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Archives: October 21, 2003

Isabel Hilton (Guardian Unltd): Justice on the streets of Bolivia

NYT LTEs: Must Aid to Iraq Be Partisan? (6 Letters)

Paul Krugman (NYT): Listening to Mahathir

George Monbiot (Guardian Unltd): The flight to India

Annals of National Security -- The Stovepipe

FCC coming to Charlotte NC

Anybody tried the South Beach Diet?

Jobs Moving Overseas

Humor Classic - Top 14 NRA Convention Seminar Topics

Tell us when you go to a range...

how big can a sig picture be?

Is profanity allowed in GD when quoting another thread?

How do you find original posts

Just what is the difference between

I think I deserve an answer here

Sesame Street airs peace propaganda

Doctor killed as he helps wounded

The Geneva Accord (Full draft text)

has Clark's "baseball challenge" backfired?

i see bartcop has

Turn on C-SPAN! BBV!!!

BBV - Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D) Just Spoke On C-Span

Religion makes world peace impossible

Taliban Commander Captured! Oops, I thought they were gone?

Clark - Bush Disclosure

Holding Leaders Accountable for Untruths About War

Iraqi woman & child killed; US soldier killed; assassination attempt

Here's the point I wanted to make on the Radio.

George H.W Bush give T. Kennedy Public Service Award (messge to Jr)

Telemarketing officials on registry

The Ubiquitous Clintons

Powell sucks...

Wingnut/Religious-Convert Laura INGRAHAM Is Screwing Again

Hawaiians march for Independence

I Need Help!!

Can you get Malloy on the internet????

Buried secrets, brutal truths;

How does BBV affect your political & philosophical thinking?

I like Clark for the most part but....

Deleted message

I registered 12 people to vote on campus this evening!

It's almost 12:00am. Any bets on tomorrows Clark bashing thread topic?

MUST READ: Major Error Discovered in Bush vs. Gore!

Did anyone see this article about Bush Sr. giving Kennedy an award?

Kerry on Hardball

What's this I hear about the draft coming back?

Thank God for Nancy Pelosi

"I hate President George W. Bush. There, I said it."

I think that last question to Kerry was a set-up!

Mike Malloy: Bring back the Draft...

Arlen Specter's Greatest Achievement?

Electronic Voting Machines: Rate Issue Importance

Is Rush a "Gonzo" journalist?

Ed Gillespie and J.D. Hayworth Gate-Crashed Dem Spin Alley at debate

Freepers trying to make CBS kill Reagan movie!!!

BBV...but why do the Republican voters NOT CARE The single issues voters

Kissinger on The Daily Show

Airborne Laser Becoming Reality

Humorous side note. Rep L.B. Johnson was in bed with Halliburton!

I Just Saw Scarborough County For the First Time

Any coverage of the US slaughter of Vietnamese civilians on ABC, NBC, CBS?

Jim Robinson/FR owner has a melt down

Shut the **** up Guiliani!

Houston Chronicle- Letter/Editor FROM Halliburton -UNBELIEVABLE

The Bush-haterism has got to stop!

Stop Judicial Tyranny — Campaign by Dobson to establish theocracy in U.S.

Poppy Bush's Award to Teddy: WILL HE SEND A PRIVATE PLANE?

An aberrration...Charles Jaco 0f CNN fame on morning radio in St. Louis

Deleted message

So, who's coming with me to DC on Saturday???

Real number of dead in Iraq?

The Winning Democratic Strategy: Only Vote for Women

Ever contemplated the Parallels betw. McCarthyism & Stalin's Purges?

Kosovar Testimonial -- Clark saved the lives of 2 million...

DUers: I need your help to launch my Senate campaign!

Israel kills 10 Palestinians in Gaza air raids

Canadian PM Shrugs off Kabul threat

Congress Needs More Time on Iraq Aid Bill

US deficit hits record $540 billion

MUST READ: Major Error Discovered in Bush vs. Gore!

Korea Likely to Earn $400-800 Mln Annually from Iraqi Projects

Kurds' Faith in New Iraq Fading Fast

9-11 Kin See Few Changes in Intelligence

Postwar Civilian Deaths in Baghdad Probed

To Some in GOP, Bush*s Troubles Become a Liability

Bitter blend: Blair blames Continental coffee

Moderate Taliban offered truce, Kabul claims

GOP Sees Gephardt as Toughest Rival for Bush*

Florida House Passes Tube-Feeding Law

Texas Meets Thailand, and Bows Slightly

"I Love the 80's Strikes Back" premiers at 8:00 EST on VH1

Jack Handey

fun science site

High school students demand wars in easier to find countries!

Are you now or have you ever been a Pope?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Crap!

Sonora mung bean pudding bush

Another chat in the chatroom

To all the Freeps Lurking

ok, who was that DUer just on Malloy?

