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Archives: December 15, 2003

Why * must attempt to hold back the trial til after the election

Support for Bush slips in home state

I think Andy Rooney just kicked Dubya in the groin

Dems vs. Dems---Anonymous Character Assassination Ads

Happy 500th Birthday Nostradamus!!

South Florida Haitians protest Wal-Mart's selling of 'Grand Theft Auto' ga

PowerPoint Makes You Dumb - NYT

Never forget - 227 days

A Minor Question

Question to moderator who locked my contact lieberman thread.

Why was my Stop Dean thread locked??

Is there a "this user is in a temporary timeout" indicator?

I assume the

A Random Question About Where DU Is And Will Be

THIS is what I'm talking about

say, why did my Homeland Security video thread get axed?

Why are you guys such jerks?

Palestinians mark 'black day' of Saddam capture; Hamas: U.S. will pay

Europeans to file complaint for misuse of donations...

US, Israel prepare mass killings in Iraq

The Big Mistake about the Capture

Candidates Ponder What the Good News (Saddam) Means for 2004 - NYT

Grab your ankles, commies!

John Edwards on "60 Minutes" tonight, CBS, 7 Eastern/6 Central (nt)

DU!! Let's contact Lieberman and tell him to switch parties.

Tune in to PBS now

Rummy on 60 minutes now!

There's No Free Lunch

Dow Boost from Hussein's capture!

Juan Cole's take on the capture of Saddam

The troops are not coming home....

don't forget about the simpsons

The Inevitability of the "Desperation of the Democrats"

Wanted: Help Stopping Dean

I refuse to roll over and give up just because Saddam is captured.

Why was my Stop Dean thread locked?

Media Calls Iraq a "War on Terror"

The main purpose of the Iraq war

Will the pResident travel to see Saddam in person?

Why Dean may come out stronger because of this...

George H.W. Bush, at this point in 1991,

I am shocked they took him alive

Saddam caught for Xmas, Osama for next 911?

Just how fragile are Democratic beliefs?

The capture finally proves Saddam was no Hitler

why so frightened of a disheveled man in a hole ?

who will act as jack ruby to silence saddam before he spills the bush

Somebody Else's Civil War

OK ABC is doing a quick profile

Until our troops stop dying, saddam's capture is meaningless

Here's a couple of questions the media should still ask

Can you name one candidate? A national poll says you can't!

old vagrant rescued from hole in ground !! claims to be missing..

GW Bush - Professional Fire Starter

Howard or Clark - an outsiders view

The Best Financed Campaign....

How quickly we forget...

Remember..this was about finding WMDs.

NY Sun Claims Tom Friedman Physically Attacked Lawyer at Lecture

Luntz: I Thought that was Pat Caddell (Saddam Video)

Sen Graham on CNN

Why they may bave been able to take Saddam alive

Quit all this doom and gloom!!

How would George W. Bush conduct himsel if he was on the run.

Saddam Hussein vs Osama bin Laden vs George W. Bush

Why did he provoke a war??

Technology Plans of John Kerry

Is the Patriot Act & Department of Homeland Security Needed?

"Are we better off now than we were on Saturday?"

CBC includes Rumsfeld in its Saddam profile Halliburton. Today, war ok.

CSpan Clark on the road to the Whitehouse

What if Bush finds WMD weeks before the election?

Musharraf survives assassination attempt

Hm, I think they were gonna take Saddam alive, or not at all.

Dean's response on video...he says the president deserves the day.

This could just be another, more muted version of "Misson Accomplished"

Lots of Talk about Strength, But Is It The Right Kind?

Human Rights Watch: No Political Show Trial for Saddam

I hear "Survivor" on the TV in the background.....

Did Dean really say this?

CBC News Special Edition -- 10pm ET -- Iraq special

Dean runs as a Libertarian, splits GOP vote, Clark/Edwards

from moby...

if i'm wrong about dean's war opposition being a problem

I'm a Dean supporter and I'm taking one for the team

Anybody catch Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes??

Has this stabilized Iraq or has it turned into a "holy war" ?

Newsweek Replaces Dean Cover Story With Saddam Capture-Is This

Does the capture, re-energizes Clark or Kerry

Election 2004: GAME OVER

Economy UP, Saddam GONE, WES CLARK our only option

Why Saddam capture will be bad for Bush...

It's True, DRUDGE Sez, "It's All About Personality"

The REAL reason Dean supporters support him...

Is Dean Toast? Not So, says William Saletan

Anybody watching Mathews right now?

Dean just said in SF that Saddam's capture

The Capture Of Saddam Hussein Does Not Change

To Dean supporters: Clark has been very respectful of your candidate

Call to Action: More Funding for Chicago's Parks

From my local paper...."Saddam Capture Could Boost Holiday Sales"

Oh my. NC tech jobs outsourced to...Vietnam?!

anybody watch this Bremer "we got him" video?

A Bush "win" will be disasterous. Please stop savaging our candidates.

9-11 and the 'war on terrorism' - Why did Bush* attack Iraq?

Hey, Hey, good news - CNN poll - not as much impact as thougt.

What will you do if Bush wins again?

They've had him for months.

The nightmare is over - and the nightmare is about to begin

Repukes can run on the economy? I don't think so

Its a civil war now and Im angry

LA Times poll shows Dean is top pick among Democratic leaders

The myth of the "Swing Voter"

George H. W. Bush, at this point in 1991, just after the Gulf War,

"Nobody But Dean" - Please tell me this is a joke

Sincere Question for Dean Supporters

Why I have mixed feelings about today’s news.

So, why can't we run Clark?

Clark throws "cold water" on Dean-Clark "dream ticket"

Capture to Give Big Lift to Bush, Analysts Say (NYTimes)

Differences Emerge as Loya Jirga Begins/New World Media Watch

Pakistan's President Narrowly Escapes Assassin's Bomb

At Least 17 Die in Attack on a Police Station Near Baghdad

Arab-Americans in southeastern Michigan celebrate Saddam's capture

UPI- Saddam's capture boosts Bush - and Clark

GLOBEX Flash Quotes S&P +14.2 / NASDAQ 100 +26.5

Report: Saddam Tells Interrogators 'No WMD'

Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian accusses Bush of Double Standards

Father Of Slain Soldier Finds No Joy In Saddam's Capture

Americans Celebrate Capture of Saddam (AP)

Poll: Capture boosts Americans' confidence (CNN)

We Never Had WMD, Saddam Hussein Tells US Interrogators

Thank you Oakland

Let's hear it for the ever vigil mods!!!

