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Up in Flames (The fight against FCC changes...great read)

C-SPAN 9 PM ET House debating Iraq Emergency Supplemental

Hannity mentioned DU on his radio show today

Saturn in Cancer: Chronicle III

'Cairo's residents are suffocating'

Tribes buy mine site; 27-year Crandon battle ends

Vision leads to Satanist coven - SA

Lord's Resistance Army clubs civilians - Uganda

Aussie man arrested over Nigerian 419 scam

The NRA's little world is shrinking

But shouldn't Bush supporters be banned from DU?

Please See This Thread, Starting From Post #85

Is there a way to change your Screen Name...

Police divided on Sharon's role in Greek island affair

Where'd the Dean/Pelosi thread go?

The bluff goes on and on

Sharon's newest critic: Israeli army chief

I'm looking for a reliable, unbiased source for the conflict

Something for the Kucinich supporters.

Can the Dems use global warming

See Dick Run

Dean Criticizes Senate for Rejecting Global Warming Bill

Kucinich's Green Party endorsement called into question

new Iowa poll results

Edwards Fights Bad Judges

Faux News Spin: Iraqis won't join police cause Dem might get elected in US

Caption this: (Lord W)

Boys in the Band?

Call up of Washington Troops

omg...while reseaching & writing my speech to "persuade" i dug up

Former senior Baathist, was on his way to be reemployed

I have a question about the defense spending in the GDP.

There's no such thing as a Zell Miler Democrat...

What kind of voting machines will be used in the Democratic primary?

Chomsky says Bush re-election hangs on a "manufactured threat"

Mike Malloy on now! Geust is Dennus K. Yay!

Kucinich On Malloy Tonight !!! --- 'In The Second Half Hour' !

ARGH! Greens Want To Spoil Democratic Race! Ban them from DU!

Lets talk economics (repost)

Whether Bush Wins Or Not Depends On Which Way The Wind Is Blowing in Novem

Kucinich is being interviewed on the Malloy show n/t

Bush DNA

What Does Your Gut Tell You IOWA Is Gonna Turn Out Like?

ABC Australia's MediaWatch covers Bush Visit & Brown Flap

We will leave no stone, umm.....

Dennis Kucinich On Mike Malloy Tonight.

A Challenge to DUers

Election up here in less than week.

this weekend is the start of holiday shopping....

Not a good day for Democrats....

Another reason there are NO WMD's in Iraq...

Media ignoring Lott "mow the whole place down" quote... Deja Vu?

How much does Diebold

Does anyone remember the character Renfield in Bram Stoker's

My Bush-worshipping Republican brother hung up on me

Repuke Ninnies close down Capitol. Now what?

What in the hell is Pelosi doing talking about Irag this late(11PM ET)LIVE

Freepers are writing to CBS sponsors over Reagan movie...let's counter

Progressive Radio Tonite! Live Webcast from Houston!

Where are the Kerry supporters?

Look at his FACE!

How many people vote because of the GDP, how many vote for jobs.

Mona Charen will be on with Brian Lamb tomorrow AM on C-SPAN

A Form of Looting: The Bushit 7.2% economic growth "recovery"

Heads Up - House about to take up Iraq/Afghanistan $87 billion

Middle East Jokes by Jay leno

Which bizzazre ticket would you support

Hey John Asscroft? Please answer this:

Seattle DU'ers: I Hate Tim Eyman With The Heat of a Thousand Suns

WINGNUTS DEFEATED! Report on conference with my son's teachers.

Economy 'improving', Bush* a 'war hero' - Democratic strategy?

C-span: wolfowitz gets HAMMERED by GWU students (video link)

Sign the petition- Zell Miller

BBV: NASS Statement on Security of Voting Systems

Who is your favorite liberal radio talk show host?

What About Your State?

Clark Supporters! -- I need links and info

Did anyone else just see the Saddham torture video shown on CNN?

Anyone Remember Ramsey Clark?

Kerry supporters, one person's thoughts on Kerry.

Take the JFK Assassination Quiz...

Katherine Harris on CNN

House passes aviation reauthorization bill

Mirror Blushes over Macca Fracas - Why you shouldn't believe the press...

'Many countries' can make nukes

King Pledges to Help Rebuild Iraq--Jordan Times/New World Media Watch

MSNBC Breaking: Moderately Strong Quake Hits North Japan

JUST CAME IN :UN announces temporary pullout

Intelligence panel sets more document deadlines

Complaint Asks for Probe of Sen. Stevens (R-Alaska)

Irael Destroys Shipment of Vitamins for diabled Palestinian children

US 'targets' journalists in Iraq

Cruise bug hits hundreds

bush & bin ladens...awsome

US glumly accepts withdrawals from Iraq

Democrats, Uninvited, March Into Medicare Talks to Make Their Point

Afghan Supreme Court bans beauty pageants

Yahoo Front Page: Groups Question Voting Machines' Accuracy

U.S. Hawk (Perle) Wants Russia Out of G-8

Bush Takes Credit on GDP Growth, Outlook Cautious

N.Y. School's Iroquois Flag Stirs Protest

Students Drill Wolfowitz on Iraq

Arab League chief blasts US pro-Israel "bias"

Daily Show repeat on now...Comedy Central.

I need a new Yak (female, dark or light haired, and a Hairy ASS)

Return Of The Vampire

Legend Of The Headless Rider

Any Liz Phair fans?

The real issue on Halloween

Geez!! Survivor is better than ever this year!!!!

The Bell Witch

D'oh! - No donor

You should really watch more TV

I bought a new (used) car. Ask me anything!

