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Archives: December 12, 2003

Crooks dont change: Halliburton overcharging the Pentagon

The Sweet Sound of Propaganda (Iraqi Orchestra Stunt)

Decline of the Banana Empire?

Kucinich: play on playa (Kucinichs date with supporter)

Soldiers Bush DIDN'T Visit On Thanksgiving

Nader Plans run in '04 , aka Bush takes the White House b/c of Nader ego

Dream Dean

Bush says he has "eliminated" the WMDs - and no one in Media is upset?

upcoming book discussion--fyi

Excerpts from The Dollar Crisis by Richard Duncan

Chimp gene map for public viewing on the net

Kern `loans' were more than $3m. (Sharon & Son raise money ala GOP)

Drug/Alcohol prohibition question

U.S. Uncovers Weapons of Mass Destruction... In Texas

Kern `loans' were more than $3m. (Sharon & Son raise money ala GOP)

Will Fence Solve Israel's Woes?

AP: Israeli Talks Settlement Withdrawal

Bush and Atta Visit Same Resort in the Hours Leading to 9-11

Rove's "lost" Election 04 Memo, he said Bush would win CT

Winning in the South, taking back the White House in 2004

Impressive Edwards issues page

Was Hillary's Iraq ploy treason? (Get hip boots) Shit's deep !

Interesting troll on the Dean blog tonight

Auto accident help

December 1999 poll: Bush 53 - Gore 42

Could someone please explain Taiwan to me?

Doctors & Dean? Does he have a lock on them?

Right wing in Denial - The Titanic is sinking!

cables news race, will fox cancel hannity now


Budget Cuts: Minnesotans find out they're not just for poor folks

Jesse Jackson praises Dean, remains mum on endorsing a candidate

Will Pitt's Truthout Radio Program for Today

When Halliburton Fleeces The Pentagon, They Fleece Us

Where is Clark on the issues? An old refrain addressed astutely...

How come we never have had a Democratic President from California?

Oh, yeah, Zell Miller has lost it...

1 Question Dean is going to ask Karl Rove

Canadians -- you now need special approval to mail food to USA

UMass levies discriminatory fee against international students

A dollar a day to make Bush go away

Why aren't Republicans worried about "Starbucks Democrats"?

The Battle of the Candidates is a good thing -

They keep pushing the "Tilt" Button.


Dean is Gore's alter-ego

Clark on The Daily Show

is anyone watching tweety?

The Battle of the Candidates is a good thing -

Will Sharpton take down Dean?

The archers split the tree.

One thing I don't see mentioned here

Were Kucinich's remarks irresponsible?

FBI continues to protect terrorists

Why endorse without Bill and Hill?

If Dean is nominated, I will......

Clark's endorsements (Young and Rangel) are better than Dean's (Gore)

Halliburton May Have Overcharged in Iraq.

What Clark brings to the table.

Blacks for Dean – endorsement list

Can someone say "dysfunctional administration?"

If we're talking Constitutional Amendments....

If, I say "if", the Democratic leadership were reading DU........

RW lie or truth:

Time's Michael Weisskopf had his hand blown off in Iraq.

If you like your journalists to be held accountable, click here

IOWA POLL: Dean leading by 19%

Possible scenarios on how Rove will attack the nominee

Buy Al Franken's book, "Lies"!

Purists and pragmatists, what would you do in Texas with this?

i love Charles Rangel

Anyone know where I can watch Dean's South Carolina speech?

A disgusting video that I just saw

Uruguay's bold new oil policy Counter-reform in Latin America

Anybody the reporting on the bombing inside US compound ?able?

It's about time! CNN just reported we found the WMD--in Texas!

Nominee Support does not ammount to a zero-sum game.

A Eulogy for Neo-Conservative Rule in America

Tell Me. Who Is Harmed By Gay Marriage?

Dean on Finding out Halliburton Overcharged Taxpayers

I wish we were as enthusiastic about Congress as we are about Dean

Will Bush Lose Next year?

We are going to lose in 04 and I never in my life more wanted to be wrong:

No Will to Win?

Name one thing Dean brings Dems that Clark doesn't.

A new kind of ABB- (please look folks)

2004 Will Be the U.S.’s Best Year Economically in Last Twenty Years

Will a weak Dem Presidential candidate encourage third parties?

Would you trade Zell Miller for John McCain

The Clergy Leadership Network: The New Religious Left

Nader said today (according to CNN)

10 questions Karl Rove is dying to ask Dean.

But are our candidates SELECTABLE?

how many more times will Charles Rangel endorse Clark?

Tomorrow is NYTimes day on C-SPAN's Washington Journal...

Don't Talk Like a Twit

So I'm feeling optimistic. I think Bush will be defeated in 2004.

For the "Clark sucks, he voted for Reagan!" crowd, listen to Michael Moore

The Wall Street Journal hates John Edwards

What are France and Germany doing in Afghanistan...playing dominos?

Dean doesn't have black supporters?

How can we contact Nader and ask him not to run?

The North wont vote for a southerner

Ok...I have to say it...we're starting to sound like Kerry on Dean

Why does Vermont have a Republican governor?

Would * have dared invade Iraq without the IWR?

NYT: Sharpton plans retribution against blacks who don't endorse him

Which candidate is the best on racial issues?

My 12-year-old son's proposal for a 28th Amendment, about health care

Republicans pollsters/insiders fear Dean will beat Bush...

Who needs Republicans to undermine Howard dean?

"I never said Sadaam Hussein was a danger" -- Liasson's NPR report on Dems

The Asian vote

BBV: send a free fax to your Congressperson

Edwards's roots fit party's needs

Magazine "Black Commentator" Says Dean Makes Racial-Political History

Are Republicans over-confident ?

If Nixon went to China during the cold war, why can't Bush go to Cuba now?

Dean says Republicans need to stop acting like the Pharisees....hypocrites

The question the media must ask should be: Can any Dem beat DIEBOLD?

Kerry on Saudi Arabia, Bush and Bin Laden family post 9-11 flight

Halliburton Caught with their pants down.

