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"Let's Drink a Glass of Sewage and Toast the Death of Happy Holidays!!!"

December 11, 2004
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

What exciting and turpulent times we live in and thank God who the Democraps have not outlawed yet that we have Our Great President in office, which you cannot prove fraud in Ohio and Florida so do not even try and I mean it!

And let us begin with the exciting attempt by George W. to deal with the Social Security crisis that will give all the money to Wall Street, which is safer than leaving it with the government and not because Our Great President is an incompetent corrupt drunk, so stop saying that!

Our Great Senate Leader Senator Doctor Bill Frisp his self lost almost half a million dollars in the stock market and HE still believes in the plan, which ought to tell you something. And just like with Senator Doctor Frisp, I am sure any elderly old person who loses money in the market after they have retired and lost their Social Security will be able to get a bank loan that the bank will wait years and years for without asking for payment.

I was excited to read this about the plan to get rid of Social Security in the papers: "To build public support and circumvent critics in Congress and the media, the president will travel the country and warn of the disastrous consequences of inaction, as he did to sell his Iraq and terrorism policies during the first term, White House officials said."

I am sure all of us who realize what would of happened if we had waited until the arms inspectors finished in Iraq and the UN voted and we had allies with us when we went to war, will support George W. in this effort, which I bet will make Fallujah seem like a weenie roast. Or something.

Speaking of the triumph in Iraq, it was disgraceful the way an inbedded reporter told some soldier this week to ask Our Great Secretary of Defensive Donald Rumfilled a question when Our Great Secretary of Defensive Donald Rumfilled asked if there were any questions. Everybody knows when somebody important says "Are there any questions" you are not supposed to ask questions. If everybody stopped to ask Our Great Secretary of Defensive Donald Rumfilled questions, how would we of got where we are in Iraq? I ask you?

That was not real journalism, which is suppose to be objectionable! That was like a leading question in a court of law, accept that Our Great Secretary of Defensive Donald Rumfilled did not have to tell the truth when he answered.

"We have to go to war with the army we have, not the army we want!" said Our Great Secretary of Defensive Donald Rumfilled. So do not ask why we have to go to war and except that this is the army we got and we are stuck with it. No one said life was fair, least of all Our Great Secretary of Defensive Donald Rumfilled. Some people lose their arm and have to pay the Army for it, and some people make billions. It all evens out in the end and there is no use crying about it if you get blown up.

Any way, real objectionable journalism is like the great stories Bill O. Riley has been doing defending Xmas from people who want to make it a holiday, and you know who I mean--Democraps.

Whose blood is not boiling when people say "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons Greetings"? I know mine would if anybody said those things to me (and "Pipe down, nutso" and "Get lost" are not much better). And Bill O. Riley's blood boils too, I am glad to say.

As one of his guests said, "I'm not surprised people become depressed alcoholics during the Christmas season." I bet people around Bill O. Riley and Fox feel that way all year round, when they see what sepular humanisks have done to what was this great country of ours before they started saying "Happy Holidays." I know I do, and if I was a depressed alcoholic I would hold them personally responsible, because I believe in an idea that is almost dead in America‹personal responsibility. And no one has ever accused me of being depressed so get that straight.

There is a swell new Comimittee to Prevent Season's Greetings, which they say "The festive atmosphere of the past that surrounded the Christmas season in department stores which energized shoppers, supported their culture and tradition, and excited them to select just the right gift for friends and family for the Christmas celebration has been severely diminished."

I wish they were around a few years ago before my cousin and his family threw me out of their house on Xmas and stopped talking to me because I did not give them just the right gift, but instead gave them electrical tape and pipe nipples which my cousin could not prove I stole from his hardware store. It was all the fault of those sepular humanisks not energizing me.

However, soon we Republicans will stamp out Happy Holidays and liberal notions like "Peace on Earth." Then I will be as energized as Bill O. Riley is and not because of the vibrators so stop saying that. About him or about me but especially about me.

Meanwhile, LIEberals and DemocRats will continue their complaining over every little thing, like sewage in the drinking water. Why do environwhackos have to blow every little thing out of perportion? After all it is not like Our Great President will be just dumping sewage in the drinking water. He will be mixing it with treated sewage, which probably means that blue stuff that smells funny. So there!

The problem is that some people do not trust faith-based science and Our Great President. But I know that is not true of good Americans like me and Bill O. Riley and the guy who wants to stomp out Seasons Greetings, and I hope them and every one who thinks like me will go to the toilet now and join me in a big glass of sewage in hopes that future generations if there are any will never face the nightmare of Happy Holidays. Amen.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who can be reached at And you cannot prove the upchucking is fr

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