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"Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!"

October 23, 2004
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Well, I guess there could not be anything that shows clearer what a danger John Kerry is than Our Great President's new ad that says "Wolf!" That is the message everyone should take away from us Republicans as they try to vote if they are allowed to this November: "Wolf!"

"Wolf!" is an exciting new tack in the George W. Bush campaign to tell Americans how unsafe they would be if John Skerry is elected, and not at all like all the other times he has told Americans how unsafe they would be if John Skerry is elected. That is why I am so excited about "Wolf!" I know others are, too, because I see them smile and sometimes point as I walk down the street with my "W" hairdo, holding my handmade "George W. Bush is not an incompetent drunk so stop saying that!" sign and shouting "Wolf!" So there.

Even Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld admits "Wolf!" sums up Our Great President's message to a tea.

As the ad says, the terrorists will pounce if there is weakness. And "weakness" does not mean sitting still and listening to My Pet Goat when the country is attacked, which was not "weakness" but was not scaring children. And "weakness" does not mean running to hide when the country was attacked which Our Great President did only to be safe. By "weakness" the ad means having allies such as France and Germany and being able to explain to the U of N why we go to war. The terrorists are just waiting for something like that.

But there is no danger that terrorists will attack while there is a tough talking guy like George W. in office, unless you count the time they did, which hardly anybody does. Besides that was Slick Willie Klintoon's fault for reasons that are so obvious that they would insult your intelligents if I was to tell them to you. So do not ask and I mean it. Besides, that memo that said Bin Laden was only historical, as Concertina Rice says, and the memo was too vague to do anything about except try to cover it up, anyway.

Speaking of Concertina Rice, what could be a clearer indication of "Wolf!" than her being out on the campaign trailfor Our Great President? After all, if there was any real danger of attack, I am sure she would be back at her desk in Washington, working on whatever it is she does. But instead she is warning voters that there will only be danger if Kerry is elected. Churchy le fem, as our friends South of the Border say.

It is important for voters to keep their mind on "Wolf!" After all, if George W. had not cried "Wolf!" last year, we might not of had this terrific cakewalk in Iraq, which is going so well if you don't count the casualties and mutinies and corruption and torture and killing and bombs and hostages and beheadings and corruption and the like. But he DID cry "Wolf!" and he deserves all the voters can give him for it.

So "Wolf!" to our great war on terror. If John Kerry is elected, we run the risk of having people who funnel money to rogue states like Iran dealt with by law enforcement instead of being put in charge of Homeland Security. And yes, the Homely Chairman of Security Grano did send money to Iran and get fined for it, but that does not mean he is guilty of anything but getting caught. And no, he did not tell Homely Security of Security Ridge or Our Great President that he had got caught illegally sending money to Iran and Libya, but then he knew they were busy with "Wolf!" to bother with trifling technicalities like that.

And speaking of trifling, who was not glad to see that Our Great Brother of the President with Herpes Neil Bush has got out of his sickbed to help Our Great President spread the message of "Wolf!" in Florida. And remember it was only herpes Neil got from the teenage prostitutes in Thighland, not the clap, and anyway he did not pay them, so there!

And yes, Our Great President was warned there would be a flu shot shortage, but he sensibly did not do anything, because it could lead to the evils of government health care like they got in Canada and the country formerly known as France but now known as Freedom. That is more important than a few whiny sick people. Anyway, George W. is going to get flu shots someday from Canada and Freedom, so there is nothing to worry about.

So do not get distracted from "Wolf!" just because you may get sick and die. Remember, "Wolf!"

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who has never had a flu shot or herpes in his life and is proud of it. You can reach him at if you have an extra ticket to Thighland.

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