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Archives: October 7, 2003

A Sense of Betrayal

Isabel Hilton (Guardian Unltd): A tribute to weapons inspectors

Salon: Hollywood's Battle of the Sexes Over Arnold

Krugman - Lumps of Labor

Jonathan Alter: "Hey, Rat Out That Source!"

George Monbiot (Guardian Unltd): Force-fed a diet of hype

Washington Implodes (best article I've read in six months)

California Recall! It's not too late...

oops sorry. wrong forum. Dont forget to call Clear Channel's 800 #

Nancy's Predictions for Tomorrow

Ahnold Joke: If Ahnold is elected, what will they call him ?

The Cat World is in Uproar! Siegfied and Roy and that Tiger in NYC! Cat's

Cleaning Up a Dirty Business - Newsweek

Australia’s dingoes face ‘extinction’

Increase in number of child prisoners - SA

Japan Is Back (No, Really!)

France cracks down on noise

Rebel Suspect Kills 3 Police in Manila

'Mother Teresa of Somalia' killed by gunmen

Is Your Health Plan Crooked?

Giant lie by anti-RKBA

OK, let me get this straight.

This post is OK under the "CA Recall" rules?

Can DU'ers Discuss Opus Dei and Lukkud Israel? Why can't we civily do

Israel, Hit Syria Not Hizbollah

Never bite the hand that feeds-cut the arm off the hand trying for a crumb

Dennis again urges voters to defeat the recall

Pride PAC Endorses Dean

Dennis Coming to 11 States on Oct 13 to 15.

Howard Dean's statement on Bob Graham's withdrawal from race

Bob Graham announcement CNN Larry King

Is this too cool or what?? (Kucinich graphic)

Why is it a crime to ask Dean bashers for links?

The Hill: State by state (PA-6 and MN-2)

Edwards Criticizes Clark's Past Comments

Do any of you tire of campaigning?

Dean's statement on Graham's withdrawal

Edwards proposes oversight panel for Iraq contracts

Clark busted on C-SPAN...

Clark: "Israel has the right to strike preemtively."

Who was right, Dean or Kerry?

Yeah, but can you imagine if Al Gore were president? (sic)

Dumbya endorsement of Marriage Protection = End of Log Cabin Republicans?

Would anyone like to see Joe Wilson run for office?

Jews for Hitler vs. Taiwanese for James Soong vs. Log Cabin Republicans

Californians? Has there been any coverage of Enron - Arnold?

Poll: Should foreign-born citizens be eligible to run for President?

14-year-old mom charged in newborn's death

I fear tommorrow

How did you find DU

new Savage Weiner, Hannity, and OxyRush advertisers

New and Improve Iraq War

Wish me luck you guys!

Reminder: Al Franken on Leno tonight

are the same kind of people who voted for Ventura in MN

Standard issue 'Cheer The Hell Up' thread

Question about a Mike Malloy caller

Taiwan is to China as Canada is to the USA...

Do you consider Taiwan a real country?

Anyone worried about the crowds Arnold is getting?

Mountain Republicanism in the South

Salt Lake - Street preachers vs LDS, agnostics join in, hilarity ensues.

BBV: some interesting common ground between us and "them."

Poll (informal) - is Israel dragging us into WWIII?

Graham Supporters

I can't imagine why Arnold wants to be so involved with youth...

AOL poll: Do you think Bush has the nation on the right track?

Clark on CSPAN-2 (Iowa Townhall Meeting)

Gen.Wesley Clark on C-Span now

Mods, Troll alert in LBN!

Diebold Strikes Back -- With an Ad Campaign (Heads-Up, Ohio DUers!)

whose votes would you rather the eventual nominee get…

We Need an Arnold Timeline to keep all this gropery straight. Help out!

DOJ rules call for special counsel

Graham Just Dropped Out on CNN

Nancy Skinner getting good reviews at Illinois Senate debate..

Which Leaks is Bush* really interested in finding?

So who's next?

And what has (Bush) done about it? Nothing.... That's the whole story

Watch Frontline this Thursday

So if Graham Drops Out Soon, Will He Endorse?

Here is a link to a unauthorized biography of Poppy From the early 90s

Can DU'ers Discuss Opus Dei and Lukkud Israel? Why can't we civily do

Arnie has pissed off Hispanics, Women, Blacks, Jews, CA ratepayers

Sir Elton Calls Out Jerk-off Dennis MILLER

What do you think of California's gubernatorial election race? Poll

The Lies of George W. Bush: Mastering the Politics of Deception

Bob Graham Dropping Out On Larry King Tonight?

Breaking News-Graham Is Out....

Which forty years did Dems control congress?

So why didn't Davis harp on Enron and energy?


The WH Plame spin reminds me of the inmate dance scene in "Chicago"....

Graham announcement on Larry King now

Elton John says Dennis Miller is a menace

The Repuke Dictionary

Catch MSNBC "Countdown" repeat. Loftus says jail Novak.

Keith Olberman's Countdown--OMG

McClintock AND Camejo on INSANNITY!!!!.......and colmes

Rock the vote tomorrow, Californians!

What happens to the groping charges if Gropenator is elected?

Arnold tells kids how to use steroids! site is LIVE - Please pay a visit and post comments

crazy pic from the state dinner tonight


Got Evidence?

Kucinich supporters: Can we get delegates at the convention?

Weird. Clark's voice sounds very similar to Bush's?

OMG! Keith Olberman Show! Nofacks should go to Jail!

Clark on C-Span2 NOW (((Thread #2)))

Atrios throws down the gauntlet...WH Official should reveal leaker

Clinton impeachment opened a big can of worms...

Eunice Shriver, Maria Shriver

What's with republicans saying Clinton's surplus was only "projected?"

