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Archives: December 13, 2003

BBV: Californians please write LA TIMES

great Bushflash banner (test)

Halliburton overcharges? say it ain't so Dick

Democrat Dean tells Republicans: 'Bring it on'

Washington elites are terrified that Dean will disrupt their power base

Shop for the holidays with AFL-CIO's UNION SHOP ONLINE!!

Wesley Clark on TDSWJS, quicktime & mp3 for those who missed it

Cheney: "It was all a misunderstanding". (from Swami Beyondananda)

Economic question..... Am I wrong to worry about this?

Report: Earth's magnetic field fading

OPEC wants aid if world shifts to renewable energies

Light brought to a halt in scientific first

Fossil bridges gap in mammal evolution

Pro-American takes over as Canadian Prime Minister

Is It Feasible That A Tech Forum

Why aren't locked threads eliminated instead?

Can You Still Send and Receive PMs While a Warning Is Pending?

I am confused on what is considered foul language here.

Question on a deleted post

Cookies question

Poll of Democratic Insiders: "Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean..."

Wesley Clark on TDSWJS, quicktime & mp3 for those who missed it

Koppel gets another skelping

Former congressman to head Clark campaign in Va.

Here's what my response to the stupid Anti-Dean ad would be...

Dean documentary from Vermon Public Radio

A message for all (please read)

Why hate ABC when they were the only ones that covered your candidate

Recommendation to Gov Dean for response to latest attack ad

Despicable GOP scare tactics to be used by Dem group to hurt Dean

Volunteer for the CA Democratic Convention

Gay support boosts Howard Dean's lead

Let's focus on the GE, the primary is over

Who Will Be Next?

Kucinich: 61 Million Reasons

Some Christmas this woman is going to have, here in Sheboygan.

Here is an interesting incident that happened a few days ago......

Some Christmas this woman is going to have, here in Sheboygan.

Most despicable life form on earth

My Daughter Just Told Me She's starting a YEAH Club...

Would you vote for me?

Clark's...........Turnaround Plan for America: Health Care

Substandard conditions in Iraq...

Home Despot does NOT endorse * so stop saying that

dupe - mods please lock

Media/Demo Establishment start spinning the removal of "lesser candidates"

LaRouche qualifies for Virginia ballot; Moseley Braun does not

Anybody see that "feel-good" story about Barney on Olberman's show?

I want my Randi. Help, please!

Clark on civil unions, etc.


Dean tells Republicans to "Bring It On"

Shouldn't "gun people' be wary of Generals as President?

Bush did give the Europeans one big contract for Iraq- GUNS

No wonder they hate us, so much for freedom

Haven't seen a thread on this today, but

What Can You Buy with $61 Million Dollars? – Dean does the math

How is your economy?

Global Eye -- Bullet Points (Excellent article from Moscow Times)

to those of us who missed the debate in NH (please help)

The logic of Bush

How can we beat the Big Bad Bush?

Bush:: The GOP Standard for HERO

Jimmy Carter on Larry King NOW...discussing lots of topics including

Big Brother is here: Arizona schools install facial scan system

Do all the attacks and negative stories make you feel "apathetic"?

First Time Voter?

Sorry I want proof & I want it now!

If Nader runs, what's DU's policy toward Naderites?

Something I've been thinking about re: 911

if any of the candidates have direct ties to the group attacking Dean…

Deaniacs – please do not donate any money to the DNC

Blumrich threatened by RW blogger for Kucinich ad

Rep Dingell accuses Halliburton of "arrogance" on CNBC

Iraq is now on page four of my hometown paper.

Is 9,OOO coalition casualties accurate?

I'm From Missouri..................Show Me!

I agree with Randi Rhodes on her assessment on Kucinich.

Mark Dayton Blasts Administration

Let me share a story with you all [please read]

michael weisskopf loses hand in Iraq......

Recommended Canadian Chatboards and Activist Groups

Please Poke Some Holes in this Argument (Tax Cuts)

"DR." Sean Hannity Screwed (sp)

Mike Malloy just said he'd back Dean if Kucinich were to back out...

CNN "whacking the Shrub" Tonight

Nobody's Attacking DEAN, Can You Stop Attacking KERRY, Please?

why does it sometimes seem like the media only cares about american lives?

Are there any Democrats who'll stay home if Dean's nominated?

Is Bush getting worse at speaking in public?

