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Archives: October 15, 2003

State Worker's Contract a Sign of the Times

"The President's Prayer" -- a Bartcop masterpiece

Publishing a bogus letter

Bush's new morally bankrupt PR campaign on terrorism and Iraq

The New Stop-Dean Candidate: Howard Dean (Saletan @ Slate)

Take Down the Bush Administration by reading this post

Who do folks think would replace Cheney on the Republican ticket?

What Do You Think Heaven Is Like?

Peace award divides Iran

Iran Nobel winner gets hero's welcome

Why will a mod ignore discussion with a poster

Why should we let a poster refer to a Democratic candidate as a flea?

Another disappearing thread in J/PS?

Praise to a mod

Dershowitz vs. Cockburn

Right now Peres is in more danger than Arafat.

"Wanted" Palestinians save Jewish family from refugee camp lynch

I saw a poll where Dean lost out completely to Freddy

Text of Legal Brief in Texas Redistricting Case (Balderas vs. Texas)

NH poll: how Bush does vs. Dean, Kerry, and Clark

Civilian Reserves - What do you think?

Money raised by Bush

define "insider" and "outsider"... does it matter?

Dean's announces program to reduce cost of prescription drugs

Kucinich in Minneapolis

Kerry needs to stop...

What is Kerry's position on the Bush tax cut?

Dean attacks Kerry over Vietnam

"Ye shall know them by their fruits"

Right now Peres is in more danger than Arafat.

Anybody here associated with Emily's List?

CNN poll....

There's a good possibility that Social Security and Medicare

"What's Going On ? " ..There's far too many of you dying....

Electoral math for Clark?

War...huh...yeah What is it good for ? Absolutely nothing

Whenever you get the Strategic Humor Initiative (PBS) please watch

Did you hear Dick Armey attack the press?

400 Posts!!!

Mississippi Gubernatorial Debate goes WILD!!

Josh Marshall must hear link to NPR

Poll: Democrats poll well against Bush

An Anti-Clark Website........Undoubtedly the work of Rove or Dean or?

Dubya needs our help. Let's give him a hand

I wrote to AFRTS about Pigboy...

Hope this doesn't violate DU rules. A VERY cool slideshow, galaxies to

L-1 Visa Abuse Petition: Only 461 Signatures

I got dissed by Rush's show!

Do You Participate in Candidate-Sponsored Petitions?

They are cursed

An essay on censorship

I'm taking suggestions on how to get through the next 13 months

I just love how Jim Lehrer pronounces Limbaugh's name

Hightower in Pittsburgh: "What else is more important than fighting..."

83.9 million: Keep bashing Democrats, Karl Rove is laughing at you

China sends astronaut into space.

HIllary on Daily Show NOW (11:14ET)

Gore talks about technological security

Wait! Something's wrong with that 87 billion figure!

Henry Bellmon and Oklahoma

Not ALL Jews support Sharon and his evil government.

Which politcal figure's face would you tattoo on your arm?

When did Repub conservatives give up all their beliefs?

The Village Voice is so hillarious...

Dumbo: A War Story Starring George W. (Cartoon)

Just finished reading the NewsWeek article on Rush

This is the verbal equivalent of either assault or rape (Hannity/Coulter)

What do you think about cultural politics?

South Park is now doing "commercials" for the Repugs!

Two shows we must watch: Whoopie and and the Strategic Humor

BBV Voting Story hits UK---All the President's votes?/The Independent

Whoopi slamming * on her show

I was tombstoned on Discovery Channel forum!

Confederate wack-job trying to recall AZ governor Janet Napolitano...


I will literally cry if Bush wins in 2004...

Who remembers when republicans

woo hooo!!! Mike Malloy is on fire tonight!

Anyone remember Bush I going to Spain (?) to collect military ballots?

Dr Kay's "two car garage" debunked!

Should Carol M-B be appointed Secretary of State to offset *'s tokens

The New Republic gives Kerry a "D" in intellectual honesty

285 Bush donors have raised $38.5 million or more

Has anyone here ever had their mind changed about an issue after reading

Dwight Eisenhower - The last good Republican?

How can Dean bring about a political realignment?

Neal Boortz...Is it possible to listen to him to be a Liberal?

Hey strikers and lockout victims, you are making

Kerry waffles on the importance of military service in running for prez

A Call to Arms, We can take down Bush*!!!

"Dirty Campaigning"...the Republlican charge that works

Is the Wilson Affair a bomb?

Dose anyone know which "Drug Treatment Center "Rush went into?

Gallup Polls: No Longer Credible in the Least

Compare Fuel economy of cars.

Anarchy at Sea...

National Protect Marriage Week

Will you vote for any Democrat that votes for the $87 Billion giveaway?

Do you support the idea of Public Schools?

Hillary Clinton Slams Far Right....(again)

Here's Why I'm Concerned About Dean's Chances in the General Election

Republicans will attack us even if we continue to kiss their butts

How Would You Improve Education?

BBV - who is Jim Dixon of AAPD?

Will the same people who are for occupying Iraq to do the "right thing"...

Eubank Arrested in Iraq Protest (Former Champ Boxer)

Will the same people who are for occupying Iraq to do the "right thing"...

HIV carrier convicted in landmark ruling (UK)

Judge: No More Delay to Set Owl Habitat (stop Fuxking around *

Polish defence official blamed for false Iraq missile claims

Senior terrorist captured in Iraq

China launches first manned spacecraft [DRUDGE ANNOUNCES CHINA LAUNCH]

WP: Court to Hear Case on Web Porn

Poll: 'Dean Opens Wide Lead in N.H.'

