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Archives: October 23, 2003

Bill O'Reilly Loses to Jessica Simpson In Recall Election

41 Labor MPs to challenge Bush

Free Advice to GOP by Thomas L. Friedman

Thousands of jobs created by Bush - John Snow

Tucker Carlson's mom reviews O'Reilly's Book (this is good)

What's wrong with my PC?

Actor Fred "Rerun" Berry Dies At Age 52

Corporate Tax Holiday Seen Creating Jobs (a 12/31/03 Bush tax break)

xPresident Lee fingers Soong in Chung Hsing case - Taiwan

In Bali, Bush Hears Criticism on Iraq, Israel

Is there any way to transfer a poll from one thread to

Can i trade names with another DUer?

I can't find my keys..have you seen them?

Work Camp to Build a Playground in the Ramle

Mideast peace as cause celebre(US Stars push referendum/questions)

Israel defies U.N. vote on fence

Ha'aretz editorial (Thursday): Inciting against peace advocates

Dean toolbar now available for download

Good day for Kerry

Dean's (Sept 30) appearance on Leno to be repeated tonight

Nearly half of Dean's online support comes from CA, WA and NY

Is Kerry Brutus and Dean Mark Antony?

Dean's Success May Hinge on Luring Blue-Collar Votes

The Law of 14

less than half of Dean's supporters = more than all of Kerry's supporters

Dupe: Moderators please remove

"I'm sorry I insulted New York. That was stupid."

Loans to Iraq

Great cartoon about fake letters to editors.

Just a Canadian website to share.

I just opened my new "The Nation".....Calvin Trillon......gotta share!

What's the latest poll on who's winning the Democratic primary?

Point Blank: Should the father be able to overrule the mother on abortion

Margaret "Mardy" Murie has died. Conservationist Extraordinaire

Howard Dean's interview with Dan Rather was good

GOP pig Ralph Regula to punish opponents of Labor-HHS bill

What's Chimp been doing today?

Has anyone seen this video?

How many pilots have been involved in an abortion situation? (Not a poll)

Lawerence of Arabia on PBS right now

2 Questions For Moderate-Centrist, or Conservative Dems:

How many elected officials were for the Iraq $87 billion package?

Union County South Carolina unemployment: 12.8% and growing

"I've given up getting excited about a little thing like the economy..."

Democrats gun for Bush and his $87 billion

Can I bash a dem candidate and get away with it?

The Phox Phony: Alan Colmes

Regan's legacy

How many DU'ers have survived an Abortion?

New & Improved & Unlocked: The Phox Phony: Alan Colmes

We do not want to be George Bush's ar** li*****.

How Freeper Nutso is Clear Channel?

Dean's (Sept 30) appearance on Leno to be repeated tonight

Can you BELIEVE Sarasota passed an anti-Patriot Act Resolution?

Let's Say Gephardt Wins Iowa

Dennis Kucinich

Who knows what Jack London would probably think of our current situation?

Mark Fiore's video's

Contradictions are my theme today. Here's another:

Miami-Dade County

Three evil powers will soon control the world...

BBC World News just reporting two members of Australian Parliament removed

New page at Dean forum shows support by state.....Florida near top.

How many think Lieberman will bolt to the Repubs?

The woman made her choice when she chose to have sex.

Tommy Friedman begins to see the truth about Iraq

My one Florida Fantasy

Biden gives low marks to Dem hopefuls – Barbara Bush claims vindication

link to "Body Armor Purchase" post in LBN: Heartwrenching must-read story

i just saw the replay of alan colmes on the 700 club....

Ever Positive, Dean Starts Running Negative TV Ads (Already)

Something we have to be aware of.

How many DU men have been involved in an abortion situation?

Barbara Bush was on Larry King and

I think I have changed my point of view

Tinfoil Hat Poll: Secret Chemical Behavior Modification

If Michael Moore can say it, so can I

Is the trust relationship breaking down in the Pentagon?

Confirmed: Clark is being interviewed by Capital Report at 9:00

Oakland Bans Wal-Mart Style Superstores

How can any progressive not freepin' despise Mahathir?

O'Reilly being interviewed on Howard Stern TV show now

Leaking Like a Sieve

They say "Don't forget 9/11." I say "Don't forget 'Shock and Awe'"

Is Hendrik Hertzberg a DUer? His thoughts on Limbaugh's Addiction

Blitzer, Poll this: Why did Bush repeatedly lie in linking Saddam to 9/11?

Woo Hoo! Spyware Weekly newsletter discusses Diebold "take down" efforts.

I noticed some people are not aware that Clark has an...

Police arrest hundreads, peacefull protest keepthem hog tied for 20+ hours

another take on the Terri Shiavo issue...

BBV - The Swarthmore Dean Is Caving To Diebold


How many DU women have had an abortion?

Could someone please explain to me the "Greens for Clark" phenomenon?

FLASH: BUSH heckled in Australian Parliament!

Why do people like government rebates, but hate government spending?

'Skittling' New Drug Of Choice For Some Teens

Do you favor the death penalty for child molesters?

Malloy: NPR Ombudsmen Issues Apology To Bill O'Reilly...

Traitorgate Update: Rummy's Memo Is A Big Drip!

"Cheney O Fools" - possibly sickest video yet - New! Halliburtony! LURID!

Clark is a very fashionable candidate

Attention DU I have made a decision.

Does Augusto Pinochet deserve the death penalty?

