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Archives: December 1, 2003

Nasty nonsense from the GOP, Dems cry about it

BAY AREA DUers: Holiday Shopping Alert...

Est-que vous voudrais ecrivez en Francais avec cette Americain?

sign this petition

Old Books - Question on Selling

Gangbanger guns seized in Compton, CA

why are Sharon-supporters allowed in I/P?

Looking for "old DU" board

Why is Arafat silent?

Barrier dispute threatens Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

Hamas Bomber Sentenced to Life

Another Pickup in New Jersey

Supporter age ranges...

Buchanan for President

Kucinich website traffic surges. All other candidates' traffic drops!


A friend didn't pass this on to me, but it goes well with that one.......

Turns out we have more in common with Russia than admitted to

Dean on C-SPAN right now. (Repeat of an Iowa childhood confab.

Governor Dean Announces HIV/AIDS Policy

Families of troops head to Baghdad on peace mission

If Dean gets the nomination, will the rest of the Dems.....

don't forget about the simpsons

Gangs, Hate Groups, and Extremists. Why do we ignore home grown terror?

I can't believe what I saw this morning

Re: there are now 100,000+ more Dean MeetUpers than Clark MeetUpers

Does THIS man look presidential?

Clark gives Kerry the edge in political procedure ...

A child's account of the SOA protest

Does anybody REALLLLY believe this does not happen to US Troops in Iraq

THE REAGANS now on Showtime

Uncovered: the Whole Truth About the Iraq War

"What Am I Supposed to Tell the Kids ??"

an observation....FWIW...

Do you believe the Bushit "recovery"... or Soros/ Buffet $ short selling?

Need help with freeper.

Who Should Replace DRUDGE?

does THIS guy look presidential???

Miami reporter's account of being locked up during protests

MAJOR good sign tonight for our chances in 2004!!!

If I was nominated for President, would you support me?

Does the fact that Iraqis wore black uniforms

there are now 100,000+ more Dean MeetUpers than Clark MeetUpers

Where the next tryanny will REALLY come from. Hint: It won't be Bush.

What Really Happened to the Men Accused of Killing Johnnie Mae Chappell?

Remember when Al Gore....

Crime: Questions We SHOULD be asking

If Clark is elected President does he have to give up

THIS is why Dean is the frontrunner...

Just in case anybody has a really serious need to vomit, "The Reagans"

If Clark or Edwards gets the nomination will Dems fall in line

December 1 is World AIDS Day. Wear your red ribbon...

are you being watched?

Clark enlists Hollywood

Wes Clark nominated on VH1 but is beat out by Hillary Duff

Are you HIV prejudiced?

Our first lady--be proud, be very proud

Which government is going to fall first as a result of Iraq?

Operation AC Needs Help

Does this guy look Presidential?

Bush daughter "Barbara Bush" is seen at the concert of a gay band

If Dean is nominated, will you give him $100?

Combating Treason Tonight

Is Kucinich too "left" for America?

Well, here's the real story on the Samarra blood bath today.

Is Christianity an aggressively recruiting religion by nature?

Amnesty Criticizes U.S. for Afghan Deaths

Bush's morale-boosting Baghdad visit doesn't make up for urge to go home,

Shiite Clerics Emerge as Key Power Brokers

French Diplomats In Worldwide Strike

As Spain Absorbs Death in Iraq, Support for U.S. Is Questioned

Disney Vice Chairman Resigns From Board of Directors

Dean Assails Bush* on Defense

Bush* Dropping Steel Tariffs to Avert Trade War

Aznar resists mounting pressure to withdraw troops (Spain)

Army Colonel At Prison Charged

CHR fears killer flu is here New Giant on Dems' Stage

General Clark says that George Bush is Losing the War on Terror

Just saw "Bloody Sunday"

I have proof Nancy Drew posts on DU

I just found

I posted on the Dean blog as a Clark supporter

Wanna See Some Studs?

Show me the funny!

This....I don't need..... ragin here raging!!!

I'm A Watchin' A James Taylor Special On PBS

What should we do to Magic Rat if he starts another poll?

Scrooged is on.....

What should we do to Midori if she decides to Dance Around A Pole?

Favorite Photoshop Feature....

Did anyone tape the 2003 Farm Aid Special on PBS Soundstage?

What is it with people in my neck of the woods?

Is life worth living without Magic Rat

Do you have a Plecostamus? Advise?

Which Bush boondoggle made you ROTFLYAO the most?

chatroom anyone wanna hangout, I am in the mood honestly

Do you prefer poll threads or text-only threads? Hmmmm?

Can you guys help me welcome a new Duer?

Ok folks, do I need a plumber? *shudder*

wow, the flu is kicking everyone's ass I know.... except me.

Upstanding NFL heros 22, Thug Nation clowns 8

New signs for Ohio Freeways.

