers! Who wants to have a beer with Blue-Jay tomorrow night?

Need Christmas Gift ideas FAST!!!!!

Anyone but me still have shopping to do??

Snoopy -vs- The Red Baron

I posted a lounge message at LBN...

CAPTION Arnold as he shares his Hanukkah joy with the children

Loose Screw Shuts Down Nuclear Power Station

Will someone PLEASE tell me just what the f*** this "Festivus" is?

Wish me luck, please! Job interview this afternoon! It's not as much

can someone help me identify this Japanese film?

Ever buy something where the total is exactly the cash you have on hand?

Brian Setzer: Retro King or Plagiarizing Wanker?

Which candidate has cutest supporters?

Terrorist Ruler Tries to Slide into JFK Airport

Loose Screw Shuts Down Nuclear Power Station

Strawberry Comforts Jackson at Neverland

CAPTION Arnold and his Hanukkah joy

People smell weird

Which Religion will Michael Jackson Convert To?

Remain calm, go on with your plans but be alert and CAPTION!

What is your favorite Sci Fi series of all time?

Do the poo that they do.

Random overheard conversation

Is the DU losing momentum?

I am an EVIL REPUB Parent

The current Movie Thread Chain...

I've got really bad Karma this week

The Official Guide to Debt Collectroll-Speak!

Somebody read the Snoopy thread

Old Fart allert! Mort Sahl

The Greatest Story Ever told

1970's Flashback:

What does the asterisk mean after Bush's name?

Semi-regular gratuitous tatoo discussion thread....

Bomb threat conviction costs Santa his job

CAPTION the guy they DON'T trust enough to play with fire

It still not too late

I love the Muppets

Did Your Boss Get You Anything For Christmas?

Fantasy (Better, Skittles??)

do your cats chase the cursor?

So, tell me something I don't know.

*DU News Special Bulletin!*

Favorite holiday dessert?

Cat Survives 150 Miles Riding IN CAR ENGINE

Alternate LBN Thread Titles

I'm almost to 1000 posts -- Don't ask me anything

Soul Coaxing (Âme Caline)

Just in time for the Holidays: Rate your favorite Tele-Evanglist

Anyone watch The Today Show today?

Dec.23rd --HAPPY FESTIVUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who sings your favorite version of "White Christmas"?

Cuervo Christmas Cookie Recipe

Did you see the Joe Namath interview?

Turns out I can almost, but not quite, get my leg through

Let me the first to wish all of DU a Happy Festivus (Dec. 23)!!

I...uh I seem to have dropped the ball once again (CAPTION)

What's your favorite holiday meal sidedish??

Your favorite version of Gloomy Sunday

The World's Cutest Toddler (diabetics beware!) MOVE TO LOUNGE! SORRY!

Video of why you want Bush out as president!

How will GWB end up on Mt. Rushmore?

I Feel Like Getting Drunk.....

Man Gives Wife Toilet Seat As Gift - Didn't Go Over Too Well

Time Mag: Best -LOTR ROTK worst- Mona Lisa Smile

Anybody besides me miss Perry Como at Christmas time?

So how come the media isn't hounding Nicole Kidman and Lenny Kravitz,

CAPTION Dick Cheney doin it cafeteria style

Viagra to get generic name...

Woo-hoo! I just won my fantasy football league!

In honor of Saddam's capture...

12 Random Questions

Computer fun at cats' expense

Which hop?

I just heard a NARCONON ad at the end of Rush

new Hannity advertiser Alka-Seltzer/Bayer

The new version of "12 Days"--what are the words?

new Oxyrush advertiser Kleenex Tissues/Kimberly Clark

Purple is as purple does....

What present for your favorite "ACME Customer"

PET Owners check-in: What are you getting your pet for Xmas/Hannakah?

Rummy's "Old Europe" is named phrase of the year

Dr. Phil: Big Hearted Man or Big Dumb Meanie?

Sweetie? Honey? Darling? Sweetheart? Dear? Baby?

Have I told you (lately) about my grandson?

I am outta here- Merry Christmas my friends

Anybody know of a good traditional-looking holly plant that is cold-

Do you ever see old pictures and kind of wish you had lived then??

Karmic Focus, Please. Going to get biopsy results right now.

Holiday meal menus

Who else's "Christmas" is already over?