TheReligiousLeft's Top 5 political cartoons

Burn your self-help books!

I love The Phil Hendrie Show

Another Pregnant dog!

The lounge is needing some fun tonight!

How much do you love DU?

Is there anything fun to do in Grand Rapids Michigan?

I need a newsletter template for Microsoft Word

Kissinger is going to be on The Daily Show tonight?

It's Halloween Season...I'm Dressing As Barbara Bush what about you?

I Don't Feel Compelled To Hang Out At Free Republic...

Good Dubya Joke

I'm very angry...

To help with all the stress, a L.F Game!

What exactly is the Oedipus complex?

A thunderstorm?!?! WTF?

Making Kissinger Funny

Heads up West Coast

West Wing episode "The Stackhouse Filibuster" on now 11pm ET

Robert DeNiro Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

A question about myself!

Now, to be fair, let's vote for the BEST Number 1 single of the early '80s

Man faces trial in dog sex case

I'm still shaking.

OUCH! Teacher turns blind eye, boys shove rod in classmate's sphincter

bush is having trouble with his dog so

Three nothing Vancouver over the the first

Lets play a new way! L.F game! (Play if you want to know how I think)

You know, there is legitimate hunting...

Eliza Dushku flashes you for 13 minutes...

How does this restaurant not get sued?

Name for black and white hang around, half grown male kitty I am taking

So which Disney Land ride will they make a movie out of next?

Just to let everyone know-My husband called-finally

I'm in Rockabilly Heaven

My Amazing 700th post!

The 700 Club Approaches!

Vote for the worst Number 1 hit of 1985-1989!

Quick question for Saab owners

In rock, big talent, but UG-LEE!!!

It's official - Wettest day EVER in Seattle!

Are my husband and I missing something?

Every one of you makes me feel warm and fuzzy!

my cat has so many health problems and won't accept treatment

Anyone go to grad school "later" in life?

What is it about cats that makes them so goddamn lovable?

Hey thebigidea - this Colmes is for YOU!

Today we did a good deed...

The Iraqi Monkey Trap Raspberry says shrub trapped by power/greed

LA Times: Iraqi Civilians Fall Victim to Hair Triggers

Russia considers shift to Euro instead of dollars for oil

E. J. Dionne Jr-$87 Billion, Final Offer

Ron Brownstein-Dean's Success May Hinge on Luring Blue-Collar Votes

The Crisis Papers: Inside Bush's Diary:

Set the media free

John Nichols: Refusing to Write the Blank Check

Robert Scheer-Just Another Admirer of a Winner

Too many rubber-stampers in Congress

Evidence Of Things Unseen: The Rise of a New Movement

Seymour Hersh's new New Yorker bombshell

Molly Ivins: Defending Bacardi (more Tom DeLay sleeze)

The flight to India

Land of the Free and Home of the Ignorant

Iraq = Vietnam

IVINS: DeLay's Bacardi Mix

Novak: War is worrying Republicans

Dana Milbank: Coffin Coverage Banned

Students Find $100 Textbooks Cost $50, Purchased Overseas

US: the world's deepest debtor

Bush's latest snub

Wonderful Article!- The New Great Game by Lutz Kleveman

A Letter to a Republican Friend by Ernest Partridge

Inside Bush's Diary: Things Are Spinning Out Of Control by Bernard Weiner


NYT Book Review: A Double-Barreled Attack on American War Policy

Slaughterhouse of Civilization by Richard North Patterson

Scheer: Just Another Admirer of a Winner

Gods, Generals, Satan, And Jews

HIGHTOWER: Dissing America's Right to Dissent

Bend Over and Grab Your Ankles, America, Things May Get Worse

Virtual Reality - Lowering The Bar On Iraq - Poll included MSGOP

Dave Brooks: Rescuing the Democrats

Bad editorial: The irony of 'network neutrality'

"It's Clinton's fault!" - Again!

All the world’s a call center - Outsourcing save cash lift quality

America owes Rush Limbaugh a debt of gratitude, Libertarians say

Voter Suppression: "It Can't Happen to Me"

China: the new economic giant

It's not intelligence, stupid.

To Some in GOP, Bush's Troubles Become a Liability

Mid-Northern Michigan bus to DC for Oct 25 still has seats available!

Defense of Lyme activist against false charges by Ct Dept of Children

Dennis Kucinich in Conway, NH

Des Moines, Iowa, on Nov. 24 -5th DNC debate 4pm w/Brokaw on MSNBC

Congressional Black Caucus Debate in Detroit, Michigan this Sunday at 8 pm

CBS Nov two-part miniseries "Reagan" tells Truth - upsets Drudge

Is Glen Reynolds an Idiot or what...?

