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Archives: October 27, 2003

Army of One a Day

NY Times Magazine: "Learning to Love to Hate"

Demand a Special Prosecutor for "Intimigate"

first instalation of the DU online women's health collective

Post Debate Coverage

Walter Pincus Monday 7:45 AM C-SPAN's "Washington Journal"

CounterFReep CBS

High school senior came 'out' - and was expelled

Buffet: no good investments

International minimum wage

Yucca mountain nuclear storage site on 60 Min now

Democrat Presidential Candidates Shying Away From Gun Control

DU Bumper Stickers?

Q on "dupe" threads - "Fox screwing Kucinich"

I'm WAY pro new rules and

The 'nobody to talk to' thesis ...

Gaza Strip buildings blown up

Israel creates 'world's most scenic prison'

Permits ordered for Palestinians

Nunn won't run for Senate

Calif. Teacher's Association Endorses Howard Dean!

Candidates avoiding gun control in their campaigns

So... who won?

Press The Meat: Novakula -- New Registers: Why Dean Will Win it All

60 Minutes (10/26/03) Undercover Marketing Uncovered, more...

Dean just said he liked Bush as a governor.

Steve's interview with Dean on C-Span is turning me OFF! Don't like the

Your tax dollars are paying for terrorizing Palestinian farmers

WTF! 16 renowned microbiologists mystery deaths Nov 2001-Aug 2002.

About flame threads.....

Peter Hart's Focus Group on C-Span was confusing to me......and I thought

Read this on Buzzflash

Fox is screwing Kucinich and Mosely Braun

2000 election, I need help!

The Dem debate thread (Fox News)

Neocons in Rome

Dem. Debate: Al Sharpton with a great line....

Disabled Vets Vow To Auction Congressional Seats

Anbody see this idiot Ed Gillespie on CSPN?

what's up with Clark's eyebrows?

The Dem debate thread II

Alternative sources for Faux debate? post here please.

Air Pollution and Auto-immune Diseases - question for SoCal folks

Hey Wonk...any audio or video yet...?

Where's Colmes?

There a show about politics on TV LAND right now of all things (10PM ET)

To those that didn't go, but want to critique the DC march

"I look forward to working with Roger Ailes."

Just heard a clip of Dean on the radio!!

Paul Krugman question.

Is This Nonsense from a Right-Winger?

The Iraq situation could have been worse...

What was that "bushlite" shot Lieberman took at Clark?

16 renowned microbiologists died mysteriously in 4 months: 11/01-3/02

Dean on CSpan today--I was impressed....

Just what is there for Republicans to protest at a Democratic debate?

Fox post-mortem: William Krystol and Juan Williams?

who had the best closing statement?

DRUDGE: Edwards endorsed by Ashton Kutcher; Demi Moore leans Dean

Democratic Debate will replay at midnight for anyone who missed it

Edwards at 3rd place in NH, 9 %!

What do you think of Jay Rockefeller as a VP choice?

Democratic Debate Thread III

CNBC repeating Conason on Russert

Who should drop out by next debate?

Could FOX be making some moves to the left?

After the Rally, After the March... what do we bring home?

Al Sharpton is such a treasure...

Does anyone here seriously like Joe Lieberman?

****This is important.. News videos of fire reports*****

I predict Bushie will agree to one debate in 04 elections

Who lost tonight's debate?

We need the United States Miltary Now in San Diego

Sharpton for White House press secretary

What were the best lines in tonight's debate?

Who thinks Al Sharpton should run for Congress?

Who won tonights debate?

I like the fact that Dean seems pissed off, I AM TOO!


Salin's idea:Please document the lack of news coverage!-Cali

What's your reason for *not* being at the DC or SF protests?

Getting Our Peace Kicks On Route 66

I'm now undecided, leaning *Kerry*.

Fish on Prozac? How depressing!

BBC: Iraq curfew lifted for Ramadan (security situation has improved)

Despite War on Terror Alliance, Many Pakistanis Still Denounce America

BBC (Monday): Poll blows for Colombia president (Leftist wins in Bogota)

Iraq 'shelved nuclear plans' (in 1991) (BBC)

Republicans Fret Over Rumsfeld's Drag on His Party

Venezuela's Chavez Asks US: 'Treat us as an Equal'

EPA warning on asbestos is under attack

debate drinking game

I just moved in my new house today -- I knew I'd moved in a haunted house

"Let me ask you a question, sir."

MTV2...Most outrageous videos...

