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Archives: October 30, 2003

US and Britain Have Sown Seeds of More Terror

Every Day One KIA --On the Iraq War Casualty Figures

WAPO Op/Ed: Its the loser that decides when the war is over.

Thieves Like Us --Cheney's Backdoor to Halliburton

CBS to feature The New Republic and The Weekly Standard

Helen Thomas: Pentagon Manages War Coverage By Limiting Coffin Pictures

CP of Israel, No to Fascist Hooliganism! No to Racism!

rabble-rousers - in cahoots

Looking for the Aurora Borealis? Check this site out

I believe it's okay to discriminate against people named Zell Miller...

Fold the new 20 dollar bill so the back says The Rica

Kuwaiti MPs criticise massive aid to Iraq

Arab media blame US for Baghdad blasts

West Java restricts overseas travel - of Gov.

9/11 Commission Secret Mission To Pakistan

Bush Down Under

Secret 9/11 case before high court


Is it inappropriate to react to being 'called out'?

How about holiday avatars?

New rule request....

There are Racist Posts on this site and they are not being deleted.

Regime Out of Control

Antiglobalism’s Jewish Problem...

Israel's Chief of Staff Denounces Policies Against Palestinians

American Prospect interview---Bill Clinton----

Wilson Chat Transcript is Now Available

Jim Hightower--The Progressive Interview---great piece!!!

Even non-Kerry supporters should sign this petition

FOX lawyer admits affilliate station undercharged GOP for ads!

Another rant on Kucinich, truth, and the future...step right up...

Kentucky Governors Race.

Is it time to start courting Chaffee again?

WaPo flash, warning: bring a supply of kleenex (killed servicepeople)

GIs in Iraq laughed when asked if they'd vote for *sshole Bush

Why the hell is Daniel Drezner writing for the New Republic?

Toby Keith on 60 Minutes II tonight. (CBS)

Proof that Weasly Clark is no Howard Dean

Well! Look who's on C-SPAN Washington Journal tomorrow AM !

Do You Think Wolfowitz's "Near Miss" Has Changed Him?

I do not believe that this has been done!

What happened to Bev Harris???

Toby Keith--Yuck

So, What if Our Nominee Presented This to the Public??

Anybody Got A Link To What Happened to the Guy who Mailed Himself Home

TV News Lies rebroadcast to start at 9 PM ET - Veterans issues

If Cheney is doesn't run with Bush--I'd bet Zell would

Psst? Wanna get a look at some vote-counting software?

Bushies put hunt for WMD on 'back burner'

Dallas WB news teaser (big time bias)

Dr. Dean writes note excusing 11-year old supporter for missing school

New rule request...

Zell Miller represents every negative Southern stereotype in existance...

Atrios Treatened With Libel Suit

Darrell Issa on Crossfire today...

"George Bush isn't in control . . . the country's been hijacked"

Why Should I Not Support Civil Unions?

Really interesting stuff just happened on Malloy :) (re Zell Miller)...

Benedict (Zell) Miller to be on Hannity and Colmes

Yes, you too can be

A deal has been reached on the $87B (cross-forum dupe)

We are not happy are we?

Isn't it ironic that the moderators want to discourage us....

i guess congress can just go home now...

Bush,Bin Laden,BCCI,taliban,Harken connections on documentary

Canadians want closer U.S. ties.... (?)

Call or email the Georgia Democratic Party!!!!!!

Let me explain the "Zell Miller" Democrats.

When did Miller change so much

Al Sharpton should pick Don King for his running mate.

Veterans Tired of Not Having Their Voices Heard

A link that posts snapshots of/cause of death of troops KIA

Is Canada next for the BFEE?

BBV: Kick-ass why-war web page

Novak is missing for the 2'nd day in a row Chgo Sun Times

Clark's Speech at New American Strategies

What's the Big Deal w/ This Reagan Movie?

Is it safe to vote for someone other than Dean?

Why Sharpton attacked Dean today

Oxymoron of the day.....

We must demand that Zell Miller leaves the Democratic party!!!!

Just got an idea for an attack ad to air against Bush

Dean Fundraising -- I would like to praise Dean and Trippi...

Springer considering running again?

Cheney is a crook

What's with this Drudge Report????

Republican gets elected VP of HS Young Dems

Fox Nearly Sued Itself Over 'Simpsons' Parody

MUST READ Juan Cole on Chalabi, Likud, Neocons

The Mission Was Accomplished Iraq Was An Imminent Threat They Had WMD'S

Would you vote Republican so that Zell Miller would lose an election?

Why the center is so important

I just talked to a Republican for Dean

I need some input on an idea.

Drudge: Hillary would easily sweep Dem Field

Why Should I Not Support Civil Unions?

A comment about Wesley Clark and the war

BBV: Additional Co-sponsors for H.R. 2239 (10/28/2003)

Is U.S. an invading force in Iraq? Do Iraqis have a right to defend selves

BBV: Sequoia files on an open FTP site near you!

Boycott mars Turkey celebrations

Supreme Court to Decide Fate of Iraqi Woman (Ashcroft Alert)

Iran Demands Concessions From U.S. in Return for Cooperation

Lawmakers Reach Iraq-Afghan Aid Deal

Red Cross to Stay in Iraq, But Cuts Staff

Bush* in a Hurry to Train Iraqis in Security Duty

Two die as US Abrams tank blown up

CBC Newsworld - 9pm - Conspiracy Theories

California firefighters warn of "apocalyptic" threat

Kerry Severs Ties in Religion Flap

233 Attacks on US in Last Week Alone

Bush Renews Faith-Based Initiative Push

Federal appeals court dismisses electronic voting machine lawsuit

Congress issues Iraq deadline to CIA

Justice Nominee Vows Fair CIA Probe

Reminder: the Daily Show replay

Aurora? Northern Lights? Or is it that strip mall?