A Must Read. Sanders spells out Progressive Agenda. (No holds barred)

There's a guy walking across America to support Dennis Kucinich

"Saving Jessica Lynch " ad on NBC

"Poll question: The Paul Wellstone crash was..." (cont'd)

2 green senators ejected from Australian parliament

Alabama Chief Justice Fights to Keep Job

Americans ... Split on Bush's Overall Job Approval Rating (47%)

Photos Prove Iraq Violated U.N. Weapons Ban

Marches in 140 U.S. cities against occupation of Iraq

U.S. senator calls for army general to step aside - GOP Warner

U.S. Force Pulling Back in the North (Iraq)

Cover-Up Alleged in Probe of USS Liberty

CBS: Bush Job Approval Edges Back Up

Lawyer in Fla. Woman Case Rips Gov. Bush

I wonder if the wingnut radio listeners in my area are having withdrawal?

ANy Florida DUers hitting the Fort Lauderdale boat show?

St Louis DUers....

Halloween Costume Ideas

Nudity & violence warnings before tonight's ANGEL

Airshow & Airplane fans!-Disc wings 9:00pm-Oshkosh '03

Actor Fred "Rerun" Berry Dead at 52

Heads Up: All-New West Wing IS On Tonight

I ask that a new saint be canonized

Man jailed at airport for trouser snake

Who thinks Barenaked Ladies went downhill after the first three albums?

Anyone seen the Pam and Tommy Lee video?

Just got my photo of me and Howard Dean is the Gallery still around?

Are you conservation minded? This lady was - bless her soul.

Elliott Smith, Fred "Rerun" Berry...who's going to be number 3?

Bush Threatens Veto, Not Fit to Play "The Sims" Let Alone Lead the US

Tonight, my monitor self-destructed

Here we go again... Dim Son in Indonesia........... CAPTION

A beautiful day for a protest...

West Wing - what was written on the CD?

West Virginia 21 (3)Virginia Tech 7

"I Accuse My Parents!!!"

Yikes! My computer is infected! Help!

Poll for guys: Favorite Women's Shoes

My Facility 1 ESFAS is ready for a Train Swap, ask me anything.

Is there gonna be a grotto?

You should be watching KAREN SISCO

Seperated at birth??

Rocket leaves the mound!!

"and guess what I want to do now you prissy SOB?"

Virginia Tech gets BURIED.....caught looking a week ahead

Should I be mad at my friend?

World Series Boycott: Day IV

How many pilots have been involved in an abortion situation? (Not a poll)

What do you see? (Website help)

Halloween poll

Slap me silly and call me Pudge

Wow! Did you see that NYC car wreck over in GD?

"I'm never going to know you now, but I'm gonna love you anyhow."

Hey Floridians, there's room in my apartment in DE for ya

A poll for guys concerning womens underwear

Four American athletes have tested positive for the steroid THG.

What do you want from the convienence store?

I have reached optimal levels of CYNICISM:

So heaven help me, I spent 30 minutes cleaning the toilet and now...

Oh boy does this need a NY/BOS CAPTION

Best thing you ever found, money, article, etc?

The "hands on" governor needs a .................... CAPTION

Jesus! You step away from the computer for one minute

Tell us about your BEST friend in the whole wide world!

I don't know anything, ask me anything...

Why do they ask for this info at the doctor's office?

Favorite random guitar parts from bands you don't really like

Should men have any say in decorating at all (legally speaking)?

Men of DU: Would you consent to your partner having another lover?

Lights on or Lights off?

Roger Clemens is not going to lose his final game!

I'm really dumb. Can someone help me?

Interesting show about Lawrence of Arabia on PBS now

Who thinks the Beatles went downhill after 1970?

It would happen this way:

Al Gore nostalgia cartoon. Al was Superman!

Democrats Responsible For Rush Limbaugh's Drug Addiction

I turn myself on....ask me anything.

When will teams learn that you CANNOT beat

Does anyone know who wrote this tripe?

Mmmmmmmm...Skvela nova chut! Mlecna mlicena!

700 Club Question: Favorite Deadly Sin????

The DaVinci Code: Opinions and Critiques-I'm on Pg. 38

There Seems To Be Some Dissent In The Free Republic

Teach your cat to whistle like a cougar

Who would like to sponsor me in a cross country DU trip?

To celebrate my entry in the 700 Club

What music is getting you through these days?

Mary had a little lamb

Horror Fans...I need a QUICK choice

You are a fluke of the Universe. You have no right to be here.

Who here has a lateness problem?

How many DU'ers have survived an Abortion?

Oh crap, is the LT gonna be pissed................ CAPTION

Your most listened to music artists of the fall so far

Does anybody else (besides me) get into trouble for .......

WHO was the mystery DUer driving 'round the Woodlands, TX, tonight?

Aldous Huxley - Propaganda in a Democratic Society

Preemptive War Is the Wrong Weapon

Dying for a McDonalds in Iraq (ATimes)

McNews is actually covering the Aussie Protests

Herr Ashcroft resolute in his defense of the Patriot Act

War’s religious tones begin with Bush rhetoric

The Awful Truth

Where is our POWER OF PRIDE? come on DUers, join the DINOS!!

Leaked Rumsfeld memo angers White House

Dr. James J. Zogby: US bends statistical data on Iraqi surveys

One, two, three, what are they fighting for? (a crisis of morale)

Authentic Americans, US Martyrs Pose Questions for John Negroponte

Altering the Rules When Convenient

Molly Ivins: Lie after lie after lie

Bush's Faltering War Against Terror

Occupation Fuels Resistance by Tariq Ali

Headlines ignore real story in Iraq (propaganda offensive)

We're Forgetting the GIs in Iraq - Let's Not

Jimmy Breslin:Bin Laden, Cop Killer

Robert Kuttner: A Foreign-Policy Emergency

Newsday: Panel to Hear Concerns on CIA Leak

David Corn: Why the Rumsfeld Memo Matters

Abortion, Terri Schiavo, and Compassion

As Concorde goes, so do we - Have we humans peaked as a species?

