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Archives: October 28, 2003

Neocons Are Spreading Their Tentacles in Britain Too

Helping America Vote? (Bev Harris Mentioned)

One, Two, Three, What Are They Fighting For?

Wow, Buzzflash is getting famous...interview with Bill Moyers

Framing the issues: how conservatives use language to dominate politics

Wellstone Was Always a Shining Knight by Sherri Byrand about Rush Holt's "paper trail" bill!!!

I can't believe I am the first to think of this T-shirt

How Did Chris Matthews Get The Nickname "Tweety" using scrubbing bubbles on Iraq?

1.2 installation of DU's women's online health collective

CARTOONS! The "Where's nostamj???" Edition

Fox's World Series Ratings Dud

Jim Puplava @ FinancialSense/StormWatch

Has donation been received?

Is "damn" an unacceptable word?

Hundreds of Palestinians blocked at Gaza-Egypt border

Israel will be front and center at federations´ annual gathering

Ministers of War, Criminals of the Cloth

“Yediot Ahronot”: Every third child in Israel below poverty line

Israel’s apartheid wall aims at ethnic cleansing

Israel arrests Pro-Palestinian Belgians

Israeli destruction of buildings in Gaza is illegal, Annan says

Transcending Arab Anti-Semitism and Western Orientalism

Anyone have the minutes per candidate for last nights debate?

So I am meeting Dean tomorrow

Kerry Signed My Book To DrFunkenstein!

Is Gov. Jennifer Granholm (MI) close to endorsing Kerry?

Number of uninsured peaks under Gov. Dean - federal data shows

Jesse Jackson Jr. Throws His Support to Dean (NYT)

Kerry will never win NH now that he's talking about gun control

Ann Coulter Doll --- No joke!

media manipulation top CIA budget item

Abbie Hoffman's "Steal This Book"

I think Jesus started the SoCal fires

Alabamians have donated more money to Democrats than to Bush

Want to see an ironic historical photo?????

Conason writes in Salon today about and Bev Harris

Rev. Al v/s Chris the Screamer

the greatest president in the last

"I'm glad somebody welcomes me back..."

Why was Wolfowitz there?

The Real Number of 'Coalition' Casualties? (Not a Poll)

Hey Aaaurnuuuld, how about a statement.

Did Bush start the fires in California?

10/27/03 Reuters: Bloodbath in Baghdad

TAIWAN will legalize Gay Marriage

AL Shapton on Greta Van Susteren in 5 minutes.

has anyone heard from Arnie?

Dem Debate Rerun - C-Span Now ...

Looks like Scaife is behind this Episcopalian Schism

Gertrude M. Jones: her final request....

A guy at the studio said he agreed with us...except regarding Israel.

Center for American Progress/Podesta's think tank---here's the website

The undisputed Champion of all Mumia is Guilty threads.

Lieberman to run attack ads.

Germany: Work on Holocaust Memorial Stopped over Degussa Role

Mike Malloy coming up in a few minutes

..."Americans brought the car bombs...Look what you have done"...

Signs of a liberal revival

How can we prevent our nominee from getting "Gored" by * and Faux?

Should we reinstitute the marriage penalty?

BBV: A speech how do you like this?

ldotters and freepers going nuts over 'the reagans'

If this is how it is going to be...

Will Bush Try To Get Out Of a Presidential Debate?

Did Bush Family Interests kill JFK ? poll

MWO has a suggestion for the Dean campaign

Bush-Nazi White House, and rtwing religious fanatics

Murdoch to ratchet up neocon titles via HarperCollins

The most important page on the World Wide Web

CARTOONS! are the "ANSWER"...

Kucinich supporters ONLY: If Kucinich doesn't win, who do you want?

What would make you vote Green?

Why isn't alternative energy a focal issue for the Democrats?

This is the true face of hatred and intolerance — Pics from Oct. 25 rally

Bob and Bill on CSPAN Now!

Do you support Anti-War Rallies, if A.N.S.W.E.R. helps organize them?

Not including our 9 current candidates, who is the best political speaker

What will the papers say on November 3, 2004?

Will Bush ever hold another Press Conference?

10 key values of the Green Party, In case you forgot.

JFK Assassination: Do you believe ABC (coincidence) or TIA (conspiracy)?

Why target the Red Cross?

Jesse Jackson Jr. Throws His Support to Dean

Screeners seeking bargaining rights

Were SA firms in on DRC plunder?

Appeals court upholds ban on opponent-bashing

White House stalls N. Korea visit

Actor Reeve: States Will Lead Stem Cell Research

Victims of Nazi 'experiments' to be buried

Wave of Bombings Kills Dozens in Baghdad

Crime stays level in 2002, but women gain on men in arrests, FBI finds

ABC Reporter Chris Wallace Joins Fox News

Iran to help Syria after US sanctions

Ten Commandments Debate Draws Anti-Gay Preacher (Matthew Shepard)

NYT: Bush Weighing Decision on Release of Documents to Sept. 11 Panel

U.S. Deploys Iraqis At Syrian Border

New Enemy May Require New Tactics

WP (Milbank): Bush* Says Attacks Are a Sign of U.S. Progress

Senate confirms Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt as new EPA chief

GOP Attacks Davis on Wildfires

Must see Bravo West Wing

Five Hundred

"Breathe in...breathe innnnnn..."

"Joe Millionaire": who looks worse, the women or FOX?