The Offish party thread

Question for the cat lovers

DU MEN!!! Learn from this: Man says he gave wife toilet seat as gift

Does anyone have a disgusting close-up photo of Cheney, handy?

Heist movie thread!

movie trivia

hee hee... look what I found.... ;-) (yo! matcom!)

Poll: Bands you don't hate but still think are overrated....

Anyone here (used to) watch the show "7 Days" ?

Earthquake survival kit for everyone.

Has anyone been following Funky Winkerbean Comics?

PS2 and X-Box, excessive?

Buy Bush a Ticket to Texas

This is my 465th post. I think I may get to 500 by year end. Let's party!

Favorite Prescription Drug?

This game perplexes me

Ballistic Missles are flying through GD Primary

what a great idea

Name that Poet

Anyone hear the LA related terror blurb on CNN minutes ago?

Help cookie recipe needed...

National Anthems in pro-sports: Who finds the idea as silly as I do?

Yes!!!! I'm still at ASU! WOO HOO!

What sells on ebay?

Hats off to our favorite people

personality test

CONFESS!! Which Movies Have You Fallen Asleep At or Walked Out Of?

"Blonde On Blonde" on the CD player NOW

Just Ventured Into 2004 Primary Forum

Read a post from Skinner in the ask the Admin section.

How did brits starting putting R's at the end of their words?

Will you get the gift you really want this holiday season?

Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo

VH1 Holds Onto Gold 'Nugent'

What is your favorite orange alert music?

Ever had a wish to be something ?

I will be so fucking glad when the Primaries are over

Paddy's survival guide to last-minute Christmas shopping: ( for guys)

Confess! What excellent movies do you hate?

What really honks you off about other freeway drivers?

Why do all answering machines ...

Today is my mom's 68th birthday...ask me anything

Whatever happened to David Steinberg?

Is there anyone here that has a basic understanding of automobile engines?

Anybody try one of those artificial sun lamps?

Let the hoarding begin!!!


Med School Dilemma (Seeking Honest Advice)

Well my Christmas is ruined.....

Legal advice needed: 5 years after my divorce, I may still be married

Can you type when you've been drinking?

ZombyCoffee/ZombyTea/ZombyEggnog Xmas Eve Eve Blend!

Any college profs here?

btw sips of eggnog and angst, will you be my test market?

There was a time.. Let's tell the kids how life USED to be..

What do you consider to be barbaric?

Who ought to use Nazareth's Hair of the Dog as thier theme music?

What would happen if Santa got drunk on Christmas eve?

When's The Last Time Your Favorite Sports Team Won A Championship?

17.5 Random Questions To Build Up Momentum In The Lounge

Is it tacky to get your wife sleep wear ?

Worst U.S. novelist? (post world war 2 div.)

ATTENTION: Star Trek Fans!!!!!

Why do people do it?

Friends Take Care Of Each Other!

Any fans of Manchester band "The Fall" here?

I want to attend grad Japan

Gratuitous Ranting Grinch Post...

Any Illuminatus fans out and about?

your 3 favorite bands

Does anyone know why I would all of a sudden be getting


Biopsy = Negative! Woo-Hoo!

I have been so busy, I keep forgetting, so here it is Orange Alert!

I'm thinking about starting a window cleaning business.

The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - No Matter Who You Vote For

HawkerHurricane's NFL Power Ratings! (week 16)

I suspect a strong "Cat Bias" here at DU.

DU Christmas Eve Eve Putt Putt Tournament

Does anybody out there use a Sony PC?

What was the strangest movie you ever saw?

CONFESS!!!!! What really really bad movie did you watch and actually like

Poll For Married DUers

Who is the best NFL QB of all time?


Stars being formed ... in another galaxy

Any chance Howard Dean will buy Rush off

I love howard Dean as much as the next guy...

In Iowa, some voters give Kerry a second look

Can anybody recommend any good Dean videos online

Have Sharpton and Braun redeemed prior errors in campaign?

Bush New Years Resolution #10-From Edwards For President

What has been the Kerry campaign's biggest problem?

A Bush supporter we usually avoid shocked us today.

Tonight on Letterman "general wesley clark quote of the night"

2008 GOP nominee (if we win in 2004)

I'm going to go out on a limb and predict Dean will do well in NH

Interesting chart on DailyKos site

We are behind the 8 ball

The WilliamPitt Telethon begins now! Jump on board.

poll ratings in british newspaper

December 1991 Gallup Poll

dean claimed his brother was in the armed service?...cspan

An Honest Question for Reasonable supporters of Candidate X

Could the two-party system collapse in the coming decades?

