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Archives: October 8, 2003

Molly Ivins: Dubya Dubya II

This is EXCELLENT! "Let Them Eat War"

Attention NH DU'rs: Come protest dumb ass in chief...

A modest proposal: NEVER cite Drudge. EVER.

Tweety the shill shows his bias tonight.

Bush Unsure if Name Leaker Will Be Caught

knock, knock, knock....KoKo sent me

Okay, I am here in the MR to get my spiritual butt in gear - a la KoKo

What should I read next?

I have truly never been so disgusted

I think the "leaked exit poll" threads should be deleted...

Hi, Admins...did you turn off registration of new members?

Why is GD down to four pages pre-archive?

Why I Hate the New Rules

Mods are KICKING BOOTY these days :) (esp. today)

Upside down Bear Flag avatar please.

Arafat has suffered heart attack, admits aide

Lieberman defends Israeli bombing in Syria

Israel to strike enemies "anywhere"

I met, briefly talked, and got Dennis Kucinich's autograph tonight

Gov. Dean's statement on the recall

The Black Commentator: Two Civilized Men Among the Barbarians (DK&AS)

When do the recall results start coming in (ET)

Position of Candidates

For all you depressed about the recall - new mission RECALL BUSH

Does this mean Bush lied? Is this proof?

Real Vote (TM)--Will CNN Use it?

Imagine if Davis had resigned

Is it legal to register at the polling station?

I think we need to call neo-cons: "Corpos". Succinct and could catch on.

Why Democrats WANT to beat themselves...

Enough Doom And Gloom


Is a general reference to DU'ers considered inflammatory?

So many Americans believe the news propaganda of rt-wing

Kerry live on CSpan2

Oh, the Delicious Irony (CIA & the Repubs)

I have this feeling that Bustamante will be the next Governor....

Should the recall pass, how long until next Gov Election?

Deleted message


List of reasons why Novak should be lynched for Treason

Follow the "People's WIll" if Arnie wins...Recall II

I just scanned 50 differnet news agencies!

Russert with Olberman

I Saw Clark Speak Today: Ask me anything...

Why so down in the mouth?

Calling all NH DU'rs: Come protest the comander in thief.

For the Recall: What news to watch?

a few musings on the recall vote from a non-Californian.

" The earliest exit polls were not expected for 90 minutes after stations

How many people voted early?

It's only 6pm in California...TWO HOURS of voting left, so...

My letter to the NYT (Plame)

A question re Recall redux?

Watching Kerry interacting with crowd on CSPAN...

Paul Wellstone book release celebration in MN - with Al Franken

I need Iraqi war stats

High turnout - fewer polling places...

Is AhhNolds Movie Career FINISHED?

Gag me with a pitch fork: It's the obligatory Luntz segment on Hardballs

CNN says no exit polling till the polls close.

Any Californians whose parents or gp's fought for America in WWII

Iraq, Arnie, Israel, Arafat, Sharon, WH Leak, Wilson, Bush, Quagmire

MSGOP Exit Polls: Women's Opinion of Arnold

Do you think the recall will succeed?

C-SPAN2 NOW (9:00EST): John Kerry Town Hall Meeting

How much influence on the '04 election will the recall REALLY have?

I Have a Question About our "Beloved" first frump!

Paul Wellstone is in my heart tonight

Okay, List of reasons why Novak should be TRIED for TREASON

CNN reporter "slips" and refers to "Governor" Schwarzenegger

Rush loses a listener

any one could explain me why the recall election needs 50% to keep the

Molly Ivins kicking Shrub's A** on NPR

A great song just came on shuffle on my stereo

Max Cleland coming up on CNN

10:45 PM EST

Daily Show to be live tonight...11 PM EDT

so, say 47% vote "no" on recall...

Right wing claims and BBV

Bush has a beach-head in California now....

Izzy Asper Dies --- Like I care

Initial Washington Post Exit Poll Data

Is Aaron Brown really a dentist?

MSNBC Brokaw talking about why arnold won - don't they count votes in CA?

Hybrid vs. Hummer: The Movie!

House Dems totally kicking butt on Cspan right now -edited

I will not take seriously exit poll "projections"

The recall will fail, Ahhnold will NOT be governor of anything

Follow the Recall here...

aaron brown just showed exit polls

One minute

Molly Ivins...on Fresh Air (NPR) with Terry Gross today

Game Over!

11 PM

It's over

7:45 PST

Krugman To Win Nobel Prize?

I like Dr. Joy Browne more everyday....


HOW ....

Turn on the Daily Show

Only San Diego County has reported

No precincts have reported yet

Excerpts from Michael Moore's book

Who will fund the recall Arnold petition drive?

ok, try and predict the top 10 finishers in order

Suggestion, lets make this an official poll results thread?

first official poll reports coming in now....

Tin Foil Thoughts: Do they know who is gonna win before the election ?

mcauliffe changes his tune

Mike Malloy begging god to collapse the building he's in.

This Recall is worse than a defeat for Democrats

Ariana's got 8,272 votes!

Puke Alert: Jay Leno will introduce Arnold tonight

I think the returns are showing why Dems abandoned Cruz as the savior.

This is truly a weird night. Jerry Springer?

CA Recall: A Nifty Tool for Later Tonight

How can elections be called before 1% of the precincts report?

VERY odd numbers...

This is the last show. No more intermissions.

Is the atmosphere of doom based on something other than Drudge?

Gerg Palast's take on the Cali Recall....

If you had voted for a candidate just 11 months ago...?

Jeff Greenfield having mutiple orgasms on CNN

What if the exit polls are wrong?

If you still don't think we need the (fill in the candidate) defense force

LOL! Bill Simon doing only marginally better than Gary Coleman....

Status of Recall

Ca recall: Look at the positive side:

Does anybody think media coverage reflected (granted) current 47:53 split?

Why, oh why, are democrats conceding defeat so soon?

Now I am really confused. First, Peter Jennings says that this was a not

Good news thread!

An epiphany.

OK I already see talk of a CA boycott, and I have to say...

Arnold throwing free t-shirts to the crowd--is it legal?

California! The State of Fools!

Way to go, California!!!!

LaRouche, Cheney, Wilson, CA, and Ahnold -

We, in Mississippi, now officially bestow the mantle of the most benighted

Deleted message

Bush* says possible "No leaker will be found"

Boycott California if Arnold takes over!!

Statement by Governor Dean on the California Recall

So my president and my governor are Nazis. FDR must be rolling...

Looking for the silver lining in a Nazi / Rapist / Racist victory....

Rove/Bush win in California

They Get to Take Out Davis in 2003; We Get to Take Out Bush 2004

Real votes counted: 10% in Davis is moving up

Jerry Springer should host a political show on CNN or MSNBC

10:30 PM

The MEDIA elected Arnold. They did it deliberately. Shame on them.

Anyone here feel like they're watching a preview of 2004?

Does this reignite the anger?

Deleted message

Recall opinion from my 82 year old father...

is there anyone with millions to finance an Arnold recall?

I am so disapointed in DUers tonight.

Reason for Recall

It's official...American's officially most stupid people on Earth...

I just waited almost 2 HOURS to VOTE IN LOS ANGELES... I called ABC


Two lessons we all must learn from California . . .

What will happen is Arnold (sexual predator) gets elected and

ReCall the Recall the Democrats strategy if they lose

Clark Speeches May Violate Election Law

A man with questionable ethics

Let the lawsuits begin

Why does the government allow a state to be in 2 different time zones?

Michael Moore on Conan O'Brien tonight!

So where do I sign for recalling the recall?

Unbeliveable. The fix is in....

Check LBN... It's Already Over... Davis Out (MSNBC) I'm Sorry...

Code Name D's Ten points of fight! (Update)

McCLELLAN: deleted emails not part of Justice Department investigation

Does Davis in California better explain the dangers of Centrists?


Look at this...and you will see why Davis will win....

