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"Ha! Ha! Ha! You Cannot Prove Now There WAS Ever a Reason For the War in Iraq!"

October 9, 2004
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Hahahaha! Boy, John Kerry, John Edwards and other LIEberals and Democrap Socialists must be nashing their teeth in frustration now. Just as they were going to attack Our Great President again for the reasons he went to war in Iraq, he has outsmarted them! It turns out there WAS no reason for the war in Iraq!

How do you like that? First there was a report that said Sodom Husane did not have WMDs after all, and then Dick Cheney himself explained he never said Sodom Husane had anything to do with Al Qaeda or September 11. Checkmaid, as they say.

And that comes on the heels of Dick Cheney's victory over John Edwards in their debate. It was clever the way he told John Edwards that they had not met before when they had. And that does not show that Cheney is not getting enough oxygen to his brain, no matter what Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld says.

Meanwhile, could there be a more graphic demonstration of what a flip-flopper John Kerry is? Last week he was behind in the poles, and now this week he is ahead. Cannot he make up his mind?

But clearly the leftists and DemoncRats are desperate. Michael Moore has dared to put out a DVD of his propaganda movie that everyone hates and nobody wants to see. He should be arrested and be forced to admit his movie is a pack of lies. But instead he is out terrorizing audiences by giving them underpants and noodles.

Now the second debate is coming up as I write this which is before you read this but the debate will be over when you read this which is after I write this, and I am on my way to Philadelphia so I can be there. Which is why this column is so short. I want to ask a question, as I understand they will be letting audience members ask questions in this one.

I was thinking about asking Our Great President, "Are you the Greatest Person in History or not?" but now I think I can do more good asking John Kerry a question.

So tonight you will see some good-looking person stand up in the audience and say "Senator John F. Kerry, are you not ashamed of hiding in Viet Nam when your country needed you instead of staying at home like our Great President?" And you will know who it is. So there.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who cannot wait to confront John Kerry in Philadelphia tonight which is yesterday when you read this. Write to him at to tell me how I looked.

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