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Saying Yes to State Terror (Chris Floyd)

Why Fight It?

UN Resolution # 1441, worth a re-read

Newsweek Article.. Internet big brother..

Anti Iraq war protest for US Republican convention (and Dem convention)

Minneapolis St Paul Wing Nut Radio mentions DU


Astrologers, you've been wrong more times than not

Who is Deep Throat?

Bush appears to open door to same-sex unions - (maybe? Dean lite?)

Tech sector recovers, jobs don't - Commerce Dept.

Inflation/Deflation and the Dollar

EU insists its support for Kyoto policy unwavering

Trees soak up lagoons full of hog manure

N.Cyprus awaits coalition deal after tied polls

Ireland hopes to end EU impasse during presidency

World court hears arguments in Mexico's challenge to (US)death penalty

Unbelievably huge ruling on MMJ from 9th Circuit Appeals

I respectfully request an explanation

Wouldn't I get a notification if I had a post deleted?

Does DU allow use of demeaning Freeper terms like

Question: When's the next "Hate Mailbag" coming up?

I believe this report should be on the home page.

The big problem is it's not possible to know...

Just curious--I take it there will be a GD 1&2 in the near future?

Powell hints at US moves if Palestinians seal truce

Bush's WMD moment of truth ?

Lieberman smears Dean over "capture of Saddam" remarks

Dean, Clark Neck in Neck in AZ

Clark's Kosovo: Why he's testifying at the Hague

Dean blames Rove for online attacks(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

ru guys nervous about the senate

democrats canidates need to watch their mouths

Queen's servant is a Gay Porn Star

Don't you think it stands to reason that Saddam would spill his guts...

A Rock Painting in Rural Iowa

This is rich: Side-by-side comparison of Lieberman and Dean

Lieberman fears America would NOT be safer if Dean were president.

Dean Has a Slight Lead in SC

Check out this cartoon and accompanying article on Rummy....

Horowitz Looking Moronic on Hardball

Diane Sawyer

"gassed his own people"..."mass graves"

Dean down in polls vs. Bush?...Just wait....

Dean down in polls vs. Bush?...Just wait....

How are state primary polls conducted?

C-SPAN right now - anti-Dean hit ad group on - treasurer on..

U.S. Snares Guerrilla Leader, 78 Others

Who wants to play softball with Diane Sawyer?

The dream that W will be embarrassed by Hussein revelations

The Democratic Party better be real careful,

you dont plan to debate?

"They [Iraq] have rape wounds"- Chimpy

Dean's Southern Strategy

"gassed his own people"..."mass graves"

"Too busy too debate"

'Sky fined £50,000 for falsified war report" (Sky=Fox)

This board is being Freeped big time.

lol i know your going to call me stupid but can u tell me what a necon is

Gephardt Union supporters donated to group behind anti-Dean ads

OMG--A Saddam Capture movie is already in the works!!!! I saw

who are your favorite bloggers?

Bush Appears to Open Door to Same-Sex Unions

have your heard about a video that shows us war crimes in afganistan

The longer Saddam lives, the more of a headache he will be to Bush

Time,com poll

When/where can I watch Diane Sawyer?

The DNC has a new building and once a candidate is chosen...he will have

union supporting Gephardt wants their money refunded from Dean/Osama ad

Dean to be endorsed by DNC's Hispanic Caucus leadership & Wisconsin AG

Hey folks! DU's traffic ranking is going through the roof!

Iraq's Judicial System Dysfunctional

Wanna bet that Saddam cops a plea with Bu$hco?

Questions I'd ask Bush if I were Diane Sawyer....

Dean & Clark statistically tied in new Arizona poll

Will the next president (ABB) address the pot prohibition issue?

Poll: What Do You Think of the Dean-Loves-Osama Ad?

Poll results submitted to Congress?

paula zahn is the pits!!!! with molly ivins on CNN right now

Time: 10 Questions with Dennis Miller

Dean is going to win

Dean now trails Bush by 21%; falls to 31% from 39%

So what happens when the US declares bankruptcy?

How meaningful are general election polls at this point?

Bush says he could back gay marriage ban...

A little less infighting and a lot more piling on, please!

has a Democratic candidate ever swept the primaries?

Will Saddam get the death penalty?

"We Will Work Hard, We Will Work Well, We Will Work Together...

"Presiden Bush sends his greetings"

Bob Graham said "Dean's speech laid out a visionary blueprint for America"

Clark gets beat by Bush 53 to 28 in latest NBC/WSJ Poll

Iran wants Saddam tried in an International Court

Unions that endorsed Gephardt donated to group airing anti-Dean ads - Global Want Ads

Clark's True Colors

For all the handwringers who are upset that Clark doesn't want VP slot

Has anybody seen this?

great bush animations....

Did Reagan Admin. veto Iraq sanctions in the 80s?

Malloy: Bill Nelson (D FL) says the WH told him Iraq could reach US

So Who Saw Diane Sawyer Tonight on ABC?

Saddam will not go to trial. You know why and how?

why no journalist makes this question in one of the Rumsfeld ramblings?

Hillary is giving a great speech on C-Span

Its only 1 touchdown, its not the Season. Bush has scored 3 touchdowns in

Bush Blocking Lawsuits of Holocaust victims (Americans)

Margaret Cho bashes Bush; defends Dean

Media/Government Inbreeding: A Lot of People Have a Lot to Lose

Poll: No Democrat can win who voices even the slightest opposition...

BBV: Split Vote on Electronic Tally

Clark holds significant lead in Oklahoma

Have we heard the last of the Kerry effort to suggest Dean was for IWR?

I found this photo out on the web --

Sharpton Picks Up Several Endorsements

Kerry, Gephardt & Lieberman have conceded that Bush made the US safer

Kerry & Gephardt just don't get it

Liberal Astroturf: True Majority sending identical letters to the editor

If Dean won't be because of Dean

About abstract wars like the War on Terror

American jobs going overseas. Are we just going to sit back and watch?

Did Democrats fail to counteract Bush propaganda?

Should we throw out the Electoral College?

CNN: IOWA Moving to Dean/Kerry Showdown

The "Big Dog" Defends Clark Against Milosevic (Shelton smear)

Has Dennis Miller morphed into the "hip" Rush Limbaugh?

If elected,Clark's the in strongest position to govern of all 2004Dems

Venezuela could become another Bush target.

very funny Dean image

Can Kerry Get Real?

Anyone have a political science degree?

When will the Democrats cut off this WMD argument once and for all?

Tonight ABC 8(?)PM------- Bush BLOWS UP on Diane Sawyer

What are your standards for press reliability?

Al Franken Sees Liberal Radio As Soon As March (Yeah!)

Who here is sick of the Dean/Osama Ad brouhaha?

Freeway Blogging as a possible tool of the Dispossessed American Left?