BBC | China sex museum mobbed

DU mods in GD have gone to no more cussin'

Ahhhhhh, It's Nekkid Men Day on the DU Lounge.

cuss cuss cuss cuss cuss cuss cuss So there !

Why the hell am I winning in that poll


Pop Idol Fends Off Rock Vets On Billboard 200

This is the lounge so quit locking my posts

Listen backside hole quit it !

Its the principle of it.

How about a DU calendar?

Twice you have equated

I told protect freedom impeach bush now that he should have stopped....

Fridge immediately, let sit out a while, other?

Should I stop posting incendiary threads in GD?

ok time for some naked women!!


Toby Keith on 60 Minutes II tonight. (CBS)

Photo: Scantily clad woman next to unidentified animal carcass


My husband brought home penis-shaped corn chips - ask me anything!

I do not believe that this has been done!

Heeeheee, at 33 I am still Daddy's little girl...

The card I got to my friend from everyone is lame

Cultural Differences Explained

O'Reilly Info-merical

NHL: St Louis vs Detroit, who's watching?

Woo-Hoo! 500 Posts!

my father-in-law's recipe...

My dad said he got a sunburn after 13 seconds outside.

I've mastered my bation. Ask me anything.

All ya'll that don't believe in spells and magic...

This isn't exactly my cup of tea

Just what is Zell Miller smoking?

If the Lounge was a movie, what should it be rated tonight?

James Brown documentary on PBS now

Why did the chicken cross the road? (LARGE PICTURE!)

Oh, I KNOW what a pull toy is now!!!

Just changed my address

Barbara Bush calls Dem prez candidates "a sorry group"

Everybody doesn't like something,

My pull toy says 'wagga wagga wagga wagga'

Oo, re-discovered a cool tune

Why do people watch slasher movies?

"She offered me free love.

Since we're voting on naked men...

I'm Eating The Candy I Bought For Halloween (AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME)


If you aren't too busy being a pull toy, any comments on bypass surgery?

Which DU guy do you ladies want to hand out Halloween candy to topless?

How do you get the nerve up to have your Cat put to sleep?

WTF is a 'pull toy'?

Men of DU...what female DUer do want to hand out candy to....

Is Marta going to divorce Rush?

Halloween costume pics - I'll go first

Favorite SFW sexual euphemism illustrated as a photoshopped pic? (funny)

DU film snobs: Favorite Atom Egoyan film?

Photos of the Aurora

Can anyone see the Northern Lights from your location?...

Pravda is state run,PBS CBC and BBC governent funded whats the difference?

Dr. Dean writes note excusing 11-year old supporter for missing school

My house for sale.

Poll: Which DU woman do you want to hand out Haloween candy topless?

Did Bush Really say this?

Does anyone else arrange their groceries on the conveyer belt?

Meet our newest family member....Cider

Toby Keith--Yuck

Toby Kieth...

ZombyPoll #3: Which Beatles Song Do You Have In Your Head?

Name your top ten favorite beers.

My kitty cat passed on tonight.

medialens vs george monbiot part 1

medialens vs george monbiot part 2

Lyons: GOP takes on Clark - Reciprocation seems in order

Military families grow angry with state of Iraq war

A Wolfie cartoon

Molly Ivins: Reality vs. Public Relations

Mo Dowd: Eyes Wide Shut

Right-wing assult on my morning commute!!!

Report Links Iraq Deals to Bush Donations

Secret 9/11 case before high court

Ted Rall "Dim Bulbs, Big City" -- 2004 GOP Convention

Mission Unaccomplished

Crime and Punishment for Capitalists -- (Russia's Richest Man Arrested)

The search for the truth has been led astray- Bill Wetzel

Army Times article on-line critical of Bush's backpedaling on sign

Stars and Stripes: Emergency leave policy baffles many troops

Troops' health woes run gamut from 'Saddam's revenge' to severe stress

Howard Dean: A Hawk in a Dove's Cloak by Sean Donahue

The Cuban blockade and freedoms of Americans

Cui bono? The embargo as ideology for rip offs

Judge Roy Moore steps even further off the deep end

Charlie Reese: Too Much Secrecy

"There are leftists, but there is no left"

Former CIA analysts speak up about the Bush deceptions

Putin’s creed: Stalinism without socialism

Friedman still has his head in the sand.

Uneasy secrets / Bush needs to disclose his pre-9/11 reports

- Wesley Clark gutsy new tack: Blame bush for not preventing 9.11

How T-shirts change the world

Democratic Socialists of America to meet in Detroit Nov. 14-16

BBV - Let's Support Rep Holt - Write Letters to Houes Administration Cmte.

Vote Using Consumerism, Multinationals Care About That

Write to CBS

Lessons from the Idiot Box

"The Memo" is the bible at Fox News

Former MTV prez to aid in creation of Gore's news channel

Krugman Bashing

The Fifth Estate hits one out of the park.

Astrologers: Is the economy officially in recovery now?

CARTOONS! The "Desperate Success" Edition

Astrologers:What's with California?

Harriet Tubman Receives Wartime Service Pension

Need some Help on Patriot Act - speech to give

Does marijuana smoking affect driving

Airbus, Boeing vie for Japan Airlines order worth billions

GDP not playing in Conservative Land

Does anyone believe the 3rd qtr 7.2% annual growth after the Bush revision

Not Like 1984

'Ignoring climate change will not make it go away'

Science Daily - Thinning Arctic Ice, Warmer Summers & Bears - Oh My!

