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Archives: October 6, 2003

What did they know, and when did they know it?

'Sorry' Arnie prepares to tough it out

Army Reserve Battalion Can't Get to U.S.

Sunday Observer: Why isn't the truth out there?

Mommy's back from Iraq (WMD Unit - Hubby ticked at * Hawks)

Samuel Berger & Ivo Daalder in the Washington Post: "The Long Haul"

Time: Leaking With a Vengeance

China discovers human rights

Justice Dept Granted White House Delay

Gary Younge (Guardian Unltd): For better - or worse

Salon: The Teflon Groper

Answers please, Mr Bush

AS was savaged on Drudge radio.

I hate Conservatives

Adding to Nancy's link for new site, I post this one from DU'er HP:

Broder: Bal the Budget in 2013 means cut defense 73% or raise taxes 27%

Gravity has different values in different areas of Universe? is this still

Armitage in Afghanistan to Reinforce U.S. Support

West Africa Oil Pipeline Launches

Eight soldiers fall to death in Aceh exercise

'Kadyrov wins Chechen poll landslide'

Is Africa becoming the next Afghanistan?

Care to argue in favor of Drug Prohibition Laws & on-going Drug Wars?

Would this be an acceptable title for a thread?

What is the link to the old DU archives?

I am having a "Search" Problem

Sharon on the Rampage

Israel's justification for attack on Syria

"If Americans Knew" advocacy group receives death threats

Dean Fundraising Question: Matching Funds

This quote made me laugh

Iowa Gov's press secretary joins Dean campaign

Vince Whitacre's fundraising kickoff roundup!

Should Davis use trash politics?

Dennis rescues Tom and Ted

Great Reception for Howard Dean in Madison, Wi (5,000 plus)

Great Kucinich event in Laguna Beach today.

Randy Cohen gets in a lick against income disparities in the U.S.

California Recall Debate Rebroadcast

New Dem Strategy in CA?

The first paragraph of this Newsweek story says so much.

If Recall passes and Cruz Wins he should appoint Davis Lt. Gov

What happened to the story about Bush not being on the ballot in Alabama?

Link to bush lies

Ramirez home run scores two 4-0 Cubs

Is it okay to grab Brit Hume's package...

So... will the neo-cons run Bo Derek in the next CA recall?

Davis's wife is doing well

Just thought of something (or should NONVOTERS be involved in MANDATORY

Gray Davis on Larry King tonight at 9pm (CNN)

Arnold Enron Schwarzenegger

In regards to the incident with the magician in Las Vegas

Arnold's Campaign Bus Named "Predator"!

Great Clark editorial (If you're a Clark fan, that is!)

Cities Bill GOP for Political Fund-Raising Events

Need Help On Prop 53 Vote on Tuesday

1957-Documents show WH and No 10, conspired over oil-fuelled invasion plan

Fisk:--'The Myth of Western Intelligence Agencies'

If Davis had resigned immediately following the recall certification. . .

More Iraquis are turning to drugs.

What is up with Drudge???

Drudge and a caller are teeing off on Ahnuld.

They just showed Jimmy Carter at Braves/Cubs game

Is Peter Werbe streaming tonight?

Identify the speaker (Put Guesses in the message area, not the subject)

Tom McClintock: Where does he fit in?

Ohio DUers: Should we attempt a recall of Governor Golly (aka Taft)?

Want to Fight the Religious Reich?

Local peace group infiltrated by government agent

something each of us across US could do tonight to help California

We are lucky to have 10 excellent canidates

What happens to Bustamante if AS wins?

There's been some talk around here about how poorly Maria looks

Somebody explain how Wilson's party affiliation matters.

So has DiFi changed her postition on the recall

Wasn't Maria seriously ill in the hospital last year or year before?

Who thinks they'll "find weapons" (i.e. plant weapons) in Iraq?

Gary Hart Endorses John Kerry

Some Articles on Phila Mayor's Race

Question for Clark supporters...

Wonder why CIA hates ex-intelligence officer Philip Agee?....

SC Primary: Edwards at 23 and 16 percent in new polls

Last 3 Pres.elections: Dem:138,779,855 (52.61%); Rep: 125,026,245 (47.39%)

Democrats agonise over who should fight Bush

Does * Have Grass-Roots Support (other than Freepers) on Dean's level?

Join's campaign to appoint Independent Counsel to investigate

About California's absentee ballots

How will all this end up? The Fundies/PNAC/Armaggedon? Who Wins? when

Drudge mentions an article in the Daily Mail (UK)

Springsteen Ends Tour With Shows at Shea

Dean has $500 and my vote....

MIchael Moore is advertising Wesley Clark's....