ATF chief leaving government (you will not BELIEVE where he's going)

Washington Tells Moscow It's Moving East/New World Media Watch

Turkey and Iraq sign electricity cooperation deal

Pakistani and Iranian experts to discuss gas pipeline this month

Rangel, other prominent leaders endorse Wesley Clark

NJ: Committee approves bill on legal benefits to same-sex couples

Former West Kendall politician arrested on bribery charges

Survivor of deadly Stryker plunge 'got air in his lungs, started praying'

Large-scale operation fails to find terrorist networks

Missile Defense Hits Target During Test ($10 B per year of your deficit)

Guerrilla chiefs to undercut Karzai

For the Old Guard, A Renewed Mission Unit to Swap Ceremony for Combat

Former WorldCom chief dies (Sidgmore)

Cluster bombs kill in Iraq, even after shooting ends

German Judge Frees Qaeda Suspect; Cites U.S. Secrecy

(Dean) Statement on Halliburton Audit

Iraqi Civilian Deaths 'Avoidable'

Bush Drawing Called 'Hate Speech'

Bill would require paper receipts for electronic voting terminals (Ca.)

More than 1,000 Iraqi civilians killed by U.S. bombs, report says

Clark has a domestic plan, but many aren't listening

[CNN] Nader eyeing another White House run

French Panel Recommends Banning Head Scarves in Schools

'Ever get a feeling of "deja DU"?

Best DU song

drinking bacardi raz is drinking facism and drinking for the destruction

I'm Changing My Sig Line Again...Which One Do You Like Best?

How many times did you have to hear "Grandma got run over by a reindeer"..

Could someone please explain


Welcome hyphenate, Hope4, ThePeat & Intelsucks

That is it DU I am leaving (give me attention, hijack proof thread)


The son of The Thread that Would Not Die

OMG! I Have A Star!!

new Hannity advertiser Argosy Casino Kansas City


This Is My 6,666 Post (me so evil) Ask Me 6 Questions About Anything!

Looks who's coming to Hartford in May!

The worst album covers - ever

A little love for my fellow loungies

Has American's self-concept changed?

DirecTV vs. DISH

True Americans won't vote for a Provencial candidate!

Just Ordered "Brazil" and "Holy Grail Deluxe Box Set"

I may be getting a dog

Hey, I got the cover story on the newsweekly here in Pittsburgh!

nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah... and your mama wears army boots...

* as the Little Drummer Boy

New talk with new landlord

This is the BEST freaking year for Survivor

Is there a reason why things like that happen?

Does anyone know what a "Clipper" programmer is?

how many DU members are there?

good night!

It's almost fake-NyQuil time!

I have a floater in my eye

for the love of pete get rid of the burning flag

I've got an owie


Yet another "choose my tv for the night" thread

Which Democratic candidate is most erectable?

My first serious topic. My good friend is anorexic. What should I do?

Holiday Gift Idea Needed

What's the most embarassing thing you did while sober?

The Death of NPR

Malloy discusses College Republicans

Turn on ABC now!

What's your favorite illegal art?

A must watch for DUers .........7 Days in may..........

Place your bets on the first Deanite GD Pre-emptive Poop Thread

I have influenza now...

Remember, it's not what the party can do for your pooty


I'm skipping the staff Christmas party tommorow.

President Theodore Roosevelt Quotes.

and now for something completely different

something crazy happened a while ago (dumb government controled school)

Attn High School Students - $6500 Essay Contest on Political Courage

DU rules!


Something I've been wondering

Help me settle a disagreement with a coworker

Justice/Public Saftey forum is a pantload

Bye, ya'll

SCO attacked AGAIN!

Coming down with carpal tunnel...

Who else here has a Lampe Berger?Or have you even heard of them before?

If you put someone on Ignore will they be able to read your posts?

I just changed the strings on 10 guitars, ask me anything.

The mother load link of Chomsky audio and video :)

Have you ever told anyone

I Believe....(post your unconventional thoughts here)

I just got my picture taken with John Kerry, ask me anything?

Joke: Bush is a post turtle

is it "liberal guilt" or something else?

HELP, I found a cat

Paging Will Pitt...have you made up your mind yet...


Caption this: The Cheney Temple

"Stroke gives woman British accent" - doesn't this prove reincarnation?

Let The "Newbies" Introduce Themselves... Including Me

Salon: Fill 'er up -- with taxpayer dollars (Halliburton)

Movement of forces into Iraq in next few months will slow R&R program

R&R task force 'doing what we can' to cover troops' travel costs in U.S.

Editorial: Rush's Denials Are Sounding Familiar

Iraqis Warn Country Close to Civil War

Herbert: No Will to Win? (Timid Dems)

LA Times : Bush's Enemies List

Weapons Inspector Haunts Bush in British Satire

Notes From the Fringe - Hilarious!

Herbert: No Will to Win? (Talks about Democrats, the party, and Dean)

John Nichols: Lieberman doesn't deserve pity party

Krugman: A Deliberate Debacle (Mentions PNAC in passing, and the hawks)

How Do We Solve The Ralph Nader Problem?

Reconcognize anyone here?

Off Target: The Conduct of the War and Civilian Casualties in Iraq

Bush Camp Cautiously Favors Dean

Boston Globe - For Dean, 'captive' insurance a Vt. boon

Lawmakers call for increase in Army, Air Force, Marines troop numbers

Time is running out for overseas troops to register for primary voting

Molly Ivins: Getting heated over mercury

Dean Campaign Rests on Slogans, Not Realities (BS from Cocco)

What Bush wants for Christmas - cartoon by the Salt Lake Trib!

Campaign 2004: Will you put all your eggs in one basket?

No Will to Win?

The Character Myth of George W. Bush

The naked Howard Dean

Daily Reality Check: Democracy's Decay

Selling Out the Democratic Party --

Kinsley : Trapped Behind Enemy Lines

Plastic Turkey Leaves Bad Aftertaste

NY Times: Cutting James Baker's Ties (Mentions Carlyle Group, conflicts)

Krugman: A Deliberate Debacle

Interesting article on Gore's politics and why he endorsed Dean.

Making gift bags for women in prison

new google BOMB

DUer in Portland, OREGON--a meeting 12/15 on Police issues

DUer in Portland, OREGON--a meeting 12/16 on Citizen Review Committee


Minnesota DUers! URGENT Flash Protest ABC - KSTP

Contra Costa County Residents vs. Walmart

Sign the Petition to Roll Back FCC Media Ownership Rules!

Will media note decreased size of Military began under Reagan(88 decreased

Media "objectivity" is horse manure

A Rush job to save face El-Rushbo, is el-stupido!

Vince Foster Conspiracy Nut is Still at it

anyone know anything about Clarence Buddington Kelland???

Atque ubi colitudinum faciunt pacem apellant.

Hey, what up? Dec 10 passed and * didn't die.