WP: Three Countries Give U.S. a Key Iraq Concession

REUTERS: U.S. Calls for Wednesday UN Vote on Iraq Draft

US faces criticism from key powers, Annan on Iraq

Schwarzenegger Asked To Explain Ken Lay Meeting

Rival Shiite Factions Clash in Iraqi City (U.S. may move against one)

Officer was the one behind 500 letters

Official Chinese Statement on the Launch of Shenzhou V

Man Ordered to Speak English to Daughter

Senate poised to lift ban on travel to Cuba

Ex-Aide: Powell Misled Americans (60 Minutes II)

I finally got polled!

Wish baseball were over so Fox goes back to its soft-core porn programming

Dean Vs. Plush Cthulhu!

"If Bill Clinton Were An Addict, Here's How Rush Might Spin It"

new Savage Weiner advertisers 10/14

This Song is Dedicated To All Red Sox Fans

Dear Red Sox fans: It's good that the next two games are in NY

My employer didnt pay me

Fred came back!

War...huh...yeah What is it good for ? Absolutely nothing

The Strategic humor Initiative on pbs was great

Beckham splits with commercial agents as he vows to concentrate on playing

What's your favorite position?

Good Night Red Sox fans! Just remember what Scarlet O'Hara said!

Even if you hate sports

"I hate people who hate!", "People against gun laws should be shot!" et al

I hereby invoke the spirit of...

I cannot believe this photo!

400 Posts!!!

Ah, the post office - geography wizzes they are not.

If the wind is blowing out tomorrow in Yankee Stadium, look out!

Monster/Job Sites

Florida One Stop Career Centers

Without looking (no fair peeking at google)

If the Cubs win will the fans storm the field?

Is this inning never going to end!!

official fiona apple thread..

Fun Stuff!

idiot fans on the left field line

At least the Redsoxs.....

Daniel Johnston Handbook -- The Coolest Fundie Ever

If you could have been a player on any pro sports team that ever existed

Do you love children?

I posted this in my "Fun Stuff" thead! Bush pic!

I had a dream -----

Why do you post trolling threads with vague open ended questions?

Hello to San Fransisco

Me thinks the Cubs fan who touched the Ball is Billy the Goat!

Okay that is it --- I’m now official a fan of Lawn Bowling.

OK, LISTEN (with picture of The New Goat)

Gotta hand it to the Cubs

Do you ever...

I just love how Jim Lehrer pronounces Limbaugh's name

Cubs find a way to lose.

Did anyone else here have to listen to Limbaugh

Charlie Crystle just kick my butt at chess

What should be done to that fan


Which curse is stronger?

I Am Good

Cubs fans in full Whine mode!

This says it all Cubs fans

Music that you quickly shut off when your friends knock on the door

More venom in which threads? Red Sox/Yankees or "the Cubs fan"

Here's a joke that only Canadians over 30 will get

I'm drinking -- Ask Me Anything

I was born on a small boat in the middle of an Eastern city.

Awww...Poor CCRAPs...heheh...

Uncle Fester said

Which politcal figure's face would you tattoo on your arm?

Why on EARTH are multiple takes on a stupid event verbotten here?!

I'm so frickin' sick of the baseball talk...

I'm Sorry, I Wasn't Watching The Cub Game, Did Something Happen?


Seneca, you are SO f***ing banned if...

Favorite American novel of the 19th Century

I'm having a midlife crisis (at 35) - ask me anything!

Boudica on PBS--heads are rolling!!

That Cubs fan might ruin it all for them

Help my friend RE: Dem Nom Pref...

Hope this doesn't violate DU rules. A VERY cool slideshow, galaxies to

Favorite Female Pop or Rock Artist

What's the last wild creature you have seen?

Let's talk about... }>

Alternate designs for the new $20 bill. Pick your favorite!

Night, Night!

Have you ever turned green with envy?

"Hi Elaine"

Matrix Reloaded Question ****SPOILERS INSIDE*****

Great Sport Rivalries?

I can't wait for the Red Sox to pull this shit on the Yanks tomorrow

For those of you who have 'always on' internet connections

Who on earth would name a grocery store.......

Plagiarized paper update II

Favorite Dire Straits Song

This is my 5000th post

that cubs fan might blah blah blah... 2 continue here.

Who is the biggest loser in the history of time

I'm taking suggestions on how to get through the next 13 months

OU may have beat Texas, but they'll lose BEDLAM...AGAIN!

Post your favorite punch lines here!

Whoopi is kicking ass tonight

Another music trivia quiz, fer chrissake?!

Worst tasting food you ever ate

Childhood trauma that's funny now

Favorite Dylan songs performed by other artists!

Do they have to remake "The Color of Money" now that it isn't green

Broder : Tax Cuts Obscure The Real Debate

Excellent Mike Thompson toon about the pledge

Vets Say Phase-In $87 Billion for Iraq

Thousand make Pilgramage to DC to see Bush Halo

"Fox has to be judged a stunning success"

Holding Our Noses -- Kristof

Fighting the War at Home (About the fake solider letters)

Back to Front Coup

Stars and Stripes: GROUND TRUTH (survey on troop morale in Middle East)

Dems poll well against Bush

Bush Bashes Cuba: The 2004 Election Must be Nearing

Nine Candidates in Search of an Audience (Gene Lyons)

'Divorce drove me to the White House' - Madeleine Albright

Shut Up And Say "I Do" -- Morford

The Widening Crusade

Dr. Rice needs a she won't destroy the world. - Part II

Chomsky:--'Dominance And Its Dilemmas'