'Flash Gordon' is on FLIX

Who are you again? .............CAPTION

* chases his victims CAPTION

Besides have a party, what will you do if - WHEN - we win in 2004?

Which candidate is the most attractive?

Everyone's getting the flu, and I'm worried as hell.

One of only two known albino apes dies...

Jankow's caddy after killing motorcyclist...... WTF

Carnivale was good tonight! (no spoilers)

Today I met the child of my dreams!

Sharpies on CDRs? pros/cons?

Okay, and trade is supposed to make China more civilized, huh?

Dubya joke (fire up the barbie!) (Bush joke maybe old but

The unforgiving minute

Found an old box of photos... fun, fun, fun... this is one of my

if Michael Jackson hadn't had all those surgeries on his face . . .

I want some Irish Creme, I'm on call

I want to go to the Dean rally in Orlando on Saturday, but I don't

My (step) grandparents say they won't vote for Bush again

I'm going to join the 700 Club pretty soon... Ask me anything

How do you get rid of fruit flys?

A poll for opera lovers

HBO to run "Angels in America". I heard it may be worse than "The Reagans

Damn, the Ink Spots are so smooth and cool.

Louis-Ferdinand Céline

Would you rather work for a Man or a Woman?

Anyone else see "Cold Case" tonight?

Women AND Men: Do you find Wes Clark sexy? Think long and hard.

Need Photoshop or original art help! B-Man, "By the power of Numbskull"

OMG, the smell..... self-beached Pilot Whales in NZ

Deserving of wider recognition.

Link to Fox News Bunnies, and a question...

Favorite Grateful Dead Tune

Preferred winter solstice activities

Who else is sick of hearing about Paris Hilton?

What should we do to Midori if she decides to dance around a Finn?

Goodbye to Horney

13,000 posts about yaks, coffee, peace, and other crap

What kind of work are you in?

Has anyone ever called you a "commie" to your face?

Would you be a more productive person if DU didn't exist?

December 1 is World AIDS Day. Wear your red ribbon...


How Howard Dean Won Over DU -- As Told Through Emoticons

I sang seven choir anthems today--ask me anything.

My wife just found out she is black

* did What?.............................. CAPTION

So I'm watching "The Reagans" on Showtime.

I don't like any of the Democratic candidates

Roy Disney resigns (DU Disney stockholders please check in)

My uncle is dying and my aunt is being harassed by slimeball collectors!

Michael Ventura: "Questions of Marriage"

Military officers file brief against Bush's policy in Guantanamo

Salon: MoveOn Moves Up

Slackman: The Republicans Are Coming, but Will They Venture Ashore?

Novak: Bush*s (Gay) Marriage Decision

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): A nation divided

New Times Broward-Palm Beach: United States of Jesus

Molly Ivins: Giving thanks for freedom (must read!)

Why Johnny can't find South America despite his schooling

Politics of War

Omens of LBJ in Vietnam --Bush's Baghdad Pitstop

The nature of staying the course

A Coward Goes to Baghdad

CRUISIN' FOR A BRUISIN' WITH HUGO --Greg Palast in Caracas

Bush's Cherry-picked Reporters --Wagging the Media

column - richmond dispatch: Bush visit to Iraq just for show

Military officers file brief against Bush's policy in Guantanamo

Stars and Stripes letters: Will be glad to leave Army

Stop the plutocracy-Our experiment in self-governance is under attack

Why Democrats Must Stop San Francisco's Green Parade

Stars and Stripes: Brown & Root to recruit in Germany

George Soros: The Bubble of American Supremacy

sign this petition!

Overtime Pay National Week Of Action

Any Bay Area DUers want to be in my Bush in 30 Seconds ad?

Letter Writing Project re CIA & Police Depts. IMPORTANT

In search of a way to get a clear message out

Peter Werbe online now!

Missing MSNBC's Buchanan And Press!

Liberals take jab at right's upper hand

Conservative Hate bed of hypocrisy

Quote on - sums them up pretty well

How Europe gets Bush wrong... !!!!!

Notable Quotes

wrong forum

Elements of Critical Thinking

CARTOONS! The "Another Dumb Cartoon" Edition

I'm looking for some information on an organization.....

Gary Wills on NPR this morning

Opponents of gay marriage divided

Man Dies In Cincinnati Police Custody After Altercation

No Escaping the Red Ink as Bush Pens '04 Agenda

"Bush tax cuts will not do much to lift the economy"- NYTimes

UN Climate Conference Opens With Low Expectations

UK Approves More Diversions, Pumping Despite Record Low Water Levels

Illegal Deforestation Racing Through Kenya

Planting, Protecting Trees No Climate Solution, Studies Show - BBC

Algae Blooms Threaten Great Barrier Reef - BBC

Depletion Comes Knocking As Parts Of The Ogalalla Begin To Fail

When Foreign Policy Aims and Campaign Needs Clash (being a GOP hypocrite)

Dean Assails Bush on Defense(Cites Combat Pay, Veterans' Health Benefits)

Wary Saudis Withhold Aid to Iraq (a setback for the Bush administration)

Can I come out and play too?