Homo Homini Lupus

Minnesota DUers: Flashmob ABC Affiliate KSTP Today!

Presidential Politics at Starlight News

Who regrets that we don't kiss?

Response from the troops.

In oversight, Iowa judge grants lesbian divorce, then lets it stand


SEC Top Accountant Wants Action Soon on off-Books Deals (no FASB postpone)

Is silver bullion...

IMPORTANT! (Precious Metal Investors)

chronically unemployed is at an 11-year high -over 2 million-so Bush nixes

Defenders of Wildlife detail the Bush* attack on endangered species

TAKE ACTION NOW to Save the Endangered Species Act!

Hopes Fade for Quick Breakthrough in North Korean Nuclear Crisis

CO: Feds Told To Return Medical Marijuana

UK: Britain To Ban Antidepressants For Children


Electronic Toll Records Help Solve Crime

Canada: Softer Marijuana Law Worries Partsmakers


Rush and Justice


Federal hunter-safety statute....

Texas Justice Pondered--OMG, read this!

Let the confiscation New Jersey

GUNS IN THE NEWS--December 12, 2003


does the moderator message have a listing of my removed posts?

If Moderator gets 30 posts deleted does Moderator get auto-banned?

What do i do if i disagree with a post that got deleted?

Question about a deleted post

A question for the admin...

I applaud your recent approach

A calendar entry by a tombstoned poster should be deleted.

Why did I get a warning

I guess you administrators answered my question.

Look I've been around for awhile

Has the Daily Democrat been discontinued?

Too bad you completely missed ...

I dont understand

One more question

Just curious: How does this thread in GD...

Inquiry re why my post below was locked by moderator

Could you please add a technology forum?

Member of the board?

On ambiguous bigotry.

A related question.

completely pedestrian question

Why did you suggest I re-post?

question about a removed post

Help - Signature Line Problem!

Palestinian Gunmen Ambush Israeli Van

Ahad Ha'am's consolation

Seven wounded in Joseph's Tomb shooting

It's the terrorists, stupid

Donors Press Palestinians on Security

'Made in Israel' crackdowns in Iraq won't work

FBI reveals evidence of Middle Eastern terrorist cell in Tampa

IAEA chief tells Israel to give up nukes


The Return of Anti-Semitism

Bill White wins Houston Mayoral race

Clasic Coward afraid to face future President

Molly Ivins parody, March 2004

Comprehensive list of Howard Dean Endorsements


Fund-raiser nets DLCer Spitzer $2 million

Happy 60th Birthday John Kerry!

Lieberman Is Working to Capitalize on Sympathy

Nader Authorizes 2004 Exploratory Committee

Thank you Al

Clark on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart - the hell?

New Hampshire: New Poll, Dean Leads by 26 (Pre-Gore)

Hey Kucinich Supporters...Dennis is on my local news right now

Ben Chandler to run for 6th District Seat(Kentucky)

Sharpton's Support Slips Despite National Attention

AARP supports Dem position on Social Security - no carve out priv accts

Remap is key for Ralph Hall (may switch parties)

Broder: Democrats stray from Clinton's winning formula

One-liners for the General Election

Anyone have a Dean/Clark/Kerry response to DK's campaign themes

Jimmy Carter's son campaigns for Dean

Dean makes racial-political history

New Poll Tests "Anybody But Dean" Matchups Nationally

In endorsement race, Kerry holds his own

Kerry on Halliburton war-profiteering

So I finally got through on C-Span this morning...

AZ DK "flashmob" protests Phoenix ABC affiliate

Swing voters or base? Who holds the key to winning the election?

Democrat Dean tells Republicans: 'Bring it on'

Introducing Continuous electoral systems


AP: Braun Talks "South Park" With Students

Bye, ya'll

If Howard Dean drops out, who do you think he will endorse?

Wolfowitz's Determination and Findings: We're Goin' It Alone

Dennis Kucinich is praised on a blog for....

How Soros should spend his money

A Strange Claim in today's news from Iraq (Reading between the lines?)

Thanksgiving With The Wounded Soldiers

Embedded reporters in the last few days:

Jimmy Carter: Zell Miller is a Judas.


Follow the money....

Bush laughs off critics of 'spoils of war' bidding (Independent, UK)

If I Had a Gun I'd Shoot My TV Right Now

An Indian-American served in the U.S. congress in the 1950's and 60's????

Name one thing that Democrats bring but Bush doesn't

I just saw a Lieberman ad attacking Howard Dean on TV (NH station)

USA Today – Dean's campaign like no other

Dennis Kucinich is praised on a blog for....

proof that Clark is Hillary Clinton's handpuppet

France sez: Israel baaaaaaaad Cop Killers Goooooood

Gossip from the Edwards blog: Pepsi wants to drop Jeff Gordon (re Bush)...

Petition to hire Mike Malloy

any candidate supporters who think there's isn't the most electable?

An email I just received regarding a new movie

The last time a Democratic General ran for President

Jan5th.. Tavis Smiley gets his own show on KCET (PBS)

Conservative outrage and backlash against Bush

I've been thinking......

On what one issue do you think chimp is most vulnerable, but the Dems...

4 Big Explosions in Iraq "Green Zone"--but the story has disappeared

Very fine Randi Rhodes show today...knock you out if you haven't heard her

Ellen Bravo/9to5 on CSPAN2 now (rerun from earlier today)

What the US Govt Did Not Want You To See

A/Fujian/411/2002 [H3N2] Info & links to info about the flu

My master plan for fund raising in 2004!

Move over!

I'm changing my avatar to Kucinich

Dean is all the rage

If Dean IS the next McGovern, it's your fault.

Can ALL DUers make this pledge?

I'm totally down with Clark.

My Letter to the BBC re: Democrat v. Democratic

What happend to GD...?

Hitting from the Tee

How soon before he is promoted?

Some Cartoon Fun...

New Quinnaquic poll shows Hillary strongest against Bush

Ed Koch can go (expletive) himself

Did anyone hear Bush today at his cabinet meeting say:

Is anyone watching ER?! They're discussing real issues. *Real* issues.

Massachusetts Politicans Arm Dean against Kerry Attacks

Wolfowitz guts CPA fraud watchdog provision

Rule of Law in Iraq

Haliburton contracts and the news coverage

President Clark

Atrios – No Dean/X or X/Dean

Army still doesn't get it at Umatilla

Uh oh...A Canadian terrorist has been nabbed in the U.S.!