The Widening Crusade

As the Democratic Party loses its soul, it loses its voice

A Few Hundred Bucks Will Get Some Attention

sfgate: soda ban becomes law

Long-term Unemployed Say Networking Has Run Dry (NYT)

I'm sure we all feel this way about faux news

Reagan's Legacy


Guest Opinion: 'True Patriot' would restore rights

Howard Kurtz, Media WHORE: Radio Silence


Gephardt backs Bush position

DNC @ Dream

BBV - Georgia Tech Forum 10/16 at 3 to 4:30

Dean on 60 Minutes II Tonight! (also Powell's UN speech)

ABC News, Time cave in to Bush's demand on war coverage

Looks like the Cubs/Red Sox World Series

CARTOONS! The "Danziger ROCKS, etc." Edition

Let's Make a Reading List

Tribe wins £1bn in diamond windfall

Dems seek to block VP perk $$$$$

Calling All Economics Professors or Those Working in Financial Fields

The Enemies of Science

Shenzhou V launched: China joins space powers

WHO Warns Of Exploding Health Risks In Booming Asian Cities

Melting Alaska Glaciers Draw Archaeologists In Race Against Time

Reuters - Asian Elephants Losing The Battle For Living Space

California Outdoor News

New report on Urban Sprawl from the David Suzuki Foundation

Invasion of the high-tech body snatchers

Judge - Norton, Interior Must Immediately Designate Owl Habitat

Fast-growing cities at risk, WHO finds

Pan-blues singing the blues - Taiwan

GUNS IN THE NEWS--October 15, 2003


Knob Creek makes the WSJ...

Can you unlock (and kick?) two expired poll threads?

Here's a suggestion

Should the admiistrator's forum be used to complain about other members?

why are all these threads locked??

Link Swap

Here's a "HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN" Avatar Submission...

Gov't said furious with Switzerland over aid to Geneva Accord

Countdown to an Assassination

Attack on Convoy Reflects Racist Ideology, Israeli Lawmaker says

(Haaretz) September CPI drops a surprising 0.5 percent

What Frightens Them?

Lebanon: Palestinians may not buy land

U.S. Vetoes U.N. Condemnation of Israel

Under the Thatching of Totalitarianism (Ha'aretz)

Israel: Palestinian terrorists out to harm peacemakers

'Neoconservatives retain US policy momentum' (two parts)

Palestinian/Israeli Peace Center to be bulldozed again

Gaza Strip Blast Kills Three Americans

Anti-Israel activists at Durban were funded by Ford Foundation

Breaking News: Gaza explosion hits U.S. diplomatic convoy

U.S. vetoes security wall resolution

Probably repetitious, but interesting, nonethless

DNC @ Dream

Clark leads Field Poll in California

The Secret Origin Of Kerry's Anti-Terrorism

Will the 9 soundbite Conclusion Iraq War did not increase US Security ?

Dean blasts Kerry on Vietnam

Clark edges Dean and Lieberman in California (Field Poll)

Lieberman Campaign II: Once More, With Sprinkles

Iowa Poll indicates tight race between Dean, Gep, and Kerry

Kerry and Edwards opposes passage of 87 billion dollars in current state

The New Stop-Dean Candidate

If Kerry wins Iowa the nomination is his

Kucinich first in Miami-Dade poll

AP: Gephardt Backs Bush on Iraq Funding

Rock the Vote Forum for Dem Candidates Nov. 4th

"Let’s go to the moon right here on Earth"

Dean campaign install ex-Carter hand to help run campaign in Iowa

Dean Spares No Opponent as He Sprints Across Iowa

Wes, you've got some 'splainin' to do.

Iowa and NH not very important?

Statement by Governor Dean on Today’s FEC Filing

Big Start For Kucinich Kick-Off Tour

Can I please have some common NEGATIVE myths about Dean?

We can still stop this. Sign Edwards' petitition against $87 billion.

Kerry questions Dean's position on Iraq

What are some common myths about Dean

Oh My! Is it true Kerry only raised 4mil???

Gun vote could go to Dean

Did they flip flop on Internet Voting?

(NYT) Dean Calls Congressional Democrats "Cockroaches"

I signed for Clark's civil corps - here's why

The Note: Despite Rhetoric Dean relies on "Washington Insiders"

Mississippi gov: GOP attack site equates Musgrove with "Liar, Liar"

Whose view of the situation in Iraq do you believe most?

My bad

there is no "Anybody But Bush" MeetUp group

if your candidate were a cookie, what type of cookie would he/she be?

Rudy, Colin, Condi, or Jeb?

It takes $100 million for a republican to win the WH these days?

Did Leno just accidentally call O'Reilly a "Wild Animal"?

BBV - I Took This From The Politics and Campaigns Forum

Is This Even More Stupidity and Insanity from Don Luskin?

every time I hear Lieberman say "when I'm president" it makes me…

Kucinich has established himself, now he should run again...

updated results for the candidate polls I posted on Sunday

Why didn't Reagan institute regime change against Trudeau?

Bernie Ward pounding on the admiistration

BBV - Does Anyone Have Emails For Dean and Clark

I think Howard Dean needs his teeth bleached(Vanity thread)

According to wing-nuts, controlling Canada's drug policy is patriotic...

Stern goofing on Rush now!!

Wesley Clark and NED

At Last, A Plan-Apollo Alliance

Radical RW Christian Cartoonist Jack Chick Now Making Movies

Vote in the top 10 Bush excuses Poll

Dean leads in new Iowa poll (Gephardt, Kerry & Clark follow)

Tim Robbins is on NBC Today right now!