Latest Arnold Scandal: Ahhnold fathered child during his marriage to Maria

Pentagon officials ignored reports on dire state of Iraq's oil industry

'Road Map' Setbacks Highlight U.S. Pattern

In California, Sharper Edge to Campaign

Israel's justification for attack on Syria

Police flee as Saddam loyalists fuel city revolt

West still failing to protect Afghan women

US occupation bogged down by resistance, political woes

Putin Says U.S. Faces Big Risks in Iraqi Mission

U.S. response to attack muted

Enron Seeks Millions for Power Never Delivered to Sierra Pacific

"Old Bull" Democrats Frustrate House GOP


Handling of Leak Stirs Talk of Double Standards

Security Council meets on Israeli attack in Syria

Dean's Gun Views Attacked

Wilson: Bush* Not Party to Leak

DRUDGE BREAKING - Putin warns Bush about Iraq, Bush orders reorganization

NYT: White House to Overhaul Iraq and Afghan Missions

Lol, tonights Aqua Teen Hunger Force ep title: "Total Re-Carl"

Peace Love and Understanding

What a great weekend!

Gift idea for Right Wing religious nuts (too funny)

Browns improve dramatically, Steelers just plain old suck

I need some computer file-sharing advice for novice/non-computer savvy me



Who recomended "Sonic Jihad" by Paris?

Received Bush/Cheny campaign mailing yesterday...

Remember the good old days when fans were allowed to storm the field?

Browns v.s. Steelers thread

the no on recall campaign is calling me

OMG - I'd forgotten how truly shitty First Contact is

Cubs Win --- Recall Defeated --- The Whole Bush Administration Indicted

A Rush goes PC (pill chasing) game!

Bring on the fish course ---- Cubs are hot

Is it okay to grab Brit Hume's package...

Drat, the 'join arnold 'sign ,I was about to deface

Just watched my first "60 Minutes" since the early 90s...

LF talks about men & women

That s the LAST TIme you will hear that damn tomahawk song this year!!!!!!

In regards to the incident with the magician in Las Vegas

Ramirez home run scores two 4-0 Cubs

Whoop dee diddley do dah

Need advice on arranging music to cd:


I finally saw "Secretary" today

Do you watch "Real Life" type dramas on TV?

Bill Clinton was in my dream last night

All riiiiiiight...I'll join the pet parade...

Shorter Atrios: Hey, Chris Matthews, are your wife's breasts real?

Help Will Pitt Out!

Cubs-Braves Playoff Game: Radio Available Online!

Is Arnie out of the race yet?

How does Mia Hamm ever score?

Creepy site I just stumbled upon...

Why do the Braves suck so bad in post season play?

Bambino will awaken from his short nap

In the middle of the night

Least popular blues singers

Hi! My name's Steve, and I'm

Did anyone find the woman in the 60 Minutes "Skull&Bones" piece...

Everyone who is going to bed happy tonight HOLD UP THOSE CUB SIGNS

I need help understanding Catholic guilt.

I rode *100 miles* on my bike today, ask me anything!

I've got another thirty years to live

Reading Sincair Lewis's "It can't happen here". Ask me if I'm paranoid!


Martha Stewart Types... I Need Your Help and/or Advice


Very Funny Bush T-Shirt

political halloween costume ideas??

Thanks for this site....

I want to talk about bloodlines

Well, I said it, so I'll DU it

Women's World Cup Matches- 10/5/03

Possible new Bob Dylan avatars. Vote for your favorite.

Germany stuns the US in women's soccer - 5 people give a shit

Favorite Edward Norton movie?

Any Braves fans in mourning....again??

Farewell Polly, Welcome Molly:

Grieving the Twins' loss.

Second call: Karma, prayers, meditations, what-have-you to our

This is utterly disgusting: "hogging"

Youth Rights - Serious Issue or Arrogance?

Up to 16 women have come forward about Arnies sexual advances

TMW: The S.S. Oval Office

can we get some confirmation...

Diebolt: Machines That Vote So You Don't Have To

The Medieval Presidency

Alan Keyes:"Arnold Schwarzenegger is on the evil side."

NY Times : Schwarzenegger Win Could Have Downside for Bush

If trends don't improve, Bush may fall like father

Boom times, they are a changin' -- Bob Herbert

Terrorists on the Run: Some away from, and others toward, Bush

Guardian extract from Moore's Dude, Where's My Country? -7 questions

Bob Herbert : Arnold's Biggest Fan

The dittoheads know who is really behind McNabb's success

Rush is a moron

Republicans unsure of Bush's chances for 2004 election

Iraqi raids fostering fresh enemies critical villagers now openly anti-Ame

Sorensen on * wanting to find leak and Rush

California recall election: media push for Schwarzenegger leaves Democrats

Iraqis Say U.S. Occupation Authority Misspends Millions in Its Awarding of

A Rush to War—Now a Rush Out of One? -- Joe Klein

I found this whilst trolling freepland:

An Arnold Schwarzenegger stump speech -- Will Durst

The New Unity Partnership -- A Manifest Destiny for Labor

Top 10 Conservative Idiots strikes again!


Davis can win, Moore-style -- Michael Moore

Sometimes, Leaks Protect Against Abuse Of Power - Helen Thomas

Tamara Baker - Consider (Exposing) the Source

Harry Shearers's Le Show -- BUSHATHON 2003 (Great Satire!)

