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Our Great President's War In Iraq Is Too A Joke!!"
March 27, 2004
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Okay, who is not chuckling to their selves about Our Great President's witty little joke the other day about not finding any weapons of mass distraction in Iraq after all and all those people getting wounded and killed over nothing?

Well, okay, many people are not but they should just enlighten up. I am sure many of us who are not firebrand extremist moderates and leftists thought it would of been quite funny to see George W. pretending to look under desks and couches for some proof that we went to war with another country over something.

But of course, leave it to the Democraps and a few crybabies who have had a loved one or two killed or wounded to make a mountain out of a mohair. Listen, Ronald Reagan, who was Our Greatest-Ever President Ever could have made fun of me all night and day when I got shot in the ass by friendly fire in Grenada, and I would not of said boo. And I think all decent Americans feel that way too, and if not to hell with them. There are more fried fish in the sea.

And it is outrajuss especially this week, when Richard Clarke was so busy slandering Our Great President and his fine war on terror and evil. It is bad enough that there is an investigation at all, much less that it would call biased people like Richard Clarke, who is not credible even if people believe what he has to say. He does not have credibility, and that is why he is not credible.

For example, Concertina Rice says Clarke was in the loop and Our Great Vice President Dick Cheney (who has not got indicted yet) says Clarke was not in the loop. And Concertina Rice says Clarke went to every meeting on terrorism, while White House spokesmanperson Scott McLellan says he refused to go to both of them. Clearly Clarke's story has so many flip flops that no sensible person can believe him.

But clearly the LIEberal media would rather believe wild-eyed DemocRAT operatives like Clarke and Paul O. Neill than Our Great President.

Some Democrap Socialists are even saying George W. hurt the war against Alkaheeda by shifting troops to go after Sodom Husane. But how can they say that George W. ignored Afghanistan and Osama (and you cannot prove he is still in business with the Bin Ladens) to pay attention to Iraq and Sodom Husane, when he is clearly NOT paying attention in Iraq? Explain that, Mr. Smarty Pants!

After all, soldiers are going over there who should not be going overseas at all because they are sick, and the soldiers who are there have to buy their own body armor. Does THAT sound like we have a President who is paying attention to Iraq? You bet it does not.

Instead Our Great President is paying attention to issues of importance to every American's everyday life, like why the Constitution should be changed so gayo-Americans can not be married but Arnold Shwarzenabor can be President someday. And that is why I am hoping that everyone will support me in the effort to make George W. get really elected this time, not that you can prove Jeb had anything to do with last time.

Do you want to know what a jugglenaut this campaign will be? When Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld heard what I wanted to put up on a new sign, she went to get me an old sheet, but she did not have one. So she got in her car, drove to the Cheapmart and bought a new sheet and even a pint of paint for me.

So now everyone who drives by the Daisyview Trailer Park sees a big sign on my trailer that says "George W. Bush's War In Iraq Is A Joke!" How do you like them apples, Mr. Comrade Democrat? Huh?

I am hoping Reggie the Republican Truck comes by so I can paint that on the side. Ha! Ha! Would that not be something?

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who would be happy to drive Reggie the Republican truck around if he had not lost his license due to the politics of personal description. You can e-mail him at

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