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"Americans Deserve to Know Everything About the Past of the President! And I mean it!"

July 2, 2005
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Well, enough is too much! It is about time that we stopped wining and sniveling about what a disaster the war in Iraq is that Our Great President got us into, and start looking instead at the next one in Iran. And I am pleased to see that already Americans are asking the right question, what is the past of the President and why should we dwell on it today?

For one thing, what was the deal with those hostages? We have a rite to know the story, instead of hiding behind the truth!

And of course there are other important issues!

Did this President desert during wartime?

Has he ever been arrested for a crime? If so, how many times?

Was he involved in questionable business deals of a suspicious nature?

Was he a public drunk or substenance abuser?

It certainly seems to me that these are serious questions that need to be answered honestly and truthfully, and I think we ought to invade Iran and as many other countries as we can until we find out! And by we, I mean you, wile I stay here and cheer. After all, the world cannot risk somebody with a questionable past in charge of a country that threatens others with weapons of mass destruction.

Another news, that LIEberal socialist Sandra Dee O'Connell has ended her rain of terror on the Supreme Court, where she kept people like me from exercising my choice to medal in the decision of some unqualified woman and her doctor to have an abortion! Is that the kind of country we want to live in? Where an extremist judge can keep you and me from interfering with other people's decisions about their families and lives? I ask you?

But she did not leave without one final disgraceful act, along with the rest of the Supremes on the Court, which was keeping the Ten Commandments from being put in every court of law in the land. It is almost enough to make one want to exorcise our right under the Second Commandment and shoot a judge or two, like Tom DeLay, who is not in jail yet, said. Not that I am abdicating violence or anything, and anyway I do not have a gun because the police state took mine just because a few streetlights got shot out with them.

By the way, who was not impressed with the respectful way those soldiers sat, hardly applauding or making a sound wile listening to Our Great President give his exciting speech on why the war in Iraq is not the depressing failure that it looks like, due to (dear editor, please put the reasons here). As he said, the war is worth it, and that is why you should join yourself instead of wandering who is not doing so.

Which of course should make us remember the first July fourth on this holiday of the same name, when our four fathers signed the historic parchment that said that we had the right to first amendment zones and a President whose every wim we ought to obey, under God we trust and you know which God I mean! And those words are just as true today as they were then, if not more so. So let us not let silly ideas like human rights hamper us anymore, and let us concentrate on getting rid of all those troubles we would of gotten rid of if Strom Thurmond had been elected President so long ago!


Bob Boudelang is a Republican team leader who could be trusted with a gun, even around those kids that throw firecrackers under my trailer. If you can help him get one, contact him at

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