Tonight on the Daily Show: Santa Cruz and Bush Impeachment

10/23/83 Marine barracks bomb & Reagan cut and run begin WTC bin Ladin

Financial Media (CNBC/MSNBC/CNN) con job on economy beginning now

FRIENDS! How do you stand with the Lord? (God-Of-The-Month-Club)

Quackwatch: Your Guide to Health Fraud, Quackery, & Intelligent Decisions

Thank You SUNDANCE!! "Devil In The Holy Water"

Car Wash Owner Wants Oprah For President

Troopers claim 'reverse discrimination'

Is the world ready for a black pope?

What if sexual orientation was a choice?

Petition: Stop Offshoring

"Wal-Mart Commercials Turn Workers' Frowns Upside Down"

Want to Live in NYC? It’ll Cost You - 2 bedrooms=$1,000,000

UN warns of locusts for Africa

How Dog Genes May Save People -Canine Cures -How Humans’ Best Friend Could

Chilling Numbers On EU Cod Biomass

10-Year Study Shows Wild Salmon Runs May Not Survive Fish Farming

Zim tobacco sales lowest in five decades

Few cast votes in 'sham' Swazi election

Zim's 'mafia economy' taking a toll on locals

UK pair killed under the cover of darkness

Eleven held over assassination plot - Ivory Coast

GUNS IN THE NEWS - October 21, 2003

N.S. town to install surveillance cameras - Nova Scotia

More Enemies for the NRA

Petition for Ashraf Al-Jailani

"Military weapons in hands of gangs". Sydney Australia

How can I read much older archived threads?

Am I the only person this is happening to?

Why was this thread locked?

Why is this thread locked?

Pushing new norms ala the GD rules

I asked you in email (as you requested) for an explanation

What is going on in I/P?

Why was my post locked?? "Hey Joe..." in GD..

BBC: Palestinian film joins Oscar race

Background / The snipers' alley around Ramallah

I don't think the Palestinians are going to survive. And no journalists

Israeli troops currently raiding Al-Jazeera offices in Ramallah, Palestine

Knesset member urges death for Israeli authors of "Geneva" peace plan

Following Gaza carnage

Two Palestinians shot dead trying to inflitrate Israel from Gaza

Israel: Iran nearing nuclear self-sufficiency

Arafat calls for action over Gaza raids

Palestinians: IDF surrounding mosque in Ramallah

Peddeling Zionism without Zion

Israel Vows No Let-Up in Hunt for Militants

Ramallah attackers tied to Hezbollah, security sources say

The Bush/Cheney Top 10 Environmental Insults

Dean blog: How to Write Letters to Iowa and New Hampshire

99 daily distortions from the commander-in-chief

Dozens of Broward voters get multiple ballots for Nov. mail-in elections

another New Hampshire poll out – Dean leads Kerry by 14

Charlie Cook suggests that Kerry should throw Iowa support to Gep...

Dean holds 14-point lead over Kerry in New Hampshire poll

LaRouchies may have harder time disrupting this debate

Equality Mississippi Withdraws Musgrove endorsement and endorsed Dillon

Dean Supporters! Clark Supporters! Be VERY careful out there!

I'm looking for anyone from Lancaster County, PA

Attention all Dean supporters...

Independents favor Dean 2-1 in New Hampshire

Kerry demands answers re: Ft. Stewart

about 700 people have signed up for Dean MeetUps since 10 am TODAY

Illinois Senate meetup numbers -- Wow!

Why we should all vote for Dennis Kucinich

Naked campaign envy...and why not???

Brooks on Edwards, NYTime

To Some in GOP, Bush's Troubles Become a Liability

Dean holds a double digit lead over Kerry in New Hampshire poll

A Kos blogger dissects "Clark's so-called 'electability'"

Kerry's environmental record (history)

Dean is the next Horace Greeley! No wait, William Jennings Bryan!

Dean's "ambition" cited as reason for gubernatorial records seal

'Dean Divers' put spotlight on candidate's record

Who was the DU'er who sat next to Elizabeth Edwards in Indianola?

Dean will have visited all 99 counties in Iowa on Wednesday

An open letter from Vince Whitacre

Highly Decorated Sir Wesley Clark

Still support your candidate keeping "some" of Bush*s tax cuts?

Man faces trial in dog sex case

someone please do this poll.....

Boston Police to Charge Nelson and Garcia,

good anaylsis by Al Sharpton

any Iowa Dean supporters here?

Additional Money for Iraq Not Needed Until Spring, According to New Study

WIRED NEWS: E-Vote Firms Seek Voter Approval

Babs Bush heard off-camera referring to Dubya as the "runt of the litter"

Molly Ivins on Mike Webb now (Dean tomorrow)

Bernie Ward to talk about "The New Rat Pack" Now

When is the last day to Enter the Primary???

Dittoheads Wandering Around Aimlessly

Anybody see the promo for tomorrow's HARDBALL?