Rush Limbaugh got this wrong

Why Bush Likes a Bad Economy -- by James K. Galbraith

Kinsley: Why Bush* Angers Liberals

American Conservative Online: THE COST OF EMPIRE

"Wow! Look Honey! Good Negroes!"

Traitorgate: Leak prob. from the VP office. (Help with links.)

(London) Times: The fascist spectre that stands behind Arnie

Spend $20, Help Save Democracy- Send BBV Book to Congress


Can we please help stop this stupidity?


Gardening - Bulbs Digging up and Planting

Do you know about asbestos?

Bonehead Treatments...My Diabetes Rant...

The Effect of Atheophobia on PR

Startling Study Says People May Be Born Gay

It's not a recovery if it's jobless; Productivity is a false indicator

Couche-Tard spends $1.1-billion on U.S. buy - Circle K

Author's Three-Year Global Trek Finds Warming Everywhere - Observer

Indonesia Devastated By Pollution, Lead Levels In Children

In My City

(Bush) Change limits farmers from suing pesticide-makers (for crop damage)

Britain's Royal Society Slams EU Fisheries Policy

Ozone Hole Lasting Longer; Maximum Depletion Area Largest Ever

Sunni Politician Gunned Down in Pakistan

4,000 U.S. Non-Combat Evacuations in Iraq

Male contraceptive '100% effective'

Kucinich is the ONLY candidate to cosponsor an assault weapons ban

Dean wants AWB renewed

Okay a collective total thread on the candidates and gun control

Sign the Petition

GUNS IN THE NEWS--October 6, 2003

Gunowners for Dean

Boxer, Clinton support BOTH Assault Weapon Bans

So, who'se going to Knob Creek this weekend?

Hunting gun or sniper rifle??

Kerry on gun control

The Names In My Ignore List...

Israeli/Palestinian Forum?

Question for Mods/Admins

I Really Like And Appreciate...

is it against the rules to say

What will be tomorrow's policies on recall threads?

A question about the new GD posting rules.....

How Seriously Should DU Take Itself?

Can You Clarify Something About Israel Threads For Me...

Could you guys ease up a little?

Is admin aware that the google cache link in the top 10 ten idiots

CO Liberal suggested a new "BushBrainHurts" avatar in the lounge, and...

Is it possible to change your login name?

OK...why was my post deleted?

Michael Moore AMAZON banner ad for home page

Is the eye-rolling emoticon excessively antagonistic?

just locked thread

NYT Editorial Page: No comment on Israeli attack in Syria

Israel: A liberal's dilemma ....

Israel's air strike will strengthen the hand of the Damascus old guard

How would you end the I/P conflict?

The risk of a wider conflict increases

ISRAEL: Why Syria Can't Stop the Israeli Air Force

Israel shells edges of south Lebanon border village

Was Israel justified in attacking a target on Syrian soil? Poll

IDF soldier killed in gunfire at troops near Metula

Israel's attack is a lethal step towards war in Middle East

Standards and a possible consensus... (or: Weeding Out the Bullshit)

Lebanon in a bottle

Schwarzenegger's Love Child EXPOSED!!!

Kerry's DNC Fall Meeting comments

SC: Senate candidates speak to state's progressives

Senate: GOP trend likely to continue in Kansas

House: Factions in GOP threaten to divide

I've been invited to Kucinich's announcement!

Why doesn't Arnold campaign with his kids?

LA: Breaux decision may set off political flurry

Kerry offers "Compact with Greatest Generation" to protect Seniors

Clark will hold town hall meeting in Iowa - 8:00 p.m. on C-Span

Here are LA Times email addresses - Everyone forward Greg Palast story

Kerry PR blurb on today's speech on Medicare and Social Security

I just found out MY mayor gave to the Howard Dean campaign!

DeLay vs. Kucinich

Edwards early S.C. favorite

How likely do you think it is possible that if one of the really

GA: Back to square one for Democrats in hunt for Senate candidate

HOWARD DEAN: A Good-Tempered Man

The Goobergunch Political Report is OUT! Ask me anything.

What are Clark's positions?

GOP Pollsters: Dean Can Beat Bush (with 23 states)

I Will Vote For Bush If:

How about

IC investigate WH leaking CIA agent? POLL MSNBC

Why I like McClintock (at the moment)

Peter Werbe with "Operation Tailwind" streaming now.

NYT Editorial Page: No comment on Israeli attack in Syria

Outrageous Freeper Commnet on Arnold's women trouble!

Bush, Rove, Rush, Arnold, and Bennett,: In a party of Moral Values?

Freeper Defending Arnold at Rally Gets Ogled and Doesn't Like It

Joe Liberman condones attack on Syria by Israelis

Is it sleaze politics to point out that your opponent is sleazy?

Recall Question for the Rest of Us.

MOLLY IVINS to be on CNN shortly (7:30 AM ET) Over already

Which Democrat from history is your favorite

The world is not safer after the demise of Saddam and neither is Baghdad!

What online radio station do you listen to for current news?

Are there ANY organized efforts by BBVers or others to keep tabs

Did anyone else notice what happened with the C-Span caller

New "Faux News" Terminology

Movement here at UCF to break military-university ties

"Wilsongate" not yet "Watergate":

What's the most tired subject line at DU?