US Develops Lethal New Viruses

Facial expressions reveal more than you know

Bush May Announce Return To Moon At Kitty Hawk

Voyager 1 To Pass the 90 AU Mark

Sun delivers yet another shot at Earth

Logging Companies, Privatization, but what about global warming?

China removes Taiwan from textbooks

A little Geography

"The NRA Blacklist" You Can Be On It, Too!

GUNS IN THE NEWS--October 30, 2003

U.S. Archeologist Helps Reclaim Stolen Maya Altar

The Failed Drug War

Even More Voices For Gun Control

Assault Rifle definition

OK, I deserved that one

Say what?

Excuse Me!

What time zone is DU on?

strange things when posting

Are you insane?!

Do you want the copywright quiz to be kicked or

I think a DUer just physically threatened me

Iraqis See Israel as Culprit in Bombings

Israel tries to scuttle new peace plan

Police Question Sharon About Corruption

Peace Movement or War on Jews

Israeli Processor Computes at Speed of Light...

Malaysian PM fires parting shot at U.S.

“The Economist” upgrades Israel forecast

Wolfowitz Backs Mideast Petition Drive

Denigrating Critics of Israel: "Everyone Is Running Scared"

AP: Israel to Raze With Robot Bulldozers

Oh what a stupid war

US looks to put more brains behind its brawn in Iraq

How do we make peace with them?

object on the underside of Flight 175?

Carol Moseley Braun on Affirmative Action

GOP takes on Clark. Reciprocation seems in order

More on Dean/Gephardt dust-up

Colorado for Clark - NOTICE Cancellation

the 'bats' are back

Governor Dean's Statement on Corporate Tax Cuts

KY: Bush receiving support from Kentucky (very misleading headline)

Clark Questions War-Related Windfall for Bush Backers; Calls for More Tran

what was the CMB "scandal" a few years ago?

what is your candidate's position on the loss of civil liberties?

GOP Eyeing Dayton's Seat

Any union members out there that support Kucinich?

Dean set to get SEIU endorsement next week

Denver Clark Supporters - Free Event Tomorrow - Information

Reps.Carolyn McCarthy and Tim Bishop Endorse John Kerry

The "Bats" are up for the holiday!

Is Kerry going hunting?

Do we really have a shot of winning in Oklahoma..after ten years of hell?

General Wesley Clark New American Strategies for Security and Peace

General Clark's Statement on Corporate Tax Cuts

Wesley Clark - A Conversation....on in a bit on Jim Lerhre Newshour

Five Possible Special Elections

Openly gay Dean staffer allegedly derided at Gephardt rally

Big Contracts Went To Big Donors

"You do what they told ya"

Senate Dem says he'll vote for Bush.

Let's make Dennis's book into a best seller

New Jersey Election Analysis

NY Times showed Kerry does not do "waffling" - but Media Whores ABC lie &

Dean Meet-Ups:

Catch 22

Howard Dean: A Hawk in a Dove's Cloak

What do you think the key "swing" states are?

Republicans will squash Dean with his records should he win primary

Republicans and past presidents.

Cheney's hawk's hi-jacking policy?

Donald Luskin Threatens to Sue Atrios

Dean hurts family farms, supports factory farms and their pollution -proof

Friedman: Iraq is no Vietnam

George the First quote - worth looking at again

Wow.... Some Democrats Just Turned the HoR Into The Mike Malloy Show...

Dean's legacy - Report on how VT taxes poor and middle class more

The S. California Fires

Mark Fiore's latest gem of a flashmovie, deep content....

Dean's flip flopping on Iraq

A rare moment of candor?

An email response from Aussie Sen. Nettle

Bush's "unsticker"

Just watched James Brown Retrospective on PBS, Rev. Sharpton featured.

The “every 10 year thriller."

Al Franken coming up on Conan

***Edwin P. Wilson, Fallguy for Reagan Regime (Important Story)

Dean v. Bush: % Large to Small Contributions

I'm a liberal

pre-order your Ann Coulter talking action figure now

latest Quinnipiac poll results add up to 101%

Jesse Jackson Jr. weighs in on the Dean/Sharpton fight

Dean blows away opponents in DC straw poll held after Sunday's debate

BBV - Bev harris on GCN right now

Bush appoints another minority anti-gay, anti-labor, and anti-feminist

Help! Help! HELP!!! Need DUer w/ access to WSJ

Cheney's Hawks 'Hijacking Policy'-amazing...

Anyone working on a political add for MoveOn's contest?

I guess...

Bernie Ward doing an unscreened hour

Cable news network viewership is down because.....(wait for it)

Eyes Wide Shut - By MAUREEN DOWD

UN out of Baghdad..

Bus drivers wore police uniforms for Bush visit

Republicans: War? What War?

Temporary Webhosting Needed ASAP -- For CBC documentary on 9/11

Halloween special: 'Ghostbuster' probes 'X-Files'

Dean Supporters go a bit low on my campus

Medicaid waste in action..

E-Vote Software Leaked Online

what will CBS edit out of the Reagan mini series?

how come fox carries the simpsons?

Paging Mr Pitt....

DUer help needed on poll - Idiots of the World unite! -

How privatization crippled CA's ability to fight the wildfires.

Oliphant on Boykin

Jobs for the 'Boys from Brazil'??

Am I the only one who notices the new word, 'Insurgents' that is

"That's Disgusting! I Can Tell from Your Face "

Breaking Treaties with Indians is still in vogue, I guess

"...Crawford George has morphed into Baghdad Bob."

when will the draft be reinstituted?