President Dean

I don't understand the Al Gore conspiracy theories regarding 2008

Heads Up Canuks & NH Political Junkies: Some CSpan shows for today

CSpan's Washington Journal for This Morning

Would Immigrant groups be angry at Republicans if they passed this law?

Inside the real Spin Room

What are all these anti Dean threads about? Especially from the greens.

Clinton and Gore in joint appearance Sunday 12/14:

BBV on CNN headline News this AM

Update on the gate crashing - FL Governor's mansion

Remember that woman who was stomped on in Walmart...

I'm proud of my Congressman

How well does Clark have to do before the media start acknowledging him?

British article about H.C. has interesting rundown of candidates

Do you think "Did they vote for the war" is overplayed?

GOP Campaign 2004 Slogan: "Welcome Back, Dick!"

Good news

Deleted message

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist says Iraq is a massive failure

A classic example of a biased poll - from today's

Democrats Meet on Overtime Pay...i.e. your future as a corporate slave.

What is your ultimate goal or perfect scenario for American politics.

A Nader candidacy helps elect Dean!

CSpan 3 has the Swearing In Ceremony of Prime Minister Paul Martin

Name one thing Clark brings the Dems that Kerry doesn't

House bans drug reform ads because of psychotic Representative.

The fighting whining bitter Clark/Kerry/Dean people make me want Gore!

Interesting Article about what Investors think of the tax cuts

How many DU'ers have called in to the Cspan Morning show?

Poll: Dean beats Bush south of Mason-Dixon line (Maryland)

Did any subscriber get yesterday's ABC Nightline Daily E-mail?

Here comes that same sad crowd that says Gore blew it in 2000!

Dean within striking distance of Bush in Florida ( Clark too)

The Democrats were right - Bush is compromised in dealing with allies

Stench forces school closures

kucinich tv ad

If he doesn't win the nom, why not Wes Clark for Secretary of State?

Supreme Court Overturns Gore's Endorsement of Dean

Would Gore/Dean have gotten more votes in 2000?

Globe and Mail Feature by Cdn Tory defector Scott Brison

(Illinois) Gov urges potential buyers not to remove Farnsworth House

Never thought I would see the day....

Is Dean "a hawkish Kennedy"? - PNAC thinks so... and they are NERVOUS

Who regrets the fall of the Soviet Union?

Did the Generalissimo fib? NYT"Clark Call to Clinton Follows Gore Move"

exclusion of countries from iraq contracts.

Reason #1 for avoiding Atkins

Is DU Getting Too Sensitive?

Ohio Democratic Rep to resign leadership role

Who regrets the rise of Stalin?

anybody got a line on

I'm changing my avatar to Sharpton.

Who regrets all the stupid "who regrets" threads?

Remember the Ehime Maru - MORE Bushie-Caused Death

In the midst of all the attacks on Dems FROM Dems....

Justice Dept puts criminal charges on Greenpeace

A setback for the Gay Agenda

Today's highlights in history

NYT/Herbert: No Will To Win?

E's "Bill Clinton: True Hollywood Story"

today's democracy now.

Whatever Happened to Osama bin Laden?

Don't forget to watch Bill Moyers NOW tonight : Pro-American takes over as Canadian Prime Minister

Stars and Stripes: Letters to the Editor.

Stars and Stripes: Bush T-day photo-op soldiers hand-picked

Two PNAC'ers disagree w/ Bush's Iraq contract policy...

Where is the rage?

scientists as party poopers: drunkenness gene discovered

Raleigh businessman arrested on felony spam charges

CNN: Congress removes President due to Mental Incapacity

3rd anniversary of the Death of the Old American Republic today

Debate on selling morning after pill over the counter

Anyone watching CNN?

Any chance Clinton will endorse Clark?

Bush Clobbers Dean in New Hampshire Poll

Do not tell me Ralph nader is going to run in 2004

Help!!! We think my boss might be having a heart attack.

Latest example of Conservative compassion: screw the disabled

Hell has just frozen over........

Rotten Carrots/Broken Sticks: Iraq Contracts

Dean supporters, question for you....

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Rumsfeld on c-span live 10:20 am

Seeking info : Property Rights Question

Did anyone hear the 15 yr old call in to C-SPAN this AM?

Have you wondered about Bush’s “uncontested” status…?

Who regrets that we don't kiss?

What was the thing that hurt Al Gore the most in 2000?

The Ragin' Cagun weighs in on Dean.

PoliticalChimera -- Ayn Rand DNA Spliced with John of Patmos DNA

Dennis Kucinich finally has an ad!

Bush’s Coming Betrayal of the Evangelicals

One thing has stunned me, and I would like thoughts

I hung out with Zephyr Teachout yesterday

Holy Jesus this is so funny

Alternative Marriages

The Real Low-down on Al Gore and Lieberman

How Can Every "Terrorist Attack" Be Al Qaeda Every Time?

The inevitability Fuzzy math

Great LTTE in my local paper this morning.

Jimmy Jam Robinson's latest in-depth analysis of those evil Dems

Soldiers at the Bush/Turkey photo-op were pre-screened. Some turned away

"Americans want the liberals killed"

Have we gone too deep into the "real politik?"

Last night on the History Channel: A Full Hour of Bushevik Pravda

What would happen if all the Dem candidates agreed

Disenfranchising "The People"

Question, if everyone had free college education,

Donna Zen nails the issue

Investor Class Survey

Watched The Daily Show repeat with Zell Miller last night

CNN: Nader eyeing another White House Run

The Most Honest Candidate

FWIW-Dean e-mail I just got.

Anybody but Dean or Lieberman

You know who I like for VP candidate?

Black Vigil today in our town at Noon for the dead soldiers

Turn on C-SPAN.....Institute Of Politics.......Presidential Politics

The latest scariest thing I've ever seen

Meanwhile, the war goes on and people die.

An open letter to Will Pitt

Shock and Awe....

Bush to ignore the Dems

Dow at 10,000? That important?

Addendum to the "Arrested" poll question

Lieberman can't beat Bush. He's too liberal and another Mondale.

Kerry Live Town Hall

Who regrets the rise of Nazi Amerikka in 2000?

Does anyone here subscribe to Army Times.. Some good articles

Mark Halperin: Dean too "culturally secular" to win against Bush

A great Carol Moseley-Braun moment I had almost forgotten...

Does anyone remember the price of Cheney's options?

Dean is more like Clean-Gene McCarthy than like McGovern

Finally more info on that attack yesterday...