Smirk's 'Healthy Forests' and the (ptui!) 'Patriot' Act

Another Danziger home run!

This Tom Toles cartoon is a wonderful summary of issues!

Bush Goes Around Media (Filter) to Make Iraq Case . Question

more on BBV

All the President's votes? -- Important article to read

NPR clip on US companies rebuilding Iraq

You don't think that Rove is planning a sympathy assassination attempt

Help please: Good internet resources for rumor/research?

Take the Politopia quiz

Ex-Aide: Powell Misled Americans (Wow, Powell's Intelligence Chief)

This aggression shall not stand! Defeat Propaganda!

This is the part of living here that I dispise:

Latest Spin: Voting against 87B for Iraq invites another 9-11 type attack

The Hill: Internet WILL change the future of politics and perhaps Nov.2004

Buchanan says Rummy, Cheney, Wolfy and Rice HAVE TO GO!

Send This to Every Republican You Know

Rush Limbaugh Has Taught Our Children A Very Valuable Lesson

WTF! FOX David Allen interview re Diebold, paper trail, Georgia means...

Strange excerpt from article about Chinese space program.

Reporter Jamie MacEntyre (sp?) says US in Bombed Convoy doing Lord's Work!

Three more deaths in Middle East! Are we making progress?

Conrad Burns (R-MT) LYING his face off (C-Span2 10:35 Eastern)

Media Misquoting the families of Reserves, Guards

Whoops ~

Palestinian/Israeli Peace Center to be bulldozed again

Wizard of Whimsy is alive and well

Wednesday's Boondocks about finding a man for Condi Rice

A Soldier On Furlough (a really, REALLY good story)

How could I now trust Rush around my children?

Max Clelland on C-Span @ 8:45 EDT

Californians: Is Schwarzenegger in trouble if the FTCR wants him to be?

Flash animators: an assignment, should you choose to accept it...

Iraq War Swells Al Qaeda's Ranks, Report Says

I've become disgusted with my local Democratic committee

Email WBAL and ask them to put on RANDI RHODES!!!

David Corn: Might know identity of NSC staffer involved in "leak"

If the news is bad...

In CA Clark has gender/age gap, Dean does not, but Clark ahead overall

For the 4th time in as many days, obesity has been a part of our local

We can still stop this. Sign Edwards' petition against Bush's $87 billion

TV News Lies Webcast to startat noon ET - Topics: The Taboo Trio

Arrgh! CNN Media Whores!

Do you think Joe Wilson will live until "the leak" investigation is over?

Is bush getting ready to invade another country?

On Furlough, "It's madness," Specialist Castillo said....

CSPAN callers never cease to amaze me — caller on astroturf soldier letter

Chris Heinz: Great Job on Buchanan & Press

Welcome to the US of A, moral quagmire.

Wonder What Happened to The "Closing In On Saddam" thing?

Morford: Shut up and say "I Do"

Interesting info on Woo-Ahh!

Bill O'Reilly is a major league weenie! You have to pay to e-mail him!

Newsweek quote pissed off my non-political parents

We were right about Iraq...again

Bush's War Plan Is Scarier Than He's Saying

Gene Lyon's latest comment on candidates if primaries were tomorrow

Edwards to oppose $87B Iraq request

Why is the EPA spending money for Bush's campaign?

What will be the downfall of the neocons?

Worse US Secretary of State past 30 years

Agree with Joe Lockhardt--Blow This & We're Gone in '04

Why hasn't NOVAK been fired?

Arizona DU'ers...Recall Janet?

Max Cleland was great on C-Span this morning

Are there any Republicans at Dean Meet-ups?

Selecting Accused Sniper John Mohammad's Jury...

Will Dean announce opposition to the $87 billion Iraq package?

Dumbo - a War Story starring GW bush - cartoon

Will Rush get a 9 month sentence like Tommy Chong?

Wired: Diebold Patched Voting Program in GA without Permission


Compared to four years ago, you are economically...

like Red Indians on a reservation at the end of the 19th century.''

If Arnold had run as an Independent, would the Repukes still be

O'Reilly is on Leno tonight 10/15....

Drudge, FreeRepublic, MSNBC, Fox and Rush smear innocent woman

What, no daily press confs from Ashcroft on Traitorgate???

No, Really: What is the appeal of Dean?

Its not about RIGHT or WRONG, Good or Evil, Its about what works

Now the Fun Begins --Michaelangelo Signorile's column on Ah-nuld

Whose war, and why? Oil, Oil, Oil

Nazi members of the Bush coalition

Is there a protest scheduled for the BUSH/Arnold meeting in CAL?

The End of Health Care For Blue Collar

Skeletons in the Closet

W's push for war would have made Nazi Joseph Goebbels proud.

Korean farmer commits suicide to protest the WTO- (is this a dupe?)

Moon Alert

The strongest argument against Bush's Iraq War....

Sometimes I wonder if hoping for change in this election...

REAL Dems played Hail to the Thief on Jan 6 2001

Did anyone see Michael Moore on Lou Dobbs last night?

Revelvant to Novakgate?: Court Orders Journos to Reveal Wen Ho Lee Sources

Bush Disappointed To Learn Chinese Foreign Minister Doesn't Know Karate

research request - Looking for cinton era anti-terror information

Why haven't the freeps started a boycott of ..................

Split Vote Likely on U.N. Iraq Resolution (Yahoo)

Anti-PNAC group forming

Where's TraitorGate these days?

