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Archives: October 19, 2003

George Will: Handicapped On the Hill

Frank Rich: The Rush of the New Rat Pack

Saint or celebrity? Cult of Mother Teresa faces tough questions

Andrew Rawnsley (London Observer): Who votes for the executioners?

Karel is on KGO Right Now!

"The Elizabeth Smart Story"

Hey, "polling" fans -- it is time to counterfreep Frank "Rank" Luntz

Have any DC-area DUers been to see the political caricatures exhibit ...

Guns NOT in the news -Oct 19

Could someone tell me what the inflammatory language was here?

Death Threats in Berkeley

Political reporter: SC primary is "wide open"

What are your top Pres/VP tickets?

Kucinich speaks out on the 87 Billion

Wesley Clark: "I regret I have but one life to give for George W. Bush"

Wesley Clark: "Bush is the greatest commander-n-chief ever"

If Election Tampering And Fraud Were Discovered AFTER The Inauguration

The Oct. 25th protest, what I think it SHOULD have been planned as

Clinton and China.......what's the truth

Bush to Filipinos today:

A good way to get many unemployed IT workers back to work.

I want a candidate who ....

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Greens versus non-voters

Who is radio host Mike McConnell?

Freepers talking about Dean ROFLMFAO!!!!!!

I ask for DU help, I organized a visit by Jerry Springer to my campus

DeLay almost gave up the game.

Sportsmen for Clark! Now online!

Karel is on KGO radio NOW

Stupid Question: What Does BFEE Stand For?

assuming the Dem nominee is a white man not named Lieberman or Kucinich…

George Will: Handicapped On the Hill

Has anyone ever listened to Radio FR?

Is it time for DU to add a Body Count in its masthead?

Letter from Jeb Bush to state Republican fundraisers

Sickening sighting

I have a tentative hypothesis towards a theory about war...

Resistance is Futile....Give up!

War- Coutdown Iran...tick...tick...tick...

My Dean/Kucinich Fantasy Cabinet

Clark the hero of PNAC during Kosovo War?

Deleted message

Deleted message

How's the intensive anti-Clark media offensive influencing you?

Is Rob Lowe a Republican?

The Bush-Nazi History; Notes to John Loftus from DU

Why Is Everyone Here Against Free Trade?

What happens when a former President dies?

Here's the AlJazeera translation of Osama's latest tape - interesting.

What's with all the Clark bashing around here?

Bush weak, fascist, treasonous re: intimigate

Anyone Have Serious, Polite Questions for General Clark?

60 Minutes to air segment on TX scientist and plague vials. Sunday.

A Hierarchy of Contempt

Dutch Marines Find ‘Suspect Shells‘ in Iraq (Another WMD rumor?)

US, S.Korea Mull Troop Withdrawal -US Officials

Lieberman heckled at Arab forum

Drudge - Another Clark quote admiring [s]hitler[/s] Bush

Turkish PM Will Not Send Troops to Iraq if Not Wanted

APEC Ministers Agree to Regulate Shoulder-Held Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Cuba Travel Firms Say U.S. Harassing Clients

State Dept. Study Foresaw Trouble Now Plaguing Iraq

Calif.'s Democratic attorney general admits he voted for (Arnold)

Any Hockey fans watching this Toronto - Montreal Game?

Campaign 2004 theme song: Dixie Chicks singing "Landslide"

Am I the only one who appreciates the genuis of Wierd Al Yankovic?

Theater for one? (blindfolded and restrained in a rocking chair)

Caption this

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Saturday Night Grotto Fever! (the animalistic edition)


What's your favorite slang?

Vegetables as politicians? Cruelty or advancement in the Human experiment

Why can't there be one day game in the World Series?

The 2003 world series for a thousand, Alex

Why is the game in NY tonight?

Trying this again: Quick, gimme some DVD rental suggestions

Asparagus question....

My min pin ate a half pound of BAD mozzarella cheese......

Fantasy basketball draft tomorrow

From Dusk Til Dawn - Tarantino

Just watched 'House Of 1000 Corpses' ask me anything..

Last night of the Proms/Terrorism/Living in fear - Rabrrrrrr's perspective

Requiem for a Dream

Buckeyes win a big one!

Arrrgggghhhh! The toes on both my feet are cramping. Anyone have a banana?

This Is Really Cool... Our Local PBS Station Showed "Acoustic Curves"

Happy Sweetest Day!!

Favorite classic computer?

Need advice on making a demo tape to host a classical music radio show

I have always harbored a thought….