"Nerve Gas Used" in Capturing Saddam

Why we invaded Iraq (my thoughts)

US security alert in Kuwait

Anti-War MPs Give Blair No Respite Over WMD Hunt/New WMW

Hearings Begin in Cuba Travel Ban Case

Thune won't run for Janklow's House seat

Israeli Says Iran Top Terrorism Sponsor

U.S. Appeals Court OKs Some Medical Pot

Israel Had Plot to Kill Saddam Hussein

Unions that endorsed Gephardt donated to group airing anti-Dean ads

Legal hearings begin for U.S. citizens accused of violating ban on travel

Castro Meets With U.S. Farm Officials

Gov. Bush snubs newspaper in annual interview

The interrogation of Saddam

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq- 457 U.S. service members have died

Democratic event in Miami w/ Bob Graham & Hillary Clinton 8pm ET 12/16

Insurgents or protesters? 18 are killed in clashes with US troops

Saddam Loyalists Riot, Ambush U.S. Patrol

Air Force academy sex claims rise despite reforms

Wife Laid Trail to Saddam's Lair

Milosevic Trial Helps Clark Try to Gain Notice

“Bush met Saddam on November 27” (Iran Broadcasting)

FEC Fines Ashcroft's Senate Bid for Breach (illegal contributions)

Bush Says He Could Back Gay Marriage Ban

Franken Sees Liberal Radio In Spring

Ashcroft's Senate Campaign Must Pay Fine

BBV - Critics: Convicted felons worked for electronic voting companies

Woman now acknowledged as Thurmond's daughter explains long silence

Troll for the furking leapers

DU Bakers: What is Your Favorite Bar Cookie Recipe?

Contest: Strom's white son and black daughter to meet...

Get your Captured Saddam Dolls right here!

With Bushroll you get confusion

"gassed his own people"..."mass graves"

Name at least two of those guys:

Bisexual DUers, can I ask you something??

Connecticut's Republican governor done got himself in hot water!

What New Years Eve Parties are going on in DFW?

The Way It Is

Photo of Bush at 2004 Republican Convention

Dean is in Las Cruces right now...I just heard a blurb on a '10 pm News"

Am I the only one disgusted by the recent Reagan hagiography?

Rodney Mullen or Daewon Song

Any Lava Lamp experts on board?

Everyone tell GOPisEvil he should come to meetings!

My girlfriend will be on TV in 15 minutes...

Marshall Blechtman or Johnny Slash?

If you were a puppy, what would be your favorite thing to do?

where can I find public domain pictures of chimpy?

Yeah Baby....I' m dual booting with Linux

Does anything make sense anymore?

I got a wierd message when I tried to access a site.

Twins Fans - What's goin on

I had a rotten day.

Tina Fey on Ann Coulter


Happy Thanksgiving

Has anyone here read "The Gods of Eden" by William Bramley?

In honor of wierdness and incomprehensibility...

Is getting nude landscapeing cheating ?

So what happens if the Hussein sisters hire Johnny Cochran?

I have 2000 posts!

Give it up for Mrs. Dash!

A picture of Blade's girlfriend....

METS fans - check in - could this be a bright new era?

Who else has finals?

Best wishes from Burger King

Anyone have a political science degree?

When I say "no weed!", I mean "When should 'The Simpsons' be cancelled?"

Michael Jackson arrest

What are your EARLY New Year's Resolutions???

Prescription med question--need advice by Friday doc app't.

What is the most extravagant purchase you have ever made?

Christmas Brought to Iraq by Force

Is getting a nude lapdance cheating?

Is it just me or are the polls becoming less and less coherent?

I do believe I've found the worst TV program ever.

Favorite nickname for Ann Coulter

What is the last dream you can remember?

What's the strangest television moment, EVER?

Christmas CD I just got.

When the Grim Reaper comes for you

In honor of the geezer thread: Who had a party line?

Another ten random questions...

What is the worst major airport in the world?

A challenge to republicans and freepers

Favorite Bob Dylan song?

DS1 Makes 12,000 posts! Thousands Flee!!!

The 700 club is pleased to welcome MODERATOR to the fold!!!

My wife just received this anti Dean e-mail from the Gephardt campaign...

Dean supporters are not going to switch to Clark

Guardian: Deadeye Dick

Democrats praise Bush after capture of Hussein

Let Gay-Straight Club Be

Reveal The Racial Data On SAT Scores

Frightening scenario of what's to come (US attacks Syria & Iran)

Salon: Celebrated authors demand that the CIA come clean on JFK assassina

Niman: The Bush Assault on Reality

The Wright Stuff

A cartoon for Bev Harris

Who's Really in Charge at the White House? (Eric Margolis article)

Morford's take on Saddam capture...

Strom's Bed

Derrick Jackson (BG): Still no mass weapons, no ties to 9/11, no truth

Sky News Fined £50,000 for Faking Iraq War Report

ONION: Senate Carpool Forgets To Pick Up Feingold Again

My "Reagan Dime" LTTE (in response to Akron Beacon Journal "Wednesday"

E-Voting Undermined By Sloppiness

ABJ: Are Americans safer with Saddam in custody?

what crap!

Why didn't he go down fighting?

Bush Administration Lied to the Senate (Warblogging)

Dean makes racial-political history

Amid the cheers, sobering facts: Boston Globe

White House Admits Pre-9/11 Warnings; Bush Still Denies It

Cardinal Says U.S. Treated Saddam 'Like a Cow'

Saddam on Lips At Ground Zero

Neil Clark: The war we never should have fought

Saddam, So Not Worth It

Behind Closed Doors- Safire skewers Bush

Rumsfeld and his 'old friend' Saddam

Despite Saddam’s Capture, Iraq War Was Wrong: Experts


Urge Your Members of Congress: Support the Geneva Accord Resolutions

Mariani vs. Bush 9/11 petition of support

911 Visibility Project

Anyone interested - pls fix this gay marriage poll! "Misleader" ads showing on Kansas City TV

Left Side of the Dial

Why no media report on Bev's revelation that 10 states violate voting law?

Turns out 11 killed is VietNam body count - only 1 killed! - media never

Latest path around soft-money ban: Buy a TV station

MSNBC running piece headed "Better Off Dead" with hot question:

Mort Kondracke is a spaz

Winter Solstice celebrators let me know whatcha doin!!!!

Democratic Underground IRC Channel

Ashcroft admonished for meddling in terror case

American Family Association (anti-) gay marriage poll

NY Times: 'Queer Street': To Be Young, Gifted and Gay

FOR action network news (DK mention)

Orange Co. Fla. Passes Gay-Bias Ban

Am I the only one confused?

NY Times: Paris Official Rejects Anti-Semitism News

After 6 Quiet Decades...Gus and Elmer Eloped

What should be done about the gender wage gap?

NY Times: Unions Resist Labor Agenda of Premier in Quebec

ECB says Euro can go to 1.35 unabated.