Man guilty of impersonating police officer

Mushrooms v. murder: Sentences in Kansas don't all fit the crime

GUNS IN THE NEWS--December 1, 2003

Hunters for the Hungry.

Suit Filed to End All NJ

Anyone see this before?


Slippery slope...

Changing e-mail

Could an Admin or Mod please explain

Request to move thread...

Lost my donor status

Request to lock thread

Suggestion regarding profiles

A flawed (Israeli-Palestinian) plan, but it could pave the way for peace

Israeli, Palestinian activists gather to launch unofficial peace accord

Lapid slams Mofaz over failure to dismantle outposts

The killing fields of Rafah

IDF commandos, Shin Bet mount Ramallah raid against Hamas

World leaders back Geneva; rightist rabbis: plan is treason

U.S. Diplomat Urges Israelis to Start Following 'Road Map'

Informal Peace Plan for Mideast Is Unveiled in Geneva

Kibbutzim Fall, Settlements Rise -- and Israel Loses

Interview With Syria's President

Israel's hard men fight for peace

Israel's Army Chief Criticizes 'Sharon Plan'-Report

Hurtling Toward the Abyss: Interview with Hanan Ashrawi

State of fear

Israeli academics fight 'racist' university test

Jewish group asks pope to lead anti-bomber campaign

Arafat rejects Geneva, but lets officials attend launch

Carter criticizes Israel and Bush

Israel Begins Breaking Ground on New Jewish Neighborhood in East Jerusalem


Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball Nov.3 update


Clark: Terror Fight Will Decide Election

Another "developing" story about Dean on Drudge

Dean on Diane Rehm Show

Q&A with Republican candidate JOHN Buchanan

New Dean ad-buy in Iowa

How do corporations use the "independent expendature" campaign clause?

Senator Edwards had this to say about being underestimated:

Edwards on Equal Rights (from his blog)

Gov. Murkowski's tax hikes may help doom daughter in Alaska Senate race

IL: Downstate Dem (O'Shea) to quit Senate race, back Chico

Denver Dems to celebrate the recent redistricting decision:

Janet Reno endorses Betty Castor for U.S. Senate

We have some good candidates for senate races in south

Unlikely Ally Against Neo-Con Conspiracy

Calling a DU Moderator - please read my message

Anger Trumping Hope in Dean's Message (??)

Can we afford a new Emperor, even if he is a Democrat?

Crazy Idea for the Convention......

Dean campaign worker scandel?

What Will You Do If?

Breaux: Dean is not my guy in '04

Who do you think is the best Senate recruit for the 2004 races?

Minnesota DUers- Who should run against Norm Coleman?

The Slave Party, Once Again?

Kucinich at LGBT Center, NYC, 12/7

No Wonder Howard Dean Is So Angry

Kucinich Asserts He is Not a Longshot

Link to Fox News Bunnies, and a question...

I want to go to the Dean rally in Orlando on Saturday, but I don't

Did Mike Allen casually discuss * being AWOL in his TG stenopool job?

What kind of work are you in?

Doris Kearns Goodwin slams George McGovern on Meet the Press

You might be GOP material if ... (one from the good Dr.)

The local news here is running a story about

has anyone read steno Mike Allen's entire, slobbering TGDay paean?

Learning from the Hollywood "Hate Bush" Campaign

It's Baaaaack! Linda Tripp on Larry King Monday

I'm on the line to Drudge's radio show

A LOW for even Drudge

Man, I'm going to show you something that will infuriate you...

who cares, but Nachi worm enters Diebold XP ATM machines

Anti-Coulter Comic

Stars & Stripes: Bush team seen as tone deaf on ‘people’ issues

Peter Werbe streaming

Say it with me now and say it loud: I AM NOT SCARED OF bush's "6,000,000".

"if you don't re-elect Bush, the big, bad boogeyman will get you"

We are in trouble when China looks better than the US on civil rights

NY Post "The Reagans" Review (Tempest in a pee pot)

Finally, sir, have you no shame?

praise be to Blake Ashby

Peter Werbe online NOW Sun 10PM

US readies for Iraqi Freedom II

LAT Brownstein bashes Bush debt; Dems "undercut credibility"

I just saw a Dennis Kucinich supporter at Borders

Time Wants Your Opinion on Bush's Trip to Baghdad!

discussion/poll over Reagan movie. ask questions here, please

The ultimate gift for a freeper pal -- 5 Stars -- 5 minute show

It's True - Arnold Schwarzenegger really is Governor of California

Link or coincidence? JFK assassination and BushCorp

ABOMINATION!!! Bush Asks Americans to VOLUNTEER to "help" military

Clark stated he won't be Dean's running mate

An email from a friend about Bush.