Mac Ipod commercial song...?

How many of you sang this around the campfire? (Plus a challenge)

John Cleese on the difference between England & America

Does this logo have a 50s feel to it?

OU barely squeaks by Missouri tonight at Homecoming....

Best Album enjoyed with mind expanding products

Celebrities who wear Dentures? (Besides Novak)

Live, from New York, it's Saturday Night! (Halle Berry edition)

That damn Hummer commercial.........what is that song they use and what

need some advice on purchasing a cable modem w/ router

I've found the Absolute BEST site on the web.

any DC DUers out there? I've got a secret project.

Vote for your favorite article!

Challenge: Name 1 good thing bushy boy has done for our country.

Best music to drive to

Good 80s pop tunes?

Congratulations Great Aunt of Triplets ---7,000 post.

There's a Clam battle on the Iron Chef right now

I've come to the conclusion (re. Matrix Reloaded)

Wild animals as pets?

Meet "Feral Cheryl" -- the anti-Barbie!

Just saw another fight on a hockey game on TV

DU axe-men/women: I need to find some good guitar lesson web sites

Baghdad Jews: Exodus or extinction?

Torture now routine for Putin's police

Bush Sr.'s 'message' to Bush Jr. - (Son, You're an Idiot!)

Vietnam-Wartime Attrocities Tiger Force-Nixon WH Coverup

Australia Leader Squirms Under Bush Laud

Structurally Unsound

The Fabric of Lubbock's Life

Hypocrisy at the heart of the affair (Sports Doping)

NY Times:State Dept. Study Foresaw Trouble Now Plaguing Iraq

Marriage: Challenging State Authority

Plot to ditch IDS by time of Queen's Speech (UK Tory power struggle)

The Emperor Has No Clothes (Senator Byrd's Floor remarks)

Don't ask, don't know

The domino quagmire

APJ: Pundit Pap celebrates the new "L" word!

The Folly of Invading Iran

novak: The Russian didn't bark (Putin backing out of Kyoto?)

Big Brother's Travelin' Iraq War Salvation Show

Grocery workers fear joining the working poor

LETTER: American conservatives no better than Nazis, racists?

Fraternally yours, Chris (Finkelstein on Hitchens)

Bush Sr. honors Ted Kennedy in a pointed message to Jr.

Losing a Church, Keeping the Faith (Catholic Gays)

How do I spend $1,000,000 against bush?

Michael Moore is drawing huge crowds!

Adjusting the news to fit the viewer's "comfort" level

Anybody just see the ABC special on health care?

Revolution occurring on ABC NOW 5:52PM

Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now, a cd burner, and YOU are the MEDIA

Bush’s News War

Secret Service hijack the Australian Parlaiment

Mitch McConnell gets a BIG thumbs up in Iraq!

Hot scoop on El Rushbo-from the inside baby

Sarah Brightman ~ Arco Arena


spiders on acid

India opens first gay film festival

Brain-Damaged Fla. Woman Denied Communion

Paul Krugman on C-Span - Book TV

Boomers Unprepared For Retirement

Changing the "dolphin safe" label

Waterfront a 'venue for vicious blood sport' - South Africa

Former top US official calls for closer military ties with Taiwan

Swiss right-wing party tops polls

Zim's oil company runs dry - Zimbabwe

Thousand of children 'under correction' - SA

174 000 tourists were crime victims - SA

Mega cities expand as millions quit the countryside

'43 people die of malnutrition in Zim city' - Zimbabwe

Mom arrested in kids' drownings

POLICE CHIEF does not declare loaded gun on airline

A question about copyright

Object to locking Reservists Accused of Iraq Mistreatment in LBN

Trolls, trolling, and stealth freeping on DU

I'd like to change my user name....

Why is it not against the rules to urge someone to vote Green?

did i make a booboo with question about the BBV infighting?

Israeli army deploys thousands of reservists to West Bank, Gaza

Israel and Iraq: The Forbidden Topic

Three Israelis killed in shooting attack in Ramallah area

Jews rule the world!

Sharon to tell Knesset: Road map is sole diplomatic option

Israeli army withdraws from Rafah leaving behind death and destruction

Gunmen kill Israelis in West Bank

Perle's horizons

One State, Two People

My testimonial to public service

Dean stumps in Pittsburgh, derides Bush policies

Star Spangled Manner--Sunday Herald on CMB

Bu** Visit Put Lexington Police In Overtime Shortfall

Philly: The Federal Probe: A City Under Stress

Where do our canidates stand on the political compass?