GOP Total Meltdown has Begun!

List of the contract eligible Coalition nations-Palau & Iceland!!!

Would Sam Nunn make a good running mate for Dean?

Howard Clinton? by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

Hey, what up? Dec 10 passed and * didn't die.

Seen the Reagan Legacy Project & what they want to do? (Saddam-esque)

5 activists choose a week in jail for protesting Iraq war

I haven't seen anyone discuss Coulter on Wolf Blitzer this morning.

McAuliffe is reaching out to Nader & labor leaders calling Harkin

What if we skipped the Primaries and had an IRV election?

Can we talk about the issues?

Look what you've done to my meme, ma...

Help Kucinich win Iowa - watch ad and contribute

Dean is great. So is Kerry. I also like Clark. People.....please.

Who will be arrested first?

Florida Faith-Based Prison Plan Lambasted by Liberal Group

Just watching the Bush press conf on CNN

National Audubon Society Dick Cheney Watch

Just to keep ourselves prepared... will Dean support whoever is

Religion in America: who is threatened by whom?

How about more personal accounts of meet ups and candidates, etc.

Panda Software weekly virus report

Could someone please explain to me why all the flared tempers

Who invented the term "voodoo economics"

The internet assures this will haunt Clark throughout!

Ann Coulter is a male in drag(on CNN Wolf now)

GD challenge: say something nice about another candidate

Song parody from - You down with ABB?

Does anyone here work for Karl Rove?

I voted for George Bush.

New Hampshire, Boston officials openly defy ban on imported drugs

Don't let the media pick our candidates: Sharpton, Kucinich, M-Braun, etc!

How will George W Bush avoid any presidential debates?

What's this Barney cam crap on MSNBC?

Top 10 Reasons Al Gore Endorsed Howard Dean

Video reveals Taleban regrouping

2004 -- best economy in 20 years? (press release)

Let's try a reasonable discussion of the fractured Right...

Islamic sickness

Great new memes

Repost: I voted for George Bush

From Atrios: "Print it and Post it on the Fridge"

Response to Janklow's Conviction from Leonard Peltier

"Our remarkable military victory"...more propaganda from the local paper!

Since Gore's Endorsement, My Opinion of Howard Dean is...

CSpan 25 Year Viewer Contest

Kerry: Dean's foreign policy portfolio is too weak

Bust Bob

VN and Iraq: why can't US remember the Revolutionary War??

Latest Polls :Dean's lead surges with Gore endorsement

Clinton called Dean in Iowa when Dean was with Gore

Will Ken Starr get his old job back

Photo of * Chimpy out ringing the Christmas bell

"Voters choose Bush in poll for media.

The Grassroots Come Out for General Wesley Clark!

Thank Goodness, no Meg Carlson on Crossfire today...

I guess the Repukes got pissed when Bono swore on TV

Progressive Majority's "Just Say No Ralph" Campaign Next Week

Jesse Jackson Jr. and Charlie Rangel on CNN now

Candy Crowley must not be feeling well...

Test: Who Said That? funny or sad?

Halliburton stock jumps despite Pentagon probe

So what happened to Martha Stewart?

Iowa judge grants divorce to two lesbians

Mineral Water Sabotage Scare Hits Italy

Demand an INDEPENDENT AUDIT of Iraq money

Israeli military expert: The US will leave Iraq like they left Vietnam

A question on Halliburton

Dean the doctor, Gore the corpse

Infighting put into perspective - 3 years ago today - The Selection!

Who is to be blamed for shortage of flu vaccines?

Sharpton has no e-mail address???

I'm glad Krugman mentioned PNAC today

Preemptive Arrest

The Black Commentator LOVED Dean's SC speech

"Hundreds of Iraqi civilians were killed by Coalition bombs"

How will they design a mil. draft to exempt the privileged classes?

graphical political compass of all candidates

Interesting new "charge" against Clark by a few DU'ers...

Why did we go to war in Iraq?

How the NYT and media LIES about Dems

C-SPAN Washington Journal Weekend Schedule

Is there a correlation between a campaign's success and attack threads?

Baker takes the loaf

When we choose a nominee, will the circular firing squad stop?

Thanks a lot, from NH Ted Koppel...for a Dean commercial.

John Rowland, the country's most corrupt Govenor

Dean will win nomination: thank Kerry, Gephardt, Clarkites and Lieberman

I've posted an excerpt from The Dollar Crisis for the economic DUers

You know, it's amazing to me to see the results of the AOL polls

URGENT: Minnesota DEMOCRATS flash protest!

Uniforms in Public Schools?

I support Clark on the Ticket

Democratic Primary Map.

In fairness, it's time to comb over everything John Kerry ever voted for

Questions about 1994 (i'm too young to remember)

"I think Rivers Pitt is a smart guy, who has figured it out."

In light of recent struggles and flame-fests, I thought a little humor

Who regrets the dismissal of democracy in front of corporatism?

If Dean wanted voters with playboy logos on trucks, what would u say?

West Virginia Sniper Caught!

Just Say No, Ralph!

Freeper Citcom war on Dean plans :-)

Fairness Doctrine - Constitutional Amendment?

Wes Clark on The Daily Show Now

1) Is the media trying to pick our Dem candidate? If so: 2) Why?

Know what a "Google bomb" is? Find out here, and beat Bush!

How To Avoid Voting Machine Rigging At The Polls

Tomasky: Is It Time to Believe?

Dean would be a fine choice for a cabinet position (surgeon general)

"Dean ruled Vermont like a moderate Republican."

Anyone else freaking out listenting to an accent-less Canada PM?

How much $$$ will each Presidential Democratic Campaign get?

Gore supporters

Writing letters to the editor about another Democratic candidate.....WRONG

BBV: Computerworld Weighs In

Lieberman Leads in Oklahoma

CSPAN: replay of Can PM swearing in. AMAZING

DUers ideas for Dem TV adds?

Dr. Dean may not be as half as impressive as ..........

Bush Sr. had a 91% approval rating after Gulf War One......

Really funny image of Clark and Dean

What should be done in Iraq?

Latest Bush Scandal! Guy who bailed him out owns Medicare Cards!

With all the negativity...will you get in line behind our candidate

Top 10 Reasons Why Edwards will be the nominee

Interesting article about Dean and how he may have peaked too soon (4/03)

Jesus Christ is unelectable and the next McGovern...

Dean and Kerry like each other

I say we meet in the street with our clubs, chains, and brass knuckles...

