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Archives: December 20, 2003

Text of Bush Libya WMD announcement

Draw the line on states' redistricting efforts

Intel surge

Best Buried News Stories of 2003!

Paul Krugman (The Nation): The Death of Horatio Alger

CLEVELAND Protest on 12/20/03 -- Does anyone have Info about it?

Cheney at McChord AFB, Wash., Dec. 22

Lou Dobbs (R, POS) gets his ass a girl!

If we had a liberal media?

Christ in Islam - This ought to get those lazy fingers typing :)

Air Canada buying 45 regional jets from Bombardier, 45 from rival Embraer

North Texas Submachine Gun Match

North Texas Submachine Gun Match

My first post down here

Am I misunderstanding the new user rules?

Thank you for splitting the Campaign 2004 forum off

Can't figure out "Search" function

Standing Tall


Conervative Think Tank Poll, re: Gay

What can we do to stop Wal-Mart/educate others?

On This First Night Of Chanukah --- Who Is The Funniest Jew Of All-Time?


Jeb's DCF drugging emotionally disturbed foster children

Some new ideas for Terrorism Alerts

Do the Shi'a stay on the sidelines?--Josh Marshall

George Bush Top Gun Doll offer. (Major puke alert)

Cross Post: Conservative Think Tank Poll, re: Gay

Cross Post: Conservative Think Tank Poll, re: Gay

bill moyers now dupe -sorry

Bill Moyers NOW: Walmart Relies on Taxpayer Subsidized Healthcare

questions for liebermaners

A good way to go after republican voters in '04

cancel your DirectTV

BBV: HR 2239 cosponsors = 94... plus ONE!

My bad never mind

OR: Marijuana Act Clouds Antidrug Work Rules

Unfreep this poll - New trial for Janklow


Why did they wait so long to report Bremer's convoy was attacked?

C-Span: Silence of the Lamb

Australia seeking a few good semen

Murdock is taking over DirecTV

In These Times--- America Votes---

"Acts of Hope..Challenging Empire on the World Stage" Gift to Pass Along!

The RW whackos are going off on France again.

Should the Red Cross be permitted to visit Saddam Hussein ?

CBS news reports terror level may go up from yellow to orange

Libya's next!!

Libya, Iran, and ... Japan?

Wow, anyone see this? Is this in our own future?

Anyone read the Soldiers' letters on Mike Moore's website?

Are we in America facing the new "Judgement at Nuremburg? You Decide

There's no such thing as "the DLC line" that a DLCer votes

MD DUers: Is Maryland a Southern state or a Northeastern one?

Gov Ed Rendell's Holiday card ....

Help with the Estate tax

(Conn. GOP Gov.) Rowland Partner Got Contracts

In Debate on Antiterrorism, the Courts Assert Themselves

Several Democratic presidential campaigns are strapped for cash

Federal Benefit Programs Getting Heavier

Fed. Appeals Court Rules Against Commandments Displays in KY

Bremer Survived Bagdad Convoy Attack

Dean's Yale Transcripts Are Released

GOP redistricting map given temporary OK

States Cut Health Spending on the Poor

N.J. Governor Endorses Dean

Ex-Nicaragua Leader Voices Saddam Support

Shooting Samarra's Schoolboys in the Back

Murdock taking over DirecTV

Abbott raises AIDS drug price more than 400 percent

Canada: Layton asks Stephen Lewis to run for Parliament

State attorney argues to unseal Limbaugh's medical records

Bush Asks High Court to OK Pledge Recital

Church Quits Plan for Ashcroft Street

BBV - Worst Technology - Fortune Magazine

Why I thought Christmas and hemorhoids had 1 thing in common or both are a


Happy Holidays everybody!!

hotties of DU

Your probability having a white Christmas:

A bunch of total strangers gave me a wonderful Christmas present

REM is appearing on "Boston Public" tonight . . .

Job Interview Pre-Flight Check

FOX News Is The Best

Merry Yule DUers (my Yule art inspired by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth)

The great DUer holiday photo project

Things you've said on the internet... Could they come back to haunt you?

Duplicate Poll...feel free to hijack

A rant on the terror alert system, yellow to orange.

Fare thee well, O Evil DUers, 'til the New Year dawns

What I likely would have done had I the Clinton years to live through over

WX says 3-6 Sn tonight. That's what they said last night. We got Z-.