Fox asking for feedback on Asnan

Did Bush pee his pants in Iraq?

Recounts are pointless ! Let's flip a coin.

What states are we guaranteed in 2004?

Clark Proposes $30 Billion Plan To Fight AIDS...

Anti-terrorism law creators voice concern over Patriot Act

McCain: "congress is spending money like a drunken sailor"

Oxycontin Eater

A word for today, December 1, 2003

Bush caves on steel tariffs.

Peggy Noonan Hated The Reagans

Lieberman: Win In Iraq Needed To Avert Global Religious War

CSPAN Monday AM — Privatizing Social Security

Miami Crowd Control Would Do Tyrant Proud (St.Petersburg Times)

The Zero Files: Shadowy realms of mind control and paranoia

My theory about Zell Miller's recent defection

It seems body counts are a new feature

The End

On Hill, relations take turn for worse

Do THESE men look Presidential?

Rural America dying

This is how Medicare was passed

Satire = Libel? 2 interesting articles.

Tom DeLay is insane! The "ship of fools" convention proposal:

How exactly did they get the aircraft carrier into Baghdad?

Is "international racism" running wild?

Have You Ever Actually Heard A Candidate Who Is Not "Your Candidate"

I hate IndyMedia.

How Many Lies? When Turkeys Fly!

Dean vs. Clintons

Can this man not take a good photo?

Buchanan and Press coming on C-span right now...

Another important WMD story LANGUISHES at Yahoo.

I figured out who Howard Dean's running mate should be.

where can I hear rummy talking online?

Deleted message

Choose the “British way” or the “terrorists way”

I don't worry about being safe from terrasts.

Eisenhower warned us

America works to force its ideals upon Muslim populations

Which Democratic Leader is More Effective?

Elizabeth Edwards posts to JRE Blog about DU, again.

Say "no!" to Gay Marriage Ban

December's first soldier killed in Iraq... Stop the madness!

What's the difference between a primary voter and a general election voter

Bloodiest month in Iraq leaves 105 troops dead

Chimpy in NJ today, if you can, come join in the protest

5th year anniversary of Clinton impeachment coming up

Thanksgiving in NH: With Dean, Kerry, Clark and Edwards Supporters.....

Bush makes protesters 'disappear'

Does anybody know the historical military significance of today?

Losing Battle for City's Heart

We need to write to Congressman Smith

Opi's Rant # 243.7 The Human MInd and its desire for Safety/Comfort 101

We embrace the Peace Corps, so why not the Dept. of Peace?

Let's play "Who am I"!

"Vile Hatred" Is the only way Corporate America can retain the squatter.

Considerations on Samarra Casualty numbers

Texas DUers: I have a question

Should George W. Bush have gone to Iraq?Take the Poll

Breaking: Colorado SC rules redistricting unconstitutional

Wal-Mart Stock is Down, Holiday Sales Less Than Mediocre

"Reclaiming America for Christ" Where Scripture is Law (oh yeah)

Shall we update this 2004 electoral map?

What will America and the World look like in the year 2020

Your dream Cabinet

How big an issue is the deficit and "big-spending" Repubs?

Excuse me if this is a dupe...."the good things accomplished in Iraq"

Pledge of Allegiance Editorial Cartoon

The myth of Republicans keeping America safe

what's a "guerrilla"? who are we killing?

What's the difference between Saddam and Crazy Horse?

Baby Steps: A *positive* response from local media to my rant last week

Baby Steps: A *positive* response from local media to my rant last week

Baby Steps: A *positive* response from local media to my rant last week

Baby Steps: A *positive* response from local media to my rant last week

Baby Steps: A *positive* response from local media to my rant last week

Baby Steps: A *positive* response from local media to my rant last week

Rumsfeld wins 'Foot in Mouth' prize

Colorado's high court discards new congressional maps

Teresa Heinz Kerry speaks her mind, but in N.H., it's not hurting husband

"Zen Master George Jr." - New This Modern World Cartoon

What is Drudge so afraid of? (Drudge Smears Dean)

IRAQ visit: Appropriate visit or tacky stunt?

Engineers Report Big Problems With Iraq's Oil Fields

Ex-military doctor decries use of depleted uranium weapons

Europe's Cheap U.S. Labor (for real)

let's assume that Dean is unelectable

Ted Nugent's family values

Can someone help me understand something(s) about Dean?

Lets assume that Nader is indisposable

let's assume that Clark is unstable

Stephen King Remains in Maine Hospital: Suffering of pneumonia

The mentality we fight against... (Ann Coulter quote)

Remarkable poll at CNN Money


Far left has hijacked peace group, says CND veteran

Say What??? no bodies picked up in Samarra? but we killed 54!!!!