Tune in to PBS now

Are You Ticklish?

Goodbye DU, this is my last post and you all know why....

I shook Teddy Kennedy's hand today-- ask me anything.

Fast Note: Middle of 60 Minutes Love Feast what did I see

This is a 100% Maddas thread!!!

Dinosaur Planet on Discovery

100% Saddam-Free Thread

I'm leaving DU

could anyone on the west coast tape tonight's King of the Hill ep?

bored at work, listening to imus sound clips, ask me anything

Happiness is TWO warm puppies.

"Here comes a mob..."

Some leaving some staying who's taking DU with them???

don't forget about the simpsons

any guesses who they voted for ?

West Coast Simpsons viewers, tape or tivo tonight's King of the Hill ep

Just saying goodbye to DU

Bill Gates Endorses the Macintosh - Video

I need a recipe for...

If greatauntoftriplets is am I!!!!!!

Someday at Christmas men won't be boys

Televising Sadaam's medical exam - isn't that a violation of HIPPA rules?

A pedaler's mettle

Only my Yak can beat the other party's Yak

prayers needed

will anyone on the West coast or the Pacific time zone be taping tonight's

Something very wierd happened today at the Bengals vs 49ers game

Anyone watching The Simpsons XMAS special?

The Bengals won today! Dean is finished!

Swedish Fish or Gummy Bears

Re-watching Battlestar Galactica

An example of why Pittsburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in Americ


I Live In New England And Deal With This White Crap Every Weekend BECAUSE?

Most Hilarious Porn Spam you've gotten?

Guess what this is a picture of....

OK, let's do this again - does anyone want to chat on AOL?

The little Lady wins!!!!!

The Zen of trueing a wheel...

CSPAN--Clark/NYC/video coming up //DELAYED....showing

well i`m a happy guy

I actually made money Christmas shopping today

2 Random Things about Christmas that are a pain in the a** or ass

I just got this spam e-mail....

what? no 'mission accomplished' banner this time?

Halliburton Executive Turned In Saddam Hussein

Hey, did y'all hear they caught Saddam Hussein?

Magic Rat's Magic Rant - 10 Random Things I Hate

I gave up a date tonight to be with the man I love

I am staying at DU.

Why isn't Emma Thompson in more films

Are you so daring, so bold? Try this:

how will the world change in 30 years or so?

I have a LiveJournal now.

Who here thought the following Chrismas songs should be a form of torture

The mods need a thank you tonight!!!!

Go Pack!

I'm declaring war on plastic bags

does A.G. Spanos spend more on GOP donations than it does

Darwin Awards

Oh, Lawd!! I just watched my video tape of Hildy ruining

Någon här som talar svenska? Anybody here Swedish?

adrift... can't post in GD and I'm a stranger in the Lounge...




Official Survivor Finale thread

Get your lipstick, your whistle and your rubber gloves, it’s a PARTY!!

Tribune's Kerry Cartoon: Dean Supporter Says "Not Fair"

DetNews editorial: No-Bid contracts rip-off US taxpayers

Vitello-Making History, The Victor's Way

Saddam Gone

Great cartoon on Saddam Husseins capture

New powers, old habits in Iraq (giving birth to Islamic fundamentalists)

Saddam Arrest Cheer Fades Into Iraqi Ire at U.S.

Pinkerton: Saddam Is Caught - Now What?

With Endorsement of Dean, Gore Steers Democrats Away From Clintonism

Saddam's Capture: Extra, Extra! - Andy Rooney

Saddam Hussein’s capture will not resolve Iraqi quagmire

Chris Scheer: Hussein's Capture Is Yesterday's News

When wingnuts attack each other....

Another Battle for Bush

Christmas surprise

Insurgents Continued Attacks Despite The Capture Of Saddam" , NYT

Guardian : Resistance to occupation will grow

Buchanan on the Gore endorsement: clever

Bob Herbert (NY Times): Another Battle for Bush

Considering Computer Voting (New York Times)

Mark Morford on Saddam

NORML email alert; Presidential Candidate Promises to Regulate Marijuana

Robert Fisk - Saddam's Capture Will Not Stop The Relentless Killings

Remember this: Bushco: The Thief is still a Thief, the Lie is still a Lie

Dean’s doubletalk:(Deans what is Bush hiding on 911 touches nerve!)

Best Selling Author, Michael Moore's Take On Things

Kofi Annan : "A truly heroic task"

An Arab Liberal's Anguish - Christian Science Monitor

Save Some Soldiers!

Attention Maine DUers - Caucus time approaches

How about a DU "Rush bat"?

How many "journalists" got invited to the exclusive party with Rumsfeld?

We need to keep reminding people that W was happy to do

Astrolgers, what to make of this?


Time to get your geek on...

Gardening - The catalogs are starting to arrive!

Italian Debate on Fertility Bill Raises Issue of Church Influence

Help! Historical question re: Blacks and the American Revolution

So much for that "Saddam" rally....

what is the fallout for the Canadian dollar and

IBM Said to Export Programer Jobs to Asia

World's Oldest Marsupial Fossil Discovered In China

As China's Oil Demand Explodes, Some Question Status Of Tarim Basin Fields

Responding To US Demand, Toyota Boosts 2004 Prius Production By 31%

Bush helps Utilities(Southern Co) not fix mercury problem while FDA warns

NASA: Climate models and the Sun

Illegal Ivory Trade Thriving In West Africa - BBC

NY Times: Afghanistan Faces a Test in Democracy

Ever wondered about Ansar al-Islam? Find out here.

Musharraf narrowly escapes assassination attempt

US occupation authority suppresses study of Iraqi civilian casualties

Bush lies? Saddam already a captive? - exit blocked - so max PR'd

Chechnya's secret slaughter

Any DU reloaders out there?

Firm Unveils Gun That Fires Around Corners...What will NJ do?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--December 15, 2003

Hey! About that warning!!

May I.......???

we need a forum for freepers to come out

Hey! How about a Sarcasm Smiley?

Could you guys delete all the locked threads in GD please?

Could Any Of The Admins Ever See Themselves Aspiring ...

