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"DemocRATS Are Just Stupid! Sutpid! Stupdi! And I Mean It!!"

October 1, 2005
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Why are LIEberals and Demoncrats so stupid and dum?

You explain things to them like Our Great Presidentís strategy in Iraq, and they look at you like what you said makes no sense, or they laugh! How foolish of traitors to not understand things like that!

I will give you an example even though you did not ask for one because I figure you would of asked for one soon. Our Great President named an expert to the Womenís Health Care section of the FDA, and feminazis all over made abig stink just because he was a veternarian.

Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld called him Dr. Udder, and when I tried to reason with her by pointing out that he was a really good veternarian, she just looked at me.

Then she called in Secret Service Agent Brown from where he was putting mulch on the roses in the garden and had me explain it to him. Then she had me explain it to her son, who asked me to explain it to him twice.

Then she got some of her friends on the phone and had me explain it to them! And they all laughed. Really!

Well, it is not my fault if they refuse to live in a dream world like us Republicans do. They would rather try to spread their gloomy message of tolerance, diversity and progress than admit that crime would end if all the blacko-Americans were killed, as Bill Bennett said. And he should know, as he was Secretary of Edumacation under Our Greatest President Ever Ronald Reagan.

And Republicans could proudly say that while Bill Bennett talks the talk, Our Great President walks the walk. But if we did, imagine what an uproar there would be from the forces of PC correctness! So we must just think to ourselves how inferior some people are.

And now Demoncrats are deluding themselves into thinking that it means something that Our Great Mean Guy in Congress Tom DeLay has been indited. They do not realize that most Americans will see how petty, ridiculous, and silly these charges are. The country will see that this is just partisan fantasy with no basis in reality, cooked up by some very dubyous characters.

And yes, Our Great Mean Guy in Congress Tom DeLay did too get asked to testify before the Grand Jury even though he said he did not. But that does not mean he lied, so stop saying that!

I have to close now because Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld wants me to explain that to her friends too. But enclosing let me remark what a good job Karen Huge, the most powerful woman in the world, has been doing pointing out to people in the Middle of the East how backward and ignorant they are. You can expect Karen Huge to make a big difference in how people in that part of the world look at America when they hear how knowlegeable she is.

I bet Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld will want me to explain that too!

Bob Boudelang is a Republican team leader who can explain things to you over and over if you write to

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