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"Our Great President Is Errant on the Side of Life Again!"

April 2, 2005
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

What an exciting week it was for Our Great President who is not an incompetent drunk! Yes, the intelligence for the Iraq War was "dead wrong" and there were lots of Iraqis and Americans dead to prove it. And yes, it turned out that the Iraq war was badly run and planned and that "shock and awwww" did not work.

But the good news is that Terri Schaivo died so Our Great President could look like he cared, even though he really did not have much to do with the case if you donít count rushing back from vacation and signing a law to interfere in the case and later getting the Department & Justice to interfere some more.

And best of all, Our Great President and his Great Wife were able to pray for the Pope to die. So it shows that he is errant on the side of life again.

Speaking of Our Great First Lady, Laura Bushís visit was the greatest moment in American history in Afghanistan in history, and in the golden light of tomorrow someday they will be writing whole books about it and all she accomplished, whatever it was.

And of course it follows the good job she did telling kids not to be in gangs. I cannot help but think that inner city gangbangers everywhere would not help but listen to a First Lady like Laura Bush when she talks about being in a gang, and not just because she takes drugs and killed somebody, no matter what Mrs. Brown-Rosenfeld says.

Meanwhile, Our Great President continues hardly working to privateer Social Security. He said he would go to 60 cities in 60 days to talk to Americans about his plan, if it is a plan, and already in just the first month he has gone to 16 great cities like South Bend and Great Falls. And what a good job he has done meeting the same person with the same questions in city after city, while keeping out the sort of riffraff who think oil isnít worth killing other people for.

Imagine having values so screwed up you would not kill for Texaco or Exxon? There really are such people. But they are not part of the culture of life like us Republicans, and do not understand how important it is to take up guns and beat up illegal immigrants, or to send death threats to judges we do not like.

Fortunately, this country is on the right track again, and keeping an eye on dangerous people and stamping out wild-eyed radical unAmerican ideas like public schools, Social Security and minimum wages.

As this pasture says, "We've been attacked by the intelligent, educated segment of the culture" It is about time the rest of us had Our Great President who was one of us to hit back. Amen.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who would be happy to go from city to city with George W. and pretend to be for privateering Socialist Security if someone would pay the expenses. It would be an honor if the White House contacted him at

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