Who did people think we would run for prez in Sept 2001?(archives)

HEY, TECHIES: Not So Quiet on Tech Job Front

Poll for Clark Supporters: What are your politics?

What do DU'ers believe is worth fighting....

FACT of LIFE: Doctors don't need Generals, but Generals need Doctors

Dick Cheney is on Jimmy Glick

Looks like MSNBC has already convicted Kobe Bryant...

What kind of idiot relocates his family to Saudi Arabia?

Christmas, Hanukkah & Kwanzaa presents for our Troops?

I need explanations about WMDs searching !!

I know how the govt can separate the patriots from the pinkos & make $ too

Tough Crowd w/Colin Quinn tonight was REALLY REALLY sexist

Looking for pickles in the purple dress she looks totally psychotic

Question about meet-ups...

The New Faith Based Internet (Satire)

great Boston Globe article about Dean's wife

Ann Telnaes on WH 'spin'

Boston: City Election Was FLAWED! (Worried About '04)

Hey Will Pitt... Friday I'm getting the paid subscription to TruthOut!

Would Clark run the country like his campaign?

Most unbeliavably rabid anti-Linux puff piece ever!

CSPAN Wash Journal -- Ken Adelman's wife

How many forums have you left for this one?

there's another Draft movement underway

TIGER FORCE alive and well in Iraq

Dean blog: How to Write Letters to Iowa and New Hampshire

"Pharmacists say 'benefit managers' hurting industry"

Businesspeople endorse preserving Head Start

Papa Bush shot down WWII, son waiting to finish cushy NG - Alterman

I thought we might need a laugh this morning.

Survivor on the Campaign Trail

Trip Notebook- *first lady gets foot massage

Dean has passed 125,000 MeetUp registrations

Could Limbaugh's maid use Photoshop?

Saddam was no threat to us

Arny forced to Investigate poor treatment of ill Iraq veterans

BBV: Maryland: New voting machines to be reviewed

MSNBC finally shows Zogby poll showing Bush at 51% disapproval

Converting "Chuck"

another New Hampshire poll out – Dean leads Kerry by 14

Poll for Kerry Supporters: What are your politics?

Frost (D-TX) Gave the Republicans in the House Hell-CSpan 10:30a.m. CT

have you been supporting the same candidate all along or did you switch?

I just picked up the "Pitt package" for my WBAI donation!

Curtains Ordered for Media Coverage of Returning Coffins

Given Sy Hersh's CIA/Cheney article...

Soldier Blues - US military has a serious morale problem

TV News Lies Webcast to start at noon ET - Israel & the media

How to attack "But you Democrats don't have a plan!"

John Ashcroft and a Left - Right Coalition

Set the media free

Here's an Awesome Piece on Rush and His Hypocrisy and Other Stuff

Are Californians crazy, stoned or both?

What's the Most Irritating Nonsense from the Right These Days?

"Dean Divers" search for dirt on Dean

Can someone please tell me about high crimes and misdeamors?

Is it time we blame the "liberal media"...?

2004 Democratic dream cabinet - suggestions?

A Most Clever Trick Regarding The Deficit....

Think Nat Heatwole Was Justified? (Box cutters on planes)

IMPORTANT: Panda Software reports the new Sdbot.N Trojan

What are your thoughts on Rupperts ... Beyond Bush II ...????

Poll for Dean Supporters: What are your politics?

DEBKA: Pakistan will deploy nuclear missiles and warheads at Saudi bases

Ok, so has DeLay won the FCC game? Is he now in control?

Media Pundits: "Best" News Cycle?

Schwarzenegger transition team reveals right-wing agenda

Vietnam major links

Setting the Record Straight: Why We Are On Strike (So Cal Supermarkets)

JK Upcoming on MSNBC


Could a re-elected Bush force Canada to support an expanded war

South Bend Trib: LTTE from Repuke Psycho

The Breakdown of the U.S. Army in Vietnam. Now Iraq

Rummy press conference re: Boykin

Last night was 'open mic night' in the House

I don't think the Palestinians are going to survive. And no journalists

What Repug Phrase or Saying Bothers you the most?

Perle's horizons: A Scary Interview with Richard Perle

I do not supportthe troops, nor can I

1/3 of Uninsured Employed by Large Cos

Film Shows Nancy Reagan "A Pill-Popping Control Addict"

2 soldiers marry Iraqi women - legal entanglement ensues

Barbara Bush calls the Dems a 'sorry group.'

The new Ann Coulter Doll

Will the Supreme Court enact judicial review of the Patriot Act?

9 out of 10 Iraqis say: "life is worse" since US Occupation...

Inside Joe Lieberman's Kamikaze Campaign – great Village Voice piece

Curtains Ordered for Media Coverage of Returning Coffins

Is Clark in charge of his danged campaign or what?