Which Western country will be the first to elect a non-white Prez/PM?

A Modest Prediction

Beacon News: Under Attack, Diebold Fights with Cease & Desists

What if they gave a war and nobody came?

Crisis in the White House - Bush under fire

Question about Clark,

Computer experts fear voter recall fraud (CA) (BBV)

How California is like Iraq?

John Kerry part of Skull N Bones?

Movie title: "Kill Bill" Do ya think the freepers love the name?

Should the term "b**ch-slap" be permitted on DU?

How California is like Iraq?

Handicapping the candidates

"Do you have confidence in George W. Bush's ability.....

Evan Thomas On Imus...And Thoughts

Best Presidents Ever

Arnold: "... all these women want to have an apology?

More 'balance' on Hardball (6:33 p.m. CST)

Clark Iowa Town Hall Meeting Tonight CSPAN2

CBS: All but said Arnie's won

Quizno's ads heard on OxyRush and Hannity

If The Governator goes Hasta La Vista in the election...

Let's act like Repukes - make unsubstantiated attacks and

Did any of Rush's callers ask him if he is still using drugs?

What is everyone's opinon on state rightists?

CNN tomorrow: Did Clinton develop a character flaw early in life?

For those who can watch BBCWorld

Rush Limbaugh to fans: I'm not being Clintonesque

Difference Between Bush and Johnson

Biologists/Doctors: What is Botox?

BBC TV News reports Turkish Parliament agrees to send troops to Iraq...

Anyone think Bush* campaign will use flight suit footage?

Good Things About the South

Gray Davis is a violent brute who attacks women?

I can't get over how insensitive some people can be...

Sean (idiot) Hannity on the radio today declaring that Kay has

How will the CA election go?

Tweety's right wing love fest

Did Clark re-register yet? I keep looking for an article and I can not

Why all the Groping/Hitler stuff probably doesn't bother Arnold....

Who will be selected to replace Gray Davis as Governor of California?

Will Gray Davis be recalled (removed) as Governor of California?

Looking at Hannity's forums

Arnold's Abused Women. Total =15 (so far)

ABC web article on Furious CIA agents over leak

Ex-CIA Larry Johnson on MSNBC

There's a Common Ground Here, that's why I stay...

British Redcoats in wigs honoring the President of Kenya! on CNN

A Sixth Grade Class Assesses the Recall

Next on NBC nightly news: Why California recall matters for entire USA

NYT poll: Majority of Americans Turn Against Iraq War - and Bush

Bush White House Is Treasonous -

Holy CCRAP! The Canadian Alliance is far more complex than I thought...

Gonad the Govn'r cant answer (cartoon)

Why has only one poll come out since Leakgate broke?

How should Democrats approach the South in '04?

BBV OMG Lou Dobs now

If McClintock doesn't drop out today, we win. THAT SIMPLE!

Poll: Was Israeli air attack justified on (...) camp in Syria? Beat Freep!

Premiere Magazine March 2001 (!) article on Arnold S's groping problem

How would you end the I/P conflict?

Last two standing

NBC nightly news: Just showed Diebold voting machines

Southern Democrats complain over lack of southern strategy

Bush proclaimes Marriage Protection Week, 2003

10/03/03 Yahoo(USAToday): Attacks in Iraq increase, 17 per day

We're going to win this recall power grab

Anyone have links regarding voting places closed for recall

"Chickenhawk One to chickenhawk Cheney do you..."

Iraq Casualties

No matter the angle, he just looks stupider and stupider

When was the last time you saw a headline mentioning Cruz Bustamante?

greg palast article

Good read from motherjones

NAACP Up in Arms Over Student's Proposed 'Caucasian Club'

rush on msnbc

Palm Beach County/Racism & Antisemitism

Chris Matthews shills for Arnold and shuts up yet another woman

BBV and Diebold timeline: good article :)

Vote Counting in CA

Do NOT Vote for PORN KONG tomorrow in California - free TBTM Graphic!

(Several thousand dollars)AP: FBI Sent Hamas Money (to uncover money path)

Stop the RECALL! Here is how:

DU Voting Pool: Davis (no recall); Bustamante (% on subject header)

Clark may consider legalizing marijuana for pain...

Support for recall now below 44%

usually I agree with the top 10 conservative idiots

Clark asks for criminal investigation of Bush!

Bob Graham to be on Larry King this evening.

Someone in the Dean campaign is not a football fan

More on Team B & the roots of OSP (Warning: Academic Paper)

new hate radio advertisers

Dukakis says Dean isn't the next Dukakis

Faux News Arrogance - Billboard next to CNN jabs at Zahn

Dean on Wolf Blitzer at 5 PM ET

Transcript of Olbermann's remarks about O'Reilly, Franken, and dissent

For Calif DUers - has the Ahhnold/Lay/Enron news made any papers?

I'd expect a 3rd grade class to elect Ah-nuld, or Bugs Bunny or Spiderman

Free Speech Rights And Rush Spin, How to beat the Spin?