Perhaps THIS is why the Schwarzengroper scandal/recall bugs me:

Kucinich opposed the NATO bombing of Serbia

Taylor claims immunity - Liberia

Sportswear boycott over Myanmar links

Mad cow hits Japan again

Bob Graham Monday announces he is dropping out

Organized Labor Expands Voter Strategy

Enron Seeks Millions for Power Never Delivered to Sierra Pacific

New and Improve Iraq War

Slow response to CIA leak inquiry - MSNBC

Arrest Warrant Issued for (Ben) Affleck

Dollar falls on worry over record deficit

Report Fuels Fear That NY City Won't Get All of Promised 9/11 Aid

Fear of Sabotage by Mistranslation at Guantánamo

Democrat Edwards Criticizes Clark's Past Comments

Revelation casts doubt on Iraq find (botulinum WMD wrong strain 10 yrs old

Davis Poll Shows Recall Race a 'Jump Ball'

Ruling Opens Cable Lines

Gay rights PAC endorses Howard Dean for president

With Little Choice, Reservists Sit Tight (Long stays frustrate many)

Critics Say Execution Drug May Hide Suffering

Fieger To Argue For Kevorkian's Release

Algerian pilot wins damages for 9/11 slur

Senator Bob Graham out of 2004 race

Put past to rest, Hatch says of Arnold

Snider: Schwarzenegger Inspired Record

When a Freeper get whacked, do you dash to see the greasy spot?

Celeb Candidates ...

En Marcha--servicio en espanol

All the fire in the fire place..cup o tea ready...

Some people are very very dumb

I just kicked WestWing in the Jaw and castrated Arnold..Ask me anything

Does HEyHEY want to start a "poll war"?


Which TV show first came up with "Don't forget your towel"?

Red Sox won!


DU webmasters what software do you use for stats?

Red Sox Fans: Beware

HELP! I need a resume

What's the BEST Schwarzenegger movie EVER of ALL TIME?

Baiting Republicans

slowest website ever?

Well,now isn't THIS a shocker?


Will Pitt suicide watch

Brother can you spare a CAPTION?

Good night sports fans!

Aww Fudge

SOX WIN!!!!!!

Will The Red Sox Choke?

Come on, let's find Bambino's piano...time to end the curse.

Yankees in 5

I have not been laid this weekend or the last few weekends... ask away!

HEyHEY's reason for backing out of the Poll war

Mia Hamm is waiting somewhere...

Will the Yankees have the Stugats to show up for the series?

Al Franken on Tonight Show....

Who's more delusional? Red Sox or Yankee Fans?

Canned calls make me feel very popular. So far

Hell, or something like it.

So I'm flying to California tomorrow


Letterman tearing Bush & O'Reilly new a$$holes

I never saw Laura referred to as "Pickles" 'til I came here

Dems should take a page from Meatballs.....

I was looking at the Enquirer at the grocery store today

If the Red Sox win the ALCS, should Red_Storm be tombstoned?

I got moved today!

Standard issue 'Cheer The Hell Up' thread

I'm about to eat some organic Ben & Jerry's. Ask me anything.


Boy Tejada didn't like that at all

Cubs-Red Sox World Series on track!!


Damn, wtf is with the A's fans harassing the Sox?

The Official "Red Sox Season Is Over" Thread................

Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

David Letterman's going to

LET'S GO YANKEES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No Governator! NO GOVERNATOR!!

This Ain't No Party! This Ain't No Disco! This Ain't No Fooling Around!

Two men on, no outs? Shades of Buckner...

I think I'll get stinkin' drunk tonight.....

Serious Sox Yankees Poll

Dennis Miller, or Kelsey Grammar?

Who will win the AL? Yankees or Red Sox?

One world -- One love. Here's to victory tomorrow in California

A Guy's Butt

If The RED SOX Win Tonight, I'm Running Around DU NEKKID!

"Smarter than *" Bib


How many toilets on your roof is too many?

This is no joke, can I trade in my PC hardware as credit for a new Mac?

I missed West Wing last week, could someone tell me what happened?

Somebody Cleaned Out All Our Bank Accounts/A Rant

Who do you want the Yankees to beat later: Oakland or Boston?

What do you drive?

LA Times : Hubris Doesn't Come Cheap

Wrong Path to War -- E. J. Dionne Jr.

How do you sleep, Mr. President?

In Memory of Edward W. Said- Zaineb Istrabadi, Ph.D.

Oliphant Cartoon on Ar-nold (anti)

Washington's Other Famous Son In Hot Seat

Burlington Bashing -- Kurtz

Joan Walsh: Arnold's New York Times admirer

Novak Leak Column Has Familiar Sound

You Wanna See Some Real Terror? (Hummercide suspect Josh Connole)

Novak Takes A Leak

Another Bad Day at the Office - Exposes the "parallel universe"

The Platform is the Party's contract with the people - Ralph Nader

"Same Shit, Different Day" Thoughts on the Cali Recall Election

Gushing Over Leaks -- Art Buchwald

Outrageous -- another reason to be against the death penalty

Play baseball, not Boss' patriot's game

Star Tribune: Iraq/ It was never about Sept. 11

Republicans turning on Arnold

Yikes! Worldnetdaily article about Bush the Liar

Mother writes her soldier son getting one meal a day in Iraq

Let the General Lead the democrats' charge

Rush Limbaugh Denies He Is Acting 'Clintonesque' - DU mentioned!

NC Kucinich supporters-

Other events on October 25th

Action Alert: Spend Mike Moore's Money on DU and its candidates!

Billboard Top Ten

LYNN SAMUELS on the air again, Sat. 10/11 10am-1pm ET

Britain Faces U.S. Media Invasion (stigmatize/stifle dissent&dominate disc

Don't Feed The Animals

Commenting on the Bush/Cheney "blog"

Psychic Linda Georgian: Emmy Award Prophecies Flop

Al Franken to be in Berkeley Thursday, October 23

Astrologers: Friday's Libran full moon = trouble for criminal cults

CARTOONS! The "Piss "Em Off!" Edition

Did you ever cheat on an exam in college

Bishop reponded with molestation charge with gift of missal !

Black artists take over US top 10

Fake Dr. Pleads Not Guilty In TG Mutilation Case

Episcopal Showdown

Poll: Support Growing For Gay Marriage

Russian Orthodox Priest Fired For Marrying Gay Couple

Alaska's Permafrost Not So Permanent - CSM

Simple Flaw in CD - Copy Protection System

US Methane Emissions Vastly Underestimated - LA Times

Maine Will Remove Two Dams On Penobscot River - WP

IRS Certifies New Prius For $2000 Tax Deduction


Ashcroft failing on prosecution of terrorists

West Virginia University gets federal AIDS grant

Supreme Court Has Addressed Gun Related Issues

Violence plagues Ariz. Indians

An innocent question from a European...