WHOA!!!! Ex-Aide: Powell Misled Americans

"Fighting the Left" group wanted to "take down" DU

Dems Iraq trip axed, reason: "People are shootin' at us. It's a war zone"

Troops have to pay $75 for R&R plus other outrageous $ charges

Treasongate NOT GOING AWAY!

Letter to NPR/ATC:soldiers' letters were written by Lt. Col. Caraccilo, ..

Saturday, 6 January 2001 The Day Senate DEMs were silent

RimJob the Bush worshipper is a lying hypocrite...

NHGazette: "Bush - Nazi Link Confirmed" Oct 10, 2003

If Howard Dean revealed himself to be a Libertarian...

Jan 2001,Protesters Rain on ABC's Parade of unelected Smirk

Problem with US Pension Plans....Underfunded (Marketwatch)

Do you smoke(cigarettes)?

Deleted message

Little help needed, how much are we spending on the electric

The Hitler Project. Bush Property Seized--Trading with the Enemy

More than 8 of 10 Americans find CIA leak "serious matter"

Holy cow (unnamed Dem beats Bush 49-44 among registered voters)abc/poll

Today's Headline that should truly finish off Chimpy!

House Rules Commitee meeting on C-Span Radio

What Books Explain America (and Americans) to the Rest of the World?

What will be the next development in Traitorgate?


Anyone here a member of DSA?

"Schwarzenegger indebted to Diversified Collection Services?"

Interesting strategy analysis of top candidates: Dean, Clark, Kerry...

Iraqi man detained for shouting slogans praising Saddam Hussein

Is US Rep Ron Paul (R) going to switch sides???

Scott McClellan has the appeal of a positive pap smear

"The first thing we noticed was the blue ice melting."

Is California redistricting next?

Army says it doesn’t know who wrote soldiers’ letters..(Army Times)

did any body catch clips of Dubya

Calling All Economics Professors or Those Working in Financial Fields

Maryland ACLU Board and Black Box Voting Issue

should the democratic party hire a PR firm?

Bought Franken's audio CD?

Bought Franken's book yesterday and.......

Green Disruptors Should Be Tombstoned

An email from Rep. Ron Paul:

A poll for us - please look and vote

The "Oposition Party" class photo

It's really sad when...

Filmmaker Moore says recall was democracy

Terry McAuliffe on C-SPAN Washington Journal tomorrow AM

War, Deaths, Deficit & Treason Party's PR man

Local city manager admits he lied about education, what would you do?

MoveOn launches phone campaign against $87 Billion Iraq request

So Evan Bayh is one of my Senators.

Excellent article on El Anal wart's condition at the $1000 a day detox ...

BYRD Alert! C-span 2 now (3:45pm Eastern)

Bad news from Canada: Right-wing parties merger imminent

Has Anyone Heard About A Judicial Watch Anthrax Lawsuit Today?

Faking the voice of the people

Anyone else listening to the Randi Rhodes show and near tears?

should DUers condemn any Democrat who supports the $87B?

What should happen to the Democratic leadership if 2004 is lost?

ABC talking about DynCorp

Wow! Did anybody else see Jake Tapper's SLAMMING piece on ABC News?

Dr. Strange Love The Film

Pat Robertson uncontrite over 'nuke State' comment...

Bush Downfall Predictions

link to NAACP v. Katherine Harris suit?

A Conservative Republican for Kucinich

If I wanted to know more about Canada, you would suggest I read...

The "Other Side to Classism and Urbanism"......Im both Rural, Suburban!

Holymoly )Please vote on this poll!

Caterpillar Sues to Block Movie Release

Max Cleland on C-SPAN: Love Him, Wish He Was Still My Senator!

Should we DUers be "lobbying" MoveOn to focus on a massive

Kuwait, Saudi to discuss disputed gas field...Whoa!!!

Immigration Labor Unions

At what point does a liberal

Watch Rambo: First Blood Part really

10/13 - 5 soldiers killed. 2 crushed to death by an Iraqi dump truck?

I thought Turkey was sending troops to Iraq?

Dean's FEC Filing

Rep Tom Davis (R-Va) a sex scumbag?

Anyone a Member of DSA?

projected budget deficit...

Democratic Presidential Forum Tonight???

Question: What is Dean's position on the size of the Defense Budget ??

CNNI is saying that those killed in Gaza were Dyncorp employees

Looking for a Bush quote

A local poll that is extremely biased. Short explanation following

The killing of American G.I:s will not suddenly stop

"French anti-Americanism" on NPR's ATC

Impeach Bush: 2nd California town

How many Fulbright Scholars are coming out of the Gaza strip?

Rush, Roger Hedgecock, and Father Coughlin

"Dean blasts Kerry on Vietnam"

shrubs next scandal, I hope.

What ever happened to Elizabeth Smart?

Was the Los Angeles Times unfairly trying to ruin Schwarzegger?

MUST WATCH - 60 Minutes II -Ex-Aide: Powell Misled Americans

The gentlest introduction to Bush lies, the PNAC, etc.?

Question for LIHOP people re: Iraqi WMD

Send your kids to torture camp in Jamaica, it's legal too

When did the Wall Street Journal go over the edge?

Rendon Group DOD PR/Paul Moran...Hmmm some picture here, but what?

Lieberman Pledges To Gloss Over The Boring Issues

The Media Horse is back!

Good news... Good Dem strategy - Calling for 'damage assessment' (Plame)

Conversations with Homeless Vets (Must Read)

Please help me educate my 16 year old son on Truth

CNN "Political Director" Tom Hannon?

When Bush said his "bring 'em on" remark

Classism and "urbanism" here at DU (and in life).

what happened to "Leakgate"

Are you a Neocon? Take the quiz.


if you read one CARTOONS! thread today...