I'm outa here, Ask me anything...

Banana Republics, we live in one.

Okay - CNN, Freepers, and DUers - what the hell is up with this?

Swallow's Nest? Anyone here ever cook with it?

Afghans angry at beauty queen's bikini appearance

Solar storm and GPS (Global Positioning System)

OK I'll Take Cheesy Out of the Title""Horror Flick "The Omen" on Cable

Hey Arwalden!!!

any OS2/Warp or BeOS (5) users here?

Dolphins/Chargers Game Moved To Phoenix

Do you think the Red Sox will hire Zimmer????

went to a chili fest fund raiser this evening at the local firehouse

Michael and Al: 1-2 Bang on the NYTimes bestsellers list

I just have to say this...watching the Philadelphia/Jets game

Favorite Adrian Lyne movie

Big decisions await Marlins

Ideas on motivating kids to be interested in public speaking, debate

Mel Gibson's The Passion

NO - WIRE - HANGERS !!! (Examples of extreme overacting)

NO - HIGHER - WANGERS !!! (Examples of uh...whatever)

Someone Told Me I Have A "Politically Correct" Cat

Why do threads seem to die after I post?

Guess what I just saw in GD?

Minnesota DUers flake out en masse

BIZARRO! Halloween Adult Swim Night! BIZARRO!

I just re-watched "Bringing Up Baby" Ask me anything!

Wish me luck guys

Ok...I'm now on DAY THREE

officially unofficial chiefs/bills thread

michael says

Photoshop help please....

Which DU poster do you think is really Jenna Bush?

If Congress lifts the ban on Cuba --- Will you go?

I need an intervention for a 1st grade math student

Why are some people winners and other losers?

What makes you truly happy? n/t

Bob Herbert -- There's a Catch: Jobs (NY Times)

So long and good riddance - "Madame Chiang Kai-shek"

Global Warming: the Quadrillion Dollar Question

PNAC: Why American business should care

The Unappreciated General

There are 3 Iraqs, Not One! So Let's Start Thinking Creatively!

Attack (on Rashid hotel) shows growing sophistication

Harpers Index

Americans Preach Tolerance to Iraqis

The $87 Billion Money Pit

Buchanan on Boykin (caution: Bigotry ahead)

EDITORIAL: End Cuban travel ban

Samuel Dash: Spy Leak May Violate Patriot Act

Iraq: An expensive, corrupt Vietnam?

Roy Hattersley (Guardian Unltd): Bush is not welcome in Britain

Does Noam Chomsky Hate America?

Bush's Reagan Moment by Peter J. Wallison.....Love to get some DU opinions

Targetting Rush

Protest in Paducah KY !!

Time to CounterFReep the CBS Reagan movie haters!!

Civil Rights groups blast Bush court nominee

the internet and slacktivists

All of us can JOIN a UNION - right NOW!

Bush in Columbus, OH 10/30. Anybody protesting?

Tony Snow is out, Chris Wallace is in!

lies , lies more damned Bush lies

A Green Tea Thread

Online "spell casting"--good grief!

Human rights group to honor Chen for his democratization achievement

How to tell if your Rico Suit has merit...

Yet another hypocritical bigoted religionist gets popped

New Jersey couple seeks joint tax return

Boyd Schools Want Gay Group Injunction Lifted

Episcopal priest resigns over support for gay bishop

China's insatiable lust for steel to be satiated by 2008

Bank Mergers


Per Hour Wage increases and good 3rd qtr mean Bush economy a plus?

How can we defeat Wal Mart?

Grasshopper swarms bring asthma epidemic - Sudan

The mummy returns - smuggled out of Egypt by a Canadian

Scottish Winters Warming 0.3C Per Decade - Snow Cover Vanishing

Outdoor Recreation Industry Hammers Leavitt Nomination

China separatist (muslim) 'executed'

For Bush, Asian friends,enemies made clear

Bulgaria municipal elections seen as test of the government

Cops question Sharon and sons - Israel

'Crueller than a cannibal' - Indonesia

Conservative Party Regains Power in Local Madrid Election

Nasty fight in Italy - Italy struggles with Church / State seperation

question from the uneducated

GUNS IN THE NEWS--October 27, 2003

"Gun rights" advocates--who are they?

Why are so many threads being locked this weekend when "New Rules"

DU meet in LA

Where's the Top Ten List for October 29?

This post was debunked last night. Still going. Why?

Might be time for a Bongo avatar....

Can I make a suggestion for LBN?