My earlier post re Iraq, Peak Oil, the euro and energy....

The latest Insane Shrub Plan for Social Security

A Russian-American pipe dream (US replaces ME oil with Russian)

NY Times: U.S. Won't Narrow Wetlands Protection

Administration backs off wetlands plan (A Definite WIN!)

American Geophysical Union - Warming Real, Human-Caused, Accelerating

Pine Beetle Destruction In BC Twice The Amount Of Timber Harvested

The One Straw Revolution

Judge strikes down Bush plan for snowmobiling in Yellowstone, Grant Teton

2003 Third-Warmest Year On Record

Kyoto Treaty Said Powerless To Stop Global Warming

Lomborg Decision Overturned by Danish Ministry of Science

NY Times: Q & A session with Edward Wong reporting from Iraq

NY Times: Taiwan Passes 2 Resolutions Asking China to Remove Missiles

NY Times: The Complex Metamorphosis of American Foreign Policy

Council on Foreign Relations: Bush must not be allowed to re-write history

American Prospect: Bush's Flawed Revolution

NY Times: For Japan's New Homeless, There's Disdain and Danger

Christian SM: Desertions deplete Afghan Army

GUNS IN THE NEWS--December 17, 2003

Michael Moore Strikes Back

Is it ok to bug the mods *just* to *thank* them? (Very much.)

This post was deleted...

A question out of sheer curiosity...

Insomniacs want to know.

Is it ok to post threads mocking former DUers who've been banned?

This message was locked for excessive profanity?

Why did the thread that skinner posted for the poll get locked?

I feel the new civility clause was inappropriately applied.

Why was pistoff democrat tombstoned?

The bloody picture of Saddam on DU Front Page. Why?


I really have to ask why my post was deleted

Wondering why this thread was locked?

Essie Mae Williams thread consolidation error

Question on the "unfreep" threads

I'm beginning to have fun

Why is there an "official" primary poll in GD?

Login Cookie !

Is it ok to attack a candidate's supporters?

? on "locked" posts

Excessive profanity?

NY Times: Sharon Deputy Urges Major Unilateral Concession if Talks Fail

NY Times: Israeli Official Wants W. Bank Withdrawal

Sharon's War on Palestinian Kids

Islamic Jihad will only agree to truce with U.S. guarantees

CSM: Settlers vie for East Jerusalem - Israel begins building 600 units

Palestinian MP goes on trial in Israel

Israel kills 21, injures 55 in two weeks

Good, bad and ugly [Guardian column] Pt. 1

The hate that shames us [Guardian column] Pt. 2

Barrier 'has prevented 20 Palestinian attacks'

Activists say Israel hides human rights abuses

Palestinian militants attempt to blow up IDF outpost

U.S. sees quick progress on cutting Iraq's debt (Kuwait wants increase)

Trial could give Saddam powerful platform (so it will not start soon)

What's interesting about this year's race: it may not thin after Feb 4

Dean Gaining Support Among Latino Leaders

NH is still open for Kerry

The Face of Scare Politics (NYT on Ad vs. Dean)

Christian SM: Democratic Pollsters discuss Unmarried Female Voters

Saddam "gathering storm that needed to be dealt with" is GOP/DEM new

new Pennsylvania poll shows Dean with double-digit lead

No write-ins for D.C. primary

Labor Unions Renounce Anti-Dean Ads They Financed

New Polls: Clark Leads in OK; Tied with Dean in SC, AZ

James A.Baker III=well you insert your own word(s)

J.Lo Seeks to Get Out the Vote - Yahoo

Rasmussen national poll (conducted Dec 14-16)

Clinton Comments, Clark Response

"Dreams and Glory" - David Brooks on Dean

Carol Mosely Braun's name will not appear on the ballot in Virginia

Seven agree to take part in Des Moines Register's debate

Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley Endorses Dean for President

So I got this call from the Gephardt campaign last night

Dean increases lead over Kerry to 29 pts. in new NH poll

IL: Schakowsky backs Obama for U.S. Senate

Kerry Maine Campaign Open House and Caucus Overview

Dean loses some ground in poll - undecided gains, Clark, Gep down

Gallup National Bombshell: Dean Leads +18 @ 31

Dean gaining Support Among Latino Leaders

DU Poll in GD

Kerry Staffer's Attack 'On Background' Backfires

Vitter building a $5M war chest for Senate race

Sen. Graham stands up for Dean at Democratic fundraiser

Sen Bob Graham (D-FL) applauds Dean's foreign policy agenda as "visionary"

Dean beats Bush by 9-points among Independents in Pa

Pro-War Democrat Tom Lantos has a serious primary opponent?

Ok who has the LoTR Dean piccy, please?

Edwards questions Gephardt's labor votes

CBS National Poll: Dean's Lead Solid, No Saddam Effect

This is why I support Kerry and why you should too.

Check out these political maps by region

Matt Gonzalez endorses Dennis Kucinich

Edwards gets an "A" in Foreign Policy

Kucinich...spin the Globe

Samarra-US Military Using Weapons of Mass Deception?

The Great White North Gets it Together

New poll in from AZ

Clark up and Dean down in overnight polling

Appalling Dean fundraiser

Bush Turkey Trot...soldiers pre-selected...

Taco Bell ad man Vada Hill Joins shrubs media team. Perfect fit

NJ governor backs Dean

what is bush`s fascination

Who said this:

whatever happened with the Dean gay-bashing flap?

Dean raised more than $550,000 in reponse to the Osama ad - bring it on

The RW Propoganda Machine: 'The Mighty Wurlitzer'

USA Today article on how the US is interrogating Saddam

Did you ever notice (re: Saddam)

A thread to list Senator Kerry's accomplishments

Getting Saddam is a great opportunity for Dean - and Clark.

USA Today – Dean's words may be imprecise, but his views are consistent

Did Republicans fight this much over a primary in 2000 or 1996?

Latest (NRA) path around soft-money ban: Buy a TV station

Jewish Voters See Clark Beating Bush

are you attending a campaign fundraiser during Christmas or New Years?

Did Saddam gas the Kurds BEFORE that famous Rumsfeld handshake?

Wow...Lot's of solid, PROGRESSIVE stuff in todays Taipei Times...

the Dean movement in the context of The Fellowship of the Rings trilogy

Rival candidates ignore call to condemn 'Stop Dean' advertisement

James Baker and Iraqi Debt

Clark/Gephardt supporters check in

Dean Campaign Still Presses the Issue of Halliburton Scandal

What possible justification is there for the US to occupy Iraq?

The Prevention of Genocide Act of 1988

Dean Gaining Support Among Latino Leaders

Who has benefitted the most from the Dean/Bin Laden ad?

Wisconsin Attorney General Backs Dean for President

David Letterman nails Haliburton!

Bev Harris and Andy Stephenson

Seattle Weekly: Stealth Politics versus Paranoia Politics

Challenges For Humanity: A Beginning

When did Bush & Co. actually LINK 9/11 to Saddam?