Dean Greeted Warmly by Arab Americans (WP)

I can only hope that the Democratic nominee

Road to the Whitehouse - Clark

PA: Gray vs. Santorum in 2006?

Listen To The Funky President

Blair targets foxes' fate in hunt for votes

Dean Responds to Continued Distortions of His Medicare Position

Vermont is Hell

CNN Presidential Primary Explainer

Clark attack on blog for Dean

Still not seeing Dean as electable...

Norman: Grassley raises $950,000 with no apparent rival

Which candidate do you hope does NOT get the nod?

Dean's progressively lousy record - Dean = Bush


GOP OK Tentative Gas Additive Deal

Bush goes,hat in hand,to the UN

A little story about Rick Santorum

Questions on starting a non-profit / PAC????

A Dean Guy on Clark Bashing

Fox News Poll: Race a statistical 5 way tie.

former Yale chaplain says Anyone But Bush or Lieberman (whom he knew)

I just saw Bowling for Columbine... What is this welfare privitization?

Dean Continues His Version of An "Evenhanded" Approach To Mideast Peace

star-trib, pioneer press both have nice Wellstone retrospectives today...

Paul Krugman on c-span2, BookTV now.

he made a point of thanking all those who "lined the streets" in welcome

Go to work, lose your kids

While driving past the Pentagon a few hours ago...I saw a great

Up-and-Coming In California? (Demos for higher office)

DUers who care: Star Tribune or Pioneer Press?


To come out or not come out?

the final word on Dean's feelings about the deaths of Uday & Qusay Hussein

A System Going Under? Projected Pension Shortfalls

Does anybody really support Lieberman?

anyone do anything today as part of Clark's "National Day of Service"?

America owes talk host Rush Limbaugh a debt of gratitude, Libertarians say

More on the Pentagon's dislike of Wesley Clark...

New Hampshire voters take criticism of Clark in stride...

An Argument for Clark.

NYT: Bush cites Philipines as Model in Rebuilding Iraq: what a looney

What's going on with the DNC and the Florida straw poll?

Chretien thanks troops, but says military spending doesn't pay

C-SPAN Sycophant Sunday ~

Republicans, pharmaceuticals and Oxycontin

Norm Coleman.

a question for du jews (NOT about i/p!)

Did Powell just put responsibility for his UN speech on the CIA?

More remarkable pictures from the Philippines, protesting Bush

Moore's Amazon reviews

Bush's mommy defends him on Dateline tonight

Wingnuts Don't Act with Malice, Just Don't Think (re: SAJAK)

Speaker of FL House sued by Hayes Computers...they refuse private portal.

Latent Homosexuality And Homophobia- The Real Deal

Nov'04 predictions...?

What do you think of the new "This Week" on ABC?

You're George W. You need a war. Soon. Who do you attack first?

A meme I haven't seen used against the wingers enough:

Eyeless in Iraq: A book review by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

NRA Takes Geico Off 19-Pages "Enemies List"

Lose your appetite: EPA wont monitor Farm Dioxins

The "new" Liberal Media!

My ideal tax system

"united" states

OMG 'analysis' of the Fox news lies study by......... the Washington Times

Where is Scott Ritter?

Are we a nation of panderers? Former Sen. Paul Simon (D-IL) thinks so.

BBV: New Co-Sponsors for HR 2239 (10/16/2003)

CSpan question: Are Republicans the dominant party?

What candy from your childhood ....

I had an interesting dinner tonight...

The problem with health insurance and health care

Why exactly is Carol Mosely Braun still running?

Clark denies he is a closet puke, Dean gets a standing O from from Arabs

Penn Poll on "The Democratic Party and the 2004 Election"

American Conservative Union Rates Candidates

You're GW. You fear one scandal more than all others. Which is it?

Do you read threads over 100 posts?

does anyone know the history of political animals??

Dennis Kucinich Speaker of the House in 2004...

The Political Context of "The Twist" (by Chubby Checker)

TV ALERT: Faux to "pick apart this thing" on their viewers being ignorant

Dean Calls for Boykins to Resign

Who are the GOP senators amd congressman you want defeated most?

My letter to Time on their last" Clark's too hard for our boy" effort

I Made It!!! 100 Posts!!!!

Who is the most Endangered Republican congressman?

Israel and Iraq: The Forbidden Topic

A slam at Bush it appears.