I have a problem with a post simply being removed

Odd network connections appear after/while browsing DU

How does this thread not violate rule #4?


Question about the DC rally

Do you realize

So 'WTF' is considered a curse under the new rules?

Not complaining, but why was this post moved?

Qureia, Hamas signal readiness for new hudna

Bomb-sniffing pig roots out danger (land mines in Angola and Mozambique)

'Illegal outposts' get status

The PA's anti-US message

Muslim paranoia: Enemies made us impotent!

Rafah, A Buffer Zone of Rubble (The Independant)

Whom to Believe? Well...

Israel continues with the illegal settlements

Israel Ignores Roadmap (The Independant)

Palestinians demand missing PA money

Israel to probe UK activist shooting now definitively dead?

Kerry Slams Holy Joe and HoHo and Rallies at Detroit Church

Army of Black and Gold Endorses Dean

Take no prisoners comic

Wesley Clark will be on Lou Dobbs tonight 10-27

California Teachers Association endorses Dean

"Army of Black and Gold" endorses Dean...big union endorsement

Governor Dean Announces Plan To Curb Racial Disparities in Health Care

Mom, He Hit Me: Dean's overhyped "attack" ads.

The worst thing that could happen to any campaign...

Swett: Clark Knew Facts of Iraq Resolution

Governor Dean's Statement on Today's Bombings in Baghdad

Kerry on Charlie Rose tomorrow with Keiffer Sutherland 11pm est!!

My opinion as to why Kerry is right on the tax issue.

Mom, He Hit Me: Dean's overhyped "attack" ads.

Dean Calls on Bush to Stop Stonewalling 9/11 Commission

Here's a plan to WIN IN '04! I truly believe we can and we will!

Should the Dem candidates be anti or pro war?

What's on the table?

Kucinich supports the DC Rally

I demand a Kucinich/Sharpton ticket

Dean Biographical documentary now available on article on Camp Wellstone

Hearing set in federal redistricting case (TX)

Disdain for Ky. Gov. Sets Tone for Race

Dennis has published a new book

Kerry presses assault on Bush foreign policy(Assertions on a plan to avoid

My moderate Republican manager is torn between Bush and

A dem running for president...but not as a dem

Why should people making less than 20k

New!! Kucinich & progressive bumper sticker website

GOP leading 2 of 3 Governors races a week out, within MOE on other

Dean on CSpan good bye to some cherished myths

Schiavo case update - Michael Schiavo to be on Larry King on

And the winner is....

This should be interesting

Debate Re-Broadcast...?

Surprise Upsets

Should we have more debates with fewer candidates?

You know what's great? No more daily CNN/Fox Bushit about found WMD...

Peter Werbe discussing the Anti War Demonstration

US Occupation Authority RETREATS???

guess which dem candidate has an exit strategy for post-war Iraq?

Who can host my DC Rally pics?

What exactly does BFEE stand for?

CNN U.S. cuts away from Baghdad coverage

Is Wolfowitz going to give another press conference

Wolfie was Flypaper!

Characteristics of "wilderness" parties

"6 inches to the left" -- what Ashton K. wants to do to the White House

Mountain West Presidential Poll

Give up one medium for one year. Which would be hardest - Poll

Southerners ONLY!: Presidential preference poll

Strange how the second set of bombings received

Mid-Atlantic residents ONLY: Presidential preference poll

THIS is dedication!

National Guard battling fires in Iraq instead of California

NYC MeetUp comparison (# of RSVPs/# of venues)

Georgie.. You need to re-declare war...

Is down?

Do WMDs even matter to you?

Confused OIF Veteran


Bush may not run in 2004

Drug legalization poll

How Schwarzenegger is helping Calif. recover from fires

Which Candidate Has Refined Puke Politics To An Art?

Whatever happened to "newsguyatl" October prediction?

"I might think about raising taxes if the police were in danger..."

C-Span now (7:55 a.m. ET): Mr. Walter Pinkus on

Lieberman makes my skin crawl

RFID - Privacy and the Police State

I like Clark's web site

It's midnight -- where's Wolfowitz?

CAP's reply to Rumsfeld's memo

Walter Pincus Monday 7:57 AM C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" (NOW(!))

OxyContin - few become fiendish junkies like LIMBAUGH

Walter Washington Dies at 88

Ultra Right Tries to Surpress Free Speech

If it weren't for the bad news we'd have good news, right? ....Huh??