Dean on Halliburton's $61Million Overcharge

How Dean's early surge could help Kerry, and us all...

Letter to local right-wing columnist.

SS Dean 2004

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about Al Sharpton

12:43 PM CST and only ONE THREAD mentions Bush*

My First Dean Meet-up

Kerry would have been against nominating: Clinton, Carter and FDR

Could the recovery still come to a halt between now and the election?

How do you determine electability?

2004 Presidential Prediction Map!

Can A Conspiracy Really Be Kept Secret For Years?

Fighting during the Primaries: A Primer

Remember the Nixon funeral?

Attention Dean Supporters! The Real History of Captive Insurance in VT

Good Charlotte, Green Day, NOFX To Rock Against President Bush

Rush Limbaugh called a majority of women Whores yesterday!

Canadians: Is what the Seattle Times says about your country true?

Dean Rocks the House of Blues, Mon, LA -anyone else going?

Special Interest Feeding Frenzy - Kerry Ad

3 Long Years

Dean picks up where Clinton left off

Every one of our candidates would be a better pResident than *

How Do We Solve The Ralph Nader Problem?

Any other club goers get sexually assaulted by a Green Bay club owner?

Should the state decree what women can wear?

The ’04 battleground states – Clark or Dean?

Can I try to put a myth to rest about Dean, Clark, and Bush?

Other thing bothering me: Are Dems mean enough to compete with Repukes?

Flu "epidemic" another instance of drug companies exploiting Americans?

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about John Kerry

Teachers Union Assignment

Did The Other Dems Running In 1992 Say 'He CAN'T Win' About Clinton?

Let's try a reasonable discussion about the fractured left

Conason: And what of Dr. Dean's record in Vermont? Documents under seal.

The Last Word on Ralph Nader

What can you buy with 61 million dollars?

Is it time to have another branch of government?

We have more threads here slamming Dean then Bush

The only way DEAN will lose is if: Enough Dem candidates and their

As Democrats, we must, at some point ask ourselves.....

Welcome to Primary Season!!!

I Really Fear We're Gonna Lose in 2004

How important will "Bush went AWOL" be ?

Bush's & neocons war on women: Global gag rule results in abortion deaths

Edwards: We can't win on anger

Jimmy Carter is one of the most mean spirited people in politics ever

Lifelong Republican abandons the party.

Yay - Italians boycott bad TV - via mass viewer "turn-off"

Homosexuality: Choice, Biology, or Sin?

Wolf Blitzer's face is turning beet red!

Kerry holds his own on Endorsements

Bev Harris

Dean can't win? New polls...

"Dean's Campaign Rests on Slogans, Not Realities" by Marie Cocco

Big Media has given more to Democrats than GOP since 1999

millions for Halli and KBR, but ZERO for tortured POW's

Wesley Clark--One Of The Smartest Generals In U.S. History

Should the US have a independent tax supported BBC like news channel?

If Dean wanted voters with playboy logos on trucks, what would u say?

Is Dean Really a Third-Party Candidate?

The faulty right wing arguments about the "natural state"

Are the polls wrong about Kucinich?

Why I think Dean could do well in the south

ABC News responds to your criticisms of DK coverage (The Note)

Dean should stand firm...

Carter: Giddyup, Dean; whoa, Clinton

funny Dean comic

Dean Campaign Plans to Make A "Perfect Storm Sweep" of Iowa

Chip Carter (Jimmy's son) expects Bill Gates to endorse Dean

Ex-Deaniacs For Clark

Howard Dean Is No George McGovern. He Might Be Bill Clinton.

video of Dean with Carly Simon at Boston fundraiser

Why Kucinich is Right: Vietnamization & Iraqization - Two Doomed Policies

Massachusetts Politicians Arm Dean Against Kerry Attack

Al Qaeda Shmaeda! The real enemy that ChimpCo is fighting is us liberals.

Begala is permanently on my ignore list.

Let me make myself clear about Dean and Gore...

Sign Petition to ABC

Dean Has Too Much Bush In Him

Dean's schmoozing with corporations revealed in Boston Globe

How we will break the culture of rule breaking and incivility on DU.

Good Retail News Tempered by Job Worries

WP (Friday): Bush Defends Barring Foes of War From Iraq Business

The Clergy Leadership Network: The New Religious Left

Probe Fails to Find Leaks About Secret Service

Brothers in beating case seek probation (Fundamentalist pastor & brother)

dupe please delete

Dean's campaign like no other

Disks missing from US nuclear lab 'pose no threat'

Washington accepts EU's independent military plan

Global warming kills 150,000 people a year, warns UN

Bremer Expects Rise in Violence as Iraq Builds Democracy (NYT)

US 'Anti-Terror' Claims Fall Flat

Group Cites U.S. Tactics in Many Civilian Deaths (cluster bomb)

Two Polish soldiers wounded in roadside bombing

Nevada decides on new voting machines

Bush ally's firm vies for Medicare cards

Peacekeeping duties may harm soldiers' health

Military police probe first deadly breach of a US base in Iraq

For Dean, 'captive' insurance a Vt. boon

City Sends Out First Batch Of (up to 800) Layoff Notices (Chicago)

Top Shiite leader demands UN decide on early elections in Iraq

Ney draws line at public access to research

Clinton and Gore to appear jointly on Sunday 12/14.

Congress pushes for larger military

Student 'sex bracelets' an urban legend?

In oversight, Iowa judge grants lesbian divorce, then lets it stand

Businessmen use Bush link to win deals

China's Currency Not Costing U.S. Jobs

Anti-Bush drawing called 'hate speech'

Bush Has 110 Million For Uncontested Primary...