Bush family babysitter dies

Arnold won`t run Calif. if he wins.

West L.A. - Santa Monica Meetup Still On For Tuesday?

Hannity: "Ed Asner Threatened Me"

What happens if Arnold wins?

What happens if Davis wins the recall?

Please help answer this poll question

Traitorgate - Who Leaked?

cnn to explore clinton's

Begala Slams FOX on Crossifre

Limbaugh: "Why Isn't Hollywood Defending Arnold?"

Ten Recall Do's and Don'ts

Arianna's up next on CNN

Michael Moore #1 at amazon (comes out tomorrow)

Election 2000 to the CA recall: spectacle and treachery

Is CNN Campaigning for Arnold ?

<<>> Help Teacher Fired for War Views

Final Recall Predictions

Are the David Kelly and Valerie Plame incidents related?

So, a German ping-pong player tells me at the Stuttgarter bierfest,

Is leakgate better for Dem Prez hopefuls if we dont find out who did it?

Touch screen voting

UN refugee chief's term extended; refuses salary and travel expenses

New Iraq Stabilization Group(answer questions and your take)

Could this whole Iraq war be a conspiracy between Bush & Saddam?

Coming to a Frwy Near You: 'Honey, Look - Bush's Pants Are On Fire!'

Republicans and Science don't mix?

graph- fatalities in the Conquest of Iraq

Ever watch * with the sound turned off?


The Gropenator?

Can Clark be tagged as being too liberal by Rove?

Does it seem odd to anyone that Bush doesn't have any friends?

This is huge!

Arnold's female fans blame the woman he manhandled, not him. Pathetic.

Article from small town conservative rag bashing Clinton

Question for Californians

Randi Rhodes *IS* LIVE today!

Josh Marshall: Bush is not "cooperating" with the investigation

BBV: David Kay, former VP of SAIC

Michael Moore's letter to the President.

Rush Limbaugh and Roy Black: Question..

Question regarding UN condemnations: Once the condemnation

Phone calls against the recall. Please participate.

Whoa! wonder Ahh nold wants to get of the house!

Tavis had a really good, 14 minute interview with Davis today

I think scores of Indpendents will move from Arnie to McLintock

The DailyHowler takes it to Tweety today

National Inquirer story on the Gropenator from Dec., 2000 says it all:

Jesse J.: "even a frustrated chicken shouldn't vote for Col Sanders"

BBV: Repealing the Help America Vote Act (HAVA)

"There is an axis of terror that begins in Iran..."

The leaker (in VP office, prob.), need help with links:

What happened to looted Iraqi nuclear material?

You deleted my reply simply because I have another view???

Secret Societies and World Power

Recall outcome will lower Republican morale...

Governor Dean Asks California Supporters to Vote “No” On Recall

Treasongate, Excellent Report fom Asia Times.....

BBV Book Pledge Moved to Activism/Events Forum

If everyone who votes against the recall votes for Cruz Bustamante...

Why Arnold Could be Good for Us.......

MSNBC breaking.......heavy fighting going on across Lebanon/Israeli border

Arnold, the American dream!?!?!

People Power-Another Rant on Little Caesar, the Doctor and the General

did anyone watch Washington Journal this a.m. on c-span?

Did anyone notice how silly Bush appeared in the news briefing...

McClellan WH Press Briefing on C-Span Now n/t

Limbaugh show - 10/6/03

Bush has been ill-served...

Republican men are victims, women and minorities are not

This is such a great cartoon!

What ever happened to our leaders working for us?

I called Howard Coble (My Congressman) this AM. Ask me anything.

Just watching (listening) CSPAN

Direct hit on Tweety's Misogyny

Norton dodges query on leaving Cabinet

Did Joe Conason implicate Tweety this weekend?

You're tuned to

WHOAH! Did anyone else here catch THIS typical Right Wing "dirty trick?"

Is the Great El Rushbo in Withdrawl

DU this poll

BBV: This is how America has changed since Selection 2000...

Democracy -Greg Palast talks about Arnold and Enron

The Effect of Atheophobia on PR

And now, currency wars (waged by the bushgang - it's dirty)

Jennings Presses Arnold....

Clark supporters, what issues do Clark and Dean differ on?

What's the best Calif vote, to oppose the 2-party system? Green, or other

could 2 votes take place in Ca.? paper/boxes set up outside polls?

Beware, Limbaugh and Insannity will be in overdrive today

Israel: A liberal's dilemma

this is freaky...freeper angst about McClintock is the same as ours

Iraq is governing itself without a "central government"...

Novak! Stop digging!

Pat Robertson: in defense of Rush Limbaugh

The California Recall Election

An opportunity opens WIDE up here in Canton

White House: Don't Worry, These Guys Didn't Do It!!

TPM: Josh Marshall on Bush/CIA Leak and FOX News

New aol poll shows 42% saying Bush is doing a lousy job leading

View from the distance (Toronto) on Ahnold

Ontario, Can. on 10/2 voted with paper ballots - count finished in 1 hr.

Catch Greg Palast on this morning's "Democracy Now"

You don't elect a person. You elect their friends.