It is painfully clear democracy is DEAD in America

Will you finally admit there was a coup d'état in the United States?

ReCall the Recall the Democrats strategy if they lose

(Australia) Labor rebels to snub Bush

Interestingly the only source for CA polling results here is Drudge!

North Korea Wants Japan Out of Future Talks

Pakistan exploring beyond visual range missiles, fighter jets

How many desperate Puke trolls are trying to manipulate the CA vote here?

U.S. says it can persuade Iraqis to accept Turks

Large voter turnout for recall election

Clooney's blend of fact and fiction has Capitol Hill abuzz

Statistics on Our Struggling Economy {Saudi Arabia}

Oklahoma Republican Is Retiring From Senate

Arnold is the winner

NBC: Arnold is Projected Winner

MSNBC: Davis Recalled, Arnold Wins

CNN says 54% vote no on recal, 45% yes

F--K Jay Leno

FOX,CNN, MSNBC all project that Arnold is

County-by-county LA or San Fran in yet (?)

Rep. Carson to seek Okla. Senate seat

Texas' redistricting fight becomes Democractic primary issue

Dem presidential rivals suffer ‘growth pains’ chasing Dean

NYT: U.S. May Drop Quest for Vote on Iraq in U.N.

Simple Flaw in CD-Copy Protection System?

Mystery Blood Clots Kill Troops

High Tech Targets bad Bar Customers

French Gov't to Study 35-Hour Work Week (may add more hours)

NBC affiliate in Sac announces projected defeat of Prop 54

Rebuilding Iraq, no doctors who are not anti-abortion

Drudge - Latest exit polls - "51% FOR SCHWARZENEGGER,"

Bugging device found in Philadelphia mayor's office

Arafat has suffered heart attack, admits aide


Clark Speeches May Violate Election Law

Rumsfeld 'not told' of postwar shake-up (FT)

CNN projection: Davis out, Schwarzenegger wins

White House Says Three Senior Aides Innocent in Leak

Congressman John Conyers Writes a Letter to Karl Rove

More homeowners selling houses for less than they owe

Bush launching campaign to defend Iraq war

Protester facing trial starts hunger strike (BBC)

Edwards supporters gathering to watch the debate in L.A. this Thursday

Josh Beckett is my bitch!

I hate ladybeetles.

HEEELLLLPP Question for techies about WIN XP....

My dear frog passed away yesterday.

See the sign behind home plate? It doesn't exist.

Triple with cheese, mayo, & tomato, Biggie fries, large Frosty

You can't hang a man with a wooden leg in California


The Name Game, Wanna Play?

I have exceeded 300,000 posts, ask me anything

My pale sex life died 2 years, 1 month, and 9 days ago. Ask me anything.

The CA recall is making my irritable bowel act up - Ask me anything

The best little whorehouse on EBay!

Great Aunt of Triplets!

A different, timed free IQ

Arnie grabs voter's attention in new, exciting ways CAPTION

so, who's drinking what?

Someone Just Called Me A Mensch

Cubs just tied it up at 6 - a new game

What World Series Matchup Would You Most Like To See?


What's a Good Camera for Close-In and Zoom Shots? (Warning: Pictures)

A Cure song in a Hewlett-Packard commercial? I'm crushed.

Help : research question

Now that the polls are closed...

GO CUBS!!!!!!!!

We always thought California would have slid into the ocean by now,

What should be Arnie's next movie role?

real quick: is DU draggin' ass or is it my connection?

attention Albany, NY DUers: WIllPitt is coming in Nov.

WTF is with the Discovery Times channel?

Which Computer To Buy?

Someone, invite me to the DU AIM chat, please.

help for the tech-unsavvy.... so the firewall signalled an attempt

Is California the new Florida?

Sexual Harassing Nazi Lover Loses Election

Best song by Alice in Chains?

Bottom of 1st 4-0 Cubs!!

what is spyware and why is it on my computer?

Alright, what should I post for #300?

What can one do to... ( a L.F post! Bewere!)

Salon: Arnold Manhandles California

Anatomy of a scandal

Good cartoon on Repuke "Democracy" (Sargent)

Oliphant on California (critical)

The Novak leak and the Bush duty --- Buchanan

Aussies Say They've Been Bush-whacked

Peter King - An Angry Paradise

A little ammunition

Newsday's Ellis Henican: Hunt for leaker lacks inspiration

Mark Morford - = Happy Groping Sexism And A Head Like A Brick

Should we have cause to worry?

Rush Limbaugh Is A Big, Fat Idiot?

How Blair Lost by Winning

The great illusionist Tony Blair

The Growing Legion of Wounded

Stripes letters from our troops: "Not Reserved in How We'll Vote"

Total Recall (of our rights), And What Is To Be Done!

Why Bush Angers Liberals

"W" Nation: America needs Thorazine!

Arnie a Bad Omen for White House

Ben Shapiro on Rush Limbaugh--Mentions DU

The Spy Next Door

Miller's Star Fades (Slightly) at 'NY Times'

Is the US plotting to murder Venezuela’s president?

NYO Article: Al Gore Would Rather be Ailes than President

Kathleen Parker: Psssst, imminent threat, pass it on

Please sign petition to stop energy bill

Time to find new

Kucinich in Minneapolis on Oct 14

Recalling Aunold- I got the poster, Where do we get the petition?

Start making plans - Major Protests in NYC the week of Aug 29th, 2004

Hi all!

45% still think the media is too liberal--Gallup poll

Terri Gross interviews O'Lielly on NPR, he gets pissed

ABCnote tries to cover up effect of media bias by saying "message needed"

Is Ahhnold a hard-core wingnut?

Letterman's Top 10 Possible California Newspapers Headlines for 10/8/03

hottest Xmas toys

Vaccine anyone?

Swansong U.S.A.

What Traits Women want in Men

TV bad girl Shannen Doherty is looking to make her first foray into comedy

THE COVER UP: Chimpie says today:"The leaker may never be

Idaho Senator Larry Craig goes ga-ga over Ricky Martin

Ok, Astrologers, where's the hope?

Men & women complement each other by the unique traits we were each given.

Episcopalians consider split details

Schwarzenegger invited to meet with gay leaders

Schwarzenegger's stand on gay issues unclear

Deforestation Accelerates In Myanmar - Reuters

Alaskan Biologists Seek Rapidly Disappearing Toads

South Africa On Edge Of 100-Year Drought - NOAA

Earliest Snowfall Ever Recorded In London, Ontario

Darn, I did not win the Nobel Prize in Physics AGAIN this year!

Excellent Interview with Scott Ritter Re: Kay Report

Meanwhile, in Africa... Central African war update

The WMD lies continue

Does Shortness Need a Cure? by Ronald Bailey

HMO Backs Down HIV Patient To Get Transplant

Louisiana Nursing Home Reverses Course and Agrees To Take Man with HIV

May I Make a Suggestion??

The Racist Gun Rights Crowd

GUNS IN THE NEWS--October 8, 2003

Where is the new member notice?

Why was two of my posts in a single thread removed?

Grumpy, why did you lock my thread?

Posts dis- and re-appearing

What happened to my avatar/sig line??

A sig line question......

Why was this GD thread locked?

When you have a mo, pls add up-to-date avatar for DK? Tks!

I guess white males don't like me much

You may be interested in knowing why the server is overloaded

My "star" is missing

mods, please~

suggestion:official (sticky) post in gd for ppl flocking to see what DU is

If we were Rush it necessary to Attack Back? Is Baiting

Arafat suffered mild heart attack last week: report

Israel's population reaches 6.6 million

Israel Sees Arafat As Stumbling Block for Latest PA Prime Minister

Sharon: Left-wing is collaborating with the Palestinians

Israel dismisses threat of Syrian retaliation

Congress set to approve fresh Syria sanctions

IDF nabs two Palestinians on way to suicide attacks

Palestinian death cult

Protection Racket

Mofaz approves limited reserve call-up due to terror alerts

Is Arafat dead?