UN pulls out of Baghdad

"Fair and Balanced" Fox Driven by Management Politics

Great political quotes

BBV: 9th Circuit Court rejects Susan Marie Weber's challenge

Does anyone know what is

What the Hell is wrong with these moranic assclown dixiecrat bastards?

BBV on Democracy Now now! 9:18 EST

Can someone answer this question?

Click below for complete transcript of Joe Wilson chat.

Kucinich: Mr. President, You Are Flat Wrong

Hey Deaniacs, give Crystle some kicks for the use of the Airstream bus!

Bush seeks to steal economy "issue" from Democrats

CNN: Dems to "Dukakis" Bush with "Mission..." footage

Dean set to get SEIU endorsement next week (cross-forum dupe)

The Lost War --- Three Million Lives Lost since 1998

would Donahue had gotten higher if he was on CNN instead of MSNBC?

Some DU homework needed on Cheney's stent

Karl Zinsmeister--C-Span Now

MUST READ -"Saddam's New War"

Anyone else think Boston is a less than stellar convention choice?

Looks to me like Clark directly supports war on Iraq in 10/9/02 quote.

Fox nearly sued itself over 'Simpsons' parody: Matt Groening

Is Foreign Outsourcing the Real Problem?

Election memos now hosted by 30 schools

Miami port prevents Greenpeace ship from docking

Zogby Site has Raul Groom's DU article "Eccentric Millionaires/Elections!"

15,000 may have been killed during Iraqi invasion


*Cough* BS *Cough*

What price stability?

BBC Commentator on Newsnight program on C-SPAN

Need help -- Stats needed for Bush Protest

Anti-semitism and DU

Hail to the Rev...

Essay Contest: "Why Al Gore Should Be Elected President In 2004."

Bush vs. Facts

Cool graph: Generic Dem vs. Bush I (10/91) and Bush II (10/03)

What is fiscal conservatism?

Tina Brown---CNBC Carville, MacCauliffe, Sally Quinn----Terry just

Real GDP grows at 7.2% in third quarter

Diebold strikes again

DU this stupid CNN poll PLEASE!

Will atlnewsguy

"Republicans Shamelessly Exploit Tragic Fires to Push Anti-Enviro Agenda"

TV News Lies Web Cast to start at Noon ET - Freedom of the press, Guest...

the Zell letter

Which of you wrote this?

Is Edwards' position against the $87 billion so hard to understand?

Arnold wants to unit the people, the millionaires and the billionaires.

Aaron McGruder may have gone to far this time.

Good things that have happened since Bush took office.

Colmes on CSPAN Thursday morning

GDP is ONE indicator of economic performance- economy is not "blistering"

Democratic squabbling and appearance of "extremism" hurting party image

Fires create Walmart-Love..(actually with good reason)

Condit under scope - but now Scarborough

Sweet GOP coincidences, bitter laughter

Call CBS about the Reagans

Question about the number of American deaths in Iraq

Chomsky in Cuba

Why the Conservatives are winning: Language/Framing:

Remember the soldiers who fell off of buildings in Iraq?

Is Arnold an advance neocon operative?

Paul Wolfowitz on C-SPAN3 now.

Partisan sniping

I know, I know. It's unscientific, but I'm getting optimistic

Pretty lies vs. ugly truths

Falwell & California Fires

Dean to score HUGE endorsment from SEIU, largest AFL-CIO union

Bombshell: Only 6% of Repubs Care About Domestic Issues

Yet another example of Halliburton profiteering in Iraq

General Gridlock

FOX News Showing Graphic Torture Videos

Al Gore Speech - Nov 9 in DC (

Does anyone have the "Simpsons" episode on file?

Link to Boykin's Satan photo?

What is the current argument in the House about now? I just started

Here we go again: Laci Peterson all day, every day.....

Luskin Threatens Atrios with Libel Action

Website for "The New Great Game: Blood and Oil In Central Asia"

L.A. DUers: KPCC Larry Mantel's Air Talk. Is it me or...

Halloween Witch

Third Quarter 7.2% economic growth,

The Bush Boomlet: A good analysis of the Economic "Boom"

Report Links Iraq Deals to Bush Donations

Zell Miller for President

This should outrage us all

Lose jobs, bolster economy? huh? scrubbers hard at work

Gep & Dean Smackdown

airport bomb alert over toy dog that farts

The Revolution Was Not Televised

Clark Questions War Windfall for Bush Backers; Calls for More Transparency

Ft Knox is like Ft. Steward - 400 soldiers waiting for treatment

This guy is really pushing it

MSNBC’s Matthews Blasts Cheney, calls Iraq rationale "nonsense"

Why hasn’t the National Guard been used to fight the fire

Right wing media propaganda at Yahoo again

Study: Bush Donors Cash In with Iraq deals!

Man with gun loose in the Capitol

I respectfully disagree with the DU lead story

What say when "they" start bragging on the slight uptick in the economy?

Nervous About Shooter at Capitol

Conspiracy Theories (CBC news show --connection between Bushes/Bin Ladens)

'You Guys are living next door to the Simpsons," Molly Ivins on NWI TV.

Distractions, distractions, distractions...

529 College savings plan

who remembers this thread?... about progressive's accomplishments

Pity nobody's actually saying this on our behalf

Teresa speaks out on environment and healthcare

Evidence That FAUX Actually Slants Coverage (gasp)

It's official....Tom Friedman has gone completely off the deep end

Fun exchange from my local paper

Conflicting stories about the Dean-Gephardt incident

Why is the Stock market not responding well to the GDP news?

The value of human life is the individuals net worth + insurance.