Daschel to be called to testify in favor of Janklow!

FDNY WIVES GET BURNED --Interesting read

What will happen to Canada's United Right - A Hypothesis

Judy Woodcroft and Scheider about to whore for Bush

BBV: Election Reform and Electronic Voting Systems (Congressional Report)

Political Fireworks Possible in 2004 (Brokered convention/Gore scenario)

Church wants to punish pro-choice pro-gay marriage politicians!

Gephardt calls for increased homeland security funding

Left Wing Media?

Another Suggestion for Dean's running mate

Questions for Canadian DUers

my opinion, this good news economy might be good news for dems

What's the moral of this story?

"An end to injustice"

Repuplicans look evil

I just heard CNN and CNNfn proclaim the economy as wonderful.

Military lawyers planning to sue over Guantanamo tribunal rules.

Is "Un-Freeping" Online Polls Important To You?

Job market continues to weaken and to set records for severity

Whatever happened to the Iraqi ships of death?

In 2004, there will NOT be a debate between Bush and the Dem nominee.

"Enid Live" on streaming audio now

Should Hillary Run For President in 2004?

It seems like Operation Iron Hammer is another big Bush failure.

"Remind Us"

Saddam's nephew calls Iraq the new Afghanistan!

Bush drops steel tarriffs, Sells out US Steel, Probably loses Ohio

MS-Linux? Plus Malaysian Microsoft pirates!

Narrowed Down Straw Poll - 2004 Democrats

I need help debating this Republican

Anyone have audio of Dean on NPR today?

Those 54 Iraqis killed looks like a major guerilla victory to me.

Clark's Wife Gert's Birthday

McBush and the Iraqi Ant Nest

CSpan: Washington Journal for tommorrow: Wisconsin DU's head up!!!

quick post, cnbc talking about where are the bodies from the firefight

Good morning Iraqnam"

Baby Steps: A *positive* response from local media to my rant last week

A beer bet that the Samarra story changes within a week.....

Today's Wireside Chat transcript with Clark

How will Dean do on Tweety's show tonight ?

A Right wing Mailing adds fun to Minkyboodle's Day

Iraqi Freedom II: Lighter, More Mobile, More Vulnerable?

Why a Dean/Clark Ticket Would Never Happen

Is anyone going to a Clark meetup in Houston tonight?

Would you tune in to a liberal radio station? AOL poll + good news

Anybody read "Who Killed Daniel Pearl?" by Bernard Henri-Levy?

Appalling!! Bush Asks Americans to VOLUNTEER to "help" military

Government Propaganda???

another phoney TOON-op (no leftovers here)

Hannity Making a Fuss About the "Hate Bush" Movement


Group plans protest against Al Gore in SF

Wireside Chat with Clark at 5:20pm EST

We The People Have Something To Say

Please DU this poll re: gay marriage.

Simple way to take action and make a difference on World Aids Day

caption this pic of Rumsfeld

Just heard the most incredible thing on CNBC about the firefight

Has Dean repudiated Rall yet?

Exercise is as addictive as booze and fags, say scientists

Bush's friend Janklow will walk free-- GOP justice.

Liberal Radio Group Close to Acquiring 5 Major Market Stations

Rush Rush Rush

Popular Music Artists unite to show Chimp the door in 04

My letter to the editor was printed (not even a day later!)

Liberals are finding their voice, and it's angry.

Recovery gains speed. Jobs added, Manufacturing at 20 yr high.

Has Lou Dobbs always been obssessed with immigration?

GFP: Looking for headlines on WAR, PATRIOT ACT, E-Voting, etc...

When the Left fails to Understand Christians, they lose...

Some words on "anger" - and survival.

Dean's on NPR Rehm show now,10am est ,1-800-433-8850

I would like to propose a CIVIL Dean/Clark dichotomy discussion

Three Dem scenarios for 2004: 1-Squeaker, 2-Solid win, 3-Landslide

You have got to read this - Repub e-mail

Why I continue to be very uneasy about Clark

What is going on in Venezuela?

Nightline will question the battle in Samarra tonight

Question -- Hasn't Clark said

Paisley 'will sack' any DUP member who talks to Sinn Fein - Guardian

Small-town DUers - LTTE check-in, please:

After listening to Cokie this AM, I felt "Dirty"....

OHMYGOD!!! Guess Who Just Returned My Call?

Michael Moore's "Farenheit 911" Gets A Horrible Release Date

Will Pitt broadcasting online today with truthout highlights???

The Kennedys, Physical Evidence, and 9/11

Dean on Hardball with Tweety tonight at 7 pm EST

Northern Racial Problems

Holy crap. Wanna see the true racism of the wacko Right?