Al-Sayafa: A Case Study In Dispossession

Syrian Envoy Vows Fight if Israel Keeps Attacking

Governor Ahnie and Lt. Gov Bustamante??

Kucinich & Sharpton--two civilised men among barbarian

Reynolds wants back in Congress

Dem message's opportunity + (hope, growth) or (responsibility, community)?

This recall would not have happened in other states

Vote count - in CA race

It's time to say it: Paging Al Gore

CA vote was f'd up (Insightful comment, please read...)

Jan Schneider to challenge Katherine Harris

Kucinich re-airing on C-Span NOW!

Let's get up, dust ourselves off and stand tall...

the principles our party must embrace in order to retake power...

California Recall and the Car Tax

Specter aide: Toomey’s campaign may hurt Bush

Some random thoughts on the CA recall and the future of politics

Has anyone analysed the race and gender turnout in CA?

Cool story on JK (good for all Dems)

(BG) Kerry, voter have mini-debate

Kucinich on C-SPAN for his birthday

Hey, Dean folks and all liberals...respond!

Survey USA (biased and untrustworthy): Fletcher has four point lead in KY

Top aide to Rep. Burns (R-GA) sacked

Don Nickles to Retire

Link from ABC's The Note--push polling already in NH against Clark?

A harsh letter from is anti John Kerry .He claims to do "technical work" for Dean

Why Clark could be the candidate who wins over black voters

How to Be the McCain of '04

Gov. Howard Dean to visit Kansas City

CNN and Blitzer's coverage

A little good news: Prop 54 is losing with 14% of precincts

I'm going to puke if Arnold issues a call for unity

Pause for Distraction: Ed & Pub Op-Ed Piece Rips into NYT's Miller

I have 2 West Wings and 3 K-Streets

I'm going to puke if Arnold issues a call for unity

Camejo was speaking on C-Span Live

which counties are coming in first?

Why the Recall Is Bad News for Bush

Bustamante thankiing the Indian tribes for helping...

which counties in Cal had the highest voter turnout?

could Arnold make Chimpy even less popular in Cal?

The other 2003 Elections

We have to wait to recall Arnie

Will Bush and Congress Start Pumping Up California with Federal Aid?

California is 65.1% Republican?

What BullShit. I Live In Florida And I Want To Cry.

Well fell for the Repuke blame game.

Why does it take people so long to vote?

Is it just me or does anyone else believe these elections

What will Arnolds victory speech be?

I hope that Davis does not concede tonight.

So why didn't you tell me? Is this true?


Arnold will not be allowed to fail

It could be worse Californians

Conservatives Say, California Today...Your State Next

Recall Schwarzenegger!

Tonight I send my deepest sympathies to Californians

I just want to thank those who are having to monitor the threads tonight..

Election Update: The Actual Numbers

if there is another recall? calls for Arnie...

I can see that the groupenhater has a lead..but what about DAVIS?

The only good thing remotely about Bustamente's defeat...

How would you explain to an "ordinary joe" guy why NOT to vote for Arnold?

Candy Crowely: Davis about to concede!

Let's go make a human blockade around the governor's building.

Remember the "fools" in Florida....have the same ones moved to CA?

Jesus; Gray conceding now

Los Angeles County is Now Reporting

what ways (if any) can * win Cal now?

What has happened is California is the anti insider politician vote

Unlikely, but Possible Silver Lining

does Dennis Miller or Fraiser now have better chance against DiFi?

CNN: Davis calling Arnold to concede

California given lemons, let's make lemonade


Join this Yahoo Group

Show your love to all DUers who worked against the recall

Look for energy prices to skyrocket in the anti-recall counties

Comparing Gropenator and Cruz's Bios on

Cheer up! Arnold owes California NINE BILLION DOLLARS!

I think the dems should cool their heels for a while....Here's why

three easy steps to waking up America

Gray Davis Pretend Concession so GOP doesn't manipulate Computers

Gray Davis wants Arnold certified quickly so Recall can begin against him

And Cruz is STILL Lt. Gov...

Arnold's abuse of women

Patriot Act Insulates Arnold From Protest

Well SOME good news - two Democrats will vie for SLC Mayor.

Arnold said "Cumming" on the Oprah show: He's yours CA!

the delusional Bushies all abuzz over the Kay report

Voters Anger in California

Just call him Pawnold - California's Trojan Horse

An "I told you so" post, as well as some words of wisdom

KIRO 710 am is broadcasting Terminator's acceptance speech.

How we could have beaten the recall

Hollywood---RIGHT WING!!

will Chimpy try to portary himself as an outsider?

How much do you want to bet Karl Rove had his hands in the recall?

who else can be recalled in Cal?

Does California’s frustration translate to national frustration ?

next Cal recall targets?

This is Unfuckingbelievable!!!!

BWAHAA...Arnold's speech sounds just like the academy award speech

Bernie Ward about to come on (I'm now on hold)

Republicans don't play fair, and its NOT fair

CNN reporting: Davis NOT conceding yet. THAT WHORE WOLFIE

Actually, I don't feel angry about the recall OPINION PIECE

Repubs plan on winning California for George Bush next year....

CNN has headline: Davis Concedes!?

13 months till Canada....

The REAL Reason the Repubs got behind this ignoramus

why are there counties

did Wes Clark ever appear on Jay Leno ?

The Guy Ripped Up the "Recall Arnold" Bumper Sticker I Gave Him in My Face

Davis a victim of mid-term anti-incumbent blahs?

Face it, the dems failed big time!

could the GOP focus more on Chimpy winning Cal

How much power will the Gropenator have?

Okay ! You Want to know Why we lost

now 55.0 to 45.0 = .4 shift in last update

what kind of people voted for Arnold?

how much is needed for an override of a governor's veto in Cal?

Alameda County is still out

There's a necessary truth behind it all...

Tweety on air orgasm update:

Maria Shriver: Please blow this picture up big.

was Davis ever real popular?

Nothing wrong with CA that a big taxcut won't cure....

Tonight's election has me making some major plans for 2005.

was Reagan an outsider?

How much power will the Gropenator have?

how hard would it be to launch an Arnold recall?

Jay Leno is on stage at Arnold's acceptance speech. He'll introduce Arnold

what will the DNC learn from this?


Something is wrong with the NUMBERS on the RECALL!

Recall: Who is George Schwartzman?

How do you feel at this point? (vent here, but keep it legal)

In absolute numbers it's not all bad...

I'd like to take this time to say something nice about California

Arnold for President in 2008? (read on!)

Where is the backbone of the Democratic Party

what are Chimpy chances of winning Cal now?

Distribute cards with,,, and others

An Apology

are all current state governors unpopular?

We should NOT recall Arnold immediately

let's draft Carl Weathers for governor of Nevada

The upside of Ah-nold!

Another black conservative on CNN

Joe Wilson, @ 11PST, Greg Palast on now,

Jim McDermott (D- WA) Endorses Howard Dean

A left-leaning Repub is better than a Mexican racist

Will this be a wake up call for Hollywood Liberals and the DNC?

Are the anti-recall counties financially supporting CA?

Game, Set, Match

Join The Gropinator Abusers Fund

How Can Shriver be an "Objective" "Journalist" Now?

Is anybody listening to KGO in SF right now?

Larry Flynt, Democrat, 10,974 votes with 76% in

In most of Ah-nolds movies he fights for the underdog,

Is the recall going to turn in to a stinkbomb?

if you're thinking of moving out of Cal

New poll on 710 KIRO website.

which of the 9 candidates is the most boring?

Turnout: another stolen election?

Hey to all you candy ass Dems....

Who is George B Schwartzman?

Let's start a list of all the good things that may happen because of CA

if there is another recall

Just 'cuz ya like Jews doesn't mean you don't love the essence of Nazism

More than 10,000 voters in California

The Republican Right Wing Machine is not over yet in California

who is most exciting, Fraiser, Dennis Miller, or DiFi?

