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From the Desk of George W. Bush

Democratic Underground has been contacted by a high-level "mole" in the White House. The mole, formerly known only as "Brass Mustache," now also known as "Hot Lips," is leaking information to DU operative Rebecca Salcedo... straight from the desk of George W. Bush himself.

We plan to bring this information to you on a regular basis.


September 25, 2002
A memo from Dan Bartlett to George W. Bush, plus Dubya's Super Duper Top Secret Plans for Invading Iraq.

September 4, 2002
An eye-opening letter from George W. to his Mommy.

August 28, 2002
George W.'s lost weekends.


September 5, 2001
Scratch-pad notes for ideas on health care reform.

August 28, 2001
Dubya Unplugged.

August 20, 2001
The "Dixie Cup Papers."

August 14, 2001
Postcards from the edge.

August 7, 2001
Transcript of a secretly recorded meeting between several top White House officials in the Oval Office.

July 31, 2001
Poem found in trash can, forwarded by fax.

July 24, 2001
E-mail from George W. Bush to Dick Cheney, with original message.





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