Unspeakable Cruelty to Women

Support UFCW SoCal Strike!!!

Do you have a friend in Virginia

Attention Kansas City DUers. Protest Bush this Saturday!

Wellstone World Music Day!

Anybody going to the Detroit debate on the 26th?

So will Bush* have the guts to be in DC for this Saturday?

Kucinich at SF Green Festival Nov 8

Electronic Voting Links Library

Will GOP controlled broadcast media include any of today's stories toda

Wingnuts Truly Need Our Love...

Any VBScript GURU's Out There? HELP!

I'm Not A "Skeptic".... I Am A "BRIGHT" --- What's a "Bright" You Ask?

The SYLVIA BROWNE Clock Is Ticking... Again.

Psychic Sylvia Brown predicts Bush will lose next election

Hey, check this out-Solar flare to cause trouble

Musicians: Any free sites that let you click and hear notes?

In Simple Lingo, What does Shrub's "Saturn on Sun" Mean?

CARTOONS! The "Puzzling & Pointless Stunt" Edition

AP: Iranian Nobel Winner Has Reform Plan

Civil Wrongs/Inequality/Surveillance

Ghettopoly: the Law Suit - Monopoly to sue over hip-hop game

Global Markets: Asian Stocks Tumble

Global trade keeps a billion children in poverty,says Unicef

Gehry's 'jewel' greeted with anger from the poor

This is it....

Flat tax help

Bubble theory more than just hot air?

Ocean census discovers 600+ new species of fish

uh oh - Big solar storm will hit Earth Friday

NASA - Generalized Arctic Warming Continues, Sea Ice Extent At Record Low

Newly found bird loses only known habitat

Rwanda has the most women MPs

Polio creeps over Nigerian border: millions at risk

Portugal to help Angolan army

No freedom of dress in Malawi - wear a dress, get raped

Riot police called in to end Harare protest - Zimbabwe

Families turn to prostitution/child labor for food

Lonely at the Top for Russia's Billionaires

French journalist shot dead in Ivory Coast - by Police

Truly anti-gun them.

Homolka author released on bail - Canada

Help for the hoplophobe.

Taurus brand guns and kid safety

Truly pro-gun politicians—what an honor roll!

GUNS IN THE NEWS- - October 23, 2003

Remove Lounge Posts From the Main Forum Latest Posts List

What's With The Recent Abortion Posts In The GD Forum?

Is it your policy to make public names of banned people?

DU Candidates Forum?

How do I block DU on a single PC?

This is probably a silly question. I notice that when I change

please tell me why this message was deleted

how can I know if my donation was received

Report: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan sign nuclear agreement

Row deepens over peace prize

4 non-combatants were killed in Monday's air strikes on Gaza

Has Israel Crossed The Line? (Harretz Daily)

Incubating Ultra-Radicalism

Israeli House Plan Defies Roadmap (BBC)

Hamas militant gets 16 life terms for role in Sbarro bombing

Geneva Accord - PA Selling Out Palestinian Rights?

'Collaborators' shot in West Bank (by Arafat's Martyrs' & Islamic Jihad)

Former Congresswoman Becomes Darling of the Left

One Deadly Morning In Beirut-NY Times article by Chuck Pfarrer

10/23/01 241 Marines

The Howard Dean Take Back America Economic Development Fun Bus Tour

On The Trail With Howard Dean

Union to be out beating the Bushies (SEIU -- Dean)

Voters' talk shows Bush retains support

Gore Meetup numbers reach 1,858

Rumsfeld acknowledge no plan for Iraq/ no strategy for fighting terrorism

(TheNote) Chris Lehane to sign on with Clark

Who can possibly think that the world would be better off with Saddam Huss

(NYDailyNews) Dean Hires Davis Smear Man

In NH Kerry says Bush broke promise to reduce emissions

My first campaign effort for Howard Dean will happen this weekend!

Who (of the dems pack) won't survive the winter?

Just had to post -- "Field of Deans"

Poll: Lieberman lead slips in New York

I need research

Concord High students hear Dennis Kucinich

OK: Edmondson backs out of Senate race

SEIU leans Dean, AFSCME waiting for Clark to "arrive"

Who is going to the Kerry Meetup Tonight?

Repub criticism of Kerry....great endorsement!

Congressman Tim Ryan Endorses Governor Howard Dean for President

Poll: Lieberman lead slips in New York (Overtaken by Dean)

Ambassador Wilson endorses Kerry officially

Setting the Record Straight( Trippi )

Why does post speculation about a Dean Union endorsement

One thing I like about Clark.

YES! Dennis posts to the volunteer board again!

More good news for Kerry in Iowa

Has Clark pulled out of Oklahoma as well?

Don't turn on Crossfire,they're going to show those nasty attack ads...

Dean's 60 Minutes II interview now online

Republicans attack Kerry

Clinton Admonishes Dean

Joe Wilson and - live chat Wed.

(Knight Ridder) Kerry Rebounding in the Polls

View the new Dean IA / NH ads

Excellent letter to MWO looks at the Kerry/Dean Iraq poll

A Plan to Win Back the House

What States would Dean capture in '04 that Clark wouldn't?