Valerie (Plame) Wilson, Ideal Mom, Was Also the Ideal Cover

What other Democracies occupy foreign territories besides

Bush Sr. in Kennedy's speech - once again, Sr. damns Jr.'s policy

I you don't accept our 'slave' wages...then we don't want you (Swiss)

Deleted message

Will Someone Epxplain Why Democrats Voted to Approve

Federal Funding of Congressional Districts

So how do you reform free trade?

DU rhetoric is at an all-time glorious high today!

Anyone traveled Greyhound lately?

Another obsurdity by Anne Coulter and a Conservative noting her hypocracy!

Graphic evidence that Bush is Toast

Ashcroft is pulling out all the stops to prosecute protesters.

In your opinion, what's the first thing the new Democratic President

International Star wars

Foreign (third world?) Poverty.. Tahiti Interviews

I just read a post on a yahoo group

To All Those Upset Because DU Is "Too Far Left"......

CBS Evening News Sunday Reported on soldiers refusing return Iraq

Paul Krugman on CSPAN 2 (Booknotes) at 6:30pm EST Sun 10/19/03

Is anyone else getting the spam for Vicotin, Valium, Oxycontin, etc...

Dubya's "epiphany"

Wes Clark speech on CSPAN now (6:30E)

Is the US inherently right-wing?

Did that BBV thread just get expunged???

Clark MeetUp registrations passed 40,000 today

Diebold won't return my emails. Let's ALL email them, till we get answers

Dateline is about to do a special on telemarketers .....

60 minutes........Nation building doesn't work?

The smoke from all the US flags burning in the PI resembled a 4-alarm fire

BBV- Who does the Voteamerica web for the Secretary of State's Site?

Why is this true: "New tape bolsters Bush’s message"?

Juicy! Condi Rice is dating a (technically) married man

Do you approve of the Pope's job performace?

A Sunday go meetin' Sermon

Clark MeetUp Numbers Reach 40,000

"I Am Tired Of Being A Second Class Citizen In The Most Powerful Nation.."

The Decline of MWO

The Shadow falls over Wesley Clark.

Powers of 10 Anyone?

This is awful

Ughhh, I'm sick of it! There are no WMD, Bush lied.

Lieberman: Now's "not a time for rookies" (Dean and Clark)

For Heaven's Sake Keep Traitogate Alive!

What if the Liberal media myth was actually true??

Why I now Support Dean

DNC caught lying to candidates about Florida straw poll & boycott threat


AG Cal.(Dem) voted for the Groper

Breaking through the illusion that Bush* is a 'great leader'.

There's something I just don't understand. Ann Coulter.

Is it true that none of the black boxes survived 9/11??

Krugman is freaking me out-CSPAN2 now.

"Right or wrong, we have to stay now..."

Michael Moore praised at conservative college - favors Clark, Dean...

BBV: My Major Black Box Voting Interview Is Done - Important

Any DUers Supporting Bush?

How likely is it that Bushco will go for another invasion?

Our Nation's Priorities Are Outta Whack!!!

If We Have A Draft, Should it Apply to Both Men and Women?

Is Anyone Reading "Dude Where's My Country?"

Babs Bush on Larry King Wednesday Oct 22nd

List the candidates in order from most liberal to most conservative

Which US Senator do you hate the most?

Should Congress enact a military draft?

Did you listen to AM right wing radio?

Remembering Paul Wellstone

Today's Doonesbury!!!!!

No Offense to Liberals - but I'm a Conservative Democrat

Tucker Carylson predicts end of Dean candidacy in two to four weeks

Digging at the bottom of the "Well Gone Dry," of Cynicism- Sick of it all!

Did Dean Believe There Were WMDs?

Illegal immigration should stop

Your favorite US Senator

I want to know what you guys think of my tune

What books are DUers reading?

Text of Byrd's brilliant blast

Please see my posting in the Environmental Forum

With 50% eligible voters not voting, what's with the Greens fixation?

January hearing set for pilot who killed Canadian troops

Watchdog calls for independent probe in Arar case - US, Canada, Syria

UK Observer: Bin Laden urges terror blitz

US set to reinvigorate trade with ASEAN

PM won't authorize mission beyond Kabul - Canada

Coalition forces crack down on oil smuggling in Iraq

NKorea leader does not meet anybody since September 9

Somali peace talks a laughing stock

Report: Plot to kill Putin foiled

Projected Pension Shortfalls , A System Going Under?