Hey guys...Move to Canada...;)

Just out of curiosity

Democrats Cannot Win Without California

Who is morally worse: Arnold S. vs. Jerry Springer

The link to California's Secretary of State changing election results.

Cowboy-Up for Kerry!!!, ( the real sox-fan-candidate speaks up)

who did Independents vote for?

how will * steal Cal?

Hello to all Democratic promoters!

Go Democrats!

how much time and money did the Dems put into the recall and Cruz?

how do you get the Dem base to come and vote?

You want evidence that Bush is a liar? Here...

If the exit polls are correct

Is CNN going to make any note of the recall margin narrowing?

Were CA voters allowed to register today?

could Cal become a swing state?

Did Gov. Davis concede too early?

Why is CNN reporting 53% Arnold, 47% Davis

Arnold winning is not that bad for us in '04

Let's use the "coyote ugly" metaphor, California

anyone going to move out of Cal?

could * avoid campaigning in Cal in a year from now

Suppose THE ROCK is next for the Republicans.

Kucinich to be on Washington Journal C-Span.......manana!!

I wonder if John Kerry is going to tell California to "get over it".....

51% of Los Angeles *for* the GOP coup? NOT!!!

Let's call the Davis campaign

I know why we're losing so badly...

A lesson from The Boiler Room

Palast was Right... Arnie is going to destroy California - See his Plan!

Could the Next Pope Be an African?

Which Democrat in Ca. can knock Arnold out in 2006?

I hope they choose a liberal economist from the US for the Nobel

Have 'reporting precincts' include all their absentee ballots?

People want a “strong leader” perhaps literally?

How many "provisional ballots," absentee millitary" votes

From Penthouse To Outhouse

CA tax payers will now foot the bill for mace & stunguns to protect female

BushCo will still go down and we are still at war with Iraq

Arnold may have won the war, but can he win the peace?

Don't give up

yeah, but what about the absentee ballots?

Great Question to Ask Pres. Bush during the debates.

Has democracy in America jumped the shark?

Where the CA recall was lost? My simple take

Experienced, knowledgable, careeer public servants...what's the use?

L.A. went to Davis

There 's A Song On Imus


Mind you, this is not a slam on all DUers who...

San Francisco Rules!

HAPPY 57th BIRTHDAY Dennis Kucinich!!!!

hey look at the brightside..both CA props were defeated!

Kucinich Fans. Kucinich on C-span now 8:00AM.

Keep on the sunny sunny California

It Will Be Interesting To See And Tally The "Gag-Votes"...

What happened in CA will happen in the US if they run Lieberman

Kucinich Coming Up Next on C-SPAN Washington Journal

Why do Dems keep losing?

It's cyclical...

I just have one question this dismal morning.

In all the spin, remember this:

Ok, here's what scares me more than anything.

Arnold's challenges

Are Lieberman and the DLC right (so to speak)? Are we wrong?

Clark's campaign manager quits!

No on recall, yes on Larry Flynt (D)

Gov. Gangbang's followers are worse than he is!

Who's your nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize?

Arnold says he is going to bring businesses back to California

why did the Dem base stay home?

And introducing Arnold Schwarzenegger..................

Bush kept his distance during the Calif recall vote...

how did the polls get closed

Once again I am amazed at the Stupidity of some Americans

Arnold's Win Could HELP Democrats

FYI, Mexican Real Estate

Now that the circus recall is over, can we get back to important issue's?

Deleted message

Who did the California Exit Polls?

How long can a person serve at Governor of California?

Bustamante swipes at Ah-nuld (This is your only chance to laugh tonight!)

Meanwhile... Back At The DC-Ranch...

George McGovern said it best in his 1972 concession speech

My perspective on the CA election......

Why the recall does NOT bode well for Republicans.

"Where there's smoke there's fire"...wait the GOP implode

DNC's new blog: "Kicking Ass"

Was Proposition 54 rejected?

Prediction on how the Media will spin the Cal. Recall

California Uber Alles

C-Span now

Great quote from Dean:

McClintock is still running ads this morning...

Is Don Luskin Really This Dumb?

Repug Rush supporters starting to turn on him

C-Span Anchor just read Clark gave paid speeches after he declared...

So now, what's the game plan?

Is this what we call bringing peace and stability to the Mid-East?

Dr. Lawrence Britt's 14 Characteristics of Fascism

Exit Polls: Young voters were Arnold's Weakest Link

So, will anyone around here respect the Kennedy's after tonight?

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

DUers, please accept my apology.

They are Already Calling this a Major Dem Loss

Some of these morning’s posts are why we are loosing ground.

GALLUP: Americans still think media too liberal...

A small poem about US Politics Today, and Davis particularly

Women DU'ers from California

These are Arnie's Electorate

RE Recall. Please explain this to me.

Look closely at this election in Cal.

How have Californians been polling on 2004?

Arnold's gift to CA taxpayers: Ken Lay will now only pay $.02 on every $

What is stunning are the numerous votes for the other "candidates"

Did we all notice that Bush cleared Rove under cover of recall?

You win some and you lose some ~ We had an election in my hometown

Bush and Arnold: Minorities in Office

Dean was first out of the gate in support of Davis

Within The Absentee margin

Mystery blood clots felling U.S. troops

How can we non-Californians donate to and help the Recall Arnie movement?

Arnold spent $22.6 million from own pocket.

Have there been any reports of Voting problems?

Kennedys' walking into Arnolds victory speech!!!

Top ten ways to stop the pain of the Arnold Massacre

Arnie: Dad's influence and AWOL

Beware, Arnolds olive branch to Democrats hides a sword.

8:01 pm in southern california

How will Arnold's Pro-Choice/Pro-Gays stand up in Bush's repuke party?

A California DU'ers View of the Recall Election

Just a minor amount of tinfoil - but every candiate got over a 100 votes

Political life at the edge of chaos

Bitter Iraqi vents anger by killing U.S. troops

New Iraqi Stabilization Group -- Bush ditching Rumsfeld/Pentagon?

Looking at the exit polls...our base didn't show up...theirs did.

Have We Lost California's Electoral Votes In 2004?

Appeal to Americans' sense of fairness?

Jerry Springer should run for Senate


How did we lose the CA election?

The mainstream media talks about PNAC, Iraq & 9/11!!!!

Is Schwarzenegger more of a Democrat or a Republican...?

The Californians who voted Davis out will be the most hurt

Did the Media call the Vote for Aunold before Polling Places Closed?

Wasn't it last week tht the Republican party was destined for destruction?

TV News Lies Webcast to start at noon ET

It's a great day to be a Democrat!

This is not the end of the world, people.

OK. I sense a new distain for the Corpo Media.

Here's something unbelievable

which current governors are the most popular?

Here's my list. What is yours?

So this means Bustamante is still Lt Gov? What's the power dynamic?

WMDs found inside the US

Protest Protest Protest

What's up with Alameda County?

Terry McAuliffe To Be Removed From DNC Chair Today (PLEASE!)

"Race to GED" -Virginia's NASCAR marketed Worker training

Today is not a new feeling for the oldtimers here at DU...

Draft Martin Sheen!

A big THANK YOU to these California counties which rejected recall

who was that blonde woman behind Arnie/Leno?

University of Texas Student Government takes on Taco Bell

Suggestion for title Franken's follow-up book to Lying Liars

Robert Engle and Clive Granger win Economics Nobel

To paraphrase Mother Jones

Ah-nold's victory proves ONE thing.

Will BBV investigate?

Wanna see who supported Arnold?

Dems in NeoCon America in 2003 = the Jews in Nazi Germany in 1938??

Look Out! Bush May Use Executive Privelage in "LEAK CASE"

Don't mess with people's cars...

WHY WE LOST (correction on post from last night

ENRON! Leaks! 16 Words! NO WMD OBL SH! Patriot Act! 911! Neverending War!


