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Archives: December 21, 2003

How west helped Saddam gain power and decimate the Iraqi elite

Send WalMart a lump of coal for the holidays

DUers: Help Me Kick GW's Butt...

A poll thread about non-poll threads that compare us to "freepers"

LotR, Anyone?

Rochester moves to protect gay students

What are the real unemployment numbers?

How to build an economical mono-rail.

Lebanon convicts 27 over anti-US attacks

Philippines landslides toll may top 200

The Official Story Version: is there a published version/"case" anywhere?

Ten killed in Kashmir clashes

Are we allowed to ask questions about Warnings here?

I'm sorry to be persistent....

Regarding the nickname rule . . .

Re: Disable Mail Address

Israeli invasion of Balata continues

The Official Story Version: is there a published version/"case" anywhere?

"Clark appears to be gaining steam" in New Hampshire

Clark has depth on domestic issues

2004 upset predictions!

North Texas Submachine Gun Match

Libya will be a better example to the world than the ironic.

"Joe Sixpacks Guide to Financial Market Today!" (Financial Sense) Great!

Idea of the Week: Damage Control

Anybody going Linux come Christmas

Bush ,Regan Cheney,Rumsfeild and crew..

NC's onetime less than 3% Unemployment soars to 6.2%! And, the Online

Would you consider this NOT torturing Saddam?

Clark defending big pharma on CSPAN

Why Dean??? One Reason...

Family christmas shopping boycott update.

re: Mr. Chalabi, our great Iraqi hope?

To celebrate the birth of Christ, our soldiers get this

Cheney to be prosecuted?

"Lockerbie Witness Lied to CIA to Secure Life in the West"

Kurdish school textbook found in Saddam’s hideout hut

Soul mates to Freepers

Christmas Brought To Iraq By Force

More from the mailbag: The West and Saddam must stand trial

The "Hubris-Nemesis" Complex Revealed

How long before the riots ?

FL Senator Bill Nelson for VP?

The main problem with the DLC is what exactly?

Nation of bigots: 50% think homosexual relations should be illegal

No "Ifs, and, or buts:" Does the Dem Nominee Win in 2004?

Memento Mori

Bigger problems now; Murdoch runs DirectTV.

Can you guess who said these quotes? Will it surprise you?

Legalize the Herb..

Urgent letter to the American Administration from Al-Qaida

Fight, fight dirty, fight to win

Air Force drops three counts against Guantanamo translator; lawyer says de

Bank of England alerted to BCCI fraud risk in 1984

Hundreds gather to show support for strike by grocery workers

Hundreds gather to show support for strike by grocery workers

A Trench Caves In; a Young Worker Is Dead (OSHA gutted)

Diana was pregnant at time of her death, says top policeman

Largest Paper in CT, Murdoch Owned, Calls on GOP Governor to Resign

US Trains 100 Lawyers to Try Saddam

Californians against public services for illegal immigrants launch new bal

Should Hilton divorce Paris in favor of Nice?

Simon ...Like you have never played before

Anybody going Linux come Christmas

Question about non-Christian religions.

Alabama, Georgia, and NW Florida DUers, please read!

If Dean wins the Presidency, will Phish play at the Inagural ball?

How are you all doing?

Fantastic!! I just renewed my driver's license online today.

If one of your reindeer ever got sick, Snoopy could help pull your sleigh.

It's Roast Dean Night tonight in GD!

Kringle greetings.. (caution.. they are "twisted")

What's the picture in the not for the faint of heart caption

GD is so much nicer now with the split. THANK YOU DU!

I love cheese

Pooty Poot can't get his daughters to stop yapping on the computer

House hippos

Wonder if pet owned people should do this or

Has anyone walked on hot coals doing a fire walk?

How long should I wait to post a girl back

"Waiting for God"? One of the main characters is an Atheist???

2 questions: Did Clark's ad come on the Patriots/Jets game yet? 2. Why

Mmm... this is good hot cocoa.

Saw the Beautician and the Beast today WTF?!?

The Twelve days of Christmas

Cute tree

I am listening to the new Dream Theater Album, ask me anything.

CAPTION - Clay Aiken finally receives his Bachelor of Dorkology degree

A neat Page I found

Finally saw Mighty Aphrodite today

Bubba ( A real freeper joke)

well, the bucs are out of the playoffs...who is next???