CSPAN brings up Moore's Corp. Jet...but not Bush's* Enron Jet

PO'd Bush gives Press Conference with Bremer re. Iraq/Bombings.

Democrats need to keep doing EXACTLY what they are doing now

Has Jeb's interference in Florida deflected attention from *

PSA- Clinton And Dole Live On C-Span Tonight At 8

FEMA and the CA fires...disaster for aWol?

FBI: al-Qaeda detainee spoke of fire plot

Debate replay on C-Span now.

C-Span replaying last nights debate, NOW ! 10:19am eastern

Army/Navy/Air Force Times Poll -- Who would be the best choice for Prez

Isn't MSNBC just a joke -- asserts Chris Matthews "has no agenda"

Red Cross headquarters in Iraq (pic) BRING OUR TROOPS HOME

YIKES. one of the big fires in CA just jumped a major freeway heading

Bush and Bremer on TV (live), talking about Iraq (9:29 am ET)

Black Caucus Candidate Debate Repeat C-Span 10:05 a.m. ET

Can Tom Kean (9/11 Inquiry) Be Trusted?

Definition for the term "Guerilla War", use it as much as possible.

Blast at the ICRC. Question

Information on Justice Janice Rogers Brown

David Corn discusses Dem Debate at WP Online, 10/27, 1:00 p.m ET

running mates?

Back from the Oct. 25th march

Some Metrics For Rumsfeld!

Asia Times has a 5 part series on Iraq (reporters stayed with troops)

Why attack the Red Cross? It seems like there are no limits

If you missed it .... CSPAN is starting the debate replay now.

Hagel and Rockefeller on MTP yesterday. How committed are they?

Is this the new Tet Offensive? Well, not exactly.

TVNL Webcast to start at noon ET - Candidates/ Weekend wrap.

Is Bush afraid to stay in the White House?

Again! An Anti-Bush Obituary

An Open Letter To Joe Lieberman

! Freepers' Porta-Potties vandalized again this year! Oh no!!

If Bush* can become President, why not Braun or Sharpton?

Listening to a local Liberal on WPTT

can anyone excess

More Bush logic, this is just retard

Russia to buy US Rouge Steel Plant (Mich.)

Rethuglican e-mail. Help me rebutt, please.

Question about last night's debate

Time to pull troops out of Baghdad - not out of Iraq.

this must be the 'liberal media' at work...

Soldier on the lam battles guilt over Iraq combat killings

Top Dems are all polling strong against *

Running against Ashcroft

What a right-winger thinks of the Dem candidates.

And Another Thing On The Rumsfeld Memo

Canadian United Right looking likelier

Supremacist Case Unites Improbable Contingent

Poll: Will the economy be a big issue in 04?

In New Hampshire, Dean ROCs!

California wildfires within 1200' of Reagan Library....

Non Californians... Want to see what we are going through???

Good Article on Libertarians and what they really believe in:

Please help refute rethuglican e-mailer.

CounterFReep the CBS Reagan flick haters!

Map of suicide attacks in Iraq overnight

We need to watch this group: BIPAC

regarding A.N.S.W.E.R.

Any Updates on Rush?Things have been awfully quiet!

ALERT: Byrd Now on C-Span II - don't know what he will say..(1:06 p.m. ET)

Flashmedia idea --- 'Bring'em on' mixed with snaps from the weekend...

Just got Message Mike Malloy to be on CNN at Noon! est!

Kerry and others are flat-out WRONG about tax cuts

Bush is on the "They hate freedom" rant again.

I'm reading Paul Krugman's "The Great Unraveling"...

Let's debate 'gay marriage'

Has there been any posting about Shar phoning Wash. Journal this a.m.?

Why do I keep seeing Freeper + Porto-potty threads??

Claifornia Fires, Any DUers close? This is an example of how Clarks Civil

BBV comic - Tom Tomorrow

Watch Freepers support weapons for terrorists.............

Harvey Warfield?

"Lieberman vows to build security fence around Democratic Party"

Iraq and So-Cal.......going quickly to a FUBAR state

For the ANSWER bashers

FBI Round the clock to Protect Gay Bishop (death threats)

Listen to this dream I had....

These Democrats are an awesome bunch

Let's Define the Middle Class

Lieberman supporters?

When will the Iraq War be over or "won"

Dean's lack of cool again on display in last night's debate...

Bush-Induced Depression

Ann Coulter action figure...?

TVNL Live radio on NOW! Where's the outrage???

"They hate us for our freedom". How many people believe that?

