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"We Need Our Great President To Protect Us From Vociferous Enemies!!!"

October 2, 2004
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Well, what can I say about Our Great President and His Great Debate that even you do not already know for yourself? Other than that now you know what somebody who is not ready or deserving of high office looks like when he is caught unprepared without facts or good arguments and nothing but a few tired talking points to fall back on.

And you know who I mean. So stop saying that!!

George W. showed last night why he was the next Winfred Churchill last night, all right. It was not just that he won the debate so overwelmingly, but the way he deafly got across the message about sending mixed messages. It was another cakewalk, just like his triumph in Iraq has been a cakewalk if you do not count all the dying and blood and the like.

Of course he was tired from comforting hurricane victims by saying reassuring things like "Every time I see Adam, all he does is talk about oranges. His hair is kind of orange."

Kerry forgot Poland! Our Great President did not forget Poland! But Kerry forgot Poland! That is liable to turn Poland into one of our enemies like the country formerly known as France but now known as Freedom.

How can we get along with a President who insults our Allies?

"The enemy understands a free Iraq will be a major defeat in their ideology of hatred. That's why they're fighting so vociferously," said Our Great President. I do not think John Kerry and the Democrats understand that at all.

And was it not sly for George W. to say o so innocently "I don't think we want to get to how he's going to pay for all these promises." Bravo, George W.! It took the wind out of Kerryıs sales and I am sure not many people listening to the debate thought making Ken Lay pay taxes again was any sort of answer to how we would pay for the firemen or police or port inspectors or chemical plant security or nuclear plant security or any of the other unimportant fripperies. After all, Our Great President has given us Homely Secretary of Security Tom Ridge and Homely Secretary Ridge has given us all a terrific color chart and duck tape. If that does not make crybabies in America feel safer I do not know what will.

But instead Democraps like Kerry want to fuss about "loose nuclear materials in the world" like that is some sort of a real problem. Do they not know that Our Great President brought the AQ Khan network to justice by not saying anything when the good Muslins in Pakistan gave AQ Khan a pardon? And after all, it is not like the material AQ Khan is loose anymore, since we know it is in Iran and North Korea. Wa La!

"So I went to the United Nations. I didn't need anybody to tell me to go to the United Nations. I decided to go there myself," said Our Great President. Now that is decisive leadership, whether or not it is true. He did not need to go to the U of N but he did anyway even though they are irrelevant! It is their own fault now that the United Nations are not enjoying the fighting in Iraq like they could of. But instead they wanted to send Hans Blicks to inspect for the WMDs which turned out not to be there anyway.

And yes, George W. had a right to get angry and say "of course I know Osama bin Laden attacked us. I know that." He does know that, even if he does not mention Osamaıs name, and I am sure he is looking for him whenever he has a chance. It is just that he is distracted telling widows how much he loves them, and other hard work.

Likewise when Our Great President also said, "Osama bin Laden isn't going to determine how we defend ourselves. Osama bin Laden doesn't get to decide. The American people decide." I am sure everybody out there in America listening to his words in living rooms or flowerbeds outside living room windows understood what a terrible idea it would be to put Osama Bin Laden in charge of American defense.

Thank goodness we have got Donald Rumfilled, who has not been fired yet, as Superb Secretary of Defensive instead of Osama Bin Laden. Otherwise we might waste our money on badly thought out schemes that are ineffective and not needed that would not make America safer.

So in seclusion, let me say vote for Our Great President and for the Republicans for which he stands. Amen. And remember, as George W. said we cannot afford a President who sends mexed missages in a time when we are faced with vociferous enemies. Or else. And I mean that!

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who you cannot prove stepped on those mums in the dark when it could have been anyone watching the debate outside the window. He can be reached at

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