It's Arnold v. the 'U-Haul indicator'

Show this to Repugs who still think 9-11 & Saddam go together

Important thing to ponder about why RNC is dragging out Barbara Bush

Campaign signs question

Not enough body armor

maybe we should stop looking at Dean or Clark and look at Gephardt?

Kerry is our best chance!

Jeffords dissents on terrorism medals for Iraq service

Oct 20 is 61rst anniversity of Bush trading w Enemy: Nazis

Vomit Alert!!!-Talking Ann Coulter doll!!!!

will pitt is on democracy now!

Bush's Place in History

TV Alert: Clark on Inside Politics 4:00pm EDT today.

Nat HEATWOLE Exposes Shrub Mal-Admin Incompetence

Hey Joe, they may be 'rookies' but at least they're Democrats!!

Amnesty International USA Report 2003

Iraqis Required By Bechtel to Carry...3 Types Insurance

BBC: Cure for killer flu 'discovered'

Judeo-Christianity - Religions of Peace?

DCCC needs to target this terrible trio.- 3 easy pickups for Dems.

Dysfunction Management + Reaganism

Amateur border patrol mounts aerial campaign.

former executive director of the South Carolina Dem Party joins Clark

Latest Iowa poll numbers?

Islam - Religion of Peace?

Elizabeth Edwards reads DU (who's the DU'er she sat next to?)

A New Mess Bigger Than Enron?

Who is going to win Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina?

Clark says he's against the 87 billion.

Pentagon covers up remarks by Boykin (CNN)

Truthout was completely on fire today

'Pub talking point-Re: the deficit

Which do you prefer, Daisies or Roses?

Bernie Sanders is laying it all out on CSPAN. Amazing speech

UN inspection reports far more accurate than CIA regarding Iraq

Dean Zings Bush, Leaving USA Today Gasping for Air

Senate Set to Ban "late term abortions" today

43 Attacks on US Soldiers in One Day

Can anyone explain how this is not hypocrisy?

Saddam Hussein called & wants to know where his WMDs are- so ask W

Is this possible? (Dean + Kerry)

Hypothetical question on 1984 presidential race

Kennedy, other critics, are ‘traitors’

Senator Warner on the floor Discussing General who dissed Islam

Do People Like Coulter Actually Personally BELIEVE What They Say?

Why my time with the American Humanist Assoc. totally sucked

Molly Ivins on Buchanan/Press

Did Canadian PM plan to deploy troops to Quebec in 1995?

CBS to talk about Civilian Deaths in Iraq

If you could rig the 2004 election would you?

If Dean Gets the nomination he will need to calm the DLC

solution for bush* Ft. Stewart DC General Hospital

HR Watch: US Failure to count Civilian Deaths 'INCREDIBLE'...

Changing Democratic Cliches Links

If Bush "wins" in 2004, it will most likely be because...

Name That Candidate!

Parable questions Cuban travel ban

Protests greet Bush in Manila, Bangkok and Canberra

BBV:Flaws in voting exposed

I am confused.....

Loaded TV News phrases heard this week: Add yours here.

D.Corn "A Devastating and Compelling Indictment of Bush" by Koopersmith

So Bush threatens to veto Iraq $'s? Let him. Bring it on. And the Dems?

Bush in Bali, faking it.

Grand Hypocrisy Party Behavior: Williamson County, TX, Sheriff

Kerry/Dean. I have to admit I'm scared to death...

Step Back.......I'm Loosing my Venom!

News with Brian Williams leads with wounded soldiers' treatment

Rush's First Spin: To Keynote Churchill Dinner

Youth find more truth in Eminem than Bush

UN Res. Victory? "The Bald Man won a Hairbrush".....LOL!

Some Excellent PROGRESSIVE(!) Sites

MoveOn & Dean For America: The New Democratic Leadership

Eliminate the word 'believe'..'belief' from the American Lexicon

The First Church of the Couple of Holes......

depressed? TOON! Out....

Florida courts no longer needed.

DU ALERT! Must watch Frontline!

Edwards has most persuasive platform - David Brooks column

DUers: Have you visited the Edwards blog discussion boards?

Kobe - Does sexism beat racism in today's world, or is it money/sports?

ABC Nightline Tuesday -- Medical malpractive lawsuits

The student who brought the box cutters on the plane should IMPRISONED

Vicious one from Ben Sargent, and so true

Could Gore have picked a better running mate?

Frank Luntz to get his own MSNBC show

Only one US Senator can be defeated for relection in 2004.

McDermott attempts to put asterisk next to *'s 16 words!

FU Gallup, new Pew poll Bush drops 5 points to 50%

Letterman mocks Schwarzenegger (Damn those NY intellectuals)

Important new book -- The Soul of Capitalism by William Greider

Ronald Reagan Was an Empty Vessel Into Which Conservatives .....