Jumping through hoops to hunt

GUNS IN THE NEWS--October 7, 2003

"21 foot rule"

Need some reference...

The question is finally answered

How about drug testing gun buyers?

DU policy on dupe threads in different forums?

A Question On A Lounge Thread

Posting of Graphic Images

Weird - I just posted to a locked thread.

How about some Cthulhu-based avatars?


A question to FlashHarry

How about a modification of the excessive capitilization rule

Mods: Don't forget you are appreciated!

DU bumberstickers? Where are they?

US may reconsider stance on Arafat

Act of desperation or a cynical ploy?

Background / Israel's new dread: Spreading war to Syria

Israeli Map Shows 'Terror Network' in Damascus

Bush Tells Israel It Has the Right to Defend Itself

Israel Is Losing -- Richard Cohen

Why isn't the truth out there?

Do endorsements of Presidential candidates matter?

( Ahhh-Nold and Enron

Dean supporters heckled Jeb in

Braun responds to census bureau report on growing number of uninsured

WMUR-TV's 30 minute "Conversations with the Candidates"

You Go, Dean! Babies of Boomers Find a Candidate -NYT

My dorm's Californians

Kerry Quote!!

John Kerry's address to the National Council of Negro Women

HELP! Question about LA Times

NH: 4 of 6 Dem state senators endorse Kerry.

Inside Politics: Dean says something strange.

Robert Scheer: Let the General Lead Democrats' Charge

General Wesley Clark Regarding Senator Graham

Graham Supporters: Who do you support now?

Where there's smoke, there's a FOREST FIRE

Kucinich Tour coming to 11 States

I admit to being completely baffled

Appeals to youth spawn nascent 'Dean Generation'

One thing Clark has going for him

GOP: GrOPing women nationwide

Question about Clark....

Where Will Graham Supporters Go?

Governor Dean Announces Plan For National "Welcome Baby" Visits

Dennis Kucinich statement on Graham

NH State Senator Iris Estabrook Endorses John Kerry

New Jersey Representative Bill Pascrell Endorses John Kerry

Department of International Assistance - The New Republic

Is Dean really against all congressional democrats?

If records aren't covered by FOIA are they sealed?

Democratic delegates are chosen Proportionately

US Congressman Jim McDermott Endorses DEAN Today

Clark's Campaign manager quits...

Sources: Nickles won't run again for Senate

You Go, Dean! Babies of Boomers Find a Candidate (NY TIMES)

Am I the only one that thinks Davis is the man?

Kerry Takes Swing At Dean

Dean Wants $200 Million For Child Care

Clark: Smart Trade

NJ Congressman Bill Pascrell endorses Kerry

What WAS (is) Davis's role in the Enron coverup?

Who is your second choice in the Democratic nomination race?

(US Rep Jim) McDermott endorses Dean, cites opposition to Iraq war

Kucinich Woos Hip Hoppers -- 'Yo, I Love This Fool'

Positions defended by Dean

extended troop deployments has what effect on unemployment nums?

FRONTLINE: Truth, War, and Consequences

So I guess by this time tomorrow we'll know if Gov. Davis is the victor?

CA VOTERS: If you received your absentee ballot late, FAX IT IN

Hollywood Walk of Shame

Israel and the US blame Syria for its "terrorist training ground."

Order of Ballot

Robert Scheer: Sometimes the generals know best how to wage peace...

What's the background on this?

If a voter doesn’t vote in the recall his/her vote doesn’t count

Goosestepping at Arnold Rallies

Bill Schneider and others have said -- no coattails for Bush

A challenge to investigative journalists.

Why do Democrats vote early?

Should Arnold Win, Hello Distraction!!!! (Bush Protection)

A public service post: the definition of Staw Man Fallacy

the "he's not as bad as Bush" argument

If Arnold wins, should NorCal seek 2 states?

Slate: The virtues and shortcomings of Wes Clark's Campaign

Laramie remembers Matthew Shepard attack

What's with the Mass Idiocy?

Garrison Keillor gets in occasional dig

California Uber Alles 2003!

To return to lucidity - ideology vs. practical necessity?

Goosestepping in DU?

Has Clark criticized *any* of his Dem opponents thus far?

CNN Poll: Will the recall solve CA's problems?

A Liberal Slant on Wesley Clark

Heh! My local Dem party site finally linked to DU!

Kucinich on C-SPAN Washington Journal tomorrow AM...

Art Torres Sounds Like He Has Thrown In The Towel....

Bustamante: If that had been my daughter, we would have settled it...

Sorry about the joke post guys

ABC News: At least they haven't completely sold out

Another Frightening and Sick Landmark Passed in Iraq

Freeper exit poll info.

Presidential Preference Poll

Forgetting to vote for the recall?

Davis: "Most Unpopular Political Figure in Modern State History"

Kerry's campaign is as bad as Gephardt's in regard to Dean

Rush comments poll

how does CAlifornia choose its Electors, for the college?

More in GOP 'back away' from party line on CIA Investigation

Hey, Since "S" Is Far Down on the Ballot...

60% turnout predicted ! What does that mean in the big picture?

Afghanistan Realities: 'War on Terror' is a Cruel Hoax

Will be drinking French Wine for tonite's recall coverage

Left Field Here: Distributism - What does everyone think?

Midnight legislation if Davis is booted?

The upside of Arnold winning.

Rove in Drag and other political humor.... (take a TOON break!)

Should there be a 24 hour moratorium on citing "freepers"?

If Arnold elected we must keep the fire on him re: sexual assault

Anyone know why Randi Rhodes was not live today.

I don't care who the Democratic candidate is in the end.

Thoughts on "Presidential war power" from a Republican President: discuss

post your recall poll experience

Possible Arnold Scenario: Three strikes and you're out!

Is anyone else disgusted and fearful of the CA Recall coverage? CNN/MSNBC?

Long lines at many polling places because...

New to DU ? here's a PNAC primer....

Open Senate Seat in OK--Nickles (R) retires

Bush says Syria strike by Israel "essential"

How is a Ballot Treated if the Recall Question is Left Blank?

