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Archives: October 14, 2003

Fortress America's chilly hello

Spinning Kay report

Why the French back sovereignty for Iraqis

George Monbiot (Guardian Unltd): States of war

Paul Krugman (NYT): Don't Look Down

Gore to abandon Liberal News at Newsworld International

Check out this doozie...

Oh Look! It's A New Green PR Blitz From ExxonMobil!!

U.S. Navy will make port call in Vietnam

Hindus protest mosque plans, over 1,300 arrested - India

Bolivian city under martial law

"I'm not anti gun"

Who here supports gun control?

Guns...Post here if you agree with my signature line

Trials and tribulations of the century

Disturbing Police tactics

I believe a thread was erroneously locked

Daily Kos switching from Movable Type to Scoop

May We Have A Link To Amazon's Bookstore

moderators overreacting ? A problem...

Thread critical of Mother Teresa (in GD) erroneously locked?

"George Bush is taking this country in to a radically wrong direction"

Here's a handy calender of caucus/primary dates

This is some of the crap the mainstream press has written about Kerry

Does the compressed primary schedule help or hurt the Democrats...

Dean, Kerry Exchange Insults Over Iraq

Kucinich MN Endorsements

oooOOOoooo Rall again

Bill Kristol (sp?) states that some heads should roll in the administratio

Portsmouth, NH Protesters Friday....Any body with pictures 3story rat?

kucinich announcement on c-span now

If Bill Clinton were an addict, here's how Rush might spin it

CNN Now.

Progressive Webgroup Alliance.

Anybody watching the dreck on ABC called "Threat Matrix"?

I love this Reuters headline!

Will Rush Get a Little Help from His Friends and the Friends of Friends??

Most Troops will not get an R&R trip home -

Bush approval rating rises

Internal email from Rep. Joe Barton aide, mocks TX dems &

Push polls in NH pushing Clark voters to Dean?

Ah. Ann Coulter Will Be on "Hannity & Colmes"

Money Down a Rathole ?

Emily Murphy was our first female judge here in Canada...

CSPAN II seminar on journalistic ethics.............NAUSEATING

What the hell did anyone expect??????????

Truth, War and Consequences - Frontline online

Freepers deluging newsweek w/ email over rush "hatchet job"

Colorado Limbaugh haters

Something not quite kosher about Kucinich

McCollum lying through his teeth

Profits or patriots?

What do you invest in primarily?

Daniel Schorr said that Rush Limbaugh was hypocritical

Dean makes false statement about Kerry

Dean is a typical politician

What is Phil Hendre?

One-week RIAA boycott coming

Any former International Relations students here? What is Constructivism?

I am about the unadvised, to give a person not myself access...

Mike Malloy is talking about "the form letter the Soldiers were forced to

Who here supports gun control?

Clint Eastwood supported Gray Davis?

The decline and fall of the Enron empire

Whose worse...

Would Chris Heinz get an interview with his stepfather and ask him...

(Texas) Comptroller Strayhorn Rips Into (Gov) Perry

Libertarians are republicans what???

Could somebody describe to me what went on in Hannity today?

Deleted message

Mother Teresa, "Hell's Angel"

You GOTTA Love this War. We INSIST.

Does it ever strike anyone as wierd

The chilling plans of the Rove bunch, even as we infight here. Scary!

Michael Reagan is spinning Rush hard

I love John Edwards.

CNN 9:15 (ct) tonight -- Soldier "letters" story

Is Sean Hannity a huge tool?

So, Is Columbus Day a Good Thing....Or Not? Why can't I take My Crayons

Boycott Rush Stations NOW

"You put John Edwards at the top of that ticket

Kerry makes false statement about Dean

BBV: Questions/research help?

For those concerned about the Green effect in 2004, this *might* help

why did pat robertson say the state dep. should be blown up???

Jews of Baghdad - Newsweek

'Angel of Death' extradition from Argentina may begin

WP: New Iraq Proposal Offered to U.N.

Bolivian leader defiant as deadly protests rage

Costa Rica may derail US free trade plans

Philippines Terror Kill Praised

Bush* Courts Regional Media (on Iraq)

Dean Keeps Options Open on Campaign Funds

House GOP Practices Art of One-Vote Victories

Rice Urges International Pressure on Cuba

Carson to tell plans on Senate

Extreme obesity ballooning in adults

Breast cancer study shows 'striking' results

Fox Sports hypocrisy.

The Mayor from BUFFY is in "Las Vegas"!

Holy Cow! Friend just found out he has West Nile disease!

Just popped my first Guiness can of beer with the thingy in it


The new Yoplait breast cancer commercial

Just popped my SECOND can of Guinness Draught

Don't Look!!!!

Carl's Jr. commercial - girl riding bull machine..

Manute Bol wants to be a JOCKEY?????

I never realized I looked like Don Zimmer!

Baseball rules question

AAAAAA...Tom Ridge is at the ALCS game

Hooray! We get to go back to Satan's Lair!

The perfect gift for Don Zimmer

The official Red Sox, Cubs, World Series Thread

The sadness of this breaks my heart, but bear with me...

I'm dying! MST3000 is showing the short on "Posture"

Just got back from a Clark Meet-Up, ask me anything.

Okay, what's up with the censorship on Family Guy?!

where has short bus been?

new Savage Weiner and O'reilly advertisers

Close call.