Here's a poem a friend of mine wrote:

W doing poorly on Navy Times Poll

How Bush supports the troops

Hannity Sez He's "Trying to Fill a Void"

CNN Inside Politics whoring for Bush on economy

Explain the Bush Tax Cuts to Me

Is there an election for Miami-Dade County Mayor

Capitol scare: Where 24-hour news is not needed

Florida's Retirement Population

Here's why I like Tavis Smiley -- listen to this Clinton interview & cmnt

MUST VIEW - CBC 9/11 Conspiracy Documentary Online NOW!

Jessica Lynch: Anyone have link to her Bronze Star citation, or . . .

The 10 year Thriller- 2004?

Maybe the Media Propaganda in full Glory will Turn Off Americans/Backfire!

Why the defeatist attitude regarding the GDP increase?

Bernie Sanders won about 10% of the gubernatorial vote back in the 1980s?

The Worm has definately turned!

Anyone watching C-Span -- what's the deal in the House?

Why are American jobs going to a communist country?

I met Michael Moore last night

Is It Time To Unite Yet?

A conservative Republican looks at George W. Bush...

Crossfire to talk about Censoring Celebs

Bush's No Tree Left Behind Act

Siding with the Warlords

GDP up 7.2%, we are toast

I don't remember any campaign starting as early as this one.

Quicktime video of that CBC 9/11 documentary online now. Mirrors Welcome.

Kissinger: We can't leave Iraq like Vietnam cause our enemies will follow

BBV In The Latest Progressive Populist !!! - It'll Make Your Blood Boil !!

Kaspersky Labs: I-Worm Sober Breaks Out (Virus)

Talking Points Memo to Clark , re: Your Presidential Campaign

It's Raining in San Diego! Woo Hooo!

Coincidence? Four of Lynch's Rescuers Have Died Mysteriousl

I want to smack Zell Miller

The moderators here are very efficient.

SW Florida

I think the "recovery" will go flat

Yo! Will Pitt!

How does the size of the U.S. government compare to the size of other...

A Component in a Perfect Storm in '04.

Is it just me, or are there more closet Freepers on DU?

Corps Voters - AWOL losing the military and national security vote

Greenspan Is Using Monetary Policy to Support Bush

Diebold On The Offensive

The Lessons of Mike Dukakis (incredible article)

I couldn't have said it better

bush says his re-election campaign theme will be based on the message ...

Unreal - White House puts down Tweety for putting down Shrub.

OOPS TOO LATE! - Bush campaign 2004

"About the banner? Who Cares? Please."

Katherine Harris on CNN

Bush memes for 2004 Public Relations campaign?

buchanan & press on gun laws

Did Lou Dobbs just say 14 million jobs may move overseas???

Was DU responsible for getting "Bannergate" out to the media?

Stephanopoulos pessimistic about Dem chances in 2004.

James Nichols sues Michael Moore over 'Bowling' (CNNi)

It's the DEBT STUPID!!!

Dean on BBV

Theories of why * is suddenly taking an "extended" vacation to Crawford?

Insider "Reveals" FauxNews "Ideological Interests"

GA DUers: What's the feeling about Miller in your state right now?

Doomsday fears over new pox virus

Donna Brazile: Friend to the GOP

Anyone see the CBC documentary on "the facts behind the myths" of 9/11?

CIA vs. White House: Pop Quiz

Can this be True? Pen & Knife Guns Okayed for public! Whaaaaaa???

is that Anne Coulter at capitalgrilling?

CBS/ABC on the Economy (Actually decent coverage)

NJ Doctors, Insurance Tip the Balance to Republican?

WATCH "The Daily Show" replay today! (Banner-Gate)

The Presidential Prayer Team

Would any object to seeing a "Democrat" in Top 10 Conservative Idiots?

Did anyone else hear Whoopi call Ann Coulter a skinny b*tch?

6.1% Unemployment isn't Bad: As said on MSNBC

Book recommendations

I need help! I need a link to * lies

Americans Clamour to be on NRA Blacklist

Halliburton -something NEW

WMDs Then and Now

A quiz about the DU copyright rules...

How Republicans can end the logjam over judicial nominees

What are your Top Ten campaign issues?

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D?) "bashes" Dean on Buch & Press

Stupid Lou Dobbs poll!

Solomon Says: Both of You Are Right.

Drop Dead Date for entering campaign for Hillary

The Lie of the "Tax Cut' meme

Just out of curiosity...

Pat Buchanan Is An Economic Dullard

Any Democrat who runs in these times has guts

700 Club said that the Economy has grown 7.2% this year. Is that for real?

Why Fred Phelps KICKS ASS!!!!!

When Egos Collide.

How many of you use Alternative Energy?

Largest union says its backing will go to Dean ‘or no one’ !!!

Hey Dean Supporters! Did any of you see the biographical

BBV: Andrew Gumbel On DemNow and In LA City Beat + More

Minneapolis/St Paul Metro Area = Fun City

Hardball Tonight: Is it time for Hillary To enter the race?

Persuade me to be a Democrat?

Rate Kerry vs Dean by choices made by each at hard moments.

Didn't the Hebrews INVENT the modern rationale for taxation?

Am I the only one who does not believe the economy grew at

I need to know more about this 7.2% GDP increase...

why aren't the Democrats making the Iraq contracts a HUGE issue? . . .

CBC Newsworld - 9pm - Conspiracy Theories

I have been thinking about a motto for the Democrats

Worried about 2004

Winning hearts and minds, Trent Lott style....