Excellent post on the front page re: Saddam capture

Why was my very civil stop dean thread locked?

can you suggest a way to raise this issue without being inflamatory

Why was Rage's "Stop Dean Movement" thread unlocked?

Could you tell me about the history of DU?

How does one send an email to the moderators

Heads-Up: Rush just promised to tell what his "spies"

What is going on here?


Elad! That UF avatar

Please delete two of my posts. Having trouble posted and then got 3!

Why is there a "post" icon when you're not logged in?

Is something going on with the server today?

What with the rush of dittoheads lurking

While I think it was fair to see where the 'controversial'

Thank you

Did You Disable the Sig Lines and Avatars?


do you have any mental health coverage for the mods?

Why was my general dicussion thread on the price

Freepers gloating about DOS attack....

where are all the avatars and signatures gone?

Can I ask for marketing advice

When we get a "moderator message"...

As a newby, I have a technical question

Are those put in "time out" supposed to make a new ID so they can post?

DU Legal questions

No posting number?

Do we have any legal grounds to sue Limbaugh & FR?

How about a DU "Rush bat"?

Israel's 'cloud of demographics'

Palestinians mark 'black day' of Saddam capture

Hamas leader promises more bombings

Israel's tank commander indicted over death of Palestinian boy

Obituary: Fadwa Tuqan

Hamas Reaffirms Rejection Of Geneva Accords

Israeli troops kill unarmed Palestinians

E-mail from a Jewish community directly attacking Dean re: I/P issue

Prediction about Saddam's legal strategy

Whether planned or not, 9-11 was a Godsend for the right

Candidates will try to you Hussein capture to tear down Dean

Zogby: Bush's numbers will rise now, fall back by election

An open challenge to all supporters: compare your candidate to Clinton

Republicans Shift Focus to Helping the Uninsured

Dean folks: Need help countering this I/P e-mail

Nancy Lauer/Tallahassee Democrat-Is Florida ready (Bush steals FL again)

Montana Poll: Dean Most Electable Against Bush

If Howard Dean had his way, Saddam Hussein would still be in power today

Dean Announces Foreign Policy & National Security Advisors

Dean's mentor: Governor Roy Romer

Capture of Saddam an Opportunity, Not a Setback!

One reason why Kerry is having trouble

Hopefuls (except Dean) draw few outside party's core in SC

Sen. Breaux to announce his intentions today

Arizona Poll: Dean Leads +10 (Pre-Gore)

Don't Tread on Dean

From the "Unofficial Kerry for President" blog:

Text of Dean's speech on foreign policy, or...

About the Dean Attack Ad

Is it true that Kerry has said, "See, I was right to vote for the war"?

Dean's "Don't Tread on Us" Bat: Near Goal

Gephardt: Dean guilty of ‘gross hypocrisy’

Dean gains in poll of N.H.

NY Atty Gen. Eliot Spitzer changes mind will support Dean

Sam Nunn for VP?

Kucinich Campaign Site missing from Google, Yahoo searches?

Kucinich: U.S. troops should leave Iraq

So, you wake up Christmas morning to a knock at the door....

Local news just interviewed

Pappy Bush found Noriega. Look where that got him.

The Shia will now rise against the U.S.

The Saddam Capture will Help Edwards the most

Peter Werbe's Nightcall streaming now -- Iraq is the topic

Ok. Saddam's caught. So what? It still doesn't change a DAMN thing!

What's the difference between

If I see another candidate bashing thread/post...I'm gonna puke!!

WH official: Take "in God we trust" off of curreny

what's with all the locked threads?

Now that Saddaam is captured we are officially occupiers, not liberators.

Credit and blame where its due

OK, discussion about trade

All these garbage posts because they found a man in a hole...

Can we win in 2004?

About the 04 elections

Saddam capture won't help *

Since Dean Talked About Breaking Media Up

FORGET Dean/Clark OR Clark/Dean

My new policy on Fox News Channel

"But He's Our Son Of A Bitch"

Dean owned interest in Radio Station that ran Rush Limbaugh

The 3 things to watch for this week......

A Huge Right-Spinning Tornado

Unfreep this poll

Where's Osama?

Has anyone told Ronald Reagan the big news about his buddy getting

Iraq versus the Thirteen Colonies

OK, it's all over, we got more concerns ...

Holly Joe attacks Clark, gets smacked good!

How does Saddam's capture affect the WMD search?

Talking Points: Bush admin. in their own words

Saddam & International Law (that we don't follow)

So, to review the events of the past 24 hours (Saddam aside).

So they got Saddam but just remember this.

Saddam's capture is gonna be great for my mutual funds tommorrow, i hope

the RepubliCard

CIA Sends More Agents to Iraq

I Know The Republican Party Is Evil, But...

Bush's re-election numbers unchanged by capture of Saddam

Was Saddam being held prisinor in that hole ...

Reflections on the Capture of Saddam Hussein

Who wants bush reelected?

is SPAM truly an infringement of privacy????

We are paying too high a price for Hussein

War Criminals to meet in Holland

NY Times: Rugs Depict Terror Attack, but New York Isn't Ready for 9/11

A few talking points for around the water cooler tomorrow...

How about a Gephardt/Edwards ticket?

9-11 Widow Requests Saddam's Deposition in RICO Suit

Kerry's two-faced press secretary

Will the capture of Saddam bring stability to Iraq? CNN poll

Army Orders Troops to Have Their Own Pet Killed

Wash. Post/ABC Post-Saddam Poll: Bush Approval

Now, if Bin Laden is captured, is Bush, truly unbeatable?

Here's My Post-Saddam Take for Dean Supporters

Rumsfeld: In the end, Saddam "not terribly brave."

Did Anyone See the CBC News Last Night on C-Span Re Hussein?

210 million dollars... every day

Does BushCo really want Saddam to talk?

Saddam Hussein’s capture will not resolve Iraqi quagmire

Yesterday someone posted on GD a series of Bush-speak

LBN: Saddam bounce maybe no bigger than turkey bounce

A suggestion for the civility goal

Lieberman using capture to boost his campaign...?

So Sad - Tolerance Exhibit Defaced In Park (in St. Pete Fl

U.S. soldier to Saddam: "President Bush sends his regards."