I am about the unadvised, to give a person not myself access...

Poor Bill O'Really: Only lasted one week at #1 til Al bumped him off.

Another Arnold movie on tonight (SciFi)....and I could swear there

heh: I think Im the best mom in the world ( a rant)

The Guy The Yankees Beat Up Was A Special Ed Teacher

Red Sox, Yankees, Hooking Up, Morans, Old DUers, The NFL

OMG! I have something in common with Rush Limbaugh! :(

Are you an Old DUer?

Favorite Movie and Favorite Author/Philosopher...QUICK!

Is the NFL communist?

Plagiarized paper update

Official Confess your Most Shameful, Unnecessary eBay Purchase Thread

Tell me, truthfully: (Family Guy question)

DU sailors

Digital camera - Sony dsc-f828 8mega pix or 6 mega FujiS2pro/Cannon EOS10D

D. D. Eisenhower born October 14, 1890

A case for over-the-counter Ritalin

Anybody watching the dreck on ABC called "Threat Matrix"?

This is a thread about nothing

Reminiscing about Saturday night baseball

The Word "Moron"

Examples of Bush Propaganda. Help!

I am sitting here on the edge of weeping right now

Seventh Inning Stretch Song

Best Type Of Bread

You run into Ann Coulter and Alan Colmes on the street...

Are you now or have you ever been...

An L.F question about "hooking up"! You have been warned!

Hookin' up on DU — What are your thoughts?

Nominee For One Of The Best SNL Sketches Ever.

Most EVIL Sports Franchise

TV is tough if you don't love the camera

Terrorists and Engineers of War on Terror are Codependent

The Soviet Republic of Texas

A couple of good LTTE in my local paper.

All the President's votes? (MUST READ!!!)

Iraqi Arms Caches Cited in Attacks-NY Times Article

Spoils of war (UK Guardian)

Mother Jones: Squeezing Cuba

Jews of Baghdad

Sen. Norm Coleman is wrong about Cuba

(IHT) News analysis: Britain's subtle shift on EU defense

Be Afraid .. be very afraid ..

Iranian force’s long ties to Al Qaeda

Democrats Drop the Lunch Pail -- E.J. Dionne Jr.

USA Today seeks "conservative" editorial writer in job posting

Travel, trade, not another crackdown, can aid Cuba

Village voice: Bush's war plan is scarier than he's saying

Why $87 Billion, When $67B Covers Expenses?

Will ‘Reagan Democrats’ revolt?

What's With All The Anti-eVoting Hysteria?

Nowadays, The Right Ain't That Righteous

Column in Arizona Republic "Bush is the issue, and he's fair game"

Molly Ivins: A few rotten apples

Dr. Rice needs a she won't destroy the world.

The Olympian: Readers respond to fake letter from Iraq

Lakoff on "Framing" Elections and the CA Recall

Chicago forum 10/16 - Racial Stereotypes in Media: How do they harm us?

BBV Chicago - voting machine exhibition/demo October 23 & 24

"Defeat George Bush" group in Montgomery Cty, OH?

BBV: League of Women Voters position

Riverside Ca. protest

Great BBV article on GOP theft of elections - but only in overseas media

You guys should listen to Neil Rogers live

Will US Media pick up on Wilson's new revelations about the Bush lies?

CNN "Analyst" Bill Schneider: Bush-Suckling Pig

NBC Buys Majority Stake in German TV News Agency

CNN: "A Flyboy's Story: George Bush in World War II"!?

My astroligical info?

Looking ahead to 2004

Apartheid 'rip-off' may cost $100bn (Carbide, Dow, Alexander Forbes, and

Saudi holds first human rights forum

Don't Look Down

IT jobs contracted from far and wide

I have an idea on resolving the labor maket woes.

Most Sierra Nevada Glaciers In Rapid Retreat - LA Times

Heavy Fighting in Colombia Kills 29

Megawati calls for a quick end to Aceh fighting

Chen, Gore set to speak at Carnahan conference - Taiwan

KMT wants to sue Chen for libel - Taiwan

After years of war, Chechens wonder what normal is

France in a bleak mood...

Saudi Says Iran Drags Feet Returning Al Qaeda Leaders...

Chechnya's nest of vipers

Japanese Election in November- Any Insight?

(List of) Bombings in Iraq Since the End of Major Conflict

Shining Path rebels 'tax' logging in Brazil jungle

Still no liberation for Afghan women

US unions threaten action as BP(w/record profits) cuts (EE) health bill

GUNS IN THE NEWS--October 14, 2003

If the assault weapons ban is popularly supported. then........

CA Cops carrying unsafe handguns?


Second thread on Mother Teresa should be locked

If I Come Across An Article In LBN

Why was this post moved?

Two threads criticizing Mother Teresa may have been erroneously locked

How can I search OLD threads

Is it breaking the rules to say...

Help- What's with locking this thread?

I have to disagree with the lock on this.

What just happened?

Is there a bottom to what we will allow in the bash Rush threads?

I do not believe that kevinc should have been tombstoned.

A polite question, I hope, of the mods.

A(n) humble suggestion for 2004: The Conservative Idiot Hall of Shame

Israel expels 15 detainees from West Bank

"When despair trumps hope" ..... (Grandmother's lessons)

Palestinians rely on their families

How martyrs are made...