Leakgate is About a Week Away From Being Gotten Away With

anybody beleive their candidate ISN'T the most electable?

Tweety will be putting words into Clarks mouth...

What job is Carol really campaigning for?

Light Criticism: What annoys you about your chosen candidate?

How do we handle the really nasty sleazy stuff they are dishing out?

Calling all DU'ers: Here's a plan to take the Senate and 10 House seats

Bush is starting to shrivel under the pressure of the job.

Candidates stiff Russert in Favor of Radio Debate

I don't understand the Deanies

RW website: Conservatives are now the "Blacks" of the Republican Party

Reality check for those upset over Feighan's Dean/Osama ad

DOW 10,000+ thread got copied on WSJ best of the web today! BUSTED!!

How do you feel about Free Speech?

BBV. Fortune Magazine's worst technology of the year

Jimmy Carter says Dean "is inherently a very conservative person"

Would you be supportive of the bottom 7 dropping out right now in favor..

The Right Wing is SCARED of Kucinich

Save the Endangered Species Act!!!!

BBV: zero cosponsors of Voter Confidence Act in Senate

Democratic group to broadcast new ad criticizing Dean – using pic of Osama

Great NECN Candidate Profile of Clark.

Dean's Manager: Inside Savvy and Outsider Edge


If we lose in '04, whose fault is it?

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - Freedom of Information, a thing of the past?

Six reasons to vote for Dean

Clark ,The Daily Show, write up

The science teacher in my school is a creationist. Please, tell me again

great extensive new polisci analysis, the 10 regions of US politics

another day another death

Dayton Blasts administration for continueing to put corporations Before

Judge’s error fuels same-sex debate

Iraqi Protesters Oust Appointed Governor

Judge Chides Lawyers Over 9-11 Evidence

Bush signs law targeting Syria

Democratic Debate Is Canceled in N.H.

Baker Gets Backing As Iraqi Debt Emissary

Canada deems P2P downloading legal

New Canada PM Vows Better Ties With U.S.

What ever became of whatshisname, the yippie-turned-financier? >

My happy 50th post is aproaching, ask me something!

"A Festivus, For the Rest of Us!"

I have a new Mouse.. yeah me!

December 12th in black music history

Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now

Jealous wife cuts off husband's penis


Afternoon tea anyone?

Holy cow! I got my gold star!

Are you ready? It's Barney Reloaded...

I bought Mrs. Amok "Family Guy vol. 2" for Christmas....but....

Flyers versus Devils is going to be awesome.

Anyone want to play the let's get Corarose banned from DU game?

Christian billboards take credit for the holidays

please delete

Bill Moyers Now on

I love George Bush

Mr_Bleedingheart is really whiney

I didn't realize that hemorrhoids were such a money maker...

Hi , I"m back

Karl Rove is a Christmas freak?

Microsoft to Remove Swastikas from Office

If only muscians writers activists and artists could hold office

GOP plan to help Limbaugh

We got our report cards today....

I'm going to buy "The Hornet's Nest" by President Carter.

Hey you Strong Bad fans

Is it possible to sauteé ZW?

Came across some campaign buttons from 1992

What is the difference between registry keys and registry values

Just bought a fish with a distorted eye!

Omar Shariff is so damn cute!

I've done it. I'm committing myself to the Red Sox Nation!

When relatives take advantage...

ok I know it's friday, but THIRTY SEVEN POSTS ABOUT CAT POOP?

Does your pet make decisions?

Can anyone tell me how Sha Na Na ended up playing Woodstock?

DU Storytime: The Halliburton Chronicles!!

Monkees DVD season II

Your favorite Oyster Stew recipe?

Very scary photo of a very miserable man.

Comment on this: "There is good in everyone."

Does anybody know how to scan slides?

Clark Supporters -- this is a funny picture...

Do you know any swear words on other languages?

Greatest Wrestlemania Match Of All-Time

Help- worms in puppy's?(not for the faint of heart)

Mouse Balls

Okay, I admit it. I'm a HUGE James Bond nut!!!

Keiko the Killer whale has died

Best death scene.......ever!

Any Dogbowl and.or Kramer (or Shimmy-Disc) fans here?

Favorite Bernard Herrmann Score

Flame me if you will, but I think "Barney Cam" is cute!

An IM conversation with a freeper

Your favorite quote from the movie "Office Space"

Here it comes: Your favorite holiday movie?