I think the Amerikan Imperial Succession is now set

"We have met the enemy and he is us" -- the media

Hit with a one-two punch, democracy is down on its knees

GOP, DLC, Arnold, McClintock and Kucinich -- Maybe a silver lining.

Why so little attention to Ashcroft?

My Email To Wolf Blitzer

Society gets the leaders it deserves...

Any takers for how many posts James_B gets before he gets tko'd

I'm Afraid Arnold Will Do A "Walmart-Rollback" Of Gay and Lesbian Advances

What european countries are the best

Experts Split on Implication of Schwarzenegger Win

IBM Emancipates 8,000 Wage Slaves

CIA quote: "55% chance Bush administration will 'plant' WMDs"

Dissention For What? I'll Tell You For What, For Nothing!

Dean announces Success by Six initiative

DON"T worry about lurking freepers ...ARNOLD IS A NEANDERTHAL

Total deaths since July 2nd: 118 (Bush announces, "Bring Them On")

Have you seen Conyers letter to Rove?

I am sorry but I can't say I

I've been wacked by Terminal Sadness

What will the California legislature do now?

1200 Inspectors, 90 days, $300M spent, WMD found = 0

The Good News and the Bad News

Mark Morford's take on the recall and Ahhhnuld.

California Wingers Embrace Member of Kennedy Clan as their Own

Rush Limbaugh impotent from drug use?

OK, lets watch Arnold divide the Cali Republican Party

quotes show Colin Powell Lied to the U.S. and the U.N.

how many agree that the sexual assault charges actually helped Arnold?

Welcome to my parlor, right-wing douchers.

Crumb of comfort: UK Lib Dems edge out Tories in poll

Statement of Congressman Kucinich On David Kay's Congressional Testimony

My dad, WW2 Vet and my uncle who died at Pearl Harbour Im sorry

What a Country! Gov'nr Gang Bang ! Luvs to grab the titties !

CA: credit where credit is due

Mabe we can get Stallone to run

"Get over it"

Florida, 2000 = California, 2004

The "radical middle" and last night.

Allegations of 'push polling' against Clark surface in NH

Thank you, Rush and FR, for helping to elevate the discourse

Anyon get this email: Editorial "On the Recall" from Former UFCW 588 ...

Recalling George Bush

The Other 2003 Elections

Rate this article at yahoo..."Schwarzenegger Has Ventura as Example"

Rush Got Out of 'Nam With an Anal Cyst

Beginning of the end for Rumsfeld

God is a Democrat!!!

O'really on fresh air

Don't we look like a bunch of ants who just got their mound stomped!

Is there a consistent pattern here?

We are becoming a nation of barbarians

CALIFORNIA DEMS! My art to amuse & inspire ya. Cheers!

Recall Arnold, Elect Susan Sarandon

Where do you get your news from?

Adam Nagourney: Graham was running for VP


R.I.P. Mr. Davis. Ahnold, Welcome to Hell.

To the doom & gloomers & conspiracy nuts

CA recall outcome is a warning to BushCo*...a shot across the bow

Ah-HA!! --- Misuse of Pain Drug Linked to Hearing Loss (LA Times)

Arnold can't be president of the USA but...

Reagan! Rapist!

Pigboy (Rush) Mentioned Democratic Underground On His Show Today...

FYI CA Voter problems email

Did you miss the meeting of the Bella Vista Republican Women club?

My little niece thinks Rush and Barney are the same

What will the guys think of Rush's anal cyst in prison?

A snipett of Clausewitz

did rush mention DU or something?

CNN: Navy sonar and beached whales....coming up now

For you folks from Free rebublic

Air Force leaders at the Pentagon lie to Congress

US parents of soldiers tell Bush 'You lied, they died'

Why are there about 12 threads on Rush Limbaugh on the front page?

What exactly is a 'mandate'?

MSNBC: Painkiller abuse causes hearing loss

This is rediculous. BRING BACK RULE 5! ! !

A nation of complete dolts - educated and manipulated by the boob tube!

Another for the Freepers - Enron video

Thank god Swartzenegger won! Now if we're invaded by aliens

freepers and rushbots attacking DU...hold on everyone!!!!!

Has anyone here EVER been exit polled?

Contributors to Bush Recount Fund

In order to survive, should Dem Party also employ Celebrity Figureheads?

What Rush did to a 13 year old girl.

LA Times, Enquirer

What is your favorite TV/Radio News Source

Clark cites "leadership of Eli Segal" as follow-on for Fowler in email.

How did George McGovern lose so badly?

Would this be possible??

HEY! Anyone have a link to CBO graphs on Bush* deficet?

A question for Free Republic visitors

From Maryland, looking west....

"Unlawful Combatant" a definition;

What if a well liked/loved celebrity ran as a Green in '04

To our visiting freepers...

New Mexico soldier killed in Iraq awaited birth of baby girl


I'm boycotting Rush because of his mischief

Good quick quote about WMD

Total Recall (of our rights), And What Is To Be Done!

Why are Iraqis unable to rebuild a country they built in the first place?

One good outcome of Arnold's win

I just want to know ONE thing....

Great to see Rush trashed by EVERYONE this past week

Stupid Americans

The CATO Institute said on CNNI in Aug, that Condi would be preparing...

RINO - Republicans In Name Only

What about Traitorgate?

Yikes! Repukes bugging Philly's Dem Mayor's Headquarters!

A modest proposal to improve the quality of government

After California debacle, Democrats must contest every state...

Recall is not limited to California

Right-Wing Ideology

Michael Moore on The View

" Enron executives ...more dangerous than terrorists"

Better not to know who the (alleged) traitors are?

O'Really on NPR's "Fresh Air" shows his true colors

Major media censors Burton's quote calling W a dictator

New American Revolution - Security First

Deleted message

Best Short Explanation of the CA Defecit I've Seen

Schwarzenegger aims to repair Calif. power market - Yea Palast was right.

Here's Why It's All Clinton's Fault.

Arnie/CA Recall does NOT look good for Shrump

Throw Terry McAuliffe out on his ass NOW!

Anyone listen to OxyMoran (Rush) today?

In the long run, there's no such thing as bad publicity. Thanks, Rush!

What did Juan Williams say last night when Schwarznegger's win was

Post on Ann C's forums:

Smirk's Kenny Boy stole Billion$, yet still free

Illegal steroid use

Saddam's Stingers unaccounted for (Baghdad and other airports unsafe)

The American people are uninformed, not stupid

Is Don Luskin Mentally Disturbed?

Can someone tell me why everyone is so proud of the DU people?

They fear the truth.. (Banned from FR after agreeing to debate)

White House Overnight Guests

They Thought They Were Free

why cant we run Martin Sheen?

Fox billboard sticks it to CNN again

The Party's Over. (As In Democratic Party)

Thank you for registering with Free Republic.

Ashcroft received illegal soft money from ENRON (big surprise, not)

White House is "investigating" itself

Former Filipino Actor turned President warns gov-elect Schwarzenegger

"liberal media" my ass

Thank Goodness the Media Isn't Twisting the Clark Fundraising Problem

Will all you stop telling us to stop whining, get over it, etc

Constructive Paranoia Update from RBHam

Every Woman in America Deserves Sanctuary from Violence

Hark and alert! Citizens of California, do this BBV diagnostic

Gallup: 45% say news media is too liberal

German governors are doubleplusgood.

How did Arnold get the votes that he did?

White house trying new PR approach on Iraq.

London has a new Superhero: Angle Grinder Man!!!

BBV: Junk Voting Machines

Anyone else done this today?

A very proud San Franciscan here....

Deleted message

Has any other immigrant ever been elected to a major post in America?

Two can play this game...we have more celebrities than they do

Tonight's vote proves that Republican Lite doesn't work.

Unanswered Questions about 9/11: A primer

Rummy says Condi is leaking Classified Information to NY Times

Will the "Sexual Predator" bus be parked outside the CA capitol?