CNN, USA Today and Gallup Poll

Rupert Murdoch's coverage of Saddam is contradictory

The Hussein Avenues and the American public

Russert at Rummy's X-mas Party.... talking about Saddam on Saturday.. WTF

Non-Saddam subject: if THIS is not groupthink, what is?

Media trust-busting--how to do it?

What do you think of a Dean/Reid ticket?

Watch the new ad!

Why Catching Saddam Wasn't Worth nearly 500 American Lives

Saddam Caught. Good! So What?

Some are asking the questions we need to begin to asking

So the best thing for Iraq's democracy might be the worst thing for ours?

Pro-labor/union DUers, please check this thread in the Lounge

The lack of a Bush bounce.

My Last Post, Probably

Saddam's capture: good news for Iraqis, bad news for Bush and Blair

Bottom line, in the end I will stand with my party and it's candidate.

caption this photo of Dean

something fishy: Is it likely to grow a beard that long in 8 months??

Fearfest continues courtesy of Homeland Security

Dean Woos Wealthy Contributors

Japanese WWII Internment Camps, Arab-Americans & the next BIG attack. the way....17 killed in car bomb and an attempt on the life

Crying over a whale at work - another Monday.

So, Saddam was captured, Meanwhile. . .

US occ. authority suppresses study of Iraqi civilian casualties

Media complicity

The "Losers" walk ...

Heads up~ bush* holding a press conf. at 11:15 EST

Why can't Greens and Democrats get along?

ABC's "The Note" on the impact of Saddam's capture

Reported Possible Atta/911 and Baghdad Link

Bush, more of a threat than Saddam

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

We should have known something was up...

Breaux announces today whether he will run for re-election

Saddam's capture: good news for Iraqis, bad news for Bush and Blair

Iraq: Why the Soviet flags?

Some Comics For Today

Funny timing of Saddam "capture" - obscure Hague?

Dems can just "hang it up" according to media whores...

Saddam and Our definition of Bravery: a poll

Who is more stupid, us, or the Bushistas?

This coming week is a No-Win Situation for ALL the Dem Candidates

Meet the new Ayatollah of Iraq

Reasons why this is not 1992....

Anyone see Kerry's Town Hall q&a in Iowa on Sunday?

Anyone think finding SH meant to create closure in Iraq, move on to Syria?

How many 'journalists' went to Rummie's party Sat. night?

The Capture of Sadaam illustrates

Bush's "bounce" absolutely pathetic

"He does what he is told to do and says what he is told to say..."

Could a knowledgeable Deanie please respond?

Sadam, meet Manuel Noriega .....

So when is it the shrub's turn to be removed??

Capture stops old regime return - but if reason is Islamic Nationalist?

WingNut Mind control.....

All the sudden good news for Bush--Is it really?

Funny poll on Fox News Chicago last night...

uh-oh...the lil'dictator has some ideas about what we can do in 2004...

Presidents of the 20th Century

Has a negative post about Holy Joe EVER gotten you upset?

How does this change the election?

Spin, spin, spin

A cool Dem site to visit now and then..very civil and informative Unity Pledge

Why don't we try Saddam in US Courts?

Electability, It Comes From Both Directions

Faux News

Drudge uses as a news source!

Bush Press Conf.

Why the Philadelphia Eagles will win tonight....

Faux News

Local Radio Host: Re Saddam Capture (Grrr....)

This argument trumps all others...

Implications of SH's capture for US foreign policy (Ignatieff)

Does the chimp care more about Iraq and it's citizens than America

This is how Buscho and the GOP will answer every question.

Unintentional (But Awesome) Google Bomb

Pop Quiz: Which of these statements is true?

what's comin' at plans

RUMOR: Lieberman Campaign Missed Payroll in NH This Week

OK, what's with the whole "HOLE" thing?

Links that show the Bush family ties to Saudi Arabia?

Dean Trapped...How can he shift his campaign to address ....

What one question would you ask Dean?

Where/when did Bush say that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11?

Is Saddam making the rules for DU?

Bush "We're on a scavenger hunt for terror."

Highly opnionated middle aged (idiot) white guy

Saddam trial ........... why not in the same court as Milosovich?

The Stop Dean Organization....front for God knows who

If you could say one thing to George W. Bush, what would it be?

Seattle DU

DU this poll. It's needed bad...

December 2, 2003 - Hussein's capture imminent

On ieamerica

I Like Dean and I Like Kerry

What can we do to make sure that we win a fair election in 2004?

General vs General?

Fight mindless hate with mindless hate (Republican Bashing)

Join the Nobody But Dean Movement

So, If Saddam says, "Reagan and Bush gave me WMD's..."

What if it came down to Dean and Lieberman

BREAKING NEWS: Emmanuel Goldstein captured

Dean to speak live on MSNBC......

Defreep this poll on Bill Moyers

It's not about Dean or anything but the 9/11 coverup...

The real problem with the anti Dean ads

The CBC is Wiping the Floor With Bush

Bush's Deceptions on Discretionary Spending

Breaux retires - 5th southern democrat to retire

Dean on CNNI - giving speech NOW

Poll: Sober radio commentators Vs. Drug-addicted commentators

For all you anti-Deaner and your stated ideas about his SKI VACATION

Howard Dean must apologize

Rush is no writer for "mystery science theater 3000"

Bracing For the Gloat-Fest

Stange question about the "Stop Dean" thread

I counted 127 times Bush said UH or AND UH during press conference .

Sadam- Bin Ladin- Capture

Florida's Voter Database Won't Be Ready for 2004 Election!

Dean Quote of the Week

Rushco Hates Free Speech on DU

Does Saddam's capture make the war any more worthwhile?

I just signed my letter to Mr. Bushco as an "American Taxpayer"

Has anyone posted this yet?

Re-Poll: Sober radio commentators Vs. Drug-addicted commentators

was saddam a prisoner?

Could we have hit the Weapons of Mass Destruction "jackpot?"

Why are rightwingers pushing "world war III"

Has he stopped babbling yet?

Dean poised to break another bat

Bush was already getting credit for removing Saddam

Check out the new "This Modern World"

Join the Stop Dean Movement

Pat Buchanan on MSNBC pumping up Dean, trashing Kerry..

But is it really Saddam?

Does anyone know where the "kill all the liberals" thread originated from?

Why should I not like John Breaux?

Nike and sweatshops

Commiserate vs commensurate ?

Join the Stop Kerry Movement!

