Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
"No One Can Say Now Our Great President Had Any Reason For War, Ha Ha!!
September 20, 2003
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Hahahahahahaha! To all you stupid LIEberals and moderates and other extremists. I guess even you will have to admit Our Great President has outfoxed you again. Now you cannot criticize the reasons George W. went to war in Iraq since even HE does not know what those reasons were!

That is right. George W. has now said that there is no evidence that Saddam and Iraq had anything to do with the September 11 attacks, and he would know (although not because he and Osama are in cahoots so stop saying that!).

Yes, Our Great President did say over and over again "Saddam" and "9/11" and "Iraq" and "terrorism" but he never said WHY he was saying them all together. Some people were just fooled, which is not his fault. And now we Republicans are having a good laugh over THAT, just like we still chuckle from time to time over George W. having a lucky trifecta. And if you Democraps were not humorless you would think September 11 was funny too.

And now we know there are no weapons of mass distraction in Iraq either, so there is no reason to bring out the report by David Kay that was going to say there are. "I think the American people should be prepared for surprises," David Kay said, and what could be a bigger surprise than no report at all? This means when Colon Powell gave that great presentation to the U of N last year he was only kidding! Who knew he had it in him! He is a regular Bill Crosby, and I am sure all of the delegates are laughing to themselves now, except those from our enemies like the nation formerly known as France but now known as Freedom. And not because we are asking for their help, but because they appreciate the joke. At least that is what I hope.

Speaking of our enemy Freedom, did you see that some DemocRats want to change the name of freedom toast back to french toast and freedom fires back to french fries? Friends, this is the worst kind of appeasement (and not the good kind of appeasement, like Our Great President is doing by pulling our troops out of Saudi Arabia because Osama said to, which is not really appeasement but peace in our time) because it is the kind of appeasement that makes it seem like we are giving up. Do we want everyone in the world to think we changed the name of fried potatoes and bread just on some childish crazy wim? How can we expect terrorists and other countries to fear and hate us if we do not stand up for important basic American principals like freedom fries?

I would bet the soldiers wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq paying for their meals would stop paying if they had to eat french fries instead of freedom fries.

Speaking of soldiers wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq paying for their meals, what a wise move by Our Great President to charge them for those meals! I am sure people who have lost an arm or a leg or two over a war that was not because of September 11 will not mind chipping in some more money so we can hire Bechtel and Halliburton to rebuild Iraq on no-bid multi-billion dollar contracts that Our Great Vice President had absolutely nothing to do with in any way at all that anyone can prove at this point in time.

It is this kind of savvy financial management that convinces me that Our Great President should get more than $87 billion for Iraq, and anyone who knows me knows I am a person who knows savv when he sees it. And yes, it turns out George W. will need more than the $87 billion he asked for last week, but that does not mean he lied then. So stop saying that!

And if you want to contrast the difference between Republicans and Demon-crats, just compare Iraq, where happy people are dancing in the street thanks to George W., and Kosovo where crowds have to be kept in line by soldiers to see slick Willy.

Meanwhile who is not impressed by the way the Great Roadmap for Peace of Our Great President is unraveling, just as if it was drawn up. Sure there are a few little bumps along the way, like all the bombings and killings and the way the Israelis say they are now going to get rid of or kill Yessir Arafat, who is, after all, a "failed leader" as our Great President said. And George W. would know.

But do you ever hear the LIEberal press talking about a deficit Yessir Arafat has run up, or how many jobs Yessir Arafat has lost, or what crooked businessman Yessir Arafat took money from? Do you hear them say he was not really elected, or that he is arrogant and prone to violence? Arrest my case!

And yes, George W. did leave town ahead of the hurricane but he was not running and hiding because he was scared but only to be safe.

So to some up, let us continue to bill the soldiers wounded in the war that has no reason for their food, so that we can give the money to Halliburton and Bechtel for their deals which are certainly not crooked, to rebuild Iraq where more soldiers will get wounded or killed, but that will be the price we have to pay so that we can show the world Our Great President knows what he is doing to prevent us ever being attacked again (which was not his fault so stop complaining that he ignored the warnings we were going to be attacked while he was on vacation for a month) although what he did had nothing to do with us being attacked. Ka-peach?

It seems clear as day to me, even though it is night.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who believes George W. Bush has the right vision and leadership for America, whatever it is, and is not just a crooked drunk dressed up in a pilot costume like Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld says. If you have proof it was her son that threw that egg at me, please email it to bobboudelang@yahoo.com.