Diane Lane

2003 In Review

Convince me that your spaghetti sauce is the world's best

ZombyPoll#14,000: Rate his posts!

Donovan McNabb Knows how to Handle a Heavy Rush

anyone out there have any experiance with an iPod or rio Karma?

The Gilligan's Island Knowledge Base

Weird food combinations II

I am Celebrating because I just passed another Class

Salon: BushCo Issues Latest Orders to Media Lickspittles (Satire)

Forget a 'better Blair' and find a new standard bearer

For Democrats, to Air Is Essential (Kurtz - WP - Feb 3 Campaign Ads)

Boston Globe: The soldiers Bush didn't visit on Thanksgiving

George Soros (Miami Herald): `A lot of name-calling about my donations'

Guardian: Same Old Racket in Iraq

My LTTE in the local paper today. What do you think?

Brownstein - Desperate to Stop Dean, His Rivals Escalate Criticism

The Pentagon Plot :Baker's trip isn't about debt, and the contracts direct

QUEEN CHRISTINE: Gregoire Stymies Dem Rivals Early in Governor's Race

Bob Cringely's second article on BBV

Breaking Point (an epiphany)

Brown & Root employee writes Stripes letter defending Bush LOL!

"A Fetish of Candor" - Brooks in the NYT in another puff piece

Iowa View

The Nose of Terror

Portland DUers: Pro-Kucinich Demonstration at ABC Monday! 12/15

Dean Rocks the Hollywood House of Blues, Mon, Dec 15 (who's going?)

Bill Moyers NOW (12/12/03) quicktime and mp3 for those who missed it

Can you spare some change?

Know your Conservative Hotties

hey Gloria!


'Free Willy' whale, Keiko, dies

just a comment on civility

Old photo assistance needed

Poems of War in the Season of Peace, OR

What God thinks about Taxes: Scripture-based political commentary for Fri

Do you believe in angels?

NY Times: Annals of Homosexuality: From Greek to Grim to Gay

NY Times: Discriminating? Yes. Discriminatory? No.



Texas Chainsaw Massacre...not what you think.

Drilling Planned in Alaska Oil Reserve(9m acres in NPR-A, not ANWR)

US military kills six Afghan children in new atrocity

NY Times: European Union Cannot Reach Deal on Constitution

German army stretched to the limit

NY Times: New Prime Minister Taking Over in Canada

Self arrest form

NC: Meth Task Force Forges Forward

Ex-Marijuana Party leader to run for NDP in federal election

Canada: Pot Possession Charges Stayed by Feds

OK: Prosecutors Look For Ways To Stunt Prison Growth

Homicide in Cincinnati? Not from What I See

The anti-freedom crowd in action.

Texas pulls last meal information from deathrow website

Student gun sales armed N.J. gang, authorities say

Southern Oregon police raids find 3,500 marijuana plants

help me out here

Fighting a Perpetual War

Question about the new enforcement of rules

Is it proper etiquette to post freep-style graphics on DU?

Here's a good question?

Hats off to the mods in GD!

More of a suggestion

Question about deleted posts

I have 3 deleted posts and

When a mod sends a warning message

Why was this thread locked?

I have a graphic I'd like to post . .


I think it is working

Can I get a couple of old posts deleted, pretty please?

A small suggestion

Ever considered a graduated forum?

Is the moratorium on lounge sex threads over?

Likud Debates a Palestinian State to Save Israel

Three Israelis Divide Their Lives Between Literature and Life

Intifada spurs Palestine internet boom

Likud Debates a Palestinian State to Save Israel

One-state awakening (wants Geneva, okw/single-state w/ regional autonomy)

The world's loneliest zoo

Damascus: Jewish lobby behind Accountability Act

Settlements debate tugs at Sharon

Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the OT

The FBI cover-up of the anthrax investigation

Documents from the Phoenix Program

MONEY magazine poll of "investor class" voting bloc

For all the campaigns, and campaigners. We are in this together!

LA Times poll of DNC members: Dean more than doubles his nearest rival

Dean to Run More 30 Minute TV: AZ, IA, WI

How many new voters did DUers register this past week?

Why is Bush CEO "bundling" millions OK, but large Dem donations evil?

Dean Outlines Foreign Policy

Clark Campaign Responds To Bush/Halliburton Shenanigans

CO: Dems mull strategy in 7th

Newsweek Poll: Dean Rising

Who knows Alaska: Mike Layne for 04 Senate?