Presidential Voice Recordings (since 1889)

Like it or not, Dean is going to be the nominee

The beating death of the black man by police

"Ultrasound" crowd control weapon used in Miami?

Dean..."I'll unseal mine if he will unseal his" ...governor's records.

Dean's rivals growing desperate in Iowa – say they fear he'll try to cheat

The US Army online game - is there something sinister about this?

Hoon Braced for 'Difficult Talks over EU Defence Plan'

Torture rife in Uzbek "health farm" jail

Saddam's nephew calls invasion a disaster and warns of civil war

Japan's Central Bank Set to Inject $9.1 Billion to Help Stabilize Market

China Quake Kills 10, Injures 34 in Northwest (Reuters)

Security Agencies OK on News-DirecTV Deal

Call to double troop numbers in Afghanistan

South Korea's Roh Says Iraq Shootings Intolerable

Poll: 79 Percent of Japanese - Sending Troops to Iraq Will Increase Terror

Strikes Signal Era of Conflict in Austria

Republican Blocks Bush Arms Export Plan

More being halted off U.S. coast

Body bag count puts strains on coalition

Bush's fly-in insignificant for Iraq's future

(Taiwan)President - China's Missile Threat Justifies Taiwan Independ Vote

US to release 140 detainees from Guantanamo: report

Snowballing Debt Awaits Tomorrow's Taxpayers [LA Times]

Xmas Return Seen for EU Gitmo Prisoners -"a politically propitious time"

Losing Hearts And Minds [most important story of the year]

AP: Man changes name to Bubba Bubba Bubba

Saudi Interrogators Use New Technique

Israel warns US, world against supporting Geneva Initiative

Colorado Court to Rule on Redistricting (Monday)

Colo. justices overturn voter districts

At 72, a Dogged Rather Is Not Yet Ready to Yield

Duval County's first elected black judge called to duty in Iraq (Florida)

A Case of Church and State and the States

Sprint to Lay Off 2,000 Workers (in addition to the 2,000 in Sept)

CAFTA Opponents March Again

(AJC) Ethics watchdog Anderson announces U.S. Senate bid (Ga)

US readies for Iraqi Freedom II

NYT:Clark Proposes $30 Billion Plan to fighting AIDS and other diseases

NATO Struggles to Boost Afghan Forces

Sen. Clinton Urges U.N. Role in Iraq, More Troops

Dean Ruled From the Fiscal Center in Vermont

Thousands bay for US blood (Tehran, Iran)

Reno Endorses Castor for U.S. Senate ( Great news for Florida

Colorado court declares redistricting unconstitutional

US soldier shot dead west of Baghdad -US military

Court: Pledge Critic Can Represent Self

US hails own climate policies

Shiite Assumes Rotating Iraqi Presidency

North Korea rejects U.S. demand that it first renounce its nuclear program

Economist Sachs Slams Bush on 'War Agenda,' AIDS

U.S. Forces Kill 54 Iraqis in Samarra

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday December 1.....(#1)

High court sidesteps gun rights case

Homeland Security Ends Registration

Boeing CEO Condit resigns

CNN: 89% of Iraqi's Don't Trust Coalition Forces

U.S. military, Samarra residents differ on attack toll - Globe and Mail


Musharraf offers Kashmir pull-out

Recent Growth in Manufacturing and Construction Boosts Economic Outlook

Gay Rights Law Goes In Effect In UK

Body found inside UN Headquarters

Bush to Drop Tariffs on Steel

Second Disney director quits, joins Roy Disney as Eisner critic

US to build anti-drug coordination center in Peru

Wary Saudis Withhold Aid to Iraq

High court may hear Cheney appeal

GOP Option at Convention: Luxury Liner (NYT)

Liberal Radio Group Says It Is Close to Acquiring 5 Stations

County processed more than 4,000 filings for foreclosures (Pittsburgh, PA)

US commander gives new toll for Samarra clashes, admits no bodies taken aw

Hollywood Dems Gather for 'Hate Bush' Meeting at Hilton

Thwarted Ambush Was Highly Coordinated, U.S. Officials Say

Magazine says military lawyers may sue over tribunal rules (Vanity Fair)

‘Never Let Your Guard Down’ (Back from Iraq buddy kills soldier)

Body Found Inside UN Headquarters is Isolated Incident

Democrats prep for convention (Florida)

First Lady: I Want to Go to Afghanistan

Death toll questioned in Iraq battle (only 8 bodies found out of 54)

Colorado redistricting Unconstitutional (Court rules)

Terror Attacks and Murders are Perpetrated by Anti-Chavez Militants

Jobs on the line as DuPont plans cost cuts

Britain and Poland unite in move to block EU constitution reforms

Rumsfeld Ramble Wins 'Foot in Mouth' Award

Reuters: WH Version of Mid-Air Exchange Disputed (the story's cracking!)