Zell singles out Howard Dean for criticism

an interview with Karl Marx - October, 2003

the problem with campaine finance reform (rant)

BFEE Watchers: Some threads you should NOT miss

Health care insurance costs- personal rant

Who predicts Miller will lead "Democrats for Bush" in 2004?

Seeing more articles on the private armies. Still no real numbers.

Propaganda Alert: new "Torture tape" on CNN...

Contacting Members of the Conference Committee for TRAVEL to CUBA

Who can speak for us?

Is There a Moral Level of Consumption? (and there's a quiz!!!!)

"Desperate" for TOONS?

"90% of all black voters will vote for whomever the democrats nominate"

"Onward to War" - new video - discouraging, disgusting, demented, etc.

I am so conflicted

Wesley Clark on Jim Lerher News Hour in a few minutes...

To people who respect Alabama GOP governor Bob Riley...

What I want to know is which of you "spent with abandon"!

Wesley Clark's gutsy new tack: Blame Bush for not preventing 9-11.

Iowa DUers - Energy Bill and Senator, Charles Grassley

Fortunate Son: the skinny, please

American Associaton of Single People

MYTH: "Dean pulled the other nominees to the left" (w/ anti-war stance)

Haha...Kerry sends letters to NRA's blacklisted Americans.

Hear the DLC's Now-Desperate Mantra: "Stop Howard Dean At Any Cost!"

Who are you going to vote for in 2004?

Getting to the blood and guts of Affirmative Action

Question for British DUers: Tell us more about Michael Howard

Burson-Marsteller to Use Cyveillance Technology

Ameican Post-War Iraq Deaths Surpass War Casualties

The Pork Barrel Runneth Over in New Tax Proposal

Lugar Says U.S. Is "All Thumbs" in Dealing with Muslims

U.N. to pull staff from Baghdad to evaluate security

Senate Intelligence Panel Sets Deadline for CIA Iraq Documents

Hillary Clinton Leads Dem Pack For President

Israel's Chief of Staff Denounces Policies Against Palestinians

Bush Wins a Victory on Grant for Iraq (LA Times)

Bush renews "national emergency" declaration on WMDs

Corporate Plea on Tax Breaks: Ours Come First

US Launches Anti-insurgency Raids (Tikrit)

First Fire Fighter Dies in Blaze

Eds Has Small Loss, Cuts 2,500 More Jobs

Indonesian militant denies heading Jemaah Islamiyah

Tokyo governor angers Koreans with comments about Japan's colonization

Spike in N.C. Executions Blamed on Debate (Looming Moratorium)

Iraqi Insurgents Attack Freight Train

Saddam cohort 'behind terror attacks'

Powell and Ashcroft Warn of Fallout From Senate Spending Proposal

Socialists round on U.S. at congress

Lawmakers Near Deal on $87B Aid Package

Women under the law of the gun - Congo

(Doublethink This): Liberian Violence Continues Despite Peace

IRS Hopes to Stem Cheating on Taxes

Bush's Urgent Task: To Calm Public's Growing Impatience

Futures boosted by U.S. GDP jump

BBC (Thursday): US launches anti-insurgency raids in Iraq

Green River suspect admits killing as recently as 1998 (40+ murders!)

HOUSE WATCH-10/30/2003 (#1-10:00)

Sleeping with the enemy....

Martha Stewart Posts Quarterly Loss

Sun delivers yet another shot at Earth

‘Why I Risked My Life’ - Mohammed Odeh Al-Rehaief for Jessica Lynch

Tom Davis Girlfriend story finally breaks in Washington Post

Insurgents Attack; Int'l Groups Bolt Iraq (Average of 33 attacks a day)

SENATE WATCH-10/30/2003 (#1-9:00)

Rebels attack; Int'l groups bolt Baghdad (Military Freight Train attacked)

Child prostitution blooms on German-Czech border

Sharon faces fraud police questioning about family money

U.S 3QR GDP Grew at 7.2% Rate!

Ousted Labour MP to 'personally welcome' Bush on UK state visit

Commanders Doubt Syria Is Entry Point - Officers See No Sign Of Foreign Fi

(WA) State Supreme Court Upholds I-776

Military terror trials 'imminent'

Scuffle at Gep event w/Dean supporter

Bush Says Religion Mended His Ways President Alludes To Past Drinking

Security for DNC to snarl X-way (Boston Convention)

No to the ‘blockade,’ says Kucinich in Miami

Official Aware of Gravity of U.S. Image Problem

US Bars Torture Settlement, To Ex-POWs' Dismay

Arnold Flexes His Political Muscle (Unbelievable!)

Six-story parking garage collapses in AC. NJ

At Least One Killed in Blast in Baghdad

US Economy Rocketed Ahead in 3rd Quarter (REUTERS)

CNN Breaking: Man with gun breaches security...

Venezuela documentary wins top media award ('Chavez - Inside the Coup' )

Now it's a suspicious truck at the Pentagon.

Bush Administration Attacks Clean Water Safeguards, Sets Dangerous Precede

Peruvian Coca Farmers Ripe for Bolivia-Style Revolt

Russian Govt seizes controlling stake in Yukos Oil...