David Blaine to attempt marriage to Liza Minelli

Mother Teresa Used Steroids in Bid for Sainthood

Canadian Media outlet exposes the Bush family, a must read

Ooh, you know what?

Alien Girl? Alien Girl?

Post your favorite Halloween-flavored tunes here!!!!!

"Reservoir Dogs" on A&E 'Uncut' Now (8:00 p.m. CST)

Favorite They Might Be Giants Song

Ok......others here have drooled over men and women

Guessing game for horror fans how have IMC

I almost died today, part 2....

Any Bay Area Duers want to grab a few beers and brainstorm?

One of the hotmail ads really made me think today.

Have you ever been a member of Kef's Secret Society?

A boy without a winkle? Lord be praised! 'Tis a miracle!

Castaway Wilson smilie url Please?

Best Type Of Chocolate Syrup

What the cat dragged in

"Predidential Candidate" Edwards on education

Al Franken on Conan replay NOW!!!

Which scares you the most?

Have ever...(L.F Question! Enter at your own risk!)

i missed it...who got voted off the island tonite???


Hey, I did it! I fought temptation and won! Here's how:

i love the mike malloy show but.....

Hockey Fans: did anyone watch the Devils vs Flyers tonight?

Hetero halloween party I've been invited to, should I go?

AAAAAAAnton Levaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!

'specially for Halloween -- why would anyone want to dress up as Bush*?

Alan Watts

Kucinich to be on Mike Malloy tonight

Some trivia for you: What is the Spook Light

The most Horrific Story you will ever read! (Dont read if you want ZZZ)

Caption this: (Lord W)

what`s happening in cali?

Truly disturbing commericals ...

Best way to paint plastic?

Bar results come out tomorrow morning-my guts are twisting

Progressive Radio Tonite! Webcast from Houston!

Reporting for duty in the 700 Club, guys.

My son...the prisoner...

Has anyone here seen "Mystic River"?

MIIIIIIIIIIIIIISTER Crowley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (since it is Halloween)

Feelin' Halloweenie in the GROTTO!

Very crabby. Make me laugh.

Best Horror Music?

Hey my 1,000th post! Thank you DU for so much...

Trying not to feel hurt by this

This is my 2000th Post!

What would you do if you ran into Ann Coulter in a restaurant?

Have You ever Been a member of a Secret Society or Frat?

A Challenge to DUers

Blessed Samhain

Say hello to the latest little progressive

I am freaking out! Hope someone can give me an answer

Everyone is __________ but me!!!

Last post for the night...My thoughts on women

Wil Wheaton answered my email regarding DU. Here it is minus my name.

Does Anyone Here Have a Blog?

My fetish is cool. Your fetish is sick and wrong.

I've heard Tru Calling sucks, but it has Eliza Dushku!

TV Show Theme Songs Evoke Fond Memories?

Paris - "What Would You Do?"

Has anyone notice the influx of new members lately?

Britain through the eyes of a German

Profiting from the essence of APEC

Jamaica looks to its children to end the days of killing

Intelligence War Is Trouble for Bush-Joe Conason

Special offer as Berlusconi's love songs come out on CD

Salon: Fox News: The Inside Story

"The big question, of course, is jobs ... "

Bush’s black-is-white view of Iraq

Letter to Zell Miller in AJC

Friedman: Don't be misled: Iraq is not like Vietnam

State firefighters rejected air drop request (CA)

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

S. Sontag: "The Fragile Alliance" (US-Europe)

Chicago Trib:War contractors are big donors

Turn It Over- WaPo Editorial to bush* admin about 9-11 papers

Bush Blesses Religious Intolerance in Opposing It: Ann Woolner (Bloomberg)

"Corps Voters"

My LTTE Got Published Today!

Democrats Could Be History:In Kentucky, Recent Scandals Might Rewrite...

Waiting for the General

The U.S. Government Lied To You

The Wall Street Journal's Revisionist History

Global Eye -- An Inspector Calls

Krugman: A Big Quarter (Perspective on 3rd quarter numbers)

Ministry Founder Says Muslims Intent On World Domination

The Incredible Lying BushCo

Charlie Reese: Osama Doesn't Like Us

Virginia democrats need your help

Any DUers in South Central Minnesota interested in meeting/mobilizing??

Vice president to raise money in Cleveland

Click to fund mammos for poor women

Attention Ohio DUers

Conservative Hate Radio: Milwaukee Style

Rossie: Bush barks at media lap dogs

Hit Limbaugh where it hurts

NBC Hires Dennis Miller to Host Show

Astrologers: Second solar storm. Whatsis?

Check in DU Feminists (women and men)

Did any astrologers predict the recent spate of solar flares?

"America is not a democracy. It is a republic."

Issue of Gay Marriage Today on NPR

Help me come up w/ an argument against Bush and the GDP?

Stiglitz rips Greenspan

Your Nominees Wanted: Biggest Corporate Blunders

Senate Rejects Greenhouse Gas Bill - Reuters

Toyota Considers Third Shift To Meet New Prius Demand

Canadian Scientists Confirm Permafrost Warming - CBC

Congo rebels stop UN observers from investigating claims

GUNS IN THE NEWS--October 31, 2003

Isn't this pushing in a bit?

Huge Signatures

i wish i would have thought to ask this before we voted on the GD rules

What fresh weirdness is this?

Huh?? My locked thread was not a dupe.

Is there a way to post tables?

Are Sarcasm and Arrogance Now Outlawed Forms of Expression? (LONG)

A new 'attack' form.

Happy Halloween!!

Had my message removed...