Breaux for VP? We don't lose a seat.

Join the "Stop Bush" Movement

Kerry CNN transcript

Democrats are wasting time

How to get rid of Rush.

Electoral history question.

Can we all agree about Lieberman now?

How about a DU "Rush bat"

freepers and dittoheads sent here by Rush and Bortz can't learn from us.

Anyone wonder why the US didn't drop a bunker buster on this isolated

Bill Clinton Has Still Not Released 1980s Arkansas Records

Bush Refuses to Answer Dean's Charge About 9/11..

I See Colin is being operated on

What's the problem with candidate bashing?

Another "legal brief" for a memo nobody cares about

Interesting reading from Non-US Media

AP: Many Voters Still Undecided in Iowa, New Hampshire

The Academys and Integrity

Perspective on the effects of Saddam's capture

Has Shrub done anything regarding Saudi Arabia's exportation of...

If any journalists are reading this,

Everybody's talking about Martial Law.

DU this early and often.

Hey Rush, welcome to DU.

Indignities Clinton's army endures in Bush hands. Read this Rush.

I need help finding "World War 3 in 2004"

Hillary Clinton is AWFUL

Dean on CNN and MSNBC NOW

Poll: Bush's Approval up 4 Points on Capture/Reelect Down

The more things spin, the more they stay the same

Does anyone have a link to story about Rush's butt cyst?

For The Trolls In Your Office

NEW 911 VIDEO FOUND (hopefully not a dupe)

This is a REAL turning point on the war on terror.

Supreme Court to Hear Cheney Energy Task Force Case

Hillary-- Foreign Relations speech, CSpan 1, 6pm ET tonight,

Can we get back to Dimes for Democracy?

Can the candidate you support do the job you do?

The Saddam Effect, or the lack thereof.

Are you happy that Sadama Bin Hussein has been captured?

I heard a fat, arrogant moron on my car radio today

Crossfire: Democrats in a hole?

John Kerry on CNN at 8:30AM.

Somebody BUY NOW!

Does anyone believe that the "farm" was visible from the HQ

Freep alert: Dean at the House of Blues tonight

Did anyone notice that Lieberman is on Hardball tonight?

The Saddam rally.....Dow falls 20 points

Palast: Jessica Lynch Captures Saddam

I hope you realize what you're doing.

Anybody see Dean's speech this morning?

Is the real story about Dean's Gov's Papers his ties to lobbyists?

Is Deans's speech on MSNBC today

Bill O'Reilly Just Told Me....

If bin Laden were captured what would that market rally look like?

Limbaugh talking about DU...reading threads.

Dean Working to Be Seen as Foreign Policy Centrist

An Apology.....

Stock Market Responds---NASDAQ Down Now.....

This trend could be the beginning of the end.

The world IS safer now that saddam is captured....

Is Pakistan a friend or foe?

Dean Announces Foreign Policy & National Security Advisors


This is kind of weird - John Kerry will be on Bill O'Reilly tonight

Saddaam Stock Rally!

I hate the "Dean spent the Vietnam War skiing in Apen" line....

The press fawns all over those "gotcha moments" in debates.

Rock star takes on fundies

Indications Saddam Was Not in Hiding But a Captive (says Mossad!)

An Apology (reposted)....

Bought a car -- and Patriot Act required my SSN!

Would you favor selecting a NOMINEE RIGHT AFTER A General Election?

A study in irony: 'Guiding Principles' of Free Republic

Ralph Nader wants to know...

Did anybody else think that Saddam looked like......

Tell me about Rush's arrest for gay cruising.....

What did Limbaugh the Pillhead say today?

why didn't the Iraq war end on June 05, 2003?

FR vs DU--very, very strange data from alexa.

Baker, Bush family janitor

It Pays to Be a Star on Charity Circuit

Enlisting Democrats to organize against a Democratic candidate is wrong

Bush gets only a tiny bounce from capture of saddam. (Wash Post poll)

"President Bush sends his regards."

Kudlow and Cramer's Cramer says he is a Democrat!

Americans Attacked In Kuait Today

The Runup To The 2004 Election Is Going To Be Like A 12-Round Boxing Match

How are the state polls conducted?

Do the Iraqis have more guns per capita than the US ?

Michael Moore - We Finally Got Our Frankenstein

"Made in China": temporarily upsetting label in my new sneakers

Breaux has decided to retire

Ignorant faux-liberal "I'd rather be ruled by Jerry Falwell...

Let Me Know When This Nightmare Ends

Vote today: Where should Saddam be tried?

Any good moderate Democratic forums?

Fellow Dean supporters: Let's encourage the 'Stop Dean Movement'

Could somebody tell me what Bush's current Gallup Poll numbers are?

Rush "Pigman" Limbaugh and his "Cuban cigar boxes stuffed with cash."

Is there ever a reason for the President to lie to America?

Sen. Breaux's retirement, gives the GOP a near lock on the Senate

"If the Dems were in power Saddam would still be in power"

Full Text of Dean's Foreign Policy Speech

If I Hear the Words "Spider Hole" One More Time....

Neil Boortz trashing DU right now--9:24 am

I am sick and tired of of all the talk about the economy getting better.

Dean Ahead in AZ by 10 over Clark

"I'm Competent he will get a fair trial"

Shoe Plant Workers get Christmas Bonus! $1K for each year w the company!

How Freerepublic monitors other message boards for those they banned

Has he stopped babbling yet?

After Cheney's Private Hunt, Others Take Their Shots

Interesting point my boss just made about our military

Hillary on CSpan 1 NOW...kicking butt over Afghanistan and

"Spider hole of denial"

Palm Beach buzzin over Limbaugh. Not all good.

Captured or blown up, for Saddam, which do you prefer?

Glad we got Saddam, but here's the problem:

Aside from Liberman, who is the most conservative candidate?

Isn't it against the Geneva Convention to show faces of captured enemy?

How to support your candidate without being a GOP tool

Is Dean Naive For Saying We Are Not Safer After Saddam's Capture?

Does Cheney Have A Spider Hole?

Who buys that a single post is representative of what all DUers

Clark: "You cannot lie" How refreshing!

Poll: Where Should Saddam be Tried?

* said "When the heat got on he dug himself a hole". So did * on 9/11!

Who's gonna bet the Networks WON'T cover Edwards foreign policy speech?