Colombians face austerity measures

White House site prevents Iraq material being archived

New Bolivian government seeks to calm landowners' fears

'Body Count' News Fueled Antiwar Sentiment During Vietnam Campaign

Treasury Says China Not Violating Currency Law

Russian Orthodox Church opposes Halloween

For Ecuador's Party Of the Indigenous, Back to the Streets

Iraq Hit by String of Deadly Explosions


Boy's Costume Catches Fire During Assembly

Sheesh! Roads by Pentagon closed, suspicious Ryder truck parked

A Big Union Feather In Dean's Cap

Military Personnel to Enter Fire Lines Next Week

US 'targets' journalists in Iraq

Search for armed man in US Capitol...MSNBC live 12:30 CST

Former Enron Exec Pleads Guilty

Phipps found guilty on four charges

Report Links Iraq Deals to Bush Donations

Report Links Iraq Deals to Bush Donations

Workers got huge doses of radiation

Howard Dean may get big union endorsement (AP)

Turks relieved to keep out of Iraqi quagmire

Clark questions War-related Windfall for Bush backers-Calls for More

SEC Says Mutual Fund Abuse Broader Than Expected


Taliban raise the stakes in Afghanistan

Federal Gov't to Auction Off Oil Leases

Report Links Iraq Deals to Bush Donations - Yahoo News

N.Y. mayor seeks boycott of Canada by drug firms

U.S. Overpaying Halliburton for Gas

Iraq Hit by String of Deadly Explosions (soldier dead)

Halliburton's Contract in Iraq Will Be Extended (LA Times)

Psst? Wanna get a look at some vote-counting software?

Senate rejects global warming cap

U.S. Executives Still See Job Growth Lagging

Huge Afghan opium harvest brings fear of new terrorism {Independent}

Canada Challenges U.S. to Block Cheap Drug Flow

White House Concerned Over Russian Rights

Greenpeace Charges Ashcroft, Miami Authorities Endanger Free Speech Rights

Senate Republicans fail to break long-threatened Pickering filibuster

UK Lawmakers We Will Extradite Overseas Spammers

Democrats urged to move to center (by DLC)

EU-China agree on growing importance of strategic ties

Perry motel accused of barring "coloreds" from pool (Florida)

(Ft.) Carson Soldier Faces Charge of Cowardice

Grocers, union reach tentative deal (Saint Louis)

Kansas Minister Wants To Erect Anti-gay Monument In Idaho

Brazil takes cotton war to US

Former Menorah Gardens supervisor pleads guilty to moving bodies (Florida)

U.S. Dissident (Chomsky) Says Bush Needs Fear for Reelection

UN to discuss link between diamonds and DRC war

Economy Grows at Fastest Pace Since 1984

FDA: Food from cloned animals safe

Flake urges Congress to keep language on Cuba travel in bill

TURN ON TNT, watch Lebron James... 18 yr. old Cleveland Cav player

new Savage Weiner advertiser Olshan

Daily Show talking about the Bush Press Conference

"You know, I've had this dream before..."

What does the MORAN have that I don't have?!

Help me, Dave Letterman fans.....

Fake Lori Foreman is worse than Fake Darrin Stevens

Will Rush be charged for illegally obtaining controlled substances?

Screw it...Many are CALLED, Few are Chosen.

A halloween song for Catwoman.

Sad news for opera fans: Franco Corelli e morto

Color me PINK! Jazz win their opening game!!!!!

Sketchy Airlines

We are the almighty crap, who talks back...

4 Khephra

.You won't be the star,,,but you can be the sidekick?

"American People Ruled Unfit to Govern" - in case you missed it.

Harry Potter and the Cauldron of Scams.....

Who lives, who dies?

Sun vs. Earth

Damn Toby Keith's songs SUCK.

Does Your Truck Have Balls?

BREAKING: Dean sucks the SOULS from babies in Burlington Hospital! me stupid...but Help...!

This was a first for me

Yes! Undefeated season so far! Let's go undefeated the entire season!

Halloween special: 'Ghostbuster' probes 'X-Files'

They can run this Napster ad all they want....

P. Allen Smith (flower guy on Weather Channel)

Halloween Special 2: Spook a freeper with post-a-hex

Anyone know the Reagan timeline?

Bering Strait - bluegrass from Mother Russia

A Halloween flasher greetings for the wingnut righties

Misson Accomplished?

Where is the banner?

Has a 13nth zodiac sign been officially readded?

Man with 'Ghostbusters' costume stopped by airport security

Runaway Emu Briefly On The Loose In Florida

"That's Disgusting! I Can Tell from Your Face "

pre-order your Ann Coulter talking action figure now

Great Dubya-themed 419 Scam!

Collection for Dumbo--Great Bush joke!

What guy would you nominate to walk through Baghdad naked?

I can't run my dogs because of CA fires....

That's Disgusting! I Can Tell from Your Face!!

Well Labron's shoes sort of look like the Hummer H2

FREE JOHN DOE! (Law & Order last night)

call out the calvery--someone stole my pumpkin

A word I'm throughly sick of: "embedded"

Sour Gummi Worms

My company had its first layoff in this booming economy

Family Guy : E Peterbus Unum (classic!) 2aET

Am I relevant?

Signs of intelligence in print media

Bush in hell

How many of us have to edit every single post we make?

I know you guys want to see me topless handing out candy...

Johns or Pimps?

Halloween and Religion

If You Could Sell Your Username To Other DUers....

To what degree does Khephra rule?

*****100 POSTS MILESTONE****

Does anyone have good links to solar flare images?

Various Sports Articles (Browns RB hit with DUI and Marijuana charges)

"The year is 1987, and NASA launches the last of America's..."

Hey DU:Cleveland! What Fun Bars are in your Town?

When you have lox and bagels, do you eat them open-faced or as a sandwich?

Letterman's Top 10 = J.Lo and Bloomberg

Gag Me With a Cokespoon

Does anyone have a link to the "Zell Letter"

Beer joke

I just got a strange call from my husband.

"Hogwarts Headaches" seen as result of Harry Potter "Spell"

Check out my Blog: iRant

Favorite bagel?