Georgia poll results

Kucinich joins call to study reparations

Clark steps cautiously on issues

The General and his ground troops (Salon on Clark's movement)

"People looking for a guy with guts, with principles, here he is."

I just watched Alan Colmes on...

fundraisers departing Lieberman campaign at breakneck speed

Cliterectomies! A Choice Forum

Dean's 60 Minutes II interview now online

Charlie Rose Show -- Jonathan Schell on tonight

Babs on Larry King

with the exception of Will Pitt I'm the most admired/respected poster here

Bush is the horse; Cheney is the rider

In Case You Missed Don Luskin's Latest Batch of Stupidity...

An Astonishingly Awesome Piece About WMD Intelligence from The New Yorker

a dear friend sends an email to dear Bill O'Reilly

Democratic Candidates 'Bad, Nasty' Rhetoric ... Response?

Rummy is being groomed as fall guy? True/False?

Thank you to whomever just dropped DU's name on the Ray Taliaferro show.

Reporters Without Borders publishes 2003 press freedom rankings . . .

Care packages offer boost to area soldiers

are these fundy conferences coming to your town?

An excellent interactive Flash game-and-movie on the media

Vets called 'cry babies'

Tonight's FCC Hearing: Brought To You By The Children's Miracle Network

Jim Wilkinson picked for GOP convention director of communications

My 1000th Post. Thanks DU.

michael moore on democracy now

If you want NPR to stand up to Fox...

Matt Lauer allegations surface to distract from Rush, the drug-addict

Bush's speech heckled in Australia

President Bush* heckled at Australian Parliament

Ever wonder why...

Stu Carlson: New Deal vs Same Old Deal

So where will Bush* be during Oct 25 rally in DC?

john kerry accuses bush of letting bin laden go free at tora bora

To those going to the demonstrations weekend, speaking to the troops

Truth about war casualties

Union to be out beating the Bushies (SEIU)

Our showing of "Bowling for Columbine" a success!

Why U.S. Intelligence Failed

One man's (yes, man's) views on abortion

red and blue graph of budget surpluses and deficits-anyone have it?

Billions of Iraqi funds just fell into a "black hole..." Whaaat?

Are you Ready? Graphic Oral Sex and Meg Ryan coming to your Local Theater

NBC Sucks (My rant about NBC's screwy "The West Wing" scheduling.)

Cracking the Frankenfood Code 

Hoosier DUers - guess Martinsville hasn't fully rehabilitated its image.

How Zogby Iraq polls were manipulated

TV News Lies Webcast to start at noon ET - Topic Deception Techniques

Abortion: For DUers born prior to 1973

Cost of College up 40% = bush* more popular with college crowd?

Clark: Rumsfeld's leaked memo acknowledges Bush has no long-term strategy

US military convoy ambushed in Iraq Thurs near Baqubah

Santorum and the "racist" cartoon on C-SPAN

Maybe a new tactic might open up some center-leaning freeper minds

Bush protests turn violent

What happened to

MSNBC: Bomb explodes near Iraqi pipeline Thurs, kills 2, wounds 10

Observations on the Deflation of Donald Rumsfeld

2 US soldiers die in Iraq non-combat incidents Oct 22

oooOOOoo "American corporations are creating thousands of new jobs"

Tommy Chong on Rush Limbaugh


Panda software: Malicious code and P2P file sharing networks

How many copies of Barbara Bush's new book will sell?

This is not the sort of endorsement Gephardt should tout.

Hey Right Wingers!! BOYCOTT Wal-Mart

CIA-Leak Scapegoat Still At Large

We've had "Free Tibet" concerts, how about a "Free America" concert?

Clark addressed MIC funding during NH speech...

Condi Rice is Lies Lies Lies, all the time. A traitor to Democracy.

+6,000 soldiers evacuated from Iraq for medical reasons yet no photos

With U. S. Troops Still in the Mideast, Private Firms Must Guard Military

Would Any of These Senators Ever Switch Parties?

Question regarding foreign dignitaties addressing Congress...

Gallup, NNPA: Al Sharpton is in First and Last Place

Russ Feingold just introduced an amendment

Anyone getting this Progressive Talking Points Newsletter?

Tom Hartman....on ieamerica radio now. Will the economy recover?

GOP senators court black journalists for Janice Brown hearing

Awesome New Column by Eric Alterman from the Center for American Progress

Zogby says Cheney bends the truth regarding new Iraqi Poll

"Saddam Hussein didn't kill 3,100 people on Sept. 11. "

Maryland BBV- Lamone Speaking on Statewide Systems, 2/02

Bar Bush: George never had a drinking problem!

Doctors in NJ actively working for the removal of Democrats....

Michael Moore Fans - Speech 10/20 - SFU - You'll Love It - Approx 50 min.

Mary had a little lamb

If we lose in 2004, will the Democratic party become extinct?

Rumsfeld's memo is good news for Americans.

beware - George is reading to school children

Post-heckle heckling as President Bush leaves Aussie Parliament

Ken Lay refuses to hand over papers to SEC

Okay, this explains Texas Republicans.

bin Laden clock (test)

Audio: * Getting Heckled in Aussie Parliament

Did anyone see Howard Dean on Leno last night?

Josh Marshall needs your help...

Steal this idea

BBV - Just Got Word That Congressman Lipinsky (D-Ill) Co-Sponsored HR-2239

So Coulter Lies About Her Lies

Men, women and choice.

STORM Coming, a GEOMAGNETIC one, no less...