What would Bush be doing today if he grew up in Edwards's or Kucinich's...

Question for Dean Supporters (from my Dad).

Memo to Joseph Lieberman: "If Howard Dean Were President"

Half the job done. A French Canadian point of view

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about Howard Dean

Bush Press Conference - A Disaster?

Well, the Bill Clinton Hollywood E! Story came and went

Join the stopping of the "Stop Dean Movement"

I Sound My Barbaric Yawp Over The Roofs Of The World

Chimpy's Dean Dream

So what did Rush say about DU?

Saddam Hussein is the $500 ice cream cone

Tucker just said he didn't see 1 soldier driving from Kuwait to Baghdad?

Wes Clark will be on CNN at 8:00 P.M. Eastern

Now more than ever we need Clark

Join the stop the crap movement

Clark blaming Bush for not taking precautions before 9/11 attacks

"We are fighting the wrong war" - General Clark

Clark from the Hague/CNN/Zahn 8-9pm ET TONIGHT (Mon). Also....

Wesley Clark's word of the day

In honor of Joe Lieberman, I've donated to Clark

Kucinich calls for full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement

It's sad that so many people don't understand our tax structure.

Hardball College Tour with Joe Lieberman tonight

For those of you who think it can't get any worse . . .

God Bless Louisiana

Is the public turning on Bush? (The latest email joke)

To be a Republican today, you must believe that

Indications Saddam Was Not in Hiding But a Captive

Are freepers the Communist or Fascist wing of the republic party?

Who's hearing the names Sam Nunn and Evan Bayh as possible VP's?

Halliburton pilfers millions from Pentagon and now...

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about Joe Lieberman

Rumsfeld's AMAZING Hypocrisy on 60 Minutes re: Chemical Weapons

"We are the juncture of the most serious crisis in modern history"

A question about campaigning angry.

Dean...Whopper of the week award

Anybody interested in joining Anybody but Bush?

Should we split the General Discussion Forum into two forums?

An open letter to Mari333

Saddam Capture Warns: Vote the Best Candidate not the Best Campaign

An interesting article on Dr. Dean

Strom Thurmond--Senator and Rapist?

Iraqi Governing Council Says It Wants to Try Hussein

Bush's approval won't rally | Iowa State Daily

Car Bomb Wounds 4 at Iraq Police Station (Monday AM)

Pakistan's leader escapes murder 'by a minute'

Islamic Extremism Spreads in Central Asia

Car bomb hits Iraq police station(17 dead, 30 wounded, west of Baghdad)

Half of new Iraqi army quits; Now they're gonna get more money

N. Korea Rejects U.S. Nuke Crisis Remedy

A Careful U.S. Plan to Dispel All Doubt on Hussein's Fate

Car bombs rock 2 Baghdad police stations

Wash. Post/ABC Post-Saddam Poll: Bush Approval

Saddam won't confess, says Straw

Saddam Not Heading Insurgency

Another series of explosions strikes Baghdad

Few Defenders for Connecticut Governor After Ethics Misstep

News Prompts Americans to Wonder What's Next (saddam's capture)

Bush, GOP Shift Focus To Helping Uninsured

Gen. Wesley Clark: Any penalty should be on table

deleted duplicate post

Martin pushes a 'just' tribunal....First conversation with Bush today

U.S. Army Nabs Other Regime Figures

American families wake up to hope that troops will return home soon

sorry dupe

LAT's Brownstein: Bush's Political Gain Must Pass Test of TIme

Saddam Arrest Bolsters U.S. Mission on Iraq Debt

IBM to export programmer jobs to Asia - WSJ (3000+ Jobs)

Britain would 'respect death penalty decision' for Saddam

France eyes Iraq Paris Club deal, debt write-offs

US insists Iraqi war crimes trial would deliver justice best

After Cheney's Private Hunt, Others Take Their Shots

Police fire into air to disperse pro-Saddam demo

For 14 Long Hours, Keeping the Secret (note: Russert at Rummy x-mas party)

WP: Despite Capture, Poll Indicates Wariness on Iraq

Report: Saddam Tells Interrogators 'No WMD'

Court Will Take Mexican Trucking Case

Ward 8 Democrats Shelve Official's Ouster Over Slur 'White Trash' Remark

Blair Faces New Split with Bush (Saddam death penalty)

NTY: PowerPoint Makes You Dumb (reference to Powell @ the UN)

In Hussein's Capture, World Pundits See New Chance for Iraq

Karzai: Bin Laden could be next

Saddam to bring US a step closer to Bin Laden

News Prompts Americans to Wonder What's Next

TIME Exclusive: Notes from Saddam in Custody

Bush administration has demanded the right to edit Clark as witness

Saddam's capture a goal, not an end

Pakistan Bombing Misses Musharraf Convoy by Minute

Lula announces Brazil's expanded ties with India, China, Russia

Musharraf may have engineered life bid to retain US support

U.S. says Saddam aides, rebel cells found

Dean mounts foreign policy challenge with pledges on Israel and Korea

U.N. Inspector: Little New in U.S. Probe for Iraq Arms

`And still, the Iraqis hate us'

Iraq Council Member Says Saddam 'Broken,' 'Ruined'

US Officials and Iraqis Agree That Conflict Will Get Worse

UNC study abroad program expands to Cuba

Union vs. Union on Iowa Campaign Battleground

Shoe plant gives big holiday bonuses

Russia plays down importance of Saddam capture

Clark testifies at Milosevic trial

Troops nearly gave up search when they found Saddam

High Court to Hear Cheney-Energy Dispute

Britain Wants Saddam Trial in Iraq, Will Accept Death Penalty

Powell Prostate Surgery Went Well, No Complications Reuters

Saddam Humiliation May Fire Resistance

Powell Undergoes Prostate Cancer Surgery

Saddam capture 'boost for Bush' BBC News

Wal-Mart gives chillier December sales outlook

Rumsfeld: Saddam to Have POW Protections

Ex-Nurse Says He Killed 30-40 Patients

Clark blaming Bush for not taking precautions before World Trade Center at

Few Among Crowds Heed Governor's (Arnie's) Call to Action

2 Car Bombs Rock Iraq Police Stations, 9 Dead

Saddam capture stuns Arab world BBC News

Breaux Privately Telling Colleagues He Will Announce Retirement Today

Indications Saddam Was Not in Hiding But a Captive (says Mossad!)