I saw Wes Clark today. He was getting off his plane just as I was taxiing

Why Hasn't The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department Announced

Super Rant - Called AOL for Technical Assistance - Called India...

How, exactly, is the recall question worded?

I have never thought of myself as a "rat" before...

Freeper exit poll pipe dream....

The Free Trade issue and the two parties

All Criticism of Bush/Arnold is Liberal Partisanship

Any exit polling being done in California?

Are any returns from California in yet?

Freeper Email and My Response

Kay Report Fall-Out : More WMD Follies

Oh, Rove wants to find the WH leaker alright…

David Dreier looks really stressed....

The McClintock factor

Recall and provisional votes

California: Voting Irregularities?!?!

CNN Whoring for Arnold

irony is the 7th aniversary of FOX NEWS!

Old Europe was correct. Bush/Blair are now war criminals

They really are all Nazis

when will there be a Gen X candidate?

Wolf Snitzer's opening comments

do repubs in Cal usually stay home on election day



Deans "Success By Six" program in Vermont sets him apart....

Why the Bush Admin is at Its Most Dangerous

Bush says he is ready to work with Arnold....

Boston radio Hosts off air for two weeks More White Male racist radio

Philip Agee (accused of exposing CIA agents in 1970s) on leaks...

Is CNN showing any broadcast of the near riot in Baghdad right now?

It seems to be obvious that CNN wants Schwarzenegger to win

"Wesley" as a name is a tough sell.

Oklahoma Sen. Don Nickles will NOT run for re-election in 04

CNN Lou Dobbs poll - Does LA Times bias effect your opinion of coverage?

Bush-Rove-Arnold Nazi Connection (article)

Please Californians - force me to post an "I was wrong" thread!

California Voter Perspective

ALERT: Kristol on Plame leak -- C-span 7:45 EDT Tuesday

Soft Sell (CLARK's Department of International Assistance Proposal)

You want to see something REALLY funny?

Questions About the Recall

Polling issues in Bakersfield

SF Chronicle's web site has form for voters to fill out

3 US Soldiers Killed w/ interpreter yesterday, just posted at

Al Torres on Crossfire now!

CNN=Arnold shill

Interesting Job In Iraq

Lethal information is out

Polling issues in Bakersfield

"Up to the Gods Now"

Randi Rhodes actively seeking syndication deal and has representation.

McLaughlin Group - Go rate the panel!

Gave a BIG plug today on our IE AMERICA Top of the Hour News

A vote for Arnold is

I've made my decision...

Winning the election for gays

AARP....fax your congressmen...don't force seniors to get lesser care.

Iraqi Guerrilla Gives U.S. a Dire Warning

weren't there 3 recall's on Reagen?..CNN just said "this is the first ....

Not to Decry Clark

Why the recall is a lose-lose

"Confidential" 2004 NRSC Election memo - FYI

BBV/Recall: Another Voting Irregularity

Who is Ruth Wedgewood?

Bestseller list dominated by liberals ...

"Recall Arnold" - - where do I sign up?

Don Nickles won't seek re-election to U.S. Senate

Californians- Voter problems - DONT LET IT SLIDE. Get it on record

Liberal Hollywood, my ...

Excuses Rush Will Probably Use For His Drug Abuse

Yeee-ouch! Check out Tom Flocco's new story on Black Box Voting Has 'Voting Problems' Website

I've suddenly become depressed about Traitorgate

Should the five SCOTUS judges

Gave a BIG plug today on our IE AMERICA Top of the Hour News

Gray Davis on CNN voting

LOL, Bill Press: "It ain't over til Arnold gropes the fat lady."

i.e.america - This station has reached capacity????

Just bought the new Michael Moore book... and I met a Republican...

OK Guys, I Need Some Help With This.....Maybe You Can Clarify....

MD First Lady Wants to Kill Britney Spears!

Solar Energy as Cheap as Gas and Coal - New Discovery

Do high turnouts favor Democrats?

No News declarations about Arnie! Is that kinda good news

What countries give ALL its citizens a right to run for its highest office

Turnout in California

Dean candidacy offers the surest of solutions to this oligarchic monopoly

Dick Morris on recall?

Dean, Clark, Kerry haven't accepted NAACP invite...

Matt Drudge pulls out his famous election eve race card

Just to remind you folks about GOP Dirty Tricks in 2002 (IL)

heads up... MSNBC Matthews: Bustamante will win

Poll: If Arnold wins, should there be another recall?

I bet Maria Shriver secretly voted "no"!

Maryland Governor's Wife (R) Would Like To Shoot Britney Spears

ABC News has interesting numbers on some returned absentee ballots in Ca.

Fox news viewers are more stupid! Proof!

MSNBC Question of the day - Does Arnold deserve to be Governor?

Flurry of New Books Paint Bush as Liar

Bush has launched a blog (sort of)

Top Ten Listing of Jobs created from Tax Cuts.

David Corn is on ieamericaradio NOW

Senator Gregg's Wife Kidnapped and Released

MSNBC: Lawyers now involved with arnold sex allegations

Just Voted ..."Under Protest" ...Easy to do, You should to

Any word on the turnout yet?

heh heh, i like this political cartoon

for 100% "Arnulled-FREE" political fun........ (TOONS)

Can Bush be impeached from this information? Right wing leak ironically

dude wheres my country cover.

Rush groped & kissed his maid!!!!!

Unsubstantiated Rumor regarding Arnold

If the RECALL passes, how long does Davis have to move out?

Bush says leaker is "senior administration official"

The OFFICIAL (sort of) California Recall Tracking Thread (#1)

Encouraging news on local tracking poll

Thanks to all CA DU'ers for the updates

Alameda County touch screens not working

What if 15 women came out and accused a democrat candidate of groping them

father of dead soldier says Blair "is a war criminal"

Here's the proof of Saddam's evil intent from the WMD report...

UK KIA's Family To Blair - Don't Even THINK Of Attending Memorial Service

Okay, Cali - let's have that Ahnuld recall petition ready - just in case!

Did I hear this? Calif. Health Insurance?

Is Andy Card The New WH Deep Throat?

The pukes are ****ed in Cali!

I wonder if anyone is voting no on recall/yes on arnold...

Do You Think The California Recall Election Sets A Bad Precedent? (Poll)

PNAC company gal takes over Iraq Occupation

Are you sick of those old fogers that call you unpatriotic?