BOOM! – explosion of "progress" in Iraq following Saddam's capture

Kerry Staffer's Attack 'On Background' Backfires

What if Iraqis want to elect Saddam as their president?

Dean receives high praise (in Spanish) from Gov Richardson during NM visit

Rolled-up sleeves – LA Times review of Dean's House of Blues event

I will believe Saddam had a part in 9/11

Don't say anything.. Got It?

Women's Rights become a struggle in Iraq

Connecticut is Waking Up!

NY Times: 'Inventing a Nation' - First Chapter of Gore Vidal's New Book

Murder Inc.

Can Dean win with his tax policy?

"Can I come home now?"

Robert Kuttner – Can a tough Dean rally Democrats?

Today, Japan. Tomorrow, right here? Homeless attacked by youth.

Support the troops

Website Ratings for Dean and Clark

Ok Clark supporters... I'm sorry for taking part in what I dislike so much

Message to Kerry and Gephardt: Stop spamming my wife!

Norman back pedals on General Clark comment on CNBC

All quiet on the Iraq front

BBV: Breaking news....Sam Reed Washington SoS

CBS/NYT poll: Bush job approval up to 58%

I tried an experiment: hiding the candidate threads on page 1

Dean & Clark leading in South Carolina and Arizona

Gephardt disavows ads

The Morning After Pill

EPA withdraws effort to weaken Clean Water Act, but....

Wolfowitz's extortion violates U.S. Law

I got polled by Quinnepiac last night

Having Just Watched PBS Clips of Clinton's Farewell Intro at the 2000 DNC:

Could the Flu outbreak in the US really be a SARS outbreak?

Criminals in the White House

On nerve gas and sadam...

Ed Asner on Daily Show

A Dean nomination and Democratic Party unity.

Damien at Kitty Hawk

Two questions regarding the future of Osama Bin Laden?

National Priorities: Economy 25%, Health Care 16%, War 6%

new Pennsylvania poll shows Dean with double-digit lead

Interactive Clark map: what would a President Clark do for your state?

"The Iraqi People" will decide this, "The Iraqi People" that,...

White House Admits Pre-9/11 Warnings; Bush Still Denies It

STOP fighting, instead focus on winning the senate

Question on POW's

Don't say anything.. Got It?

Red Dog Warning!! junior is gonna talk to us in ten minutes!!

Edwards appears to be good friends with Kucinich and Kerry

Wesley Clark Word of the Day: Ameliorate

Asscroft campaign fined for illegal contributions

Pollingreport CBS poll -- White House 2004: General Election

Democrats' dilemma: Suck up to the plutocracy or suck up to the masses?

Right wing columnist complains about Bush secrecy

Robert Byrd's comments about "pre-emptive war"...from The Nation

US media coverage of Hussein’s capture: no let-up in the hysteria

It would be so cool if Clinton answered Smirk's charge.

caption this pic

Screenplay for "The capture of the butcher of Bahgdad"

About the Dean Movement.......

Daily Telegraph claims memo linking Iraq to 9/11 terrorists

We won't be hearing many public comments about Saddam anymore..

A Saddam Chronology

Chatting with a Conservative

WBEZ (Chicago NPR) reporting that ex-Gov. George Ryan to be indicted today

I think I'm going to have to support Clark...

I think I'm going have to Support Dean

Clark/Dean Supporters Check-In

Would Clinton Have Gotten Osama By Now?

NBC poll: Dean and Clark vs. Bush

new nationwide democratic preference poll

OK, here is what is happening with the Kondrake and Albright thing

How can I find out who donated what to whom?

Should any media be publishing this information?

Dean increases lead over Kerry to 29 pts. in new NH poll

Can someone lead me to bush's "gettin' out of harms way" quote

Spider's Web: How the US Secretly and Illegally armed Iraq..

Exclusive! Photos of Rush Limbaugh with three male prostitutes!!!

Lieberman chews out Dean again

Iraqi debt relieved with Your Tax Dollars paid to other countries...

Did I just hear something funny on FauxNews?

Can Jay Leno be anymore of a Bush/Repuke cheerleader

Does anyone know the political composition of Billy Tauzin's District?

New Shadow Government

Rasmussen national poll (conducted Dec 14-16)

Erwin Griswold and Ted Olson

Anyone know how many viewed GWB interview?

Who's Going to be Time Magazine's Person of the Year?

How can liberals support a fighting centrist?

Novak's Ethical Conundrum

I'm going to be a legal observer for the NLG!!

Do You Work with the Homeless? Opinion Needed please.

Bushista spin on Saddam's capture

Thinking Ahead to '08: Gore or Hillary?

TV Alert: Ralph Nader on CNN's Inside Politics today, 3:30 ET

Iraqi Minister Scolds U.N. for Inaction Regarding Hussein

My message to Gephardt (and soon all other) campaigns...

Big Bizness (UPS) shows hypocracy of Social Security privitization

Clinton faxes Hague; Will Edwards ask Shelton to recant slander?

My thoughts on the war in Iraq.

She 'died in his arms' - Female GI dies in husband's arms in Iraq

Miss Essie Mae's name should be on that monument

Smut on TV

6 point bounce. . .

Gore For President, Teresa Kerry For First Lady: Fix 2000 With Twist

Chirac to ban religious symbols from schools

has anyone ever asked dean why he never attended any of the protests?

Congress sells out public-interest regarding Media Ownership

Suffering of Ordinary Iraqi People

Another testimony from a soldier who served under Clark's

My answer to Lieberman on "If Dean had been in office..."

Lauryn Hill article: is she following a cult leader?

Which blogs do you read?

Street preacher defends self, found guilty

Gore For Pres, Teresa Kerry for First Lady: 2000 With a Twist

If Dean wins the nomination, who do you think he will pick as VP?

Town Passes "God" Measure

Poetic Justice VP candidates: (not nec. likely, but 'fun' to consider)

PETA targets small children

New Pa Poll Shows Dean Lead and Best Against Bush

Dean blog links to Liberal Oasis summary of Sawyer interview.

Anybody read Clark's book?

This is just how stupid and out of control the whole thing has become Unity Pledge

Dean Leads Nationally in Two Polls

With Clark Pounding Dean in Oklahoma....Will a Dean Victory

Do You Think She is Sleeping?

Deannies Have No Grounds to Attack Kerry IWR: Enough!!

Jim Lobe--Rumsfeld and his 'old friend' Saddam

Bush announced support for Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

OK Dean supporters. This is a critical time.

Saddam's trial and the gassing of the Kurds

Poll: Dean leads in Pennsylvania, holds Bush under 50%

US military fighting for their lives...nothing done about security..

Prediction about the debates

So, wouldn't it somehow make Ashcroft be a crook ???

Critics: Convicted felons worked for electronic voting companies

Is Anybody Excited About Iowa and New Hampshire?