Put on your tin foil hats

Barbour's Racist Links Tar Bush Too

An occupying force is an occupying force

WoW! Grassroots support for Clark is real! I thought I don't exist!

2-PART POLL - Part 1: Where Do You Get Your News?

Help, I need 2 of your images!!!

Joe Conason coming to Coral Gables, FL (anyone going)?

SEIU leans Dean, AFSCME waiting for Clark to "arrive"

Help Settle a Disagreement: Clark/Acxiom a Campaign Issue?

A Rural Strategy for Democrats

Clinton warns candidates against 'too liberal' stance

Do Democrats Cause Cancer? FAUX Nooze Wanted To Sue Simpsons

A question? When does Arnold go up for "re-election"?

So okay, I've read Rummy's s'posedly "leaked" memo

A non-inflammatory question on paternal rights:

which repuke poster child

CBC to air 9/11 Conspiracy Documentary next week....

Where will the money come from...

"Abortion, Terri Schiavo, and Compassion"

Billions in Iraq oil money managed by the CPA is missing......

Kucinich will be on Randi Rhodes in the 4ET hour...

If abortion is such a private issue between a woman and her doctor ??

Georgia poll results

Merry Maids

Joe Biden is Another One, Like Joe Lieberman, Who Should Stop Bashing Dems

Lieberman backs Jeb Bush move to keep woman alive

So...the other candidates have to stop attacking Dean?

Gleichschaltung in USA--a reminder as if one was needed. (LONG BIBLIO.)

GOPUSA...calls Bush a LIAR...You must read this..!

It doesn't matter that Iraq is a quagmire, neo-con domestic agenda of..

Rumsfeld "Memo" an Obvious Plant

"Leaked" (yeah, right) Rumsfeld Memo: a Cover Your Ass operation...

Republicans gearing up for the RNC Convention

This is the intro to my book, I'd love some feedback etc

So what happened with Babs on Larry King?

Georgia drops out of MATRIX

Do You Know People Who Didn't Vote In 2000/2002?

Why is it okay for Republicans to run trash ads and campaigns and

Free Trade,? Globalization? My A***

CIA caught on tape training Venezuelan Terrorists to Overthrow elected Pre

Chicago is running Anti Bush commercials.........HAHAHAHA!

Cover-up Alleged In Probe Of Israel's Attack On USS Liberty

Did Rumsfeld leak his "long hard slog" memo on purpose?

Uh Oh !!! --- World Markets Having A Bad Day ! - Nikkei Down 554 Pts.

Just heard Tony Snow interview Ashcroft about the Patriot Act

Republicans Want a Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit - why?

Anti-War march in San Francisco and Washington this weekend

M. Moore talking up Clark on Democracy Now!

DU this poll

Since the NY Times Says It Didn't Deserve Its 1932 Pulitzer Prize....

Michiganders: Do your Can and Bottle Deposit laws help?

Incredibly good article on corruption of the Iraq rebuilding

Tom Friedman NYT's column lies about casualty count

3 months before first caucus; still undecided - Who else is with me?

Buchanan and Press to talk about * being heckled in Australia

Late Night Chucklers.....

Trippi sets the record straight on media coverage of Dean "attack ads"

From the mouth of a skank

Out of the mouthes of c*nts...

Does anyone else find the recent Elizabeth Smart activity a little creepy?

Congrats to DU'ers! We've faked the freepers into supporting Dean.

did the iraqis ever make a formal request for

BBV - Please help fill the Electronic Voting Links Library

Death knell for Bush "bounce"

Speaking of "Free Tibet"

10/23/01 241 Marines (20 years ago today in Beirut)

A Long, Hard Slog

Dean campaign buys 1978 Airstream that DUer Charlie Crystle was gonna buy

ABC News To talk about Haliburton and Price Gouging

SOLAR EXPLOSIONS: An intense X5-class solar flare

need a link about the dead marines who rescued pvt.lynch

Press Underreports Wounded in Iraq

Bush's second Treasury chief also a dud (CBS.MarketWatch)

Stocks to fall? Market prophet is battening the hatches

Clark visits New Hampshire High School....

Another democrat hints at a presidential run...

Clinton did not diss Dean - the Washington Times made it up

Kerry, Gephardt must stop their "Dean bashing"

Media in overdrive: Making Dean sound like Godzilla

My e-mail to Senator Chuck Hagel (R-Neb)

From the mouth of Barb Bush (her name alone will make you want to vomit)

Where are the "Bush Divers"?

it's..............TOON time again (enjoy!)

TPM Contest best * Admin Iraq Immenient Threat Quote

Centcom:Total US wounded in Iraq since MAR 20th: 1,938 avg 9 day

My prediction of what will happen in Dem primaries

Pastor Fred Phelps' Legion To Protest 'Laramie Project'

Ldotters VS. CBS (the war begins...)

Why I love it when WA goes over seas...

what happens to candidate's money when they drop out of the race?

I really like Dean's energy plan page

BBV: Turn on CSPAN. Dodd and McConnell are trying to get money for HAVA

(RNC former chair and Miss. Gov candidate)Barbour's racist links tar Bush

Arctic ice cap melting. Dan Rather says, "Why remains a mystery."

patriotic Congressman (R-IA) says Dean's words incite Iraqis to kill GIs

2fer: Shrub's Saturn/Sun & Tweety's Mom Works at NY Observer

Jebus. Preacher guns down church burglers.

How dishonest is conservative media? (

good article on Wes Clark at

A local boy dead because of bush.

TRANSCRIPT of Michael Moore on Wesley Clark

"Does CIA need a new finding?"