Riverside County touch screens: L&A test run in secrecy

Boondocks 'toonist Aaron McGruder on public radio this P.M.

Bush's Bullying Tactics Come Under Fire at WorldHealth Meeting

Politics as "team sports".

Time to Recall E-Vote Machines? rings in

CBSNews: 3 GIs Killed , 3 wounded; large sections Baghdad in turmoil

Is Andy Card the New WH Deep Throat?

Is there somewhere that has any California results yet?

Above-average voter attendence expected = more Democrats

Don Luskin Descends Into Insanity

Nobel Prize Winner Predictions?

Dean energizes younger voters

Why making "no weapons found" our argument against war is a mistake

Davis 46% Arnold 35%----Arnold wins? Anyone else think this is messed up?

anecdotal: early poll attendance seems much higher than in 2002....

Who else thinks that Arnold won't win?

How the recall is going

I was asked last night how I'd bring peace to the Middle East.

And then there were nine... again! (Bob Graham drops out of the race)

Buy this book: Guide to failures of Bush's neo con policy.

On CSPAN now: DOD Interent Sales of Biological Lab Equipment

TV News Lies Websacst to start at noon ET

Why Bush+Schwarzenegger=Real Fascism in the USA

Millions of Absentee Ballots Filed in CA in Weeks Before E. Day--Results?

Fox News watchers...Much more likely to be grossly misinformed.

California -- please don't let me down...

Amb Wilson to be on Imus at 8:29 am EST - headsup -

My Doctor is now a DU'er! Welcome Dr.S!

Arnies supporters?? Could it be there are many who want to be GROPED?

Republicans want to prosecute Joseph Wilson!

What would you do without C-Span?

15-minutes until the polls open in California

Clark impresses the toughest of liberals in Iowa...

Not One Word on the Leak Investigation in my Paper Today

Alan COLMES Got Prez CLINTON to Help with Book

Good Luck All Cali DUers...

Molly Ivans on "Fresh Air" today

Keep Your Eyes Open -- Nickles News Conference Noon ET

Gray Davis engages in dirty campaigns ?

BBV:Should a class action suit be filed against Secretary of State of Cal?

US chopper crashes west of Baghdad

Local CBS: Gas Leak & Fire in DC

50,000 Americans Dead in Vietnam for nothing. Question:

Parody WebBlog of G-String Dubya


the Gephardt campaign has hit a new low in attacking Dean

The current cost of the CA Recall election

My daily chuckle regarding Bush

Regarding California's Recall Law...

Damaging attacks of traditional politics?

Conressman Blames Muslims for Breakup of His Marriage

Jon Stewart Says Right-Wing News Outlets, Like FNC, Are More Mockable

MSNBC: California recall law put in place at the same time women were...

In regards to leak info, will WH declare "executive privilege"?

Hillary Files

Do last minute personal bombshells work as a strategy?

Don Luskin Says Paul Krugman Isn't Nobel Prize Material---HA HA HA!

2 CDN soldiers die in Afghanistan, Cretien meets the plane.

Why I think Amb. Wilson is getting on every show he can.

16 grops and what do you get?

Where Lies California's Hope?

The new Iraqi strategy

Amb. Joseph Wilson on NPR Now

If all those Bugs in California vote for Arnold

California Recall: The most Unsubtantive Campaign Ever?

Anyone think laws suits will happen over the vote in California?

Colorado Duers (Amendment 32)?

What is your opinion on the Skull & Bones Society?

Is there a world leader?

Will we see a mid-week White House 'News Dump?'

CSPAN Now - Bill Kristol from PNAC

mwahahah Smirk and the Nigerian scammer

The CA election is NOT a referendum on Bush,

Does This Reuters Headline Betray Bias? "Schwarzenegger or Mr Technocrat"

Keep tabs on the media calling the race for Arnie by Noon- PST

for those who missed clark last nite

I just want to say thanks

My advice to Gray Davis

What order do think the Candidates will drop out?

Computer Experts Fear Fraud in Recall

Wasserman on the scandals

ooooo Rall on 'transfer'

Michael Moore on Today Show NEXT

Simple Poll

Can someone tell me what this writer in Time is trying to say?

Hey Catwoman, Pickles is wearing the curtains again...

know any libs who think Faux is 'fair and balanced?

Bob Graham's daughter posted on the Dean blog

A disgusting photo of Arnold

TNR: Does the Electoral College Favor Dean?

Flame me for going there, but Drudge is flat out lying about Arnie accuser

Arnold's acceptance speech

Need info on the Recall Schwarzenegger movement!

The appearance of compliance-Wilson/Plame outing

This Writer Thinks We're Being Too Nice (Appeasing) To Iraqis

When Bush's site gets hacked, how bad will it be?

The victory that could have been

How do you think Arnold is trying to relax before the big day?

Is something wrong with Slate?

Grope This! An Age Of Propaganda

Should DUers be "allowed" to post 'Should X be allowed to Y?' polls?

2 million votes have already been cast absentee in California...

California Voters: Report any voting problems to this board tomorrow

Should 18 yr olds be allowed to run for President

Should men be allowed to run for President?

9th Circuit ruled in favor of religious club

Should women be allowed to run for President?

what is Maria looking at in this picture?

Proof-Hillary to run 2004

Announcement from President Prescott Jeb Bush

Appeals to youth spawn nascent 'Dean Generation'

DoveTurnedHawk ruins every thread that includes "Dean" in the topic

Officials Warn of Absentee Vote Factor in Recall Election

Jesus hates museums

Question to the lawyers:

I'm on hold with Bernie Ward

Golly Gee, I'll ask real nice about Israel this time.

Who here was groped by Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Bush decrees Protect trad. Marriage wk oct 12-18: near Matt Shepard Death

Letter from GW Bush: "Dozens of WMD Programs Activities"

Potential voting problems tomorrow.

Which has done more damage, Clinton's Stain or Bush's Leak?

The Leaker Will NOT Be Identified Because Bush Wants It That Way.

DU Gray Davis support rally topic!!!

People in California vote in houses?!

Will the BBV folks be screaming stolen election

will Kucinich supporters vote for the eventual Democractic nominee?