The troops will not be coming home soon

Is the CIA now retiring Saddam ?

Clark will be on C-SPAN at 1:30 Eastern

Dubya on weapons vs. programs: "What's the difference?"

Over 10, 000 American soldiers sick, injured, dead, or wounded

Blix: Iraq destroyed WMD's in early 90's

Iranian Broadcasting: Bush Met With Saddam On November 27

Interview with Gert Clark

FYI: reich-wing poll

Diane Sawyer actually presses Bush in recent interview about WMD...

reich-wing poll - FYI

Dean on Saddam in 2003

How do you conquer fear?

Former Governor Ryan Indicted On Federal Racketeering

Do Americans realize the Bushists are wasting our $ on an occupation?

Ashcroft's senate campaign fined $37k for violations

Kerry on unilateralism

Nominee Straw poll!

Challenging 'Pre-emption' - Senator Byrd blasts Iraq Policy

Are we doomed to another 4 years of Bush?

U.S. flooded with post-Saddam tips from 'Sunni Triangle'

Ex Governor Ryan indicted ( Illinois Repug)

A Nader Run for President

Wesley Clark's Word of the Day

Every Candidate's Supporters, be sure to vote in the "OFFICIAL" DU poll

This Dean supporter is growing weary of the attacks on Gen. Clark.

Not that I feel sorry for Saddam by any means......

Q: Do you agree that the world is a better place

Statement By Wes Clark On The "American Dream Downpayment Act"

It's almost Christmas, and time for a re-run of the (in)famous:

BREAKING - U.S. Reaches Central America Trade Deal

How will *&Co. prevent a trial of Saddam, as they must?

Lieberman supporters don't forget to vote in the GD straw poll

Ralph Nader on CNN Inside Politics (12/17/03) re: '04 - mp3

John Hinckley Jr. granted unsupervised visits/furloughs.

I got e-mails from both Sidney Blumenthal and Bernard Weiner today......

Haha! C-Span Caller made a good point about Bush hiding.

Gephardt and Lieberman Supporters, Be Sure to Vote in the DU Poll

FAS Secrecy News: Bush* Wants More Nukes- Congress Hides Report

How Dean should respond to the ad questioning his leadership

Question about Michael Moore and Moveon.Org

Can somebody debunk this anti-Dean article?

Could someone please post a link to the "Is Science a Religion" thread...

Clark and Kucinich Supporters, Be Sure To Vote in The Official DU Poll

wingnut talking point - WMD intelligence Clinton and Bush

If the United States backed Iraq when they 'gassed the Kurds'....

Happy Holidays from the Edwards Family

Unfreep a Hannity Poll?

"Uncovered" - shown in UK - but not in US!!!

NYT plays shell game with Baker story

What the Democratic Party should stand for if it hopes to win.

Dean Supporters, Be Sure To Vote in The Official DU Poll

Comments on Clark Press Conf

WATCH: Dennis Kucinich on WorldLink TV Thursday night

Un freep this poll. Madeline Albright's comments on OBL and Bush.

Third National Poll puts Dean in the lead again...

All is NOT lost in the US Senate! Sing out!

Cool Kucinch Web Site Feature

Rumsfield wants mass murder! PLEASE READ!

My Repuke boss is voting for Dean.

Dean is a preppy punk like Bush (it's not bad...honest)

State Department advisory..all non essential diplomates/employess

CNN and Wolfie talking with Libermann........ discussing Dean and polls

British Whistleblower

Should Democratic Party take a stand on the death penalty for Saddam?

Specter is in trouble in Pennsylvania (New Poll)

DU Clark supporters: Get a Room!!!! (some posts from today)

Your chance to strike at the heart of the Christian rightwing! MUST READ!

Say what you will about Saddam but the man......

Clark now live on C-Span 1 (about 12:45 central time) eom


Need information about the association of Rummy and Saddam

What do you think about NAFTA, GATT, and the FTAA?

Cheney: Nuclear or Chemical attack major threat for U.S.

Clark does not sit on boards! He sits on chairs!

How every democrat should respond to the Dean/Usama ad.

Even Drudge doesn't believe Bill O'Reilly

Sponsors of Dean/Osama Ads Wants Refund: "Despicable"

Religious Coalition For Reproductive Choice. Has anyone seen this website?

seeking advice for running an anit-bush ad

Dean's Foreign Policy: The Best Alternative

Did anyone catch this? Hilarious!

Decidedly Undecided Voters Check In Here

Did Smirk say this?

I want to be the next Gore Vidal......

Lord of the Right Wing (flash video)

The Lord of the Right Wing...

Why does blackness trump other races?

Today's Inside Politics -- have you noticed how *'s bump in polls

A new minority leader?

John Glenn agrees - "Doesn't feel safer with Saddam capture"......

Dean's Blogger Mathew Gross Talks to Pilots for Dean

Clark supporters, be sure to vote in the "OFFICIAL" DU poll!

I spoke to one of our R & R soldiers yesterday

BBV: California audit of Diebold released! Woo Hoo!

"We are all Iraqis now"

Northern Arizona University poll shows Dean leading Clark by 10 pts

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion of Al Sharpton

Looks like CSPAN will rerun General Clark's speach on Saddam/Iraqis

Caption This Photo - and keep it kicked for the trolls

Hussein capture timed to hurt Dean?

Madonna coming up on CNN to talk about her endorsement

Wright flyer replica plops into the mud. No fly. hahaha (no link was on

As a Kucinich man, let me say a word about Dean...

BBV - ESlate security gaps tallied

If the Democratic nominee has a BIG lead over AWOLBush

How was Dean "forced" to sign the civil unions bill?

Howard Dean will have NEGATIVE coattails..........

"Protest in Iraq and you will be shot" - US forces in Tikrit today

Special on Strom's mixed daughter tonight.

The dems need a LEADER - See pic

Ellen Mariani Requests Deposition of Saddam Hussein

The Big Lie: Bush* is fighting the 'war on terrorism' in Iraq

Can't help it. I'm all over Hannity's board today.

Tweety's Latest Ratings - Still a Bottom Feeder

Crossfire: Yikes! Tucker!

Prisoners ....American justice for Iraqi prisoners

Dean.. Saddam Quote Flip Flop

Candidacy filed, press conference in 2 hours!

Dean ignores call to stop libel

Illinois US Senate seat poll

IRC UPDATE: Moderates, Liberals, and any level minded folk of DU!

The One Thing I Would Like To Point Out (Saddam's Capture)

Freepers talking big....

GOP: Their real goals, agenda, fears, history.

CBS Evening News: 9/11 Investigation Talk

BBV: Seattle Press Conference (was there a report?

Republican Moron wants to ban some vulgarity from TV/radio

Aren't some DU'ers confusing Anti- ALL War with Anti-Iraq Invasion?