No palace parade for Bush as Blair gets cold feet

Reservists Accused of Iraq Mistreatment

Eight Marine reservists under investigation for mistreatment of Iraqi pris

Pope Declares Calcutta's Mother Teresa Blessed

US fortifications riling Baghdadis

Angry Kosovars call on 'colonial' UN occupying force to leave

Eminiem foe gets rap (re: judge not the rapper)

AFP photographer, Reuters cameraman detained in Iraqi city of Fallujah

Bush tells Koizumi U.N. is old and should be reformed

Protesters kept far from APEC summit site

Leak Halts Iraq Oil Flow to Turkey

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed North Iraq

'Mentally ill' bomb expert missing in Thailand

Tony Blair hospitalized - Link

Bush says bin Laden threats emphasise urgency of anti-terror battle

Gunmen kill Israelis in West Bank

U.S. Army Targets Ambushed Around Baghdad

Use of dubious tip points to clash between CIA, Iraq war supporters

Targets Warned of Music Download Suits

Corkscrew Over Baghdad (Baghdad International Airport woes)

Iraq tells bin Laden to stay out of its affairs

Soldiers' Morale Chipped Away in Tikrit

Ridley Scott crusades with an Arab guard

Lost in Translation - FBI needs translators Newsweek

In Iraq, fear is a constant companion

2 Missing as cars swept away

Revolution occurring on ABC NOW 5:52PM

Eli Lilly Limits Canada Pharmacy Sales

New Mission for Old Subs

More US troops killed in Iraq, Saddam "letter" urges holy war

Iraq Clash Reflects Tension, Distrust

Iraq's National Museum director goes to work in empty building

Microchip 'could do away with pills'

Bush's Cuba policy hasn't changed Alabama trade plans

Bush’s News War

Bush stumbles over name of Myanmar's detained Nobel peace laureate

Iraq Violence Sets Off Security Warning

Lawmakers Weigh Credit for Hybrid Cars

Anti Empire Forces Strike Back

Iraq is new battlefront against US, says tape

Iraq's First Burger King (Wash. Post)

US military vehicle explodes as convoy comes under fire in Iraq

ABC/WaPo Poll: Public Supports Health Care for All

Breaking news: Blair has had 'irregular heart rhythm'

Bush rules out nonaggression treaty with North Korea

EYEWITNESS REPORT: The Tragedy Seen from Within Iraq

NYT -- Wal-Mart, Driving Workers and Supermarkets Crazy

Bloody chaos over California gas deal

U.S. Travel Executives Visit Forbidden Cuba

"Evangelical" Blair sent Britain to war for false reasons: ex-FM

US voting system vulnerable to fraud (NZ Herald)

Report: Unit Killed Hundreds in Vietnam

Grocery workers fear joining the working poor

Fla. Sen. Graham Carefully Considering Re-Election Bid

Thousands could lose jobs by Christmas if Schwarzenegger acts

New Toxic-Site Cleanup Agent: A Bacterium That Gobbles Up Poison

Your Dream Rocky Horror Show Cast?

Alert: Important shit! Gregory Hines is about to be eaten in Wolfen!

A thought about Dick Cheney...

Why is anyone who responds on

Ask me anything. I just put my special Guinness beer glass away!

I now present the 30 second Shakespeare Sonnet...

Trick or Treat! Broadway style!

Vampires! (2 Questions)(Just in time for Halloween!)

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

I went to see "Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" on stage! Wow!

dookus, dbaker41 , & moof are sitting around

two frogs walk into a bar

Another Halloween question.

Bush is "Beef Man"


A frog came in my room and I know I am not on drugs

Bonnie Raitt's on the speakers, SciFi on the Telly, the dog's

Who won the baseball game?

Bush Honored With Prestigious Middle Spot in Philippines Jeopardy

Creepy Halloween eyes

Who still has fun on Halloween?

What Kind of Threat Are You to The Bush Administration?

I have been awake since yesterday...ask me anything...

Philadelphia Inquirer article mentioned on MEET THE PRESS?

Tarot anyone??

My Sister likes Fox News........

You really should have remembered the mouthwash george

Tribute to Jean Shepherd

this is my 1001st post

I got to meet SocialDemocrat1981 last night

Today at noon: "Miracle of Morgan's Creek" on AMC

Britney Spears fart sells for $2700 on eBay

Two Creepy Halloween eyes walk into a bar

Hey St Louisians, does anyone know what time the International

Fuqing USA!!!!!!!!!!

XP is driving me to drink.

Today is my partner's Birthday

A beautiful song- it's both personal and political

I'm so excited

October 19th-It's YORKTOWN DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Democratic jewelry help

Wild and crazy dream about O'Reilley

charger's perfect season thread..

