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"Holding Hands and Kissing a Guy Among the Flowers Does Not Make Our Great President a Pansy So Stop Saying That!"

April 30, 2005
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

I guess I am use to Democraps slandering and lying about Republicans because they hate America but this latest takes the crape suset! Imagine, laughing just because Our Great President kissed and held hands with an Arab in a field of flowers!

And not just any Arab either, but a great man like Prince Absullah, who has been honored by Pomade magazine. He is from Saudi Arabia, our best friend in the world if you donít count the 9/11 attacks, and George W. was just showing respect and not acting like a pansy when he kissed him and held his hand, so stop saying that!

And yes, they were strolling among flowers, but gee wiz! Give me a brake!

Even Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld says Prince Absullah looks like a man who could put the nozzle in the gas tank, although she will not tell me why she laughs when she says this. That is why it is important that Our Great President holds the Princeís hand in a manly way. Real Americans want oil and will kiss anything to get it.

But do you hear LIEberals talk about real world solutions like that? No, of course not! And I mean it. All they do is cling to Poliana notions about alternative energy and conservation instead of looking at exciting new ideas like burning coal.

That is why Our Great President gave a press conference this week, not because Republicans like me had any questions about anything, but to quiet the nambla pambla running lackey dog liberal media and the Democraps who were wining about his plan to privateer Socialist Security.

And what a press conference it was! It was the greatest press conference of all time, and the Our Great President explained all about his exciting new plan to cut benefits for almost everybody before he got cut off the air because Donald Trunk was coming on instead.

It is about time that we had a President to speak up on behalf of our poor oil companies and give them free oil refineries and big tax breaks! And if there was ever a better time to have more nuclear plants, I cannot think of it. And I have been thinking for several minutes now.

And who was not excited to see Our Great Senate Majority Leader Senator Doctor Bill Frisp (who did not do anything wrong when he stole all that money from Medicare so stop saying that!) at Just Us Sunday, talking about why Jesus hates fillabustles. (Well I was not because Reverend Cloyd will not let me in the new church since the old one burned down which was not my fault. But I would have been!) And so what if the guy who organized it bought mailing lists from David Duke? He was not talking about how evil black people are on Just Us Sunday, but how evil LIEberals all. We have to keep our eye on the big picture and not get distracted!

Enclosing, let us hope John Bolton gets in and helps destroy the UN. After all, he has almost the same military background as Our Great President, except for not being seen in Alabama when he was there. Amen.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican team leader who is not passed out drunk but thinking in the library which he cannot be kept out of. He can be reached at So there.

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