Gave Dad Franken book! We shall overcome! GOpers can change!

Does anyone think that it is wrong to withhold life-preserving

Hell has frozen over: Fox Runs Bush/Nazi Link

I figured it out... we are living the Truman Show...

Poll for Kucinich Supporters: What are your politics?

Limbaugh Treated by New-Age Hippies!

Barbara Bush: "dems are a sorry lot"

Hardball: Another Republican Lovefest

US Troops Throw Quran on Ground, Arrest Woman

I had a dream about the 2004 election

At First I Was Mad About Levi-Strauss Sending Jobs Overseas

CBS' 'The Reagans' not a glowing lovefest...Freepers heads will explode

Soldiers Miss Flights Back to Iraq!

Senate vote about to occur on S. 3, the "Partial Birth Abortion" Ban bill

Anti-Intellectualism in the US...

List of Crimes of Bush family, need help - link ?

Anyone But Bush

Why I loathe Joe and Jane public

if Carter was known for a national 'malaise'... what of *?

Dennis Miller versus Barbara Boxer -- one Californian's perspective

Where are you on The Political Compass? (take the test)

Whose Fault was the Vietnam War?

Why Democrats will Lose.

BBV: Diebold Targeted By Electronic Civil Disobedience

Civility and "backsliding" in the General Discussion Forum.

Deleted message

Was the WWII bombing of Dresden and other German cities justified?

How do Du'ers feel about the Pledge of Allegiance?

Jesse Jackson: Limbaugh needs treatment, not prosecution.

Anyone else alarmed by Clark's "Voluntary Civilian Guard" project?

Jeb Bush just won the right to have the comatose woman's

A woman @ the hospital I work at is being starved and dehydrated..

Indian police question 6,000 men over rape of Swiss diplomat

Sony will cut 10 percent of jobs

WP: Iraq Occupation Faces New Challenge

Iraq urged to decide on oil policy by year-end

Experts dispute Iraq costs in budget

WP: To Some In GOP, Bush's Troubles Become A Liability

Japan pressing for trans-Siberian pipe for Russian crude

Extra ballots cause worry

Iran Vows Full Transparency on Nuclear Program

Myanmar condemns US 'interference' at Apec

Baby 'Apec' declared brain dead

US troops in culture chasm

SENATE WATCH-10/21/2003 (#1) ["Partial Birth" Abortion VOTE today]

HOUSE WATCH-10/21/2003 (#1-9:00 AM)

Indonesia Clerics to Tell Bush His Policies Aid Terror

Wash. State Orders Teachers Back to Work

Md. Democrats Want Outside Voting Machine Audit

Brazilian president signals revamp of poverty campaign.

A Target of Conservatives' Ire, Y.W.C.A. Chief Is Dismissed

Ex-IRA man's claims 'are lies'

Colmes plays nice in left field

Bush's latest snub

U.S. Soldiers Fire in Air to Disperse Baghdad Protest

To Some in GOP, Bush's Troubles Become a Liability

Brits Kidnapped By Maoist Rebels

Doubts Grow on Sending Turkish Troops to Iraq

US: the world's deepest debtor

Australian Aircraft Licensed to Kill for Bush Visit

PM rejects inquiry into Diana death

Cheney's new adviser has sights on Syria

Israeli troops currently raiding Al-Jazeera offices in Ramallah, Palestine

IRA Confirms New Disarmament Act

Iraqi police increasingly upset with US troops

Pope installs new cardinals

New theory on death of Daniel Pearl

Iran nuclear move positive if fully implemented-US

UC study says media coverage of recall unfair

APEC Summit in Bangkok Revives Critics' Question: What's the Point?

U.S. Could Send Marines Back to Iraq as Soon as February

Boy's Internet research snags him in FBI web (Homework assignment)

Senator Says Bush Given Too Much Leeway

U.S. Tax Shelters Benefiting Europeans, Others

Man survives Niagara plunge

House Members Want Vote On Media Rule Rollback

US reserves lion's share of Iraq construction projects for itself

New voting system readied (Merced CA / ES&S BBV)

Squatters invade farm tied to ousted Bolivia leader


Flaw Is Found in Plan to Bury Nuclear Waste

Congress to ban one type of abortion

Iraqi aid pledges fall short of estimated needs

Treasury Chief Sees a Jobs Boom, but Most Don't [NY Times]

Bush and Fox find the going to be slow

Hussein's billions found, says U.S.