What is up with the defeatism?

Hey you all on GD and LBN Forums! Go down to Lounge or Meeting Room...

Tweety Just Said Gray Davis Sucks.....

Go vote whether media is biased towarks Arnie

Who's willing to take it to the streets if Arnold wins?

Are the poll workers allowed to look at your ballot?

Who should run against Arnold in 2006?

Limbaugh says silence until he finds out legal situation

Sooooo......Any exit poll numbers yet?

I need your help!

We need to change the system: too few polling places open

The Golden Trumpet of the Enemy (BARF ALERT)

FAUX news interviews CIA guy from Nightline!!

CA. voter check-in thread.

The Line In The Sand

Media Reform

Katie Couric Jokes About Limbaugh’s Addiction to Pain Killers

Worldnetdaily admits Bush is a Liar

Bush approval rating is at an all time low

Kucinich Supporters Hard-Pressed to Name Second Choice

Question about Robert E. Lee...

Who here was working on the Exit Polling Project and what is

Bush is trying to get Israel to send the IDF to Iraq

Live Election Returns Here. Starts AFTER 8 PM.

CIA Leak-It's Ok to kill Democrats; it's a serious fatal blow to WH

Is Columbus Day a racist holiday?

Republican policies killing the aged, sick, and disabled...

AWOL State of Mind, Calls From Desperate Soldiers

Question for supporters of those who voted for war

The VP candidate will probably NOT be...

If Arnold wins what does this mean for 2004?

Those refusing to support Dem. nominee, I DARE you:

Well things don't look good

My letter in tomorrow's NYTimes!!! (Re: Safire, Leak-gate)

Rove's Connection To Valerie Plame And An Extensive History of Foul Play

Who thinks the Recall is rigged and/or a fraudulent election?

Daniel 8:25 (Scripture)

Clark's campaign manager has quit...

TAP: Libetarians Angry With Bush, Looking Hard at Dean

Assassin wanted 'special missions' for CIA: report

Clark Touts Building Bridges (at Iowa Town Hall With Harkin)

Davis' fate in voters' hands MARGIN NARROWS: Last appeals made as polls sh

Musharraf says no troops to Iraq sans UN cover

Russia opposes US reconnaissance flights over Black Sea

Israeli northern front commander warns Syria and Lebanon

Pentagon Plan Would Convert 10,000 Military Jobs to Civilians

Blast, Gunfire Heard at Iraq Foreign Ministry

Governor recall losing steam

Hillary to be on the Daily Show this Wednesday

Bush Hopes Criminal Probe Deters Future Security Leaks

Dean rallies Keene students (Generation Dean)

Male contraception trial results in no pregnancies

Spies protest over move to Berlin

Davis' fate in voters' hands POLL CRUSH: Influx of young, occasional voter

Syrians: Reputed Training Camp Was Abandoned

Portugal: Establishment tainted by abuse trial

WMUR-TV's 30 minute "Conversations with the Candidates"

Pope arrives at Pompeii shrine

Japan investigated China 'orgy'

6 hopefuls to attend NAACP conference

Global corruption index highlights endemic sleaze

TV reporter who faked Iraq story 'is found hanged'

S.F. parents rekindle desegregation debate

Australian Senate censures PM Howard over Iraq war

HOUSE WATCH-10/7/2003 (#1)

Layoffs cut UC's least-paid

FBI financed Hamas in anti-terror op

On Eve of Vote, California Race Remains Fluid

Afghan support for Karzai falters Northern Alliance rivals say they'll fie

Clark finally files paperwork for registration as Democrat (Moonie Times)

US military chopper crashes west of Iraqi capital: witnesses

Hilary is in!

Assad Says Air Strike Will Enhance Syria

Novak Leak Column Has Familiar Sound

Chafee recalls his stance on Iraq weapons

(US Rep Jim) McDermott endorses Dean, cites opposition to Iraq war

Turkish MPs to vote on Iraq force (Today ?)

3 U.S. Soldiers Are Killed in 2 Separate Incidents in Iraq

Bush aides will review leak notes (Dallas News)

Court Rules F.C.C. Erred in Decision on Net Access -NYT

Fear of Iraq quagmire affects US politics

Army counsels soldiers dealing with Iraq war aftermath

Jewish fury at property claims by expelled Germans

New Group Intended To Speed Iraq Efforts (Purpose Is To "Crack The Whip)

Shiites hold anti-US protest in Baghdad, demand release of clerics

Schwarzenegger States Opposition to Domestic Partner Law

California recall tame compared with Venezuela's

U.S. Bullying Tactics Come Under Fire at Meet

GAO: Pentagon sold biolab terror gear

Car fee can be tax deduction

HAHAHAHA! Chimpy just said. . .

Hillary Clinton in 2004?

The Fed's gamble

Gen. Tommy Franks Agrees to Book Deal

AT&T loses appeal High court says company can't force arbitration

Sea Shepherd Crew Return to Taiji despite Death Threats and Violence

Rice to Lead Effort To Speed Iraqi Aid


Is Andy Card the New WH Deep Throat?

Rights Groups Seek Information on Detainees' Treatment

White House Rules Out Three Aides in Leak on CIA

Wife of Republican Senator Gregg Kidnapped

U.S. giant is in talks with Yukos, Putin says

Sharon: Israel Will Strike at Enemies

U.S. Warns of 'Spectacular' Taliban Acts

Prop. 54 will be back, says Connerly

White House to screen leak material

Privilege Claim Is Possible in Leak Probe

Turkish Parliament OKs Troops for Iraq

Bush's Iraq plan heads for GOP trimsHouse may cut funds for reconstructio

Senator’s Wife Abducted From Home (Gregg R-NH She's okay now)

Graham Drops From Race For Democratic Nomination

Is Chris Matthews being outed as one Rove called?? (MSNBC)

White House staffers face deadline in CIA leak probe (CNN)

Breaking MSNBC: Sen. Nickels R-OK retiring

Conn. Mother Convicted in Son's Suicide

DeLay joins fray over map

The Great Energy Scam

Canadian media magnate Izzy Asper dies

U.S. Surplus Sales Include Biological Weapons Gear

GAO: Pentagon sold biolab gear

Israel won't rule out another attack in Syria

Authors Paint Bush as Liar in Flurry of New Books

FBI Probes Beating of (mentally handicapped) Black Man in Texas ...