I just received this email about Dennis Kucinich's new book.

screw our feudal society. (rant)

Soldiers losing limbs in Iraq due to Bush's rush to war

Republicans have very low standard when it comes to economic growth

Here's why I didn't attend this past weekend's protests

Happy Halloween: this is a scary site....

CHER called C-Span a minute ago! AMAZING! (7:22 a.m. ET)

Psalm 2003

C-SPAN Alert: Life and Career of Howard Dean

this is not a candidate bashing post, but is it just me . . .

Mike Malloy on CNN Now!!!

Interesting CNN poll, What do you think?

LA Times: 6-7% economic growth in third quarter / but will it be enough?

Which issue will be the most important in 2004?

Are we in the middle of the strongest series of attacks in Iraq?

Saw Dean on Road to the Whitehouse yesterday ...


If you like having free speech, then shut up!

Robinson under FBI protection after death threats (Gay Bishop)

How would you characterize non-Dean supporters?

New Englanders ONLY: Presidential preference poll

How would you characterize Dean supporters?

Anyone watching the WH Press Briefing?

Bidden, Bayh, & Lieberman(PPI/DLC) Call For "Progressive Internationalism

ANSWER calls World War II, the Berlin Airlift "U.S. military intervention"

Which Dem candidate would be the best at working with a repug congress?

Is it possible to have a rational, two-way dialogue about the protest?

"We Gave Peace a Chance-We Got 9/11!"

This is horrifying . . . this is why we're losing the media war

Shriver requests Clinton/Dems aid in finding Arnold a chief of staff

Crossfire: Begala mentions the 9/11 Stonewalling

These debates really suck

Should we

deFreep this Army Times poll that is currently being Freeped (Clark winnin

Official freeper DC protest photo

Who is most likely to drop out of the Presidential campaign next?

Latest Polls

Crossfire: Tucker LIES big time! (9/11 papers)

West Coast Presidential preference poll

Gray Davis

I heard Dean is "Pro Gun." Is this true?

Why do some people think Dean supporters are "fanatics"???

A really dumb freeper site (yes, even dumber than most freeper sites)

Unka Dick lies AGAIN! No "reconstituted" nuke evidence found in Iraq

Bush asserts he's helping 9/11 commission

Buffett: Berkshire Has Major Intl Currency Investment

Do YOU agree with the Bush* Doctrine of Preemptive Strikes?

High school girl's diary confiscated and read...and then it gets bad

I Suppose The Wild Fires Are Gray Davis's Fault Right.

I have an objective question about the debate last night

The Candidates Don't Have An Anti-Terror Plan

(NYC) A crisis of kids left all alone

You want to see video from *'s non speech this morning?

Debates Made Me Mad As Hell

Lebanese ain't real fond of the bush regime, et al, it seems...

My confession...

i just saw/heard more bush* madness...Iraq..."the reason things have

WTF? So far, four Jessica Lynch rescuers have died

WHY WE HATE BUSH-wonderful op/ed by Ted Rall

Do Bush supporters despise their children?

Scott Ritter: "Bush as Hitler? You're damn right."

TraitorGate: The Leak and Links, Cheney's Libby!

A Horrible Day in Iraq!

CNN Breaking: Dean Leads For First Time in CNN Poll

From July 2003 - FBI: Al Qaeda detainee spoke of fire plot.

A Jury of Your Peers

Hannity Sez "I Want a Closed Casket If I Ever Die"

I can't believe this -- Buchanan STILL harping on the Reagan movie

Where is Saddam's LIST?

Maria Shriver and Jane Pauley both from NBC

Pat Roberts has no integrity or backbone whatsoever

Medicare-Google News

Terry Gross on Buchanan and Press tomorrow

POLL: Marine Times - Clark leads Dumbya and other candidates

TV Alert:: Clark on Lou Dobbs 6pm EST and a poll.

SOCAL FIRE--what I saw about a block from my house

Any rescue/non-profit organizations needing clothes/food in Southern Cal?

Why is Swarhmore taking action against students who don't support Diebold?

Are people like this our allies?

what happened to

Bush drops (53%) in CNN/Gallup poll

Al Sharpton on HARDBALL - Live From Harvard U.

It's not the winner who decides when a war is over. The loser does that

Unpatriotic? UnAmerican?

Dean's 7 point Iraq plan from April, in chart form for comparison.

Depressed my vote doesn't matter...