Should TV stations stop showing end credits altogether? must be punished

Anyone know their credit score?

Family Christmas shopping boycott update.

XM radio vs. Sirius

Sooooo... what's your favorite holiday song?

Mac and Cheese?

Best team in the NFL.

Couldn't care less about people who couldn't care less.

Am I the only American alive who couldn't care less about LOTR?

Woody Allen: Genius Filmmaker or Overrated Hack?

Watching High Fidelity

Watch South Park at 10:00 EST, there's a big, topical surprise at the end

We got our new PUPPY! (Huge JPG)

Tonight's SNL - Best of Will Farrell, Vol. 2

Discuss "LOTR: The Return of the King" here (spoilers)

The Apprentice" is coming to NBC!

Let's try this again: US National Anthem

"King of the Hill" - NeoCon, Just Coneservative or Center-Left?

Ghostly image at Britain's Hampton Court

Did you know you could get a girlfriend on EBay for $7.99

A different kind of blue/red map this time...

This flu SUCKS

Heads up for anyone thinking at all about moving abroad ....

How long should I wait to call a girl back?

I love fiction!

Idaho, Montana, ALTA, SASK , and BCDUers

Lurkers, the administration has just said that if you don't check in now

Not for the faint of heart Caption. Consider this a warning

Records with false endings

Is Dean doing us a service by sealing up the coffin of the old DLC?

Why Dean??? One Reason...

Why does Dean insist we get the UN to take over Iraq when........

Letter from Bill Novelli explaining AARP/Medicare position

Not to distract from the flamewars here, or anything

Two Major Benefit Concerts for Kucinich Planned: 12/28, 1/3

Clark speaking out against Diebold, *for* paper trails in voting, on CSPAN

Clark on CSPAN now, pancake breakfast, informal setting!


Clark/CSPAN rebroadcast 11:15pm PST, pancake breakfast, Q&A

With 30 Days left until NH, who will win?

How Do You Feel About Phony/Strawman Polls on Kerry Position

Clark no quitter- The Ohioan: Clark A Hero To Some; To Others, Headstrong

The brilliance of Clark's cursing.

Dark Forces Point to Dean Electoral Disaster . The Story Continues

Need some help regarding Clark

John Nichols: Dean Is Right

Does anyone feel defensive when they log in to DU?

IF Clark loses the nomination, will he run for Arkansas Governor in 2006?

Clark's 4 main listed tonight when someone asked him

 Supporting the troops - living under Clark's command

Clark Supporters Only: How do we get the numbers up?

Does Dean really oppose privatization of public services?

Idea of the Week: Damage Control

If A Dem Wins In 2004, Will That Dem Have Any Coattails ???

Boston '04: Imagine the '68 Dem Convention, but with RFK alive.

NPR on Clark: 'stubborn, abrasive, overbearing and self-righteous'

Clark supporters here scare me - the economy and militarism

How do you feel about Kerry again attacking the UN?

'Out of the Mainstream? Hardly ' -Dean answers WP editorial

Clark vowing to *"break back of big pharma"* on CSPAN

General Clark thumps on John Ashcroft and patriot act on CSPAN

Why Howard Dean Should Not Be President

Edwards Supports Jesse Jackson SC March against Goose Creek SB!

Only disconnect

Stars & Stripes letters for Saturday

Frank Rich (NYT): Napster Runs for President in '04 (Dean & Internet)

Project for the OLD American Century holiday greetings

We Three Thugs...

IRAQ: US Firm Bechtel Planned to Evade 1988 Sanctions - Document

U.S. soldiers lack best protective gear : Jonathan Turley

Saddam Is The Man Who Knew Too Much

We've Got Saddam; Now, Let's Nab Osama

Dean: Out of the Mainstream? Hardly [MUST READ!]

Stolen Harvest: The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply

Who's Next 2004: Red, White & Funny (Jon Stewart

Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War

"Where Birds Don't Fly"--Friedman's latest

Saddam is The Man Who Knew too Much

Jim Hightower: "Tom DelayThinks he's God's man in Congress"

Libya's Fatal Blow To Axix of Evil

Protest Cheney in Bellevue, WA 12/22

Oh God, I watched Faux this mourning, its worse than ever..