Amnesty: Israel/OT - Wanton destruction constitutes war crime

Qibya and Sharon: 50 Years Later

Bush is raising Jewish funds from Republicans — and Democrats

End Both Occupations....

PA: Arafat okayed Geneva Accord

Israel launches fresh Gaza raid

A heavenly match: Bush and the Christian Zionists

Eyewitness account of the invasion of Rafah

Gaza Raids 'war crimes' (so says Amnesty International)

Palestinian caught with gun, knife in baby stroller

Guns...Post here if you agree with my signature line

Is the Clark campaign really a college reunion for ex-Clinton types

Mitch Daniels condemns himself and Bush

GOP Talking points/sound bites on Funding Iraq War -

Dean and the Voice of Vermont (WP OpEd) - a must read!!

Progressive Review's candidate matrix

Arizona DU'ers, they are trying it here also

Mindful of Red Sox, Kerry keeps it brief

Charleston (WVA)Daily News speculates on how Dean could win state vs. Bush

Full text of Clark's policy speech from today is here...

Re: Clark - Soldiers Can Be Liberal...

Humphreys to Enter Senate Race

Clark: 'I'm not only a Democrat by conviction... but by genetics, too!"

One hour Clark interview: NY1 at 7:00 and online

Hillary registered on 10/3

Interesting bits from Kerry on Dean, Clark, Bi-partisanship & The Draft

Does any of this bother Kerry supporters...??

Dean leads race for nomination in new ABC/Washington Post Poll

Yea for Edwards - NO on $87B

Dean article on the VVA website

250 Kerry volunteers flood NH-take that HoHo

Finally! I'm impressed by John Kerry!

College for Everyone by Edwards

What is up with Dean's unfavorables?

Will ‘Reagan Democrats’ revolt?

Bad NH Poll for Kerry

Kucinich touches down in Madison, Wisconsin

I am about to tear my fucking hair out with all these Kerry and Dean fight

Iowa and New Hampshire are LESS important this year

What is Dean's position on the Bush tax cut?

Dennis John Kucinich's Formal Announcement Speech - (Long but Inspiring!)

Kerry Pushes Plan to Expand Health Insurance for Children

Black voters are a key as Dean courts South

Dean Laid Out Multi-Lateral Iraq Plan in April

Has the word "coalition" fallen into disfavor?

Were the last 7 days the most bloody of the "postwar" for our troops?

Spinning, Shreiking Shills on Faux Today

My friend, as befits a democrat has declined to post.

Is Miss America 2000 a liar?

Henry Waxman-D Cal. on klcs ch.58 now 11:00 pacific

Clear Channel Rewrites Rules Of Radio Broadcasting

Is it just me, or did Dr. David Dill's web site go down?

Does Bush not have a clue as to what it looks like when he plays golf as

Ray Taliaferro streaming now -- Hot topic tonight -- Nazi stuff

How to prevent Google from remembering every link you click on

Collaborative web-based word-processor

The Philippines brace for Typhoon George.. His trip should be interesting.

Lieberman says something right.......on taxes!

Doesn't Grover Norquist have a skeleton in his closet?

Lieberman on CSPAN this am

Agghhhh...There is only Republicans on CSpan today

States of war, Appeasing the armed forces has become a political necessity

Is Lincoln Chafee more liberal than Bill Clinton?

Ann Coulter on CNN

Ahhh! Zell Miller has a new book coming soon

Just wanted to let you know that I'm really in charge now

woo-wee! CNN Headline News is whoring it up this morning...

"Bolivia's President Halts Controversial Gas Project"

Rumsfeld is gone after today

Freepers deluding and misleading their own about Rush!!!

Rich Lowry, Editor of the National Review, has the gall to bitch about Al

CNN Poll Puzzling...

Richard Lowry, editor of National Review and self-proclaimed "macho"

what happened to the investigation into NE Blackout?

Rumsfeld is impressive, in a dastardly way

Six U.S. Soldiers Killed In Past 48 Hours In Iraq

Is this picture absolutely disgusting or what?

Christianity dying in Europe (NY Times)

Shoot to Kill. No Questions Asked

The day bashing Mother Theresa became acceptable

If The Next Pope Is A Liberal

People's Magazine's O'Reilly Review

Dogs and Cats Sleeping together...

Is this the same Bin Laden that Bush* let go on Sept. 11th?

9/11 Commission On CSPAN 3 NOW (10 AM ET)

Car Bomb at Baghdad's Turkish Embassy, Tuesday

Why The world hates US govt - 'It's the policy, stupid'

Reason to vote for Kucinich, Dean, or Kerry or Braum or Edwards(?)

Bushwatch - today's headlines

politicalstrikes - G E O R G E

TIME's Best Presidents of the 20th century: Agree or disagree?

Mother Teresa is a saint, whether or not her "miracles" were verified

"Mission Accomplished. Major combat operations are over..."

Bush doctors-up lastest US poverty numbers

On the radio last night - 2000 Palestinians forced from homes/demolished

Why a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage will fail

No WMD? No 'imminent threat' becomes the story.

Favorite Bush epithet? Lamest?

George Bush heard Saddam Hussein was killing his own people...

10/14/03 DOD: 9 U.S. Soldiers Die since the 10/9

Bernie's getting freepers galore -- "Defense of marriage week"

Will Bush's "I'm in charge" quote come back to haunt him

Rocket Propelled Grenades, does anyone use bullets anymore?