Do You Want To Vote In This Poll?

Women's hockey rivalry between team USA and team Canada rocks!

Goo Goo Dolls Fans For Peace at DC Rally

Try to answer this question...

“…I have a wife and a family and a dog and a cat.”

Actor Tom Sizemore Sentenced to Jail

Original "Thomas Crown Affair" on Turner Classic Movies

I saw a fluffer today

I saw a fox and a deer today!

VH-1 I Love the 80's

Idiot Son of an @$$hole -- song about Bush on the net--a must hear

There's a Guinness World Record for underwater pumpkin carving?

I'm miserable! I can't hug or kiss the yaks!

Michael Jackson just gave a shoutout for Clearchannel Comm

I just came back from an Irish wake

Master Rich, the medallion you are wearing around you neck, may I see it?

Help me solve a DU puzzle

I think Jesus started the SoCal fires

How much is 2 plus 2?

Is 28 days too scary for my wife?

What’s that on the tellie?

I guess it is time

Loose Pigs and Flaming Dog Doo

Watching the rerun of Dem debates on C-SPAN

What is the LAST song you want to hear when really drunk?

Holy Crap !!! --- Awesome Satellite Photo Of Fires Here:

Last ditch strategies

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Michelle Branch Vs. Monica On (tonight's) 'Monday Night Football'

A little doodle inspired by SoCalDem, Andy Warhol, and CNN

SoCalDem I got permission to make boxes to send to our troops

What is the ugliest team uniform ever?

Dolphins Vs. Chargers (GO PHINS!!!!!!!!!!)

Is there ANYTHING that Bush could do that would surprise/shock you?

Does this video clip freak you out ?


Favorite classic soul record from the Windy City?

If you could ask BUSH one thing...

New Temp Assignment- - WORKING FOR EVIL FOX

Forget the ZogbyPoll, here is the first ZombyPoll!!!!

Dykes to Watch Out For

I'm miserable! I can't hug and kiss my ferrets!

Womans Intuition....Do you believe in it?

What do you just LOVE about America?

If You Could Ask President Clinton One Thing....

Today's my Birthday

Which famous person do you think Rabrrrrrr really is?

Who is the coolest white man alive?

The Extinction of the Republican party ..A Poem

Return to Waco (Branch Dividians regrouped and back in business)

Salon: No Sex, Please, or We'll Audit You

Scheer-Scapegoating Illegal Workers Won't Seal the Borders

Clark Hits His Stride

The spy who was thrown into the cold - Wilson

The Ramadan Offensive

True Believers, Please Rise (Boeing Deal, Brooks, NYT)

UK Independent: The axis of oil

The White House whine: 'It's all the media's fault'

9/11 in Context -A Marine Veteran's Perspective

Death of a town -Chris McGreal, The Guardian

Sick Soldiers, Self-Deception and Spin

A.N.S.W.E.R. parent organization supports Chinese occupation of Tibet.

Master of Fiction (Dickless Cheney)

The killing in Iraq goes on: and no-one is counting the full cost

Bush backers use California fires to promote "Healthy Forests"

Newsweek Cover Story: Bush's $87b Mess

U.S. energy bill dupes the public

Kucinich Stands for True Democratic Principles by Ed Garvey

Mistakes Of The Father (Blast at Bushie Happy Talk)

A Willful Ignorance (NYT, Krugman)

WP: Bush Says U.S. 'Not Leaving' Iraq Due to Attacks

The Terri Schindler Schiavo Crippled Kickball Team

Britney's Black Helicopter

Secrets of Hitler's friend Diana Mosley: new biography

Monbiot on Bush & Blair's new buddy

US Martyrs Pose Questions for Negroponte

Pay those tickets! Diplo deadbeats could lose U.S. aid

Resisting a blockade

emailed (from GOP?) Bush personal request to be elected based on resume

Molly Ivins: Cease Fire

Time: 10 Questions For Walter Cronkite

9/11 In Context- Awesome speech by a Marine Veteran

Howard Zinn in LA Sunday, 2 November 2003, 7 p.m.

If you are for Dean, have a friend in VA or are progressive

Bush in Winston-Salem

Hate from the heartland

Will Pitt in Bloomington, IN. Monday, Nov. 17th

Corporate media shakedown

did CNN smuggle cameras into Australian Parliament ?

Washington Post's best issue...updating for the bookmarks

White House Frantically Covering Tracks on "Mission Accomplished"

High school girl's diary confiscated and read...and then it gets bad

A comment about a phenomenon of posters who focus on a certain topic

A theory of everything?

Astrologers, I have a question

New Minnesota DUers thread--let's have a weekly meeting?

NIH questions AIDS, sex attitudes grants [Repubs push moral agenda]

Woman claims country club discriminates against her

More assinine stupidity from Rev Phelps....(petition to sign)

Denver Post article on Walmart - Almost makes one want to smile.

Prof. Mann's Proxy Temperature reconstruction challenged!

Cle Plain Dealer:Consumer's counsel should be sacked for aiding 1st Energy

Dennis Overbye: Zillions of Universes? Or Did Ours Get Lucky?

Businessman released after ransom paid - China

Chinese delegation in New Zealand bristles at protest

USaid seeks security for convoys in Sudan

No record Madame Chiang Kai-shek paid bribes to Roosevelt

NOW: Clark addresses DC conference on foreign policy

Canadians want whistle-blowers protected

DoJ survey of states' procedures for restoring civil rights, e.g. RKBA

Assault Rifle Essay

Another Gun Suit Meets Its Doom

How many gun owners do you know?