I'm totally pissed off!

Australian physicists violate the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Say what?

How Israeli Intelligence led the US and the UK to launch on Iraq

Lifting of U.S. Ban Places Israel in Saudi Arabian Danger

Nuclear program in Iran tied to Pakistan

Feature suggestion for 2004 -- Spell check

Why did you need a separate GDF for P2004?

Is "Moderator" going to be a permanent Mod?

I don't understand why this thread is allowed

Should statements made by nominees be part of LBN?

DU Electronic Book

How is this a rules violation?

GD-2004 has the rules double-posted

Ask for Death-Indoctrination of Children to seek Death for Allah-Shahada

Palestinians mourn their hero

Sharon plan would keep out Palestinian workers

Bush: "We must get rid of" Arafat


Zvi Bar'el (Ha'aretz): Sharon's two-headed calf

Saddam and Palestine

Sources: IDF troops arrest top Hamas official in Nablus

Pat Robertson In Israel: The Fight Against Terrorism

Pat Robertson In Israel: The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Lifting of U.S. Ban Places Israel in Saudi Arabian Danger

How Israeli Intelligence led the US and the UK to launch on Iraq

The Political Legacy of Edward Said...

Israeli commandos refuse to serve in W.Bank, Gaza

Six-year-old Palestinian boy killed during clashes

Birthright Israel concerned ISM activists are exploiting trips

Don't forget du'ers. We paid Bin Laden before too.

Dean's comeback to Joe/media/GOP's "Saddam wouldn't be caught if Dean"

Cool electoral map site

My Favorite Ad (So Far): "Child's Pay"

What is a libertarian?

Is Joe Trippi a liability?

McCain sees 5 Dem Seats Going Repub if Dean is Nominee

99% sure Clark DOES do better than Dean v. Bush

Watch South Park at 10:00 EST, there's a big, topical surprise at the end

Why did 9/11 happen?

Have yourself a merry little Christmas...DU style

Just Asking: Has Any Wingnut Composed "Victory at Sea"

Yellow Dates in Iraq in December?

Here's Why The Dems Will Lose Big In 2004

Ghostly image at Britain's Hampton Court

LIVE progressive radio streaming now -- The Nate Clay Show

Does anyone feel defensive when they log in to DU?

The Hippies were right in the 60ies..

This Newsweek poll does not make Bush look formidable.

Soldiers arrest secondary school students:

"250,000 newly imported cars cause some of fuel shortage in Iraq? Carmax?

Gop to court Blacks over radio

TIME's Person of the Year - The US Sodier

I just saw a product ad on TV.

Will anti-Dean demos vote for * against Dean in the general election?

Fox News Changes Slogan

Dems should continue to hammer Bush on Iraq

The Freeper Push

Bush admin. told Senators Iraq WMDs could hit east coast U.S. cities!

Look what the Bushit administration missed out on

Oh Boy: How right was Jim McDermott?

Cheney faces prosecution: report

It's War! They stole the presidency & congress, now they humiliate us.

Joke 'em if they can't take a .............

(Article on Dem who lost to Rowland in CT) Bill Curry: How Ya Like Me Now?

I find the timming of the Libia WMD and the Qaddafi flap...

Betrayed by dates?

Joe Trippi and Wesley Clark will be on "This Week"

Miami Police state

Miami police cut off seniors

...U.S. forces destroyed a house suspected of being used by insurgents...

Disparity between political compass of Americans & their leaders

War - what is it good for? (the story of a defecting Dem)

okay, I've seen the gore - pot headlines. but drudge is the only one

important strategy tip

If the Kurd/Saddam story is true, & the US is really making arrests off...

Overwhelming Evidence of Conspiracy to Make Americans Stupid!

What we're up against:

Greek news is saying some reporter found Chemical weapons.

Was Saddam capture another Jessica Lynch show?

Bush declares: "We must get rid of Arafat" ( * at drinks party)

TIME's POTY: The American Soldier

CSPAN on TIME cover story

Dan Rather co-owns a ranch with Donald Rumsfeld?

"Homosexuals Do Threaten Many"

another Chomsky article and thread

EVERY BushCo move is designed to mislead and hide the TRUTH..

Is Howard Dean the next "Ronald Reagan"?