3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment soldier found dead in Euphrates River

Join the blacklist!

On anecdotal right wing hate and meanness

People are turning around! Listened to Danny Bonaduce on the radio

Total Wounded 1,831 (so far admitted to)

Censorship disccusion....Live on TVNL NOW!

Those soldier letters...

Damn there are a bunch of military vehicles crashes in Iraq!

TV News Liebe Webcast to start at noon ET - Censorship

Clark's personal lawyer (and aide) called up and heading to Jordan

Strict Constructionist vs Zero-Tolerance

Does anyone know if the Clark speech is getting national live coverage?

"Listen to the Pilots" -- has this been posted?

what will happen with the sues against enron and the

Looking at the new TX Map

U.S. Soldiers Committing Suicide

Have you reached the point

Deleted message

Imagine this... (Rush)

Small victory in Bush vs. medical marijuana war

I have noticed that DU has gotten the spotlight in both left and right

Thoughts after watching John Edwards on Hardball

Louisiana Voters:

I don't want to pledge allegiance to Bush's America under God or not

"electorally ghettoized" by the GOP in Texas

Message from MoveOn org on FCC

Deleted message

Bev Harris on Thom Hartmann show coming up?

Why do Communists and Republicans hate unions?

Ok, so I'm not *just* paranoid. NQ: Is *America* Fascist?

pResident major source of misinformation on Iraq?

True story!

Bullet Proof Vests....

Bolivia: suspends exports of natural gas (big things are happening)

Anybody watching the WH press briefing from the webcast at the WH

Anyone see "Steal this Movie"

Dick Durban on C-SPAN2 - Dick, I have a message.

Daschel talking about Plame leak now on C-Span 2 (10:22 ET)

bushgang gave Congress false evidence on air quality (scam)

Will Rush Lamebrain Commit Suicide?

C-Span 2 report on congressional trip to Iraq. Repugs blabbing and

Rummy (almost) has $9 bil in his pocket for - whateverhewants

So what time is Clarks speech

Touting the Stock Market gains...another PR move

Read the latest shocker from Joe Wilson -- Bombshell (US News)

Don Evans (commerce secretary) talking to Wolf....

PUBLIC schools forced to pay for tutors at PRIVATE schools. New. Scary.

Wolf Blitzer earns Media Whore du jour title

Citizens strike back in intelligence war

My 7th grader has 2,1/2 weeks off from school for conferences!

Another Big Lie from the Right?

even when we win, we lose

A Halo???? The 3rd Reich truly is back!

DU this freeper poll!

2 bits of GOOD news...

Is illegal drug use Immoral? If so does Rush have a morals clause

...and I'm RUSHING on my run...

Bill O'Reilly is a fucking bitter asshole

I just found out I'm Ruthenian, aka Rusyn, aka Carpatho-Russian

UFCW 132 - Strike in San Diego

About this 'compassion' thing

Kucinich gets the shaft in Democratic Party debate (CNN/Judy Woodruff)

Oct 25 Mass March on WashDC - Bring the Troops Home !

What will Bush's job approval be in tonight's Wash. Post/ABC poll?

Fire in the Belly: Is Clark His Own Man?

BBV - Bev, Good Job On Thom Hartmann

Anyone listen to the "Phillips Phile"

HEADS UP! Bev Harris on Thom Hartmann show NOW!

Reply to Dittoheads who say we should show compassion to Rush:

Jesus Christ Implicated in Rush Limbaugh Drug Addiction Scandal

D.HAMMOND Just "Did" CLINTON (Not Shrub) on "The View"

Reminds me of Vietnam; Daily & Weekly casualty reports.

Ashcroft rebuke by Supreme Court re: medical marijuana use

Great Bush Joke

Black voters are a key as Dean courts South

On Privatizing Social Security

Is the SCOTUS Pledge case another brilliant Bush ruse?


Tough Enough? Kerry, Clark, and military perception...

Randi Rhodes show discussion thread (Tuesday 10-14)

It really chaps my hide . . .

A revealing and disturbing walk through Arnold's office.

Paul KRUGMAN on ieamericaradio NOW!


Bush's "Blame the Media" campaign.

Article "Corporate entities say Bush Has To Go"

Pat Buchanan Is On MSNBC Pimping For Bush

Joseph "WorldNutDaily" Farah to readers: BWAAAH! It's all Gore's doing!

bush breaks own fund raising records

MSNBC: Lieberman just said "there's absolutely nothing to apologize for

'1500 Iraqi schools refurbished'; electricity restored to pre-war levels;

Take a look at the cartoon that the Washington Post has censored

Stuart Carlson: "What I said shouldn't apply to me"

Prostlytizing becomes Overbearing in Ozarks to some

Buzzflash - Rush Claimed He Had No Physical Limitations Playing Golf

Hey ! Atlanta news guy.

GE must be very confident about the markets: New Studio w/Glitz & Lights &

Is Bush Evil Or Misguided

Does the Democratic Party need to nominate a Southerner to win in '04

The Murder of David Kelly

Guantanamo Bay--Kerry/Edwards/Dean/Clark people

CEO lobbies for Bush while seeking contract to sell voting machines!!