Flashback: Bush rejects offer on handing over bin Laden

Bush Gay Marriage Remarks 'Act Of War'

A thread for DU moderates and centrists.

Bev Harris and Andy Stephenson Press conference

Of all the dictators, which have you feared the most.

Why does Bush make me think of Mel Brooks as Louis XVI?

Why Cruz Bustamante didnt win in California.

John Glenn on CNN

It's time we forgave the IWR votes.

America was so Pissed because of 9/11, we just had to lash out

Madeline Albright says bush knows where osama is

could everyone that likes Kucinich explain me why is going to vote by

Uh Oh, Drudge claims O'Reilly has been lying about book sales!

Leo Strauss theory

Take a break from Dem fighting and check out this flash

what, exactly, did bin laden do again?

Senators Told Iraq could hit US..

BBV Alert- Take Action NOW to Take Back the Vote!!

China must prepare to "crush" Taiwan splittist moves

Interesting buried within a news story about POSSIBLE Saddam deal

Jesse Jackson Marches to Protest Drug Sweep

Unions that endorsed Gephardt donated to group airing anti-Dean ads

Widespread attacks show Saddam's capture has little impact

Florida mandates breathalyzer locks on cars of convicted drunk drivers

FDA weighs easier access to next-day birth control

Union leaders call for nationwide grocery boycott

Bin Laden remains out of grasp

Iraqis question US bodycount

Sky News (Reuters):17 people killed in bomb blast in Baghdad

Latest (NRA) path around soft-money ban: Buy a TV station

Dems will have council majority (Indianapolis City Council)

Pollution Linked To Heart Disease

Thurmond Kin Admits Payments

Blair claims Iraqi weapons found (ahem - not really)

MSNBC: Iraqi Vice

Wired - Got Hormones? Not This Dairy (Monsanto Wants to Settle w/Oakhurst)

US troops shoot dead at least four pro-Saddam protestors in Iraq

Dissident Episcopal Bishops Form New Group

Blair accused over new Saddam weapons claim

Little taste for legal niceties in the matter of Saddam

Judge Rejects bush* Administration Snowmobile Plan

Military foresaw more attacks after Saddam's capture

Clark Says It's Time to Find Bin Laden

Truck Bombing Kills at Least 10 in Iraq

Conn. Governor Faces Talk of Impeachment

Bush hopeful UN will now fall in line

Saddam the novelist

CNN: Bin Laden will be caught, White House vows

Bin Laden proposed attacks on U.S. military base in Turkey, but ...

Tariq Aziz Stops Calling Son Saddam

(Texas Governor Rick) Perry will chair Bush re-election drive in Texas

Iraqi Official (puppet): Saddam Held in Baghdad

Kerry Would Expand Military As President

U.S. military conducts major operation in restive Iraqi town

Gephardt backers demand details on advertisements

Appeal sought over lesbians' divorce

CBS/NYT Bush's Approval Ratings Climb in Days After Hussein's Capture

L.A. to Sue California Over Lost Car Tax Revenues

Bombings and Fear Take Toll on Baghdad Doctor

Broadbent seriously ponders comeback (Cdn Politics)

Bush calls for Saddam execution

Dean Surges To New Lead In Latest Poll (NH)

FEC Fines Ashcroft's Senate Bid For Breach

US accused of double standard after granting Saddam prisoner-of-war status

george ryan indictment

U.S. Plans to Offer Official Coverage of Iraq Directly to Viewers

Bush signs bill authorizing African-American museum

California pension fund sues NYSE

Combatants get lawyers after they talk, U.S. says

U.S. Reaches Central America Trade Deal

Growing Fury and Unrest in Iraq...Dec 16

Salter Street ("Bowling for Columbine" producer) gets shuttered

CIA will be in charge of questioning Saddam

US gets access to airline details (BBC)

Wright flyer replica plops into the mud. No fly. hahaha (no link was on

Iraqi town takes prides in battling U.S. army

Blix: Saddam didn't have WMD

Kerry Staffer's Attack 'On Background' Backfires

Departing NATO chief urges alliance to be ready for Iraq role

NATO chief in parting shot over Afghan force

Iraqi Women Shut Out of Politics by Tribal Leaders, CPA

Top EU diplomat says US blundered with timing of Iraq contract decision

Afghan children rush Canadian soldier-Santas

Graham stands up for Dean at Democratic fundraiser

George Ryan Indicted!!! He is a Repug.

New Enemy For U.S. Troops: Debt

Clark Campaign Statement On President Clinton's Comments

US defends images of Saddam Hussein (Saddam NOT a POW)

Irans President Khatami opposes death penalty, even for Saddam

Bush honors Wright brothers on 100th anniversary of first flight

Pentagon Says Halliburton Must Repay if Overbilled

Texas housewife busted for hawking erotic toys

Undercover sting leaves Texas town with bad vibrations

Critics: Convicted felons worked for electronic voting companies

Students offered Australian holiday for their sperm

Deadly violence rages in Iraq after Saddam Hussein's capture

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 17.....(#1)

(WA) State jobs moving to workers overseas

13 Die, 22 Wounded, as Truck Bomb Explodes in Baghdad

BREAKING -- Baghdad tanker blast kills many

U.S. reaches Central America trade deal

Hussein Document Exposes Network

Senators were told Iraqi weapons could hit U.S.

Coming Soon to Arab TV's: U.S.

Saddam on Lips At Ground Zero

War Crime Caught on Film

Bush laughs when asked if Saddam should be executed.

Latin America has first surplus in 50 years

Is Mass. Court Having Second Thoughts?

Appeals court upholds medical marijuana use

Judge strikes down Bush plan for snowmobiling in Yellowstone

Kerry Staffer's Attack 'On Background' Backfires

U.S. Troops Smash Into Homes, Shops in Major Raid to Hunt for Guerrillas

SEC Sues 3 Genesco Execs Charging Fraud

Man sentenced to raise flag at Rockdale courthouse

Plaintiffs in Ashcroft Complaint Say They Will File a New Federal Lawsuit

Albright: Bin Laden Comments Were 'Tongue-in-Cheek'

During trial, Hussein may try to implicate Western leaders

Trial could give Saddam powerful platform

Dean Under Fire for Comments on Saddam

Desertions deplete Afghan Army

Ex-Ill. Gov. Ryan Indicted on Corruption

Former IL Gov Ryan Indictment coverage

Politician Accused of Drug Dealing

Ex-N.H. Senator to Seek Fla. Office

Re-Enactment of Wright Bros. Flight Fails (Flops in mud as Bush looks on)

Budget Deficit a Concern, Says White House's Mankiw

Korea to add 3,000 troops in Iraq

'Hateful' allegations mar Dean's bid for the White House

[EU/US] Passenger Screening Agreement Reached

Madonna Endorses Clark for POTUS

Bush drops new wetland rules

US seeking new anti-proliferation measure in UN

Wes Clark's Plan to Bring Saddam Hussein to Justice

Contractor served troops dirty food in dirty kitchens (Halliburton)

Air Force Searched Lawyers' Offices

Ryan Indicted; Feds Call 2:30 PM News Conference

Bush talk of death penalty for Saddam stirs unease

U.S. Farm Leaders Sign Contracts With Cuba

Cirque du Soleil defends prohibition of HIV-positive performers

Hinckley can have unsupervised visits!