Constitutional Law Question

Why did Ollie North say the 750K was in new dollars this week?

CNN Bastards

What does level ORANGE cost?

When is the 9/11 Commission expected to report on their investigation?

Ridge: 'Chatter same level as 911' Admission that they ignored it?

Poll: Bush getting good marks on the economy

Anyone watching DeLay on MTP?

When will Turdblossom & Co "find" Osama?

Thomas Jefferson found guilty!

Breaking on CNN: Ridge to announce raising of terror level

Does Wesley Clark have a hidden adgenda?

Impressions of MoveOn's "Bush in 30 Seconds" contest ads?

Why is Tom Ridge giggling?

PLEASE go rate this story about the Kurds/Saddam on Yahoo.

St. Pete Times: No telling if voter rolls are ready for 2004

Bush Starts Vacation on Upswing -- (EXAMPLE of skewed journalism)

Help! I need the James Baker "I fixed the election" quote

George (orWell) Bush

London calling for draft evaders?

"Are we on the right track or the wrong track?"

Soros favors Clark?

Jim Baker(wink): How I fixed the election for George W. Bush...hehehe

What is Bush telling his masters at ExxonMobil...

TIME magazine article on reinstating the draft

NYT: When Workers Die

Oceania raises security level to 'plusgood'

Is Ann Coulter off television?

What do you make of this picture?

NYC Bloomberg news conference on CNN

Freepers doing better job ridiculing Terror Alert change than DU.

Suicide Bombs in the U.S. - Redux

If I were young enough to be drafted, I'd refuse to go.

BBV: Bev Harris/Andy Stephenson

Those of you debating 911-there is evidence they knew an attack was coming

Top secret 'advisor' dies violently in "suicide"

A message in a bottle....

Time mag picks "GI" so no credit goes to *....haha

a taste of election year; saddam, libya and now orange alert

NORAD Traking Santa:Government Waste, or Cute?

Robert Greenwald urging unauthorised copying of "Uncovered"

CorpGovMedia tippy toes around the outsourcing of America

Is there anyone left on OUR side ?

Saddam was held by Kurdish forces, drugged and left for US troops

Wal-Mart Protest: NO DUers Committed yet

why does libya get diplomacy??

DUers: I beg you, please be vigilant. If you see anything suspicious,

How Can I Get A Costco In My City?

Shouldn't Cheney have been considered for Time's Man of the Year?

On the day of the "Kurds found Saddam" story, alert level raised to Orange

Another terrorist attack, helps or hurts Bush?

George Washington sets the record straight

Time To Play... What's The Terror Alert Covering Up THIS Time !!!

In Praise of NPR

WSJ reporter blames GORE for public ignorance re: AWOL

Ministry of Homeland Security: Prepare Yourselves for TERROR w/ fine films

Future Budget Outlook Gloomy (Yahoo)

Workers in a GOP future

Who's the chap running against Delay?

It's Pathetic...Carville allows Matlin to run roughshod over him!!

If Gore were president think about how different everything would be...

Prof. Jim Fetzer, U. Minn, and Wellstone assassination

On the terror alert, an irony a friend of mine noticed

Collective punishment sends the wrong message

What defines "class" in America?

Happy Holidays from OUR Nation's Capitol (pic)

What do YOU believe happened on 9/11?

Open primaries should be banned...

Overwhelming Evidence of 9/11 Conspiracy

Do you agree with TIME's pick for Person of the Year?

What about Chirac's anti Muslim turn

NAFTA - Free trade, except no cheap prescriptions from Canada

Rules to start discussion threads in the General Discussion forum

"Toy Guy" paid by companies to pitch goods.

RAAF spied on Iran for US without approval: report

News can buy DirecTV

After Backing U.S. in Iraq, Poland Waits for Economic Payback

Georgia Beauty Queen Faces Murder Charge

For Connecticut Governor, Questions Veer Into Unknown

Al Franken visits Iraq

Threat Level Rising to Orange

U.S. Military Chief Says Hundreds of Iraqis Detained (Myers)

Nation's Threat Level Rising to Orange

Many documents detailing Vietnam atrocities missing

Magazine names gay couple top newsmakers

Libya move puts pressure on Israel

Revealed: who really found Saddam?