GUNS IN THE NEWS - October 28, 2003 (Revised Guidelines)

Voices FOR Gun Control

Has the Justice/Public Safety forum changed your opinion on gun control?

apology to KaityKaity?

I have a similar, "Why was this moved?" question

The behavior of the moderators is just shocking

A couple of observations..

I have a question...

Hey Guys, we're burning daylight here!

I have a question

Thank you!

Why was loyal tombstoned?

Why was my poll moved?

Israel raids a hospital to look for terrorists

Israel blows up apartment buildings: Annan issues a sharp rebuke

Are bomb-sniffing pigs kosher?

Paul Krugman (The New York Times): A Willful Ignorance

Rabbis attacked by armed settlers

Israel May Give Utility Services to Settlements Built Recently

(Knesset) Finance C’tee approves NIS 123m transfer to settlements

9 life sentences for Hamas man who planned Meron bombing

Report: British Muslims planning attacks against Israel

Radical Islam Gains a Seductive New Voice

Legal move to end activist's life

Hizbullah rockets hit Israeli (military) posts

A book worth readinig

Israel steps up its war against the Palestinians

'Israelization' of U.S. Middle East policy proceeds apace

Israel, U.S. Develop Short-Range Defense

Question?: Can Dems take Ernie Fletcher's house seat.

Bush's Tennessee Rangers & Pioneers

Colorado for Clark fans:

Clark hits his stride

Poll: Support for Clark ebbing

Is This New? California Teachers Association Endorses Dean Today?

CLARK SPEAKING NOW via webcam on foreign policy

The scariest thing * said

ABCnote quotes GOP: repealing tax cuts is an unpleasant alt. to Bush cash

Rep. LaTourette (R-OH) divorcing wife who says "DC corrupts"

How many gun owners do you know?

Redistricting falls off session's table (New Mexico)

Who would benefit from a Straw Poll?

Did anyone see Dean on the BET tonight?

Kerry Exposes "Mission Accomplished"

Response of John Kerry to Bush...

General WesleyClark responds to Bush's "Mission Accomplished" remarks

PA Senate: Specter, Toomey campaigning here (Lancaster County)

Who's the meanest of them all? (

Governor Dean's Statement on President Bush's Press Conference

Donate to Edwards if . . .

Dean Anagram Squad strikes!

WI: Feingold, Thompson in dead heat (matchup not going to happen....)

Is there any way we could agree

Kerry Throws Down the Gaunlet on Bush Press Conference

Why Joe Wilson is endorsing and working to elect John Kerry President.

Dennis coming to Seattle and Bellingham

Dean Event in Philadelphia December 9th

New Kucinich endorsements from Zinn, Glover, Garvey, Fr. Burgeois, others

Fantastic election map on Edwards site

(NH) Greens endorse Kucinich

Clark's Health Care Plan released today

Please, donate to Kucinich if you want his message heard!

Ed Garvey: Kucinich stands for true Democratic principles

Kucinich campaign supports the strikers in So Cal

A troubling assertion- "Everybody lies"

I guess it is time

Sign Gertrude "Whistle Ass" Jones Guest book. Up until 11/1103

howard dean on bet

Cuban CIA Rodriguez of Iran-Contra & Bay of Pigs is BushSR's buddy

Oh, Goodie!

HBO's 'Born Rich'...Why do these people deserve a tax cut Mr. Bush?

What provisions of the massive Patriot Act are unconstitutional?

For What It's Worth. Alan Colmes Will Be In My Neck Of The Woods This

Grocery workers strike/lockout

Support Comprehensive Sex Education

Can Dems take Ernie Fletcher's house seat.- GREAT OPPURTUNITY!

Hypothetical Question

Clinton on CSPAN

some symbolism....

BushSR ties to JFK killing

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. disagrees with DUers who claim Dean is unelectable

What is going to happen with Syria?

I just saw Depok Chopra on Faux TV... talking about the need for a

Bush Is My Shepherd (HUMOR)

Kerry on Charlie Rose Now

Kerry on Charlie Rose in Chicago right now.

My debate thoughts...(I know you're excited)

Has Junior ever worked for an hourly wage in his life?

Would "terrorist" acts continue if US withdrew from Baghdad ?

Ultimate praise: Here's what Bill Moyers said about Jon Stewart...

Interviews with US Troops 17 Oct 03

Gov. Race in Mississippi is evidently of national significance to Repubs..

NEW FLASH: PNAC overextends plans, renders self impotent!

Please boycott Darigold

Who will win the Oklahoma primary? (Feb. 3)

Projection: At current pace: 799 US dead in Iraq by 11/2/04

Chris Matthews is a lying sack of shit

Bernie's blasting Dumbya bigtime

US Blocks Torture Settlements to our first Gulf War Veterens

If there' s a draft would you fight in George W. Bush's army?

Bill O'Reilly in SF (yuck)

Too Funny - George W Bush - the toy president

Ray Taliaferro on a ROLL - KGO radio

My letter to FAUX news:

MS Gov. hopeful Barbour on racist grooup's website

Healthcare premiums rise 22% (!!!) this year over last year

Israel raids a hospital to look for terrorists

Israel blows up apartment buildings: Annan issues a sharp rebuke

chris matthews is ever so mildly disagreeable.