N.H. Senator Judd Gregg's (R) Wife Abducted, Then Freed

Sharon: Israel Will Pursue Enemies Everywhere

Canada eases rules on medical mj

Governing Council rejects Turkish troops in Iraq: council member

Iraqi raids fostering fresh enemies

Baghdad in Turmoil With Protests, Attack

National Monuments Upheld by Supreme Court – Court Refuses to Hear Case

Kurdish rebel killed in clash with Turkish troops

Iraqi Guerrilla Gives U.S. a Dire Warning (LA Times)

Jobs: Solid Growth into the New Year (we heard this all for over two years

Violence Erupts in Pakistan After Militant Killed

More Republicans break from party lines to call for Special Prosecutor

Grocery Workers Vote to Strike (then locked-out, St. Louis)

Polish parliament to investigate blunder over missiles found in Iraq

California Race Too Close to Call as Polls Open

UN says 65 killed in Congo, 40 of them Children

US dollar-diplomacy may have paid off in Turkey vote (Israel next)

Three U.S. Soldiers killed in Iraq yesterday, announced today: CNN.

Dollar Pounded as Recovery Doubts Surface

Presidential candidates court Graham supporters in Florida

California Chooses: Arnold or Mr. Technocrat (unbelievable real headline!)

Torricelli charged with leaving accident scene

Israeli Map Shows 'Terror Network' in Damascus

Bush Says He Is Ready to Work With Arnold

Appeals court OKs do-not-call registry

Jesse Ventura Show Off to Slow Start (194,000 viewers)

In Global Survey of Corrupt Nations ...U.S. Ranks 18th From Top

1,200 Layoffs Strike at an Industrial City's Heart - NYT


US let Israel stretch 1973 truce - documents

Officials Warn of Absentee Vote Factor in Recall Election

Zionist settler joins Iraqi to promote trade (Chalabi/Douglas Feith Link)

U.S. Military Limits Media in Guantanamo (Bans Some Questions)

Iraqi Guerrilla Gives U.S. a Dire Warning

Gubernatorial Candidate Roughed up At Arnold Rally

Dean spans generations with seniors, students

Turkish troops idea riles Iraqi leaders

U.S. defence of Israel hurts its Iraq resolution at UN

Democrat won't name senator she says made rerogatory (sic) remark

Bush: 'No Idea' if Leaker Will Be Found

Syrian president accuses Israel of warmongering

An AWOL State of Mind - NY Post

Bush Aides Will Review Leak Notes (before turning over to DoJ)

White House Rules Out Three Aides in Leak on CIA

What Kay Found --- Colin L. Powell

Dean unveils $200 million 'Welcome Baby' visits

Democrats' jokes called crass:Allen GOP chief 'appalled' by Web site humor

Wesley Clark's campaign manager quits

Md. First Lady (R): She Would 'Shoot Britney Spears'

PETA Roars Over Roy Incident

I think maybe Dave has a crush on "Monty"

more new Savage Weiner, Hannity, and OxyRush advertisers

there needs to be something like these sites for OxyRush advertisers

The Religious Car

paul wolfowitz and condi rice

A formal protest

So I started my own blog

To Red Sox fans from an Oakland fan: YOU GUYS BETTER WIN!!!

Stunning MNF game


First Boston Globe article on the Sox victory

Where are the DU bumperstickers?

Colts tie the game! What a game!

Good on Elton John for doing this

COLTS WIN!!!!!!!

I just thumbed through a Frederick's catalog

I bet you can't fit in that safe. Oh yes I can, just watch me.

Who here was groped by Arnold Schwarzenegger?

new Limpbaugh sponsor

Redskins v Tampa Next Week

the apocalypse

Am sure this "Siegfried" would say this better


Should 18 yr olds be allowed to run for President

Why Doesn't Al Sharpton Get A Haircut?

Cubs/Marlins poll

I just want to say thanks

Arnold vs. Arnold

The Apocalypse World Series Is On Track!!

KICK SOME BOT, CALI!! Polls open in 30 minutes!

You'll be seeing less of me here at DU

Should men be allowed to run for President?

Caption the Gun-toting Groper

Hey Catwoman, Pickles is wearing the curtains again...

I saw Robert Schimmel the other night.

Do I smell?

A DU pet peeve.....

Why do people believe that God cares about sports

Do you think Micheal Moore is a virgin?

Need a Halloween costume?

Sox reliever Byung Hyun Kim- (sounds like he's done for the season)

Recall Results?

Scientist Cuts the Perfect Cheese Sandwich

Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to Dick Cheney's America

Les Paul still has it!

Baseball Caption

Free Concert: Gin Blossoms and India Arie!

The Cost of War

Parody WebBlog of G-String Dubya

Newcular Republican

Can somebody tell me one of those good positive affirmation to use?

I Fear the Same "One-Time-Only "Voters Who Elected Ventura

Please enlighten me about magnetic bumper stickers!

Please do not talk about me

UPDATE: My dog is much better now

Vote for your favourite kick-ass tune

Finish this: "I'm gonna make like a Bush appointee and...."

Recall California

Well I know why God pulled my lower back muscles.

Am I the only person left who hates baseball because of the '94 strike?

I saw Kelsey Grammer's wife in a Skinemax flick last night....

Attn. Football fans: Warrick Dunn's foundation to help single mothers

ATTENTION: All Clueless and Delusional Red Sox Fans


To my Jewish friends - L'Shanah Tovah, Happy New Year

Ever eat "potted meat?"

Sports & Religion

What does "Cowboy up" mean?

So, I went to bed at halftime, figuring it was over....(Colts???)

Bush and Blair Sing 'Endless Love'

Gimme some room! I'm casting!

My Doctor is now a DU'er! Welcome Dr.S!

Warning: View Discretion Advised ( )

What are your attachments?

CA Recall Election: Anyone know timetable for results?

Help! Trying to do a song here

We need a giant size Karma thread for California

End of the world coming?!!!

A little karma for CA today

Bay Area gathering TONIGHT!

Ted Nugent endorses 'Gun Nut' ice cream

Advice from DU please and dont laugh!!