Looks like the Gun Dungeon is overflowing into other forums again

Totally confused and more than a little upset.

With regard to the media,

Talks on Release of Hostages in Colombia Fail By Yossi Melman

When the US is more "hawkish" on the Palestinians than the Israelis are

The IDF's daily chorus of incitement

teaching terror

Gay Politicians Keep Power in Israeli Elections

The Politics of Peace Prize: Israel and Hannan Ashrawi

Subs to cost about US$10bn, US says - For Taiwan

Halloween Special

Senator Bob Graham

Anyone watch Jim Lehrer newshour on PBS tonight??

Clark Tops Edwards in SC

Independent poll shows Jindal with 11-point lead

Facing Global Climate Change

Hinchey endorses presidential contender Dean

The Rank Hypocrisy of Dean Supporters

Stop The Madness!

Vote for the Scariest Republican

What happens in Iowa?

"This White House doesn't even know where the buck is."

Goobergunch! I need you (and others)

Herseth Declares Candidacy While Janklow Mulls Options

New info on the gay bashing flap?

Some new Texas Re-redistricting info from (candidate list)

Will GDP be a boost for Bush?

Dean to be in Jax November 4.

"All we are saying, is give IMPEACHMENT a chance!"

Kerry Launches New TV Ads in Iowa

The Philadelphia Story - Mayor Street

Kerry Slams Dean for his opposition to assault weapons ban

Kucinich has surpassed Oct fundraising goal!

Kerry come back - John Kerry is trying to get back to basics

Dems for Death: How the Candidates Come Down on Capital Punishment

My take on the gay bashing incident

latest Harris poll

How many issues has Howard Dean flip-flopped on?

Congressman Maurice Hinchey Endorses Dean

Why do you support your candidate? Give it your best shot!

Kucinich interviewed by RollingStone

Bush wants 87 Billion for Iraq Fine, Congress should get to tell him...

have any of the candidates responded to Zell Miller's comments?

pick the lesser of these two evils

Baptist college breaks away from Missouri Baptists

Help! Need links to articles on how pre-war intelligence was twisted

how long before Jobs come?

Patricia Cornwell'S ABC Primetime special Diana's death

do the majority of hate radio listeners even agree with the hosts?

are people more concerned about security or jobs?

Anybody see any polls from Louisiana Governor's race?

Attn: Treasure Coast (& elsewhere) Randi Rhodes fans!

cartoons are like candy -- "too much" doesn't apply!

Ailes sends another memo.

Ann Richard's Keynote Address from the 1988 Democratic Convention

Deconstructing the Patriot Act

what will Chimpy's approval rating be in a year?

Dems Swap Charges Over Metrosexuality

Arnold's in DC having dinner with Ted Kennedy while CA burns!!!

Graham of FL

Support Bush* Shop at the Gap

How much of our $87.5 billion will go to terrorists?

I thank God I was brought up with a dem Mom and repuke Dad

I wanna pick a fight but, I am to tired from my job.

You know what pisses me off...


I'm on hold with Bernie Ward ad contest idea

Is anybody here planning to read Alan Colmes' new book

Cheney the ventriloquist

Democratic Candidates on BBV--info needed please!

Telnaes: "Mi$$ion Extended"

Come on, Dems, support your energized anti-war base...

Ok I have seen it a million times now and I still dont get it....

I am watching a repeat of Wolowitz's speech right now on CSpan

If attacked by Israel Syria permitted under new pact

Privatizing the Military


Freepers have online petition to CBS to boycott "The Reagans"

Ouch! Danziger: "Bubble Boy". Undiluted sulphuric acid

Clark is serioulsy asking if Bush will

Please Help: C.A. Fitts, Hud Missing $Billions, Trial Started Wed. No News

Looks like happy holidays for Dean

Is there any way to force Zell Miller out of the Democratic Party?

OH MY GAWWDD: Look what sick #$%^ Phelps want to do now

"America is not a democracy. It is a republic."

Anybody listening to C-Span open phones? (7:30 a.m. ET)

Ed Schultz will be on CSpan today.

how many people could name the Repub presidental candidates in 96 or 2000?

Loans vs. grants: Why are they so insistent that Iraqi aid be a giveaway?

C-Span now: ED SCHULTZ - on new progressive Media (8:00 a.m. ET)

Any chance California fires were terrorism?

Ah....talking with repubs about the "Bush economy"...

Missouri college telling fundie babtist convention take a hike

9-11 Conspiracy Documentary on CBC - See it here!

Jonah Goldberg proves one point

What the HELL is the DLC talking about?

The economy has recovered? too many "what ifs" still out there..

Message from Kerry Nettle (senator Australia)

We're going to Syria next

Rep. John Dingell writes to CBS protesting Reagan mini-series

Did anyone see those gory Saddam torture tapes?

Cafferty already starting the tax cut spin

Since when does “Neo-con” values define America?

Report Links Iraq Deals To Bush Donations

David Corn on Democracy Now (at 9:12am ET)

This Week's Newsweek--Good For What Ails Ya! Buy it today!!

Saddam Reported Active as Aid Workers Quit Iraq

Can someone help me with posting?

CSPAN Friday AM — Mona Charen

BBC World News Reported: Freight Train Blown up in Iraq/Troop Supplies!

Let’s not call elections a year before the vote.

Osama Bin Laden as a nuclear threat

A New Book by Robert Scheer

"Bubble Boy" (another Danziger zinger!

Bush has got UP 31% of ARMY TIMES ppl that

BBC World News Reported: Freight Train Blown up in Iraq/Troop Supplies!