TV News Lies Live Webcast starting at Noon ET.

Palast on Democracy Now! KPFA and KPFK

Mice to test Bush's food for poison.......heads up PETA!

DU this poll, If you lived in California, who would you vote for to be gov

Which is the one on one Dem debate you'd like to see?

American carefree tourists, beware

Deleted message

YAAAAY !! The economy is improving

Reporters are Cowered!

Are you ready for the new Bush spin?

Republicans and Brits will count California's recall votes - really

Putin Says U.S. Faces Big Risks in Effort in Iraq

Why Limbaugh's, or any radio talker's, schtick can never work on sports TV

Jesse Ventura on the CA recall...

Diebold left private information on 310,000 Texans on the Internet

Elton John rips Dennis Miller

Patch released to fix the vulnerability exploited by the Trojan Hatoy

BBV: The Recall is clearly not legal

Is true conservatism a worthy opponent?

In light of Toyota's hybrid vehicle announcement

A Question About The L.A. Times...and Jill Stewart

Al Franken on Leno tonight

Throughout US history, can anyone name any left-leaning US Generals?

Dean supported Clark's Bombing of Serbia

Rush Limbaugh and Drugs and our Children

Something I find to be sickening

If ever a picture needed a caption...

Mail Call: Letters to the Editor of Newsweek on Their Clark Article

WTF! CIA Author Kessler on CNN trying to blame the leak on...Novak!

Freeper racism targets Hispanics (Congressional Hispanic Caucus

FreeRepublic = hate group?

LOL... Ann Coulter mad at Anderson Cooper...

Printable stickers for California's election tomorrow - (I think I voted)

Clark on C-Span2 NOW

"The Admiral" David Robinson on Scarbarough Country TOnight

If Clark had agreed to be Dean's VP, would Kosovo be an issue now?

Arnold's lust for power..........

How Would You Quantify Your Support Of Israel?

Another woman comes forward with allegations against the Gropenator!

BBV: Latest Co-sponsors for H.R. 2239 (10/2/2003)

What happens when an ordinary person commits sexual battery?

Rate this Pic: Newest Woman Coming Out Against Arnold

If you can watch BBCWorld

Question regarding the Anthrax mailings


Bush Family Babysitter Killed in Fairfax

For those pushing the Palast article, this needs to be read as well.

Is private healthcare a means of promoting excessive workload???

GOP Pollsters Insist Dean Can Beat Bush

Worst President?

The Facts and Myths about General Wesley Clark

Poll: Did you support the Kosovo war?

Question about the "I admire Hitler" quote...

Iraq: What Went Wrong (By General Clark, in the NY Review of Books)

There is a traitor in the WH, since Bush cant find him Bush must go

Greg Palast on Tomorrow Tuesday 12N EST!!!

How would you vote tomorrow?

BBV: Live, real-time "trouble reports" forum for California recall

HEADS UP! you will be seeing these complaints on reporting in Iraq

Is it oxymoranic to be "liberal" on social issues and "conservative" on ..

Talking to my Southern Baptist mother on her birthday...

Michael Moore on "The Daily Show" tonight. 10/6 11PM Eastern nt

I just saw Will Pitt speak here in The Hague!

Steve Earle: standing up, speaking out

If you have a problem with the Kosovo war, isn't your beef with Clinton?

Clark Was Not Clinton's General: An Inside Look At Clark Falsely Accused

If Kosovo war wasn't about ethnic cleansing...


2004 is the Dems to lose

Calling all DUers

Dean was just on CNN. He just gets better and better. His message

Clark Leads in early Alabama poll; Gep in second.

EVERYBODY!!! BBV story at top of Yahoo News ... GO RATE IT NOW!

A good analysis of how states will go

Dean's Achilles Heel?

"Don't blame me, I voted for Gore!"

The Rush aftermath at ESPN

Specter, Hoeffel, Crystle on PA Townhall: Why I am Running for US Senate

Republicans and Brits will count California's recall votes

Syria demands UN condemn Israeli air raid

Wrong forum

Schwarzenegger Claims Campaign Momentum

Putin Beefs Up ICBM Capacity

Feisty Legislature awaits victor

ESPN: Atlanta Thrashers Player (NHL) Dan Snyder Has Died

Support grows for Medicare premium boost

Diverse docket for court's new term

AP: Computer Experts Fear Recall Voter Fraud (BBV)

Sky journalist who faked (Iraq) report found dead

Employers expected to fight new worker health insurance law

Blair 'Knew Iraq Had No WMD'

Colombian mayoral candidate killed

Kay: Iraq isn't cleared of WMD charges

Schwarzenegger's Love Child is EXPOSED!

Cigarette giant denies smoking leads to cancer - Imperial Tobacco

DUPE - Moved to GD


'Road Map' Setbacks Highlight U.S. Pattern [washington post on bush's bad]

U.S. Troops Occupy Iraq Oil Refining City

Former Arkansas Gov. Sid McMath dies at 91

Turkey's Cabinet Approves Troops for Iraq

U.S. sentences slashed in Ariz.