"I have seen the future of rock 'n' roll and its name is _______"

I am now officially a pinko, commie liberal!

Favorite Perez Prado Mambo

This year's Christmas must have -- Hail to the Chief Jack-in-the-Box

Trivia - History

How do I make a poll?

All the "bad song threads" are missing something!

What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen ?

Your most annoying, under-reported Bush act of terror or lie.

My heatsink freakin' hates me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's up Viking fans....

Head's up; New Windows Update for IE 6 is out

The FR dirt. That's it?

Discovery Channel Telescope Announced

what govt. agency deals with consumer credit issues?

The "I cheated on my wife thread" is ...

It's Xmas in October

I Told you so

My personal WMD. HELP!

A very kind rant to folks with Computer problems......

What else should you be doing right now?

I Made It!!! 100 Posts!!!!

Results of my fantasy basketball draft

Which book would you buy: Moore's new book or Franken's?

SD Chargers finally win one! Beat Cleveland 26-20!

Don't copy that floppy!

Play it once, Sam, for old times' sake.

The BEST Rush Limbaugh parody EVER!!!

What candy from your childhood ....

Controversial Coin Toss in Miami

What is a good recipe for cucumber salad?

My fixed cat is horny

Respond to this post first. Before you look at others

Today is my parent's 57th Wedding Anniversary!

I just cheated on my wife, now I am depressed, what should I do?

Will you just DIE ALREADY, Old Navy!!!!!

evening DUers i need your death penalty

What a heart breaker

Let's Make A Deal!

How old are we at DU?

Do not flame me, but I believe Marlins will win the series--here's why!

DU'ers I need good site for cheap air fares. I'm planning a trip.

Now let's try for the best Number a hit of the '70s!

I know it's only week 7 of the football season

Ricky Williams - Miami - is a role model

I'm moving to Massachusetts! (aka Take that, Microsoft!)

OOOOooo...New Mandrake Install here!

can someone explain the BBV fight to me?

freeware alarm clock?

Djurgården wins second straight championship title!

Dog question- any experts or knowledgable people?

Kerry Collins and the F*cking Giants are the bane of my existence

Redskins Thread

A career in real estate

Oh how my Jets suck!

A bird's life (oh, STOP already, DK)

Does Racism hit home with you?

Favourite Nick Cave/Birthday Party song?

Do Freepers like "Family Guy"?

It's Official. I Have F-ing Had It With Sports.

Why is television as segregated as a Nuremburg rally?


Thank You George H.W.Bush-re;J-E-T-S

Air Fare Deals - What does this mean?

Your age in dog years?

Anyone Remember That "Letter Of Recommendation"

Don't you miss the good old days of the "Which captain is better" debate?

Men Bare all for their schools


Why isn't there an NFL game tonight???

When the Seahawks go 5 and 1.....

Alienation Based on Unilateralism - my paper on unilateralism for English

Questions re; iTunes.

Is anyone else getting the spam for Vicotin, Valium, Oxycontin, etc...

Any teachers here been rated on

Sacagewea (sp?) dollars

Who is not affected by propaganda?

A family friendly thread.

I want to plan a trip to upstate NY

Sometimes I don't understand my grandparents

help me with a stray dog?

I love this quote from the Philadelphia Inquirer

Look what my parents did to my Dog!!!

Anyone wanta interpret my weird dream?

World Series Boycott: Day II

Are there no Cowboys fans out here?

Can it be? SF 21, Tampa Bay 7

Now let's vote for the Worst Number 1 hit of the 1970s!

Matrix Revolutions begins Nov. 5

Any Status Quo fans here?

Can someone PM me and explain what the hell the Buddy List does? :)

I am becoming a Nature Freak

Is This Child Abuse?

Mystic River

What is the longest drive you have ever made ?

What Brand or Type of Tobacco do you use?

Feeling Halloweenie??? Post yer punkin' pics here!

Who is the most despicable person on the planet?

Just saw "Mystic River"

Kitchen remodeling question: What is a good material for kitchen floor?

why would my computer start beeping?

Self-Serve Checkout Scanners And "Shopper-Cards" Really Bug Me...

picture time, I finally got a picture of myself online

Pre-moistened toilet tissue for adults

Here's where you list your small electrical kitchen appliances

My Cat Is Gay

Help, I have no political vantage point

Me and my Rat

A visit to Roosevelt Island

Sexy Geeks

Who spends time with a person of another race?

Best CLASH number

The "Which DUers have you met?" thread

Deleted message

Toyota Prius or Honda Hybrid?