Another thing gets leaked. And this time, it is John A$$croft

Wesley Clark email message of the day - October 31

So-called economic boom

Call your senator and tell them to vote no on Iraq aid package

Major union indicates likely support for Dean

Dem's start fighting back! (Zell Miller)

'nother Non-Surprise: TX Supreme Ct Favors Business Over Consumers

The WSWS take on the economic recovery that isn't.

Center for American Progress conference on security and peace

the REAL way to talk to your conservative brother in law

Dean Walks a Tightrope Over Positions on Gun Control

True Believers vs Insiders

Howard Govt. (Australia) - watch out for the Greens - they're NAZIS !!!

Secret 9/11 Case Headed to Supreme Court

consumer spending down 0.3% in september?

Alan Colmes on WNYC 11:00am

"9/11" --the new paradigm. From developing deadly poxes to attacking...

Growth in GDP doesn't necessarily translate into job growth.

Ed Shultz, the Fargo, North Dakota LIBERAL talk show host's on C-Span

Political engagement is the "Means"...What are the "Ends"?

bush says not to expect recent economic #'s Evey Quarter

Why Can't Voting Machines Be Like ATM Machines

NPR Gives free platform to Gep for myth spreading

Did you know Halliburton is doing biz with Iran & Syria?

Understanding the Geography of the Iraqi War

NYT: Dean And Clark Confront Electability

Do 'Conservative Democrats' want the 'Far Left' to leave the party?

Why are Republicans so moranic?

Help! Looking for A Condi Rice link.

Panda Software Weekly virus report

Can we pledge to stick it to NPR?

BBV: Portland band on national tour supporting HR 2239

Tinfoil Hats - The California Fire and a Warning

From the Crooks Who Brought You Enron! The BUSH BOOM!

Eric Alterman makes a small comment about TNR on his blog

First Rove, than Rummy, and now A$$croft is the one who is leaking?

Kenneth Copeland

James Nichols sues Michael Moore over 'Bowling'

Wow. Any and all JFK assassination theorists should read this

Why has CNN chosen to release "Iraq Torture Tapes" now?

TV News Lies Webcast to start a little early!

Jesse Helms is back! And this time, he's black

Ed Schultz, liberal talk radio host, on CSPAN: Anyone ever heard him?

Iraqi women fall for American GIs, get married and in trouble

Nobody likes an "I told you so," but...

We are to blame for Zell Miller

FDA calls cloned animals safe as food

Can't you people smell DISASTER HERE?????

Those who fail to put electoral integrity first are asking to lose

Good Stuff on the Recent Rapid Growth

BBV: MIT snared in dispute over voting machines

Who is this stupid Bush apologist witch on CSPAN?

To change my registration or not...

Bush Responsible for California Fires?

Campaign slogans

Watching Wash. & Oregon Crumble (hungriest states)

From New American Strategies - Progress Report (good info)

it's time for some candidates to drop out

Clark Jumps Into the Lead Among Democrats in South Carolina

Ladies and Gentleman, an address from George W. Bush.

BBV Is the FBI now investigating BBV "radicals"?

Does anyone know the technical term

DNC has some Halloween fun at Bush's expense

Ed Schultz (sp) on c-span, 2 (two) emergency broadcasting alert tests,

Iraqis Denied Worker Rights

Who is the scariest Republican? Vote today!

Redistricting in Albany ,Georgia

Massive undecided Democratic voters=enormous problem!

If you've had enough - fight back here!

Question for Los Angeles DU'ers

Anyone here ever heard of Edward Brooke?

Watching Mass. Crumble ("it feels so desolate out there.")

I was at theTom Joyner morning show in Albany, Ga at 6:am

There are leftists, but there is no left

New Voting Protest Sign

Clarkies – there's a $10,000 fundraiser on the blog today

Notes about my election cycle at DU

There's still a year left!

An easy test to determine the electability of "your" candidate..

Liberal "Outrage Radio" debuts Nov. 13

Good summary of the many Reagan tax INCREASES

What Boycott? Americans Splash Out on French Wine

Will their be another Terrorist Attack? Cause: The Economy

Wisconsin Badger Poll has Bush at new low...

Mutual Fund Scandals - Democratic Issue?

CNBC World TV gives me the creeps sometimes.

Man becomes victim of extreme female violence

US rejected Davis on Aid to Clear Trees

Donate your tax cut to Dean!

Eye Wars 04, stealing the flight suit image

What happened to all the BBV posts. What happened to the Web Site?

Job opening- Dean campaign

Clark Blasts Bush Administration for Continuing Blame Game

CTV to show Daily Show in Canada, starting Monday...

bumper sticker idea...

Where's the inspiration?

is George Mason University conservative?

A reason for the 7.2% GDP that noone is talking about

sign up for daily progress report and talking points

Who's the hottest

Which Miller do you hate more--Dennis or Zell?

The Freepers are straining their leashes -- can't wait for the Empire

college Drag show tryouts! which song should I preform to?

Just when you thought reality tv couldn't get any lower...this!

7.2% gdp growth--look at these numbers

Bu$h administration refused request for dead tree removal for California

What happened to the network that some DUers were starting?

OK it's the last day of the last week of October. Where is the major

"a boy tugged at my sleeve and asked whether I wanted to see a foot". . .

A theory on economic swings. Capitalism/Communism

How many of you fear...

Everyone should see the Chavez film. Here's why:

Blundering at the Pentagon

How bad/good will Tuesday be

King George promises to "stay the course" in the US

Anyone know about the FEMA rider snuck into $87Bn bill?