Giving back health care benefits -- Grocery industry again

Iraq- Are we getting our butt kicked by 'Amateurs'??

UK headline: "Bush is not welcome in Britain"

Why "Republicans for education" is a lie.

Daily Howler: A Media Whore Trys To Diminish Clark's Debate Performance

Your Hero and mine, Paul Krugman

What do we do if they find WMD?

MOAB (mother of all bombs) test - Take 2

Corporate Mentality

*snork* 'White-collar rehab'

Newsweek cover: Waste Chaos and Cronyism: The Real Cost of Rebuilding Iraq

Celebrity Donations to Dem candidates listed on CNN

Jesse Jackson, Jr. may be close to endorsing Dean (NY Times)

Plame leak my violate Patriot Act

"We have not yet found stocks of weapons,

Area of Fire in Southern California

Pics: OUR Veterans at the DC anti-war protest 10/25/2003

While waiting in the ER the other day I saw a copy of the large print

Polls that are being freeped

(pic/video) freepers insulting OUR Veterans at DC anti-war protest

My first-hand experience with outsourcing to India

Just How Inept are US Actions in Iraq?

Ann Coulter

Pett: 'Good old American know-how' (relates to DF's essay on poverty)

Bush on NPR re the car bombings: "Terrorists hate freedom."

Cafferty and Soledad pouting on CNN..ha ha ha!

ooOOOoo Horsey: 'Who invited Rove to the funeral?'

David Gergen says on Aaron Brown's MSNBC show that Bush Faces Crisis!

The preacher who shot two intruders in the back was acquitted on all

Saw Ah-nold talking to some firemen ~ He smirks just like Bush*

When did Bush pass from hubris to lunacy?

Don Wright: Boykin's religious war

Did anyone watch Lou Dobbs last night?

Whoever leaked Plame's name should be sent to Gitmo as a terrorist.

Commander in Chief cried wolf and Congress

Cheney's Grubby Paws All Over the Niger Forgery (I Just Know It)

FOX movie pre-9/11 terrorist attack on the WTC?

98% of Latin Americans have bad opinion of Bush!

Clark Bars: the first step is to admit you have a problem

Jesse Jackson Jr. endorses Dean (NYT)


Sean Hannity says the fires are the fault of the Democrats

How funny is Al Franken's new book?

Would so many viruses exist if Linux was the dominant O/S?

TV News Lies Webcast to start at noon ET - Bush's press conference

video highlights of Oct.25, DC anti-war protest (link)..13 minutes long


DC Protest Pics: DUers, Freeps, great signs, and cops

Clark at New American Strategies - FYI

Dean blog posts DNC report on the WH digital cover up on Iraq.

Recall efforts around the nation: Alaska, Nevada, Arizona

Did Nader Help GWB* steal the 2000 election?

Pretzledental "press conference" going to be on NPR this hour-11am est

In view of the embarrasing press conference you folks just have to

BBV: CSPAN III Tomorrow, Oct 28 9:30AM - HAVA hearing

US officials in Baghdad said they were unaware of any explosions...

Why is Hillary supporting Levitt for EPA?

MattS from Clark Sphere "can't see anyone other than Dean winning"

CBC Explores Bush and 9/11 Questions

Bush is really a total embarrassment as President of the US

Bob Barr Calls for Impeachment!

Corruption Probe Roils Philadelphia Election

Little Evil Annie coming up on Wolfie's show

The area between LA and San Diego

Rabbis back Israeli 'Guard Pigs'

Walmart segment on Daily Show last night...

53 weeks, 374 days from today-What are YOU going to do?

Clark release Health Care Plans...

Question re: "Important" Press Conferences & The West Coast

need source for state taxes data, any help appreciated

Repug Redux - Didn't Nixon run with part of his campaign as getting out of


Theory....Global Terror = Trojan Horse for "Global Union"

Dean's DU supporters should tell the truth about tax cuts

From -- "Idiot Son of an A-hole"

At least six killed in Iraq as police clear rubble of earlier deadly blast

The Election is a battle between Christian Right and the Right Christians-

Link to Simultcast occuring right now - Clark to speak

those of you who missed the film professor call O'Really a totalitarian

Our first look at the * campaign: "The world is more peaceful"

Dean/Sharpton 04...and then, what will REALLY happen

New American Strategies is back on LIVE video after the lunch break

Josh Marshall seems to be aware of some important developments...

Reminder - Terry Gross on Buchanan and Press Today - 6 P.M. MSNBC

Energy Bill - Press Release (shows one of the pressure points)

Health care Monopoly is about to get even worse -- Big insurers merge

Ambassador to Iraq '91 says US position in Iraq now -"we're f#cked"

Text of Bush Press Conference

Food for thought - a book excerpt

Kennedy gets George Bush Award for Excellence in Public Service.

Anyone else seen the FDR Memorial in DC?

Sex at the al-Rashid Hotel

Iraqi Newspaper Editor Killed

Woman claims country club discriminates against her

Hard quotes by bushco linking saddam and al-qaeda.

Schwarzenegger Hires Jeb Bush's Budget Director (we're screwed)

Dean debating skills limited, seems to repeat the same stuff

10/28/03 DOD: Adds casualty not reported by Centcom

link to full new conference speech

Clark proposes health coverage for all US children


Clark at New American Progress - Partial Transcript

One question I had about the Hotel bombing in Baghdad the other day.....