U.S. says Hussein plundered U.N. oil-for-food program (bought weapons)

U.S. Puts Its Latest Arms in S. Korea

U.S. Modifies Appraisal of Sharon Speech

Libyan deal shows need for shift in U.S. diplomatic tactics, analysts say

Clark Says Dean Sought Him as Running Mate

Clark vows to strike back if opponents question his patriotism

Wes Clark Blasts Bush For Rewriting Rationale For War

Canadian benefactor gave $500,000 US to families of U.S., Cdn war dead

U.S. Raises Terror Alert, Threat Could Rival 9/11

BBC (Sunday): Russia's liberals boycott poll

Hussein Was Held by Kurds Before U.S. Capture, AFP Reports

Grocery Strike Talks Collapse

Seniors Find New Medicare Law Confusing

Saddam verdict expected to take five years

American G.I. as TIME Person of the year?

Justice probing claim of being chained in. (Slavery in Florida)

A Flawed Terrorist Yardstick

Inside Red Dawn - Saddam up close

AP: U.S. Squabble Holding Up Iraq Aid

Georgia Beauty Queen Faces Murder Charge

Reuters | Nearly 50,000 Without Power in San Francisco

Decision time for 9/11 kin

Iraq Pipelines, Storage Tanks Set on Fire

Breaking: CNN reports Ridge increasing threat level at 1:30pm

Al Gore's son arrested for pot possession

Clark Campaign Beats The Spit Out Of Tom 'Chicken-Hawk' Delay

The dollar's drop becomes more ominous

Iraqi criss-crosses country looking for son swallowed up in U.S. detention

"We must get rid of Arafat" warns Bush

Saddam was held by Kurdish forces, drugged and left for US troops

Chicago Priests Revolt Against Vatican Anti-Gay Stand


'Sick' Saddam drugged: visitor

It's FRENCH Vanilla Cappuccino coffee time, Gawddammit!!

Light the Virtual Menorah with Joe Lieberman - Day 2

Freedom Tower?????

Have yourself a merry little Christmas...DU style

anyone watching the Alabama - Oregon game on ESPN2?

A Christmas Card for all Du-ers

Go Pats!!

Call me the Daytimer Gal

Vanity post: My latest photoshop contest entry

Biggest Smartass DUer?

Does matcom like mistletoe?? Judge for yourself

Who here can't wait until Dec 26th

Just Asking: Has Any Wingnut Composed "Victory at Sea"

Does anyone use

Who here definitely would take a SEX ROGUE to a WARMONGERING ANAL OPENING

A holiday nyuk nyuk

Do not read if you're a cat lover - found my grandma's cat in her freezer

'Mr Hankey's Christmas Classics'

anti O'Reilly domain name for sale on ebay

The new furniture is a HIT with the kitties

OK, who plans to sleep through Christmas?

Best chili ever!!!

Saw Clark on CSpan this morning

Out of curiosity, just wondered who were able to relate to the song "If I

It's time to take the gloves off.

Hey! My Christmas Radio Special is on right now...

Mary Hartman! Mary Hartman! - Any Fans Out There?

Old "Bloom County" fans: Steve Dallas -- cool or what?

Psych question: Why do some folks enjoy having the same conversation

CEO Gives 1K Holiday Bonus To Employees

Is Bartcop down?

900MHz House: Don't Do This

Who would you vote for/support for President?

Listening to the new live Rush album...

Who here can't wait until SPRING

Why is Charles Murray obsessed with race?

must vent, sorry

Island Fun for Opihimoimoi and everyone else

If anyone is looking for a signature line quote....

It wouldn't be a Christmas without...

what are cookies, and why don't I have them?

Why are people so cranky in DU-Primary tonight?

The 3 Wisemen, religious tolerance?

I just saw a product ad on TV.

WTF? "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2?"

Where's the best place to listen to audio books online? TIA

Christ's Mass

I Could Have Saved A Few Bucks If It Wasn't For The Cats

Kermit The Frog Endorses Howard Dean

It's almost 2004. What are your New Year Resolutions?

Hey Ladies. Next To Me Is A $750.00 Louis Vuitton Pocket Book.

Drive By Truckers get Farked

HELP!! I've become a DU addict...I don't have a life anymore

"What Bush Wants For Xmas" by Karl Rove (aka Bush's Brain)

The holidays - time for Life of Brian.

