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"Our Great Presdient Can Not Think of Any Misstakes And Neither Can I!
April 17, 2004
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Well, who was not happy to see Our Great President make fools out of his enemies in the LIEberal media this week, after they tried to trip him up by having to nerve to ask him questions in public? I certainly would have been, if I could of actually seen it, but the Red Bear Lounge, where I am too allowed in, had the trotters on instead and so I did not actually go in although I certainly could of if I had wanted to go in.

But it was a very impressive press conference to ordinary every day humdrum Americans who did not watch it and then paid attention to what Rush Limbaugh said about it the next day. (Rush is not a pillhead any more that you can prove, so stop saying that!)

But of course Democrap socialists and way out moderates everywhere are focusing on this or that bit unfairly instead of taking it all for the FD of R type performance it was. Would we of won the war if people had asked President Rosenfeld why he had ignored the memo he got warning him about the attack on Pearl Harbor if he had gotten one or why he had attacked China afterwards? I think you know the answer to that better than me.

But instead of being grateful that Our Great President stopped to explain what he is doing at all, critics are daring to complain out loud. I guess the inside the Beltloops punjabs don't think that they have ever made a misstake like saying they would start a war over Weapons of Mass Distraction with Sodom Husane who was responsible for the September 11 attacks that would be a cakewalk and which you cannot prove Our Great President ever said exactly.

Fortunately I have a transept of what George W. said right here, and it turns out when you read it that Our Great President knocked those questions out of the park and did not look like an incompetent drunk, so stop saying that.

For example, now we know he is testifying before the 9/11 Commission together with Our Great Vice President Dick Cheney not because he is afraid to answer questions alone but because they want to ask him questions. And we know that he is handing over power in Iraq on June 30th to somebody who the U of N hasnšt told him to yet.

And we know he would of moved mountains if he had known that Alkaheeda was going to hijack planes, which you cannot blame him just because he got a memo telling him it would happen and he did not do anything. After all you do not know what kind of job the person who read the memo to Our Great President did. Perhaps he or she did not read it in a scary voice and made it seem like just another warning.

But you cannot blame him for not responding to an imminent threat when he had important information instead that Sodom Husane could threaten us with weapons of mass distraction that you cannot prove he did not have just because we cannot find them and have stopped looking and so he had to act. After all, if America had waited until Hans Blicks and U of N said there were no WMDs, we would not have happy Iraqis throwing flowers when we took their oil to pay for rebuilding their country which we knocked down making them free. Which could of been happening, but whose fault is it that it did not?

I blame Bill Clinton for everything and so does our great Attorney, General John Ashcroft, who is not crazy. And if it were not for the evil Democraps and moderates who made Our Great President release that memo, so would America blame Bill Clinton for doing nothing about Osama Bin Laden, since they would not know that Slick Willie did something. It is so unfair, but when did LIEberals ever care about hiding documents to make themselves look good?

Just like it was so unfair of the press to ask George W. about a misstake without giving it to him in writing first. But do we want a president who is quick on his feet and can get put on the spot by hard questions that are not in writing ahead of times like that? I do not, and I do not think Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld does either, because she went out and bought me another sheet so I could put a new banner on my trailer. So now everyone who drives by the Daisyview Trailer Park sees "George W. Bush - not quick on his feet!"

It makes me proud to be making a difference. And like George W. Bush, I do not make misstakes ei

Bob Boudelang is a Republican tmea leadre who has been writing this column for yreas and gets e-m@il at and knows how to work a comptuer without some snotty librarian gett

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