New Iraq army hit by resignations

3 judges decline to block remap plan (TX)

U.S. Baghdad headquarters hit by insurgents

N.J. Boy Pleads Guilty to Killing Toddler

Governor, lawmakers reach deal on budget --- California

British Forces Can Stand Alone No Longer

Hundreds of Civilian Deaths in Iraq Were Preventable

For the Old Guard, a Renewed Mission (Unknown Soldier guards deployed)

Gulf War Veterans Remain Sicker Than Counterparts

Marines Plan to Use Velvet Glove More Than Iron Fist in Iraq

Lawmakers slam White House for failing to monitor Iraqi weapons scientists

Martin becomes prime minister

More 'Spectacular' Attacks in Iraq Inevitable-UK

Iraq conflict creates huge partisan split across (WA) state

AP: U.N. May Have to Abandon Afghan Effort

Bush should scuttle "stupid" Pentagon policy on contracts: conservatives

Metro Shuts Down Orange and Blue Lines (Metro = DC subway)

UN Official: Israel Has Nuclear Weapons

Halliburton Unit Probed for Possible Overbilling of U.S. (mess hall)

Anti-Bush art pulled in Eureka

US 'wants British flu vaccine'

Ridge's immigration remarks in Miami set off firestorm

IAEA chief tells Israel to give up nukes

Iraqi Protesters Oust Appointed Governor

U.S.: Hundreds of Civilian Deaths in Iraq Were Preventable

Why AARP supported Medicare bill(LTTE-but in it AARP caves on SS priv acts

A Baghdad Thanksgiving's Lingering Aftertaste

A Baghdad Thanksgiving's Lingering Aftertaste

Halliburton also overcharged 67mil for dining tables in Iraq!

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 12.....(#1)

Korea Nuke Efforts Hit Snag

Ex-Boeing execs in criminal probe

BBV: Security of electronic voting machines sparks controversy

Khatami-Mubarak handshake highlights deepening Arab-Iranian links

Suicide at spot where JFK gunned down

Bonfire of faith as mosques go to war

ABC News Decision Angers Kucinich, Braun

B.C. ferry strike over - Globe and Mail

Senators Want Action on Gitmo Detainees

Blair Doubts EU Treaty Accord as Spain, Poland Resist

WP: A Baghdad Thanksgiving's Lingering Aftertaste

US Consumer Sentiment Sinks In Early Dec.!

Hollow holidays

Israel to block Irish UN religion motion

IED Attack near Al-Ramadi, Soldier Died

Soldier Dies of Non-Hostile Gunshot Wound

Glance at $2.2 Billion Halliburton Iraq Contract (Cheney's company)

Pennsylvania National Guard Disciplines 5 for Accidental Death of Soldier

Lieberman urges Jews not to fear

Disputing the Gore-y details (Karenna Gore on Lieberman charges)

A Rush job to save face: Secret memo pushed a PR blitz

Two journalists in Iraq hurt in grenade attack (James Nachtwey!)

Bush (Press Conf, MSNBC) says we suspect there was overcharge (Iraq)

Soldiers in Iraq 'did not have WMD protection'

Italians urged to switch off TVs

U.N. May Have to Abandon Afghan Effort

Car tax cut could cost San Diego

A Daily Look at U.S. Deaths in Iraq - 452 U.S. service members have died

Connecticut Governor Says Others Paid for Work on Home

Dollar hits record low vs euro after Snow comment

Pastor, Brother Sentenced to Prison in Beating Case

California about to get huge (hispanic) Surprise Friday

Bush laughs off critics of "spoils of war" contracts

Dennis Kucinich meets dream ticket

United Nations slams Colombia's anti-terror law

Halliburton May Have Overcharged Millions DUH ALERT!!!!

Thanks for making me feel so welcome (not sarcasm). Bye bye (sarcasm)

"Dems will win": are you out there?

Media "objectivity" is horse manure

"Take THAT, Guernica!!" and other great lines from "The Critic"...

I made a bitchin' dinner tonight! Here it is:

HAH! With this post I become a man at DU...

Smoke a toad....get high.

Raining like crazy in Phoenix....

This just in... New Tejas Redistrict Map

I am so depressed this evening

Gah! Ain't this the truth?

Am I going to hell?????????

computer help needed

Editorial: Rush's Denials Are Sounding Familiar

HUD housing for under-employed parolee (sex offender)

Ozzy and Rush...

An Open Letter to The New York Times

Soak Your Chia!

Recommended fruit?

36,000 DUers Registered!!!

Just got ADSL Internet hooked up in my apartment

British Bacon

Question for fellow Comcast broadband users....

"Don't Cry for Me, South Dakota".. (from Bartcop)

Is there anything better than.....

Ask me 5 questions

So the Canucks and Avalanche play to a draw 1-1

How long before Duhbya's sanity is openly questioned?

Houston signs Pettit for 33million.... Baaah, bleech.

Hear My Angst

I'm going to the shop

Clinton and Gore together again on Sunday, 12/14.

Tomorrow, he's Sir Mick.

I'm now officially out of it...who is Paris Hlton?

Bush moon program

Good (FRIDAY) Mornin' DU!!

Who do you think is the least biased news source?

I pissed Susan Estrich off last night. Ask me anything.

What's the strangest thing anyone has ever told you?

Guess who I just got a post card from with an Amsterdam postmark?

Heyyy!! my login finally "took"

How long before DU is bigger than Minot, ND?

Is it just me, or is Steve Martin starting to suck?

Who is Bush the historical repeat of?

I really need help regarding my sleep situation.

How do you want your eggs?

Dick York or Dick Sargent? We Report, You Decide.

Student 'sex bracelets' an urban legend?

How I'm Gonna Break The Culture Of Rule-Breaking And Incivility On DU

I will beat on Magic Rat

Spuffit's disease is alive and well in Washington!

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but not in this case.

Paris Hilton game. Can you stop the tape from reaching the public?

The first Person to PM me......

How we will break the culture of rule breaking and incivility on DU.

Supreme Court Overturns Gore's Endorsement of Dean

Drugs not covered under the new Medicare overhaul...

Hey. Do You Or Did You Ever Have Any Feelings For Your Doctor.

George Steinbrenner, fuck you, you're FIRED!!!!

Who here writes music?

Microsoft investigates spoofing bug


Only FIVE Random Questions Today....But WHAT Questions They Are!

The Rambling Rattler of All Captions

Red Hat CEO - Use Windows,It's Better

advice re dialup access call waiting and software alerts to incoming call


What's your cut-off point?

Documentary of Steve Earle playing in DC area!

!CHRISTMAS TOURNAMENT!:Santa Claus vs. Mothra

Man Jailed For Declaring Parents Dead 40 Times

I have to cook Bugs for my Final

TVphobia-- neurotic or healthy?

All San Antonio/Austin DUers....

Mick Jagger knighted by Prince Charles. Queens got bum knee.

Bush learned foreign policy from Civilization II....

What time is bed time at Neverland ranch?

The Onion: Poor People pretty much F-ed

More Freeper mail and my answer

In olden days, a glimpse of stocking

Reason #1 for avoiding Atkins

New Mike Jackson toy at toys r us

WOO HOOO! This is my 100th post!