HEyHEY has exactly $2.15 cdn to spend on dinner

The official Friday night 'yak and coffee' thread!

Are you ready for the movie, Mr Scorpio Strikes Back?

Yak Haiku

Help! I know there's a word for this.

"I'm Done Talking About This Right Now"

Is this poll somewhat disingenous?

PICTURE POST TIME!!! Show us your Yak

My sojourn to Mordor hath been postponeth

I Have A Feeling That Saddam Will Be Time's Person Of The Year.

crappy pop up ad:

A Gift for My DU Amigos

Has Jody been back online

I have a 4.0!

Fox turned into a hardcore porn channel so gradually I didn't even notice.

Did anyone else NOT party while they were in college?

new Savage Weiner & Oxyrush advertiser SignPro

Cat foils armed robbery

can someone fill me in on this week's 24 episode? I missed it.

This had to be an "Awwww" moment

The Unofficial Not me and ACK thread

Robin Hood: marxist?

Eighties Pop (specifically New Wave) Fans- Questions:

Cheney sought in weekend vandalism rampage

No, DAMMIT!!! THIS is the OFFICIAL Coffee and Yak Thread!!!

Who is the funniest person you personally know

Sorry to start another photo thread y'all but do i look like anyone famous

Anyone have the flu yet?

1998 Nashville Tornados

Had any surreal moments lately?

What "Leader" are you most like?

Further Kitty Update.

A question about nitroglycerine (the heart medication)

Just to prove that I am well-rounded....... A Caption please.....

Narnia Chronicles to be filmed in New Zealand

Light the Virtual Menorah with Joe Lieberman - Day 1

Ba-dump-bump "I'm No Superman" (A Small Rant)

One-Hit Wonders That Are Actually Good

You guys are the best.

College or high school: which did you enjoy?

Who has a big loveable dog

Did anyone else party while everyone else was in college?

The Old Black Santa

Windows XP Pro versus Home edition


True or False?

Announcing the First Annual DU Graphics Competition

Dean campaign announces

Foreign policy - candidates roll call:


The Howard Dean Song

Dennis Kucinich on "The Guy James Show" Saturday

Dean's Yale Transcripts Are Released

How many primaries will Dean have to lose before he drops out?

BBV - Paperless voting machines "worst technology of 2003" Fortune Magazin

Kerry's stepson and daughter doing a high school Q&A on CSPAN

Is this poll somewhat disingenous?

Howard Dean named to A&E's Top 10 to Watch

questions for liebermaners

Poll shows Dean No. 1 with Georgia Democrats

Wes Clark's Chanukah Greeting.

Clark and Bush "A Tale of Two Leaders"

Alterman finally gets it on both Kerry and Dean

What does *D mean?

where can I pick up a used copy of William Pitt's book?

New Clark Ad--"Patriot"

Several Presidential Campaigns Strapped For Cash

Kucinich gave "Prayer for America" on 2/17/02 - just 6 mos. after 9/11

hypothetical: a conservative Dem, you dislike Dean and Nader both.

Who do you prefer?

Dean Supporters... if you had to pick between Kerry and Clark

To those who challenged Dean's statement about Saddam

Only Two of the Candidates Ran Effective Campaigns: Dean & Clark

dean is like mcgovern, dukakis, and mondale

Kick this Yahoo Story - Bush accuses Clark of raising money in Europe...

Clark OR Kerry OR Kerry/Clark. Dare We Focus on CREDIBLE options

Washington's war on democracy

Rumsfeld and his 'old friend' Saddam

Wall Street curls its lip at Costco's ungreedy CEO

A page to remind us of the misinformation that led us to war.

The Iraqis Who Hated Saddam Hate the Americans More

Mpls Star Tribune: Dean's truth/Saddam didn't threaten U.S.

Not neo-con, just plain greed

A Shourd of Secrecy

John Dean... "Why Senators Daschle and Byrd Were Right to Decry..."

Global Eye - Best Laid Plans

George W Bush, tragic character

Thurmond Family Struggles with Difficult Truth


Take Action: Wal-Mart Protest This Monday

FCC Approves News Corp Takeover of DirecTV!

KOMO-TV (Seattle) using scare tactics again on orange alert

Conservatives and Poverty, or What Would Jesus Really Do?

I heard Judy Collins...