APEC Notebook (Laura Bush $250 worth of massage oil & powder

Dean Leads Kerry by 14 in N.H. Poll

Howard Dean Attacks Bush On Iraq (Rather Interviews Dean)

Leadership, rotations seen ultimately more important than comforts

Iran agrees to tougher inspections

Malaysian PM repeats charge about Jews

Ex-Taleban minister is free / Ex-Taliban FM 'offers to help Karzai'

Senate panel OKs bill giving Bush power in feeding-tube case

Iraqi Cleric Wants U.S. Out

US failure to count civilian deaths 'incredible' {Independent}

U clerical workers hit picket lines

Alaska governor urges opening of ANWR

Report: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia conclude secret nuclear deal

Fake Rockefeller Gets Jail Time

GE to cut 1,000 jobs in New York, South Carolina

Unions Sue Labor Dept. for Clean Air Regs

Oil firm escapes heavy penalties in Beverly Hills cancer case

United States: Mentally Ill Mistreated in Prison

California comic (Dennis Miller) eyed for Senate

General’s comments to be probed

Powering small devices with water [new method of making electricity MSNBC]

Demonstrations in Baghdad-- direct from Baghdad

Doctors, dollars rushed to Fort Stewart

US military finds itself under harsh spotlight

Britain Sets N. Ireland Election Date-&-Trimble rejects (election on hold)

Latest Pew poll has Bush down to 50% (dissaprove up 6%, approve down 5%)

No end to US troubles

Malaysian PM Repeats Charge About Jews

US soldier, two civilians killed in Iraq [Hi Pakistan]


Bush Admin. Threatens to Veto Iraq Aid

Small Skims Add Up to Big Losses

Discord in Bush team distressing allies, Congress

GOP Pushes Vote to Curb Class-Action Suits [WA. POST-filibuster in senate]

Court Rules AM/FM Simulcasters Must Pay Royalties (Internet)

Some Troops Not Back in Iraq After R&R

Iraq Domestic Pipelines on Fire After Sabotage

Doubts Grow on Sending Turkish Troops to Iraq

Drug Companies punish Canada for selling drugs to sick Americans

Spies Attack White House Secrecy

No inquiry into Diana's death

U.N.'s Annan, in Pitt speech, critical of war

Soldiers Miss Flight Back To Iraq

US Says Turks May Not Deploy to Iraq

Bolivia may be just the start

U.S. officials say 9/11 mastermind killed Pearl

Curtains Ordered for Media Coverage of Returning Coffins

'Dean Divers' Search Vermont Records

A cruel irony (Marine who helped save Jessica Lynch shot at home)

White House: Record Deficit Still Good News

Pentagon Official Admits Lack of Proof to Link Venezuela to Colombian Guer

Canada's 2002-03 Surplus Close to C$7 Billion-Source


Bush and the Missing Link

Lady Freedom signing off!

Is the David Allen of BBV fame the same David Allen that owns this website

Man survives plunge over Niagara Falls

Cambodian tiger hunter said to be 122, dies in sleep

What's the name of that song that the guy always says "In my dreams..."

New MAXIM-style magazine for men in the military

Rove,Condi,Rummy,Perle & Libby walk into a bar

Someone should make a picture

what a kitteny scamp

Le Show

Looking for a picture of Pickles wearing the tablecloth

David Corn should be given a new show


Wanted killer funny W jokes ...Crude & Rude no problem

Hey Will Pitt... Friday I'm getting the paid subscription to TruthOut!

Downloadable CEO Crooks..Halloween masks

De -merit avatars for outed bigots, polemicists and apologistas ?

I need a new driving game. Any suggestions????

So what qute nicknames do you have for your Private Parts?

Any college DUers? If so, what school?

Who Will Post the Most Polls Here? Burtworm or Magic Rat?

Looking for recommendations on spas

there's another Draft movement underway

A touching story.

It was like a Monet painting

October morning

Time for another joke thread?

I thought we might need a laugh this morning.

Favorite Day Of The Week

Pre-preparing Potatoes!

Most unbeliavably rabid anti-Linux puff piece ever!

i saw a mountain lion on the way to work yesterday!

Any truth to this ?

Motivational Posters

I don't know about what your reaction to this picture will be

HOLY ***! Ernest T. Bass attacked my workplace!

How many forums have you left for this one?

Think your bra is uncomfortable?

Bored To Tears, Woman Hurls TV Out Window

Tough Crowd w/Colin Quinn tonight was REALLY REALLY sexist

My freeper sister is coming for the weekend...

This is my 250th post

Last I heard, K of C weren't a government organization

Amusing UK place names

Coffee and doughnuts now being served to Grotto card holders.

Caption a picture of Bush in silk!

Best place for liberal bumperstickers?

queue up for a CAPTION

oh no!!!!! Robert De Niro diagnosed with prostate cancer

How do I post a picture here on DU?

Who Said This:

CAPTION the Captain of the Poopship Enterpoop

CAPTION lost in translation

It's a boy, no it's not Drudge!

Random iTunes for Windows questions?

do bitches have menopause?