Lieberman blasts Dean as ‘Dr. No’

Call him prisoner of woe [saddam not POW, to get intense interrogation]

Bush to have knees examined (MRI)

9/11 Chair: Attack Was Preventable

Kucinich Gives Spirited Defense of Gay Marriage

Sen. Grassley Signals Votes Now There for Energy Bill

100 private voucher schools suspended (Florida)

Daily SHow does it again

Good night everyone!

Attention DU literacy fans!: A new semi-regular feature!

You don't know Jack...

"Santa would know that America's on the right side in the War on Terror."

I just finished 6 batches of fudge...

Will Pitt

Interrogating Saddam: Questions you'd like to ask...

Check this site out for fun!!!

If the dittoheads are here, I just want to say -- "Hi DAD!"

Man have I had a crappy day!!!!

What is your favorite Simpson's SONG?

Rob Cordry said it best on last night's DAILY SHOW...

WOW! I was Going To Wait A While To See ROTK...

After 6 Quiet Decades as 'Friends' and Partners, Gus and Elmer Eloped

100 years ago before 11am EST, this was the only thing in the sky

My Wesley Willis style song about Kucinich

Okay. Who bought this schmuck a star?

Adding a Pic to my Sig

Has anyone here seen a show called MXC?

The Daily Show is about to Start - Is it funny tonight?

Kerry's Lament

ya know those year-end "Best of . . ." lists? . . .

"24" Rules

ATTN: slinkerwink

I just entered my first Photoshop contest...ask me anything!

Console Gamers: Tiger Woods 2004 question

Saddam's "identity" crisis

Welcome to DU filthyrottenbastards

Am I the only one who quit smoking pot in late 2000?

All your Santas are belong to us..

Goodnight stars and goodnight moon...

privilege escalation in MacOS X (for non-techies: that's bad)

After the capture of Saddam Hussein

like a Bat Out of Hell

The shameless birthday plug thread

Red Square Memories

the Dean movement in the context of The Fellowship of the Rings trilogy

Michael Jackson Update (Could It Get Any Worse?)

Just Got Back From Return Of the King! ( Spoliers!)

Finally free of the 700 Club!

A joke for everyone & Matcom

Texas law "eager beavers"

Robert Jordan is now writing prequels to an unfinished series?

Wouldn't This Piss You Off? (Job Rant. Long....sorry)


We Sold Our House!!

Two neato previews out this week - Spiderman 2 & Pitch Black 2

We're having a Puppy Party!

What's your favorite State of the Union Song?

Things to do instead of "it"

The typical Bush fan...

Urban Dictionary

Fuck that asshole in the White House.

True or False: KensPen is the greatest new poster in ages.....

"Siss Boom Bah!"

Favorite Radiohead Song?

Want cheap eats in Paris? Visit the Cafe Banal

Another Timeline

Wright Flyer/Boeing-747 trivia

Why can't I sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep??

FReeper/Pabaah activist likes Kucinich!

Daily Show embarrasses another freeper!

Oh deer!!!__I'm late for the Metro (subway)

The great big MERRY CHRISTMAS (and happy New Year!) thread! internet comedy (I use realplayer)

W seems to be missing the spirit of this Wright Bros. thing

I am Jack's complete sense of disappointment.

To My Fellow Daytonians: Happy 100th Wright Brothers

Complete this sentence- It's not Christmas until I hear this song________

Man, what a f*cked-up night. (Classic "Minnesota Nice" story)

Ethics Question about starting a small business

Just got back from Return of the was awesome!

Movie Trivia - What Film Is This line From...

At 1035am EST. 100 years ago today

Complete this phrase.

George Bush the Red Nosed President

Flying Horror Stories

DU this poll

Ten Random Answers

I hate trying to look at porn in the pc lab at school

Good (Wednesday) Mornin' DU!

My girlfriend made chocolate truffles last night

OK, What's the BEST major airport in the world???

Damn,I'm actually impressed with our local newspaper...

Choosy mom chose Maxwell House, got 'Jiffed'

My cat just came in with

Daily Show mocks Freeper!

I turned off CNN and put in the best movie ever

I am a loyal Dingbat, and will support Robb's coronation in 2004.

If You Could Go Back In Time And Redo One Relationship....

Awww look new playground equipment for Iraqi children

I just got a bright, shiny, beautimous STAR!! :-D

Donkey Punch --- What does that mean?

man.. those l.a. king vintage sweaters are pretty darn dope!

I used to really love General Tso's Chicken...

This man makes by heart go into palpatations!!

How high is the crap piled, General?.................CAPTION

Do me a solid, guys, REC this Yahoo story!

Why "Spider" Hole?



hey look John, we can be jes like dat Mary Puppy and fly away on a CAPTION

I'm home sick - what should I watch?

Hummers and birdies and things . . .

Wynonna Judd pleads guilty to DUI

One down, one to go

Help me decide who's cooler - Viggo Mortensen or Ian McKellen

I think somebody hacked into NOAA...

For those thinking of pet euthanasia...with apologies...

True of False: Driving a gas guzzling SUV is anti american.....

True or False: Columbo was the greatest TV detective.....

Men: How Much Did You Pay For Your Last Haircut? Also, Women...

OK, fess up. Admit your past fashion foul-ups here....

"Robb the Vote 2004" begins well

Smut on TV

Brazilian DUers: Who invented the airplane?

If you dare CAPTION me, I will squuueeeeeze your little neck...

Oooooh, goodddy....a new Roomie!..................CAPTION

How Much Money Would Have To Be Offered To You...

Boycott Lord of The Rings


Don't you just HATE the smell of old grease burning? < RANT >

I've lost my religion

Santa Pets 2003

OMG! Return of the King was AWESOME!

Poll: Magic Rat or a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I just answered an AOL poll on the Constitutional Amendment.

Like Hocky? Win $50,000 For ICE BRAWLING!!

When You Are REALLY Pissed-Off At Someone, You Call Them A....

An apology to all you LOTR fans

Someone Hack WH site?

Can you explain this sequence of photographs?

Mega Oxys, Rush! Guess you're here again...

Grammar question (double negatives)

Stop telling me how to eat

How do you pronounce Willamette?

Am I the ONLY person on the planet that hasn't seen LOTR ? ANY of them?

Your ways to make Saddam talk?

Who's the Greatest of The Three Tenors?

True or False: Dominick the Donkey is better than Snoopy and the Red Baron

Bush in 30 Seconds

Hot off the press!