I've been doubting my belief/faith in God as of late....

Happy Newton's Birthday!

mixed nuts ( nutcases )

Can we permanently stop terrorism and war?

Experts see gloomy future for federal budget

Unions at Wal-Mart

A Deficit of $100 Million Is Confronting the N.R.A. - NYT

Photo radar and red light cameras

Is it within the rules to post under more than one name?

Is it within the rules to accuse a poster of using more than one name?

Is DU becoming "ABD" Anybody But Dean?

Skinner, you wanted to see an example of this

regarding the ban on candidate nicknames

How might one prove they are not posting under another name?

Sirius Left

Can't we have a rule banning posts like Will Pitt's Tripe in this poll?

Front Page Picture Captions Are HILARIOUS!

I appreciate the new rule regarding name calling of candidates'

OK, ladies and gentlemen - isnt this getting ridiculous?

Why can't we let people know how banned people are doing?

Thanks for the new rule regarding candidate nicknames

How do I address a stalker problem and what are my legal options?

I appreciate the trials


I'm wondering why it is considered harassment to phone a reporter?

You answered my question .

Search again, please

Disable E-Mail Adress?

Evidently his is considered OK

The unknown Moderator

Arafat: Sharon coordinated 'disengagement plan' with U.S.

IDF nabs 16 wanted Palestinians in W. Bank, raids Gaza camp

Sharon Threat Seen as Major Problem

Sharon's New Offer: A Compromise, a Threat or Both?

Life Under Occupation

Israeli-Palestinian conflict sees a decline in death toll

Int'l Court hearings on separation fence to begin Feb. 23

Legal warning to MP after Muslim terrorism claim

Racism thrives at Israel's Herzliya conference

Debate over US aid to Israel

Well-reasoned, compelling evidence against the Offical 9-11 Legend

I just made another donation to Clark's Campaign

Excited Democrat: The time is now!

Zogby: Post Saddam Bush approval 53%/ re-elect 47%

NRA endorsement for a Democrat candidate?

Weekend schedule for C-SPAN Washington Journal

Did Ariel Sharon really say this?

Why we shouldn't buy into a Dean coronation just yet

Rummy and his old friend, Saddam, great pic. Interesting article.

Well, Libya is curbing its WMD program. When's the US gonna follow suit?

Mike Malloy just plugged DU tonight

If Kerry, Lieberman et al want to stop Dean, DROP OUT.

CNN Scroll: WMD Hunter David Kay is steppin down!?

Anyone with Nexis access who can check AWOL coverage in 2000?

The Iran Hostage Crisis of 1980.

Article in Moscow Times says Chalabi still Bush*its man --

If Iran had captured Saddam Hussein...

i WAS Thinking A Saddam Trial Would Never happen

How do you feel about the war in Iraq?

Ted Rall's transcript of the upcoming Hussein trial -- great read!

"This Is What Democracy Looks Like"

Libya proves that the reasons given for war with Iraq are bogus

Help: how many americans are currently on welfare?

What is it?? Spice, WMD, or Freedom?? Democracy comes to Libya?

Saddam Hussein's former translator: U.S. will not allow Hussein to be

I didn't know Libya had WMDs????

The Kean Intimigate Plot Thickens... Washpost Finally Joins Party

Anyone else dissapointed the WTC memorial/tower?

Christmas spirit that continues all year 'round

Alert - Electronic Voting Machine Problerms on CSpan - Please CALL!!!

'Staggering': Medical Evacuations from Iraq Near 11,000

Andrew Young backing down on Clark endorsement?

C-SPAN Wash Journal -- Black Box Voting at 8:30am ET

Does this upcoming election year seem

The Greatest Week in Rock History (Salon)

Just received the new issue of 'Solidarity' (UAW journal)

Was Bush drunk when Saddam was "captured"?

Another attack? Rush said this yesterday.

Clark defending big pharma on CSPAN

America in 2003: Fake toy store dupes workers, Wal-Mart

Psalm 23 for Our Time

Gadhafi's decision on WMD program=more good news for Bush

Flashback: August 3, 2001: * Re-Ups ILSA

Books and movies as holiday presents for conservatives

Does anyone else feel the "Moderator" is out of control?

