Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
"Our Great President Has Given This Nation A Wonderful Xmas Present - Let's Kill Him!
December 19, 2003
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Ho! Ho! Ho! What could be a greater Xmas present for all of us than the one that Our Great President George W. Bush gave us! Let's kill him!

After all he is a power-mad tyrant who locks people and takes away their rights and invades other countries for no reason and threatens the world with dangerous weapons and lies publicly and pays no attention to international law.

This is the result of Our Great George W. Bush. I think every real American knows what to do.

Of course, now Sodom Husane has been captured in his spider hole. It shows what a jenius Our Great President is, as I bet you thought like I did that spiders had webs. But that just shows what ignorant fools you and I were. Especially you. Spiders have holes, and that is that!

So now Sodom is in custardy, and "from now on our troubles will be miles away" like it says in the Constitution. We got the man George W. never actually said had any connection to September 11. Nor can you prove Our Great President ever said Sodom had anything but a Weapons of Mass Distraction Program unless you believe what a few fringe Senators say. After all, the capture has already brought peace to Iraq, if you don't count the bombings and killings there.

And yes, the stock market went down instead of up and the dollar went down instead of up, but those are just details you could overlook if you don't pay any attention. And everyone with half a mind like me keeps his eye on the big picture instead of details that just clog up your head.

This makes it even more likely that we will win the war on terroristism any minute now. After all, Alkaheeda's goals were getting the US out of Saudi Arabia, which Our Great President has already done, and getting Sodom Husane out of Iraq and a religious government in, and we are halfway there. Wala! Peace in our time!

I hope they will be able to hang on to the wily Butch of Bagdad this time. After all, Secretary of Defensive Donald Rumfilled got his hands on Sodom Husane before, but he slipped away somehow back then.

Our Great President says Sodom will face Ultimate Justice, which I hope will be a steel cage match. Or maybe a Texas strap match. I hope they check Sodom's trunks for foreign objects before the match too. I also hope it will not be Pay-per-view but on free TV on every channel, so the whole country can watch Our Great President give Sodom what is coming to him whether they want to or not. After which we can kill him.

Of course we will not kill him until he has got a fair trial of the kind we have here in Texas, USA, where his lawyer will have to prove we are lying when we lie about him. What could be fairer than that?

That is one reason why Texas is spoken of in awwww when it comes to justice and law enforcement. They have brave cops like Walker Texas Ranger who go undercover on dangerous assignments like trying to buy vibrators from ladies. The eyes of Texas are upon it, all right, and also on where it is put that it ought not to be, and how awful it would be if it was put down there.

By the way, when I said "kill him" at the beginning I mean Sodom of course, and not Our Great President. Just like when I said "a power-mad tyrant who locks people and takes away their rights and invades other countries for no reason and threatens the world with dangerous weapons and lies publicly and pays no attention to international law" I am sure you knew who I meant. But there are treasonous LIEberals who love to twist everything you say so I have to be careful. Internal vigilantes is the prize of freedom, as Barry Goldwater or somebody used to say.

Soon we will be able to download pictures of dead Sodom from the Internet the way decent Americans like me were able to download pictures to gloat over of dead Oosy and Goosy, or whatever his son's names were. And look how much good killing THEM did in Iraq!

The operation to capture Saddam was "Operation Red Dawn," and it was not called that because they are picking names from bad 1980s movies and "Operation Say Anything" was taken. That was just Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld who thinks she is funny but she is not, even though everybody else laughed. I am sure Secret Service Agent Brown just laughed to be polite.

And there was no call at all for her son to knock me down and put snow down my back as I am a wounded veteran who was shot in the bottom by friendly fire protecting this country from the power mad tyrants of Grenada, and any way I did not really threaten her as she is bigger than me and her savage watchdog Cujo will not let me get near anyway.

Anyway, I did not not threaten Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld over her saying things when Sodom was captured like "Did he have an exit plan in his pocket?" thus ruining the greatest moment in US history in Iraq for the rest of us.

What I did not threaten Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld over (and she knows I would never do anything as long as someone was around, besides which there is no proof I ever threatened anyone, so stop saying that!) was how she ruined the historic 100th anniversary celebration at Kitty Carlyle, North Carolina for the Wright Stuff Brothers first airplane flight, which the US aerospace industry was unable to duplicate 100 years later in public, but which it was otherwise both inspiring and inspirational not just to the young but to childish people of all ages like me.

Yes, the original plane cost less than $1,000 and was made of canvas and wood and actually flew. And yes, this one cost $1.2 million dollars and was made of canvas and wood and just fell over and broke, but there was no reason for Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld to say anything snippy about "cost overruns" and "boondoggles."And I am sure Halliburton was not involved in any way that she will be able to prove without a subpeena.

But instead of concentrating only on brave aviatrixes like Our Great President (who should of wore his flight suit there like his action figure) the press also had the nerve to also talk to unpatriotic dillatants like John Glenn, whose connection to flying is tentative at best.

And John Glenn had the nerve to say out loud in public with people listening that HE, John Glenn, did not feel safer with Sodom captured! What a perfect example of LIEberal hate speech in action! Like the rest of us should take safety tips from a Democrap who thought it was once safe to fly in outer space? Really!

Meanwhile, you also cannot prove that I had anything to do with the fire at Namib's Jolly Holiday House of Merry Xmas Tree Lot, where our motto was "No refunds, buddy. Take a hike." After all, Namib told me personally not to smoke back there, or if I was going to smoke be careful where I threw the butts, and besides I am a Republican Team Leader and thus a responsible and respected member of the community.

Who would of guessed though that the fire would spread so quickly and burn with such funny colors. I know that the environmental whackos would of, but that was just mindless hysteria over so-called toxic waste. However, in the Holiday noise and confusion (and what could of been more festive than firetrucks and a hazmat team with their flashing lights and protective gear?) I became separated from Namib, who had not yet paid me for my weeks of actually touching the trees (and you cannot prove that had anything to do with the rash and dizziness).

I hope he is all right and I am sure he will turn up any day with the money I am owed. And no I was not arrested, since I was not even there when the cops showed up. That just goes to show you how some DemoncRats will lie about anything. It is the non-stop politics of personal description, even in this season of goodwill to men, when we should all be sitting around with our families thinking warm thoughts about Sodom being tortured by the CIA instead. Pa rum pum pum pum, dammit!

Bob Boudelang is a Republican team leader who hopes we all will have a new beginning this holiday season and reject "Peace on Earth" and other LIEberal propaganda, especially you. Tell Namib if you see him to send an email to bobboudelang@yahoo.com or tell Shifty Lenny and I am sure he will pass the message along.

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