TV ALERT: Peter Deutsch on "Hardball" TONIGHT! Terri Schiavo

The lunacy of the Anit-Spam bill

HAHAHA - FAUX News (Speculating) That Clark Once Smoked MARIJUANNA!

St.Pete Times hammers Kerry & Edwards

VETERANS, Military Families and Citizens! peace vigil Oct.24 in DC

Do LaRouche supporters post on DU?

Donated to Kucinich today

Disney pulls plug on Affleck

Dean issues statement regarding General Clark's promotion

BBV: Chapters 10 & 11 now posted...

is Chimpy popular at your college or the closest College to you?

Top 50 Popular Vote Winners, 1900-2000

2004 Election - I'm VERY Optimistic

Twenty years ago today, the Marine barracks in Beirut were blown up

Bush: Evil or Stupid?

2004 Senate Races

Bolivia: the country that wants to succeed.

Michael Reagan Says CBS's Reagan Movie is "The Worst Ever"

UnFreep this ie america radio poll!

'compassion' ... why there is none in today's repub party

Joe Wilson endorses John Kerry

Lieberman backs Jeb Bush on comatose woman

most hated current governors

When I was in the Army, I was always urged to vote Republican

Nightline: U.S. health care system 37th in the world

Egads! Ugly images of twisted MSNBC faces, filthy FOX-fiends, Oh My!

Are the Republicans falling into a dangerous trap by arguing

BBV, okay here's a plan

A few questions to women who support women's rights

Is MWO down?

Ok I have decided to what?

BBV: Diebold Memos' Smoking Gun - Memos Disclose Florida 2000 Vote Fraud

THREE dead marines who rescued Jessica Lynch?

2-PART POLL - Part 2: What is the Most Reliable News Source? Announces Their Biggest Campiagn Yet...

Alamoudi, Norquist's Islamic Institute patron, bankrolled terrorists

IRA, Patriots or Terrorists?

White Rose Society Fundraising Appeal

Free Advice to GOP by Thomas L. Friedman

Attacks on Troops on Rise, Commander Says

Ex-CIA Officers Want Senate to Probe Leak

Dean responds to attacks in new television ad

2 Studies Contradict EPA on New Rules

Madiba (Mandela) fans 'removed by force' - Austria

'Powell is just politicking'

Iraq war effort hampers aid budget

Dying for a McDonalds in Iraq (ATimes)

U.S. Force Pulling Back in the North

Iraq Media Guy Rebuilds Qatar At the Garden (RNC '04 Convention)

Greeks framed me, claims Briton in jail hunger strike

British aid group: U.S.-run Iraqi authority fails to account for billions

No Signs Of White House Intelligence Spin

SENATE WATCH-10/23/2003 (#1-9:30 AM)

The Other Casualties - Iraq - Newsweek

Paris: British madam found guilty

Cover-Up Alleged in Probe of USS Liberty

Billions in Iraq funds 'lost'

Bomb Explodes Near Iraqi Pipeline, 2 Dead

(GOP)Congress Strikes a Tentative Deal on Drug Benefits (10k assets=rich)

Blair rules out official annual prime ministerial health check

GOP Trying to Snuff Out Iraqi Loans Idea

Space Station Mission Opposed

FBI: Agents Sorry Bug Found During Race

Russia opens Kyrgyzstan base (30 km from US base)

US Faces Challenge Raising Money for Iraq

TV ALERT: Peter Deutsch on "Hardball" TONIGHT! Terri Schiavo

Cuba legislation underway on C-Span 2 right now, 11:30 am EST

Halliburton in Iraq fuel costs row

U.S. trains fast-track Iraqi militia on shoestring

Greece says can't help expand NATO Afghan mission

Earth to COPE - You are out of touch

Bush thanks Austrailia as two lawmakers heckle....

Gulf States Under Pressure to Deliver Iraq Aid

Bush's visit likely to disrupt island life

Homesickness Leads U.S. Troops in Iraq to Suicide

Just heard on CNN- White House opposes 1.3 billion provision for vets

Liberals Get A Think Tank Of Their Own

Official: Rumsfeld 'Livid' Over Memo Leak

Auschwitz survivor sought for genocide

Dr. James J. Zogby: US bends statistical data on Iraqi surveys

Saudi police move to thwart protests

Congressman Tim Ryan Endorses Governor Howard Dean for President

Acting S.F. mayor's power play

Board Set to Monitor How U.S. Spends Iraq Oil Money

Times Warp

Once at Arm's Length, Wall Street Is Bush's Biggest Donor


FBI Finds No Ricin Contamination in S.C.

Blair Pushing for Guantanamo Resolution

State UI unemployment claims dip - year ago 2.967m, now 2.922 '

No chance for media to grill Bush

Mississippi Democrats back Barbour

Banned senators vow to return

9 candidates spurn straw poll

Bush arrives in Hawai‘i following six-nation trip

GOP Lowers '04 Senate Expectations

U.S. rejects claims Iraq aid funds 'missing'

El Al flight threat still a mystery - Israel passenger jet

Lingle planning to lobby for Akaka bill during Bush visit

Iraqi police find car bomb in Baghdad

Poll: Lieberman lead slips in New York(Dean takes lead)

Major Weapons Stash Found in Iraq (Fox Propaganda Alert)

Pentagon pushing smaller nukes

Thought bubbles (Interview with Ted Rall)