On the occasion of Dan Rather's 72nd. birthday

Canadian goes AWOL from U.S. army

Make The Left Put Up Or Shut Up!

The Best Possible World...What does it look like in Non-political terms?

Globe: Kobe's accuser--role of tabloids

Clark: The Democrats' Military Option

Further Explanation of Clark's comments on Bush's responsibility for 9/11

Clark's Speech to New American Strategies - ONLINE now

Got another letter posted on WorldNetDaily

OMG....guess who is going to be on TV this Sunday!!!

US ranks 31st in freedom of the media.

Here's something that needs to be asked of Shrub..

Ignorance and Deception

Hhhmmmmm... Yesterday Saddam Terra Videos... Today BACK To Peterson Trial

Trick or Treat?

Vote Clark off the Island!

Anyone vote for republicans locally?

Not to beat a dead horse but....

Moby's political ad contest: Bush in 30 seconds

Where is Will Pitt's thread about wanting to pick a fight?

So why did we invade Iraq, anyway?

When worlds collide: Freeper truth hits reality.

Who's familiar with WAR TAX RESISTANCE??

How do we beat ignorance?

Grrr! (expletive omitted) Novakula responding to email on X-fire

Do you own a gun (legally)?

New Harris Poll: Lieberman, Clark, Dean, Kerry

Republican Reps Wolf and Stevens: Bush is Arrogant, doesn't share info.

PSA---Punx for Dean to be featured on MTV

CBS to talk about Ignored Warnings (CA Fires)

A true scary story- I hope some ladies read this

Clark's interview on PBS NewsHour is now online.

Hannity crying because dems not giving Bush any respect for 7.2 GDP

Begala brings up No Bids Contracts In Iraq (Crossfire)

Patriot Act can be a big winning issue for us.

You Can Make A Difference Right Now. Help Us Please.

Thinking of Wolfowitz and the rebuilding of the middle east...

I want to pick a fight

Should rape victims' names be protected by the press?

Where's the inspiration?

by Republican logic, we should have attacked the Soviet Union

John Edwards ahead in Tennessee primary...

What's with all the freakin' "Gun" polls/threads here in GD???

hahahaha.....tough guy John Fund comments on today's CAL shooting

Do The Candidates Use Stools To Even Out Height?

Clark surges to lead in South Carolina

ABBB? NO! Anybody who's Independent! Dean/Kucinich, because they are

I think Edwards needs a scandal so the media will talk about him.

My e-mail from Ed Gillespie (snort!) Repubs worried about Dem attacks.

Guess who's paying wealthy CA homeowners for fire loss? Taxpayers.

Coming soon: MSGoogle?

What's wrong with the northamerican soldiers?

Our local Young Democrats take on the RW's attack on Science.

Lott: "Mow them all down!"

Hypothetical question on the NRA

KY and MS Governorships

Is effective self-defense moral?

In defense of Tweety (Chris Matthews)

Putting the sacred back into Halloween. Say what?

Disheartened at Michael Moore's live appearance tonight

Does anyone out there support Gephardt?

Kerry Protested Civilian Deaths While In Vietnam

I hate the term Repuke

Paul Harvey says the war in Iraq is for oil.

need good response for "aren't you glad that saddam is no longer in power"

Nature (especially POLITICS) follows the BELL CURVE.

Wes Clark Blames Bush For Not Preventing 9/11 ?

Give me some help re:Single Payer

Courts are sexist against men -- this must be changed!

What's your number one campaign issue for 2004 ?

NYRoB piece on Clark.

Democratic Dilemma -- Corporate Populism

Today's Mark Morford (S.F. Chronicle) Must Read! BushCo punks!

Unprecedented: Ashcroft's Attack On Greenpeace

Clinton speaks on how to win in '04

BBV - HR-2239 Help Needed

Which JFK assassination fact do you consider to be most significant ?

New American Strategies Speech now Online - Hear what started it all

Georgia Dems Say GO TO HELL ZELL

Which Senate Dems will vote to give Bush 87 billion today??

Newsweek Photo - Bush Boozing, Laura Looking?

Non-lethal self-defense weapons

What did the assassin/s gain from killing JFK?

Let's welcome Andrew Sullivan to DU

Dennis Miller to get his own nightly prime-time dem-bashing show.

Race relations: we've at least come a little way in 100 years

If we nominate Clark, we can start working on winning back Congress

Seriously...Why do DUers think it is important to be involved in politics?

What did Jerry Brown say about Calif. fires yesterday?

What are you saying to Republicans gloating about the 7%

Quote from Bush 41

MLK quote: unacceptably far left?

George McGovern: His Liberalism had nothing to do w/ '72 defeat

Studs Terkel on Kucinich, Dean & Dem party "Eunuchs"

Nobody ever says "Clark can't win".....Why is that?

DLC/New Dems/Third Way vs. Dean discussion

Al Sharpton unbound

What if a Democratic Senator said they'd support Nader for President?

For all of you who own, and/or support GUNS...

Stealth misogyny: Are women losing ground in their battle for equality

Iraqis See Israel as Culprit in Bombings

Sharon's newest critic: Israeli army chief

Rebel Galloway launches (his own) political party

Feds Turned Down Request to Fight Beetle

US Officials See Hussein's Hand in Attacks on Americans in Iraq

If attacked by Israel Syria permitted under new pact

Cancer Researcher Is Accused of Homicide

Researchers claim to have discovered cure for SARS

Bush Got $500,000 From Companies That Got Contracts, Study Finds

Military terror trial 'imminent'

Mahathir warns of freedom risks - Malaysia


Baghdad Blast Ignites Fires in Historic Area-Cause Unclear; Top Cleric...