Is Dean/Kerry The ALL-STAR Team That Will Win?

Field will thin Feb. 4, Dem leader McAuliffe says

Have Kerry & Gephardt Denounced the Attack Ad Yet?

If you missed Edwards shooting hoops on Cold Pizza (ESPN), here it is:

Are the polls wrong about Kucinich?

Kucinich on Campaign Finance

Anti-Dean Freeper Editorial in Minneapolist Star Tribune

questions about 527 organizations…

Corporate America is Terrified of Eliot Spitzer!

MONEY magazine poll of "investor class" voting bloc

ABC Nightline -- The Baghdad Symphony

What happend to the "Great Society"

Arnold's in trouble.

New York's crusading Attorney General Eliot Spitzer

Just transmitted in C-Span 2: (10:00 ET): Talk Radio Past and Future

Altercation's Elegy for Bartley: A Hilariously Banal Quote from Noonan

Bush Administration's Penchant For Secrecy

Iraqi Agent Denies He Met 9/11 Hijacker in Prague Before Attacks on the US

Josh Marshall dropping hints about the Plame Affair?

Letter to the Times on David Brooks, Satirist

William Greider and John Nichols Defend Dean


Willie Nelson Concert For Kucinich

On CSpan 1 NOW, 'Media Coverage in the NH Primary"

I can't believe this, msnbc just reported about

KBR Food Service Iraq - Deplorable conditions - CNBC

Are you going to a democrat meetup?

LA Times poll of DNC members: Dean more than doubles his nearest rival

Based on the smear campaign that's being launched at Dean...

who do you think is behind the latest ad attacking Dean?

Tell me what Dems will do differently than Bush. What's da PLAN?

Something to make you feel better

Pentagon warned Halliburton-KBR on "dirty" food service

does this Oxycontin poppin' freak know he's goin' to hell?

This is incredible this "Syria Accountability Act."

Halliburton disputes are a feature of its government contracts

Paging John Kerry...

there's a new "Don't Tread on Dean" bat

The secret Dean in all of us. ..

Dean as Gov. VS Dean as Pres.

"Google Bombing" Bush

Bill Press: Attempts to 'McGovernize' Howard Dean won't work

Which Level of Government Has The Most Impact On Your Daily Life?

Connecticut's Republican Governor Under Fire

Nader Traders, a blast from the past

U.S. officer beats and threatens Iraqi prisoner; gets off easy

George Bush is guilty of 'disturbing the peace'

Whatever happened to the missing $7.7 billion Iraq money?

Bush to federal felons: return the stolen loot and all's forgiven

ChoicePoint -- Recommended Stock?

Clark Supporters -- this is a funny picture...

Bernie's got DK for the whole hour -- streaming NOW link

For everyone that thinks that it's strange that Clark voted for

Wash Post editorial about the group running the Dean attack ad

Deleted message

Dean Papers to Come Out After Primaries

something to put a :-) on the faces of Deaniacs

THANKS, DU! you saved my life!

4th Quarter Fundraising Predictions

knee-slappers from the freep-ettes - the Bush-bots diss Dean too

Am I reading this right?? RE: The FCC and the "F" word on TV?

Don`t talk about it and it will go away.

Rep. Elijah Cummings (chairman of the CBC) will endorse Dean today

Do negative political ads really influence people?

US deters democracy: Haiti & Aristide

Poppy Bush wrote, in his book, about why he would not invade Iraq...

Who does this quote belong to?

When do we start hurling rocks, Palestine-style?

Of the 9, Who Would "Grow" Most as Person & Leader

C-SPAN !....Clark For President NH State director

The only way to beat DEAN..........

US generals, admiral come out of the closet

Which Supreme Couty justice do you think is the most biased?

My reason for not being behind Edwards

Dean responds to Gep-Kerry "former" supporters' ad

Chris Matthews is a jerk

Status of Investigations?

I feel bad for George McGovern

Americans pay and pay, while Bush punishes France and Ger-ma-nay.

"Just the Facts" Ad Fine, "Osama Ad "Tasteless

Bush signs law targeting Syria

Heard on CSPAN about the recently approved campaign finance

I've discovered why our foreign policy is a mess!

The Official History of the Democratic Party and the DNC

Where's Maureen Dowd?