#'s VERY Low - Dean Raises Almost More Than Whole Dem PACK!

Most Republicans here (Naples) think everything's hunky dory and Dubya's

Free Tommy Chong Petition

Another day - another day condemning Democrats

The Red/Blue Map is a Load of Hockey

Democratic Presidential Primary Poll (October 15, 2003)

Is the Economy on the Rebound?

Are the Repubs trying to displace Dems with Libertarians...

"No, I will not ask Justice Thomas"

BBV- HR2239- Hastert, Delay, and Nay Blocking the Bill

Conservative declares second American civil war!

USS Lincoln Sailor: Bush Landing a "Slap in the Face"

I'm not sure I blame the Dem senators who "trusted" Bush's info

BBV-Alert-Your Representatives & Senators May Be Misinformed

The Red/Blue Map

This is a bad day for the rights of women and the disabled in the U.S.

wanna play Canadian politics?

The NH Gazette Chickenhawk database has been removed from the web

Bernie Sanders:America's Biggest Export is Jobs

anyone else think that all the money Bush is raising will backfire on him

how secure do DU'ers feel in their jobs?

NYT: Senate Backs Genetic Privacy Bill

Gaza Raids 'war crimes' (so says Amnesty International)

Wesley Clark’s support lags in Iowa

Graham's departure may aid Clark

Former Ky. Gov. Edward Breathitt Dies

Iran Nobel winner gets hero's welcome/Saudi police crush protest

Patriot Act could do harm to e-commerce

Pakistan Tests Another Missile

Gaza Operation By Israel Leaves Many Homeless

Pet Projects Flood Energy Bill Before Crucial Wednesday Session

Democrats Decry EPA Ads on Bill (Cite Anti-Lobbying Laws)

Yemeni cleric campaigns to soften hardliners

Fly-Posting Record Labels Accused of ‘Double Standards’

Senate Watch-10/15/2003 (#1-9:30 AM) [$87B]

Investors block Murdoch's bid to reward executives

Four Americans killed in explosion in northern Gaza, Israel Radio reports.

Ex-Chiefs Disagree on Intell Overhaul (***Is A Surprise Coming Up?***)

Ex-Aide: Powell Misled Americans (Wow, Powell's Intelligence Chief)

Tex. GOP's 'Party' Politics (Fundraiser "Victory Celebration")

Judge Orders Reporters to Reveal Sources

Democrats Lean Against Bush Spending Request

U.S. Rejects Timetable Proposal for Iraq

Mother Teresa nuns get the camping habit

Strong quake jolts Tokyo, 4 injured

Washington vetoes UN resolution condemning controversial Israeli security

Ex-Aide: Powell Misled Americans

UK: Goldsmith 'scraped legal barrel' over Iraq war

House Watch-10/15/2003 (#1-1:00 PM) [Syria, $87B]

(Government) Pension-Insurance Arm Has $8.8 Billion Deficit

U.S. Seems Assured of U.N.'s Approval on Plans for Iraq

GOP Proposal May End Coastal Drilling Ban

What's next? Redistricting (ballot measure in California)

Three Americans Killed in Gaza Explosion (update)

Bush Disappointed To Learn Chinese Foreign Minister Doesn't Know Karate

The Widening Crusade

Dean Spares No Opponent as He Sprints Across Iowa -NYT

Japan commits 1.5 billion dollars to Iraq

Clark jumps ahead of rivals in state

Schwarzenegger Asked To Explain Ken Lay Meeting

Schwarzenegger offers energy plan (uh oh)

I Am No Novak -- David Corn (More on the Wilson/Plame Affair)

Envoy denies allegations about CIA in Venezuela (Otto REICH)

It Won't Be a Chance Encounter (Bush, Arnold meetup)

GOP senators cite progress, Dems frustration

Bush, Schwarzenegger to Meet in Calif. (pic)

Retail Sales Dip, First Drop Since April

AP reports US convoy bombed in Gaza

Three Countries Give U.S. a Key Iraq Concession

Homeland Security warns of 'pillow bombs'

Letter from Cuba contained data on military sites

Cubs Ball Grabber Already Getting Offers

Arroyo's message for Bush (Relationship between poverty & terrorism)

In Face of Casualties, Bush Has Hard Sell on Iraq

Supreme Court Clears Path for Medical Pot

President Rallying Support in Polls

Anglican Leader Pressured on Gay Movement

Al-Qaida May Try Attack on U.S. in Iraq

Iraq War Swells Al Qaeda's Ranks, Report Says

Bush Blames Palestinian Authorities

Presidential Hopefuls Split on Iraq Vote - (Gephardt to vote yes)

MSNBC - U.S. Vetoes Measure On Israel’s Wall

Voting machines face challenge (South Carolina)

Mexican-American group sues over redistricting


(EU) Those who broke Iraq should pay to fix it

Aid Workers Under Attack in Afghanistan

U.S. Set to Confront Radical Iraq Cleric

New Flaws Found In Windows Code

Fear of Voting (Indianapolis GOP ballot rigging)

Bush says he feels war's grief personally

Microsoft Issues Patches For Software Flaws In Security Bulletin

Heavy fighting in southern Afghanistan

WP: States Renew Case Against Internet Tax Ban

U.S. Citizens Ordered to Leave Gaza

Fiji villagers to say sorry for eating British missionary

Lobbyists Boost Dean in DC

FAA Foot Dragging? (On providing records of 9/11 to commission)