(Cincinatti) Death After a Struggle (man dies in police custody)

No news anchors in Iraq has White House troubled

Special Ed Students Skew Test Results

Factory Growth Fastest in 20 Years

Googling the places where I lived as a kid

This is a TEST. (Mods lock this)

wash. post reporter wants to interview me?

Happy B - day Ryan White 12 -01-71(1971 -1990)

Would you like to pet my monkey?

RIP "American nuns in El Salvador J Donovan, I Ford, M Clarke and D Kazel

I just joined to throw grenades until I'm busted, ask me!

Ever have a song stuck in your head

Gertrude Ederle has passed away

I Say We Elect David Palmer As President. He Works Well Under

Missing - Where are WilliamPitt and Jiacinto? Have not seen either one

Name This Poem

What Christmas rituals were you likely to engage in to make the holiday

Seen and Heard

What was the last .mp3 you illegally downloaded?

WHOA, Natalie Mains of the Dixie Chicks on VH1 Big in 03 show

Bush is still lying and our soldiers are still dying!

SO who watched that CBC special on the Iraq war - uncensored?

Eagles, McNabb soar from last to first in the NFC

It's 1:33

How soon is now?

Post your wicks, thread #1

And now for something completely different...

Oxycontin Eater

Just the thing to wear to your next PETA demonstration

Cambodian pays for petrol with boy

Now we're really in deep trouble...

Did Bush pee his pants in Iraq?

Will the 2004 election be a rerun of Carnivale?

The ultimate gift for a freeper pal -- 5 Stars -- 5 minute show

Supreme Court ruling on Xmas

Job search follow-up

56 E-Mail Messages Waiting For Me After a Week's Vacation

I've gone over 24 hours without tv

Ok, Now I'm depressed...The "Good Morning, Vietnam!" guy is GOP?

Discovery channel - Xtreme Martial Arts

AP: Man changes name to Bubba Bubba Bubba


What's The BEST DAY For Christmas To Fall On?

You have to try this.....

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Listening to Neal Boortz leads to Herpes

Walton family says "goodnight!"

Where can I find the "Opus" comic strip online?

First day for haggis hunting in Scotland

Pass the Turkey

Buccaneers season is over.

PA Legislature To Decide Between Polka & Square Dancing

Neil Bortz is talking about DU!

Theoretical "What Would You Do": The Hotel Edition

Wanted: Volunteers To Test 'Orgasmatron' (Really!)

So if the 700 Club is Evil, How evil is the 7000 Club

Wouldn't it be cool if polar bears didn't kill and eat people?

Is there a new computer virus going around?

Favourite maffia/ganster movie?

Have a request for school supplies needed for a school in Iraq.

has anyone else read Stephen King's "Wolves of the Calla"?

Simple way to take action and make a difference on World Aids Day

My post for World AIDS story.

Great Joke....

The best part about being sick on an airplane...

new math according to the laws of freepdom

What to give freeper relatives for Xmas

Frodo and Sam in relation to Gollum/Smeagol

DU Adopted Soldier participants: I need help

Ohio State/Miami rematch! Orange Bowl, 2004

What does a agnostic,dyslexic,insomniac say at 3 A.M.?

New Babylon 5 News?

Television alert on A & E. 2 new "Horatio Hornblower" movies.

2004 Republican Primary - who are you gonna vote for?!?!?!?!?

The Caderwalling Crowsfeet of all CAPTIONS!

i score a conversion and handle with an offensive bumper sticker

Retirement Savings

What is your favorite Bush "humiliation fantasy?"

Ever read 'Hot Rod' by Henry Gregor Felsen? (warning-graphic prose)

Baby Steps: A *positive* response from local media to my rant last week

Stephen King Hospitalized In Maine

Do you think the recent Time Magazine Cover

Bang bang bang (sound of my head on my desk)

If you find an Atheist in your neighborhood,

Would proposing on Christmas Day be 'tacky'?

The Cordial Christian of all CAPTIONS!

Union question

Municipal workers have shut off our street's water--ask me anything!

Any Command and Conquer/Red Alert (or other RTS) fans out there?

I'm going to miss my turkey leftovers this year..

Wow...I just found out something...

I saw Bad Santa and laughted alot.

Lets assume that Nader is indisposable

Best David Bowie Single (1969-76)

Great new Joe Strummer video

Another Coen Brothers film quote fest! This time - Miller's Crossing

It's snowing!

What Bush was doing the day of the explosions in Turkey

Computer sound/volume question for tech type folks....

Did you ever break an engagement?? How'd you do it?

Best David Bowie Single (1977-84)

more evilness from wal-mart

your CAPTIONS are making me dizzy... stop it before I call Uncle Karl

25 Rules For Being A Good Republican

Do you want to read a scary story?