Channel surfing at 8:00 am today all news had two stories:

How many suspect the news media lurks here on the DU for the latest

Pulling a 'Clinton' on Dean may be making him more popular

Students say Mock Drill caused Injuries

Is Dean the reincarnation of William Jennings Bryan?

The FBI cover-up of the anthrax investigation

Clark and Dean supporters. What's your age?

USENIX ;login: Voting Machine Security Analysis

Criminalizing Motherhood

Tenacious D (Jack Black's band) & Mellencamp fundraisers for Edwards

Richard Berke is an insufferable and ignorant twit

A view from the cheap seats....

Clark presents a state by state plan for turning around the USA

"We've let the Earth Movers roll over this one"

Brazilian RW loon writes in the paper (good for laughs)

The Elf who saved the Christmas Debate!

Parent Company Name Removed From Halliburton Corporate HQ, Renamed KBR

Book recommendations

Democracy crumbles under cover of darkness (for real)

Talk to me about "Uncovered", I hear it's amazing....

I just glanced at a Freepers web-site : I really hate this America.

NYT: Saboteurs, Looters and Old Equipment Work Against Efforts...

Rendell: Dean one of the most creative governors in the US

Guess what's back?

Infanticide as Liberation: Hiding the Dead Babies

suppose saddam were to be confirmed dead

VA and PA Polls Come Out in Favor of Dean

Parent Company Name Removed From Halliburton Corp HQ, Renamed KBR

Do you wish Fox News...

Uh-oh...... Nepalese Maoists 'entering India'

DUers contributions to presidential candidates

The DNC Still Doesn't Get It

The most disturbing aspect of the anti Dean supporter meme

I *agree* with William Kristol on something! He has this to say about Dean

I fixed the election in Florida for George Bush

A Baghdad Neighborhood, Once Hopeful, Now Reels as Turmoil Persists

Are US Troops being treated like Viet-Nam vets...?

SH-hh-hhhh.... Here comes quiet now...

The Fallacy of the War on Terror

If Clinton ran for a third term in 2000 which states would he have won?

Just got off the phone with pollsters--- LIMBAUGH

Will the Bushes get a Christmas Card from China?

The myth of "Al Qaeda" sleeper agents suffers another blow...

Bush:: Caught in a Time Zone:: Old School, Old Advisors, Old approaches

Pocket Change for our Future

Dimes for Democrats

Does anyone have the transcript from Clark's

Guy James -- is there a live show today?

NY Times: A Tale of War: Iraqi Describes Battling G.I.'s (Detail Article)

NY Times:Iraqi Agent Denies He Met 9/11 Hijacker in Prague Before Attacks

Hell hath no fury like a people scorned!

Altoona PA - America's future

How shall we amend the Constitution and gov to prevent another Bush?

I'm beginning to like Clark more and more

No political price for Flu Epidemic

Guy James! use this link, it's UP!

Do you believe everything you read?

Interesting Facts About The Dean Attack Ad

The New Anti-Dean Ad: I Now Think GEPHARDT Is Responsible

Gephardt Demands Dean Release Records

With More Money to Spend, Middle-Class Iraqis Go Shopping

Dean Concedes He Would Have Allowed Bush To Wage War Without Congress

Why won't Dean release his records until after the primaries?

Anyone know who's profiting from all these flu advertising, um, reporting?

Who All Would've Voted for MARIO CUOMO in '92?

No Connection Between Cheney and Haliburton Anymore? Then Why....

incredible website:

Why John Kerry

Official Statement by Jesse Jackson, Sr. re: Howard Dean

Mainstream Republicans don't know about the Southern Strategy.

"Prepare for President Dean" favorable article from right-wing rag...

Images of Our President (technically)

Eglin AFB : Does it love the live-fire training that Vieques denounced?

When Democrats Attack Democrats – a message from the Dean campaign

The reason the anti-Dean ad is so wrong

Congressman Elijah Cummings of Maryland Endorses Dean for President

Two questions, if I may: What do the words "freep" and "NT" mean?

The religious right must be going mad over the morning after pill

Folks, Bush LOST by 500,000+ votes. Do you think Anyone who hated him then

Dean Mirrors Bush: Can We Count the Ways???

Who else is afraid to post in the Daily Democrat threads?

Will Anshell play a decisive role in the election?

Dimes for Democracy

Howard Dean and his DU supporters

How many have read a book by Noam Chomsky?