BBV: Diebold PR campaign to "restructure", but still no paper trail

BBV on C-Span next!! appx Noon Eastern 12/20

C-Span call re Bush going AWOL

FTAA Protests: Amnesty Says Miami Police May Have Broken UN Laws

Saddam capture/exile not a goal of Iraq war

So now I've noticed . . .

My credibility challenged

Debunk This (Bush won legally)

Remember how Clinton didn`t get Bin Laden? Well...

Do not judge people from WWII.

Prosecutor: Unseal Limbaugh's Medical Records

How can we reach the real compassionate conservatives?

Anne Coulter Sighting!!!

This sums up our media- Have a listen and a watch....

When is the USA going to follow Libya lead and get rid of our WMDs?

FOX NEWS - Clinton more conservative than Bush

No Justice for 9-11 Families

please phone this WSJ reporter

CNN-Shape of Earth Finally Determined by Halliburton

Bush and Coulter dolls

Howard Dean and the shrinking US political “mainstream”

My rant on the WMD Iraq was supposed to have.

Kucinich still on Guy James today?

Anyone have links re: homeland security and computer'hacking'?

The Administration says they are concerned about the deficits ?

Tom Delay on Meet the Press 12/21

Salon: Analysts say future budget outlook gloomy

Does anyone want to team up with me for a "Bush in 30" ad?

Will Libya's declaration make * look like a great statesman?

Cheney criticized sanctions on Libya in 1998

why was the Qadafi announcement made on a Friday?

At what point will you have had enough?

Anybody see the ad with Santa Claus???

What do you think of the Bush "mis"speak calendar?

12 easy steps to freeing yourself from conservative talk radio

Letter from Bill Novelli explaining AARP/Medicare position

Dean and the Democratic Party establishment

Celebrating the end of the Bush winter

The Political poster graphic challenge!

AWOL Billboard on I-95

Letter from Bill Novelli explaining AARP/Medicare position

9/11 Widow Charges Bush - anyone know more?

It takes radical solutions to..

The Death of Horatio Alger

American Media: why are they afraid of George Walker Bush*?

"Freedom Tower"

Why our foriegn policy must change.

BBV: letters in Washington Post Dec 20, 2003

Greenspan Wants Bush To Win in 2004, Here's The Proof

New "I hated France before it was cool!" shirt

Days after sergeant died in Iraq, her gifts to family arrive

Clark defending big pharma on CSPAN

Religious voting blocs shift allegiances

Quiz:Soldiers once cooked/cleaned themselves - Halliburton began in ? year

Do you support the idea of a Progressive Income Tax?

Should we Google-Bomb to debunk RW spin?

When Bushbastard* allows another terror attack to occur and Tommy Franks

What did you do on January 20, 2001?

(WSJ reporter) part II

Letters the Troops Have Sent Me... by Michael Moore

Why should people making $15,000 and less

Some angry local letters.....about Saddam. Folks are waking up.

American Pirates

Schwarzenegger to terminate health care benefits

Isn’t our new ally Muammar Gaddafi a brutal, sadistic ,dictator?

What will be the major issue of this election?

Saddam Capture 'Yellow Dates' Controversy Flares again

Join me in protesting Wal-Mart Monday!

Official Guy James Show thread! 3:00pm EST!

tsk, tsk, tsk . . . such language! . . . and in a federal law, no less!

The NRA has a deficit of 100 million dollars

RIP - dead and buried stories 2003

Daschle Pnackles "Commission Incredible"

Sugar beet farmers in N. Dakota are pissed off with Bush.....

When did the Republican Party become so corrupt?

Rush Limbaugh has links to Al Queda

Gay Marriage?

Rush Limbaugh hasn't changed

The Dem Tribe Looking for a Chief Warrior to fight the Pub Tribe's Warrior

Expanded Patriot Act (HR 2417) passed in secret, by voice vote

I need major help on abortion issue!

Judge: I saw police commit felonies , Miami

Homeless shelter collapses in Baghdad

Gate Into White House Closed Temporarily

Mauritania accuses Libya of financing coup plot

War will reach Putin's office in the Kremlin

Former prime minister defends Israel's 1992 plan to assassinate Saddam Hus

Gadhafi offer first made on eve of Iraq war

Liberals pitch public safety tent ....armed customs officers (thanx GW !!)

