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"The London Bombing Shows Our Great President's Strategy Is Working, Whatever It Is"

July 16, 2005
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Well, what a happy day for Republicans every where it was when those bombs went off in London! It showed that the plan of Our Great President to fight them over there instead of here, if that is what the plan is, is working better than ever! Hooray!

"There will be difficult moments along the path to victory. The terrorists know they can't defeat us on the battlefield. The only way the terrorists can win is if we lose our nerve. This isn't going to happen on my watch," George W. said. And I am sure the people in England who had members of their families killed or injured in the bombing felt better about it when they heard Our Great President tell the world how tough he was.

And yes, George W. flew away when the bombs went off but that was not because he was afraid. He had to hurry back so that he could refuse to answer questions about Karl Rove, who no one could prove did anything wrong until last week when his lawyer admitted that he had dome it. But it wasn't wrong, so stop saying that!

So when you hear LIEberals, firebrant moderates and other reality based extremists say out loud that Karl Rove revealed classified information about a CIA agent, it is best to take it with a pillar of salt. Karl Rove is not a traitor for telling the world about a CIA agent and revealing that the company she worked for was a CIA operation. Instead he is a hero and should be given a medal, while reporters are shot for saying other wise, as a Congressman King says. It takes real guts to say that you did not do something when you know you did, and that is what Karl Rove has. In fact, he is a big tub of guts. And that is why he deserves a medal, and not just because Our Great President gives medals to anyone who screws up.

After all, if it were not for Karl Rove, people would have thought that Our Great President lied when he said Sodom Husane was buying uranium. But when Joe Wilson told everyone that Sodom Husane was not buying uranium, Karl Rove told reporters that Wilsonıs wife worked for the CIA. And now the entire world knows Our Great President only lied when he said he would fire somebody for that.

Besides, it is not the lying, but the sex, as everyone knows. And even Mrs Brown Rosenhouse admits it is hard to imagine Karl Rove having sex.

By the way, unlike Democraps and other socialist scum I am fair minded and not partisan and do not hesitate to criticise a Republican if he does somehting wrong, especially if Rush Limbaugh says it is okay. And so it was wrong for Ken Mehlman (who is not gay and so what if he is?) to go before the NAACLP convention this week and apologize for Republicans being racist.

Letıs face it, we would not have all these problems if Strom Thurmond was elected President back then, and there is nothing wrong with saying so. It is about time black people got over the fact that Republicans hate them, and instead of suffering tolerance and opportunity on the Democrap plantation, joined us in the GOP in hating gayo-Americans and keeping them from having rights.

I know I am not alone when I look forward to the day when black and white Americans can go out and string up homosexuals together. Not the good kind of homosexuals, of course, but the bad ones who want to get married. I am sure Our Great President feels the same way, because he is a uniter and not a dividerer.

Not like those partisan DemoncRATS, who just this week attacked another great Republican unfairly by pointing out what he did. Poor Duke Cunningham is not going to run for re-election just because he got a house and a yacht from a guy he voted to do favors for. He is a hero to many people, even some who do not have $600 to buy one of his special knives.

So in contusion, let me applaud the good work by the Republicans who will soon pass a law to keep gun companies from being sued. This will prevent fribbleless lawsuits by wacky funsters like Chicago and New York City. After all, it would be a very sad tragedy if Congressmean King gets his way, but when he goes to shoot journalists there are no guns! That does not happen in other places, so do not let that happen here!

Bob Boudelang is a Republican team leader who would be very careful if you sent him $600 for a Duke Cunningham knife, and it would not be like the other ones. Honest. You can send it to

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