Saudis Suspended 17 Schoolgirls

Justice Scalia to Stay Out of Pledge Case

Some Democrats Denied Entry Into Iraq

Halliburton Overbills in Iraq-Congressman

Alcoa To Cut 200 Jobs At Ferndale (WA) Plant

WP: Survey: Internet Users Want No-Spam List

Janklow Court Documents Sealed

Iraqi Shiite split widens

Bush Campaign Raises A Record $49.5 Million

Poll: Bush Slipping (Dean leads national poll:17%, Gep:13%, Clark: 12%)

Democrats seek assessment of damage caused by outing of US CIA agent

Mystery Surrounds Gaza Bombing

Grassroots growing fast in cyberspace

WP: Medicare Premiums To Rise 13.5%

Filipinos to Greet Bush With Hospitality, Hostility

Blacks in US Congress united against 87 billion for Iraq

Cardinal insists condoms unsafe against AIDS

Will Reagan Democrats Revolt?

Swiss peace plan irritates Israel

Activist, 75, gets six more months for contempt

Bryant's defense has new evidence

Dean blasts Kerry on Vietnam

Snow to Arnold: Hasta la vista (CBS Marketwatch)

MSNBC Breaking: Staten Island Ferry Crash

Nethercutt hails Iraq's recovery["better story than losing a couple" lives

Palestinians stone U.S. investigators at bomb scene

Cherokee study: As poverty falls, psychiatric problems improve

Dems: Halliburton Overcharging for Gas

Fla. Doctors Remove Woman's Feeding Tube

Bolivia leader's hold on power fading (Massive Uprising Continues)

Supporters: Clark's Got That Special Something

Power of prayer found wanting in hospital trial

FYI - Obit of New Democrat Underground

more new Savage Weiner advertisers 10/14

anyone here from Cape Girardeau, MO? home of Oxyrush

I'm impressed...


There must be a lot of DU men with "control" issues.

Urgent Message for Salman Rushdie

Cubs and Marlins!

Our tongues have the capability of tasting only a limited

Last Time I Looked

What would you do if your loved ones name was Rumsfeld?

Ashcroft's new internet tracking system watches all you do at DU

JUST got in from Frisco, Colorado and I still don't get it...

more new OxyRush advertisers

Carnivale. The most bizarre show ever.

This is a stupid question, but I need research help.

Kucinich is coming to Hawaii

In praise of Luther Vandross and "Dance With My Father"

Gonzales was the main reason the Cubbies lost

If you had another chance at life, would you take it?

When you sneeze


Gotta chance to hear Will Pitt speak? JUST DO IT!

Would you like a cookie?

have any retired folks here had trouble adjusting?

Giving a cat eye medication....

Gawd came to me in a vision as I slept last night, about Rush!

An orgasm brings you closer to God...

'Star Trek' Actor Files for Separation (Patrick Stewart)

How does Ouch! translate into other languages?

if your candidate were a cookie, what type of cookie would he/she be?

"Missus Vice President...."

Are we better than Freeperville?

Good (HumpDay) Morning DU!

Dam Beavers

It was Dusty Baker's fault.

The fan did NOT cost the cubs.

Did Bernie Mac jinx the Cubs last night?

Are You A Hard Worker, Or A Slacker?

Musical tells life of Mother Teresa

Road Rant

Brother bought a coconut, he bought it for a dime

AAAAHHHHH! I want to go on vacation BUT I also want to get the new items!

AP now understands why Cub fans 90% scar tissue

Latest spam-- latest scam?

Is Shameless Begging Allowed On DU?

That Cubs fan sitting in Seat 11, Row 9 (Chicago Tribune)

3 days to finish it, and my hands are protesting....

Help! - Fans of really, REALLY obscure movies.

My sig line is treasonous and evil!

LL Bean as bad as WalMart?

The *REAL* explanation for the Cubs loss last night

Has anyone ever bought a term paper off the Internet?

Eating Disorders - it's not just about UNDER eating

I don't think Ridge is dead on "The Bold and the Beautiful"

'Enterprise' Nominated for SHINE Award

I didn't know ignoring someone meant...

Bush allegation generator

Neo-cons too stupid to figure out 3-panel cartoon

Hey Formula One Fans! My rambling thoughts on 2003

Conan burned David Copperfield's ass.

Anyone else think computerozed special effects look MORE fake?

Do you have a special event today?

OK, you internet-savvy kiddies....

If Arnold had run as an Independent, would the Repukes still be

Tonight I'm a WMD

Leno / O'Reilly warning. Be advised.

What Skeletons in Your Closet Would Derail Your Run for the White House?

There's at least one reason to see "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Remake

Take It Down

ops. forgot to tell you guys what I did for my birthday

German Police Hunt for 'Stupid' Burglar

Best song by the '85 Chicago Bears?

Favorite Genre Of Music

For My Yankee Fans Only - Gettin' Ready to Boogie Down in the Bronx

Most Livable States ...Ranking

Webmasters: How to get on Search Engines?

The Beafeaters Beehive of all CAPTIONS!!!!

What Skeletons in Your Closet Would Derail Your Run for the White House?

HELP ME!!! I'm too dizzy from all the spinning, spinning, spinning

Who has seen "Wrong Turn"

Best REO Speedwagon song

Gawd I am dragging today

Black Sabbath appreciation post....

This is for gay people (unless you want to rate hot sexy men)

Democratic Presidential Primary Poll (October 15, 2003)

More smilies we need for DU

I can read this just fine.....can you?

Stress... too... much..

If You Could Add More States To The Union...

Cubs In 7: The View From The Bandwagon.