Costa Rican government trying to halt sales of government data

Spain's PM surprises troops in Iraq

Condit Sues Over Chandra Levy Articles

Democrats' new campaign funding groups may face regulation

Johns Hopkins on c-span discussing voting machines!

Torn trash bag linked to SARS case

Spanish Prime Minister Pays Visit to Iraq

Saddam Was 'Betrayed by Aide'

Libya seeks reward for scrapping weapons


UPDATE: Kean Vows Answers To 9/11 Failures (complete transcript added)

Chaplain Yee comes home

U.S. Pays to Retain Iraqi Scientists

We're Targeting You at Home, Terror Tape Warns Americans

General Plans Changes in Afghan Strategy

In Small Town Scarred by 9/11, Voters Debate Bush's Iraq Strategy

Top Ex-Merrill Lynch Energy Trader Guilty

Utility to settle energy crisis case (Enron/California)

Be polite to Mr Saddam [BBC reports Saddam "put on drip" (drugged?)]

$66 million grant for Bay Area's homeless

U.S. Opposes Provisions for Iraq Tribunal

Suspect says sent money from Iran for Turkey bombs

U.S. Seizes $3M in Drugs in Arabian Sea

Iraqis Exact Revenge on Baathists

Back to the bonuses Improving economy allows companies to reward workers

(FLORIDA) Trial Is Ordered in Felon Voting Lawsuit

Bin Laden Says U.S. War on Iraq a Crusade (new tape)

Clark, Bush* Campaigns in Spat Over Europe Trip

Kurds demand federal Iraq without waiting for constitutional convention

Fusion project decision delayed

Judge: I saw police commit felonies

Benton man heading to Iraq as truck driver for Halliburton

Anti-Bush Iraq Documentary Makes the Party Circuit

A Deficit of $100 Million Is Confronting the N.R.A.

Bush Urges Americans to Help the Needy

Ag commissioner calls for an end to Cuba trade embargo

French prosecutor examines possible Cheney prosecution: paper


Who here gets melted into a rubber Pollyanna this time of year?

Does anyone feel more flamelike in the new GD Campaign 2004?

Well I figured out what I'll be doing in this town on Friday nights

For LiberalVoice.....

ANyone seen those new T-Fal ads?

Bureaucrat joke threat (diplomats aka foreign service officers and customs

post # 666

O'Really on Conan NOW

My definition of "torture"

Mike Malloy is reading a DU post right now!

Should the Rolling Stones have broken up 20 years ago?

Moderator, please lock, destroy, delete, etc. self-destruct

Don't listen to this........

What was the most jaded, cynical thing you thought regarding Christmas

Dammit, I just love those Brit's sense of humor

The Clinton-hate never ends

how do I post pics on an imac?

Notorious Cubs baseball to be cast in the fires of Mt. Doom

I would like Dave Matthews, but when he sings, he sounds like...

new Oxyrush advertiser Emporia State University

How I Spread Christmas Spirit

Just saw my first ballet that I didn't get kicked out of - ask me anything

Anyone else love the Letterman bit

It's official. I now want to beat up the Little Drummer Boy

Okay, What if I COMBINE my meat and my pudding?

grown men behaving childishly

I'm done with finals!!!

Listening to Phil Spector's Christmas album... Ask me anything.

Best Actor/Actress in a Crying Role

Tell what he has won, Don! ...........................A CAPTION

DU Parents: Have you/Would you put coal in your kid's stocking.

Just graduated: BA economics summa cum laude

BBV on c-span NOW. (8:30 ET)

And the Bestselling Bulk Order Book Is...

A Gripe bout back to the future haters

I talked to my brother for the first time in 15 years tonight!

El Perro Magico's Favorite Line Of The Moment:

Tell me about

O'Lielly is on Conan. (Vomit Alert)

I'm entering the discussion board for a Scaife paper.

Homeland Security Self-Exam

Are ya ready for some SOLSTICE!?

So how long before Bush invites Gadhafi to "the ranch?"

if you forget the scalloped potatoes for the potluck

The guilty party needs to fess up!!!

Christmas is just plain weird.


Do Not Reply To This Post.

Have you been naughty or nice this year?

I'm going to barf!

GI Joke: The perfect Christmas Gift

Lovely Motown breakfast at my house

how to counter a peta protest

OMG Library book is overdue.

How about this? Illiterate in TWO languages!

GAK! Photoshop made a freetard outta me!