Bush Got $500,000 From Companies That Got Contracts, Study Finds

Pakistan police arrest opposition chief for blasting country's army

Justice Dept. Tightens Security in C.I.A. Leak Case

U.S. Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Russian Stock Market To Recover Soon

Putin's Tough Press Law Overruled

Senate Panel Demands White House Hand Over Papers on Iraq Arms by Friday

Iraq business deals may be invalid, law experts warn

SENATE WATCH-10/31/2003 (#1-10:00)

South Korean diplomat briefly kidnapped in Iraq

Iraqis set governor's office ablaze in restive town

Team Creates Vaccine-Evading Mousepox Virus

China, EU Pledge to Become `big Partners'

Iraq Contracts Reek of Cronyism

Blast Reported in Fallujah Mayor's Office

Athletes Testify in Steroid Investigation

Four Iraqis killed, two US soldiers wounded in Baghdad

S & P may downgrade Yukos, Sibneft ratings

House Passes Iraq, Afghan Aid Package

Bush election donors share $8bn Iraq bonanza

US puts right to protest at risk

Cuba travel battle looms

(Rep. John) Shimkus (R-IL) Apologizes for Capitol "Misunderstanding"

Major union indicates likely support for Dean

UK man jailed over $2.5 trillion fraud


Ex-Enron executive agrees to pay $8 million for insider trading

Iraq complains not invited to border security meet

MSNBC reporting entire Iraqi city has been surrounded by barbed wire

U.S. Seals Off Saddam's Home Village

U.S. warns of 'day of resistance' in Iraq (CNN)

Anti-war activist charged for 'misusing phone' to protest to US

Research says Antarctic shelf may cave more

At least 40,000 injured (in Iraq)

Consumers Pare Spending in September

Army Stryker meeting includes protesters (Hawai'i)

Blacks Settling in South at Record Pace

Post-war Baghdad homeless brace for chilly winter

Comedy of errors? A science-politics clash with a twist (Sex studies)

U.S. Rejected Davis on Aid to Clear Trees

Dean Walks a Tightrope Over Positions on Gun Control

870 pages of Potter can pose health hazard

Justice Report on Minority Hiring Edited

'Blood diamonds' accord under fire

Diana Inquiry Looking Closer - Scotsman

Women campaign for peace in Colombia

Congressman Maurice Hinchey Endorses Dean

GDP aside, jobless rate is number that matters

Al-Qaeda prepare for strike against Americans

Vietnam War Terms Creep Into U.S. Debate on Iraq

Cuban Pitcher Defects to Play for U.S.

US Troops Clash with Rioters in Baghdad

Locke calls special session to cancel 2004 presidential primary

(Huge) Antarctic ice shelf is melting rapidly, scientists warn

Government addicted to failed war on drugs


US toxic waste 'ghost fleet' faces setback

Two explosions heard near coalition compound in Baghdad: AFP

VENEZ: Opposiiton Ldrs. Prepare "Civil Rebellion" With Media Support.

Canadian goes AWOL from US army

Clark Blasts Bush Administration for Continuing Blame Game

Dennis Miller To Host New Primetime Talk Show For CNBC

Accused Army officer gets support

U.S. Contractors Pay Price of Drug War in Colombia

US State Department turns over documents to Senate panel

Vietnam War Terms Creep Into U.S. Debate on Iraq

U.S. Rejected Davis on Aid to Clear Trees -- Bush to CA: "Let it Burn!"

San Diego Was In No Shape for This Fight

MSNBC Business Bulletin: Consumer Spending Drops

Q and A: Israel's criticism from within

US blames al-Qaeda for Iraq blasts

Clark Tops Edwards in SC

U.S. soldier killed in bomb attack west of Baghdad

$25 million reward for terror figure sharply cut, or not

Vietnam War Terms Creep Into U.S. Debate on Iraq

Davis Responds to Fires as if Recall Never Happened

Cuba Castro Asks LatAm Movement Leaders To Chart Own Path

Military Expands R&R Program for Troops in Iraq

Analysts Made Accurate Iraq War Estimates

Clinton Stumps for Street, Blasts FBI

AP Radio: US Seals Off Tikrit Until ID Cards Are Given To All

Study Raises Doubts About FDR's Polio

Iraqi farmer 'killed' by US fire

Dean, Gephardt tied in Iowa poll

Moscow schools join Russian Orthodox Church ban on Halloween

Statement From General Wesley Clark In Support of State Lawsuits

Rice Faults Past Administrations on Terror

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq (360 U.S. service members have died)

Critical Study Minus Criticism of Justice Dept.

Kucinich to Bush: Use Russian Tanker To Fight California Fire

U.S. Rejected Davis on Aid to Clear Trees

Lawmakers Fume on Canceled N. Korea Trip

France's Foreign Minister Says US Withdrawal from Iraq Would be Catastroph

Deadline expires for White House

Lebanon rebuffs US over TV series

Security services on high terrorist alert for Bush's British tour

Edwards OK'd Home Sale to Saudi PR Man

US special force soldier killed in Afghanistan

Number of Hungry Families in U.S. Rising (Third year in a row)

Clark Blasts Bush Administration For Continuing Blame Game

Press Release Source: Republican National Committee (Reagan Mini-Series)

US 'will rule cloned food safe'

Affirmative Action Past May Hurt Democrats

Cuba predicts strong support at U.N. vote

Malaysia Gets First New Leader in 22 Yrs.