Do you have children?

How to go caroling and come out of the closet at the same time.

Bad drivers & pedestrians

If you had a dinner party and could invite any one, living or dead..

You have to hand it to Essie Mae Washington-Williams.

Straight DU'ers: wanna hop in

Saw LOTR-ROTK last night...

US Att'y for Chicago press conference live at 2:30 p.m. CST!

there is no way in hell i'm sitting in a theatre for 3 hours 20 minutes..

True or False: Fred Sanford would KO George Jefferson

What do you get a man for Christmas who has three months to live

Classic Album That You're So Sick Of You Never Want To Hear It Again

Ladies, with which character from "Little Women" do you most identify?

Ah ha ha ha Giants Coach Fassel Fired and cried like a baby

Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter

Too funny.. They cannot get the Wright Brother's mock up to fly

Gosh, someone paid for a "star" for me (blush!)...

Anyone ever hear of this song?

New conspiracy theory.

Blug feegle sneep glom glom noofle snuh?

Would every ATHLETIC supporter please vote in this poll

Hey, free work!

new Hannity advertiser Thermacare (Proctor & Gamble)

What's your worst musical performance?

I have a stupid question.

Why do we stop at double letters??

new Oxyrush advertiser Helzberg Diamonds

In Honor of the Word of the Day - a Poetry Thread

Gimme all yer "Little Smokies" recipes!

PABAAH "Meetups" tonight might get a little lonely...

I am...

Operation: CLIMAX???

The next time you are having a bad day, imagine this

What kind of music fan do you consider yourself?

No column today!

Bush to have head examined

This is not meant to be an inflammatory post but

I keep reading here and elsewhere, It reminds me........

quick question re: state of the union address

Which Spam Header Is Most Tricksy And Cunning?

One piece of advice for the future DVD Recorder buyer....

Help me kill these ^$(*&%$)# popup ads

Jon Alvarez's cartoon (freeper on the daily show last night)

Lieberman on Blitzer

DUisms: Which Are Most Insidious?

a favorite movie of the CapAlert and PABAAH webmasters

Maybe it's me, but do you know what PABAAH reminds me of......

Vote for the good guys

Holiday Gift Buying suggestions For Men

SEND MONEY NOW: Michael Moore Hates America (warning major joke)

Since we've got no place to go . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Kids Gift Exchange suggestions needed!

"A Troll Apologizes"

Help! What does a 10-year-old girl want for Christmas?

Are we using the lounge now to attack a candidate's supporters?

For the ladies... dancing hunk!

HOUSTON DUers! Got Meet up?

They finally nailed that rat bastard, George Ryan (R-IL)!

Favorite LOTR scenes not in the movies.

What is Santa bringing your pet(s)?

Okay team : let's build a GD post

Why would w* lie about the Wright Bros. weather conditions?

Would this be a horrible career move?

Things that make you proud of your community!

can anyone help with a new year's menu ?

The Personal Attack Thread.

I am out of fudgesicles

Wing it and CAPTION

Anybody watching the "Bush in 30 Seconds" vids?

DU grad students check in!

General Clark, what do you remember most about your meeting with Madonna?


ESPN Radio just now--Nomar IS going to Chicago, the big trade has begun

Top Six songs for 2003 (my picks)

Does "Trolls" Refer to Invading Freepers Only?

You will know your ROLE and CAPTION

Are You Any Good At Acting Surprised? Or Acting Like You Love A Gift...

CD ripper?

Another thread about nothing...

Worst Musical War Profiteering (The Onion AV Club)

Question for Vegetarians/Vegans...

The Tag On The Present Says: "To My Sweetheart"... BUT...

Started the new job today.

Bill Murray tells Oscar's (Academy) to go fly a kite

Students offered Australian holiday for their sperm

Would you please vote in my very first poll???

Two Days Withdrawl from Whore Media Cable......can I hold out? I go

Do your Christmas shopping and support

Hoo boy! All this aviatoring is hard work! Almos as hard as CAPTIONing!

Get a load of THIS freeper creeper!

Do any DU'ers remember Radio City Music Hall in NYC in the 70's & 80's?

Please don't flip off Hummers, ... wag your little finger instead!

Who remembers Ozark Air Lines?

Fingernails on a chalkboard.. What REALLY bugs you???

The Daily Dickhead: A Positive Discussion of Dick Cheney.

Just watched Seabiscut...wonder ful movie. doing research and came up

Underrated Movies???


What WAS Saddam doing in that hole?

Am I the only person in the world who doesn't give a sh&t about "LOTR?"

Since lots of people hated the "Titanic" movie... how bout the exhibit?

Favorite LYLE LOVETT song

Let's Think Up Ad Slogans for the "Morning After" Pill

Do you ever feel guilty about killing pests?

In danger of losing my liberal creds over this "Christmas Fund" feature

F*CK YOU and your H2!

The DU Lounge declared the Switzerland of DU.

Can anyone help me out with Outlook?

Is this the face of a mass murderer, if so........................CAPTION

Aristotle Onassis, Michael Jackson, and Tucker Carlson.

Don't Shoot. I am coming OUT. Another spider hole found.....CAPTION

vatican flatware fickle trite improvise humerus towboat bravado

What was the fashion problem with Members Only jackets

Lesbian and gay DUer's: at what age did you come out?

Gimli actor is a white supremacist

CONFESS!!!!! Movies that everyone loved, but you hated!!!

How to support the President in this time of National Debt

I'm leaving DU.

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion of Dick Gephardt

Dean's Lead Still Solid-----No Saddam Effect

I am seriously impressed by Clark's accomplishments and intellect....

Clinton defends Clark against Shelton's allegations

Have you all seen the DU Candidate poll top of GD Forum? Vote now!

Dems to debate on NPR

How should the Dem candidate answer "How would you prevent another 9/11?"

Kerry People: Whom Do You Prefer, if not Kerry?

Democratic Primary Poll (December 17, 2003)

now that Edwards has lost his lead in South Carolina to a Northerner…

John Kerry on ABC World News Tonight.

Kerry's campaign sent Clark's campaign ZERO candy bars

Clark's appeal vs. Dean's appeal

Dennis Kucinich on "The Guy James Show" Saturday

Brits call Anti-Dean movement 'Hateful' and 'Ugly'

The Dean People Are Desperately Trying To Smear Kerry For The Osama Ad

Establishment Politicians Have Already Lost

Slinging Mud At Dean, Helps Dean!

Candidates Should Be Ashamed for Distorting Dean's Words

CNN: Is Clark Europe's Choice?

Mary Beth Cahill Calls for Dean to Open His Records...

NRA endorsement for a Democrat candidate?

The MOST Democratic candidate will beat Bush MOST decisively

At last: Support your candidate in HAIKU form!

Sen Bob Graham (D-FL) applauds Dean's foreign policy agenda as "visionary"