Was the Patriot Act necessary to improve security?

One of the soldiers killed yesterday identified

The Clinton Wars

Rumsfeld's "Message to the People of Iraq" transcript

Hah! And people think Dean should renege on his tax plan

Is the pResident a Big Fat Liar when he says the world is safer?

Um, er, didn't * say he loves freedom of speech???

10/28/03 Centcom: US soldier dies non-hostile gunshot

Video of press conference on CSPAN site

Gore joke about Rush...

I was starting to worry that Bush's poll numbers were levelling off.

Former republican defends himself in local paper; good bit about fascism!

O'Really cut me off again, ask me anything!

How Does Your Candidate Stand on the Patriot Act?

An awesome anti-war song I really dig (free download, too!)

New CNN spin: Electability in gen election is now winability in primary

Lieberman commercial. Discuss.

ABC reconstructs JFK assasination

Bush In 30 Seconds - make a commercial - Check this out!

If the Dittoheads Are On a "Relentless Pursuit Of The Truth".......

Tucker Carslon is attacking Krugman again

Crossfire email makes a hilarious point!

"Mission Accomplished" Banner NOT Bush's teams idea???

240 Soldiers have died since Smirk's aircraft PR stunt

Did anybody screen the transcript of the last 9/11-commission's hearing?

The campaign is underway! Bush reveals his one and only tactic:

Helicopters arrive! (San Diego fire)

Is Anything New In Regards to a Liberal TV News or Radio Network?

MoveOn: Bush in 30 Seconds

I wonder if this will be in the CBS thing on Regan?

Baghdad Burning

Reagan hit man Hinkley and 9/11 suspect Mossaoui have same psychiatrist!

Blow Reveille for the Democratic Leadership -dereliction of duty

Where's Wolfowitz? We need to see him unshaken!

How the US tax dollars are being spent in IRAQ... Get a LOAD OF THIS:

White House website hanky panky

Critics call Air Force negotiator too cozy with industry

Uncle Sam gets warm welcome in Tegucigalpa

Plan for Bush to win in 2004

If the nightmare happens, and Bush wins

Dean Statement on *'s press conference.

What will happen in Massachusetts? (Re: Same Sex Marriage)

Washington Post's best issue...updating for the bookmarks

How many people are Honestly considering emigration?

This is the worst press conference performance in the history of U.S.

NY Times Bestsellers for 11-2-03 (Al Franken retakes #2 from O'Reilly)

Here's a frightening thought on Bush, Iraq, and 2004 Elections

Two For One:

Intercepted memo from Red Cross to Bush administration!!!

CNN polling

Why is it that Jeb can control some peoples lives?

A comment about a phenomenon of posters who focus on a certain topic

All BBV and Patriots check this out..........

A point about the flawed view of the Bush tax cuts....

Hinkley Oil Co. bailed out by Bush's Zapata.

Newsweek Cover: "Bush's $87 Billion Mess"

Wolfowitz still looking shaken on

My question to Bush* would be ~ Was the mission accomplished?

What the hell does this mean?


TAX AMERICANA: Mediawhores Online, William Saleton and Nick Confessore [of

BBV did you know ES&S iVotronic are not hackiable


LATimes: Soldier, bring your own body armor (re-post)

The "Perception" That We'll Have a Hard Time Beating in '04

repugs, conservatives, Rwingers and their big mouths

BBV: Vanderburgh County IN signs $2.9 million contract with ES&S for TSVM

So, Duncan Hunter thinks it's Davis fault that his house burned down

Free Elections in Iraq NOW!

CBS Reagan movie

David Corn on Buchanan & Press now (6:53 est)

Newsweek trashing Diebold!!!

Soldiers' Last Words

"Bush seeks re-election on 'world peace' ticket"

List of Top 10/100 Effective Federal Programs

Clark blames President Bush for Sept. 11 intelligence failures

O'Reilly replaces Novak

I see real desperation here. Consider this story:

Does Mike Malloy need a bodyguard?

NYT frontpage photo of scared to death US soldier

The truth about Middle-Class tax cuts

David Gergen blames the Dems. for the situation in Iraq because they

Send more troops to Iraq?

Tom Freidman says: "Reinvade the Suni Triangle?" Wolf says: "You Mean

Bush Doesn't Take Responsibility for "Mission Accomplished"

REMINDER: Will Pitt on NECN (New England Cable News 8:00 PM EST) Tonight!

Bill O'Really visits the Charlie Rose Show tonight

Make War Not Love: Abstinence, Aggression and the Bush White House

New England DUers: I'm going to be on TV tonight

Bush 'Mission Accomplished' claim made more than once!

Buch and Press ------ The White House produced the banner

Travel warning for Tennessee (people of color beware!)

NPR's Terri Gross coming up on Buchanan & Press Next (its 6:30 now)

Question: Is Howard Dean a Skull and Bonesman?

Truman: The buck stops here. Bush: Don't blame me I only work here.

Hannity say's GOP congressman to blame for Bush's political failings

9/11 Commission: Presidential briefing memo questions

Dean Supporters - Some thoughts on the tax issue

awwww, look at these cutie pies

Fox News, "reporters" get dissed

Clark seems to be getting some good reviews...

Robert Kennedy's assassination - what do you think?

Please explain the Tweety thing - here he bashes Bush/backs Dean

Why does Clark's get positive progressive press coverage?