Three Ways to Make General Discussion Fun

I'm listening to a Sioux war chant and posting #500...ask me anything.

Hey thebigidea - there's a present here for you in the Lounge

Have a laugh

crippitycrap - what i meant was... - lock this too plz.

Are the photographers out to get George on this trip?

Chimp Makes Busy Intersection His Playground (no THIS on is named Travis)

Bored and Unable to sleep I created these Photoshop Images

Sci-Fi channel may sue NASA for UFO documents

Just who did these people survey?

This is what patriotism looks like!

The new Ann Coulter Doll

What's you're favorite Reagan moment or Super Power?????

Any good California fat farms?

I was just watching SNL and it struck me

Smirk/Chimp photo #1 at Yahoo News!

Anyone skilled in augury or animal behavior/diseases?

Question from Europe

The Disco-King of all CAPTIONS!!!

Ever wonder how the other sex experiences orgasm?

Which Top 10 CFootball Team has the best chance of winning the NC


Scariest Horror Movie of the Year?

I've Decided To Run.....

I've decided to run for city council .

Does anyone in DU own an iPod?

How many here remember THIS horrible one?

Do you get spam on your fax machine

LA DUERS: Any good Jit Kun Do or Japanese Kenpo Dojo's in the LA area?

The Pot-bellied Mule of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Well, not that anyone really cares but

Ted and Joe's excellent conspiracy.... CAPTION

I have a new show on FOX, Premiere Sunday November 2, 9:30PM/8:30C

For The College DUers

Which do you prefer, Daisies or Roses?

today's new hate radio advertisers 10/21

Ritalin is a Schedule II drug (same as OxyCon.)and we give it to our kids?

LeBron James' shoes modeled after Hummer (H2)

who bit Angel?


I just wanted to give a shout out to Elizabeth Edwards

I need some good advice (about dogs).

You would think after 3000 and some odd posts...

From a single person to all married/partnered/attached/bf-gf/etc people:

Help me, I just read a GOP message board!

I can count on one hand how many abortions.... CAPTION

Just Cause I Liked It So Much The First Time...

The Saddest Red Sox story of all time!

Where Can I Get A Tom Daschel VOODOO Doll?

World Series Boycott: Day III

Excerps from a Cat's daily diary.

Wheeeeee!! I',m smahsed

Need (links) Pictures of Dead U.S. troops and Iraq Civilians

If you're going to Saturday's D.C. March, are you at all nervous?

Woo! Hoo! I'm out of the 700 club. But don't ask me anything.

Remind me to take his name down later.... CAPTION

Closest Encounter with Alphabet Agencies

Ratings for this years World Series higher than last year!

Tastes Like Chicken...(Poll)

What is the purpose of life?

Demonstration of BushCo purity..... CAPTION

Truthful bu$h speech

America's Finest News Source

Scary sports lovin freeps on the attack

Caption the Mummy (literally)

Slick Ric strikes again.....CAPTION

Warren Ellis on The Chimp:

Holding a Grudge....

bush cards

Need cheering up, or at least defusing

Boston DUers...

Looking for b/w photo of Clinton with Bush

OK. DU guys I need advice

* warning Asian leaders... watch out I might puke... CAPTION


This is the CEO laugh of the day! Ohmygod, this is funny.

Are you crazy, stoned, both, or neither?

How quickly will this thread die? (poll)

Great anti-war tomes.

2 NY Yankees To Be Charged With Assault And Battery

Tweety crying about how unfair Hollywood is to Raygun

ANOTHER Ann Coulter Doll! -- Will The Madness Ever End??

Steve B reveals Top Micro$oft Secret ....... CAPTION


Outstanding Marlins-bashing from Slate

How fit is DU?

Coffee from Papua New Guinea - is it that bad, or is it me?

Which country are they waving bye to now?

Marlins vs. Yankees World Series Game Three! An Official Looking Thread.

Take the Densa Quiz

Any Indian music fans on board? Suggestions, faves, etc.?

HOLY SHIT- Ann Coulter Doll

Not new enough for Late Breaking News -

UGH!!! Time to do laundry!

3 men in a Pickup Truck just tried to run me off the road

The World Series is Must-See TV

What happened to the "Mickey Mouse Club" folks? Aside from Annette....MS?

Need help, please. Cable company changed stations numbers.

Now this is a President...

anyone have a good joke?

Well, it's almost official: Broadcast flags to prevent you taping TV

The Pig has NOT flown (an apology)

Shall we try the DU's Favorite Song nominations again?

Gruesome photo of Roy attacked by Tiger in Las Vegas

Oh nO our cable TV went out!

What kind of strange things do your cats eat?

The Beach 'em or hate 'em

FELLOW AGNOSTICS/ATHEISTS: Who/what is your god?

What'd You Have for Breakfast This Morning?

Attn: November and December babies!!!