The Official "Thank You prolesunited" Appreciation Thread

White House blocks search engines - Iraq content specifically

PeTA and Disney in cahoots


CBS News: anyone catch John Roberts' incredulity at Bush?

What is the most evil lobby group in Washington?

ABC Nightline, Monday: Fires in SoCal and Baghdad

I am grading State of California a D-

just how much to you value Al Sharpton in this race?

Slavery Reparations and Al Sharpton - They will lose the center.

What presidential candidate is the most credible?

Saddam's Restoration to Power

Do voters have any say on how they want to vote?

Let Repugs brag on this Reagan record

Richard Perle and Wes Clark appearing on Lou Dobbs tonite (now)

"Patriot Rally" Pics......Hilarious

Can we DU a better debate???

BBV: E-voting or punch cards? (Santa Cruz Conference)

Viewer Alert -- Al Sharpton Tweety's guest tonight

BushNazis II:John Buchanan (NH Gazette) does it again (Loftus Interview)

Why isn't anyone attacking Lieberman?

Clark last nite: empty platitudes, the look of a deer caught in headlights

Kuchinich's Detroit Gaffe

Send a "dont' let Rush back letter to Rush's sponsors

I need Help - media link for early WTC bombing ...FBI involved?

Maybe Reagan really *is* the Anti-Christ...

Do you think Herr Gröpen Fuhrer is starting to feel out of his league?

Wow! Sattelite Photos Of CA Fires!

Will Bush ask the Iraq troops on leave here to go to San Diego...

Will Arnold end up living in Sacremento after all?

Missiles struck yards from (Wolfowitz) his room on the 12th floor

Dean supporters, tell your story here.

"9/11 was not planned in Hamburg" – this info could undermine trial

ABC News reconstructs Kennedy assassination, confirms Warren Commission co

How looks play a roll in getting to be president.

DUers in DC — Photos inside

White House tries to hide all files on its web page with "iraq" in them

Suddenly, I'm a big Cher fan

Bloodbath. The War Is Now Unwinnable.

Where does Dean stand on religion?

Deleted message

Global Eye -- Thieves Like Us (Cheney Vanguard Bechtel)

Walter Pincus of WP said he was 1 of the 6 contacted by WH official

Here's a plan to WIN IN '04! I truly believe we can and will.

Car tax to Californians: How YA Like Me Now? (fire services)

Live Online Chat with Joe Wilson Wed. morning

BBV: Majority Visibility Project

Kerry on Charlie Rose tonight

The House of Cards is falling down

So-Cal Fires ---a coordinated attack?

So I notice LOTS of hate spewed towards A.N.S.W.E.R., does that mean

LA FIRES : How SouthWest Abused Hundreds in Phoenix Last Night

Instant runoff vote

High school girl's diary confiscated and read...and then it gets bad

I knew ANSWER was out there, but this is beyond the pale.

Leaving poor neighborhoods to burn in California?

College Republicans under fire for Homophobic publication

Free Mumia!

Iran Identifies Al Qaeda Suspects in Custody

Sept. 11 Victims' Chronicle of Loss May Go Unheard

Senators call on White House to give 9/11 commission access

Large explosion in Baghdad - BBC TV

Fringe Appeal:Sharpton and Moseley Braun win a lackluster debate.

FOX: 3 US Soldiers killed

Turkey's 80th birthday mired by rows over secularism

Assassination highlights financial woes - Philippine prosecutor

Berlin's Jewish memorial halted: firm linked with supply of Nazi gas

Attack Is a Media Coup for Iraq Resistance, Experts Say

U.S. Case for Helping Iraq Suffers a Setback

U.S. Will Press Russia, France, Kuwait to Forgive Iraqi Debt

Suicide Bomber Kills 10 in Baghdad (AP)

Iraq blasts kill 33

SENATE WATCH-10/27/2003 (#1-12:00) [Leavitt (EPA) nomination]

Mahathir economics policies proved solid, IMF says - Malaysia

Pakistan nabs 230 al-Qaida suspects

Russian oil tycoon arrest sparks share slide

US soldier killed in Abu Gharib prison mortar attack (10/26)

Australia raids homes to thwart 'terror cell'

BREAKING: Explosions in Vicinity of Red Cross HQ in Iraq

Uribe dealt big setbacks in a pair of elections (Colombia)