Poll: Would it be ugly to slam Limbaugh advertisers with mail & email

To win, Dems must suck up to Southerners, the Pentagon, Wall Street,

BBV Snakes Into New York

Name that logical fallacy (gay marriage)

Sick 9 Day Old Lion Cub dumped by NY Post reporter publicity stunt

Stoners up for the Darwin Award

Mother Theresa's Beatification

Objective: Christian Ministries Seek to Censor & Control Internet

Imus kicks Rush...........

FBI probe boosts Philly Mayor Street's Lead By 10 Points

Anthony Scalia WILL NOT hear the "Pledge of Allegiance" case

Bush: "Condi is in Charge"...Bush: "no, I'm in Charge"

ABC/WashPost::Bush approval drops to 53% - but Dem beats Bush

WA (R) Rep Nethercutt sticks foot in mouth

Intriguing comment on a new ABC news poll coming out tonight

Saddam and Bush in a nutshell

Tim Robbins on Charlie Rose......about the last half hour talking

Clark -Hunter report

FL Statewide Elections

David Allen of BBV on Fox now???

Clark, the national deficit, the iraq war, and progressive taxation

I must say that I love Lieberman's economic plan!

Paul Krugman to be on Randi Rhodes @ 6PM Eastern

anti-Bush cartoons at Wizard of Whimsy no longer ?

"I was on the flight deck when Bush landed"

Please DU this petition!

Michael Moore: "Arnuld's election offers hope for democracy"

From VillageVoice: Clark reveals Bush war plans...

Bush drops from 55 to 51 percent in Ipsos-Reid poll

Nightline Tuesday October 14

An incredible speech by the President on al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden

AL GORE Speaking NOW (from 10/11) on CSPAN (7 PM ET)

Md. State Senator Challenges Veteran Mikulski

One hour Clark interview at 7pm/10:30pm: NY1 and online

Did Tucker just attack Ashcroft on Crossfire?

Collin Powell has been rather quiet lately.

Solving the Iraqi Solution

I need updated tax cut data

Once again, Red Sox show they can't handle October baseball

Cincinnati/N. KY DUers: Michael Moore at Xavier U. on October 30th

Why Is MSNBC Shamelessly Flogging The Gallup Poll Showing Chimpy

3rd city in u.s. passes anti-patriot ordinance

PNAC tag team on Lehrer News Hour (PBS)

Anyone know how Black Box Voting is selling?

Local bumper (station identification) I heard during Rush's show today

Things to do with very large piles of other people's money.

CNN QuickVote: Pledge of Allegiance

Thread pulled @ FR about Arnold's accuser points back to my website

We have to nominate a Southerner to beat Bush in 2004

I would like to apologize for my foul language in the MotherTheresa thread

Wash. congressmen: Deaths in Iraq not really that important

"Fleas like Kucinich" ???

Put down that 7 UP!

ABCNEWS online release Bush poll, breaking news

Text of Democratic Motion in TX Redistricting (Balderas vs. Texas)

Detroit schools pushed awaya $200M gift

Did Carol Moseley-Braun originally support the war in Iraq?

Daily Show's Louis Black vs. Ann Coulter on Hardball???

Something about the letter from Iraq scandal.

Over 1,500 violent civilian deaths in occupied Baghdad

6.75 million Iraqis want US out of their country in the next few months

Americans accused of brutal 'punishment' tactics against villagers

Clark: 'I'm not only a Democrat by conviction... but by genetics, too!"

Associated Press say's unnamed Dem beats Bush 49-44(registered voters)

On those form letters "from" the troops...

Putin: Why Not Price Oil in Euros? (Is Putin tired of being Pootie?)

Coulter, Ollly North speak at Boy Scouts convention

Send your condolences to Rush

Did WH help Arnold with PR for his campaign ?

Dean supporters: Your guy is getting smeared

Will someone tell me who Matt Drudge is?

Should The Democrats Support The $87 Billion ?

Boondocks artist Aaron McGruder on NPR Fresh Air w/ Terri Gross Today-Tues

Does Rush Limbaugh require an FCC license for his radio work? eom

Are Terry and Jim Wilkinson the same man?

Help me find a certain picture of Bush.

Poll: 'Dean Opens Wide Lead in N.H.'

Update on 2003

New Wilson stuff breaking in LBN- Very. Important.

Gore's failure to win WV--an important allegory for 2004

Max Cleland for VP??

Has anyone else heard that Rush popped pills on TV

How big an advantage is it to be from the South

The first president I remember was Truman!

Electronic Voting article in eWeek (Ziff-Davis)

Rush is doing his de-tox in Arizona, not Florida....

If you like Kucinich but don't think he can win try this.

Coke-abusing Presidential MonkeyMan Video - new! minty fresh! soothing!

Why the Supremes will uphold use of The Pledge

Some kind of internal strife at Freak Republic; site barely running!

the Independent's (UK) article on the electoral attack by the Right-wing

Wesley Clark; Hottest Democratic Primary Candidate?...

Al Franken Implicated In Rush Limbaugh Drug Scandal

ABC talking about their New Poll

Hamburg Billboard - Bush & bin Laden

Online Voting in Michigan

Senator Edwards Opposes President's Iraq Request

10 feet away when Kucinich announced today

Fire in the Belly: Is Clark His Own Man?

I'm getting tired of Tucker Carlson of Crossfire saying "Canada is safe

Why isn't the "patriotism" of Robertson and Coulter being challenged?

Ohio Republicans considering redistricting. (Kucinich supporters read on!)