LOL, Senator Robert Byrd delivers speech on how to speak....

Waxman website...WH is manipulating science and health issues.

Sharpton is kicking ass on Hardball

Why so many college students are conservative: observation

Dad sent me his "take" on *'s latest press conference. Is it accurate?

Nancy Pelosi - Undecided on Paper trail bill(HR 2239) please call

BBV: Jim March & Diebold In Yahoo!

BBV Halloween Edition: New This Modern World

Attention all creative DUers. An ad contest from !!

Gen. Boykin believes he has a photo of the Devil in Mogadishu

ABC News

CBS local news bulletin.. Fire could burn to BAKERSFIELD

Pea-ance, Free-ance & more Left Out of WH Transcript - Bush Yesterday

Army kept a soldier w/brain damage in Iraq - on "light" duty.

AT&T just told me to have a "blessed" day

Nature tells us to COOPERATE with each other so as to SURVIVE

Another Bush LIE on the evening news!!!


Need help on the Saudis leaving the country after 9-11

"Agency planned exercise on Sept. 11..."

DC Protestors reveal 9/11 truth at the Washington Monument (pic)

Malaysian Prime Minister emphatically calls Bush a liar. Nice.

This is what democracy looks like: Faces of dissent from D.C. (photos)

Global Warming Debate on C-SPAN starts 10-29

Question: If Howard Dean Was a Southerner...

Calling DU research team! Could be BIG

Ask Joe Wilson Wednesday.......via John Kerry

Is Dean talking about rolling back the tax credit for children?

any pro Edwards, or Kerry, or Clark discussion boards?

How can we ever hope to win back our country when stupidity is rampant?

Vote in Conserv. Paper's Poll where Bush is LOSING BIG!

Six American Women Soldiers Have Died in Iraq

CNN Shamelessly Pimps for the Military

How do you view the anti-globalization movement?

How has your opinion of NAFTA changed since 5-10 years ago?

bush* : "Iraq's a dangerous place, Bill" and other insights from

Kucinich wins Green endorsement

Three Enemies In One!

Bush Blatantly LIED Today - We Have Evidence - Blast the Media

Has Dean identified the cuts he plans to make in entitlements?

Why has it been this long, and the elected Dems have done nothing?

One of Utah's most progressive Democrats to run for senate!

Finally! Religious/spiritual liberal/progressive DUers unite! back online

Roll call vote: Kucinich supporters only!

CBS Now Offering Stories From The New Republic & The Weekly Standard

You've been indoctrinated into a Psychological Civil War

Outstanding Toles on LIHOP

Democrats! Learn from the Canadian Alliance/Progressive Conservatives!

Are you surprised that the DC Protest seems to have exacerbated...

"You shouldn't have taken your son to that march!"

Does this photo prove that Oswald didn't even shoot JFK?

What would it take for American-style capitalism/socialism to work?

The axis of oil: how a plan for the world's biggest pipeline threatens to

Cyanide ban lands in top court

Family sues over Iraqi killings (says "war was illegal.")

U.S. discloses $1.4 billion Iraqi oil proceeds

Sony plans to trim 20,000 jobs globally

US Urges Agencies to stay in Iraq

Calif. Fires Kill 15, Destroy 1,000 Homes

US skeptical of Iranian tourism contribution to Iraq reconstruction

Equifax PAC Holds Fund-Raiser for Senator Behind Pro-Industry Changes to C

Australia sends nuke waste to France amid tight security

Troops kill seven Aceh rebels on eve of Ramadan

'Syrian' Bomber Caught Alive in Baghdad, U.S. Says

Guatemala ex-fighters abduct four journalists

Economic woes overshadow Ramadan

Saudi official visits Maine to mend post-Sept. 11 rift

HOUSE WATCH-10/28/2003 (#1-12:30) [Suspensions]

SENATE WATCH-10/28/2003 (#1-9:30 AM) [Leavitt nomination]

Washington insider's campaign for governor of Mississippi draws GOP heavyw

Car Bomb Kills Six in Fallujah, Iraq

Bechtel (and Halliburton) Gets G.O.P. Support for a Potential Tax Break

Explosion Rocks Baghdad (Tues.!)

Four GIs Wounded in Ambushes Near Mosul

Mugabe 'flown to South Africa after collapse'

Nations back off sending troops to Iraq (Bangladesh, Portugal, & S. Korea)

E-voting flap sparks legal threats

Rabbis back Israeli 'guard pigs'

Bomb Kills Coalition Soldier, 2 civilians in Iraq

Turkey slams US "Ineptitude" in request for troops to Iraq

Arabs Blame United States for Baghdad Bloodbath..

War-disabled Iraqi boy arrives in Taiwan for medical treatment

Bolivian president requests UN aid in exchange for tough line on corruptio

Bombed Iraqi police desperately seek fallen colleagues, more guns

States, Cities Sue EPA Over New Air Rules

Raid on far-right Combat 18 - Germany

Family of injured soldier says he was denied proper care

11:15AM EST - News Conference

Iraq's guerrillas adopt new strategy: copy the Americans

States, Cities Sue EPA Over New Air Rules

High power bill sends man into killing frenzy - NY

Painful choices for Iraq aid agencies after bombs (3 NGO's leaving)

Proposed shutdown of VA hospitals sparks torrent of protests

Hidden foes confuse, torment U.S. in Iraq

Saudi fighters join resistence in Iraq

U.S. Steel says 3Q loss was $349M

Refugees visited by Maria Shriver

US outrage over Wolfowitz jibe (Wished Iraqis aim was better)

RPGs Kills US Soldier In Baghdad

Brazilian officials: We'd rather negotiate with EU than U.S.