Brazil Becomes a Cybercrime Lab

Red Cross Weighs Withdrawal After Baghdad Attack

Plan to send natural gas to U.S. has fans in Bolivia

Hezbollah fires missiles at Israeli posts in Shebaa Farms

Seven Killed in Bomb Attacks on 4 Baghdad Police Stations

Blair Heart Problem Denial

Metro Detroiters still divided

Another explosion in Baghdad, just moments ago on MSNBC

ICRC to pull foreign staffers out of Baghdad following deadly blast

Economy, Iraq hurt Bush in state poll (Illinois - sours dramatically)

U.S. Quits Fortified Hotel in Baghdad

Charitable Giving Falls for First Time in Years

'Syrian' Bomber Caught Alive in Baghdad, US Says

Big stakes for lab to build battle laser


Japan and China battle for Russian oil supplies

Study: Illinois could save $91M a year using Canadian drugs

Rules Circumvented on Huge Boeing Defense Contract

Three U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Mom, He Hit Me: Dean's overhyped "attack" ads.

Army of Black and Gold Endorses Dean

Morality in Medial Thanks Bush for issuing Protection from Pornography

US weapons hunters ignored aluminum tubes: report

US soldiers begin to ask, `When will it end?'

Presidential candidates won't attend Florida straw poll

Gains in Wages Expected to Give Economy a Lift

Supreme Court may take terrorism cases in the near future

Unions Anticipate Grocery Strikes In Northern California In 2004

White House tries to hide all files on its web page with "iraq" in them

Ecuador's Restive Indigenous Leaders Point To Bolivia

Anti-Gay Preachers Arrested for Soliciting Sex With Boys

Bush Asserts He's Helping 9-11 Commission

Solar storm could spark catastrophe

(Two) U.S. civilians die in Afghan battle

Leftist's Win In Bogota Seen As Dawn Of New Political Era (Colombia)

As Debt Problems Worsen, So Do Debt Counselors

Cadbury Schweppes to cut 5,500 jobs

Bush Mum on Request for Documents from 9/11 Panel

Guerrillas in no danger of running out of arms

Bush: Iraq Attacks Signs of Desperation

Lieberman struggles financially in Feb. 3 states (Joe has no Go : )

Affluent Gain Confidence, Slow to Spend ((trickle-down econ in action))

US will be targeted in Iraq: Bush

U.S. court blocks payouts to ex-POWs

A New Life, Shadowed With Fear (Lynch's Iraqi rescuer)

US outrage over Wolfowitz jibe

Rockets launched at hotel were French

Bush support slips amid terror attacks

Bush Asserts He's Helping 9-11 Commission (But won't hand over documents)

New Evidence of Terrorist Acts Planned Against Venezuela to be Presented

Brazil's Lula Calls For UN Reform At Socialist Congress

Europeans Say U.S. Should Pay to Rebuild Iraq

Bush Shuts Off Beans to Cuba

False Claims Led to Attacks on Grenada, Iraq


I wonder what Tom Delay would think of this

All domestic partners need to read this!

For the Cat that has everything!!!!! LOOK AT THIS!

Good night everyone!

Black Box Voting is Back Online after attack from DIEBOLD

Another bombing in Baghdad

Another Carter/Cash family death

Just went to the Lewis Black and Dave Attell comedy show here in Raleigh

A Halloween Question! (warning an L.F question)

I'm doing an all nighter tonight (sigh)

Shoe fetishists special: Imelda's soul mate captured?

He's a gentleman, he treats me well but I wish he'd leave me alone...

Forget Jenna! Which DU poster is Diana's journalist ex-lover?

Turkey puts brakes on 'sex-on-wheels' scheme

quote of the day(please read) and guess who said it

Oh Jeez (Red Cross Center bombing)

Which DUer is my pot source

buy Indie to drop bush

I wish CatWoman would post

Warp Dumbya!

The Chevette/The Chevy Citation

18 ounces of pot is all you need for any backpacking trip

Grady Little's contract with Sox not to be renewed

Another smoking post

Where will this thread go when it dies?

Rumsfeld Exposed

Hey Kef, something to distract you from Day 3 dreads

School Closings in San Diego

Did Picture Picture say anything other than "Hi" or "Hello" on MR. ROGERS?

Dead SUV: I about laughed my ass off.

Just heard on CNN about the So Cal fires....

Man Arrested For Public Display Of 'Porno Pants'

Clowning for Christ

Leonard Cohen/Jeff Buckly/Rufus Wainwright "Hallelujah"

On a hot summer night

Nekkid at the "Y"

I think my freeper sister is mentally ill.

Sean Hannity action figure with kung-fu grip

Was Frank Zappa libertarian?

