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"Democrap Dirty Tricks Made Republicans Hand Out the Talking Points Memo After All!"

April 9, 2005
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

What could show better what hippercrits LIEberals and firebrant moderates are than the fuss over the so called "talking points" memo in Congress? I mean, , Senator Mel Martizez, who is not a coward who blames his underlings for everything that goes wrong, did have the memo in his pocket and handed it out saying, "These are talking points -- something that we're working on here."

But do not forget that he did a full internal investigation, even though he said "I never did an investigation, as such. I just took it for granted that we wouldn't be that stupid. It was never my intention to in any way politicize this issue."

However, now Republicans admit we WERE stupid enough to hand out a amateurish, unsigned, misspelled memo and then we were stupid enough to lie and say the Democraps did. That is the Republican courage America and the rest of the world has come to admire! And how shameless of the Democrats to politicize the fact that Republicans tried to cash in on a dying woman! Who is not outraged.

Besides, the low level staffer who wrote the memo and put it in the pocket of Mel Martinez was only the legal counsel for the Senator, who worked for the gun lobby, and had ties to Our Great Republican Mean Guy Who Does Something in Congress Tom Delay, the nuclear power lobby, and drug companies. So it is not like he was a Republican insider or anything.

Speaking of Tom Delay, it is also shameful about the way Democraps and honest people are trumping up fake charges against this wonderful American, just because he stabbed America’s troops in the back while taking money from Russian Intelligence, and has a family slush fund, and ran an award scam for doctors, and collected millions of dollars through cronies, and stuck up for sweatshops and prostitution, Do not forget all the good things he has done in his career in Congress such as (Dear Mr. Editor, please put one of the good things Tom Delay has done in here if you can find one) while slaving away on just $167,000 a year.

But I just let it in one ear and out the top of my head, because I know it is all just a liberal conspiracy against Tom Delay. They hate him because he does such a good job defending the culture of life, especially when he threatens judges. I am sure he will do a good job threatening judges when he talks to the Natural Rifle Association. And yes, people who want to hear him will probly go through metal detectors, but that is not because they are dangerous crazies with guns.

Another Republican doing a good job threatening judges is Our Great Senator From Texas John Cornhole, who said it is understandable that judges get shot when Republicans disagree with them. Really, does America not get this? How much more senseless violence will it take before the courts learn to knuckle under to the slightest wim of people like Tom Delay instead of blindly following the law and the Constitution.

After all, they are just meaningless pieces of paper in a drawer somewhere, as Our Great President said about the Social Security Fund. That is why it is so important that we privateer Social Security from pieces of paper like government bonds to pieces of paper like stocks and bonds which are much safer because nothing can ever go wrong with them.

Speaking of Our Great President, was it not exciting that he went to see the Dead Pope and the Papists in Rome, who are almost as good as real Christians even though they do not believe in the Rupture.

And how happy the good Eyeties was to see George W! Some even whisseled in admiration. It was not like that Slick Willie Klintoon, who everyone hates.

Who could not fail to be impressed with the graciousness and diplomacy with which Our Great President refused to shake hands with Coffee Annan from the U of N on this solemn occasion? That is Klass with a Kapital K, all right.

Finely, I would be remist if I did not point up the good job Republicans and Our Great Brother of the President (not Neil who has herpes from Asian teen prostitutes, but Jeb) are doing in Florida. Just this week, they passed a bill so gun owners in Florida can shoot people at the drop of a hat when they feel threatened. And even as they were making the streets safer for everyone who has a gun and is nervous, they were protecting people who had not complained about computer dating from unregulated computer dating.

Letting nervous people shoot strangers while interfering in unsupervised dating—that is government, GOP style. You bet.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who would be happy to shoot anyone who seems like a threat if the police hadn’t taken my guns. Only you can stop this horrible danger by sending money to Remember, if guns are outlawed, only outlaws in Florida will be able to shoot unarmed strangers and claim self defense.

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