Very cool Quicktime movie here:

Sasquatch's guide to building a successful NFL Franchise

Emperor Turg IV Of Planet Zork Endorses Howard Dean

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Just in time for Christmas!

Merry Christmas.. Look what our newspaper put on the front page

Something entertaining.

Ghostly image at England's Wimbledon Court.

2003: The manifestation of all my fears throughout life.

Merry Solstice

Thursday's Hardball re-airing

2 very strange websites

MEN: How do you answer the question "Do I look fat"?

Holiday uses for Duct Tape

What are your family members politics like

Believe it or not I just saw The Sixth Sense and I didn't know the end!

In 1983 a friends' dad threatened to kill me.

Rock. Paper. Scissors.

What Are You?

My dog wishes you happy holidays!

wwweeeee! OK. Matcom Danced on a Bar Last Night!

Real Network Sucks!

Next time you want to get a new dog - remember this poem

The First Ever(?) Knock-Knock thread?

sport, my constant companion of 15 years

What Do You Get When You Cross A Pickle With A Reindeer?

Boro to de la pona galanu

Restaurant work

My Cat Lost 2 Pounds Today

PETA's new spokeswoman?

Where Are You?

What do you get when you cross pickles with a raindeer?

I just defragged my big hard drive - Ask me anything!

Lol, Santa Domi (For Hockey Fans)

Do you observe "Boxing Day"?

Hail to the Chief lyrics!

Help! My daughter is in LIMBO.

Top 10 Reasons for Raising Threat Level to Orange!

Just In Time For Christmas-Threat Level ORANGE

Bears vs. Washington Thread

isn't it nice to be able to read posts in GD

"Carol of the Ducks"

Bengals vs Rams Game Thread

Question about spyware

Best CDs of 2003

Catfight! Jeannie or Samantha

Attention NYC DUers: David Cross & Garofalo at Pianos

Feedback on my website WANTED please?

gift wrappiing in chicago

Do you observe "Wrestling Day"

Topic of 2-3 page paper says "Deal with current examples of propaganda".

Don't Touch the Computer--Very, Very Funny....Must See...

Do yourself a favor and listen to

steelers handing the chargers their sorry butts..


The sad truth about Santa's reindeer

Darkened Heart a poem...

do you hate all conservatives?

Who is going to the Super Bowl ?

Want some suggestions.

Channel 9400 on Dish is having a 9-11 academic retrospective

Punchline Thread - The Christmas Edition

Al-Kinda plot to leave US in darkness foiled...

Hey! John Edwards endorses me!

What does Orange Alert mean for air travel?

How long should I cook this roast in a crock pot?

Terror alert level raised from "jolly" to "merry"

On Will Pitt and littlegrasshoppah

The guy doesn't even know how to sit under an umbrella correctly

WOW! Who just saw New Orleans lose to Jacksonville?

How much TV do you watch?

Just finished the Da Vinci Code

happy holidays (from the WH)

Have you ever heard of the book "Final Exit:"?

I got into college!!!!!

video of a freeper pro war rally

"Once Upon a Time in the West" is on.........

The End of the World

how to block all sites in xp pro?

any varttina fans out there?

oh my lord please help

Oh, I sure hope Mrs. Amok hasn't finished her shopping, because...

Great For-Everyone Christmas Gifts

Need help with popups / browser hijackings...

Punch your ticket to Canton, Mr. Parcells.

I dare you not to laugh

Have you ever died in your dreams and lived to tell about it?

Anyone know of a good automatic espresso/capp maker for 200 or less?

Assorted oddities

What year did you purchase your first CD player?

Congratulations newyawker99 -- 57,000 posts!!!!!

Jesus Christ, Our Savior, is born December 25!

not a household name yet CAPTION

George Lucas or Peter Jackson?

Gawd, I hope this grocery strike ends!!!! Anyone else having...

Have you seen "Dishonest Dubya" Lying Action Figure?

Why did the coke can stink?

When you talk to people, how often do you NOT realize what you're saying?

Why Does Our Lord Jesus Love Howard Dean So Much?

Books: Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Please unfreep this poll....

Your favorite line in a song


A moment, please, for our new cat's "Tom-hood"....

