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"Judge Freedomfry Is Not A Racist Nut So Stop Saying That!"

July 30, 2005
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Who is not excited as I am to see Our Great Supreme Court Judge To Be John Robbers get picked whoever he is? And I mean that in a good way, not like I was gayo-American or anything.

What a wise choice Our Great President made in choosing Judge Freedomfry! He has done next to nothing in public, so there is nothing that anyone can criticize, if you donít count that he hasnít done anything in public.

I call him Judge Freedomfry because of his most famous case, in which he had a little girl handcuffed and thrown in jail for eating a french fry in public. I am sure he done it because she was not eating a Freedom Fry instead.

Besides she was a minority so I am sure nobody important cares.

And was it not delightful to see Judge Freedomfry and his little family posing like an old-time picture next to our Great President? I was so proud I went out and got a pack of his daughterís cupcakes.

And no I did not steal those cupcakes so stop saying that! But I bet the guy at the convenient store was surprised to see how fast I could run! (You would be too. I am small but I am wiry hahaha!)

Judge Freedomfry also did a good job keeping those American POWs who were tortured in Iraq from collecting money they had underhandedly tried to steal from Iraq by winning a case in court before an activist judge. What is wrong with some people? Do they not know that torture is no worse than fratenity hijinx? Do they not know how well people who are tortured are really being treated?

Besides, freedom is on the march in Iraq thanks to Our Great President! They need every penny they have!

And yes, Judge Freedomfry said he was not part of the Federal-Less Society, and it turned out that he was not only part of it but helping run it. But gee wiz! That does not mean he is a liar. It just means he forgot that he was helping run the Federal-Less Society.

And he did not forget that he was helping run the Federal-Less Society because he was ashamed of belonging to the group or wanted to hide that he was part of them, which was not because they were crazy or crooked. After all as Senator Cornum said Judge Freedomfry was not as bad as a communist. And remember, Senator Cornum threatens to kill judges he does not like, so that is high prays in deed!

One of the important things that Judge Freedomfry has done in his life is help fight to keep Al Gore from being President after he won the election. And yes, Our Great Brother of the President Jeb Bush said at first that he did not remember meeting Judge Freedomfry but that does not mean that one of them is lying or that Jeb did not care who Judge Freedomfry was or listen to what he said. It means you must care who he is but cannot hear what he said, for obvious reasons.

Let us also point with pride to some of the other great thing Judge Freedomfry has done in his life, like writing a memo saying affirmative action should be destroyed because it only helps unqualified people. And that is not racist, as anyone who listens to fine white people like Rush Limbaugh and Trent Lott would know.

He also wrote another memo telling Our Greatest Ever President Ronald Reagan, who is still dead, how to talk to Kingís widow without telling her out loud how much he hated them both.

And remember, Karl Rove has not been put in jail yet, so it was a good week for Our Great President. And enclosing let me say that it is not the fault of Our Great President that so many Boy Scouts are sick and dying wile George W. stays safe from thunderstorms. And does not mean Our Great President is a sissy or a coward, or both. If I was aloud near Boy Scouts any more, I would make them stand for days in floods and tornadoes and blizzards just to see Our Great President. They are not fit to kiss the blood off George W.ís boots, but I hope some day they will get the chance.


Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who it would be good for Boy Scouts to get near again, no matter what the cops say. Email me at with money so I can appeal.

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