Strom Thurmond - father of an interracial daughter!!

Dirty tricks against Dean in NJ?

Teaching public about American imperialism -- what groups are effective?

Strom Thurmond's illigitimate black daughter.

Something for all of us (Bush poll)

Florida DUers, help needed, Truck Accident: Uranium Munitions?

How Dean can beat the McGovern Curse.

Dean should make ads like the Osama attack ad

DEAN on the issues

William Pitt's Truthout Radio Segment

My local Borders refuse to display 2 anti Bush books because people get an

Clark Wins First Primary!!!

Would the French Work Better with Dean?

Will Clear Channel crush "Coward" Dean all by themselves?

Newsweek Poll Has Dean Out On Top

Why are Kerry and Gephardt blamed for anti Dean ad?

A question about Dean

*....."It's the smile that can't draw the voice....."

What is the best way to fight the "politics of ridicule" ?

Diebold's Board of Directors and their campaign contributions

Unlimited hypocrisy: The Pickles antihunger ad.

Deleted message

Are the Polls Wrong About Kucinich?

Clark Campaign Responds To Bush/Halliburton Shenanigans

Libertarian Website: Neocons turning on Bush?

Will Bill Clinton split the Democratic Party?

If Al Franken gets a radio show and it's as good

Official Guy James Show Thread!

I Would Like To See Clark As the VEEP

NDP's Jack Layton: "I'm proud to call myself a socialist"

Congressman Elijah Cummings, CBC Chair, Endorses Dean

Attacking other candidates helps my candidate.

Forced Work for Welfare and Forced Work for Diploma

Al Gore's endorsement brings $695,000+ into Dean's campaign coffers

Bill would require paper receipts for electronic voting terminals

Howard Zinn: The Logic of Withdrawal (from Iraq)

Americans for Jobs, Healthcare, and Progressive Values-Who are they?

Kerry Green Brigade Barnstorms NH

What will happen to your taxes under Kucinich?

Just notifed the group putting out the anti-Dean ads

Did Dean Just Pull A "Karl Rove" Maneuver?

Bill O'Reilly beginning to turn on Bush re: Iraq

Congressional wee hours: Democracy crumbles under cover of darkness

Where have all the textile companies gone??

Dean Laughs at Bush Doll (Caption Time)

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about Dennis Kucinich

Rush "enlisted" US Congress? A Rush job to save face

Who are the 3 Dems you'd LEAST like to see win Nomination?

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about Wesley Clark

America: Fast becoming an economic Banana Republic. What gives?

Newsweek poll has Clark leading all democrats against *

The GOP are the biggest babies because they whine even though

Will John Rowland survive this scandal?

Dean supporters check in

Department of Peace - What are the implications?

Is Kerry responsible for the Dean/Osama ad?

Paging Will Pitt - and other Kerry supporters!

Black Box Voting: Announcement Pending

Great Counterpunch Interview with Ed Herman of Manufacturing_Consent

No conflict for Baker: Bush (Move along. Nothing to see here)

Iraqi Agent Denies He Met 9/11 Hijacker in Prague Before Attacks on the U.

WP: District's Mayoral Mansion Scuttled (great story ! uplifting !)

Likud Debates a Palestinian State to Save Israel | New York Times

Washington announces U.S.-Canadian study on cattle | Globe and Mail

Receptionist gets 10 years in baby scams | Dallas Morning News

Ugandan President Museveni tipped for big UN job | Monitor (Kampala)

Karzai battles, even after 500 free lunches

Moroccan terror suspect Mzoudi seeks German asylum: report

Clark stumps Tennessee, presses health care

Italy pushes through controversial law on fertility treatment

Shias Want UN Decision on Elections

Bush Economic Aide Says Government Lacks Vision

Bush names Texas Friend to run HUD

Latinos stage a day of protest Demonstrations, closed stores mark anger at

US sanctions are work of Israel's friends in Congress: Syria

Greenpeace says US threatens civil rights

Eyman receives $20,000 'gift' | Seattle P-I

FBI Applies New Rules to Surveillance

Woman Claims Thurmond As Father,Proof Forthcoming, Black Retiree Says

Sunni-Shiite Tensions Rise in Baghdad

Peruvian leader sacks popular PM | BBC

American Data Aided Iraq Arms Program

U.S. Frees Eight Arabs from Detention in Iraq

Killer whale Keiko dies of pneumonia | Seattle P-I

Bush Touts Achievements (excellent examples of partial truth lies)