$4bn Iraq cash has vanished, claims charity

Police chiefs: Retain assault-weapons ban

Satirical Site Pulled For 'Tasteless' Obama Content

Wisconsin state senator recalled

Dean has Ace up his sleeve

Egyptian rejects novelist of the year award - oppressive regime/USA

More and More Iraqis view US as Occuping force:Poll

American Soldier Killed, Two Wounded in Iraq

Bush Arrives In Hawaii

300 Illegal Workers Arrested at Wal-Marts

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq - 343 U.S. service members have died

In New Ads, Dean Becomes First in Campaign to Attack Fellow Democrats

(Exton, PA) Voters' talk shows Bush retains support

AP: U.S. Raid Nets Whole Iraqi Village

Why a world leader used the servants' entrance

World spurns US appeal for $30bn to rebuild Iraq

Nortel to restate results - 3 years worth

Press Underreports Wounded in Iraq

Rove, McClellan Interviewed in Leak Probe

N.Y. Times agrees 1932 Pulitzer Prize was not deserved

Bush's media evasion reveals insecurity: US broadcaster

Laid-off take survival jobs to pay the bills

Starving North Korea kills 'foreign' babies

UK MP Galloway expelled by Labour Party over Iraq

Troops From Iraq War Can't Donate Blood

Senate Approves Pay Increase for Itself

Rummy's on hot seat Glum memo on war steams White House

Clinton Plan to Provide AIDS Drugs to Poor Countri

Senate votes to end restrictions on travel to Cuba

List of Countries Supporting Iraq Effort

Son shown door after asking about Habib

Former ambassador Wilson endorses Kerry

Israel to build 323 new homes at W. Bank Settlement

Various very short exposure photos (and other weird & cool photos)

Need a quote

What is that growth on the Virginia Tech Football coach's neck

Good Bush Joke

Mr. Mister Allen Iverson (not a typo)

Are you looking at me?

Most Scary Ad for a Horror film?

Jonathan Schell was on charlie rose again just now &

Urinotherapy: Myth or Miracle?

freep this poll

Who here feels that we are in the "Black Iron Prison"?

Most Repulsive Celebrity Couple, Past or Present?

with the exception of Will Pitt I'm the most admired/respected poster here

The One True Hot Dog Thread

Logan's Run and Practical Cats

Any mods around?? I got a live one for ya! Please PM me!

a beautiful mind gussies up

Remember Those Annoying X-10 Pop-Up Ads?

An excellent interactive Flash game-and-movie on the media

Anyone here an eye exam survivor?

Making list of white-guy-leads-foreigners-in-a-foreign-land movies

Elliot Smith - A Terrible Loss of Great Talent

Who speaks dutch??

My 1000th Post. Thanks DU.

Cat turns nice: HEyHEY suspicious

well ain't this a fuckin' kick in the head . . .

Nervous as a couch potato in Morgantown West By Gawd!

please help with....CRS syndrome...

The Shark and the Yankees Fan

Good SNOWY (Thursday) Morning DU!

What's the oldest thing in your fridge?

Today's Birthdays: Three pairs of Cosmic Twins!

This Marlins/Yankees game is quite a thriller

need computer software advice

Norwegian Labour party links up with the American Democratic Party

Dixie Chicks win Defenders of Democracy Award

Are any men or women here acne vulgaris survivors?

This is too fucking funny.

Happy Birthday, Universe

Fishermen Hook Man's Lost Teeth (Return Them To Him)

Spam help.

Old Joke I Just Remembered

South Park - Metrosexuals

"Stiff" Dicipline For Schoolboys Who Took Viagra (HILARIOUS writing)

How do you make a tinfoil hat?

HAHAHA: Freepers are saying Norquist is a Terrorist Sympathizer

Anyone going to the October Project concert in NYC next Thursday?


Is there anyway to know if your donation has been received

is there such a thing as a legitimate minority conservative?

Any men (or former men) here circumcision survivors?

Tinfoil hat question

"Impeach him hell...get a rope"

To DUers who were born, what if your parents had abstained

I gave my first political speech last night

Late payment? Into the stocks with you, sinner!

Where the Maladministration gets all those ideas!

Half-life gamers...a question

The Plum

NBC Sucks (My rant about NBC's screwy "The West Wing" scheduling.)

Spacey and shakin. Neil Postman died two weeks ago.

Worst way to die in a horror film?

Give it up. The game is over. We see what you are doing.

I command you to listen to Jean Shepherd right now

CIA-Leak Scapegoat Still At Large

Okay, it's been done before, but: Scariest Dracula Movie of all Time?

Doonesbury: Herr Gropenfuhrer takes questions

Ever look at a beautiful blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds and sing

We've had "Free Tibet" concerts, how about a "Free America" concert?

Now hiring 4 new salads

World Series ratings up

Niagara Survivor Ordered out of Canada

The Autodidactic Drivel of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Rob Lowe's call for help

Warning, Rant!

Boston Butt pork roast on sale at HEB in Tx for

Bill Buckner and Grady Little together on the Globe sports page today

FISH on PROZAC Pose a Problem

I did the math. 35,200 miles

Favorite Elliott Smith Album

'Iceman' Grabs Live Shark With Bare Hands To Save Men

UnFreep this poll!

Hey, you seen them, all those pop-ups for that mini X10 camera

What's up with Boondocks and WoPo?



Kef 's Halloween Poll #1

Open request to Will Pitt - Could you cheer on the Pats to stomp

Question about the movie "Donnie Darko"...

My cartoons in good company

I saw Simon & Garfunkel last night.

Gunmen Tried To Escape Via Tricycle, Hijack's Car

so I happened to be looking for nude pics of Rip Torn

Those church folks are at it again! Virgin Mary spotted in a tree stump!

