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"Our Great President Says He is Reponsible So Stop Blaming Him. And I Mean It!!"

September 17, 2005
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Well, who is not thrilled to the point of nearly being histerical and sick to your stomach by Our Great President’s speech from New Orleans? I know I am, and could barely stand still to hear it on the t and v at the electronics store, which I did not take that eyepop or whatever it is called, and whose fault was it that it was not locked up in the first place, I ask you?

All in all, it was another great week of triumph for George W. if you do not count the criticism and the problems.

For one thing, the insurgency in Iraq is in its last throws, and only killed a couple hundred people this week. Which means we are on the right track over there, whatever it is.

For another thing, Justice Freedomfry, as I call Judge Roberts, got through an entire week of questions by Congress without sounding like a nut, which ought to show Americans everywhere that he ought to be allowed to run the Supreme Court even though he has only been a judge for three years.

It was interesting to hear Judge Roberts say now he will follow the law, although of course he has to say that to be politically correct. Once he gets the job, of course, he will do what people like me expect, which you cannot prove and I hope you will not try.

It was certainly inspiring to hear Senator Tom Coburn say he felt like weeping about divisiveness in America, which is the fault of gayo-Americans. If they were not here, Senator Tom Coburn would not have to attack them publicly. But they are, and it is breaking his heart. For shame, sissies and lesbos! You ought to be ashamed for getting a great man like Senator Tom Coburn so upset he could hardly do his crossword puzzle!

Also this week, Our Great President went to New York City, where not everyone hates him, to talk to the U of N, where he hates everybody but is too polite to let them know it.

And yes, George W. wrote a note asking Concertina Rice if he could go to the bathroom, but so what? Would you rather he just jumped up and ran out? He had many important things on his mind, like whether to wear a tie when he gave his big speech in New Orleans or not. He cannot be expected to know how the bathroom breaks at the U of N work, and whether he needed a hall pass.

What if he had stood up to go and Coffee Anan had stopped the session to ask where he was going? That would have been a pretty pickle, I can tell you that. What if he went on a bathroom break by himself and then came back just as everybody got a bathroom break? Then he just would have sat there by himself with nothing to do until everybody else came back. Of course, then he would not have got stuck in line, either.

But that is the mark of a strong and decisive leader. He did not sit around wondering what to do when he had to go to the bathroom. He asked if he could go to the bathroom!

No wonder people think of him as the next Winchell Churchill, although not as much as they used to. I blame the liberal media, myself.

But the real picture of leadership was George W. in his shirtsleeves on Thursday night giving his speech in New Orleans.

Of course, before that Commissioner Brownie, who did such a hell of a job making New Orleans the disaster that it was, resigned to spend more time with his family. I am sure Our Great President was sad to lose such a valuable member of the team.

And that is the BIG difference between us Republicans and Demoncrats. Commissioner Brownie resigned with honor just because he killed a few measly thousands of people who did not matter anyway. But did Slick Willy resign when millions of dollars worth of investigations proved he got a blow job? He did not. Instead he hid behind legal technicalities like "no evidence of wrongdoing."

And let me point out that Klintoon had eight years to try to stop Hurricane Corrina, and he did not. Instead it fell to George W. and the Republicans to be unprepared for it.

But did Bill Clinton take responsibility for the hurricane and the flooding and the aid being blocked and no food and water, and the dead people still floating in the street? He did not. Instead it was Our Great President who stood up and bravely said "I am responsible."

Of course, by responsible he does not mean that the dead people are his fault, or that he should be indited and put on trial for criminally negligent homicide, or that there should be an investigation into what he did not do and how Brownie got his job. And he does not mean that he was wrong about global warming, or developing the wetlands or sending the Natural Guard to Iraq or anything else.

What he means is that we should admire how brave and noble he is for saying he is responsible, and that is all. George Washington’s father did not punish THAT little George W. for chopping down the cherry tree needlessly, and so we should look the other way when THIS George W. is responsible for thousands and thousands of people who died needlessly. Even if he does not have wooden teeth.

I am sure the people of New Orleans would have been excited and pleased to see Our Great President had come to New Orleans to deliver his message of hope, if any of them had been allowed near him. And only two and a half weeks after the hurricane ended, too, there was George W. and the lights of New Orleans were shining in the background just as if nothing had gone wrong.

And then George finished his speech and the lights went off again, and New Orleans was left to wait for help from the Republicans. It makes you think.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican team leader. If you would like to get an eyepop or whatever it is cheaper than you can in an electronics store, contact him at Amen.

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