Gephardt demands Dean release records

US military commander says number of attacks in Iraq drops as civilian sho

US ill prepared to tackle post-war mission in Iraq: Struck

Delegates Begin Afghan Constitution Talks

U.S. Farm Producers Travel to Cuba

Democrats: Bush Shouldn't Doubt Their Patriotism

Russia warns US of "negative consequences" of bar on Iraq contracts

Congressmen testify at Texas redistricting trial

Drilling Planned in Alaska Oil Reserve

MSNBC News: US to flood Baghdad (market) with gasoline

Bush criticised for duping air traffic control

Iraqi mothers plead for right to visit detained sons and husbands

WASHINGTON TODAY: Majority rule abroad doesn't always serve U.S. interests

Military Urged To Try or Free 660 Detainees

U.S. Officer Fined, Will Resign for Beating Iraqi

Natural Gas Prices Soaring

U.S. Draws on Israeli Methods for Iraq (Israeli advisor pessimistic)

US Tries to Stem Iraqi Army Desertions

Woman Claims Thurmond As Father (WP)

Untold story of Bush's penchant for secrecy (US News & WR)

Microsoft to abort Win 95, 98 | Times of India

Group wants top court to void lesbian divorce

Maria Shriver, Valley's Richman Bring Talks Back From the Dead

Air and Space Museum Opens Featuring Enola Gay

Arnold's Budget Deal Sealed with Stories, Cigars

12 million old flu shots dumped last summer (they were still good)

Berlin to mark Nazis' gay victims | BBC

Wesley Clark to face Milosevic once more

Wild animals adapt to life in America's backyards

7 Pit Bulls Kill Central Fla. Woman

Four hurt as Haitian demos spread

Clark's Income Jumped to $1.6 Million, Records Show

EU Constitution Summit Fails

Nous Sommes Du Soleil

Who you like better

"The Avengers" - your favorite episode?

Wut Wut I got into Cornell University :). Ask me anything

There's a show called Yakity Yak

What is wrong with my cat?

Found out two people I know died, just lost my grandfather two weeks ago

wow, The Last Samurai didn't suck!

Now you don't have to leave DU - EVER!

wow, The Last Samurai didn't suck

Friday Night Poetry Thread

Caption this...

Meet Me At Kulak's Woodshed!

Another installment of "Insert Your Own Punchline"

Its kind of weird knowing that Clark

''They gave because they are Christian.''

Time to break out the ice skates!

Is it just me

Should I have a third martini?

Who is that woman on Craig Kilborn's show right now?

OK. Tell me again...what is with the cape and Paul Schaeffer on Letterman?

Goin' for a bowl & then bed... Ask me anything

Friday...last day in town, not lookin to stay at annual bash! ?

hmmm pretty quick

Can this be considered child abuse?

good be bed time

last Christmas seems like it was only

Jim Carrey or Mike Myers?

EVERYBODY LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who hates office get togethers for Christmas?

Sean Bean

Remember OBL? new shirt design - whaddaya think?

Serious cat problem

uh-oh Freepers revealing themselves

I have a mean case of the hiccups

FREE WILLY is as free as a bird now (dies in Norway at age 27)

knee-slappers from the freep-ettes - the Bush-bots diss Dean too

I don't know if this has been poster here already...

"Fantasy Election" - who's your candidate?

Let me be the 1st to say.........

This almost choked me up

What's your favorite snack food?

The FBI has a new way of tracking terrorists.

Best Gunfight scene...

Any Patty Griffin fans out there?

I'm Heavily Into Tradition This Holiday Season....

Feels Good, so ............................ CAPTION it

Group to broadcast new ad criticizing Jimmy Carter


What, only six?

You asked for it you got it: Pictures of the Cat

A-Rod talks off for now; Red Sox focus on Nomar

How do you like

Amy Lee of Evanescence has the best singing voice ever....

Which decade produced the most innovative/creative television?

Would you buy fish mail-order/online?

Hottest "news chick"

What is the best holiday gift you've ever been given?

What's the current stated of the Coaches Poll?

Thank Heavens for DU

Having fun with anagrams

Does anyone have a really good Christmas cookie recipe?