Okay, heres what Im going to do, give me some feedback

Ooo, Yeah! You Like That, Don't You? Who's Your Daddy?

If the asteroid hadn't smashed into us...

Massachusetts and the moral crusade

I am such a good employee-WhooHoo

Rupert Murdoch question

Am I a loser if I didn't like Matrix: Reloaded?

Best Republican Political Scandal?

Quebec Rejects Christ.....apparently

Goony Goo Goo!

Need links and books on welfare

What do I do with a whole beef brisket?

Found the definition of patriotism, thought I'd share

Best Synonym for * (Bush)

William Butler Yeats Foresees Sean Hannity

which repuke poster child

The"new" West Wing-dialogue suffers & the Oval office is now a living room

today's new hate radio advertisers 10/24

Classic Chinese Proverbs...... Funny!!!!

Best place to *purchase* liberal bumperstickers?

Buick Names Car After Masturbation

Anybody been to Antigua?

Elvis Pezly

Pet Loss-Rainbow Bridge

If you like "my united states of whatever"

Anyone thinking of running for office next year?

Should I bury the hatchet with my Liberal neighbors?

new Hannity advertisers Matthew Lesko and Home Depot

Questions about a recent DU article

33333 user registrations since January 2001

My wife and I are WINNERS!!!!!!!

Any state/local elections near you in two weeks?

Welcome member 33333 - whoever you are...

I referred to the Iraq debacle while teaching my class today.

I just got an email from a friend telling me her home was robbed.

The Teetering Tale of all CAPTIONS!!!

Saw "The Italian Job" On The Plane Ride Home!

Warm public toilet seats - good or gross?

ahem...Bathroom tissue: how many folds?


Whoring, with a purpose

"Color My World"

Do you care about toilet papers?

Who is the worst Supreme Court Justice of all time?

Immigration evil unless it's Wal-mart - more neocon hypocrisy

And Now, for my 1000th post - I Will Make Bush* vanish!

Like my kitty?

Toilet Paper - Which Way?

Has anybody else noticed this?

The Bush Hunter

What is it about "elite"? It [u]is[/u] intelligence, stupid

would people be interested in a yahoo list?

Best urban area to revitalize?

What colorful sayings do you use that raise people's eyebrows?

DOn't you love interviewing potential employers?

I need some help & input from all the brain power here on DU.

9/11 poetry, Guy Fawkes style

So, Basketball season starts soon

Late Night Chucklers.....

Alfonso Soriano benched

hedgetrimmer has a brain tumor (no joke)

Do My Eyes Deceive Me? A Fragrance Called "FCUK"...

thanks for all the CATadvice the other day

I Have A Question Gamers. Do Those Racing Wheels That You Can Get

Okay, I have to ask...

So has anybody read the famous sushi memo?

San Francisco Bay Area DUers

Death Row Inmates give Scholarship...

Anybody believe this?


Michigan residents - 'Michiganian' or 'Michigander?'

Traffic Poll-what do you do?

Argh, Clocks are turned back this weekend


The Thorns - Anyone else?

is it Saturday yet? I can't wait any longer! To the streets we go!

BEST slasher movie - EVER

Ahhhhh...the warm, loving, tolerant message of Jesus as told by Freepers..

When Babies Attack

SOLAR EXPLOSIONS: An intense X5-class solar flare

My foot surgery today was easier than some

*: The Ugly Man

Good Halloween joke!

Are you Ready? Graphic Oral Sex and Meg Ryan coming to your Local Theater

EXCELLENT magazine!

Might move to Seattle

Mo Kin... aaaaw cute

Marlins WIN!!!!

When friends surf: spiky bras and velvet vulvas

Assume that California has 35.4 million people

Cheeeeeeeeeese! Best overproduced bourgeois monster hit songs

Are you part of the antiwar elite??? I am.

Update on the Humane Society project and a business question...

Does hate serve us well? Does it drive us and make us more

I am seeking a new publisher

Happy Mole Day!

Anyone here a mammogram survivor?

Best Pro Wrestler Of All Time

Are you using my avatar? (peace kitty)

World Series Boycott: Day V

Need input on a warm place to live

The Capt. Cook of all CAPTIONS!!!

Maybe it's just because I was educated in the "liberal secular" north

VCR ALERT: Wait Until Dark 8:30 CST TCM Watch it for a scream!

Right WInger SHannon Doherty in December's PLAYBOY

Who is going to be member #33331 now?

Help! Dog lovers - bathing question

Best solution for the file sharing problem?

Merry Maids

Bush bans ceremonies for dead US military


Your favourite piece of classical music?

Redskins Fans: Danny Wuerffel Could Be Back!

What are you favourite songs from early childhood?

What Movie got the biggest scream out of you? (I'm leaving openings for

Toilet Seats - Padded Or Not Padded?


Is Junior doing a line of coke with Cretin???

Iiiiiittttttssssss Cccccooooollllllddddd Hhhhheeeeerrrreeeee

Scariest movie you ever saw?

Have your co-workers ever given YOU the finger?

Best Song With "Rock N Roll" in the title?

Most adorable celebrity couple?

My latest publication: A tribute to Blackfeet author James Welch

Rate this photo and story

Brushes with greatness?

Best concert visited and where?


Wanted: annoying habit

Name that candybar.

Mon frère can you spare a CAPTION

Question: DU'ers raised by a single parent/ Single DU parents

I need kitty prayers

Hey, LA DU’ers! Cal-la-for-nee here I come!!