Why do I keep seeing Freeper + Porto-potty threads??

Meals on Wheels

Gonna be gone........

Question for guys.. HELP!!!

do you think bush

Here's a debate question for the Lounge....

Why do snack companies put lactose in everything?

De -freep, please

Fox suing Fox???

"I swear I've seen you somewhere before"

What's all this crap in my juice?

Questions about eSpam

Ann Coulter action figure...?

A different kitten moral dilemma (Feline Hip Dysplasia )

What happened? (Lament for Catpower2000)

HELP ME!!!!!!!! I need a cleansing

"Lieberman vows to build security fence around Democratic Party"

Is It Fair To Pick On Laura Bush?

Some pics of "massive" freeper turnout, Oct. 25th

Yes! I get too see the Dolphins and Chargers game for FREE!

Does anyone know what the situation is in Southern California?

Red Sox to Fire Manager Today

Your opinion of Halloween

Do you think we should be choosing a nominee already?

Save Troops In Iraq - Point them to these plans

Draft Wesley Crusher

Penn & Teller: Tour Penn Jillette's Home "The Slammer"

Pixies Help

Cats or Dogs?

What do you value - and why?

Agghhh....Colmes is on Faux News

People will put anything on the net (warning- language)

Coulter doll selling like hotcakes (scroll down)

The "Free Mumia!" thread in GD

VOODOO Festival New Orleans

BOO! Wanna scare the kids?

Joe Schmoe on Spike. Is he for real?

Aristus said to start a thread so I did.

Question about Game 6

"Jaws" is one of the best films, PERIOD...

tjdee, Starpass, wherefore art thou?

Baby Stewie on Politicts!

DU please your input on this

Away for 2 weeks...what did I miss?

Frustrating job search...Aaaarrggghhh!

Dubya's 5 areas of college study


Political Scientists: I need your help

WoooooHoooooo. There Is A New EB Games Now Not Really To Far

Best Style Of Facial Hair

new Hannity advertisers 10/27

NC coast?

I Went On A Roller Coaster This Weekend. Do You Like Them.

I need some pregnancy commiseration.

On A Scale Of 1 - 10, How Weird Are You?

Cher on C-SPAN

need a good quote about diversity of the US population

Bin Laden's favorite food revealed

News Of The Weird: Yummy!

CAPTION the awkward family get together

Ugliest cars on the road?

Decent File Sharing Source, post Napster?

Hey What about me? Trick or treat?!

I Just Coated My Pork Chop In Emeril Lagasse

What Religion Do You Most Identify With?

How old were you when you got your first yak?

Saddam And Osama Adopt Shaved Ape

I'm finally HOME!

The Chim-Chim-meny of all CAPTIONS!!!!

CAPTION the ODDest Couple

CAPTION the difficulty of grasping the bitter truth

I'm so friggin' stupid. I missed the first half-day of Ramadan.



Online applications suck ass!

How eerie! Three dead babies found in the attic in Texas!

For any bodybuilders on DU

Sexiest man on television.

I have something VERY Important to say!

Looking for news about El Cajon.

BoSox Manager For Sale On eBay

A really dumb freeper site (yes, even dumber than most freeper sites)

This is the sixth wrong number today...



Favorite Halloween Candy

Some pics from the 10/25/2003 rally

What shall we give our trick-or-treaters this year?

Ann Coulter Doll --- No joke!

Fuck United Parcel Service to Death!

Brilliant overlooked, underrated movies.


I saw a huffer today.

Proposal to make you rich!!!! You must act NOW!!

Sox Let Little Go

"They hate freedom. They love terror."

Sexiest Woman on Televison

Coffee.......? Anyone......? *yawn*


Any Weebl and Bob fans here?

The OC

College Alumni Networking

The Yugo/Le Car

Anchor Woman - Tina Fey rewrites late-night comedy


Phil Hartman was one of the greatest

I just had to have my head examined — FOR REAL, ask me anything

Cheesiest Film of all time - what's your pick

Scripts Errors....Anyone know how to fix them?

The End of the World

CONFESS!!!!! What was your first car???!!!!

Letter to my cats:

David Zephyr's home is still standing (literally a miracle)

Trick or treat! L.F. style!!

more warping shit

Where do animal's souls go when they die?

just home from the peace march - ask me anything

What did Bill Murray say? (possible spoiler)

A DU clothesdrive for the poorer neighborhoods hit by fire?

Which is your favorite Simpsons song/medley?