Does 'orange alert' mean bad fruit in Florida?

Watched LOTR RoTK yesterday.....

Which Is It?

Anyone preparing Lutefisk for the Christmas season?

Which Anti-Terra Measure should I support?

A new twist to the Nigerian scam. He only wants $3,000

What was the first computer you swore at?

There is a gift under the tree from my grandma.

Give! by Anne Frank — An inspirational message for the season

There is something just "wrong" about this picture

What Was The First Computer You OWNED?

Name a couple bygone Republicans you kind of liked

to all my DU friends

Are you new to DU? Welcome!

What does this message mean on AIM?

After college I'm moving to Hong Kong......


What are your 3 all-time favorite films?

What are your favorite Dan Ratherisms?

I baked kitty cat cookies last night! Ask me anything!

Movie Thread Chain


$8.69 per pound for rib roast at COSTCO...

Clark defending big pharma on CSPAN

The Right Wing's Sad Attack on Dr. Dean

Repeat of Clark NH event is on now 11:45 pm ET......

Should there be a litmus test for judicial nominations?

A Kid's Eye View - Campaigning with Teresa

I am for one of the three people

Pardon me for being observant, but

Kerry uses Libya as an example of how diplomacy can work

Dean must go!! Time to take the gloves off!

Why did Clark *Whisper* to that woman that his father is Jewish?

Emperor Turg IV Of Planet Zork Endorses Howard Dean

Bush New Years Resolution #12-From Edwards For President

A story about someone I an familiar with:

John Kerry wants Probe of Ashcroft, from today's Des Moines Register

Another "Dated Dean, Married Kerry" story from Des Moines Register

Kermit The Frog Endorses Howard Dean

Clark just said Dean DID offer him the VP position.. Trippi says no...

Wesley Clark Word of the Day: Unlearned

CBS Interview, Clark on Clark: 'experience, maturity, compassion'

How would your candidate affect your life?

I'm confused

Nick Clooney (George's dad) to run for congress in Kentucky

It’s a long, long way to go till November 2004, folks.

"Sugar, Sugar" Gephardt luncheon hosted by Alfy Faneuil by Mark Silva

Snuffy pulls a fast one on Joe Trippi: Starts his ABC interview with him

Is anyone watching Meet the Press : Tom Delay is on the attack

Surprise! Ridge coming on TV to increase threat level at 1:30pm

It was sort of dangled and discussed

IF Kurds caught Saddam, Kerry and Lieberman are done

Ridge holds press conference to declare Dean psychic

I sent a nasty e-mail to Charles Krauthammer

FWIW, from the UK - Clare Short -- Dean for Pres; Clark VP

OK, so tell me how Clark is a True Liberal

SF Paper: "If Dean is too liberal why don't we all just shoot ourselves?"

Gore's son arrested! Dean is finished now!

Kerry coming up on CNN's Late Edition with Wolfie...

Two major forms of avoidable Stupid Politics.

Howard Dean can bring many new high paying jobs for Americans

Media's 2004 story line exposed.

Dean: "absurd insinuation" true--"not safer" true

Boro to de la pona galanu

Why does Howard Dean support life sentences for shoplifters??

Here's Why The Dems Will Lose Big In 2004

What do Bush, Kerry and the NRA have in common?

Indy Media Quote: "Wesley Clark is a Republican through and through."

I'm about to smash my TV

"Dean Spares No Opponent;" Even as he Deplores attacks on him.

I went to a party with Kucinich supporters last night.

When is the next Dem Debate?

IWR: Kerry's truth vs. Dean's dishonesty

Edwards on live now C-SPAN 4:54 EST. Taking questions.

"Clark Campaign Beats The Spit Out Of Tom 'Chicken-Hawk' Delay"

"The most important statement on race in American politics in 40 years"

The terror alert was raised because of Dean.

How Dean could win: A conservative's view

An interesting tidbit from Edwards's conference call last Friday:

Dean campaign in Iowa distributes attack fliers just as Dean calls for end

Great answer by Kerry to Wolf's F word question

Unions who funded Osama ad demand money back

Right after Wolf disses Dean about "Are we Safer" Terror alert goes Orange

Despite attacks on him, Dean is still looking good., numbers encourage

Why Does Our Lord Jesus Love Howard Dean So Much?

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