Are candidates allowed to take international donations?

Congratulations Dean Haters!

Face it non Dean supporters . . .

Attacking Howard Dean thru his dead brother.

Time to post fewer responses and click more alerts

If Dean supporters behave like they do on this board

Dean, from long shot to leader/ Des Moines Register

Good news for Dean supporters from last night's CBC Newsworld

Dean: Damaged Goods?

Was Nathan Hale a member of the Armed Forces?

What can Kerry do to save his campaign?

Candidate Revew and Self Promotion

Don't mean to be harsh...

I give up. You guys are hopeless if you don't stop.

So sorry - no discussion allowed - all hail Caesar

Journalism and the Code of ethics

Theresa Heinz Kerry

Dean may have volunteered for military when physical flunked

Former Gore aide joins Clark (Gore finance director)

Newsweek's Eleanor Clift asks: Is Dean Damaged Goods?

So, someone from DU contacted my boss at truthout

Latest Washington Post Poll Is A Pro-Dean Push Poll

Your candidate: Best to beat Bush or best president?

Repost in right forum...A Bush supporter shocked us today.

I still can't believe Will Pitt is leaving!

Stop Helping Bush!

Nader Rejects Green Party Backing

Free Speech, Margaret Chase Smith, John Ashcroft, "Bashing" candidates

DUer Robbedvoter in LA times Clark article

Reasonable Dean Supporters Check In Here

An alarming level of discord.

Kerry takes message to Iowa work sites

Paradox: DU, Democrats and Dean

Why is Lieberman the RNC Darling?

Foreign experience

Anger or tears - I don't know

Foreign experience?

If the GOP has RINO's, can we have DINO's? (is Dean a DINO?)

Have you ordered yours yet?

No one is going to defect to the Republican Party this year...

Beating Bush isnt enough!!!!

be careful stop dean movement - you might get lieberman

Dumping On Dean (

Why are enthusiasm and ideals always dismissed as "cultlike"?

"Dean's Campaign Depends on Enemies" by Thomas Oliphant, Boston Globe

The democratic nominee should challenge Bush to a debate before the RNC..

The Green Party of the United States.The Nations first National 3rd Party.

ABC: In the Van with Howard Dean - interview

Uniting the Party...or Dividing it to win the nomination

Foreign experience?

Former Gore aide joins Clark

Candidate Challenge

Newsweek: The Democrats' Own Quagmire

Nader Rules Out Another Run as Green in 2004 (May Still Run as Ind.)

What makes Bush a strong candidate?

Fear of Dean?

Deleted message

An honest question for Kerry supporters.

Why I support Dean and why I will continue to support Dean.

Now I have no Idea Who Im voteing for..

Testing-makes-you-stronger Department: "Is Clark a neocon?"

Dean not filing answer to lawsuit on sealed Vermont records

A message from the Managing Editor of

Health Care

No Southern problem for Dean - WP Poll Dean 30-10 over Clark in South

An OPPORTUNITY to buy a limited-edition piece of CAMPAIGN ART

Edwards Complains About Focus on Dean

Joe Lockhart responds to a Dean supporter at Edwards blog.

What Would the Race Be Like Without Dean in It?

Clark: Bush Deserves to Be Fired for Not Preventing 9/11

9 Candidates too many for voters

Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson Supporting Clark

To the Right .. Bush is Christ...

Benjamin Kanne

Vermont to fight effort to force Dean to unseal papers

A call to arms....

CNN just aired the new Kucinich ad w/Danny Glover

"The Great Surrender":Reason to be Angry other than Bush or Dean

Hilary Clinton CANNOT be elected to the U.S. Senate

Is this acceptable journalism?

CNN Lou Dobbs

If the primary came down to Dean vs. Lieberman, who would you support?

Dean volunteered for OCS active duty, volunteer physical failed

Just returned from the Kucinich Event here in Las Cruces, NM

Whoa! George Lois has endorsed Kucinich and is doing ads for him!

Have The Attacks (Info) On Your Candidate Changed Your Mind\Vote ???

I think we need to face facts.

Clarification: "Candidate Haters" is a violation of the new nicknames rule

New Poll Confirms Pattern: Dean Viewed Inevitable, Bush Landslide Looms

Washington State Firefighters Endorse John Kerry