Tonight, 8 pm, WGN...the TV version of the greatest erotic movie ever made

Kobe/Shaq fight over - Shaq sporting new $5 million ring

How Quickly Will This Thread Be Locked?

Spammers steal email addresses from ORBITZ

Hey, it only took me almost TWO years....

"What happened in Florida" flash movie--must see!

It's snowing in Salt Lake........

In honor of Salon's Low-Carb/Geek article

I've been thinking about the recent Boondocks/Rice cartoons.

Can we decide on rules for the Official Dubya Drinking Game?

Paul McCartney's Wife Gives Birth to Girl

A Heads Up from Kef (sort of an apology too)

Staff Appreciation Day - I got a Walmart Gift Card - ask me anything

Who wants to make Aloo Gobi?

DAMMIT - forgot to change the clock on my VCR for daylight savings time

When Ahnold says,

I just lost another lunch to Ditech

My essay on Lebron James, new Cleveland Cavalier player

I'm a STAR! (you can see me in the front row of this video)

To all of you West Wing watchers...Thanks a heck of a lot for giving

Test your Python knowledge!!

Best Movie Adapted From A Comic Book

Will Ferrell is the funniest man alive.

Everyone: please sign the "Send Lott to Iraq to Mow them Down" Petition

Favorite Tom Jones Song

How many hoosiers does it take to set a clock?

I'm home from work sick and!

jim rome's five minute rant against the collectinator.

Other Kids films as good as Willie Wonka?

"Koufax: A Lefty's Legacy"-I recommend it highly!

to all the witches out there (real kind, not the halloween version)


Did anybody see West Wing last night?

I know nah-sink... NAH-SINK!!!

Are there any doll colectors in the house?

Fox nearly sued itself over 'Simpsons' parody: Matt Groening

it is raining in sothern cali!!!

Can anyone back east send me the following?

Who thinks I should let my cats go naked all the time?

Did anybody see the Bush Pic on Drudge this morning?

Favorite Topping On Pizza

So, what's for lunch today?

Merry Maids

Temp Agency Angered Me Today

new Hannity advertiser Capitol Federal Savings

Smack Zell Miller with a Pie - Democratic Fundraiser Idea!

My first white hair...the horror!

There is a really cute girl in the lab next to me right now .....

DU bug flash

Will Pitt are you up?

I'm at M$ TD2 seminar Ask me anything

To those who wrote me in the thread or email

Purple People Eater!

An idea for a Bush cartoon..

Puzzle....Math...Head hurts...please help me solve this puzzle

Catwoman is making me rewatch THEY LIVE on AMC right now

Which Disney Theme Park Attraction will be the NEXT one they make a film

What's the Halloween equivalent to bah humbug?

Halloween Witch

the problem with campaine finance reform (rant)

A Hitchhikers guide to CAPTIONING

Weapon of Mass Direction--Fox News Ticker...LOL

The moderators here are very efficient.

CAPTION Herr Gropenator

Yankees: No Interest In Manny Ramirez

Bay Area DUers: Death and Taxes?

Stuffed Camel

You a unicorn?

Two pirates walk into a bar

Is lycopene a natural mellowing agent?

What is the proper way to conduct a drinking contest?

Oh Brother! where art thou CAPTION 2 (the "King" George edition)

What is your biggest driving pet-peeve?

The Cantering Crouton of all CAPTIONS!!!!

I was threatened by a DUer. Ask me anything!

Gak!...What do you do when someone you like turns out to be an idiot?

legal help please

Oh My God, The "How Quickly Will This Thread Die" Thread is Actually Dead!

666th post

Holy crap, I forgot.

Ok...I'm now old...I just don't get Squishbob Hotpants

I almost died today..........

Is George Bush Wesley Clark's fault?

Top tips - The wrong thing to say in a hardware store......

My glorious rise to the upper-echelon of DU!! 1000 posts! All hail ME!

The "Mock Zell Miller" thread.

Have You Ever Slept With A Conservative?

Red Sox out of town during Dem Convention


Pico de it or hate it?

Apple Forcing Panther Upgrade for Security Patch

My #(%*&%(*# car died, how can I get another without good credit?

Red Sox place Ramirez on Waivers

NEW movie the film by the ad "tag" line!

Oh Brother! where art thou CAPTION (A must see)

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Joan vs. Bette

Best (rock) bass player

could someone please explain what "MEME" means?

Toby Keith, who started DC fued, now says he's embarassed

What kind of mountain bike do you pedal?

Overdose Victim (WARNING - GRAPHIC)

A Supermarket Rant That Might Get Me Flamed

Best Tarantino Film?

Movie chain #2

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Like or not!

A DU Well wisher thread for Hedgetrimmer and Gate of the Sun

evil windows prank

Hey San Diego DUers...

Guess the film by the plot! (try to stump people)

If You Spent The Night With Another DUer Of The Opposite Sex....

Question for Guinness lovers

Best (or worst) movie villain

Yankee-Red Sox joke

Who's Catwoman?

Fall Holiday Avatars are Here!

USA wins first Rugby World Cup match in 16 years....anyone care?


I need a new Famous Person (Male, dark haired, and clean shaven) to be

(Glendale, Arizona)Valley awarded 2008 Super Bowl by NFL owners

Yo! Will Pitt!

I need a new DU Person (female, dark or light haired, and clean shaven)

CAPTION the sad and all too late epiphany

Paranormal Experience? True unexplained happenings? Haunting?

Desperately seeking 12 practicing witches or warlocks

3 cheers to SOteric on her 6000th post!!!

It's gotta be Jenna...

HawkerHurricane's NFL power ratings!

Songs that make you want to shoot out the car radio (Earworm warning)