Earth's magnetic field weakening, reversal possible in far future

Fun with Freepers, #245643, Watch them Defend Swastikas!

Jealous wife cuts off husband's penis, no, not Lorena Bobbit :-)

Pilot Wisdom

Is anyone going to watch American Idol 3?

"Tune in, turn on, drop out."

Sir Mick and his daddy

Verdict in 'DVD Jon' appeal expected Dec. 22

You know you've joined a pretty cheap ass health plan when...

Great Willie Nelson photo!

I've just got to ask.

Holy Homonyms, Batman!

GFP Fly'n Logo -------------------------------- QuickTime

Time for me to impose a Time-out on myself before the powers to be do it!

Say a prayer for me today

As the Cardinals sleep

Tooday's Boonedocks--Warning--Not for Michael Jackson Fans

Remember when Falwell said one of the Teletubbies was gay?

Tell us five random facts about Magic rat!

People waiting outside for flu shot get the flu

I paid $20 for my flu shot! Damn!

Why the long face?

What is with all the home invasions in Houston?

Motor Trend 2004 Car of the Year Award

Just got a calendar

I wanted to let everyone know that my boss is doing ok.

Film by most honorable member of current White House (Barney)

What is the name of that debunking site?

Philly DUers: Ready for some awesome NHL rivalry this weekend?

so it's friday... who's going for "talking pints" tonight?

Who the hell is this "Trista" person I keep hearing about on TV?

Need help giving a coworker a hint....

Are you a tradesman/woman...what's your trade?

DUers Birthdays

D'oh - I forgot to attack a specific candidate in my GD post

Learning photoshop. What should I add to this picture?

I just got 200 posts

Texas football fans: what happened?

Vancouver DUers

Boston DUers

I've been on the Atkins Diet for ten days and I feel great. Is that bad?

All I want for Christmas is...

DU needleworkers and fiber artists, check in.

Cops steal motto from Skittles!

"An official Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model..."

Jury Duty and birthdays....

I found some photos of me in 1986. What I looked like young....

It's official: My car is dead----trolling for advice

My word!! What an excellent night for a caption!!!!

We Just Ate Lunch One Table Away From Texas Senator Gonzalo Barrientos!

Widdle Baby CAPTIONS!

CHRISTMAS TOURNAMENT 2: Santa vs. the "field"

What's your favourite Joe Strummer song?

Fer cryin' out CAPTIONS!

Tell me about The West Wing

Really ignorant comments you've heard.

Miserable Failure Redux

What I cannot figure out ???

The ultimate christmas sweater

Quick 100 question NERD TEST!!!


LIverpool vs Southampton

One of my "esteemed colleagues" got a Christmas card from the chimp!

Who knows someone named after a character in Dune?

I need help!!!! Why does Santa keep peeing in my bed????

need a good laugh?


Looking for a history book suggestion

today's new Hannity advertisers 12/12

Dickie wants a CAPTION!

new O'reilly advertiser Superior Chevrolet

For the pilots

Most Ridiculous RW Fundie News Site You've Ever Seen....

What is "English Humour"?

ack, can anyone else get onto the New Yorker's website?!


Who does voices?

Does anyone else want to retch...

A Green Bay, WI. sex scandal expands

Has anyone seen the film "Bonhoeffer" (about Dietrich Bonhoeffer)?

toys for tots.. need suggestions.

LynneSin... Naughty or Nice?

started a thread on effed-up TX justice in JPS, check it out.

Ever type out a LONG post then lose it?!

How many hours and how many post do you average a day on DU?

Google - has everyone already discovered this?

Wanna Hear A Cool Story About A Kid Just Born In My Hospital?

Thanks everyone for the good thoughts--results on the "biopsy"

The government controls schools: wanna hear this?

Ack! Helpsies usssss...

If you don't laugh at this one there is no hope for your day!

I positively LOVE my new DISH network system

I swear if I have to see that little dog in the WH again...

What makes yer pointer move?

Student 'sex bracelets' an urban legend?

I like to combine pentatonic with dorian and occasionally a flat 5!!

I need help!!!! Why does SATAN keep peeing in my bed??

You guys have to see this!!!

Is it possible to tribue GD?

Is it possible to eat GD?

Is it possible to sedate GD?

Blade Runner:

Ever wondered which Canadian party you'd support? Try this quiz

Somebody have a link to the church sign generator thread?

Lieberman blindsided by latest defection...Hadassah

Is it possible to salute GD?

My ship just came in...

Best book on WW I ??

ROTK will have 12, count 'em, twelve endings (spoiler alert)

Dog people. I have a situation

Why is Bush stomping at the bit?

Chimpy's "Twelve Days of Christmas"

Name that tune!!

Favorite Maurice Jarre Movie Score

Give me an "M"! M!!! Give me an "E"! E!!! Give me another "M"! M!

Anyone see Canadian Bacon?

Freeper cruelty---Pure hate directed against jimmy Carter

"To Kill a Mockingbird" was a great book turned into a great movie.

Really ignorant comments you've uttered?

Gotta love Viggo Mortensen (he sounds like a DUer)!

Micro$haft To Cut Swatizkas From Software

Any Hams or DXers In The Lounge?

Does anyone watch Everwood on the WB?

What's the problem with fur coats?

Who hears voices?

Color coordinate your wardrobe with your guns

Report: Poor People Pretty Much Fu#@$d

Can someone help me find the pic of the Asian politicians fistfight?

I Need Help!!!! Why does Streak keep peeing in my bed?????

Jon Stewart was 'Person of the Week' on......................

I'm really feeling sorry for Kieth Richard

The guy is a magnet for weird photos

Greatest all-time movie comedy teams?


"Tactics of Tyrants are always Transparent" ...

TOON: Howard Dean: High on Grass (roots)

Kidney Transplant question, help!

Most ex felons are poor because society judges them

What's Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

The Game's Afoot!

a short biography of Josef Stalin by Zuni

chat anyone?

OK OK I admit it! Today I have acted

Make your own virtual snowman..

I really should know this, question


In '65, I joined the Marines to kill commies

What's your favorite dog?

what is your astrological sign?

My Chef wants to hook me up with his friend

Is it hard to write a rude arrogant person off for good?

Ok, the cat survived the night, but can we talk about litter please

What are you the best at?

Dubya's Next Job

who is gonna win Survivor

Who knows someone named after a character from Lord of the Rings?

Who has a belief absolutely no-one else shares.

Tell Me 10 Random Facts About Your City or Town