Data Revision Confirms Weak Jobs Picture

Gay row risks Catholic links, says Williams

Armitage Pledges to Deepen U.S.-Pakistan Alliance

Soldier From Miami Drowns in Baghdad

McClintock Calls on Schwarzenegger to Resign If Charges Prove True

Former candidate home from hospital (Bill McBride)

Gaddafi announces separation from Arabs

Bush Asserts Israel's Right to Defense - Yahoo

Syria urges U.S. not to veto UN resolution on raid

MSNBC breaking: Israel fires across Lebanon border..heavy fighting

Bill For Iraq Reconstruction Goes Up, Up, Up

U.S. closes controversial detention camp; Iraqi lawyers win concessions

Loyalists of Saddam blamed for protests

Some White House Workers Turn Over Papers

Bush Orders Iraq Effort Reorganized

Afghan women face 'daily danger'

Santo to have tumors removed

Supreme Court Won't Hear Bible Club Case

Forlong (Sky News reporter who faked Iraq story) commits suicide

Tenn. Plant to Make Energy, Bomb Material

Rush endorses McClintok

Syria Urges U.S. Not to Veto UN Resolution on Raid

War reporter found dead

Carrier to shut Syracuse plants


U.S. Criticizes Syria After Israeli Raid

Commandments rally held in D.C.

High Court Rejects WWII POW Labor Case


Sea Shepherd Crew Arrested for Documenting Dolphin Slaughter in Japan

Man accuses ASU police of racial profiling

Israeli soldiers firing across Lebanon border, live MSNBC no link`

Democratic chairman mulls sponsor logos for presidential primary

Iraq Awards Phone Licenses, Rebuffs U.S. Technology

Mercenary locked up in Miami for '91 plot

Russia's Putin Warns U.S. of Prolonged Iraq War

Anthrax threat shot down early in war (Australia)

Bush says he expects thorough leak probe

High Court tosses Philip Morris judgment

Supreme Court Denies Stillbirth Appeal

AP: FBI Sent Hamas Money in Clinton Days

At U of I, Dean steps up criticism of Bush

Chris Matthews to interview Democratic presidential candidates

DU Posting Used In White House Press Conference! (CIA LEAKS)

WH Press briefing on CSPAN

9-11 Panel Director May Have Conflict of Interest (with Condi Rice)

Episcopal Meeting Opposes Church on Gays

Clark Lets (Some New) Positions Be Known

Mystery Blood Clots Kill U.S. Troops


Rolling Stones New DVD Exclusive To Best Buy (no independent sales!)

House GOP Unveils $86.7B Iraq Package

Computer Experts Fear Recall Voter Fraud

Changed attitudes may rescue Davis

New Woman Makes Allegations Against Arnold

Study: Sexual Orientation is "Hard-wired."

Will Wal-Mart's lower benefits set pace?

Electronic chip to detect Sars

What happened to looted Iraqi nuclear material?

Ministers round on Cook over diaries serialisation

N.H. Sues 22 Major Oil Companies (over MTBE)

Decline in oceans' phytoplankton alarms scientists

Canadian freed from Syrian jail

GAO: Pentagon sold biolab gear

Bickering may blow spot in Super Tuesday primaries for Texas

India's tech industry is booming. More jobs going going gone

Dixie Democrats Voice Frustration (MSNBC)

Gunfire from Israel Hits UN Truck in Lebanon-UNIFIL

Cuba denies renewed claim of limited germ warfare capability

Bush Family Babysitter Killed in Fairfax

I cannot be beaten this week in the DU Fantasy Football League!!!

Me and my shadow...Strolling down the...

Question for the cat people re: breeds

Adult Swim Viewers: Did Meatwad just use the F word?

Hilary's campaign isn't a Repug delusion, or is it?

The Chukker Is Closing!!!

When Arnold people pull that Clinton shiit...

new Hannity sponsors

Looking for a copy of "It Can't Happen Here"...

Anyone else see "Our Town" on PBS tonight?

Monday morning poll

For other sports fans.

woo hoo I hit 500!

Dusty Baker and Mike Ditka against the entire NFL and MLB


Customer service: ever hear of customer tiering?

This week the menu is “Surf and Turf”

Have you guys seen the Hall punt return?

Anyone watch NFL countdown last night?

Does anyone follow Major League Soccer (for men)?

Is anybody here a member of the "mile high club"?

Is a rebuilt engine a worthwhile option for a

Jack Black Working To Make Dog Turds And Drug Laws Disappear

Red Toupee By Al Stewart

What's the most tired subject line at DU?

A Modest Proposal

Any "Manchild" fans here?

If you're interested

I want to watch DVDs on my notebook

Why is the liquid in canned beans viscous?

I'm having a cyst removed today

How Old Were You When You Got Married?

Hello to our newest member Krakowiak!!!

Best argument against Limbaugh....(The Sports Guy)

So it will be Canada vrs USA for third place ....

Voting Question...? How does one go about voting and making sure that

I hope everyone appreciates how epic this Sox-A's game is tonight

Baseball question

Pictures of Fixated!