Worries grow over new voting machines (BBV/Detroit News/AP)

German Jews Protest Lawmaker's anti-Semitic Remarks (Friday, 10/31/03)

US puts right to protest at risk

Philippine President Gloria Arroyo struggling as impeachment crisis drags

So, have you started getting dressed for tonight?

Al Franken or Michal Moore?

I Swear They Ought To Rename Today "Ho"-lloween

Post Your Halloween Costume Pics Here!

Heads up!! Eva Cassidy book "Songbird"

They made plushie cthulhu an avatar image?!

Any thoughts on my shopping list?

Zardoz is a fake!

I'm almost done!

I am LIVING Poe tonight

Your thoughts on Halloween.... (a diatribe by ChoralScholar)

Disheartened at Michael Moore's live appearance tonight

One more time I'll come back there and kick your skinny ass!

REALLY the last post from me...who would think it fun to get sex toys from

This is pretty funny..the end of the world

Baptist college breaks away from Missouri Baptists

Porn Movie Title Charades Game

Listened to a song that made me think of current events...

I am reading Poe tonight

When watching movies with your parents...

Wrote on GD about our brave YD who are going to try to go against the

Patricia Cornwell'S ABC Primetime special Diana's death

Punx for Dean looking for bands

I Am NOT Going To Watch CNBC Ever Again. They Hired DENNIS

...And now, a moment of insanity, courtesy of the Republicans!!

Anybody Have Jeff Fucker I Mean Zucker's Of NBC E-Mail Address.

Shoe polish, they say to let it dry before buffing. What don't they say?


Ah the JOY of winter!

on edit: nevermind, feel free to lock. nt

Whose death was the cheeziest?

Hmm. Yeah. That's right

I want to pick a peck of pickled peppers.

I want to pick 6

I want to pick a nose

Confession Thread...

When Uncle Condi will slip up?

Yo Momma is so greedy,

Dogs are cooler than cats

Now here's a toilet plunger I want!

Anyone still awake?



I'm bored...entertain me

I want to pick apples.

Samhain song.

Merry Samhain to y'all!

REPENT! The End Is Nigh!

God is punishing pro-Arnold counties in California!

Trick or Treat?

700th post

The Snooze Button On Mrs Matcom's Alarm Clock Should Be Removed

I hate the cold. I hate winter. I hate the time change.

Happy Halloween To All

I cad breed.

My gal is red hot. Your gal ain't doodly squat...

Train traveler gets arm stuck in toilet, causes major backup

Ithaca knows who the ghouls are!

Lock your doors, bolt your windows!

Can someone help me with posting?

According to my opthalmologist, my eye is a "worst case scenario"

The Perfect Halloween Gift -- Secret Spells Barbie

Here's my Halloween Costume

Imagine Sean Hannity in a dirty Diaper

A new oxygen bar just opened in town, should I check it out?


What Position Do You Sleep In?

I swear the handicapped are baiting me

Sebastian Cattbutt Rocks, a cat lovers must read

'Naked Karaoke' strikes a sour note with neighbors

Dammit, A&E, 'uncut' means 'not edited'.

Kitty Question...

The Simpsons---Favorite halloween skit

Robb's Halloween plans

guess the film plot 2

Friday Geezer/Geezerette thread.

people who sin

scary bumpersticker sighting

I've got sixth row seats for Eric Idle on HALLOWEEN!

Rumsfeld Doesn't Know If He Has Lost His Mojo

Zell Miller question

I slept through Michael Moore tonight.

Why do we do what our parents do?

What are the biggest Non-Political Threats facing the world today?...and..

Which is cat or my dog?

Pissed off Parochials Pummel Pervert

Who else here would vote/campaign for President David Palmer?(24)

Damn, I look hot today.

Fans of the show "Angel" -- A question

It's 25 below - ask me anything

The Dummies Guide of all CAPTIONS!!!!!

Who knows who Jack Welsh is?

The Judicial Blanch of all CAPTIONS!!

Ye-haw!!! Happy, Halloween, y'all!

Clark is serioulsy asking if Bush will

It's 75 above - ask me anything

Anybody heard fromLadyHawk

Girls pummel man who exposed himself

Aggie Jokes

Scary Icon most likely to be a Freeper

Treasonous Question

Hint from God: It's going to be a bad day

If I crushed the red pill and the blue pill and snorted the purple dust,

World's Oldest Person Dies

Rocky & Bullwinkle Knowledge Base

Most evil

Does anyone here know how the tickets for Greyhound work?

Music majors: What's the correct pronunciation of "Esterhazy"?

Favorite quote from "Angel" or "Buffy"

google is so cute today

Happy Samhain!

Happy Reformation Day!

A really dumb music game for Friday

did this to a fundie yesterday

Any other Neil Finn/Crowded House/Split Enz fans out there???

Live From Nowhere Near You

Help me create the archetypal, quintessential Freeper

people who sin

Halloween joke...

ONE reason why I love living in the States......

*sniff* *sniff* CatWoman sad.

It's cold and rainy in Los Angeles basin

The Bunny Man

awesome flash cartoon (bohemian rhapsody)

Oh good, the evangelical Christian's have taken over Halloween in Utah!

The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Award

I have 20 minutes to go on this frikin' copying job...

I want to pick a fight

I'm out! Goodbye 700 Club!

My Theory--Cats hate Literacy

Man becomes victim of extreme female violence

My 700th post was stupid!

Thre's only one name you need to remember

I won a Feng Shui consultation!

Better Evil Cartoon Child --- Cartman or Stewie ?

It's Robert Pollard's birthday. Favorite Guided by Voices songs?