DK666 Sig Server

Vote for how to spend Michael Moore's Tax Cut - Let's vote for DU

A vanity post

Anyone ever taken Diazepam?

Dammit, DU - if I fail law school it's all your fault!

Earthquake in San Diego

Fallout from Sox win-Damon collision/fans reaction/A's PO'd at Lowe

Deleted message

Sheesh! 4,000 posts and I can't even get arrested on this site!

The Astronomy Picture of the day. A Beauty.

Oct 31st thread #3: Favorite Monster?


My counselor recently suggested to me that I have BPD.

I'm shutting down CNN, and probably not gonna read DU


A man walks into his Saturn dealership...

Parody of Woody Guthrie's "Do-Re-Mi" (humour)

It is time for the Auhnuld joke thread

Yea ME!! I have 5000 mostly GD-free posts!!

It's getting easier to be a vegetarian/vegan...

I just voted for mayor of SLC - ask my anything!

After reading the "Kill Bill" thread, I need help understanding something.

If it was time to make a mountain out of a molehill, would you volunteer?

6034 posts and I can't get arrested either, Hatrack

Let's name some more flavors for Ted Nugent's favorite Ice Cream Co

How Pres. GW Bush saved my vacation and brought my family together.

Hey ZenLefty - a shaving thread

I forgot to check for hanging chad!

Howie Day and Jump Little Children are coming, should I go?

Where's the California love? I just voted. Come on Cali.

Anecdote on a woman voting for Arnold

Repulsive wingnut subject lines in alt.politics.bush

Chapel Hill/Raleigh DUer's

Today's Word: "Suicider"

Hey, Boston area DUers

Polling issues in Bakersfield

37:27 on the phone with AT&T wireless - ask me anything

help!!!!! we`re being invaded by

I have just had a terrible day and it may not be over

Another bad email from my Brother-in-law

Today, I am Bongo.

Skiers: RFID lift tickets? Whaddaya think?

Protesters taking on game called Ghettopoly

The 32 NFL teams ranked in attendance


Rufus Wainwright is singing on Letterman

Anyone know about government grants?

Oprah is showing the legal system fallacy today

What should I drink tonight after the recall?

new hate radio advertisers 10/7

For the Remainder of the Playoffs this lifelong Twins Fan


which places use welfare to work labor?

OK. Help me pick out eyeglasses today


One of my former professors is getting the Nobel Prize!

If there were one "magic" power

Top 10 list: BushCo "Energy Usage Tips"

Bush/Cheney '04 Bumper Stickers

Try as they might - Doctors can't find Dick Cheney's heart

Favorite Warner Brothers Cartoon Character

My cockatiel lives better than I do now......

Redneck Sex_Ed final exam!

Hey, if box elder bugs were edible...

My Grandmother just died

Bear suspected of killing two people in Katmai National Park

Does anyone have a DirecTV hooked up to the VCR?

I miss you guys!

Anybody know someone with Munchausen syndrome?

Holy Shite! I just finished the 1st chapter of "Dude, Where's my Country"

A little Arnold relief (Mary Carey)

The Gropenator's victory party

I'm about to watch "Versus".....ask me anything about it

Sorry about the joke post guys

Laziest... kitten... ever....

Okay DU gourmets...I need advice...

When people whine about wages and benefits state workers get...

why are foreign auto makers building or have built plants in the South?

The best Count Dracula Movie EVER MADE! And I want to Buy, but the pound

The best Count Dracula Movie EVER MADE! And I want to Buy, but the pound

Any suggestions for getting rid of ants?

On Race

Okay..Wesley Clark looks like Gary Cooper

Oldies but goodies: dog humor

It's truly scary out there

The (Un)OFFICIAL STRAW MAN Thread! Woot :D

My Postive Spin (Assuming Arnold wins)

I have a sidus idfectiod!

Should women be allowed to run for President?


Is anyone else really ticked at the DU "rules" wrt the Recall?


Men Get Dropped Off At Kindergarden Whilst Their Women Shop

I just shoveled 6.5 tons of crushed limestone. Ask me anything.

In the World of I'm Not Kidding - Buy "Ronald Reagan's Greatest Laughs"

Saw George Harrison tribute film "Concert for George" this weekend!

3 "Little Johnny" stories

Whoops, we blamed the wrong person - ESPN made him do it! (more rush lies)

what is Maria looking at in this picture?

The Capered Cartoon of all CAPTIONS!!!

[TV-MA] This Message Contains: Brief Nudity, Suggestive Dialog...

Today's Chicago Cubs thread, Tuesday 10/7

Have you forgiven your parent(s) for your childhood?

So I finished "It Can't Happen Here" last night. My recommendation?

What's black and white and red all over?


Male homecoming princess

Fashion Faux Pas of all CAPTIONS

Who All Will Be Seeing "KILL BILL" Vol 1 This Weekend?

Names for the Baby Corn Snakes. :) Warning: Pictures

This Is For Gamers. Vice City RULES.

HawkerHurricane's NFL power ratings, week 5!

Should 5-year-olds be allowed to run for president?

Sorry, but "Laugh-in" is 500 times better than SNL

Serious Cubs Marlins Poll

Ad-Aware question.

I Love "Old Spice", "Bay Rum", "Brut", and "Aqua-Velva"

The overhyped black quarterback


Freepers vote for Arnold but forget to vote YES on the recall

A little gift to the stoners posting tonight

NLCS Prediction Thread: who ya pulling for?

For Halloween: Best Creepy CD Intro?

Doesn't MWO Pick the Strangest Times to Go on Vacation?

Did you hear Bush congratulating "Governor" Schvantznegger?

500 posts,but you don't have to ask me anything(unless you really need to)

Boulder, CO or Sacramento, CA

What is a cult?

Buy Michael Moore's new book, and help DU!

Individually wrapped peanut butter SLICES????

Who Represents You in Congress?

My nomination for NFL "FAN OF THE WEEK"

Anyone else feel phobic about voting?

RANT: If they pass the plate aroung once more, I'll lose it!

Let's hear your ideas for Halloween costumes.

Greetings from Vienna--just found out the Red Sox won!

lost bookmarks (arrgh) need help

Take this free IQ test

God, I love the UK!

What's The Worst Thing To Hand Out To A Kid During Halloween?