Freepers Vs. DUers: Amazon's Paul Krugman Review

Adopt the Cubs avatar week!

Do you pick your nose?

GURUving has 100 posts & possibly the best screenname in history

Did you have Right-of-Lifers yesterday?

Any ideas on a good CD duplicator?

Down town LA rally tonight!

Hey! When did the Yankees sign the Bears' old fullback to play baseball


What are your "guilty pleasures".....

anyone here ever have LEEP surgery?

Ugh... terrible terrorism/World Series dream last night...

My cat has herpes - ask me anything!

101 Testicle Recipes and Fun Facts!

What a fabulous sports day Sunday was!!

the 23rd psalm redux

I need help finding the link showing Faux watchers missinformed about....

Jack Black Working To Make Dog Turds And Drug Laws Disappear

Any new perversities from Arnold Shicklegroper today ?

Truth eating the Darwin Fish

I just got hearing aides

Coffe and doughnuts now being served in the Grotto!

Al Gore called me this weekend!

Did anyone else feel sick watching "Treat Matix"?

weird romantic illness

Is Bush losing the US public?

FLORIDA: 'I saw bugs bunny saw it off and give it a push towards cuba...'

Again.....please go see School of Rock...

Yay Cubbies!

Ladies and Gentlemen: Start your captions!!!!

Canya'..................................kenya CAPTION?

LOTR - TROTK - latest pic from Yahoo

WTF is up with this photo?

How do you pronounce 'syrup'?

Anyone knows of a good blog script?

popularity contest

Newborn baby discovers Cincinnati is, in fact, the Toilet of the Midwest

Lamest photoshop contest I've ever seen

Good (Monday) Morning DU ... The HANGOVER Thread

The Onion editors at B&N tonight in NYC - discussion and signing

What's the difference between Rush and The Hindenburg?

Who's the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about?

Bill Clinton just called me!

Anyone see that stupid Nugent reality show?

Something made me post this.

What's wrong with my dog?

Da Bears beat the Raiders; Cubs beat Braves - Ask me "Who's Your Daddy?"

Way past time for a Blues Brothers sequel...

Bay Area DUers: YANG does comedy

Abbey Road......

I spoke at a Community College today. Ask me anything.

I know nothing, DON'T ask me anything!

The winner of the Week 7 College Football Pool is....................

I didn't have to have stitches!

Incurious George

That Cybill Shepherd + Davis story

My book about Bob Feller is about to be published.

Whoa! wonder Ahh nold wants to get of the house!

Is it really a big deal to have a "w" on your college transcript?

Y’all come on down to the Bevo BBQ, ya hear.

First thing Maria should do after Arnold loses tomorrow's election:

OMG - Now I'm getting spam email for penis enlargement PATCHES!

new hate radio advertisers

Hell has frozen over, ladies of DU...

Is the clock at the website off?

Favorite Luncheon Meat?

I got laid this weekend...ask me anything.

Is there a marked difference between senility and alzheimers

more new OxyRush and Savage Weiner Sponsors

CAPTION the fortuneate son who is always right behind the troops

I have been groped by Arnold....any other DUers belong to the club?

anyone gotten any replies from any hate radio advertisers I have posted

They Found WMDs....Let's Have a BOTOX Party!

Quizno's ads heard on OxyRush and Hannity

Clinton's Penis sends School Vouchers to Nader, Lieberman


I've never been dumped! Ask me anything!

Should we send the tiger from Siegfrid and Roy's show to one

LOL!!! Anyone need a new sig photo? Check out Bush* on Al Jazeera!

I wonder if Nomar is going to vote on the recall

If The Sox Win, Who Should I Root For?

Where're you from (Non American DUers)

Thank you for granting my wish.

Do You Like "Dirty" Politics? last Beatle thread today...........

I think I'll just give up posting,

Hey PC techies, check out the new nightmare:

I can't get over how insensitive some people can be...

Follow-up to HEyHEY's "foreigner poll". I'm curious....

75% of All Chowds to Call in Sick Tomorrow

Biologists/Doctors: What is Botox?

Which Top 10 Cfootball Team has the best chance of winning the NC

have you ever used sexuality to get something in life?

Gary Burbank (WLW-Cincinnati) on Limbaugh's drug habit:

So get a load of this crap.

Favourite Canadian Punk Act?

Share your near-death experiences!

What is your TOTAL credit card debt?

The Porpoise

Online orgasm simulator...


Britney Spears does it again, Esquire photo has butt

Join the California "Chalk Squad!"

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

CARTOONS ... puerilely for your edification.

Small Request. Soldier Pics + War pics

"You have an urgent message from your jeweler"

Since we're talking about black quarterbacks. . .

I just drove 3000 kilometers, ask me anything


Best pick-up lines that got you a homerun or a strikeout

Monday's 'IN' The Undergroundrailroad -- Monday, October 06, 2003

What's The Hardest Drug You've Ever Done?

I am scared and depressed here in Cali. Please send hope.

Is this the last NHL season?

What Sport Do You Care The Least About

I just lost my best friend