Meet Lt. Col. Dominic Caraccilo, the author of GI letters to newspapers

Justice Scalia's recusal in the Pledge Case

California über alles -- an article I wrote (long)

What is the Power for Mischief in an Imperial Presidency?

Black Box Voting publisher David Allen on Fox News 5:40 EST

A few little problems I have with Howard Dean.

We STILL need an Independent Investigator/Special Prosecuter, Help!

Rate these political cartoons (Warning: May induce rage)

Dean's obscene retort to Gephardt shown on The Daily Show

Full text of Clark's policy speech here...

Why is it that Private schools are all Religious?

Home Schooling

Chris Heinz is on MSNBC...NOW! n/t

Where are all the votes?

BBV: Ga Tech Public Forum on Thursday, Oct. 16

Anthrax Killer: meant to push Democrats into supporting Patriot Act-War?

NBC NEWS - U.S. Probing Arms Shipped To Iraq

Iraqi Arms Caches Cited in Attacks

Army studying high suicide rate among US soldiers

Saudis trumpet first-ever elections, Under fire rulers plan municipal vote

Clark's Fledgling Campaign Hits Its Stride

Hundreds of Afghan, U.S. Troops Raid Camp

Iraqi Shi'ites Clash in Holy City, One Dead

In Bethesda, Hiring Policy, 'Competitive Sourcing' Clash (Disabled Out?)

Sept. 11 Panel Weighs MI5-Like Agency

Republican Controlled House and Senate Weigh Co-Payment for Care at Home

House Watch-10/14/2003 (#1-12:00 PM) [Pro Forma Session]

China calls for end to arms ban

Oil Prices Bubble at Strong Levels

No troop dispatch commitment during Roh-Bush summit: South Korea

IDF: Latest Rafah incursion 'could last several days' (+2 others)

Sept. 11 Panel Defends Director's Impartiality

Picking Jury a Challenge in Sniper Trial

Many See Iraq Council As Being Ineffective

'New' secret Iranian atomic site

3 US soldiers dead in Iraq (includes the one in the Euphrates)

Blast at Turkish embassy in Iraq

SCOTUS to decide Pledge Of Allegiance issue

Clark's Aide Called to Military Duty

Al-Sadr demands foreign withdrawal (Iraq)

Drug money may finance Taliban-U.N. sanctions chief

Bomber Targets Baghdad's Turkish Embassy

Dog in court over Nazi salute

Britain to crack down on hooligans - antisocials

Bin Laden's son rises in al-Qaeda

Russia Delays Iran Nuclear Plant Startup

Blair chaired meeting that led to unmasking of Kelly, inquiry told

Khatami advice to Nobel Laureate

Baghdad ordnance factory blast kills three Iraqis

Clear Skies as China Counts Down to Space Launch

Iraq security deters western firms

12 Reportedly Killed in Bolivia Protests (+ US reaction)

The Olympian: Army letter from Iraq creates national stir

Supreme Court Rejects Anti-Marijuana Case

Shiite factions clash in Iraq as Bush says he's in charge

Schroeder asks Chirac to represent Germany at EU summit: report

"Petrol wash goes with a bang"....

Car Bomb at Turkish Embassy in Baghdad

Saudi police quash protest rally

Moran knocks Cuba trade policy

US firms 'tried to lie' over GM crops, says EU

Armed but armorless (Quarter of US Troops Iraq lack body armor)

Fetus with three parents created

U.S. to Create New Agency for Iraqi Contracts (Ten$ of Billion$)

Bush Defends All Aspects of Iraq Policy

CNN: US soldier found dead floating in the Euphrates river

Guantanamo guards embrace Islam

U.S. Faces Criticism from Key Powers, Annan on Iraq

Pillow bombs feared on planes

(WA) State Republicans distancing themselves from religious right

(ITH) Intelligence snarl over North Korea

Portland Band Promotes Voting Machine Awareness

Intelligence Puzzle: North Korean Bombs

(Canadian) Census at risk if U.S. firm in on it, critics say

Oklahoma Bomb Case Judge Criticizes Feds

Mission from GOD! Bush Doctrine Informed by Personal Evangelical Methodism

U.S. Rescinds Guantanamo Press Rules

Bush Rejects Criticism Over Iraq Policy [Reuters- unbelieveable quote!]

Senate Watch-10/14/2003 (9:30 AM-#1) [$87B Appropriations]

Joseph "WorldNutDaily" Farah to readers: BWAAAH! It's all Gore's doing!

Kicking Rush

Enforcement of U.S. Travel Restrictions to Cuba to be Enhanced

Internet Porn Law to Be Decided by Supreme Court

Help for drug addicts just got a lot less likely [Florida... jail rush!]

Deficit at Pension Insurance Agency Soars ($8.8 billion)

At Least 100 Bases Said to Be in Line for Closure

Religious Right in America Prepares for Battle

Edwards announces vote AGAINST $87B

Agencies in DHS Lose Logos (new seal cost $30,000)

David Allen of BBV on Fox now???