Corporations that don't pay taxes

Crooked Enron Execs rippedoff $600 million+ from stock over 4 yrs

"The Witch Hunt" by Bob Herbert

How do the jobs of the Gov and Lt. Gov relate in California?

Karl Rove

Don't know if anyone posted yet about the Daily Show's recall coverage

What's with the slanted E? ~ Is this a coincidence?

Jerry Springer for office

Hey! Why are we feeling sorry for California?

why does the Dem base stay home during off year elections?

when was the last time Cali elected a social conservative?

Problem’s with me being a (Liberal Indy) let my ignore button know

Will the Republicans start a recall of Cruz next?

Look at the process NOT the people

what will * try to win Cal?

Why today might feel worse to women

Texas Redistricting - a letter to the San Antonio Express-News

Dems to Revive Draft Demand - I'm not liking this

did Davis have any chance?

About those California numbers...

Clarence Page: Don't feel to sorry about poor Rush's resignation

My vote for the stupidest Democrat in California.

Why are some Diebold counties at ZERO percent?

Hey Rush. Still on the LAM? Afraid to go back to Florida?

Dubya gets what he wants yet again.....check out his f***ing face

have any states with popular governors during election years?

Contest (Best New Nick Name For Pig Boy)

Will Arnold try to privatize everything in CA?

Kerry Accuses Dean of Liking the Yankees

there is no way that I believe the people of Calif. voted for Arnold

Calling for a loud, ugly, concentrated boycott of the Tonight Show

Lieberman Never used subpoena for Enron. WHY ?

Y'know, if WE "view the world throught the prism of 9/11"...

45% No on recall, 32% for Bustamante, 13% for McClintock?

did some people who have never voted before show up

Recall Arnold!

California Recall:--rather staggering statistics

We Will Never Forget. "Satan himself couldn't make GWBush President."

Any other Lexingtonians protesting Bush tomorrow?

"Bad Behavior" Totally funny Eric Harrison Cartoon about the GOP

What is going on in Philly with bugging the Mayor's office????!!!!

did a lot of Cal Repukes who haven't been to the polls in years come out

how will the first time voters who Registered just to vote for Arnold

Apocalypse Now? Or Never?

how can the current candidates appeal to the average voter?

Hannity Wins Marconi Award - Marconi Spins In His Grave

Can we now agree that "But he's a groper!" is poor campaign strategy?

Molly Ivins calls Ashcroft a Nazi (from Dec 2001)

CBS News To Interview Arnold tonight (not a total sell out as feared)

Bashar Assad: Poker player?

Arnolds Press COnference

To those who believe the Dems lost because they weren't liberal enough...

"Conservative are cool"

will most of the people who voted for Arnold even show up at another poll

Hey, where are the avatars?

Do some Bustamante supporters deserve blame (credit?) for recalling Davis?

Even Stalin's regime didn't try telling whoppers like Ashcroft

know anyone who voted for Ventura?

Iraq Kay IS the arms industry. His whole life is based on arms sales

The Village where 'nothing' happened. (war crimes by US)

I think Nader is going to be proven correct

can someone explain to me why open primaries are a good idea?

Buhs/Rove Advisor's plans for neutralizing ' Liberals'

If Aunold and The Chimp (with his Amin. Disaster) can be Elected/Selected

The recall was not a repudiation of the Democratic Party

BBV: Rep. Rush Holt on C-SPAN (just finished)

We Love Arnold (clever site - have you seen it?)

Ashcroft: first a black judge, now a black mayor

CNN exists Only to neutralize political dissidents

could * spend more campaign money in Cal and less in states like Iowa?

Did Jeb Bush prevent Rush from jail? Did Rush provide dope for Noelle Bush

If Bush ISN"T a fascist, why's he treating CA the way Nixon treated Chile

Tweety's panel: Nachman, Coulter, and Rollins

Canada is looking better and better...

is Chimpy 'manly'?

Matthews Panel Makes Faux Look Balanced

Taking on the naivete of liberals who don't grasp the neocon threat.

Nothing like getting kicked when down, huh?

Rush=Jeff Christie and his gay friend who bought him clothes

Great balanced panel on Harballs

Do people support the war in Iraq because of their misconceptions, or...

Is there any Harballs thread that hasn't been locked by the mods

who thinks * can win Cal without stealing it?

which has a better chance, the marriage amendment

I’ll be first with the Arnold/Clark spin

Was the Social Credit movement anti-semitic?

Troops kill rioters in Baghdad and Basra

Schwarzenegger Appoints Anti-Gay To Head Transition

Not to encourage BBV paranoia, but...

Does anyone know what Simon said in his concession speech in 2002?

What's up with the US and the Middle East?

I'm sure Rove would rather have Davis in office than Gov. Grabass

Universal Healthcare

Daily Tweety Thread- Calls Howard Dean A Partisan Hack...

The Democratic Party must change before 2004!

New Jill Stewart Question

Americans think the media is still "too liberal"....

Have You Slapped A LIBERAL TODAY?? I Have!

Stupid idiots are going to undo our work on the FCC rulings: details!

Piss off the radio gods!

California so far: 64% of voters voting Republican?

Sean (the jerk) Hannity was gloating on his radio show today

Is Arnold a citizen of Austria and US? If so: Amend against it

John Conyers on C-Span, Now. Laying out case that Rove did LEAK!

CA Car Tax Bill Cause of Schwarzenegger Win?

PETA puts foot in mouth once again, will they ever learn?

Hey Bev check this out...

So Who Is Stirling Newberry?

Who was disenfranchised by California's "consolidated" polling places?

"John Ashcroft: American Fascist" by Will Pitt

New mouth to watch out for in radio world.

Rush is trying to overload DU's Server

We're all Republicans now....

Did Davis deserve to lose, or did he get screwed by the Republicans?

Hardball/Olbermann thread

Is it true that O'Reilly walked out on an interview today on NPR?

Should Congress enact a military draft?

What is the best strategy to deal with the media ?

Study Finds FOX, ABC, CBS news fans BADLY misinformed

For info, a list of states with recall statutes

HEADS UP! The best and most informative talk radio show in the US

So what would happen if Pukes got their wish & the Dem Party disappeared?

Rep. Jim McDermott on c-span right now

OMG! Rumsfeld blasts Condi Rice - says she didn't tell the truth

Ashcroft Ran Away from the Vietnam War

keep your eyes on BushCo, Iraq, & the media

Mad at branches (Nader/Greens) Blind to Roots (Dems)

Interesting banter about Michael Moore's support for Clark (SF Indymedia)

The GOOD news about California

Is Rush using DU to take the heat off himself??

Latest Crap that Rush says about Dean

Greens for Wesley Clark?????

what would the frigggin freepers say to a soldier with gulf war syndrome?

is it time to start a 'Draft McAulliffe Out' movement?

BAM!! Meet Herr Gropenator's dad...what you haven't been told so far....

Bush in NH tomorrow, come join the protest.

If the car tax was Davis third rail..what the hell do you call all those

Take two: What Happened to the looted iraqi nuke material?

Washington Post's Dana Priest, she knows something (Leakgate)

BBV - It is Tin Hat Time ----- Will Groperinator have at the top

Question on voter turnout re: California

Grudge match of the century...

Question for the women of CA/GOP Hypocrisy

California Democrats must FIGHT BACK

Will Maria Shriver have to hold teas with rich GOP bitties?

My very liberal friend from Finland is HAPPY Arnold won

Drudge: al franken knocks o'reilly out of #1 spot after one week

Hello, FreeRepublic visitors and listeners to Mr. Limbaugh!

Here's my prediction...what do you guys think???

Getting psyched for the Arizona Debate!

We need to give Arnold a chance

New AP wire story: Skeptical on E-voting (BBV)

Let me share a recall fantasy with you...

