Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
"Iraq's WMD Program Has Been Found And I Did Not Draw it So Stop Saying That!!
January 10, 2003
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Well, I'll bet all of those LIEberals and Saddam-appeasers and Democraps who were poo-pooing Our Great President's War in Iraq (which is not a quagmyer so stop saying that) are laughing out of the other sides of their neck now! George W. has discovered the evidence that the Iraqis were working on weapons of mass distraction and here it is!

And I did not draw that myself, no matter what Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld says. It actually appeared in a real newspaper, as hard as that is to believe. But I guess even the running dog lackeys of the yellow journalism press have come around to seeing Our Great President for what he is.

I suppose LIEberals would have dawdled and waited for the U of N and then we would have had to face the horror of those drawings.

What if those Iraqi scientists had got their hands on crayolas? Then there would be color on the drawings and they could have drawn flames and explosions and dotted lines for bullets and little Americans yelling "Arrrgh!" and "You got me!"

We would be in some deep pickle then, believe you me. But fortunately we have a President, who is not a corrupt drunk no matter what they say, whose mind is equal to a threat like this.

And that was well worth all those dead and wounded soldiers who gave their lives willingly to defend us from these and other sketches. And I think the decent thing to do is go on ignoring them like we been doing up till now. Otherwise our national reserve may weaken and we would not have another war in time for the election.

But until then we must put up with the bigotry and hate of anti-Bush candidates, who are clearly motivated by hating Jews. It is horrible to see how they bash Our Great President, who I am sure treats his Jewish advisors as good as if they were normal people.

Especially Howard Dean, who hates Jews so much he married one. That shows he is not really saved, and thus not somebody people should listen to.

Instead we should listen to decent saved people like Our Great President and his family, especially Neil who only has the one venereal disease despite the lies of his critics to make it seem like he has more than one. And then it is only herpes and not the clap. So stop saying Neil has the clap, or else!

And I am sure that all the other Hispanish Americans and other immigrants who are dragging America down are thrilled with Our Great President's plan to let them go on doing the disgusting low-paying jobs Americans do not want to do. And yes, the Republicans in Congress will not pass this plan in a million years, but those people are too ignorant to know that and will now probably be fooled into voting for it anyway.

Although I am hoping perhaps it will be passed, and then Mr. Rabinowitz will hire some immigrant to carry out the fish guts and wash down the bins. As it is, I have hardly any time to think about current affairs (and not just waste time in the alley). So just remember, Neil Bush does not have the clap, and Our Great President went to war over this.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who did not draw that art, which clearly posed an eminent threat to all of us worth going to war for even if you cannot prove Our Great President ever said so. If you know someone who wants an opportunity in the fast paced exciting world of putting fish guts in the dumpster in the alley, email bobboudelang@yahoo.com.