Bush to Meet Schwarzenegger in California

(CSM) Dynasty looks to rule strategic US ally (oil pipeline)

Deaths Deal their Daily Blows to Pollyanna Bush

Pillow Bombs Feared on Planes

N.H. Primary Officially Set for Jan. 27

STOCK MARKET WATCH THREAD...Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Pentagon Hasn't Picked Bases to Close

Intel: Muslims Who Back al-Qaida Eye Iraq


Bush, Schwarzenegger carry separate political agendas to meeting

Navy to Limit Use of Sonar System Which May Harm Dolphins and Whales

Poll: Most in Baghdad Want Troops to Stay (But...)

Laura Bush Hires New Press Secretary

Privacy Group Sues for Patriot Act Papers

Syria Calls up Reserves, Fears US-Israeli Military Pincer

Large explosion at Turkish embassy in Baghdad

Meetup mobilizes local Clark campaign (sailors from Lincoln carrier)

Anger in East Timor as Australia plays tough over gas reserves

Israeli national attempts to steal secrets of Siberian researchers?

U.S. Sees Rafah Demolitions as 'Self - Defense'

Argentine Pres To Visit Cuba In February

Poll: Bush Slipping

Justices Reject Govt. Medical Marijuana Appeal

Judge to Media: Reveal Wen Ho Lee Sources (Novak are you listening

Bush Breaks Own Campaign Fund - Raising Records

Daschle Signals More Scrutiny for Bush's $87 Billion Request

Bolivia Protesters Build New Barricades

Medical pot laws survive challenge

'Champion of democracy' awarded

Man executed for corruption

Congressman (Max Burns-R) Apologizes for Supporter (anti-Semitic remarks)

Bush to Meet Schwarzenegger in California (On Thursday)

(cbs) Panel Eyes Homeland Spy Service

Sharon: Libya may win race for first Arab nuclear bomb.

Senate Passes Genetic Nondiscrimination Bill

"Meetup" Mobilizes Local Clark Campaign

Lieberman takes on Bush's integrity in new campaign push

Cyclists fail to see the humor in deejays' calls for assaults(Clear Chan)

Senate Dems to Let Leavitt Be Nominated

Group: EPA Didn't Study Atrazine, Cancer

Heavily Guarded Evans Says Iraq Dangers Overblown

John Edwards to vote against Iraq funding

White House's Rice: Rumsfeld Is in Charge in Iraq

US explores its Afghanistan exit options

Top Senate Democrat slams US crackdown on Cuba

Army counters statement on Saddam

Bush Criticizes Japan, China on Currency

High Court to Hear Police Search Case

Lift Cuba embargo, activist says

Fears of more US electoral chaos: Flaws are discovered in ballot computers

Pawlenty proposes 'no school, no driving' plan

Texas Democrats file challenge over new redistricting map in federal court

Pentagon official: US may take action against Syria

All the President's votes (BBV)

Clark Wants to Create Civilian Reserve

Supreme Court to decide if "Under God" is constitutional

Wilson adds ammo (MUST READ)

Transit, grocery and law enforcement labour unrest roils Southern Californ

Office Max

Office Snax

Office fax

Office sax

Office cracks


Office Six Six Six

Adventures with Cowboy George (courtesy of

I cannot believe they have a Beanie Baby named after this person (puke)

My friend, as befits a democrat has declined to post.

Why didn't Letterman have a top ten list tonight?

The compassionate executioner & many more

Slow night... BeBop or Big Band?

Office Flex

Hungry? I've got a big dutch baby baking.

Office flax

Office tacks

Office sox

Warrior Queen on PBS is on again here

The cannibal banquet (a groaner)

Keep Fenway Park Friendly

If Bush Was a girl.... GREAT FLASH! MUST SEE!

office christ

Help!I want to get 1000 posts before I go to bed,ask me anything

Gary Coleman to be political analyst on comedy radio network

What way will the Red Sox find to lose this year

Office yaks

Hockey Fans

Do Not Call List humor...

Office Phartz?

Agent Smith's license plate in Reloaded: "IS 5416". Check out Isaiah 54:16

If this was Bizzaro world

For those of you who are interested in gay-themed entertainment

Attention Adelphia cable customers!!!!!

Who's the wise guy who wrote this headline?

If anyone's curious - all is well (sorta)....

DO NOT! repeat DO NOT mess with the flightcrew! (short movie)

Of the last 10 Heisman Trophy Winners who was the best?

Dear Red Sox and Yankees Fans

POLL: "Best" sports fan?

Dogs and Cats Sleeping together...

The Mother Of All Vanity Posts: 2 Years of DU Columns

Any plant people here?

Americans and Romans, Europeans and Greeks


600 Posts for Me! So watcha all doin' today?

Dear Red Sox Fans

Office X

Has Ali G in the USAiiiiii been on American television?

It's official...I'm leaving DU...

Hey Cubs fans--tell me about your curse!

When not to argue

Which sport is more classless? Baseball or Football?

My idol.

Bob Geldof - Renaissance Man


Here's a fun animation.

Collier County--should I move there?

Smith & Wesson To Sell Home Decor Items

I hate to see people leave DU...

Funny stuff


Just got back from a 3 day camping weekend extraordinaire.

Wookies stage sit-in and protest

Great White House briefing now

Some kind of internal strife at Freak Republic; site barely running!


Dubya Office! Have you guys seen this one???

Office Hex

Any Canadian DUers?

I need some feedback & support.

The Cubs are sooooooooo going to win the Pennant.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Friendly suggestion to Boston DUers

What device/setup baffles people in your home?

I'm almost there... PLEASE ask me anything (blush)...

I met John Lewis!