For anyone looking for a sig line that begs for an end to lies and secrecy

Is Halloween a State holiday in Nevada or something

How are you S. Cali holding up?

Cell phone in toilet (on commuter train!) makes it flush hour

Do they make Dummy guides for everything????

Anyone remember Spike Jones?

Princess Diana was murdered!!!!!!!!!

The Red Colobus of all CAPTIONS!!! (Special holiday issue.)

? for all Guided By Voices Fans


Baseball moves: Molitor to Seattle! When does the Manny watch end?

Halloween II, III, 4, 5 playing ALL day on AMC!

Is Smoking A Super-Cool, Fun Habit, Kids?

Do not install Panda Antivirus --- It is a XP killer

What became of them? (humor)

Top 10 Conservatives - what do the little pictures signify??

Raining in Northern California

Is anyone else "freakin' out" this week? Is it the Solar Flares? Seems

Favorite news Outlets

Are You A Good Driver?

Just when you thought reality tv couldn't get any lower...this!

Dupe - Please lock

If the assault weapons ban is not renewed...

Boston DUer's, I'm headed to an open bar, I'll see you all

I am Outta here.. Vacation, and birthday!!

Guilty pleasures-Guns

Merry Chris....err Happy Halloween from Salt Lake City, Utah!

I can't wait for tomorrow

Tupac Ressurected

What other plagues are in store for California?

ANOTHER MUST READ: My favorite funniest story....

Who's the hottest

Uh Oh

Best Halloween Special: Great Pumpkin vs. Garfield

My pre-emptive Happy First Anniversary and on VACATION thread

This Deserves Its Own Thread (Take A DU Walk Down Memory Lane)

Green Acres knowledge base

I'm considering a career change

today's new hate radio advertisers 10/31

"Talk Like Sammy Terry Day"

So does anyone else watch Survivor?

In search of: captions

I Just Killed My Television!

ok. 2 ADULT trick or treaters walked into my office OFF THE STREET!

Just when you thought reality tv couldn't get any lower...this!

Show us your favorite pictures of your candidates here :-)

Extended auto warranties?

Check out this insidious little Java version of Pac-Man!

Let's spank Matcom

Holy freakin' crap! My Eric Idle tickets are THIRD ROW, not sixth!

Cool, which DUer was just on Randi's show?

The Simpson's episode Fox almost sued itself over...

How expensive should liberal books be?

My first-row Bowie tickets arrived

Not a poll...but should I go see Dark Star Orchestra or Nosferatu

Little terrorists

Revenge of the Catholic School Girls

I just shaved my yak! Ask me anything!

What is your favorite sex toy?

Am I DU's "Norm" or "Cliff"???

The OC

First row seats -- They seem to be going around.

I just shaved my legs! ask me anything ;-)

Don't mess with Catholic School Girls

Cats are cooler than dogs

OK...who wants to place a bet on this?

Heehee... the Taxonomy of Flame Warriors....

Praise God, you bunch of heathen free-thinkers! (dialuppers beware)

Worst Halloween Joke Ever

How many little Trick or Treaters do you expect tonight?

What's Your Favorite Branch Of The Military?

Hilarious Rush Limbaugh Flash Movie, maybe best ever?

What are you doing for Halloween?

Is Bush going to wear his pilot costume for Halloween?

High School Girls Pummel Man Who Exposed Himself

My son, age 11, has the chicken pox and right now he's driving me nuts.

Saw a Hummer with "Hooters" logos all over it yesterday...

OK...who wants to place a bet on this?

I'm 'squatting' on someone's wireless network--ask me anything!

I passed 3,000 posts 40 posts ago and no one noticed!

October 31 is...

Real Estate Agents or Real Estate Legal Scholars

Candy: Who puts it in the bag?

How do I know if she DISlikes me?

Sandman Fans: Which "Endless" Are You?

Will That Thread EVER Die

Why couldn't Helen Keller drive a car?

what CD reminds you of Halloween?

How severe should bankruptcy be for those who have to take it?

college Drag show tryouts! which song should I preform to?

Really, really, really, really, really, really, really bad joke

I wanna start a fight too!

Should I pay $100 for front row White Stripes tickets?

Q: What do Freepers do on Halloween?

I'm Listening to The Cramps in Preparation for Halloween. Ask me anything!

Tom Savini on IFC tonight...a surprise fest!

Bored out of my gourd on a Friday afternoon. Ask me anything.

Which Democratic Presidential Runner-Up Would Have Made The Best President

A question for DU authors:

Bored? Unable to sleep? Frankenstein Computer God Gotcha Down?


Why Is Matcom So Enamored with Catwoman

I guess I should introduce myself...

Great Gift Idea from!!

Do you guys want a SCARY story for Halloween?

Seen the video of the guy being shot at outside Robert Blake's hearing?

Does anyone have an odd crush on Rachel Ray from "30 Minutes"?

I just won a door prize at the Halloween party...ask away!

Camille Paglia: Cats are evil

I just figured out my problem with the Beatles.

Update, I passed the Bar Exam--Thanks to those who gave me their support

My anniversary is tomorrow, what should I give my husband?

What's the best video/movie guide out there?

DU I need your help! Big time!

The Snakefinger of all Captions

L.A. DUer's! Come to our Halloween Party tonight!!!!


MUST READ! This is the funniest story I have ever seen in my life!


Kittens are great for skeet shooting

DU's Hall of Fame (favorite threads)

THE RAVEN.........(if you love me you'll keep this kicked until Sat)

Settle It Once And For All --- Mac's or PC's ???

Hello??? Clark is saying Bush LIHOP on national TV!