If one more person complains to the guvnor, GA, FBI about me

Part 2 of my weird chat


mess hall CAPTION on a shingle

Carb/fat blockers and the ephedra stack?

Need help locating bubble popping game

This is my 1000th post! How should I celebrate?

Anyone buy the LOTR gift pack?

There is a Civil War in this country and its going to get worse

Want to travel around Europe on the cheap? RYAN AIR

LA DUers -- Must See "Embedded"

Thought sellers, let's unionize!

The tightly-buttoned sour-faced choirboy of all CAPTIONS

I'm a big, whiny baby -- Heroic Health Stories...

Is high speed internet access worth it?

This is my first "Ask me anything!" thread. Ask me anything!

Beat the crap out of your rugs

Who posts over at Freerepublic?

Only a CAPTION can save Barney from a heinous fate

No one holds a Patton on CAPTIONing

Um, sir, you can't do that in public... CAPTION!

Ever wonder what's in your guvmint file?

CAPTIONing there

I'm Rubber And Your Glue, Whatever Your Candidate Says Bounces Off Me

It's windy outside. Ask me anything.

Sick Joke

Dallas gets a bad rap.

Subway's new slogan: "What Would Jarred Do?"

Are there any other Husker Football fans out there.

today new OxyRush advertisers 12/1

new Hannity advertiser Irish Crystal Company

Dollar for your thoughts

I need religious advice

Have you read "It Can't Happen Here"?

Stupid post office people ggggrrrr

Is anybody getting telemarketing calls from Riddle and Associates

trof is a G.G.G.*

You pay me to hear your thoughts.

What is your favourite type(s) of food?

Do cats prefer to puke on carpet, rather than tile?

ARGH!! Why does it get dark so early?

You Know You're Spending Too Much Time On DU, When....

Looking for pictures of Dubya.

What's a "Metrosexual"?

Bands who really shouldn't have been famous and weren't.

That's NEAP!

Who Killed Bobby Fuller?


Wal-Mart Internal Memo! Disgust and Hilarity in Equal Parts....

in 2 hours, I'll be passed out on the couch!

In 3 weeks I'll be drunk!

VH1's "Big Ones in 03" awards

When Presidents Drink Soft Drinks


Is Chicago the best U.S. city or what?

It is POURING here in Hawaii...what is the weather like in your area?

1960s soul music: my personal Top 100

In 47 Days, I'll Be A Sunnin' In BEAUTIFUL MEXICO!!


OK, how many more Quakers...

Most Oppressed Group in America

Homemade Fudge

Why do credit card companies make it so hard to cancel accounts?

Copying CD's to MP3 format..

Who's Will Pitt?

Did I miss a thread on last weeks Survivor episode?

I just emailed Heather Nauert of FOX News. Ask me anything.

Worst Jobs in Science

Someone Left The Cake Out In The Rain...

Jus in from Mynah Matters: It will be a Dean/HClinton ticket.

Do Repukes Prefer To Puke On The Constitution or The Bill Of Rights?

Bush visit to Iraq was faked like the Moon landing! Same Sound Stage!

Favorite Cold Medicine Cocktail?

Performance High

Anybody else irrationally hate "Bratz?"

Any DUers know the Toronto area?

Penny For Your Thoughts...

How Close Are Certain Issues To Your Heart?

I'm a banker; and those free credit scores are bogus you know

Women of DU...

Cable news: "colored" need not apply?

More dog problems (Blackie) for the Chimp

Nickel for your thoughts

Thank you all!!!! (and ask me anything)

25-Cents For Your Thoughts --- $1 If They're Naughty

Vote for your favorite Elvis Costello song

Firemen Heat Up With 9-11 Widows

Bands / Solo artists that are famous but you can't understand why.

I'm back

Just got back from a week in Shanghai -- ask me anything!

Terrible City Slogans

Ok, so only 4 months and 1 week until I'm in Spain!

The reading selection at Wal-Mart

So, I just got an XBOX...

Worst Cure Album

Is it normal to have no interest in home ownership?

Are the Patriots the best NFL team this season?

How many refugees do we have here from

Who is the cutest FOX bunny?

I noticed something inspirational on Cops last night.

Fads -- stupid expressions

Attn: creative people (and the rest of you) help me pick a team name!

It's our constitutional duty to talk about Bill Owens and the pregnant

Just called the cops on my upstairs neighbors for the 4th time in a month

The Zodiac Killer

I'm Playing Santa...Sit On My Lap And Tell Me Whatcha Want For Christmas

Jackson Mulls Hobbit Film

Mondays 'IN' The Undergroundrailroad - Monday, December 01, 2003

For the Love of Beer.....

I'd like you all to see my PRIDE AND JOY!!!

Are There Cliques At DU?

Post your pic thread #3

Bands who really should have been famous but weren't.

Bands who really shouldn't have been famous but were.