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"Our Great Presidentís State of the Union SpeechóWhat an Outrage!"

February 5, 2005
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Well who is not angry as a clam about Our Great Presidentís State of the Union the other night? Well, not many people are angry, since most people did not even watch it, but those of us who did or who would of watched it are.

It was a despickable outrage, and a shame for the entire party. What sort of unAmerican thugs and goons would put up with such a thing? I ask you?

It is just one more way in which they have gone down hill and become the party of a tiny shrill corrupt minority.

Meanwhile, what about what Our Great Presidentís speech said? Was that not something else?

It was the greatest ever speech in history since His Great Inauguration Speech and so far Our Great Father of the President George the I has not had to call up anybody on the phone to explain he did not mean what he said, unlike with the Great Inauguration Speech. So that proves this one was even better.

George W. summed up the entire G of OP in one dramatical sentence: "Taxpayer dollars must be spent wisely or not at all."

And of course, the centipede of his Great Second Term is his ambitious proposal to get rid of Social Security by instituting privateering, which we are going to fool people with by calling it personal accounts hahahahaha.

It was exciting that he immediately took his case for privateering Social Security to some of the people in Dakota while keeping out others, although no one can prove it was deliberately done by Our Great President. So do not even try. Please.

Now it is on to Florida, where Our Great Brother of the President Jeb is keeping out all but people with a vestige of interest. After all, this is an honest plan that will benefit all Americans, so it is important that only some Americans get to pretend to listen for the TV cameras.

Let us also not forget the danger of friverless asbestos lawsuits. Shame on those people in iron lungs and the other ones who died just to have friverlless lawsuits against great companies like Halliburton. Which you cannot prove Dick Cheney had anything to do with why George W. said it.

By the way, I should of mentioned that when I was outraged about the State of the Union speech it was because of the booing. Did Congresspeople not know that it was only all right to boo slick Willie Klintoon?

Finely, I would not be complete without mentioning how great it is to have a Hispanish attorney general who believes in torture, whatever his name is. Or how exciting it was to watch the Iraqi people turn out to vote for George W. Bush which was the greatest moment in US history in Iraq ever. Mission Accomplished again!

I hope that clears things up. Or else.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican team leader who is very disappointed that no one in the trailer park watched Our Great President, eventhough he listened at every window. He can be reached at

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