Liberman To Gloss Over Boring Issues

Best Katrina and the Waves Song

Favorite MANFRED MANN record?

Where the heck is the Grotto crowd...

What are the best book/cd/tape packages for learning foreign languages?

Best "Starland Vocal Band" Song

Giving a Cat a bath or

Anyone know how many hits DU gets per day/week?

The CARPENTERS now you've done it Poll

PLEASE! Can the Sox run out a grounder?The Cubs keep their heads up?

What is Mama's® secret ingredient?

A King Tut movie? Cool!

Enough about Steve "Cub Fan" Bartman already!

Pre-Game Candlelight Vigil for Cub fan.

Do You Like Me?

Opinions Needed Please


How badly does everyone hate me today?

Bush Disappointed To Learn Chinese Foreign Minister Doesn't Know Karate

Favorite Milli Vanilli


"Go see shut-ins"?

I think Howard Dean needs his teeth bleached(Vanity thread)

Do You Display An American Flag On Your Home?


anybody else having a backwards day?

Has anyone ever sold their car?

A Rant a post a thread. I cant save the world Dammit

today's new hate radio advertisers 10/15

collective selffulling expectations ?

FoxSports Double Standard

Could You Pass 8th-Grade Math?

Is this site reliable?

What's Your Favorite Aspect Of Politics?

DAAAAMN...MSNBC slams Pedro. Talk amongst yourselves.

Best Leo Sayer, Gino Vannelli, or Greg Kihn song

What movie should I go to tonight to distract me from the Cubs game?

Bush* Poetry

LOL this is rich.....

How about a thumbs up to the Chinese space program, eh?

What do you think of my vacation plans for next year?

Best Movie Trilogy Ever?

Free Tommy Chong Petition

If the Cubs lose, what should "the fan" do?

Hey. How about "Queer Eye for Frumpy Broads?"

16 Candles will have a sequel: 32 Candles

Best winter boots?

Today's Red Sox - Yankees thread - Wednesday

Question about the movie Die Hard...

Favorite "Bubblegum" song?

Radio Producer Needs Help

Best song from an antichrist (or John Hugues) film

Cubs Fan Tribute

Bought Franken's audio CD?

Best Journey song

Best way we can torture Finnfan

DU Decides: Who WILL win the 2003 World Series

What is your favorite Halloween Song?

Meet men. F*ck.

So the cookie goes to the doctor

Best Little River Band song

WHOLLY CRAP!!! Leaves Are A Fallin' AGAIN!

A musical with bite!

The Catwhapping Choirboy of all CAPTIONS!!!

Favorite anti-establishment films

This is my life...whatever you know

Another Windows Network Admin question.

Idea for Grand Old Party acronym...

Sox-Yankees Game Six: Thread II

"War or Nuclear Hazard"....

Oh Joy, It's Moving Time!


I am bummed!

What's with all this talk about "red cub socks" in here lately?

Cubs "Fan" Identified

I just bought the Paris "sonic jihad" CD ask me anything

Big Pussy

What do you think...the onion

Outlook Express Question

Sox-Yankees Game Six: Thread III

CBS Evening News Featuring The "Cubs Fan" Next

4 years old and a loose tooth?

The Collosal Colon!

I just put a curse on the Yankees!

SoCal DUers, are you staying away from the striking grocery stores?

Will FOX make a direct-to-video "season" of Family Guy?

Are there Cubs and Red Sox fans in Freeperland?

Super America commercials STINK!

Staten Island Ferry Captain attempted Suicide

Best Toto song

Today's Chicago Cubs thread, Wednesday 10/15

Will anyone watch a Marlins/Yankees series?

Just pissed off my GOP cousin

Favorite Rod Stewart tune (I am so going to get flamed for this!)

Purple frogs?!

Best song by the Standells

My company just "downsized"

post pics of beautiful fall scenery!

Learn How to Give Perfect Oral Sex

Who do want to win the World Series?

I Start My New Job Tomorrow Morning!

Should Steve Bartman be banned from Wrigley Field for life?

What Specific Reason Makes You Hate The Yankees?

What is your opinion of someone who doesn't vote.

It's official: I'm a Democrat again

Which country will be next to have a person in space?

Any DUers who know how to find out if something is a scam

Who has seen "A Mighty Wind"?

Cubs Ball Grabber Already Getting Offers

All-Time Favorit 60s/70s Horror Movie

Favorite Donna Summer Song

HAPPY BIRTHDAY God_bush_n_cheney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Survivor song

what's your pokéname?

No more Jeopardy for me

Best Loverboy song

For all you DU MAC users

my 300th post ask me anything

Alright, you primitive screwheads, listen up! This here is my BOOMSTICK!

Is Superpatriot Lt. Colonel (ret.) Oliver North a Slut?

Do you smoke(cigarettes)?

Reminiscenses of the Staten Island Ferry

Here is why the Cubs lost ALL because of that fan

Prediction From a Guy Who Warned About 911 a Week Before

"When the Cubs Win the World Series"

The Ritz Brothers in: "The Gorilla" screening in Boston tomorrow night:

Awesome (and disturbing) website....

Skeletons in your closet III?

'Late Night's' Conan O'Brien, wife have baby girl

If I wanted to know more about Canada, you would suggest I read...

A web database forum type technical question

Why do some people LOVE the Lord of the Rings movies?

Who has neighbors that they absolutely hate?

I'm back! Finally!

Jessica Simpson Is Soooooo Dumb

Dumb customers....AGAIN!

Anyone ever played Wizardry 8?

Just about finished with Franken's book - Which one should I read next?

What do you think is the best lyric from a song?