ABC News reconstructs Kennedy assassination, confirms Warren Commission co


link to full new conference speech

NIH questions AIDS, sex attitudes grants [Repub moral agenda]

Iraq vets join ranks of have-nots under Bush administration

Iraq Paradox: Cracking Down While Promoting Freedom

Chase Cutting 1,000 LI Jobs

The killing in Iraq goes on: and no-one is counting the full cost

Jobless Insurance Nearly Bankrupt/Arnie Urged by Davis to Seek U.S. Loan

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq - 351 U.S. Service Members Have Died

Armed Man Near President's Daughter Questioned, Released

Ex-Energy Min: Texaco Knew It Was Polluting In Ecuador

Jessica Lynch too busy to meet her saviour

U.S. energy bill dupes the public


General WesleyClark responds to Bush's "Mission Accomplished" remarks

Deputy Mayor of Baghdad Assassinated

Utah Governor Confirmed As EPA Chief

Rabbis attacked by armed settlers

ABC News

Abbott to pay a $600 million in fines (medicare/medicaid fraud)

Twelve States Sue US Over Utility Pollution

Poll: War in Iraq drains confidence in Bush

Political Threat To Bush Growing

U.S. in Iraq: Should We Stay or Should We Go?

Anger at Australian nuclear cargo

Governor Dean's Statement on President Bush's Press Conference

Response of John Kerry to Bush...

West Bank settlers turn to pigs for protection

Clark at New American Strategies

Two CIA Contractors Killed in Afghanistan

‘A Two-Edged Sword’ - Anti-Terror Laws Could Hurt the Net

11:15 AM EST — Bush News Conference, Thread 2

Sun erupts in biggest storm in years

SA arms exports doubled - South Africa

Zim on 'brink of disaster' - Zimbabwe

Israel, United States to fund laser that shoots down rockets

8 New Blasts Heard in City After Sundown; Car Bomb Kills 4 in Fallujah

Baghdad Deputy Mayor killed in Drive-By Shooting

'Sober' - new Windows virus - hits computers

Breaking: WH Confirms it produced the USS Lincoln's "MA" Banner

Poll: Latin America Has Dismal View of Bush

'Intimidation' Against AIDS Studies - "scientific McCarthyism"

Bush to Sign Electronic Banking Bill

Tyco Jurors View $2M Party Video

U.S. Forces Detain Al-Jazeera Staffers

Bush Says Americans Not Misled on Iraq Campaign

The World’s Most Dangerous Place - Baghdad daily dance with death

President Bush lied, says Mahathir

Jessica snubs her rescuer

$128 Billion Corporate Tax Cut?

Busted as prep perv Headmaster nabbed in kiddie porn sting

Well to be drilled off Cuba (Oil)

Bush Disavows Mission Accomplished Banner

Hatch offers Democrats deal on stalled judges [Wash. Times]

Fargo liberal radio host will launch national call-in show

Washington Feels the Heat From California (fires to push logging bill)

UK armed forces in cash crisis

Democrat Clark blames President Bush for Sept. 11 intelligence failures

Germany 9-11 Trial Takes Dramatic Turn

Bush, Under Fire, Reaches Out to Muslims

U.S. Official Still Convinced Iraqis Moved WMDs

US requires foreign food exporters to register with FDA

U.S. Not Ready for Total Abortion Ban, Bush Says

UK opposition leader IDS faces no confidence vote

Hate from the heartland (Anti-gay group pickets LI hazing HS)

1:20 EDT new explosion in Baghdad

Catch the Daily Show replay

The Suppository/The Jockstrap

The OC--Proposed Revision for Wed's episode

Can Some Please Explain Aeon Flux To Me?

I am Ozymandias, King of Kings

The Tampon/The Bra


Ever had this?

Perp walk

Make a Mint this Halloween, Anyone..?

Do you like the man on DU...

a visit to a fundy haunted house

Did something happen with PNAC?

anti_shrub invades Heinz Field

Terry Schiavo's maiden name is Schindler?

Too Funny - George W Bush - the toy president

Anyone know how hard it is to get an EU work visa after age 24?

game time

nadinbrzezinski - I need to talk to you

Good (Tuesday) Morning DU!

Letterman or Leno?

Bush* to California: "We would love to help...

Hey - some of us made it to!!

I gotta get this off my chest (personal rant warning)

You know that picture of * looking out the plane window??

Just something for Final Fantasy fins, Advent children

Kobe Bryant needs to check himself, what a moran...

Watch The Soap Operas. Not THOSE Soaps. The LA Lakers.


Embarrassed to say ... I got lost in a corn maze on Friday night

This has been something I've been thinking about


Berry in Fury Over Axed Spin-Off - this totally sucks!

So Who's Gonna Win The NBA Championship This Year?

Hey, Protesters!

Reminder: Daily Show replay at 10 EST

Selections from "Ask Zod"

How much wood can Demman chop, if Demman chopped wood

post No. 500 Baybee ask me whatever

Funny rush cartoon on CNN

Bank computer laughed at me this morning

Weeeeeeeee ggiggigigig weee wweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Would so many viruses exist if Linux was the dominant O/S?