Scientists Researching 32 Million Story Space Elevator

I just finished facilitating my first group in about ten years

Police Nab Vicious Crow by Getting It Drunk

Do we have enough 'super strong carbon nanofilament'?

NASA: Latest Space Telescope Almost Ready


What's happening with our SETI group?

By what inning will Yankee fans be crying tonight?


A Comic Book About Jesus' Return...why do I expect the Fundies to hate it?

Seperated at birth?

Proper way to eat Cookie Dough

Literary character(s) you've fallen in love with

new Oxyrush advertisers

You know what they say...

a question for teachers here?

The Yankees Haven't Won A World Series Since 1958....

Quirky Computer Question: I have an old Compaq Presario w/64 k ram and I


Ha, Ha. Very funny, Muthafucka

Dear Baseball Fans- Can't we all just get along ?

1000 posts: Fading into obscurity

A Veteran speaks out

Anyone in northern California

Yay! New school!

Clay Aiken's Painful Secrets

Life is so damn complicated

I will really never understand sports fans....

new Hannity advertiser JC Penny

Well, if nobody else is going to do it... WELCOME BACK, NSMA!

Back from Job Interview

Personal happiness vs. political consciousness

Any Irish DUers

Has the Internet killed CB radio fun?

The Moderators Around Here

Sick 9 Day Old Lion Cub dumped by NY Post reporter publicity stunt

Freepers and Dittoheads know how to hate very well.

Identity Theft

What killed the CB radio thread?

The Happy Hookup of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Question for DU LAN admins about file sharing software.

Caption time. (Arnuld meets Skeletor)

Ewwwww, Icky! I'm cleaning my fridge. Well actually I am

What a lousy day I am having

The Limping Lexicon of all CAPTIONS!!!

Sorry couldnt resist

Late night laughs

What's the J in your PBJ

Streisand on Oprah.....


The Man from the Mount of all CAPTIONS!!!

Boondocks: Find Condi a boyfriend!

Shrub Joke

Chicago DUers

Are you a NEW DUer?

What I'm watching until the Cubs come on

Question for those who want to ban pornography.

Family Guy season 3 rules!

Philly Suburb couple ask hospital for "Whites Only" and hospital obliges



New Kitten alert

A revealing and disturbing walk through Arnold's office.

After seeing all these sports threads...

All this talk about Rush reminds me of my favorite Ben Folds Song

NPR's Americans Seen Through European Eyes

Best Soda

Holy Joe hates Rock n Roll!

How Long Have You Been A DUer?

Once again, Red Sox show they can't handle October baseball

No Red Sox Thread? I have hubby who's ready to "Jump out Window!"

So why do the shrinks pull the inkblot and word assn. tests so quickly?


My cockatiel Murphee just loves Three Dog Night!

For The Love Of GAWD BoSox! PLEASE Pitch Wakefield Tomorrow!!!

Ok, Someone finally keyed my car.

New slogans to fit on paper currenly to replace "In God We Trust"

Yo, Pittsburghers!

Republicans at 20 and Dems at 40. Are the wife and I unique?

Poll: Career-then-location, or location-then-career?

Check out these comments

Was this guy serious or engaging in satire?

Twas The Night To Beat The Yankees (A Poem)

Buncha Yankee pitchers are on their way to court on assault charges

IF the Red Sox win the ALCS, Yankee fans on DU will...

ALCS Game 5 thread -Yankees @ Red Sox 4:18 Eastern today

How Old Would You Like To Be When You Die?

I saw a poll where Dean lost out completely to Freddy

My best friend's wife hates me now

Official Cubs vs. Marlins, Game Six Thread!

Just having a sudden panic about the chimp boasting that he is in charge

Not shopping at Vons, Ralphs, or Albertsons? Let them know!

Dear NY Yankees Fans

Favorite Daytime Soap Opera

SOX FANS!!!!! (400th post)

Vanity Plate ideas...?

Another reason to hate the Yankees

How Often Do You Change Jobs?

What Was The Best 70's Band

Will Rush Lamebrain Commit Suicide?

mid October surprise

The Country of the Pointed Firs: Want to Live in Maine?

Stupidest Sports Team Names

Today's Chicago Cubs thread, Tuesday 10/14

WHat kind of neat stuff do you have in your house?

Fenris' Needlessly Complicated Rock Quiz: Vol. 1: The 60s

Atken's diet

What kind of creepy stuff do you have in your house?

Has anyone here ever fasted

Share your Audio and Video links here ...............

New Ford GT to hit showrooms by mid '04. ($150,000 sticker price)

Better Actor: Johnny Depp or Sean Penn

Time For MATCOM'S "A Tale Of Two Bumperstickers"

Help--Can any DU sci-fi fans identify this book?

I promised, now here it is: Favorite Alice Cooper album?

Oracle SQL query GODS help wanted on this problem...


Anyone else LOVE the tune on the Hummer commercial?

I just got laid off! Ask me anything!

Oct. 14th and I have the fricken' FLU!

Any other Denver DUers going to see Al Franken tomorrow?

A friend from FLA is coming....and I'm down in the dumps. She used to

Favorite Dylan song

Yay! I'm finally going to get to see The Matrix Reloaded tonight!

Did You Ever Cheat On A Paper In High School Or College?

Office Sex

Soccer - Exciting or Boring

Greatest Rock Guitarist