As Dems scramble, White House a 'gloat-free zone'

Democrats Urge Sen. Breaux to Run Again

Dean Comments on Capture of Saddam

Drilling Planned in Untapped Alaska Oil Reserve

Dean: Bush 'deserves a day of celebration'

Wall Street prepares for hefty gains

Lehman stops outsourcing computer help desk to India

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday December 15....(#1)

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq-455 U.S. service members have died

IBM to Move Software Jobs to India, China

CNN Breaking: Colin Powell has prostate cancer...

American agribusiness pushes ahead on trade with Cuba

N Korea threatens to escalate nuclear capability

Chávez thanks Castro for doctors

As election nears, Bush says his decisions have made nation safer, economy

Wesley Clark: The Power of our aliances (the other foreign policy speech)

Panel Sees Slowdown in US Fight Against Terror

High Court to Hear Cheney-Energy Dispute

President Bush to hold news conference at 11:15am Eastern time

Chirac given a rough ride over EU summit

Saddam Arrest Cheer Fades Into Iraqi Ire at US

Centcom: 1 Soldier Dies from Non Hostile Gunshoot

(Canada's) Manley turns down ambassadorship (to U.S.)

Col.: Forces Were Close to Killing Saddam

Pro-Saddam rallies held in Iraq

Wal-Mart gives chillier December sales outlook

Thurmond's family `acknowledges' black woman's claim as daughter

Official: Saddam May Face Death Penalty (trial possibly in "weeks")

Mexico challenges U.S. death sentences in the World Court

U.S. stocks at year highs after Saddam capture

Sen. Breaux, D-La., to Retire Next Year

Dollar sinks even lower against the Euro

Saddam's hero-like image shattered in Arab eyes

Saddam surrender seen as cowardice

Drudge claims Dean, Clark have violated

Court Allows Arrests of All in Drug Stops

Gallup: Most Americans say capture won't affect their vote for president

Preparing for a Mass Exodus — into Cuba

Bush Takes a Poke at Howard Dean

Okay, Guys, cover me. I'm going into GD to scout around

Alan Simpson speaking at Paul Simon's Funeral !!!!???

Think Happy Thoughts

I'm declaring war on plastic hags

Our new Alley Cat got sick.

Aqua Teen Hunger

Saddam Claus gets Bush's wish list

for all those needing a laugh tonight.

Surefire Saddam free places to go for a little while.


Fuck escaping from Saddam. I need to be free of the Cat in the Hat!!

Dick Cheney emerges from undisclosed location

Anybody Else Think The Mods Need A Group Hug Today ???

SPIDER-MAN 2 teaser trailer now available online

CSPAN dropped the Clark event!! Running Booknotes then more

I can't get enough of Fran Drescher

I'm declaring war on plastic yaks

Help! My cat is eating Sting! Do you think he'll be ok?

it's time to play . . . "Name That Rocker!"

Why isn't Emma Thompson in my bedroom more?

If I'm not back in 30 minutes, somebody send out a search party.

So with all the video shown today on all the networks,

I just figured out how we caught Saddam......

Saddam captured? I confess, I will probably vote for Dubya.

Saw my friends for the last time until god knows when

What's a cooler name?

What will Saddam's new job with Fox News be??

OK, who is watching Angels in America Part II right now???

I love the DU Lounge

Whew...Hypersensitivity abounds tonight.

Zero Gore Endorsement Threads Since Hussein Capture

Scott Adams text adventures.

Saddam to do a Reality Show?

forradalom endorses Dury/Hussein ticket!

How long till CanuckAmok claims HE captured Saddam?

Would Saddam been 'found' if Michael Jackson had been charged?

Biscuithenge.....100% Saddam-free post..(sort of)

Name a Dummy

Okay...Biography Channel's "Biography of the Year" for 2003:

What's your favorite Sunday night comedy on Fox (not FNC)

SURVIVOR All-Star edition castaways (spoiler?)

How will we break the culture of sneaky French bastards on DU?

Photoshop gurus.

Righto, GWB is the bestest best president ever!!!

A Philosophy Question

I have just returned from General Discussion, and can report

Humor from the Great White North

How do I start my own website?

CNN Asking: "Will Capture Boost Retail Holiday Sales?"

If you could be a character in Lord of the Rings, who would you be?

Bush...or chimp

Another RW blog is "talking about us"...

Bush's America: Blue is the new Red... in power ties, that is

Two hours later

ebay experts! 64 bids, $432. should i be checking my freezer?

Ten Random Sentences including "Magic Rat"

Any fans of the band Athlete?

Sandra wins Survivor.

The New York Giants: An Embarassment to All Mankind

I Feel Good About Myself

Is that Saddam Hussein on TV ...

Well I'm sure glad I don't post in GD at the weekends.

The Ultimate Weapons of Mass Destruction Joke!

Plastic Turkeys

Bonobos check in!

Bobos check in!

FReeper prefers Milosevic to General Clark!

why does CBS show all of 60 minutes after Football?

I love Ridley Scott's "Legend," (whew), I said it...

Help me with my 12 page final paper, please......

WHAT is he on?

Please share your feelings on SH

Wait a minute!

Was one American life worth the capture of Saddam??

YIPPIES check in!

Bull Roarer? Did you ever make one?

If you played the Bush press conference drinking game...

I don't even go to FR to look at moron posts anymore.

"The Last Party" on IFC at Noon ET

ever tried Avacor or another hair growth scam product?

Angels in America was the best thing I have seen in ages

Ender Wiggins for President.....

Yuppies Check in

An old essay I wrote on Abe Lincoln and abolitionism

"Goodbye, Chad!" day at our county courthouse.

Differential equations

Who is the bigger prick?

Sheepleville, USA ...

Pathetic! :(

Phoenix Residents Praise Military, Critical of Bush

Don't you just love it?

Someone please ask *: "How are you different from Saddam?"

Help! One of my cats ate string!

Let's do a flash mob 'Feel the love in the lounge' over on GD!

Yea! I got quoted in the Tribune about Saddam!

I feel so unclean. My niece wanted "Shock 'n Y'all" for Christmas

googlebomb Rush

DU acronyms

Hussein Captured: Unemployment drops to 3%, Troops Leave Iraq...