Cong. Russ Holt on Ripping into the BBV.....not Paper Trail, trashing

I'm amazed at the shock re: Maria and Eunice's support of Ahnold

Advice Needed: Winning Strategies For Local Campaign

which states have unpopular Repuke governors?

Clark speeches may be illegal, Dean worker arrested...

Schwartzenegger For President!

Governor Grabass? (R)nold? The Gropernator?

DLC gets progressive ?

Stop Whining

OK, let's lick our wounds and work on 04. We need Clark on the ballot in

Saw Ralph Nader on FAUX News

101% Cali Turnout According to the Washington Times - Error

To fellow Greens, PLEASE don't run a presidential candidate.

They said Clinton would teach our children bad morals.

Is the Clark campaign self-destructing? Check this letter

Does the Prez of ACLU endorse Federalist Society?

Wesley Clark & Black Box Voting

Recalling Arnold starts now

what change do you want to see?

Dispelling VRWC myth #345: The Sudan aspirin factory WAS making WMD

Message to Rush

How is Arnie going to "shake off" the $8B energy lawsuit by Cailfornia?

It's over. Now let's make it work for us.

Unfolding controversy over Texas Republicans ethnic slur (to Van de Putte)

I am seriously considering joining the Green Party.

I-25 Was Renamed the "Ronald Reagan Highway" Yesterday

Women (and men) need to really start speaking out about Arnie's behavior

Mole wars: Subterranean hell

Who will be the next candidate to drop out?

So, Bush's "DC-9/11" Movie didn't do a whole lot, huh.

You BBV folks might be interested in this.

For the Anniversary of the Congressional 'War' Vote; Call-In**

This is why Republicans will continue to kick us in the teeth

What are the NON voters (majority as always) trying to tell us?

Which Actor Should the Democrats Run Against Arnold in 2006?

NBC: Feds bugged mayor’s office

BBV at the NYT -- mentions Bev Harris' book

So How Off Were Drudge's "Exit Polls"?

Hey. Davis is going to probably pick up 200K in Alameda, and in LA

america is not becoming fascist.

The case of the missing California Election Reports

O'Rielley hangs up on Fresh Air interview

Questions about Plame/Wilson/Treasongate...

Rush Limboxy: "Don't visit this democratunderground"

Get a grip people. Davis deserved to lose last night

The New American Revolution Starts Now

National Guard LIED to my son again

The Democratic Party should take a stand against objectification

Something rotten in America

What we MUST realize in order to win - Americans are stupid and uninformed

Divorce Leaves Belgium Post at the Altar (Amb. quits after 4 days)

Hamas vows retaliation against Israel


Bush Intervened in Medicare Dispute, Sources Say

* has "No idea " if WH CIA leak will be identified/'No Idea' about Inquiry

Davis concedes...

US clears drug cure for killers on death row

SEC Moving to Make It Easier for Large Shareholders to Put Directors on Bo

U.S. Can't Locate Missiles Once Held in Arsenal of Iraq

Sparse, downcast crowd at Davis campaign site; Davis secluded with family

Net closes on godfather as henchman is arrested

Tyco trial told of yachts and high living

US pair share Nobel chemistry prize

Arnie wins California election

HOUSE WATCH-10/8/2003 (#1)

AP Analysis: Popular revolt fueled by governor's shortcomings

3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Florida farmers tour Cuba, assess status of cows they donated

Slater Steel slashing 418 more U.S. jobs, closing plant

Dean energizes younger voters

'Arafat has suffered heart attack', admits aide

US clears drug cure for killers on death row

Authors Paint Bush as Liar in Flurry of new Books

Venezuela complains about U.S. News and World Report's “Terror Close to Ho

White House Blasts Accuser in CIA Leak

Pole Resigns Over Iraq Missile Gaffe

Robert Engle, Clive Granger win Nobel Prize in Economics

Here's something unbelievable

Aides Deny Arafat Suffered Heart Attack

Iran agent 'alone with' journalist

FBI 'offered money to Hamas'

Syria Says Ready to Fight if Israel Attacks Again

Bug found in Democratic Mayor Streets Office

renown nature photgrapher eaten alive

Dozens said killed as Afghan disarmament signed

Iraqi Shi'ite protesters march on US HQ

White House, Lawmakers Disagree on New Oversight (Fannie/Freddie)

A Pregnant Mother's Diet May Turn the Genes Around (NYTimes)

U.S. Forces Said to Free Taliban Foreign Minister

Israeli jets violate Lebanese airspace

U.S. Will Decide on Troops From Turkey

Overseas Job Shift Affects Office Market

Iraqis and US debate Turkish troops plan

Iraq Kurds warn of violence if Turkey sends troops

Guantanamo reporters gagged by US

(Indiana) Judge sides with Democrats in ballot dispute

Candidates Who Dropped Out of Election Still Drew Votes


A school's anguish

Vivendi-GE Sign to Create NBC Universal

Bay Area doesn't follow the state trend

Cop-out on Bruce NYPD pulled Boss' Shea escort after '41 Shots'

Davis Concedes, Urges Supporters to Put Chaos of Recall Behind Them

There is growing evidence of reforms helping Venezuela's poor

FEC Dismisses Complaint Against Wal-Mart

U.S. to Present Iraqi Privatization Plan

For Schwarzenegger, the Last Piece of a Master Plan

Austrians Cheer Native Son Schwarzenegger

NBC - Feds bugged mayor's office

FBI Planted Bugging Devices in Philadelphia Mayor's Office

FBI Planted Bugs in Phila. Mayor Offices

Police: Queens priest had porn, gun, Nazi paraphernalia

Military Unusually Secretive in Spy Case

White House stops blocking Syria bill

Neo-con fingerprints on Syria raid

Gephardt Gets 16th Union Endorsement

Schwarzenegger Outlines Transition Plans

E-voting: Democratic or dangerous?

Coke battles Indian village for water

US forces capture 112 Iraqis including general suspected of Saddam links

Congress Advances Syria Sanctions Bill

Bush calls Israel's strike on Syria 'essential'

A Few Wrinkles in (Maria) Shriver's Marriage to NBC News

Russia looking at pricing oil sales in euros-source

US torturing Camp X-ray prisoners

U.S. Iraq Resolution Looks Unlikely at U.N.

Hewlett-Packard Cuts 200 In Houston (Layoff Update)

Vote lawsuit continues (Palm Desert CA - BBV)

Weirton Steel plan cuts (950) jobs, (10,000) pensions

Arizona Court Upholds Gay Marriage Ban

Actor Alec Baldwin Calls Texas Governor "Lap Dog"

Washington Post: The Spy Next Door

The truth about job growth

Marine Who Rescued Pfc. Lynch Gets Military Honor

Crean reins in Bush protest

Criminal or Just Plain Stupid? (Newsweek)

House To Vote On Syrian Policy Bill

California Democrats Say They Will Demand Accountability

Clark Campaign Suffers From Late Entry Into Race

Kerry Accuses Dean of Liking the Yankees

Texas Reaches Redistricting Agreement

Wildlife author killed, eaten by bears he loved

Rice Says Iraq Never Disarmed

Food and agricultural trade from U.S. to Cuba soars

Chavez accuses CIA as bombings rock Venezuela

Jeb Bush requests therapy for brain-damaged Florida woman

Feeding tube can be removed from brain-damaged woman

Proposition 54 seems to be losing; a bright spot on an otherwise

what's the difference between elections & pro wrestling ?

I just weaned another web surfer off of AOL

what's the difference between a sailboat & elections?

I have just destroyed the tv in my bedroom

Match these terms

I see the # on the people against Davis...I see no #'s about

Hey, I'm back. Does anyone even remember me? :-)

Churchill re-written, we shall never surrender

I thought about California

Is your life empty and hopeless? Worship the Sponge

OK, it's official... One last blast for the Governator MP3

I'm a West Coast Carl Roves!!!! My guy just got elected!!!