The Catowners Best Friend: The Turboscratcher

Spoungebob Squarepants Arrested In Offshore Business Scandal

do Rove and JE Hoover have something in common?

What is "success"?

Snowglobe Shakedown

I just stole $2,000.000 from my employer and got caught...

Will Pitt if your up

First off...I am ok...real sore...

At the end of the day what do you do with your pocket change?

The New Texas Chainsaw: Your opinion?

Best Friday the 13th installment

Smilies similies?

Poppa loves Mambo?

dobro jutro , demokratski pod zemljo.

Any Peter Griffin fans out there?

Today is the third anniversary of Gore's concession.

Has anyone ever taken professional lessons?

I just went over 4,000 posts!! Ask me anything!

CEO's Marital Duties Outsourced to Mexican Groundskeeper

True or False

A bit of RW nut surrealism for laughs

I gave my notice at work, the sequel...

Big Fish

"Canadian Bacon" is playing on TV here

What is the best Christman gift you ever received.....

Comic books as cartoons

Attention Canadian DU'ers

Would you wear these in public?

what is with Kazaa

Household hints from me.

Favorite 1950s DOO-WOP ROCKER?

has anyone ever heard of a song called "Dixie the Dog?"

Vivian Freep (hysterical).

Where in your Bookmarks/Favorites is DU?

notmyprez is in a photo on the Clark web site!

Anybody see this parody site?

Anyone ever listen to "El Tri"? They are the Mexican Rolling Stones...

Best love scene ... ever

question about a tune

We are FINALLY getting a decent amount of SNOW in St Louis

We need a new 'fridge and range for our kitchen - any suggestions?

Favorite "Real Man" running back....

Favorite War Movie?

The Painted Guitar (second attempt)

Most Haunted

So long for a while.

I'm making beef stew

No calls on the cat and he has a name now

Don't miss this one

!OOHAY... Weird! Strange! --- How Is This Done?

Paging Will Pitt:

Any DINFOS trained killers?

What makes you love someone?

woozle wazzel

Eeek! Why did I do that...?

What's the best gift you've ever given someone else?

Xmas Party Confessions

Are/Were you a crappy kisser? Did you get directions?

Whirling Dervishes!

Clemens to "unretire" as an ASTRO?

Going out with a Cuban girl! ASK ME ANYTHING!


Pinto Beans, simmered in ham hocks

Does the TV cable company have secret waves they can send out

dumb Question

Love for sale!

Favorite song by EARTH, WIND & FIRE

Sadly appropriate Bunnypants toy (from a freeper site, too)

Does filling out online petitions do any good?

I'm hungry, what should I eat?

The Painted Guitar, Part Deux

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO..................

Movie soundtracks

Cowboy up! Red Sox have Foulke as new closer!!

25 and over DU'ers: Do you have a Bachelor's Degree or higher?

How many people here, heard or know of Gil-Scott Heron?

Favorite Line from a Comedy Movie?

Your most memorable Johnny Carson moment

Universe, The. Some information to help you live in it. (HHGTTG)

Don't caption round here no more

Dumb things you've said or done while drunk?

What makes you leave someone? (nt)

Anyone subscribe to Free Inquiry? What do you think of it?


Caption Me!

Daily Dingbat: A positive discussion about Edith Bunker


Gutenmorgen Demokratischer Untergrund!

Favorite movie musical?

Your favorite Christmas Crooner?

Jewish DU'ers

is Chanukah next week?

what's your favorite martini?

Then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like "I love you"

HAMLET!!!!! My FAVORITE MST3k Episode!

Did you ever...? (another nostalgia thread)

Flame Warriors! Which are you?

Am I reading this right?? RE: The FCC and the "F" word on TV?

Why does everyone keep making fun of William Shatner?

I found a wallet with 340 dollars in it tonight

What are your favorite alcoholic drinks?

Rate Buddhamama hitting 5,000 posts!

"Google Bombing" Bush

Russian History post: Ivan IV 'The Terrible'

Jesco White, The Dancing Outlaw. Who's a fan?

How do you treat a hangover?

I lost an arm, a leg, a testicle, and a thumb in GENERAL DISCUSSION

Our Own DS1 Has Created A KICKASS FLASH MOVIE!!!

Don't know which Dem candidate you support? Take this test!

Have you ever asked for (or been asked for) sex?

Favorite 1950s DOO-WOP BALLAD?

The $358 Triple Latte