Join the 'Stop the Bowel' movement!

How fast is your Internet connection?

I firmly believe that Eyeless in Gaza's singles were better than OMD.

Matewan and Roger and me and me

Celebratory CAPTIONS!

A change of pace for CAPTIONS!

Mopaul's "Chimpy's Christmas Song" clip available...

touch screen training

Hi Rush Fans, how's the weather in your parallel universe?

Why do evildoers hide underground?? They all do it..


How long till shrub says HE captured Saddam?

My last post too, Gawd Dang it!

I just ... I .... um .... I'm speechless!

just finished listening to a litlle oxyrush on hate radio

Is it just me?

Cartoon: Shrub ruining sex lifes of Americans overseas.

DU loading extremely slowly for me. What's up?


Rush Limbaugh: Terrorist Supporter and Cop Killer

A musical interlude, in light of today's news

Can Americans Apply for Political Asylum

Just heard Smerk boast about the capture of SH on NPR

For the Buckeye fans

Official "What I hate about survivor thread"......

There is a Santa

What should I do while I'm at work?

OK, you're all going to get it now.

I've got those nude pics of Rush at rehab

Think Rush's "hit" on DU isn't calculated? Think again.

unidentifiedbassplayer's HOLIDAY REBUS (note-lots of images to load)

Rush does not cherry pick from DU

Support the military: foster a pet

My instructor is a rude... cartoon that tells the truth

Carolina Hurricanes (NHL) fire Maurice, news conference set for 4 pm ET

Join the "Stop Bowel Movements"

One pill makes you CAPTION

caption this photo of Dean

Great cartoon at the Guardian

Let's Have a War

Another sign of the X-mas season--The "Clapper" commercials are on!

Canadian CAPTIONS!

When will Matt Millen be fired.

new Hannity advertiser Remington (razors)

I firmly believe OMD's Singles were as good as XTC's

Stick to what you know.

woah, check out this bike vid

My computer randomly shut off four times!

new words added to the Oxford English Dictionary on 12/11 include . .

new Hannity advertiser Nissan

Were those the twin towers I saw in Angels in America last night?

Your GD challenge for today

I need a break and I'm getting one...tommorrow

FOX: Sneaky French Cowards Plan US Invasion!

How to get rid of Rush.

Hey! I've been gone for a while

Join The Join/Stop Dean Stop/Join Dean Join/Join Stop/Join Dean Movement

Is it safe to come out now? ... CAPTION!

Canadian calls me "anti-American"

The flu has hit my town

XTC vs. Adam Ant vs. OMD vs. TMBG

A Call To Arms

Should we split the General Discussion Forum into two forums?

This Saddam capture is neat afterall

Why the Philadelphia Eagles will win tonight....

Damn it, I lost my windows 2k pro cd- key, please help!

When LOTR Return of the King Comes Out Wednesday, You Will...

Holy CAPTIONS, Batman.

Need help with List of rulers known to have HIDDEN IN HOLES

A *sexy* CAPTION!

I firmly believe that XTC's singles were as good as the Beatles.

How many kids in your family?

Where do you put the X when abbreviating Hanukkah?

DU Legal questions

Bad joke: When does Saddam have his dinner?

Avatars Gone? more pic's on the sig line...?

Freepers and Dittoheads? Tighty-Whities or Boxer Shorts?

Rush made me so angry today

I think Zales might suck...

Life, DU and everythingsxen

Could somebody tell me what the pentagon propaganda is?

Monty Python fans.. Here ya go

freepers live in spider holes....

For my 1,000 post I'd like to say

more bullcrap at school (lunch and punishment)...

All-Encompassing Rant -- Some Good, but Mostly a Rant. (NO S.H. HERE)

Ugh...women at their most greedy and disgusting:

Saddam War Council Tapes Discovered! Proves He Was In Command.

Funniest gift I've seen so far this year.

I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you! At!


Good page listing Repubs dodging military service and commiting adultery?

Should we split the Lounge into two forums?

I love Rush Limbaugh* and could kiss him on the mouth*.

Where'd my North Dakota Flag go?

The Ten Commandments of Love

Need Christmas toys? CHEAP? Try Rent-A-Toy.

The first meeting of the 'Anybody but Dean' movement...

Please please tell me now - is there something I should know?

I hope no one notices that I just filled my Depends

Discussion Questions

Holiday Volunteer Thread.

Shame on the cameraman.. Odd product placement

Favorite stanza of poetry

Any DUers in the Denver Metro area want to join my band?

anybody 13 or under in here?


FReeper post: Saddam at Democratic Underground

Dow closes down 19, NASDAQ down 31 today.

Anybody know how to remove stitches?

Are There Any Dirty Words You Can Honestly Say You've Never Uttered?

Post your best scores: Miniature Golf!

Poll: What's worse than checking Saddam for lice?

Do we need internantional poll monitors next November?

Don't let this CAPTION scare you into running off and hiding in a hole

Aaawwww is Rove in the room? Before you two run off how 'bout a CAPTION?

Don't ask don't tell just CAPTION

UPDATE: Took the String-Eating Feline to the Vet

Is DU moderate or radical?

How should I vote on the GD split?

Who needs a hug?? They're free

Mondays 'IN' The UGRR - December 15, 2003

Whenever you flip channels and come across "Buck Rogers",

What does FTAA stand for?

On-line Halls of Fame for '50s, '60s, and '70s music

Hippies check in

Saw "Last Samurai".... ehh...

I know who Saddam reminds me of


I hit 9000 posts today! Whoo-HOO!

Help me pick out the track list for my little album

Okay, I admit it - I'm Rush Limbaugh

What's the best News headline for Saddam Capture that you've heard?

How often do you visit GD these days?

The Bush Press Conference: Did He Say "FATHER RAPERS!" ,"MOTHER STABBERS!"

Snow sucks

Name a genius.

Nuts to you!!!

As requested, my report on Paul Simon's funeral.

I'm the first to admit it - I really enjoyed Survivor this year

BREAKING NEWS: Emmanuel Goldstein captured

geezers/geezerettes check in

So, Who In Your Life Will Be Gloating The Hardest?

Why Saddam’s capture further confirms that Clark should be our nominee.

A History of Kerry's Words Related to His IWR Vote

Clark still sits on boards

I am a loyal Democrat, and will support my party's nominee in 2004.