I just seen the ad for "Backyard Wrestling video game"

Can you check out my website:)

Are the votes final? Is Arnhuld the new gropenator of CA?

How long till Californians realize they made a HUUGE mistake?

Some thoughts from my hotel room

help: Q on selective service/fed employment

CA Recall = hilarious Simpson's episode. McBain as Gov Ahnold?

Whew! Glad to get out of the recall hatefest a.k.a. GD

I'm off to bed but before I go

Let's look at the sunny side of life:

Does anyone else think this is funny?


know anyone who voted for Arnold?

Flynt is still ahead of Coleman!

Arnold rhymes with Ronald and CA elected them both


Maria Shriver: Please blow this picture up big.

"The Boston fans will be a little bit insane"

Something I could easily google... I just crave human contact...

My buddy and I couldn't stop laughing everytime the news said

Always look on the bright side of life

Did anyone watch M. Moore on Conan tonight?

Let's Elect Arnie and Work Our Bodies Like GWB!

Two thoughts on yesterdays California...

california uber alles...

Animal Stories News Flash: Uncle Lar & Little Tommy Back On Radio

Bush and Schwarzenegger, a conspiracy?

Kahl-ee-fuhn-ya, heah I come.

Every time I think it can't get any worse,

I invented a phrase I want to run by you...

Why can't people learn how to spell - at least in the subject line?

It's times like this I am glad I'm FROM California ...

1.823 million vote 'no' and Bustamante only has 1.2 million votes?????

"Arizona Bay"

In about an hour I'm going to take my first Valium...

Ship of fools

I laughed, I cried, my head exploded!

I'm going to f***ing puke!

So, uh, you think SNL is going to have a Terminator 4 skit?

A little mental diversion for ya...

Anyone else getting sick of mourning after elections?

The President's Resume

"Where are they now?" mystery solved!

Movie Star 'Dash Riprock', will announce new Kolley-for-ni-ya Recall!

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life


I just made a pitcher of Grape Kool-Aid - ask me anything

So did Arnold get 55% of all the votes or just the "Yes" votes?

I have significant fears about a Cubs Red Sox Series

Matcom was in my dream last night

Why is it that ...

In appreciation of our California DU'ers

Democratic Gubernatorial Nominees to run against Ahnold in '06:


Tell me to get back to work

Cubs Lost--But Sammy Hit A 2 Run Homer

Stop Me If You've Heard This One...

Advantages of Ah-nuld being governor of California

Losing* loose* tools

Escape the rt-wing madness: FLY To Europe from $159 RT

ROFLMAO! Reagan's less-formal letters!

After surveying the wreckage in General Discussion...

I had the worst migraine ever yesterday


A little something for hurting Californians....

OK, it's 11:00...I took my Valium...

You Can Fool All of the People Some Of The Time......

Favorite A-Team member?

Mark Morford on the know

Recall Arnold Poster to amuse and inspire Cal Dems

Back in the saddle again...After 3 weeks.

Guitar Amp Talk

Damn Fumble Fingers...

Arnold elected? What is CA smoking?

Orwell predicted Fox news.

Out of the lounge(!!!) repulsed by threats of beheadings etc.

Ocean City sex conference cancelled

What the hell is going on here???

What Is The Message On Your Answering Machine / Voice Mail?

Quick! While new accounts are off, everyone --

Remember the jokes about having a bathing suit contest

Link to the old DU?

I know who really outed Wilson's wife...

Am I the only one that doesn't mind a little bit of chaos in GD?

Want to know how we will pay for Iraq, Afghanistan etc?

My my!!! Another chimp = * cartoon

HELP!...My husband is listening to Rush Limbaugh!

Uh, what happened to the Sigs and Avatars????

C'mon, you Freeper and Dittohead fucks! Is that all ya got?!

DU: just as addictive as Oxycontin but far more satisfying.

Where is the original DU thread that Pigboy quoted from?

I blame on the sun, moon and Mars

The new Cali handshake....sick humor but funny

Fuck It All To Hell

"I Have Not Yet Begun to Fight...." (Attn Georgia Du'ers)

A tribute to NY99

A Perfect Joke For Today

The Darkly Deep-Throast of all CAPTIONS!!!

New site for Maria!

"When Gay's Cheat"...Jerry Springer proves...

Question about old/new DU

Let's have the next recall election right here in the Lounge!

Wednesday joke

Question about DU

Time for a Dead Kennedys update

Does anyone know a place to buy a great natural turkey?

Can I ask another stupid question?

My Crappy, Crappy Day

London has a new Superhero: Angle Grinder Man!!!

The Calibrating Crouton of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Maria back to work.

DU's web format is so much better than Free Republic's

Which star of Predator will be governor next?

Where are the AVITARS??? my computer shows all posts

A little Rufus Wainwright for all us Californians....

Something for the Red Sox Fans out there

CAPTIONs might help him focus

"Freepers Against Voter Fraud"? They're kidding, right?

How the Carlyle Group spends its money

Now this is some kinda high-grade SPAM!!!!!

I'm a woman on the edge...

Hello, my name is Arnold and I just want to tell you thatÉ

MUSICIANS: Anyone use Fruityloops 3, and can you help me with something?

Which star of Predator will be governor next?

I would like the DUer who shot me the NASTY PM......

A Mighty Wind - Anyone Else Seen It?

Does anyone here

Reminder: Daily Show replay coming up

I wonder what percentage of Arnold voters

Any court reporters here?

Name for me a "Democratic" state

Computer Help... and I mean help!!!!

The Official Cubs/Marlins Game 2 Thread

What do you get when you cross a freeper with a midget?

RNC Press Release:

Sheesh, we're gonna need a whole new forum

Anyone want to chat tonight?

I absolutely LOVED "Under The Tuscan Sun"

The Humanitarian Bowl is being played on . . .

The Official Yankees/Red Sox Game 1 Thread

Maybe California was just Punk'd?!


2nd Annual International Rock Paper Scissors Championship

I am boycotting boycotts

Unfreep this poll

Ahh California

Check here to see if your game will be on FOX or FX

will the people who voted for Arnold even show up at another poll?

Does anybody know where

Something I don't understand re: the California recall

Great David Brooks quote

today's new hate radio advertisers 10/8

I Just Came Up with A great Timely, Witty, Literary, Sig Line. CheckItOut!

Kerry Accuses Dean of Liking the Yankees


Java development for Linux?

The Loggerhead turtles.

My sincere condolences to the people of the USA

Apparently I'm a horny 15 year old, ask me anything!

Now WTF is up with the Sci-Fi Channel

What will the guys think of Rush's anal cyst in prison?

Temp Agencies

A Happy Story: Sam's Back

Best Shoegazer Band

I am boycotting California

Time For Another Freeper Joke Thread

where do you get your gas for your car?

Are thongs 'degrading' to women?

Top Ten Items On Rush Limbaugh's To-Do List:

And the Nobel Prize for Grammar goes to...

President Bush "Vietnam War Hero" doll (USAF flt suit" on sale now!

Today's Chicago Cubs thread, Wednesday 10/8


Who should never have recorded a solo album?

The continuing adventures of DU's resident freshie and her dumb classmate

Hockey Season Starts Tonight

I *FINALLY* wrote my mail to Kathleen Parker...

The Darth_kittenlicious gratuitous party post!!!!!!!!

I AM Nobody On DU But I Have Something To Say

great site for grammar

quote from Fr

renown nature photgrapher eaten alive


The Cat Choking on the Canary of all CAPTIONS!!!

CUBS...Smallville...Angel...Karen Sisco...

Hyphenated Americans: How do you feel about being called

Anyone getting really angry while reading "Dude, Where's my Country?"

Skittles appreciation thread

My second anniversary.

Which SF Character Are You?

Post #3000...A DU Thank you!

Caption Michael Jackso......I mean Maria Shriver.

Freepers: meatholes, piss-mops, or ass-clowns?

I'm just going to say goodbye now