Where's Carlos Jiacinto?

How we will break the culture of rule breaking and incivility on DU:

and now for something completly different....

Carlos is doing OK

Ghost in the Castle - Creepy Photo!

Hot summer night in Sausalito

Yikes! - Lots of poop in GD 2004 Primary!

Is This James Dean or Howard Dean?

Pickled beets recalled in eight states

Christmas brunch with the inlaws,one hour to go

I saw my best friends boy die.

The Greatest Week in Rock History (Salon)

Who has evidence that Nader won't run if Dean Wins?????

I tracked those "curly-q" contrails this AM! Another plane involved, too!

Any baseball scholars out there?

"The Simple Life"'s Nicole Richie goofs on Kobe Bryant on FOX

Help! Anyone Speak Conversational Arabic?

Looking for movie making software....

Don't say that you love me

Start your own urban legend...

Digital Camera recommendations?

Wow, Married W/Children and Three's Company fans are going to be

Same Song Title, Different song

Does Anyone Have a Good Stuffing Recipe?

I'm not gonna take any guff.

My new favorite album

Have you ever had an internet stalker?

Got Oil? Got CAPTION?

I just got off the phone with BartCop (ask me anything)

we begin CAPTIONing in 5 minutes

"God Bless Us, Every One"

80's Time here in the Lounge

different CAPTION, same old idiot

When is the Patriot game on ....the game which will have the Clark

Is Cyclo-Cross as huge as "Velo-News" makes it out to be?

I may have just single-handedly ruined my college career....

I just came back from the opening of a new coffeeshop down the street...

Vick, Falcons lead Tampa Bay 30 - 7!

I may have just single handedly ruined my computer monitor

Letters to Michael Moore from our troops in Iraq

The Lord of the Right Wing - Flash Movie

The travails of a square guy trying to be counterculture

Just had my pre-Christmas christmas.

Who is your favorite "Three's Company" character?

The Prefect Holidoo Recsupy

What Do You Think Will Happen?

The Return of the King

Okay, so there was that ONE Cheez Whiz incident

Any fans of Bob Rivers here?

Santa Gets Cleared For Christmas Flight

Ever go Troll hunting?

What's going on around here?

AAARGH, enough already with the Hilton sisters!!!!

How should I woooo a Single Mother of two?

Cars stink

Medical input required. Mother’s eye exploding. Emergency room required

Okay DUers, I need your help!

Christmas Tree Angel

The generic flame-war thread! car got towed

Do You Dream In Color?

GGGRrrrrrrr...happily DUing when

United Farm Workers wine recommendations

I am dating Paris Hilton

Congratulations to the University of Delaware: National Champions!!!!

Questions for the cooks re: game hens/vegetables

Should Dean divorce his wife and marry Paris Hilton?

I'm listening to Xmas music from the R&B and Soul idioms. Ask me anything!

Pagan Yule rituals are set for Monday (Merry Yule DUers)

Next NFL coach to get the axe?

Unemployment sucks

So, what does the "W" really stand for?

Does anyone else slowly dread the "family christmas get together" ?

Bush and Coulter dolls

The Best Vampire Movie? From Dusk Until Dawn... Or pitch your favorite


don't you just love my new sig line?


My host asked me to help out at his "Open House" ...

Your favorite Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies Moment

Best American Military Commander in WWII?

I'm invited to a gay costume party for New Years Eve...

Let's give each other totally nonsensical nicknames

My 21 yr old Daughter has learned a life lesson

Is anybody traveling for Christmas?

Fire water post!

Does anyone else have stupid fights with their SO at Christmas


Best Led Zeppelin album and song.

What are the five funniest Sictcoms in your opinion?

Do You Have A Favorite Patriotic Song? Or Least Favorite?

Best Andy Griffith Show episode ever?

Inappropriate touchdown celebrations likely to get fined (

The "New G-D" is still a dangerous place...

Anyone subscribe to a Music Download/Listening Service?

political compass lets give it a go again

DU mystery novel fans - I need help!

Weta already working on Narnia film

It Smells Like DEAN SPIRIT!

GOP revamps 2004 election strategy

Rhonda, the ratdog, is gone

Avoid holiday crush and help crush bush

What's your comparative age?

Andy Griffith Show started sucking when it went color

I'm leaving DU....for a week.

