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"Our Great President Is Not a Racist Even Though He Killed All Those Black People!!"

September 10, 2005
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

It is with a heavy heart that I write this from me to you today. As a nation we have been disgraced, and I think every one of us ought to be ashamed.

I am talking of course, about the awful human toll caused by the Democraps blame-gaming after the flooding in Alabama and the city of Louisiana killed a few measly people who did not matter anyway.

Imagine, criticizing Our Great President just because tens of thousands of people died after going nearly a week without help that was supposed to come from FEMUR? What is wrong with some people? Whatever happened to that American "Can’t Do" spirit?

Is it not enough that Commissioner Brownie put out a press release saying everything had gone allright after the storm? You would think so. And yet people continued to complain any way, just because there was no water, or food, or medicine after the flooding.

And yes, the Natural Guard was at the disaster in Iraq instead of being at home helping with the disaster at home, but so what? Worse yet, some people actually pointed to the money that was supposed to go to fix the levys but went to Iraq instead, and complained out loud, like they had as much right to it as Halliburton does!


By the way, all those people who have been carrying on for months about troops in Iraq not having armored humvees can be quiet now. Our Great Vice President Dick Cheney had no problem finding one.

Speaking of Commissioner Brownie, it is very unfair that Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld keeps calling him "Commissioner Horseflop." Yes, he was in charge of the show horse association, and yes, he got into a fight with horse owners over horse bottoms, and yes, he got fired and the association went out of business, and yes, he lied on his resume, but as George W. said, he was doing a Hell of a job. In fact, Hell is exactly what most Americans would of described his accomplishments as.

Well now the finger pointers and hysterical liberals and moderates have got their way, and Commissioner Brownie has not been fired. I hope they are happy now!

Instead some Coast Guard guy will be in charge of doing Brownie’s job and Brownie will remain as head of FEMUR, only not doing what he was doing before, whatever that was.

The new Homely Secretary of Security, Michael Shirtoff, said Brownie is needed for other disasters. Is it not reassuring to think that he could do for your city what he did for New Orleans? I feel safer already.

What is worst is that some people are calling Our Great President racist just because he stayed on vacation while black people were dying. Amazing! Do those people really think that if he had stopped his vacation and made sure the flood victims got taken care of that they wouldn’t have been inferior?

Our Great President has not got a racist bone in his body, said Ben Stein, and he would know since he is a Jew, which is almost as bad as a blacko-American.

I mean it! President Bush is not racist, and neither is his mother, who was not laughing at the flood victims but with them, if they had only been laughing at the time. Some people said that Our Great President was racist when he visited Bob Jones University, and some people said he was racist because he would not visit with the NAACP (and who can blame him?) and now some people are saying he is racist just because there are tens of thousands of black people. And you know who those people are, too, and they are the same sort of malcolm tents who went around telling blacko-Americans in the sixties that they were unhappy and causing unrest.

Would Haley Barbour be associating with George W. if he was a racist? Arrest my case!

And who is not outraged about that San Francisco LIEberal Nancy Pelosi calling Our Great President "oblivious, in denial, and dangerous" just because he asked out loud what went wrong with FEMUR. How dare she say he is "oblivious, in denial, and dangerous" just because so many people died?

And nothing shows how "oblivious, in denial, and dangerous" Pelosi is then her telling the lady on CNN "if you want to make a case for the White House, you should go on their payroll." How does she know she is not on their payroll already, like that good black person Armstrong Williams was? I ask you? Should not she go find out before she starts throwing around accusations like that?

Perhaps the worst part of all this blame-gaming is that it is distracting attention from Our Great President’s celebration of the happiest day in American history, September 11. It is going to be the fourth anniversary of that occasion, and instead of helping out with the exciting Cliff Blatt concert or signing up to be prescreened to take part in the Freedom March, some people are still complaining "Where’s Osama?" and "Where’s the anthrax killer?" as if that matters. Or else they are complaining because the money that was supposed to help the money grubbing people in New York City went to other people instead.

Well, as a Republican Team Leader I will be there marching proudly, and I have even got a new brown shirt for the event. I am even working on a special armband!

So there!

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader (which I did too buy that brown shirt, I just do not have the receipt if you want to see it). If you would like to help him show up Our Great Presiudent, you can reach him at

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