Would so many viruses exist if Linux was the dominant O/S?

New Jersey Wants More Goats

French Freedom Fighters Flaunt Fuzz: Fantastic Failure

Which famous yak do you think Zomby Woof really is?

Title of a West Wing episode???

I've got a front row seat for the Rick Wakeman concert tonight!


Who had the kid with the addition problems?


HBO & BBC Presents -- "ROME"

Has anyone else used Lipitor for high cholesterol?


Is your public radio station in "begging mode?"

Onion: Rush Says His Addiction Clinton Admin's Fault

What's the must get candy this halloween?

HELP!!I need a cream sauce recipe for SAlmon steaks

Scary as HELL

CAPTION pResident Karnac

Ha! The final word on Rush Windbag, for now anyway

Abducted gnomes in search of home


So for my 25,000th post

SOMEWHAT VULGAR POLL : You've been warned!

I need help - Does anyone speak Spanish here?

It sure is lonely and captionless at the top

I just got hammerd by some freepers...ask me anything...

"A Dean-go ate my baby"!!!

It figures! (Vacation Rant)

I Wonder What Dubya's Staff And Cabinet Say Behind His Back...

How Much Porn Do You Personally Possess?

What's your favorite review?

Explosive Diarrhea of the pie hole, a dead givaway!

Rush flew over the cuckoo's nest

Jesus came back

The cock-ring / The butt-plug.

Who bought the "Vicar of Dibley" DVD box set?

Cat Tales

My first job interview ever!! Tomorrow:)

Kook or normal?

MN Lunchladies win Powerball

NEW BUSHISM: Condi Rice "The Un-Sticker"

My career as a drug rep is now over

asymmetric sweat

What are your opinions of mass transit?

Caption the RESPONSTABILITY pResident

Another Way to Make GD Fun

It's college football trivia time!!

LOL! Two hilarious Fark photoshops of W!

Toll Charges for the Blue Ridge Parkway.

new OxyRush advertiser American Plastics Council

25 signs you've "grown up"

Do you loose your student loans when you fail at College

Denny McLain out of prison; What a Life!

Saw my new job today.

Bush Joke

Best baseball player in history

Anyone Remember the old British Series UFO?

How much porn do you personally star in?

15 things to do at WalMart

My cousin's house burned down in the fires.

Some good news

Anyone been to a Dean fundraiser?

Well-Hung Man Near President's Daughter Questioned, and shagged.

First Rush, then O' Tucker?

We just got 47 small carpets...ask me anything.

Irish Soda Bread........What's the history behind it?

Kind of a legal question/rant

About the Bush press conference: was it REALLY that bad?

Help me find trash bin enclosures!

'Price is Right' announcer Rod Roddy dead at 66

Any LA DU'er going to the WeHo for Halloween?

Intercepted memo from Red Cross to Bush administration!!!

Confession Here Guys!

Hilarious Halloween Humor :-)

CAPTION And then Arnold went like this...

Jack Bauer to the rescue: Season Premier of 24 tonight!

Has Novak been replaced?

Weekly Dallas Cowboys thread

(to Beethoven's 5th) Ca-ca-ca-caaaaption...Ca-ca-ca-caaaption....

Who here DOESN'T have the necessary eating utensils at their workplace?

The Strategic Savant of all CAPTIONS!!!!!!

"Hey Freepers" sign w/ middle finger is up on PABAAH (freep) website

The Turd in the Punchbowl of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Tip Toe Thru the Captions.................

This guy can't even dress himself

CAPTION what restaurant workers would call "in the weeds"

CA: Apocalypse now?

Big O sucks the big one.


Bush Is My Shepherd (HUMOR)

Eeeverybody's smiling, eeeverybody's happy, everybody CAPTION

Fellow DUers, Please Help...Can't reach Kiddo in SOCAL Need Info


ZombyCoffee: The Kiss My Yak Blend!

I had to take Benny, the badda binga kitty, back to the vet.

AOL....Hell Users can you answer a question?

CAPTION the "Unsticker"


I haven't seen Lil Skitty in over a year

Obit requesting gifts to anti Bush groups...

Annoying habit: chuckling or giggling no matter what is said!

24 Season 3 starts TONIGHT!

How Much Porn Starring a DUer do you own?

I remeber when Jack McKeon used to manage the Reds

It's "make fun of a Freeper" time again......

About the fires

Hey, Mac heads: OSX?

ZombyPoll #2: Trick Or Treat?

A DU Poll About DU Polls

Another silly photoshop for your enjoyment (captions welcome)

I did a bad thing

Fox News Threatened to Sue The Simpsons

I love anime, but

Patrick Roy's #33 to be retired tonight....

High End Department Stores

What was the joke Bob Dole told about Rush Limbaugh last night?

Bagdad Bush

I've been farting into the same sofa cushion for 18 months!

Check out this weird gun...

Hello from Harley Davidson!

Request time: Anybody want to read my official complaint

I might be leaving the USA next year (Need Opinions)

I won't run for office because....

I need a favor from someone...

Poetry for the freshly tombstoned

I'm off to Port Hueneme

What Is Your Opinion of Ted Nugent?

Any New York DUers going to the Halloween Parade Friday night?

The most DISTURBING religious sign I've seen at a protest

What the hell does this mean?