What is your favourite movie in black and white?

some friends YOU are!

Any advice on hooking up with a female cop?

Is Dean's wife a liability?

Did Ariel Sharon really say this?

Who Are You Most Likely To Vote For On A DU Poll?

Carla Anne Robbins of WSJ on infamous Hugh Shelton comment on Wesley Clark

A question.

Rumor of a new Washington State Poll that has Dean in the lead....

Lieberman fails to win over McCain backers

Dean on Damage-Control Mission

If Kerry, Lieberman et al want to stop Dean, DROP OUT.

Personality & Dean

The Dean-Clark Switch: Good Enough for Billionaires

Stop Howard Dean?

Great article on Wes Clark.

Sen. Dick Durbin (IL) believes Dean could beat Bush

GI Joke: The perfect Christmas Gift

Evil Or Incompetent? : Shrub, the Anger of the Left, and How to Use It

Clark defending big pharma on CSPAN

Erm...I am not 'WiseMen'

Howard Dean's penchant for flippant and sometimes false statements

Soros Doubts

I need major help on abortion issue!

Have Any of you participated in the MoveOn

Infiltrators, anyone?

For those who are scared by the prospect of a Dean nomination

"What were we thinking to nominate that empty suit dork lightweight?"

FL Felons May Get Chance to Vote: 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules

4-Letter Word to invoke HORROR of U.S. President w/o Nat. Security Exp.

Here is just one reason I asked about the Soros support for Dean.

Deleted message

The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party

Who has evidence that Nader won't run if Dean Wins?????

4-Letter Word to invoke Horror of U.S. President w/o Nat. Security Exp.

Andrew Young backing down on Clark endorsement?

Should Dean divorce his wife and marry Paris Hilton?

Dean turns tables on rivals

2004 presidential hopeful heights

Dennis Kucinich on the Guy James Show today! From 3-6pm est.

Should the DNC do an IRV-based candidate poll?

Did Kerry lose his last pundit ally?

Clark NH will be repeated today, approx. 6:30pm ET on CSPAN

Miserable Failure

New Poll from Newsweek

William Rivers Pitt - UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq??

Bottom line time, kids: Win if you can , but face the facts...

"He's right, but..."

On the mythical rise of the fabled Anti-Dean

Delegate for 2004 Convention

Clark NH event from this AM delayed to 8pm et on CSPAN 1

What's Howard Dean's middle name? (nt)

Would Anybody Have Supported Tom Daschle for President?

Can someone explain to me how the nom. is chosen?

Is anyone here worried about Bush getting elected with the help of Dems

Soros rethinking Dean. Looking at Clark.

Clark's NH event coming on on C-Span in minutes

Clark slogan and bumper sticker ideas vs. Bush

Vermont Budget 2.87B, European Command 13.7B

Howard Dean and the shrinking US political “mainstream”

Comparing DU Polls on Clark/Dean electability vs. Bush

The "Political Compass" Presents "US Presidential Primaries"

Clark's right:resistence not run by pathetic ex dictator hiding in a hole

Clark comment on religion and Kosovo.

Halliburton Political Donations 2000-2004 (Board of Directors)

How tall is Clark?

Vanessa Kerry: Daily Update from the campaign trail in New Hampshire

rank the candidates again, but...

Clark responsible for 200,000 Army Families in Europe

Lieberman's new ad

It's not about your candiate or my candidate--- it's about THEIR candidate

Just back from a week in New Hampshire

AP: "Dean Seeks Halt to Attack Politics"...on Dr. Dean, that is...

Is Kerry a contender with polling numbers like these?

That 70s Democrat (photo challenge)

What reason will Dean give people to vote?

Bush is weak on national security.

"When I'm pushed I tend to push back" good interview with Dean

Right Wing pollsters are worried about a Dean upset over *

Which Presidential Candidate(s) voted for the Expanded Patriot Act???

Frank Rich recalls FDR and JFK while talking about Dean campaign

Rank the candidates...

Is anyone here worried about Dean's ability to beat Bush?

Why we shouldn't buy into a Dean coronation just yet

A Clark Supporter's Thoughts on Dean

John Kerry challenges Howard Dean to debate on National Security

Dean and the Democratic Party establishment

Eleanor Clift on Dean....Damaged Goods? (real title)

Nicknames for Democratic candiates, their supporters, or their opponents